Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: March 8

From: "'the morrigu'" / Ryan Anderson (rjanders@artsci.wustl.edu) Subject: March 8 Show at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, MO 1st thought about the show-- WOW. Absolutely amazing! 2nd thought-- Damn, what a short set. After traveling 3 and a half hours from St. Louis to "cowtown," MO, I arrived at the Shrine Mosque, which did indeed kinda look a yellow and red brick Mosque set smack in the middle of downtown Springfield. My girlfriend and I chose to view the show from seats (mostly because she didn't want to get smashed on the floor, and I really didn't want to deal with the idiot moshers either) which were set arena style (sloped upward) around the the floor area. We sat pretty close to the stage on the left side--couldn't see much of the left TV screen, but had a really good view of the rest of the stage and the band. Ahhh yes onto the show!.... The Melvins--just a couple words about them. They were not anywhere near as good as a few on the tool-list had told made them out to be. Their rambling songs actually bored me to tell you the truth. Then, after a nerve-wracking 25 minute wait-- lights off, curtains down, TV screens on, and enter the low rumble of the ions!! Absolutely a spine-tingling, anxious, nostalgic, sad, yet ecstatic rush all at once. The band eased and meandered their way through their standard opener, Third Eye. Just as their music in concert has made me do before, Maynard's fulfilling, echoey singing of "Chasing the tail of dogma" actually brought me to tears. The crowd seemed slightly confused like they didn't know what to do, yet transfixed, at Third Eye. But they then exploded at first earful of Stinkfist. The added instrumental jam before "I'll keep digging" was great. Danny was just flying on the hi-hat. (I won't go through every song, just the highlights, and I'll give the setlist at the end.) 46 + 2 (my all-time favorite) was incredibly intense. The guitar/bass interaction in the main riff filled every part of the Mosque with its heaviness. Jimmy was also incredible. "One and One are One" was sung with such inspiring emotion. Aenema: they absolutely smoked it! The crowd went most nuts during this. Maynard's rhythmic swimming motions while singing "Learn to swim" really emphasized the caustic sarcasm of the song and inspired me to do the same in my seat! Another highlight was Danny--everything about him and his playing! So precision perfect in his playing, he moved through the complex rhythms with an amazingly relaxed and confident flow. He tore up Sober like I have never seem him do before. Every accent and every fill was more hard-hitting than ever before. Maynard was his usual "nothing but the bare minimum" when it comes to talking to the crowd. He did have a few new, humerous things to say though...: Before 46 + 2: "This is our new bass player. He's from Rolla, Missouri." (this little podunk town near Springfield). Crowd goes nuts (half of them probably actually believing him). I just about died laughing. Before Jimmy: (Same as the fall tour)-- "As you know, we played Prison Sex earlier, which if you've done your research, you know is about child abuse. This next song follows Prison Sex, as it is the next step in the cycle and understanding." Before H.: "This song is about choices." Before Aenema (the encore): "Ok one more." (After various requests from the crowd) "We've already got one picked out, so you can stop putting your quarters in the jukebox boys. We got the idea for this song when Danny visited the doctor's office where he had a hy-colonic (an enema). For those of you who don't know what this is, it is when one has hot water shot up his ass. While this hot water was swirling around in Danny's ass, he began to have visions of the future. Catechlysmic visions. So imagine God sending these visions explaining your catechisms while having hot water shot up your ass!" Quite hilarious and enlightening at the same time! Before Prison Sex (I think): "Looks like we're in the buckle of the bible belt (referring to Springfield of course). So unbuckle and take off your pants!" (Those quotes aren't exactly word for word accurate, but the gist of what he said is there). Overall: I (much to the surprise and fear of the people around me) went totally gyrating, headbanging, and dancing crazy as the music moved through me. It was an amazingly tight show. Tool, it seems, go into another realm on stage and have this musical connection and understanding between band members that makes everything they play utterly perfect. They create an atmosphere that really is special and, if I were to call anything in my life spiritual, a Tool concert would certainly be it. Other Notes: At first I thought the three human-like statues on stage were just interesting background decorative objects. But during 46 + 2 they seemed to serve another, very subtle purpose. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but as Maynard sang the last verse, and especially "See my shadow changing, stretching up and over me," a light that emanated from behind the statues shone on them so as to cast their shadow out and onto the ceiling, hovering above the entire audience-- a really cool effect to correspond with the lyrics. Even though the Chickenweasel ploy was officially defunct, I decided to try it anyway (because hey, I didn't get to do it on the fall tour because I didn't know about it yet, and wanted to try it at least once). Screaming it several times as loud as I could (the people around me staring at me like I had chicken legs sprouting from my head), I listened hard but heard no response from anyone. Later I found out there were a few other Chickenweasels screamed so it's good to know I wasn't alone in my madness! Maynard was painted all in blue, with orange-red, eye-like spots on his head, wearing nothing but white boxers with polka dots. Justin was painted an olive-green. Danny- no shirt and blue (I think) shorts. Adam- I don't really remember, but I think he had a shirt and pants on. Also, about ten minutes before Tool went on, I saw (and subsequently yelled to) Danny Carey just meandering through crowd! Funny thing is, nobody recognized him, (as he said "excuse me" and passed right by them) but me. One small disappointment: a very short set (as you'll see below). They cut out Opiate, and their usual playing of another Undertow song (Either Crawl Away, 4 Degrees, Intolerance, or Swamp Song like they have been playing recently). Set List (In Correct Order): Third Eye Stinkfist Prison Sex 46 + 2 Eulogy Jimmy H. Sober Aenema Ahhhh, my Tool concert experience has me feeling complete and whole again! (At least for the moment) --Ryan A.

From: TmStlouis@aol.com Subject: Mar 8 Springfield Mo Review This was the first time I ever saw Tool live. I have to say they put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. They sound incredible and Maynard is the most intense lead singer! It started with the CD cover projected on two screens in back. They eventually came out and started with Third Eye. Maynard was painted blue with some orange spots too wearing only boxers. Justin was painted green. The set list was Third Eye Stinkfist Prison Sex 46 & 2 Jimmy Sober Eulogy H Aenema I may be forgetting a song or two, I cant remember for sure. But they didnt play anything from the first EP. Maynard said a few interesting things. He said " Well here we are at the buckle of the bible belt. Well unbuckle and drop trow." He also said that the new bass player Justin was from Rolla MO. Before they closed with Aenema, they were all huddled on stage. Before they started he said "You can stop putting your quarters in the jukebox, we've already got a song picked out." I will definitly go see them again if they come anywhere near St. Louis again! Tim Weber TmStlouis@aol.com

From: shaggy (shaggy@uit.net) Subject: 3/8/97 Tool in Springfield, MO review I ventured for four hours to the the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, Missouri, only to be somewhat disappointed. Being it the third time that I've seen Tool live, this preformance paled in comparison to the previous two outings. First off, the show started an hour early, without prompt. Bluetip opened, and I must say, were quite good. I definately recommend picking up their cd at the show for 10 bucks. They sounded great live, even though the singer took a lot of unwarranted shit from the crowd including thrown cigerette butts and and requests for Skynard after her somewhat knocked over the drum set. The Melvins followed and didn't even hold a candle to Bluetip. I think that it was just a fluke night for them because their recored discs house some great tracks. Finally, Tool took the stage and started with "Third Eye." One would think that after all of the fans' complaints about opening with "Third Eye" that they'd save it towards the end, but I digress. The band really didn't seem too into the show and played only nine songs with no real encore. Maynard varied his half-blue look to a full body coat of blue paint with white print boxers. He also had small white dots pasted on his body in various locations with a triangle shape of dots on his head. Maynard also said pretty much the same things as he did in K.C. (see Tool review #1 for 11/11/96). The entire timing of the band also seemed to be a bit off. I think that 'road wear' is beginning to take its toll on the guys. Below is the setlist and a few choice Maynard-isms that differed from the Nov, 11th K.C. last year. Setlist: 1. Third Eye 2. Stinkfist 3. Prison Sex (with new verse) 4. 46 & 2 5. Eulogy 6. Jimmy 7. H **10-15 minutes of 'ear candy' with drum solo and the band sitting** 8. Sober (with intro.) 9. Aenema Choice Maynard-isms: "Springfield, Missouri. The buckle of the bible belt (in reference to the large amount of bible colleges in southern Missouri). Unbuckle the belt and drive drunk." "This is our new bass player, Justin. He's from Rolla, Missouri." On 'Aenema': "This song is about the time that Danny went to the doctor to get an enema. As he had the water swirling around in his ass, a God-like vision came to his about cataclismic events." - SHAGGY

