Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: March 3

From: Vein@aol.com Subject: a review for t.d.n 3/3/97 dayton, OH Following a wait of about 25 minutes after the Melvins left, the boys took the stage. Maynard painted entirely in blue except for his white boxers and several orange/red spots located on his head and upper torso. The orange/red spots could only be seen in certain colors of light. Justin was completely white w/the trademark devil hair style. AJ was shirtless w/o body pain except for a small red line on his chin. Danny w/o shirt and w/o paint. The 2 video screens showed the animated "smoke box" and they opened w/3rd eye. Maynard stood straight up, front and center, eyes wide open and looked at the crowd for 3 or 4 minutes w/o moving, then continued w/3rd eye. I won't go into detail about each song unless it was something out of the ordinary, for example, the next song, Stinkfist had a few extra lyrics and music towards the end after "i'll keep digging." The "extended" stinkfist was incredible and a pleasant surprise. After the long intro, Sober was played at a slightly slower pace than the November show in Chicago, but it was still a crowd pleaser. H. also seemed to be played at slightly slower pace than "normal." Crawl Away was played right after Forty Six & 2, and it was incredible to hear the whole crowd sing "this is love...this is my love for you." For Me, the pinnicle of the night was 4É. It was played w/tremendous intensity and I hope (at some point) every single Tool fan will be able to hear and see MJK sing "and let meeeeeee...in," it was a powerful moment. I was also impressed to hear almost the whole crowd singing along w/Opiate during this show and at the Chicago show. I've been to so many concerts where the majority of the crowd only owns one cd of the band and it's a buzz kill to be the only one jamming/singing/dancing to a "classic" song of the band you are there to see. Lotsa Chickenweasel's heard after Stinkfist and surprisingly following every song thereafter. Maynard did the "pant" joke, "last song" and said H. was about choices (but did not mention Angel/Devil), but said very little else. He introduced Justin saying "This is our new bass player Justin, he is from Kent, OH." That was about it from Maynard. I was pretty surprised by this, seeing as we were "under a dead Ohio sky," but the band is about the Music, nothing else, so I had no complaints. SETLIST: Third Eye Stinkfist Forty Six & 2 Crawl Away Eulogy jimmy 4É H. Sober Opiate źnema peace, Vein join me in #toolband on irc.dal.net won't you?

From: Steve Bekkala (sbekkala@umich.edu) Subject: TOOL - 3/3/97 Dayton show review & setlist Hey Kabir...just got back from the show in Dayton tonight. I live in Michigan, three hours away, and I'm pretty exhausted from the show and drive, so I hope this isn't too unintelligible. This was my fourth Tool show and the third on this tour, the other two being the Cleveland and Detroit shows from back in November. I'm seeing the band again tomorrow night (or I guess that'd be tonight now) in Kalamazoo, but getting back to tonight's show... This was by far my favorite Tool show, and one of the best concerts I've ever witnessed by *anybody*. They played longer than the other two shows (about 100 minutes), and the setlist was incredible: Third Eye, Stinkfist, 46 & 2, Crawl Away, Eulogy, jimmy, 4 Degrees, H., Sober, Opiate, Aenema Third Eye is a fucking awesome song to open with, no matter what anyone else says. It was totally incredible. They trimmed off a couple "Prying open my third eye"s at the end, maybe to prevent Maynard's voice from gettin wrecked (witness the Pomona video from October), but it didn't lessen the song at all. During this song, a bunch of testosterone-fueled guys decided to show how cool they were by rushing the main floor. A couple of them got caught and (presumably) tossed out, but most made it onto the floor. This problem was quickly suppressed before it got out of hand (like it did for Rage at Cobo Arena in Detroit). But anyhow, Stinkfist followed, and got the crowd going berserk. One new addition: right before the heavy "I'll...keep...digging" part, they inserted a short new section, reminiscent of the new verse in Prison Sex. This lasted only an extra 30 seconds or so before returning to the aforementioned part. Very cool though. 