A Review of the Spring 1997 Tour

Date: March 1

From: Lupus Yonderboy (skruger@mhv.net) Subject: Poughkeepsi, NY show (3/1/97) Hey - My compliments on an excellent page! I saw the Poughkeepsie, NY show last night and figured I'd put in my two cents... Great show. Physically it was about the same as the show at the Paridiso in Holland described in Review 1, but we had the Melvins open up. And yes, there were many cries of "chickenweasel" after Stinkfist. It wasn't really acknowledged other than Maynard saying "Poughkeepsi". I think they covered their best songs, with one exception...and I was disappointed...they didn't play Hooker with a Penis, which I feel is one of their better songs. I was very glad they played Opiate - and provided a commmentary before the song in order to explain it to those who don't understand what it's about. The crowd was great, age must have ranged from 14 to 40 (me and the friends I went with being in our late 20's). The emotional level was fantastic, helped much by the feel of the bass, it vibrated your whole body - right up to the teeth. The venue was small enough where even the people in the un-reserved seating in the back had a decent view, and the stage was visible to everyone on the floor (provided they were taller than 5 feet). I don't think the show would have had nearly the same feel if it was not general admission. I went with three friends and this was our first opportunity to see Tool and none of us were dissappointed. Anyway, great show and, yes, I would pay ticketmaster's outrageous surcharges to see Tool again. Regards, Scott Kruger