Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: March 4

From: "Chris Nelson" (nelson@lni.net) Subject: Kalamazoo concert The Melvins opened. They played for about an hour. They did a pretty good job. They spent most of the time entertaining us with a mellow guitar solo melody lasting longer than the average song. We waited for about a half an hour for Tool. They all came out, with the lights only semi-dimmed. Maynard stared into space (the audience), for a couple minutes while the rest of the band played an extended intro to Third Eye. There was three "stone looking figures" proped up on the speakers of the stage. In the background, on three giant video screens there was a variety of graphics and psychedelic designs. During the "MTV" songs the screens showed altered portions of the music videos. For other songs, animals seemed to be the theme; apes evolving into humans, monkees playing the drums, and who could forget the mating elephants. Keenan was painted in blue, with penny-sized circles decorating his entire body. Certain colors caused the paint to turn orange, purple,and probably many other colors. The same goes for the circles. Keenan introduced the bassist as living in Michigan, to wich the audience applauded. He then said "some people think I'm from Michigan. I'm not. I was born and raised in Brazil. I don't even speak English." He dedicated one of the songs (I think it was Crawl Away) to the poop in litle kids pants. I'm not sure of the order of the songs they played. I know they did "Third Eye" first. I think "Sober" was the first song of the encore, preceeded by the band wondering off into a musical "warm up" to the song. They finished with the "Last song on the first album", "Opiate". Set list (in estimated order) -Third Eye -H. -Forty Six and Two -Under Tow -Eulogy -Jimmy -Aenima -Stinkfist -4 degrees -Crawl Away -Sober -Opiate This is only my memory of a concert that happened three weeks ago. If you have any contributions to my memories, please e-mail me at dissociate@hotmail.com -Chris

From: OEM (kraegel@ismi.net) Subject: Concert Review Kalamazoo, MI Hi Kabir! Just got back from the greatest concert I have ever been to and want to tell you all about it. I wrote you a first review but was not pleased with it, here's my new and improved version. TooL came to Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, MI on March 4th, as you know. Wings Stadium is hockey rink, there was general addmision only and the place probably only seats 5000. We were on the main floor(ice) and were right up front the whole time. It was great, (severely over crowded on the main floor though), I saw a few people pass out from heat exuastion and there was alot of crowd surfing and moshing. To many people were there to smash other people and not to enjoy this great band. Kinda sucks having to constantly look at the crowd for the next asshole trying to put his elbow in your eye! The Melvins sucked and I knew they would so me and three of my friends did'nt get to the show 'till the were almost done(we saw about 25 minutes of the Melvins). Later in the show, Maynerd said to the crowd, something like "did the Melvins kick your ass or what?" Half cheers came from a regularly frenzied audience. TooL finally hit the stage about 30 minutes after the Melvins left. The lights went out and the crowd immediately went psycho!! Adam, Danny, and Justin walked on one right after the other, all shirtless with pants on(no paint, dissapointed). Finally, Maynerd appeared out of nowere at the front of the stage. He was painted all blue with some dots on his torso and head(only seen under certain light, way cool). Needless to say the crowd went CRAZY!!! Maynerd stood siliently like a statue for about 5 minutes(real erie and surreal). They then went into Third Eye, I think, a real cool opener, kinda sets the stage if ya know what I mean. After that the went into Stinkfist and there were some subtle changes. Lyricaly and musically it seemed like. I wont get into detail for every song mainly cuase I cant remember all of it, and this would be too long, after all it is just a review. I'll just list the cool l made for an incredible concert, I will definatly go next time there in town. I just cant get Maynerd out of my mind, the man is unbelievable. -Brian Kraegel kraegelb@student.lansing.cc.mi.us