46 & 2 followed, and featured the typically spectacular drum solo by Danny in the middle. At this point in the show, the setlist was identical to the Detroit State Theatre show, and I was beginning to wonder if it would stay the same. I was expecting Swamp Song, and I swear I heard Maynard say "Swamp Song", but then they busted into Crawl Away!! I haven't heard this song since I saw them back in '94, so I was totally blown away. The crowd seemed to be really into it as well. A great addition to the setlist. Eulogy followed, which was great as usual. It was played slightly slower than on the disc this time. It still amazes me how exact this song sounds to the disc, particularly the beginning. Their sound crew has really got their shit together; you could hear everything perfectly. jimmy was next, which was a big surprise, because there was no Prison Sex before it. I didn't miss it, although I think I'd personally cut Sober before I cut Prison Sex. jimmy was nice though by itself. Danny was really stretching out with his drumming on this song, and "Under a dead Ohio sky" is so much cooler a line when you're actually IN Ohio... And then, the total, absolute highlight of the show...FOUR DEGREES!! This has been one of my very favorite songs on Undertow (tied with the title track), and we were *totally* not expecting to hear it. I couldn't fucking believe it, it was incredible. Adam's little guitar solo near the end was pure genius, like I knew it would be. The definite high point of the show for me. Maynard introduced H. by saying "I guess this is our new single. It's about choices." H. is a good song on the disc, but live it is SO much better. The crowd was really into it, singing the "I don't mind"s very loudly. Sober came next, with a *long* intro; about ten minutes long. This got all the people who were sitting down back onto their feet again. Opiate was introduced in the usual, "This is the last song...on our first album" manner. For some reason, the section of the crowd I was in (directly in front of the soundboard) didn't seem to know Opiate too well. Most everyone else seemed to be really into it though. The band stopped after Opiate and gathered together on stage in a circle, talking. While they were talking, a large number of people decided (for whatever reasons) to light their lighters. Maynard turned and noticed all the lighters and said, "What is this, a vigil? You know, if you can't see, we could just turn the house lights on for you." Very quickly, the lighters went out. =) Maynard said, "Okay, one more," but before they started the song, Maynard told the crowd that he had a joke. He said, "Don't say the song, but what do you call this?" and he did two of the ominous breathing sounds from Aenema. He paused and stared at the crowd, letting us think about it, before saying, "A pair of pants." Not a particularly difficult joke to understand, but nobody seemed to get it. And with that, they started in Aenema. This song is definitely the perfect show closer; after finishing, the band threw out water bottles, picks, and drum sticks and then left the stage. "Smooth Operator" started playing over the PA. I turned around and asked the sound guy if he had a setlist, and he was *very* cool, he gave one to me and both of my friends. Some random notes: Maynard was painted blue, with some red spots on his head and body. Justin was introduced by Maynard as being from Kent, Ohio. Third Eye is called "Turd Eye" on the setlist that I received. :) Ronnie James Dio (!) was playing over the PA before the Melvins went on. The Melvins started their set with a cool version of Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive", but then proceeded to bore/annoy most people with their plodding, long-winded jams. They played about 45 minutes. That's about it...I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but hopefully other reviewers will mention any omissions I may have made. Overall, this was the best Tool show I've ever been to. We'll see if they can top themselves in Kalamazoo... :) Anybody can feel free to write me, if you want. Later.. Steve Bekkala sbekkala@umich.edu

From: Shane Wooden (swooden@remember.com) Kabir, Well... about a month ago I wrote to you complaining that Tool was not coming to Indiana for their upcoming US tour. You told me to go somewhere that was kind of close to see them. Well, guess what... I made the 2 hour drive from Indianapolis to Dayton, Oh. to see the boys. Believe me.. it was WELL worth it. The whole night was capped off when after the show my friend and I hung out by the tour bus for about an hour. Finally, after our long wait, we saw Adam walk by to the bus. He didn't say anything, but it was cool to see him. Danny came out about 30 minutes later and started talking to all of us (about 20 or so of us). He autographed my ticket stub, and I shook his hand twice. It was the coolest thing (especially to me, since I am a drummer and Danny is my idol :) ) As for concert reviews... I guess it was pretty much the standard Tool concert. I read the reviews here frequently so I pretty much knew what to expect. You can para-phrase this e-mail if you want and make your own concert review to put online, or I could e-mail you my own concert review (although it will sound just about like this e-mail! :) ). [Kabir's note -- That's what I did.]

