A Review of the Spring 1997 Tour

Date: March 1

From: strotherm@panasonic.com (Strother, Marc) Subject: Poughkeepsie Concert I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to you regarding Tool's Poughkeepsie, NY concert on March 1 so you can pass the good news to your visitors. On March 1, Tool played in Poughkeepsie, NY and they were awesome. It was my first time seeing Tool in concert but it sure won't be my last. What you hear when you listen to Tool on your stereo is exactly who Tool IS, which you can't say for alot of bands in concert. They were just unbelievable, unfortunately, I can't say the same for their opening act, The Melvins, but that's OK, it just made you want to hear Tool more! The place was mad, unoffically I heard 3,000 fans and to my suprise about 2,000 must be still in high school. At 26, at first I felt a little out of place, but then I realized, it didn't matter that these people were younger than me, I actually respected them, for we all had one thing in common, we love Tool. Better they're listening to Tool than that gansta rap shit! In summary, go see Tool, and when you're done, go see them again.