Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: March 1

From: mcilduf@ibm.net On March 1, I was blessed with the opportunity to go to a Tool show. Oh, but wait...Myself and about six others were to drive down to Maplewood NJ to play in a frisbee tourament, and driving back north to Poughkipsee was a long shot. After about nine hours of strenuous mud-fun (it was raining), we clamored into two cars and sped onward, only the MaxAlert pills pushing us. We arrived at the arena with about an hour to spare, and I almost lost my ticket. Inside the floor was packed. We got up right with the barricade where Justin Chancellor would soon stand. My friend began to take the barricade apart, bolt by bolt (A: I can't believe nobody's mentioned that throughout the first half of this concert, men with no necks were trying to repare it..B: I STILL HAVE THE BOLT!!!) and handing me the pieces. Myself being on the scrawny side, I was torn from the crowd during Crawl Away, but was soon back inside. Some things to clear up with other reviews: 1: The bra from 4* was thrown up. 2: Chickenweasel was neglected until we started screaming it. Even then, some people looked at us like we were loony (DONT CALL ME THAT!). 3: Crowdsurfing people landed on my head. 4: Levvy got DROPPED. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 5: I LOVE TOOL!!!

From: Mark Robertson (fastmark@frontiernet.net) Subject: Tool 3/1 in Poughkeepsie Although I have seen intense bands such as Korn and Deftones, I don't believe that I ever enjoyed a concert as much as I enjoyed Tool. Two friends and I traveled 5 hours each way, went broke, and had the time of our lives. We would have paid more and driven further to see them. Tool is absolutly the most amazing thing that I have ever witnessed. I went hoarse from screaming and am still hoarse 4 days later. The crowd was great, not too many assholes. I wish that they had played hooker with a penis, but it doesn't matter because I fuckin saw Tool. The melvins sucked, mostly because of the anticipation and excitement of seeing Tool. I heard a few Chickenweasels but didn't care becuase Tool was on stage. AEnima was a great closer, and I was grateful that they even played an extra song. Two words: fucking amazing.

From: JohnNap77@aol.com Subject: Poughkeepsie Tool Show What's up? I was at the show in Poughkeepsie on March 1st and it rocked. Since you're gonna post a review, I take it you were there also. Great, great show! THANK YOU for your awesome Tool site. Without it, I would never have even heard about that show. I had never seen them before, but knew from their CDs that they rock. Still, that show was far more incredible than I anticipated it would be. I mean, I thought it would be awesome, but it was totally incredible! I saw Metallica the night before and Tool blew them away. I'm trying to locate a bootleg video or tape of that show. I'm dying to get my hands on one. Do you have one, or do you know of anyone who does? Well, talk to you soon. Thanks again for your awesome Tool website. And if you have a bootleg of that Poughkeepsie show you're willing to sell, I'd love to buy it. Take care, John

From: Chuwii@aol.com We just wanted to give a review that dealt with more than what was played. Every other review probably has the set list so I wont even waste your time. Anyway, We have never seen Tool live before, and it was a hell of a thing to see. Man all i could say after the show was "damn, i never felt anything like that..." And it is true the feeling in that place was something beyond explaination, but we'll try and get out as much as possible. The first thing that was heard was the rumble of (-) Ions. It sent the crowd into a frenzy. All we could feel was the very clothes vibrate on our bodies, shaking like they were begging to come off. Then they jumped into Third Eye. The crowd started to pulse and move. The Heat of all the bodies was amazing. After a while no one could tell were one body ended and the next ended. By the second song everyone was sweating and pushing and pulling. There was a feeling of fucking and being fucked. Everyone flowed with the music. It truly became a TOOL to reach people. Maynard was amazing. He would stare out into the crowd, seeming to absorb everyone's energy. Once he turned to Justin Chancellor and just stared at him for such a long time, then he exploded into such a ripping vocal melody...i couldn't remeber what song, it was too much. Maynard was painted in blueish paint with dots all over his body which reminded me of that line from Third Eye "phosphorescent desert buttons". The way he moved and pulsed, he seemed like a magnifying glass that absorbed and amplified the music. I dont think they would ever need a PA system. He made the crowd burn. It all turned into a sea of bones and sweat, heat and blood. Before they played Opiate he explained the meaning of the song and then said 'never trust and agent, they just fuck it all up...' I thought that was funny and true as hell. At one point they had this break were they were all on the floor writhing like snakes making these noise...Maynard manipulated a drum head i couldnt tell what Jones anf Chancellor work on but this break lasted for about five minutes and brought the crowd to such a point of tension that when they finally exploded into song the crowd went nuts, we were swept off of our feet, not that we were payin attention. When we were leaving the theater, the floor was covered with moisture, I remarked that it could have been from all of the sweat, alex laughed and said it was probably from the smoke machine. When we got outside we were drenched in sweat, not all our own. It took us about three hours to get to the show, we live on long island. We drove at eighty to get there on time. It was worth riskin our lives for it and we'd do it again. Maynard said once in some interview that everytime somebody pushes the limits of humanity we all evolve, they're pushin and we are evolving. pete chuwii@aol.com alex ale555@aol.com