From: cole_roger (rcole@skyenet.net) Subject: Tool at The Hara 3.3.97 Arriving in Dayton from my native NW Indiana, my goal was for Tool to autograph my concert poster. Soon after I showed up at the backstage entrance, Adam Jones arrived. He had what appeared to have just visited the Taco Bell in Dayton. After chatting, security ordered us (toolheads) behind the barriers. I then chat with 2 lads from Alabama, who made the trip in 13 hours. They were talking about the trip up here, and the bad accidents that they had seen. Soon after soundcheck, Justin showed up, giving auto's. Then Maynrd showed up for a brief time. Entering the arena I scoped out the layout. A hockey arena , with a sort of deteoriating look. It is an ideal atmosphere for moshers. I then ran into several people that I met back at the Columbus and Cincy shows in November. We were talking about the upcoming Lollapallooza concerts this summer, and how Tool may headline the show. Bluetip was the first opening band. They are from Washington,D.C.. I chatted with their drummer outside. He is pretty cool. They had appeared to be traveling in a 1986 Chevy half ton van, with a headlight out. The Melvins are next onstage. King Buzzo, the lead singer, was recalling their last touring experience. "It was the worst experience of my life" , said King, who went on to add "Tool is more human than human". All in all, The Melvins kicked ass. Before Tool's entrance, I had noticed that all the vacant seats were quickly filled. By the time that the smoke box appeared , an estimated 6000 fans had crammed the Hara. I was able to stand to the north of the sound booth, where I recieved a copy of the setlist. TURD EYE STINKFIST 46&2 (E) CRAWL AWAY (E) EULOGY JIMMY 4 DEGREES H. SOBER OPIATE AENIMA Before stinkfist, Maynrd was chanting "High in the outside, round in the middle". He was painted blue , with a pair of Tool boxer shorts. Justin had the white /greenish paint. Maynrd's voice blew me away, I had presumed that the band would be winding down since touring back in October. In theory, they get STRONGER with each performance. I had managed to get Danny's autograph after the show. I then split to Toledo, and then Kalamazoo,MI. Refecting back on the night , I had recalled that I have never seen so many beautiful women at any concert. The acoustics are not as cavernous as one might think.The Hara was well worth the drive to see the concert .

From: "Matt McGuyer" (kyuss@hotmail.com) Subject: Dayton show review This a review of the Tool show in Dayton, Ohio with Bluetip and the Melvins......on March 3rd.....at the Hara arena We left Evansville, IN about 10:30am...and arrived at the Hara Arena at 4:30pm...so we stood outside in the cold weather and the rain for 2 hours and caught Tool's soundcheck, which was a MAJOR plus! we caught the end of Swamp Song, then we heard : Third Eye, 4 Degrees, Stinkfist. And that was it for soundcheck. Soundcheck sounded Killer...(((of course....it's TOOL))))except for the fools in front of us talking their little heads off........none the less.......it was rad to hear soundcheck!!!! Then came MORE waiting and joking around with the security humor....ANYway.....FINALLY the doors open around 6:15pm.......we (me....my girlfriend((((whom if it wasnt for TOOL we would have NEVER met)))and two buddies)DAMN good seats........the purpose was to get on the floor.......but there wasnt seats as the ticket/record store diagram showed......and they were sold out by the time we got our tickets.....besides..........the LAST thing i want to do when seeing my favorite band ever......is MOSH!))))anyway........the first band was Bluetip.....they SUCKED!!!!!their singer was a JERK........and their drummer was REAL uptight......they bored the HELL outta me!!!!!!