From: Robert Colescott (bobc@ponyexpress.net) Subject: TOOL Review - March 8 - Springfield, MO The Melvins performed at 7:30 PM, and we thought they did quite a good job. We were impressed, but when TOOL took the stage at 8:45, all thoughts of the past were soon forgotten. This was one hell of a show. Maynard was sporting blue body paint with matching boxers. He also had geometrically placed red-orange spots located on his head and parts of his body. They were in the shape of an arrow on top of his head. The spots, as well as his eyes, cast an eerie, psychedelic glow under the stage lights. Justin wore dark green body paint and was a perfect foil to Maynard. Adam looked as if he painted dark circles around his eyes and had a haunting, expressionless appearance. Danny looked like the most "normal" one of the bunch, but he is a perpetual motion machine. The first song was Third Eye. The crowd was instantly electrified. They pushed, shoved, and pulsated to the music. It was an unbelievable feeling to be undulating in front of the band, being swept left and right, forward and backwards, by the surging masses. The second song was Stinkfist. After they finished this number, there was a long enough pause for many people to yell "Chickenweasel" to the stage. The third song of the set was Prison Sex, which sent the crowd into a frenzy once again. Most were singing along with Maynard. At this point, the order of the songs played is a blur in my memory. If I had a pencil, I probably would have poked my third eye out with it anyway! I believe they performed every song from ∆nima except Hooker with a Penis and Pushit. A definite highlight of the show was their performance of Sober, which began with an extended "electric" solo (probably compliments of Adam), as well as an unbelievable solo by Danny. I think many people would agree that they heard one of the best drummers in the business on this particular evening. Adam and Justin were right on. The tightness of the band seems to improve with age, like a fine wine I guess. I am thinking about the upcoming tour dates for a couple of reasons: 1) I wish I could be there for all the shows, and 2) the fortunate ones who will be attending will be in for a real treat. TOOL will show the rockers "down under" what it's like to be at a REAL concert.

From: tburns (art_0048@frank.mtsu.edu) Subject: review of the show in mo. ...it was a nine hour drive to springfield, mo. once we got their, we went to the shrine mosque, that's where the show was held, and we got a chance to meet maynard. he is a really cool guy, just sort of calm and collected...preoccupied. anyway, we got tickets and aftershow passes, so just that was worth the trip. the opening bands were bluetip and the melvins. i thought bluetip were really good, but i'm not the biggest melvins fan, so i was really getting sort of anxious while they played. danny was out in the crowd for awhile before the show....i just thought that was pretty neat. this was my third time to see them...and on this tour. it was the best so far. they just keep getting better. all of the sudden, that all too familiar low bass rumble faded in and then the lights went out....third eye. the set list read something to the effect of "third eye, prison sex, stinkfist, jimmy, sober, eulogy, 46 and 2, and aenema." the break in stinkfist was really nice, but the coolest part was the drum solo. there was like a ten minute intro to sober that contained a drum solo that reaffirmed my belief that danny carey is the single best living drummer there is. awesome. they ended the set with aenema, and the lights came up. oh yeah, during the show, maynard was blue with orange dots, and justin was grey. after the show, we went backstage and i talked to the band for a bit. there was a good vibe backstage that night. danny was all smiley because i think some of his family was there ofr something. maynard was very congenial, and surprizingly easy to talk to. he seemed a bit preoccupied, maybe a little annoyed by some of the people backstage later on into the night ,and the vibe was getting sort of stagnant, so we thanked him, and left. it was a great experince, though the drive back was a bitch...worth it though, well worth it. maybe they will come alittle closer next time. -tom.