From: Alan & Gina (gabriel@villagenet.com) Subject: Review of the 3/1/97 Poughkeepsie, NY performance After reading other reviews of TooL performances, I wish to submit one with a slightly different perspective. I had the pleasure to watch TooL from the eigth row, behind the hyper-moshes and surfers on the floor. The Mid Hudson Civic Center proved to be an excellent venue, allowing us ancient fans the opportunity to actually see the band from a relaxed point of view(I never before thought it possible to relax at a TooL show. Thanks to "toolshed.down.net", I had the pleasure of driving two hours to Poughkeepsie, NY to hear, feel, and see the brilliance of TooL. After reading about all the mayhem at other TooL shows, my friend and I were a bit nervous of the violent, aggressive crowd that TooL attracts. However, four minutes into the opening song(Third Eye), I had the feeling that most concergoers were mystified (I refuse temptation to use the "double d" expression, with all due repect to Mr. Keenan). The crowd was quiet, asleep, absolutely unbelievable. In the same room, is a passionate, aggressive, soft, melodic, rythmic and cerebral band. During the days leading up to the concert, I could not sleep for more than 5 hours straight, and here in Poughkeepsie, half the crowd appeared to be snoozing. They were polite, and that(in all seriousness)IS most important!! I felt like opening the doors, and let some of the kind folks standing outside in the rain(many of whom begged for my ticket, ha) into this tremendous, sold out show. The band's performance was excellent, but I got nothing to compare that with. Hopefully I will have the honor to watch TooL perform again, because they are unique, artistic and passionate about their work.TooL is a glittering diamond in a world of follow the leader fools. Something certainly seems to satisfy, and that would be a live TooL performance. VTY, Alan David

From: Chris Andrews (candrews@idsi.net) Subject: Review of 3/1 Show in Poughkeepsie Being trapped in a often overly-suppressed and repulsive state of "adulthood," it is indeed a pleasure to be able to experience the music of TOOL and remove onself from reality--if only for a few hours. It had been a while since I and my friends (Tom & Karl) had ventured out to a 'live' show. The opportunity to see TOOL in person on March 1 in Poughkeepsie, NY was something that could not and would not be passed up. During the rainy drive up Route 9 to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center--as Stinkfist pumped from my maxed-out stereo speakers--we speculated about the event we were about to experience. We had read and heard many different reviews of previous TOOL shows and were sure that no matter what was forthcoming, the results would be intense. We were not disappointed. After enduring typically weak opening band noise, the multi-aged crowd buzzed with anticipation and excitement over the arrival of Maynard & Co. on stage. It all began with 'Third Eye' -- a surprising, yet well-excecuted opening song. The transition into 'Stinkfist' was flawless and, to be honest, the Civic Center rocked harder and louder than it ever had in the more than dozen shows I have seen there in the past ten years. Rather than letting up, TOOL charged into a thunderous performance of '46 & 2' that left the crowd craving more. We (Tom, Karl & I) were pumped when the band then played 'Crawl Away' which is a big favorite of ours from UNDERTOW. I was extremely impressed with Maynard's performance of the next song, 'Euology'. He sang this song like it was coming directly from the CD. That is one of the things that I really liked about this show. Too often, you'll go to a concert and hear crap that sounds nothing like the music a band has on it's latest recording. Not with TOOL. What you hear is what you get with them. 'Jimmy' was the next song, followed by '4 degrees'. The madness continued with 'H.' and a long intro lead to 'Sober'. The show would not have been complete without the next song--'Opiate'. The night ended with an encore performance of 'Aenima' which concluded the show with a BANG that left you wanting more. Probably the only disappointment for me was that they didn't play additional songs from UNDERTOW, such as 'Prison Sex'. But I guess that's what tells you a show was truly good...when you get home and realize that you wish you could get back in your car and go see TOOL again, immediately. TOOL is a definite "must-see" live.