(((some...VERY few of the guitar parts were cool))))anyway....they SUCKED........i caught a glimpse of Danny standing on the stage while Bluesucktip played....that was the best part of the set!!!!!!!!.........then.....out came the Melvins........ive NEVER seen them......but i really like their music....QUITE a bit!!!!!they were REAL GOOD.....they rocked SO damn hard......they're an intense band to hear and watch......their drummer is a badass!!!!!Danny and Justin were on the side of the stage!!!!thats was cool!!!!the Melvins were GREAT........they cracked a few White Zombie jokes.......something like......."the last tour we did was with White Zombie.....that damn disco rave crap band.....I would have to say it was the WORST time of my life.......we'd like to thank TOOL for bringing us with them............they're .....more human than White Zombie......hell.......anyone is more human than a band that plays Tapes on stage......im not into that whole idea"..............i thought it was QUITE hilarious!!!!ANYWAY.......ON TO THE POINT......TOOL!!!!!!!! First off.........i saw TOOL during the Fall tour........In Dec........in Memphis.........that was the FIRST time i have ever seen them........they've been my favorite band since Opiate first came out!!!!........but ive never had the chance to see em.......(((they dont come near here)))plus i never heard about them playing near here......my friends are unimformative as well............they were AMAZING in memphis........i cried during Stinkfist ......it was pheonominal!!!! the lights shut off.......and on came the screens.......with the animation of the smokebox.......and the HUGE low end rumble.........which i must say is the PERFECT beginning for TOOL!! the animation and the rumble go PERFECT together......its just so right......then i look to the backstage area.......and i see a painted blue figure.........YEP i said.......theres Maynard........he was painted this time....(((he wasnt in Memphis))))i started screaming when i saw him........he was Blue with red spots all over hime......a line of spots down his chest.......and randomly on his legs and arms.........Justin was whiteish-grey!!!!!!Adam was lookinh normal.....and Danny....well.....he was his natural color as always..........it was nice to be able to see EVERYTHING this time.......Maynard stood there at the edge of the stage staring/glaring at the crowd while the other genius' started 3rd Eye ........hes so GREAT!!!!!! heres the setlist: Third Eye Stinkfist 46 and 2 Crawl Away Eulogy jimmy 4 degrees H. Sober Opiate WELL....this is getting LONG winded.........heres some quotes....Maynard RARELY talked that night: introducing Justin:....."This is our new bass player Justin Chancellor.......he's from Kent,OH" Maynard kept saying......something like......"high on the outside....low on the inside".....i have NO idea about what he was saying!!!!! before H.:...."this song is about making choices.......i BELIEVE its the new single" thats about it really........i hope this was thorough enough for you fellow TOOL freaks.........this was an INCREDIBLE SHOW.........i was AMAZED.....as always........they are a pheonominal band.........ive NEVER EVER heard another band that affects me like they do.........all the feeling........its.......overwhelming.............everytime i see em' live........i CANT believe my ears and eyes.......the sounds....the sights.......its so beautiful!!!!!!!its like a drug.......im a TOOL junkie.....they are the greatest.........i want to thank them for what they do......they are a MAJOR part of me........i thank them for the experience that they give to me.......and everyone else............i DONT know what i would do if they ever broke up...........probably NEVER listen to music again!!!!!!my life wouldnt be the same without that group of genius'!!!!!!AGAIN........thank guys!!!!!i hope they read this sometime when they happen to be checking out the page for fun!!!!! thanks for reading.....Matt McGuyer p.s........if anyone has ANY live Video Bootlegs.....mail me!!!!!!! bye bye.......peace and empathy

From: GREGORY E KELLERMAN (s_gekellerma@MAIL.CLARION.EDU) Living in the Pittsburgh area, my friends and I don't get a chance to see Tool like the rest of the country. So instead of wasting valuable time and money getting loaded on some overcrowded beach somewhere, we loaded up the van and drove five hours to Dayton, Ohio. I have never seen Tool because I missed their Lollapalooza stop in Pittsburgh. So this was my first time. It was amazing. Some cover band from D.C. played and then the Melvins played. Finally, the lights went out and the smokeboxes came up on the video screen. They stepped out quietly and took their places. Maynard was painted blue from head to toe with only a pair of white boxers (with the Tool wrenches on them). Small orange and red dots showed up all over him when a certain light shined on him. Adam had only a line of red paint down his chin. Justin looked dead