From: "Nick Porath" (nporath@ismi.net) Subject: 03/04/97 show in Kalamazoo, MI As expected, Tool completely kicked ass tonight. After seeing last night's show in Dayton, OH (the 3 hour drive from Michigan was WELL worth it) and seeing the boys in November in Detroit, I knew we were in for a treat. The line outside was horrendous; but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because that meant being able to miss the Melvins. I had to sit through those clowns last night, and aside from the Pink Floyd cover at the beginning of their set, I wanted to shoot myself. They just sounded muddy and slow and shitty. Oh well, this isn't a Melvins update!! Back to the task at hand.... The set list was identical to the one they played last night, with all of the changes in songs and new parts (i.e. Stinkfist). Read review 2 from Dayton for more depth; my friend wrote it and I'm too tired to explain/remember all the little details. Third Eye Stinkfist 46 & 2 Crawl Away Eulogy Jimmy 4 degrees (where the hell is the symbol for that at?! Can't find it...) H Sober Opiate Aenema (I know; the A-E deal is fucked up... can't remember how to do) Just some miscellaneous info about the show in general... I think the sound in Wings Stadium sucks fat dick. I've been to shows there before and it wasn't any better today. It's a hockey arena with a big metal roof. Imagine seeing a concert in a toolshed in the backyard. Identical sound. But I'll go anywhere to see Tool, so it's just a minor flaw, and besides, it's not their fault. Also, you'll notice that I didn't include and info on Maynard's coloring tonight. I was so far back that I couldn't see him. It was all general admission with no reserved seating, so naturally the floor was way overcrowded and a big mess of testosterone-fueled dickheads pushing everyone around, so in order to save myself I had to retreat to the back of the arena like a defeated soldier. Maynard did ask the crowd, "Where's Elvis?", and a few people seemed to get it. He introduced Justin as being from Flint, MI, and then addressed the issue about his (MJK) being from Michigan and denied it. Anyway, that's about it... definitely not the best review you guys have seen (it's my first; bet you couldn't tell :) If any of you out there haven't seen Tool yet, please do yourself the favor of a lifetime and do it. I've seen them 3 time now and they get better each time!!! See ya. Matt Porath x93porath@wmich.edu

Subject: Tool concert in Kalamazoo From: "Jason Todd Umfleet" (umfleetj@pilot.msu.edu) Kabir, I was at the Tool concert yesterday in Kalamazoo, MI and I thought you'd like a little report. The Melvins opened up but I didn't think that they were very good. They sounded rather muddy. Tool got on stage at around 8:45 and played "Third Eye" first. MJK was painted glossy blue. Jason Chandler was either painted black or dark purple. I couldn't tell because I had already lost my glasses during the first three minutes of the first song. And of course, Adam was painted nonplussed. I can't remeber the order but I know that they played the following tunes: Stinkfist (no fellow chickenweasels!), Eulogy, H. (MJK said that this is gonna be the new record, but I'm sure you already knew that. He also said that this is a song about "choices." Maybe it is about H.eroin.), Forty-six & 2, jimmy, aenema(closing tune), third eye, sober, crawl away, 4 degrees, and the last tune off of the first EP (sorry, I don't own it *yet*). They also had a 15-20 min interlude in the middle. I was recuperating in the concourse so I don't know what they had on the big screen behind them at the time. Everything sounded pretty good. The mosh pit in front was murder. Fresh air was scarce and everything was wet. Typical, eh? MJK made a funny that goes along with the whole "don't believe everything you here" theme. First he introduced Jason as the new bass player from Flint, MI. Then he said: "Some people think I'm from Michigan. That's not true at all. I was born and raised in Brazil. I only came to this country a year ago. I don't even speak English." HaHa! Well, I'm deaf and sore and have to explain to my wife why I don't have my glasses anymore. Gotta go. Talk to you later, Jason Umfleet umfleetj@pilot.msu.edu

