A Review of the Spring 1997 Tour

Date: March 1

From: cs1408@snyflcaa.fingerlakes.edu Man it was fucking incredible. I went broke and deaf but i'd do it again in a second.....I haven't really seen any other show descriptions yet (i didn't look hard though) The Melvins went unheard.....i actually would of listened to them had not the anticipation of tool been there. For all i know they rocked and they sucked. The beginning was beautiful....nothing spectacular but man people went fucking nuts. I've never before screamed that loud at a show.....for the most part the crowd was cool.....not too many assholes...except for the fucks who started moshing before the music OR the show even started. Oh yeah and the fucking crowd surfers....three more blind side kicks to the head for me...and a lost lens from my glasses.....still worth it though. A Set list.... Third eye Stinkfist 46 & 2 crawl away Eulogy jimmy 4 degrees H. (drum solo) Sober Opiate Aenema I'm pretty sure thats the correct order. I shit my pants when 4 degrees began......its always a bonus to hear your favorite.....the only down side was only three songs from undertow....i really wanted to hear flood. There were a lot of CHICKENWEASELS there.....i heard one right by me but couldn't locate the source.....after stinkfist I was directly in front of maynard maybe three or four people back from the front....maynards eyes are incredible. He wore a bra for four degrees....(significance??) He also dedicated it to something sister camilla??? Does anyone know what the hell that means? His explanation to opiate was really really cool..... cleared a lot up for me. If you were there did you notice that if you looked to the left or right of the stage on the wall you could see maynards shadow of him singing? I thought that was really cool especially with the theme from 46 and 2. Anyways I give it a ten....worth the money, the long ass drive, etc. etc. sorry if i've rambled on about bull shit....i'm kinda still in a daze.... chris