A Review of the Spring 1997 Tour

Date: February 27

From: Rob Kelly - robkelly@shell.monmouth.com Asbury Park Convention Center Thursday Feb. 27, 1997 The show was killer. They opened with Third-eye which definitely sounds more intense live than it does on disk. The set was made up mostly with stuff off of AEnima. When you have a current album that is so incredible, why play any of the old stuff. The only songs off of Undertow were Sober, Prison Sex, and Intolerence (which was dedicated to the Military Academy). All three songs were crowd pleasers. The stuff off of AEnima was the best part of the show for me. Eulogy was a standout. Just hearing that song live was worth the admission. On the projection screen they had animation of man evolving from an ape which ended up as a skeleton. Petty cool stuff. Forty-six and 2 ruled. H was wicked. Jimmy rocked. Stinkfist was another great one. The last song in the regular set was Opiate. After that the four members gathered in a group on one side of the stage and were talking among themselves. This is when Maynard really loosened up and started talking to the crowd. The concert was held in a pretty grungy town and he made a joke about everyone wanting to get back to their car before it gets stolen. Then Justin (I think it was him) jumped off stage and started talking to the moshers. After a while Maynard said that they lost one of their members, and he jumped back on the stage. The encore was Aenima. Another intense song that blew me away. All in all it was a great show and I was glad I got to see them in a small arena. Who knows next time around they might be playing Giants Stadium???...hmm....that would be weird.