From: Paul Luskin (plluskin@mtu.edu) Review- Tool Concert, Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo Michigan, March 4, 1997 Melvin's opened the show and played for about 40 minutes. Tool's set list was pretty typical I think. If I recall correctly it was: Third Eye StinkFist Crawl Away Forty-six &2 Eulogy Jimmy 4 Degrees H. Sober (w/ 15 minute intro) Opiate AEnima Maynard wore boxers and was painted blue. There were two screens above the band with lots of fucked up images. Ones that I recall are the smokebox, a walking monkey evolving into man, gears meshing together, some wierd psychodelic stuff, and lots of other stuff I can't describe or don't remember. Maynard made a few notable comments. The first thing he said after Third Eye was "Hey Kalamazoo, where the fuck is Elvis?" He dedicated Crawl Away to "the poop in kid's pants." And no, I'm not making that one up. He introduced Justin as the new base player and said he was from Flint, Michigan. He also said "Some people think I'm from Michigan. But they're wrong. I'm actually from Brazil - and I moved here a year ago. I don't even speak English." Everything else seemed pretty similar to what was said in the other reviews. The show was about 90 minutes, and of course, kicked ass! -Paul Luskin

From: Skeeter958@aol.com Subject: Kalamazoo Wing Stadium Show review First of all, this was my third time seeing Tool in my whole 21 years on earth. Don't get me wrong, they are one of my favorite bands. Aenima is also a really good album. I saw Tool at the State Theatre in Detroit and was very disapointed. What I wanna know is why does Tool refuse to dip down into their back catalog of songs? I really would like to hear songs like Bottom, Intolerence, Flood, Sweat, 4 Degrees, get my picture? The new songs have great energy, but I feel like my ticket should say, An Evening of Aenima music with Tool. Are they trying to please new fans? Do they feel as if their old songs are shit? I guess I may never know. Maybe I am just bitching to much. The Melvins opened the show with a typical blistering set. I hate to say this, butTool should be opening for the Melvins. Tool may even agree with me. The Melvins have been around for years putting out great albums and will continue for years to come. The audience was mostly filled with Marilyn Manson wannabe youths there to hear "Stinkfist", and didn't appreciate what the Melvins had to offer. After a twenty minute wait, Tool arrived on stage in usual fashion. Maynard was painted all blue with little orange dots all over him. "Third Eye" opened the show and was driven by Maynard's angry vocals. "StinkFist" soon followed. The sold out crowd flew into a frenzy. The band wagon fans were going nuts. I was fearing the worst. I was about to hear the same set list I heared at the State Theatre. "Eulogy" was absoloutely brilliant. This was Tool's shinning moment. The way Maynard soldiers the stage is phennominal. Unfortunately, I was dissapointed the rest of the show. I felt like I've already seen this before. A little more Undertow would have been great. Some rare Opiate would have been even better. But I refuse to give up this easy. I will probably go and see them if they are going to be at Lollapalooza. They will always put on a good show. I guess my problem this night was, I had too big of an expectation.Here are the songs in no peticular order. Chris Wardell Third-Eye Stinkfist H Crawl Away Eulogy Forty Six and 2 Sober(ten minute intro) Hooker With A Penis Jimmy Opiate Aenima

From: "Josh" (jvancamp@host.cass.net) Subject: Re: Kalamazoo 3/4/97 I made it back today from KZoo. The show was great. There were ALOT of people. Security told me that they were sold at over 8,000 Melvins were alright, but they had a tendency to become annoying. The setlist was: (in order 99% sure) )Third Eye )Stinkfist (with new part) )46&2 )Crawl Away )Eulogy )Jimmy )4 degrees (cool) )H )Sober )Opiate )Aneima )Maynard asked "So this is Kalamazoo....Where is Elvis?" right after third eye I believe. )Towards the end he said "Alot of people think that I am from around here, actually )I moved here from Brazil last year. I don't even speak English." He also said that Justin was from Flint, Michigan Maynard was painted blue )with )dots all over his torso and head. The show was good except for the accoustics. )They were terrible. Tool isn't well suited to hockey arenas. Great song selection though. )Afterwards, we tried to wait outback at the buses, but the security guy wouldn't let us )go back there. So we sat down on some steps and a little while later Justin came ou )t in a rusted old van with tinted windows. The rest of the band was in it )and they all waved. )They didn't stop though. All in all great though.

