A Review of the Spring 1997 Tour

Date: February 17

From: Cmd Secretary (aetv-mpsec@email.mannheim.army.mil) Hey there. My name is Steve and I am in the Army in Germany. I have been checking out your page since the begining of last year when I was out in Bosnia (all year long...). I must say it is really great. On Monday the 17th of Feb, I went to see Tool at the Longhorn in Stuttgart, GE. They rocked as usual. I saw them in 94' on the Undertow tour in a club that holds about 4 to 5 hundred people max, really tiny place but they ruled, that was in Frankfurt, GE (Batchkapp was the club name). This concert at the Longhorn was much better though. I didn't think that was possible but it was! First of all they had the two screens with the album cover (animated) and a set of stairs was to the right of the stage, that's where the band came out. They all come walking out and Maynard was painted blue with orange dots on his chest and head, he had on boxers and boots and was painted on every part of him that you could see. They started with Stinkfist. Definitely the best sound quality at a concert that I have ever heard, the whole show was incredible. They also played 46&2, H., Eulogy, Swamp Song, Crawl Away, Sober (LONG, great intro!), Pushit, Hooker w/ a penis, Opiate and they ended with Aenema. It was a mind blowing experience. Let me think of anything he said as best as I can remember. "This is Justin, he's from Belgium," (and of course) "Our last song.... first album)," (before hooker)"this is about getting more than you bargained for," (before Swamp Song)"this is a love song", (he asked the crowd not to pur liquids on their equipment because apparently someone put beer somewhere it didn't belong and they had a pause of about ten minutes) before they played Aenema, they acted like the show was over, he did the peace sign and all and then they came back "all right, one more" and after that before leaving he said "Remember, it is better to be truthful and good than to not" it seemed like before he said "than to not" he was going to say something out of the ordinary but couldn't think of anything to say. Anyway, it was great, just thought I would share that with you. He even sounded like he had a cold or something when he was talking but the singing was his usual awesome, intense self. Well I have to get back to STEVE!