A Review of the Spring 1997 Tour

Date: March 1

From: Two2067@aol.com Subject: REVIEW 3/1 Poughkeepsie Just got home from tonight's Tool show in Poughkeepsie, NY. 3rd time I've seen 'em and it gets better every time. Adam and Justin were painted the same color as the statues, kind of brown/gray. Danny looks like the Soundgarden drummer, I just noticed. Maynard was blue with white dots going down his chest, and some dots on his head, and a third eye dot. Here's the exact setlist and stuff that happened: 1. Third Eye(i can't believe people think this song is bad as an opener) 2. Stinkfist - extra part before "I'll keep digging..." 3. 46 & 2 4. Crawl Away 5. Eulogy 6. Jimmy 7. 4 Degrees - Hilarious. Maynard puts a bra on for this song, says, "This song is dedicated to Magilla Gorilla's cousin Camilla." 8. H. - Maynard says, "Apparently we have a new single out on the radio. I don't listen to the radio much so I don't really care."(something like that) 9. Sober(if you still haven't seen Tool live, the new intro is even longer than you've heard) 10. Opiate-Maynard says the usual speech about what the song means, ending with, "Never trust an agent." 11. Aenema-Maynard does exaggerated swimming motion during "learn to swim" Every song was amazing. What an unbelievable band. Melvins opened, rocked. King BuzzO still has big hair. later, jere