From: "Christopher J. Cole" (ccole@sun1.iusb.edu) Subject: KZOO REV.-TAPED Toolphiles, This TOOL review is different than the rest because I have something to offer. I am so surprised that more people do not have enough balls(or maybe small enough) to sneak recorderes into the shows. The show was typical in that they played the same set list as the preceding revs. and almost all of the same comments were made. I must say that when I seen TOOL in Chicago back in NOV.(recorded also)they appeared to have alot more energy and they were a bit more charismatic. In saying that it I guess they have full right to be a little tired for several reasons. 1. Theve been going nearly non-stop for what like 6 months now.(If that aint stamina what the fuck is.) 2. They can do what they want they're the Fucking man. 3.All the side shit they have been doin to keep some sanity in their lives(rainn). Anyway the show was still excellent. The recording includes every song from start to finish including 4" and the best version of the slow fuck(toolin around) leading into SOBER that I have heard yet. The WINGS STADIUM has shitty accoustics so the bottom end is a little rich but hey if you wanna relive the show. The show was about 105 mins. so if you are interested then send me two 60 or 90 min. tapes and postage back. Send enough postage or I will not send it back untill you get me the money and dont forget about the return address. I dont know your address and the outside of the packages have been known to get damaged so include it inside just to be sure. I am not charging anything since I did not do anything except record the show hawever contributions are welcome!! I am a student so after I receive the tape in the mail I will e-mail you and get it back to you as quickly as poosible. I sent out over 40 copies of the CHICAGO show(like you care). The shy-town show sounds better but I did not record all of the show only parts of some songs and all of some of them. If you ask me to when I receive the tapes I will through that show on the end of the tape. 2 90 min tapes would be better than 2 60 min tapes if you want this done. All in all this is a great fucking deal so dont demand shit from me, I will get the tapes done as quickly as possible. I have never received any compensation for these tapes(not even other boots) only the satisfaction of knowing I helped out fellow TOOLERS. Someday the faver will be returned in some way maybe we could form like a tool union were everyone trades boots back and forth...It could happen. (This is to cover my ass) I think that it is safe to say that this is pretty cool and that we are not tryin to piss anyone off by tradin boots we just wanna listen to tool, afterall its free so no laws are really broken know are they. KEEP ON SHUCKIN AND JIVEN TO THE SUTTLETIES OF TOOL. -- (Message copying denied without the consent of whom I stole it from.) ccole@iusb.edu Christopher J. Cole

From: x96phillips3@wmich.edu Subject: march 4 concert review my first tool concert experience was certainly one to be remembered. i missed the opening band, but since i was only there a half an hour after the doors opened, i really don't think they played. anyway, the concert was at wing's stadium in kalamazoo, which is basically a hockey rink. it was completely packed, i'd say 4-5 thousand people. the entire floor, which was usually the ice, was completely covered with people, me included. that was the scene. when the lights when out and tool walked on stage, i began to fear for my life, but as soon as the eery intro to third eye started to eminate from the huge pa system, all fear was gone. i didn't care, this was tool. as each song progressed i fought my way closer to maynard, as if i was drawn to him metaphysically. i was totally zoned into the music and video, only the ocassional crowd-surfer-head-kick broke my euphoric state. in my opinion, the best sets of the show were crawl away, 4 degrees, H, sober, and opiate. it was all good though, of course. maynard was like a schizophrenic on stage, one minute cynically joking, next minute staring over the crowd with ghastly intensity. here are a couple of maynardisms fresh from memory: "this is justin, our new bassist. he is from flint, michigan. tomorrow is his birthday." later; "many people think i was born in michigan, this is not true. i was born is brazil. i moved here last year and learned to speak english." and before H, "this is our new single. it is about change." all i remember from the video screen is that during H there were elaphants fucking. overall, it was an amazing experience. i may just have to spend $30 to see them at lollapalooza. here is the set list as best i remember: third eye stinkfist eulogy crawl away 46&2 4 degrees jimmy H sober opiate aenema --mike phillips

