Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: February 23

From: fscu7005@liverpool.ac.uk Subject: London - review ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ I went to the Tool show at the Astoria in London on Feb 23, and here is the setlist and a few notes. Setlist (approximate order - at least I'm sure about the first two and the last song): Third Eye Stinkfist Forty six & 2 H. Undertow Pushit Crawl Away Drum solo Sober Eulogy Opiate Aenema I guess the show was about the same as it's been during the tour so far, so I'll just give you a few comments about some (I hope) interesting stuff. Maynard was blue as usual - for this show his _whole_ body was painted, and he had a few orange spots that sort of shined in the red light. Nothing special about Adam and Danny, but Justin had dark spots all over his body and he had his usual devilish hair-style. Perhaps you've noticed a few things about the setlist. As usual they opened with Third Eye and they played most of the songs from the new album - but not all of them. The two songs they didn't play were Hooker With A Penis and Jimmy. Prison Sex wasn't in the set either (!), and the only song from Opiate was ("This is the last song...") Opiate. And, they played both Undertow and Crawl Away (!). The songs they played were very much like the versions on the CD's, with only a few changes. Sober had the cool intro I've heard about before; I noticed a slight change in a part of Stinkfist; and last but not least the change in Pushit: during the slow part of the song (before "Put me somewhere I don't wanna be..."), the singer from Lodestar sang some lyrics I didn't recognise. He had a paper that he was singing the lyrics from, so I guess they're quite new - it was great anyway, since that part of the song was cool and he's a good vocalist. So, what happened during the show? Maynard's first words (after Stinkfist I think) was something like "Greetings. Did you miss us?", and he introduced Justin a bit later as being "from an unprivileged, unprivileged area... also known as London. He said that - not me". H. was introduced as being a song "about choices". During Pushit, this guy (don't know who) got up on stage, looking like he was trying to give Maynard a hug. Maynard threw him down on the stage floor in a budo kind of way, and then they both stayed there for quite a while. You couldn't see what was going on, but later I asked a guy who had been on the balcony and he said Maynard was joking around - hitting the guy with the mic, simulated a sexual act with him, etc. After that song, Maynard introduced the singer from Lodestar and said that the other guy "is my boyfriend. He can't stand being without me." Quite funny, right? Before Aenema, they didn't bother leaving the stage - they just stood there talking a bit, as if discussing what to do next. So, Maynard goes "Do you wanna see my new outfit?". He took off his shorts and pulled up a swimsuit- like thing with a zipper in the front. "I bought it in Germany. No really, it's true." After talking to Danny, he said "Danny wants me to tell you a joke. Do you know what this is?" (making a sound similar to the one he does in the beginning of Aenema, twice) "It's a pair of trousers." And after that, they finished the show with that song. Of course I had heard about how good they are live, and I can only agree with that - they were great, actually!! The Astoria is quite a small place, so the atmosphere was really good and all of the crowd seemed to have a good time (it sure was hot!). I can't wait to see them again... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Henrik Eriksson

From: Elizabeth Rollo (lrollo@tasis.com) Subject: Review Of Feb 23 Show IN LONDON! Hello. just wanted to give a quick review of the BEST CONCERT EVER SEEN by me...which is not saying much but still...I got to the London Astoria about an hour early and got in pretty quick. i was standing up at the fence the whole time. the two support bands were lodestar and foil. foil came on 1st. they were a local band it seems...sounded like a typical punk band...after they went off lodestar came on. after the opening, the lights went out and the lil white square things came on on screens behind. then the floor began to rumble and about 10 min later...tool came on. maynard was all blue and in boxers with red dots that lit up when they turned black lights on him or something. justin was like 5 feet in front of me and had blue spots all over himself...adam and danny were further...anyways...they opened with 3rd eye. i cant remember all of the songs they played. but they DID not play prison sex. they did however play crawl away and undertow. there was also like a 10 min introduction to sober when they all got on the ground and did funny things with their guitars...which was very cool...lol...oh...one of the strangest things was when a crows surfer got on stage! he got past the security dood infront of the fences an went up 2 maynard! maynard then stuck out his hand 2 shake his, but grabbed the person's hand filpped him on to the ground and into a headlock. this was all in the middle of pushit, and maynard kept singing the whole time. maynard sat on top of the dood for the rest of the song while the vocalist from lodestar came bak on stage and sung part of pushit with a sheet of lyrics in his hand...i dont know if this was part of the song...or it it was new! i couldnt understand his voice! it sounded a hell of a lot different tho....after the song ended...the dood was led off and mynard said..."that was my bf, he just cant keep away from me" the guy looked scared to death...on the whole...it was an amzing concert. bye

From: Peter Campbell (petecamp@mersinet.co.uk) Subject: Tool in London Couple of things-Henriks review was pretty much accurate enough but(and i dont mean to piss on the guy) a couple of things were inaccurate: 1.Justins spots were blue with all the hair surrounding them twisted like a plait into the centre of the spot.And I got a smile off him 2.Justin was introduced as from 'an underpriveleged borough...of an underpriveleged borough of Birmingham.......otherwise known as London' 3.Maynard said 'Greeting English speaking people.What a sound for sore ears.' 4.The stage invader came on and Maynard opened his arms to embrace him then flipped him onto the ground. 5.His outfit was a leopard skin leotard.And he flirted with us by pulling it off his shoulders and pulling up and down the zipper during Aenema. 6.And the punchline to the joke was 'Its a pair of pants' (pants,geddit?) Henrik was pretty groovy on the rest, Pete