From: JAY (pimpdady@falcon.cc.ukans.edu) Subject: Tool-Springfield Show Wow, I don't realy know how to say this, but the Springfield show was kind of a disappointment. It was my third Tool show, and the worst one. I thought the Melvins did a great job in the opening in the opening slot; they have really made some improvements. This is ceratainly not to say that Tool sucked or anything, but I think playing back-to back-to back shows took its toll. Maynard's voice was almost shot: his screams were only half as long as usual, Danny wasn't really playing up to par, and Adam and Justin just seemed to be tired (and Adam just stands there at every show anyway). If you ever have the chance to go hang out in Springfield, Missouri, I really would not recommend it. There's a Baptist Bible College at the center of the town, with alternating Episcopalean and Assembly of God churches every 500 yards on the highway leading in to town, separated by trailer parks boasting fabulous live nude girls. But hey, if that's your thing, more power to you, brother. Anyway, back to the show. They played a shorter set this time(as opposed to the St. Louis show, which was incredible), playing only prison Sex and Sober(drum solo/jam session included) off of Undertow, and not a single song off of Opiate, not even the title track. I was upset by this. Realize that this is all in the context of having seen a Tool show, which is far and above greater than any other band's show, therefore there is only a certain degree to which it is possible to be upset, but I would have been much more pleased to have heard some of the other stuff. All in all, it was a great experience, as any and every Tool show is. Besides Prison Sex and Sober, they played Third Eye, Stinkfist, H., Jimmy, Eulogy, AEnima, and Forty-Six & Two. Notable Maynard-isms:"So this is Springfield, Missouri, the buckle of the Bible Belt" "This is Justin Chancellor, our new bassist. He's from Rolla, Missouri" The usual pre-Jimmy explanation And something new about what AEnima is about, having to do with Danny's religous experience while having his colon cleared. Oh yeah, Maynard was painted blue with the orange dots, and it looked like Justin was painted a dark green. And Adam was actually wearing a shirt. Weird. Justin Jay pimpdady@falcon.cc.ukans.edu

From: "Niki Rodgers" (nrodgers@hotmail.com) Subject: Mar.8, Springfield, MO show review plus: we met Tool minus Adam. Matt McGuyer and Niki Rodgers "review" of the March 8th show in Springfield, Missouri and the account of our experience meeting our idols. WARNING: THIS IS A VERY LENGHTHY "REVIEW"..A LOT OF DETAIL...BUT I THINK THAT OUR STORY IS QUITE EXCEPTIONAL...YOU MAY WANT TO READ IT ALL AND FIND OUT!!.... OUR STORY ((WE'LL BE AROGANT ABOUT IT)) IS THE BEST...WE MET THE GUYS THEMSELVES....EVEN MAYNARD.... Well this wasn't a planned excursion for us, to go and see Tool in Missouri, a 5 hour trip from Matt's home in Evansville, IN, since we JUST saw them the previous Monday, should be posted))But we're Tool FREAKS and make every show we can! So Friday afternoon, Matt came to me and said " Let's go see Tool AGAIN!!"..... So we called all over the midwest trying to locate a ticketseller that was selling Tool tickets, we tracked one down, and they were sold out, so we didn't think we would be able to go, well then, Matt called the Shrine Mosque itself, and asked them about it, turned out, they were selling 50 more tickets at the box office there, but there was no guarantee that we would be promised tickets. We had nothing else to do, and we figured it would be a nice trip even if we didn't get tickets, but if we did!!...We would get to see Tool again. So we decided to go. We left Evansville around 10:00am and arrived at the Shrine around 3:30pm. We hung around then got up front and waited and around 4:30 got our tickets, WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky us!! ((Matt adds in)) One dilemma was solved...tickets, the next ....meeting Tool....our goal ((and dream)) for quite some time now...(hell we actually have dreams about talking with Danny (Matt's idol..he's a drummer himself...for 15 yrs now ) ...anyhow...we're obsessed)...........Matt took pictures of their tour buses..and equipment trucks ((2 semi's...damn!!)) So we got the tickets, waited in-line ...heard soundcheck..sortof...thanks to whoever left the third story window open. and after forever...got inside.....I must add in ((like I have been)) the Shrine is VERY beautiful place...outside was breathtaking..and the inside had the most beautiful chandaliers I've ever seen...we both thought it was a VERY fitting place to see Tool..and for them to play. We got to our seats, and right after the doors opened, Blue Tip got right onstage and sucked.....as usual.....