white, with his little devil horns. And Danny was just Danny. They opened with Third Eye which was a great song to open with. Maynard just stood completely still and stared without blinking at the audience and began singing. He didn't move for a few minutes. I have seen a few Tool bootlegs, and I always thought Maynard's body movements were just unreal. But when he started twisting himself and bending and pulsating around...it was sickening. Maynard's movement's were just disgusting...just unreal. The set list was: Third Eye Stinkfist Forty-six & 2 Crawl Away Eulogy jimmy 4 degrees h. Sober Opiate Aenema I might have mixed up jimmy and four degrees. Despite an extremely dumb, predictable crowd, I still witnessed by far the best show I have ever seen. Maynard didn't talk too much. He fucked with the audience a few times. He introduced Justin as being from Kent, Ohio. This brought on a thunderous roar from the crowd and a chuckle from my friends and I. He also told a joke that no one got. He asked,"What kind of pants are these? And no, it's not the song." He then gave a pair of his heavy pants from the start of Aenema. It was amusing. The extended intro to Sober was awesome. The double bass part in the middle of Crawl Away was sickening. Eulogy was slowed down somewhat, but still sounded tremendous. A couple of lines were added to Stinkfist. Before they played Opiate, Maynard did the "this is our last song...off the first album" thing. And Aenema was a great song to finish with. Maynard's movements went to another level on this one. When he was chanting "learn to swim, learn to swim,..." he was doing this half swimming motion. Just amazing. I'm sure I forgot a bunch of stuff, but I just can't tell you how moving it was to see Tool. It was worth every second of the five hour drive. Feel free to email me for some chat. email- S_GEKELLERMA@MAIL.CLARION.EDU Later, -greg

From: M13P13@aol.com Subject: Tool "LIVE" in Dayton, Ohio To all Tool fans, I wanted to write a review here the day after the show but my computer went down for three weeks. Anyway, I have it back now and have been ready to do this for quite some time. I saw the soldout Tool show in Columbus back on Nov. 15,1996. I had to see them again, and I would have driven anywhere close to see them once more. The show was a major high for me. I had listened to the new CD several times and was so pumped. I had rounded up 13 friends to drive from Columbus to Dayton so they could witness this incredible spectacle. The band started the set with "Third Eye" and delicately twisted and shaped the volumes during this lengthy opener. Then, as I had hoped, they slammed into the first song on the new CD, "Stinkfist". A perfect blend of video meets sound was accomplished with two wide video screens hung behind the drum riser. The visual aspect of the entire show was tremendous. Adam, if you read this I thought it quite original to say the least. After many perfectly executed songs from both albums, there was a long, developing intro to what became of "Sober" from Undertow. I think this was one of the tunes the crowd had been waiting for most of the evening. The band plays the songs very precisely and adds new bits here and there to keep things fresh I'm sure. For example, there was a lengthened part at the end of the song "Stinkfist". I must make some comments about the lack of lights on the stage. I like the fact that Tool does not use many lights on stage. It is refreshing to see some- thing differt for a change. A few strobes and some lights from behind the bandis perfect for them. The precision by which the group plays the songs live is most appealing to me. I enjoyed Danny's chops so much. His playing should and will send many drummers young and old back to the wood shed, if you know what I mean. Adam and Justin work so well together on stage. The songs are tight and delivered flawlessly. As for Maynard, on this particular night, he was incredible. He hit everything and came back for more, each song getting stronger and stronger. The band closed the night with an encore performance of Aenema. I love the fact that Maynard tells L.A. where to go on this one. I hope you've all got plenty of swim trunks out there in California. It was a terrific show and I think my personal favorite was 46 and 2. I hope it's the next single. Hope to see them on Lalapalooza. LATER!!! CMW '97