From: "La'Near" (lwhyte@uoft02.utoledo.edu) Subject: Review of Mar 4, 1997 at Wings Stadium We made it to Wings Stadium at 6:30, which was when the first band, Blitzen (I believe), began their set. They weren't bad. They played some punk and alternitive/metal style music that the crowd seemed to like. The Melvins took the stage around 7:15, and played some epic songs. I think in their hour on stage, they only played 4 or 5 songs. There were lots of long intros with slow melodic effects. I preferred their thrashin' better than the slow stuff. Overall, they were a good supporting act. Tool finally came on around 8:45 and played until 10:20 or :25. They kicked ass, as usual! They opened with Third Eye and finished up with Aenima. They changed the set a little from when I had seen them in Cleveland last fall, and I liked the differences. I was disapointed that I was the only one I heard yell Chickenweasel. I was hoping there were more of us out there! Papa Smurf had some white polka-dots on him instead of his solid blue, and Justin was sporting a devil's costume, horns and all. Maynard intoduced Justin as their new bassist, hailing from Flint, Mi. I think Justin choked on his beer as he heard that. Later Maynard told the croud he was originally from Brazil, where he lived until last year. He also said he didn't speak English. Maynard moved about the stage in his usual stop-motion. He was extremely animated, and I think just a bit more comfortable when I had seen him in Cleveland. They were tight as they always are, moving from song to song without a hitch. Great show, although Ticket Master decided to raise the price of the show by 1/3 with all their surcharges. Patrick Roper

From: jody42@sm1.gte.net Subject: Concert review, Mar. 4th, Kalamazoo, Wings Stadium Howdy, It's 8am and I'm still up. Go figure. I thought this show was as good as the November concert at State Theater in Detroit. For different reasons. First off, this pit was mild compared to Detroit, by far. Second, MJK spoke more and the set seemed much longer in Detroit. Result: Kalamazoo was less entertaining(less songs, no anecdotes) but more enjoyable(I got to dance how I wanted-not how some shirtless testosterone-ridden meathead wanted me to). That's my thing, dancing. The details are much the same as the previous Ohio show as far as first and final song, the bands makup, etc. Except, when MJK introduced their new bassist, he said Justin was from Flint, MI. I, and the guy next to me had a good laugh. I had an incredible/intense time of it all. It might not show in type, but the fact remains, its 8am and I'm still wound up from that show. Jody Applegate Gamer Concepts 121 1/2 S. Main Apt. B Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 e-mail: jody.applegate@nethawk.com

