Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: February 27

From: tool@nji.com Just another great show from a great band. Everytime I see tool I cant wait till the next. This was my second time. The opening band was bluetip i didnt really like them ( they were kinda like Greenday but even shittyer) then their was the melvin who I thought rocked( contrary to popular belief) They play really cool Seattle type grunge shit. Even Know grunge is dead Melvins are still cool. They played alot of shit off there album Stag ( If you liked them check out Stoner Witch & Houdini which was produced by Kurt Cobain, its a fucked up album) Now to TOOL what else can I say, there my favorite band. Once again they opened with Third Eye ( If you dont get it go out and Buy all of Bill Hicks CD's then you will) and then Stinkfist ( I was up against the barracade sweating really bad, I saw my friend so I lifted my arm to wave and I had sweatpit which now earned me the name "Stinkpit" that sucks.) They said that they were gonna close with opiate then they closed with Aenima, it think its just there set list to do that and just fill in in between or something. its like a routine or something. Whatever. Just before they played Intolerence mjk asked of anyone here is going to the West Point Military Acadamy Prep School, then all the jocks screamed FUCK YOU( kinda ironic since there the ones who probly plan on going to West Point) MJK said if you are you shouldnt you dont belong here. That was cool. I stayed up front the whole time, it was great, I got my ass kicked. Half way into aenima I let my self go back into the pit. I went crowd surfing and got dropped, but it was still cool At the end when MJK threw out water and Danny's drumsticks I got one and then some asshole grabed it and ran away. (but thats ok the poughkeepsie show made up for it) The show was great and it just left me excited about saterday night and so fucking agzasted I didnt want to go to school the next day... Ed (tool @nji.com) P.S.-I did'nt see you there, but somebody told me they saw you where were you hiding? Keep up thew GREAT work on this GREAT page. thanks