A Review of the Spring 1997 Tour

Date: March 1

From: tool (tool@nji.com) Kabir, although i felt like an asshole screaming "chickenweasel" in Asbury it was awsome on poughkeepsie. I was right in front of Justin against the gate at the begining when somebody said it after that about 15 people around me started. It was cool. Somebody said that they saw you at the jersey show. Then a couple of us said how we wouldnt know you even if we did see you. Oh man mjk through out one of danny's drumsticks at the end yesterday and i fucking got it. It was great. People were dicks trying to take it from me though. This was the best show Ive seen yet. I got my ass kicked though, I got dropped hard im gonna go to the docter cause Im pretty sure I broke my hand, it kills. -Ed