From: cole_roger (rcole@skyenet.net) Tool at Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo,MI :3.4.97. Arriving into town on an hour and a half sleep , I had the pleasure of finding a hotel that was within walking distance from the stadium. It was a sunny day compared to yesterday at The Hara. I was feeling run down from the journey from Dayton the night before, but who could sleep knowing that Tool was running among us. Who could sleep knowing that I could have the chance in running into Adam Jones at Taco Bell? Or Danny Carey at Foot Locker?( He has been known to play basketball before /after soundchecks) Manyrd, or Justin? Word on the streets was that years ago, Manyrd used to go to a college here at Kalamazoo (art?). He had requested many old friends to be on his guest list. It would be interesting to see his work. I arrived at the backstage area ,hoping again to meet the band. I stood near a half- frozen hill of snow. I saw a basketball rim just inside the door as Bluetip's chevy van backed inside the stadium. I then witnessed Danney Carey exit a vehicle carrying a shopping bag that had Foot Locker on it, with basketball shoes inside. Had him autograph my ticket stub from last night. The Melvins then arrived in a' 96 maroon Dodge half- ton van with limo tinted windows. Inside the arena , I managed to get second row center. With ear plugs in hand , I was awaiting the show until I noticed that The Melvins were sitting in the restricted seating on stage left. They had appeared to be .......looking at me? I approached them with pen and notepad. "Could I get your auto's?", I said. Mark, the bassist (a.k.a. Lorax) replied "we were just talking about you. Do you really like those guys?" referring to my ATF baseball cap."No", I said,"I plan on using it for target practice ".He then went on to say "good, because we are pro-gun." We chatted and I then shook his hand and proceeded back to my spot in the crowd. I then spotted several guys who I stood next to at the Cincinnatti show last November. Shortly therafter, Bluetip opened. An asshole to my far left was throwing pennies at the lead singer. After finnishing his song, the guy stepped up to his mic and ripped the prick a new asshole, and started jammin again. Many of the people around that I talked to have never heard of the Melvins, and after their show, they were blown away. Smoke box time. The crowd was goin' nuts. Then out came the blue bald guy, Maynrd, donned in tool boxers and constuction shoes. Then Adam, Danny, and a green painted Justin. The crowd was going bananas! The set list include the following: TURD EYE STINKFIST 46&2 (E) CRAWL AWAY (E) EULOGY JIMMY 4 DEGREES H. SOBER OPIATE AENIMA Right after Third eye , the guy in front of me exited via the security guards, which allowed myself to advance to the front row. It was an opening that I compared to the Red Sea, an opening that was somehow meant to happen by a higher power. It could not have come at a better time. Stinkfist started, and I was directly in front of Manyrd! Afterwards, I yelled "chickenweasel", and heard many do the same. Maynrd had on his possesion a flash camera and was taking pictures. When introducing his bassist, He replied "This is our newest member of the band. Justin Chancelor, he is from Flint, MI!". The night before he said he was from Kent,OH. During the show, Maynrd had mentioned that he is from Brazil, and that he moved to this country two years ago. My vital signs were still present after being smashed into the front gate. Every minute that went by seemed to have a security guard catching a body surfer going over my head. It was only two minutes into the show and I was drenched in sweat. It was incredible. Looking onstage, witnessing, feeling Tool's brutal onslaught . It was a powerful perfomance. The crowd was somewhat disapointed that Tool perfomed only 11 songs. Everyone waited after Aenima until the house lights came on. A fight brooke out in the middle of the arena, in front of the sound booth. After breaking it up, security ordered everyone out of the building. Drenched in sweat, I made my way through the grid- locked traffic to my room at the Motel 6. The gallon of water that I chugged seemed to do little to clench my dehydration. So I showered and head off to the gas station , where I purchaced a 32 oz. bottle of powerade (the un-official drink of Toolheads). Later, while winding down sipping herbal tea, I looke back at what was probably the best day of my life. Starting off by getting a tattoo in Toledo, OH at 9 am, running into Ted Nugent's Bowhunters International in Jackson,MI, and seeing Tool again at Wings Stadium while staying at a motel that is virtually in its backyard! Helluva day.

