A Review of the Spring 1997 Tour

Date: March 1

From: John Daly (yakim@servtech.com) Subject: Review of Show in Poughkeepsie NY March 1st 1997 Mid-Hudson Civic Center I had never ssen Tool live...the only reason I had even heard about THIS show was from the advertisement on your page. (Keep up the good work). With my tickets purchased and 3 friends in tow, we headed to Poughkeepsie. I had heard much about their live performance, yet was still unsure of what to expect. I had seen many other shows in my time (Manson, Prono for Pyros, Korn etc.) yet nothing could have prepared me for the raw energy and musicscianship that would be at the civic center tonight. Two bands opened for tool, the first band (I forget the name) was horrid....a local punk-like band...the singer had a fascination with dedicating songs to guys who picked on him in high school, and telling us of the long winded problems he endured because of them. YAWN. The crowd was relieved when tehy left. Second was the Melvins. I had heard of them before, but held little interest...I was ecstatic to see Tool at this point. The Melvins were a grunge kinda outfit....but there were rarely any voacls...and they played about 8 songs that lasted 5 minutes each. Utterly pathetic and boring. And then the time had come. The audience shifted for position and the roadies put the final touches on the stage. There were 3 mannequins that looked like the female charachter in the Stinkfist video, all holding poses that one would hold while tripping their balls off. Danny Careys drum kit was immense, complete with two towering ride cymbals...my heart raced. The lights dimmed and (-) IONS came from the PA system. From two projectors came the moving white square images from the album cover. The crowd was already in hysterics. One by one the band took the stage. Adam began to get feedback from his guitaur and Danny began the staggered drumming that was THIRD EYE. Maynard apperared from out of nowhere, and the crowd raised their hands to him like he was the messiah. The show was unbeleiveable...setlist was as follows third eye stinkfist 46&2 crawl away eulogy 4 degrees jimmy h sober (with obligatory 5 minute intro) opiate ÆNIMA unbelieveable, and it exceeded all of my expectations some shit Maynard said after thrid eye: "Poughkeepsie" croed cheers before crawl away "this is a love song..it goes out to Eric (not sure of last name)" before 4 degrees "this is a very special song..it goes out to MAgilla Gorillas sidekick Camilla" Maynard wore a pink bra during this song before Opiate maynard went on about how people always misread this song, and how a bunch of asshols were trying to make a buck off from the bibe "never ever trust an agent" he said " okay, one more" before ÆNIMA the band quietly left the stage....danny threw 6 drumsticks into the audience...no one was heard to yell chickenweasel tho :( maynard was painted with red dots on his head and torso...he gyrated and convulsed and let the music take over only complaint: the songs were played at half speed the entire show...but still unbelieveable..worth the price of admission and more bye bye