((they deserve nothing more...nothing less)) Then the Melvins played....they rocked ((we're getting to the point here shortly...trust me)) Before Tool played...while their equipment was being set up and all that....Matt looked over to the right, and by one of the exiting tunnels, he saw Danny Carey walk from the floor out into the corridor..he told me what he saw, but I was doubtful about it, why would Danny be left alone with all these fans???...But he was right...he walked right back onto the floor, by himself and a friend..made his way to the soundboard...said some words to the guys there..and started to walk towards us..By now, we were both pretty excited about seeing Danny so close and here on the floor..and the people next to us caught wind of our excitment...now get this..they didn't even know who it was...the person next to Matt asked, "What? Who is that?"..Matt said, "That is Danny Carey, the drummer for Tool." And she was like " OOOhh..." And started telling everyone around her. Then next to me some guy stood up and was shouting "Hey Danny!@!" ...making a complete spectacle, like he's a circus freak or something. Now obviously if Danny is all by himself, he doesn't want to be noticed and mawled by the whole damned crowd...we were appalled. We were sitting, and quietly saying "Hey...Danny!"...and waving lowly...and he looked up right at us and noticed us waving, then saw the guy standing by us, and made a quick 90 degree turn away..and darted off to side stage.....what a dumbass that guy next to us was.. I hope he reads this...THAT WAS RUDE!!! So that whole event left us totally hyped!!...okay... Then the almighty rumble and Tool emerged. ((We're going to be brief becuz what is after is MUCH better)) Setlist: Third Eye Stinkfist Prison Sex Eulogy 46 & 2 jimmy H sober --------- źnima This show was shorter than Dayton, but they rocked even harder...they seem to outdue themselves every damned time...but that's expected...they are Tool. This was a show like all their others...with the extra parts in Stinkfist ((right before "I'll keep digging...."))..and Prison Sex....and not to make light of their show...but we all seem to get the gist of what they do...and how intense they are..and what happens...so I'll tell you the quotes and the things that make every show different..and then get to the goodies.(( It IS coming..I promise you.)) Maynards quotes: Before Prison Sex: "I hear Springfield is the buckle of the bible belt..?"......(crowd cheers)......"...undo the buckle and drop the drawers." Introducing Justin "This is our new bass player, Justin.....he's from Rolla, Missouri." Well before H and jimmy ..his quotes were the usual. So that will be left unsaid. Before źnema..."We've already picked out a song, so you can stop putting quarters in the jukebox boys." And then something to the effect of: "This song is about the experience Danny had at the doctor. He had a "___________ " (we forgot the technical term(and it isn't and enema you freaks)) and what that is, is you get warm water put up your ass..so while Danny was laying there with warm water up his ass, he had an enlightening vision about the future. This song is called źnema." ((And Maynard pronounced it EN-ema.)) Okay... well the show's over...we scuttled out with the rest of the crowd..and ran to the car...(we came prepared just in case)..we grabbed a pen, camera, and Matt's Undertow and źnima vinyls and ran back around the building over to the buses. We started our 3 hour wait to hopefully meet the guys. (The band if you are dense.)..so we outsmarted the security when they tried to run us and the rest of the people off the premises. I told them we were waiting for my mom to pick us up..**hehehe** a couple of kid losers (long story) copped our excuse too. So we got to stand right there by the bus and pretended to be waiting for our late mother. Eventually they figured out our scheme, but by then, we had gotten in good with them, and they didn't mind us just waiting around, they just wanted to go home. We almost got to go ihnside to the aftershow "party"..but the security girl came back and told us that Maynard said he wasn't feeling well and didn't feel like having anyone around......so we waited more......and after all this time is passing, more people had accumulated (not too many, about 7.)..so they too were spread around the area...mostly in the back area trying to catch glimpses of the people in the "party"..So Matt, 2 other people, and myself were the only ones by the bus, by then, So then, someone walks out the side door, we saw it was Maynard with a huge wig on, that made him look like Bux Osbourne without the streak in his hair...(what a character) So Maynard stands near us, unlocking the bus door, and as he was climbing in, I said quietly, "We know it's you, Maynard." ...but he continued on with his buisness and went on the bus. We were sorta disappointed, but we kinda had expected it, because no one ever gets to meet Maynard. So we wait even more, hoping to catch someone else in the band...and out of the blue, Maynard walks to the front of the bus, where the drivers seats are, and just holds up a piece of pizza and a few tacos/burritos from Taco Bell. Just showing them to us. At first we thought that he was just being funny and showing us what he was eating, but after a second we got the drift that he was asking us if we wanted them. So a few of us were waving "yes"..and smiling...so he walked around to the bus door and opened the door window. He looked down at us, and started handing out all his food...he gave me a chicken soft taco.