From: John Serba (jserba@iserv.net) Subject: Tool review, Kalamazoo, MI, 3-4-97 Kabir: Here's a review of the Kalamazoo show; I write for the Grand Rapids Press (in Grand Rapids, MI), so this is the article that actually will see print in the paper, prior to merciless hacking by clueless copy editors. Hence, it's slightly watered down (it's for a family newspaper, after all), but all the basics are there, with a little bit of not-very-objective analysis from a Tool junkie (me). Enjoy. Sincerely, John Serba p.s. Is there any way I can get a copy of the Tori Amos Lifetime special on videotape? I'm looking for the address of someone who could send me a copy...I'll pay money...your help would be appreciated very, very much. By John Serba The Grand Rapids Press Tool, to make a comparison, is like a multi-dimensional drug. The band's music has the power to both heal and alter reality. This idea seemed to be the common thread of Tool's live show at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo Tuesday night. Whether the 8,000-plus fans who attended the sold-out concert realized this or not is questionable, but their reaction to Tool's hour-and-a-half set was overwhelmingly positive. However, Tool doesn't seem too concerned about alienating fans, evidenced by its first song, the decidedly anti-commercial "Third Eye." The trippy, 13-minute epic started the show with subtlety and restraint. The song, which is apparently about the discovery of newfound awareness, gradually piled up layers of psychedelic noise, eventually peaking with singer Maynard James Keenan repeatedly bellowing, "Prying open my third eye!" Actually, save for the bizarre images and videos projected on two screens above the stage, Keenan was the show. Clad only in boxer shorts and boots and painted blue from head to toe, the singer contorted his sinewy frame to the obtuse rhythms of the music. Keenan, who lived in Scottville for part of his life, and even attended Kendall College in Grand Rapids, often appeared to be hypnotized by Tool's dense sonic barrage as he sang. "Some people think that I'm from Michigan," Keenan quipped sarcastically between songs. "But they're wrong. I'm actually from Brazil, and I moved here a year ago. I don't even speak English." Obviously, despite his knack for writing lyrics revolving around serious themes, Keenan still has a sense of humor. He even dedicated the disturbing, and occasionally violent, song "Crawl Away" to "the poop in kid's pants." During the songs, though, intensity reigned. "Forty-six & 2" and "Eulogy," both from "AEnima," the band's latest album, found guitarist Adam Jones and bassist Justin Chancellor weaving a tight sonic rug around Danny Carey's technical, and occasionally insane, drumming. Jones prefers to create moody atmospheres--the soft, yet dark intro to "Eulogy," for example--instead of banging out simplistic power chords or showing off fretboard calisthenics. Smack in the middle of the set, Tool played a trio of songs that proved to be the best of the evening. The introspective "Jimmy" was followed by the slow, crunching "4 Degrees" (from the 1993 album, "Undertow"); "H." came in tow, and found Keenan "recalling all the times I have died...I don't mind." All three songs encapsulated Keenan's ability to be menacing and fragile, his voice a near-mumble one moment, and soaring into a snarling rage the next. Tool did play their two biggest radio hits, "Stinkfist" and "Sober," but with some added changes. "Stinkfist" received the best crowd response, but the mosh pits slowed down when the band added a couple of new riffs to the song. But what really slowed down the movement on the floor was the 15-minute intro to "Sober," which found Jones and Chancellor making eerie, squelching noised from their instruments as Carey pounded out some tribal rhythms. The new intro caused a mesmerizing effect on some, while others glanced at their watches, impatient for the song to start. A slower, heavier version of the title track from Tool's first EP, "Opiate," followed, to which many in the crowd sang along, the lyrics touching upon Karl Marx's idea that "religion is the opiate of the masses." "AEnima" was the final song of the set, which is appropriate considering its apocalyptic theme. "Learn to swim," Keenan advises California residents, warning them of the impending submersion of the state into the Pacific Ocean. The song also finds the singer ranting about society: "Fret for your prozac and fret for you contract...it's a (expletive) three-ring circus." The only negative aspect of Tool's performance lies within the fact that the band's complex, intelligent message is lost to such a large crowd. Tool's intensity seemed spread too thin within the huge walls of Wings Stadium; the band would be much more effective in a smaller venue, which would enhance the claustrophobic aspects of the music. Opening the show was the Melvins, who played pretty much non-stop for 40 minutes. The band's chunky, grating sound was like pure sonic mud through the stadium's sound system. A throbbing, low-end rumble was just about all that was decipherable, making those in the crowd with earplugs thankful for their foresight. The Melvins' sense of humor managed to seep through the muck a little bit, but for the most part, the set seemed like a lost cause. {et