A Review of the Spring 1997 Tour

Date: February 27

From: LD77 (jimmorey@eden.rutgers.edu) Subject: tool at convention hall, asbury park, n.j. on thu., 2/27/97 kabir, my pal, good work on the page, as always. on to the review: the show put on by tool the evening of thu., 2/27/97 was similar to when i saw them on 11/22/96 at the roseland in nyc, and they were equally as excellent. i don't even know the name of the first band, as they were going off as i was walking in. the melvins were nothing spectacular, their last song being the only one i recognized from some radio airplay in the past. tool's first u.s. stop on their spring tour picked up right where the fall tour left off, projection screens and blue maynard included. the set began identically to the last time, with third eye kicking it off, followed by stinkfist. cries of chickenweasel were filling the air before the guys even came on. after that i lose track of order, but the other songs performed were: opiate, intolerance, prison sex(with "jimmy" interlude), sober, eulogy, h., forty-six & 2, and aenema to end the show. mayard was not very talkative on this eve, saving his breath for his flawless execution of the entire night. he did ask the crowd if they could identify what he was about to do, and then proceeded to begin aenema. he stopped after two breaths, prompting roars from the gathering. but, as usual, maynard left them all guessing incorrectly. sure, they proceeded to finish the show with aenema, but what maynard had given them was not the beginning of the song, but a pair of pants. get it? anyway, crafty old maynard and crew pur on a show quite worthy of their following, and i would recommend that all who have the opportunity to see them do so. later. jim morey anyone wishing to engage in stimulating discussion of the mystery that is known as tool feel free to contact me at jimmorey@eden.rutgers.edu