(how cool!)....The whole time not saying anything, just looking around at us, timid like. Then when he finished, he looked around and said "May I help you?" (in case you don't get it...as if he was working for Taco Bell...get it?..anyway..)..Some kid behind me continued the joke and started rambling.."Yeah I wanna chicken soft taco..a burrito...a..." and I held my ticket up to him and asked him if he would sign it. He took it, and my pen and signed it.. ((MJK...if you're wondering..some other kid got CV..and such jumbo...I was the only one of the group who got his name. I felt kinda special..heh heh)) and everyone else whipped out their tickets to have him sign..and he did...meanwhile..answering questions. The whole process was really quiet, just because Maynard seemed so incredibly timid. He seemed like a real soft individual, seemed sort of intimidated himself. (It has to feel awkward to have people mooning over you, when you are just human.) But all in all, he had a very nice, warm, and timid personality. He has a great sense of humor to. The whole experience was really cool. So he answered all the dumbasses questions...they were so stupid...like, "What is going to be your next single?" or " When is the video due?"...Maynard just was like " Uh.I dunno." I mean, here some of us, kinda want to convey our feelings to him, on his music, and how much we appreciate it, and we get cut off by, " Chickenweasel!" from some dork in the back. know what Maynard said? He was looking down signing a ticket..heard the cry looked up in disbelief and said, "What?..Shut the fuck up. Don't even start with that shit." ..So if I were you guys, I wouldn't do that anymore, he didn't seem to enjoy it at all. He signed Matt's vinyls..well vinyl. Matt forgot to give him Undertow...but one is cool...so he gave me my pen back..and was about to close the window, people were still asking questions...one was "Are you really involved with the Tool Page?" He said no. That he wasn't at all.....(hey that is all he said.) And that was it...It was a semi-awkward deal, I wish all the dumbasses hadn't have asked all the stupid questions, I felt kinda embarrassed to even be standing in the same group. But what can ya do?.. [Kabir's Note -- I told you to stop 'chickenweasel'ing'. Re: him not being involved, he's not; he has just helped out tremendously with info and lyrics and the like.] So he closed the window, and we stood waiting some more, a little later Justin came out, and walked right over to the group. He was real cool also, really friendly, and had a GREAT sense of humor, he was just really funny in his facial expressions and what he said and did. So he started signing everyone's tickets also, Matt handed him his źnima and he signed that, then Justin took Undertow and signed it " Justin c/o Paul" We thought that was hysterical, Matt hadn't even planned on giving him the album, he thought it would show some disrespect towards Justin, but Justin took it right from his hands and signed it. Justin and I seemed to click, we cracked jokes back and forth with each other about the dorks questions. The kids were asking him retarded questions like " Can I have that?" Pointing to his pass w/ bus key. He just looked up at him strange. I looked at Justin then at the boy and said, " Yeah sure ya can....dumbass.". Then Justin said, " Yeah really." We both kinda laughed. I decided to be smart, I asked him, " So do you like being with Tool?" Justin said, "No.". Haha...we both kinda laughed...obviously he does. Well we all just stood around bullshitting for a few minutes, and he took off, he was busy running back and forth to the two buses. So we were really excited about that whole experience also. By that time, we were totally hyped to possibly meet Danny and Adam. Security came back out, (new guys) and tried to run us off, but to no avail, we stood in the street, and right away Danny came out. WE all walked up to him, and right away I just wanted to hug him. He seemed like SUCH a nice guy, he smiled a lot, was extremely friendly. He signed everyone's things, meanwhile answering all the boring questions like, " Maynard signed my ticket 'CV', what do you think he means by that?" Retarded questions like that..what are these people thinking? Well he stood there and did his best to answer everyone's questions. He said that he thinks they might be doihng Lollapolooza but he's not sure. ((Heard it straight from the man!!)) He also signed Matt's vinyls. And Matt asked him if he could get in a picture with him, and he said yes, so we have a picture with Matt and Danny smiling!..(( I'm not sending it in, because we thought that would be using Danny, and we just wanted something to remember him by.)) I seemed to get along well with him also. He smiled at everything I said. Was just a completly nice guy. The experience is just to grand to relay everything to you guys. Our next dream is to actually hang out with them, you never know what may happen, we seem to be lucky, and they all got along real well with me. So we'll see what happens, but I hope you all are happy with the story. -Niki & Matt