Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: March 10

From: Sean Gregory Mathis (sgm0003@jove.acs.unt.edu) I made the trip down from Dallas to see them this time. Saw them in the Bronco Bowl in November for the first time, and I needed more. I showed up about 5 minutes into "Third Eye" thanks to the harrasment by our beloved STATE TROOPERS, so I missed the opening tension. At least I knew this was only the first song, as it is their staple opener. This was followed by "Stinkfist" and the rest of the show went like this, I think: Prison Sex 46 & 2 4'o Eulogy H Sober Encore (of sorts): Aenema Yes it was ridiculously short on material, and I was thoroughly disappointed by the sbsence of "Pushit" in partcular, though I can only thank them for what they gave me. I guess we should not expect from them, but I am selfish and I wanted to hear "If when I say I might fade like a sigh if I stay," because that is the most moving part of the album in my opinion. I could not make the San Antonio show tonight, but I hope that the Lollapalooza slot becomes official so I can look forward to something in this wretched world. Maynard was laconic, only introducing Justin (once again playing on the locale as his hometown. This time he was form Kileen Texas, which is about "15 miles south of London") He also advised the crowd to purchase Bill's 4 albums, naming each one and giving obvious reverance to the dead hero. He also described the inspiration for the song Aenema as coming from Danny's visit to the doctor, saying that he had a vision of the apocalypse while having hot water shot up his ass. I knew this would be the last song, but I hoped (in vain) against that eminent fact. He asked the crowd (as he did in November) to "reach down into the darkest corner of our black little hearts and say "YES"." After everyone complied, he said "Just say yes" and they followed with "Prison Sex." Besides the estended intro to "Sober," Maynard showed off his pipes in "H." He sang the "I don't mind" part four times, counted off on his fingers with the audience, and then after he ran out of fingers, he wailed it one last time to prove his vocal superiority and to give us a treat. What a fucking voice. The sound was great, and I was able to see the boys and the projection screen better than the November show, although nobody else will give a shit about that. Maynard's paint scheme this time was the typical blue, but with flourescent pink quarter-sized dots running up his stomach and chest, with one under each eye and in the middle of his forehead, then continuing to the top of his head in a row. I could watch him sing and move for hours. Danny is an animal of rare breed. Justin was solid and his presence was felt, which is more than most other bass players can say. Adam was relaxed and concise. I knew that it would be over soon, and that no matter whether they played for one hour or ten, that it wouldn't be enough. I don't want it, I just need it. I can only write about 10% of what I feel/felt. Nothing more to describe, just see the show.

From: Patrick Ressler (pressler@ocean.tamu.edu) Review of tool show, Austin, 3/10/97 Last time I saw Tool was November 1996 in Houston (on the last tour). It was a great concert, I was very impressed with the intensity of the show, and Aenima probably became the album I listened to most between then and now. Most recently, I caught them in Austin and I must say I was disappointed. The band sounded great, and the relative proportion of assholes in the crowd seemed lower than usual; however, Tool played a total of only NINE songs (1 hr 20 minutes), including an "okay one more" that I really wouldn't call an encore. It was cool seeing "4 degrees" live and I liked the extended versions of "Stinkfist" and "Prison Sex", but... I hate to whine, but after seeing the last show (at which they played a great TWELVE songs, although I thought that was a little short), and paying for the ticket, and putting up with all the other bullshit that goes with attending a concert, I expected a little more. There was also very little dialogue with the crowd. I realize that they have to put this show on night after night but that's not really an excuse. (For those of you that are wondering, nobody in the band got appeared sick, the crowd was cool, etc. etc. i.e. they could have played more but they didn't). Set list (in order that I remember it): Third Eye (opener) Stinkfist 4 degrees Eulogy Prison Sex H. 46 & 2 Sober Aenima (last song) I enjoyed the Melvins' opening show, they are one of the heaviest bands I have ever seen.

From: Alan Reynoso (mr.poopyhead@mail.utexas.edu) Hey Kabir...I kinda wanted to send you a review of the Tool concert inAustin, Texas, as it was my first Tool show. But, I'm sure it would endup sounding like all the others. Sure the set list may have varied alittle from previous and upcoming shows, but other than that everthingeveryone else says is pretty much true. Tool kicks ass live! It was byfar the best show I've ever attended. It was simply intense. Half waythrough the show I swear I was going to lose control of all my bodilyfunctions, but I'm sure no one wants to hear about that. One note I didwant to make about the show though was that The Melvins were equallyimpressive. I'm a fan, so perhaps I'm biased, but I thought they did areally great job. Hey Dale, next time throw the drum stick in mydirection, Hey!? Well, what I really wanted to write to you about, and I'm sure you'dprobably be more interrested in is that the day previous to the concert(March 9), Liberty Lunch, a local club, hosted a FREE listening ofArizona Bay and Rant in E-Minor in memory of Bill Hicks' passing. Ifthat wasn't impressive enough, Maynard and the boys helped host it intheir own reclusive sort of way! Caleb, my friend and fellow toolian,and I heard about it a few days before, and damned if we weren't goingto attend. We ended up being one of the first people there, and for awhile thought that only 20 were going to show. That soon changed. WhenTool finally did arrive at the scene, a stupid girl yelled, and i quote,"We love you!" As Maynard quickly walked passed us, I could tell he waspissed at the remark. It was an embarrasing moment for the rest of us.When we were let in, the band was at the bar ordering drinks and Caleband I went to get Cokes. We ordered cokes while standing next to theband. Needless to say, we were excited. Now, I realize the whole thingwas for Bill Hicks and all, but being that close to the band was a rareoccasion indeed. For the rest of the evening, Arizona Bay and Rant inE-Minor were pumped into the club and I felt like part of a big familyamongst all these strangers. The only thing that tied us all togetherwas our passion for the late Bill Hicks and Tool. It was great. I havenever felt like that on any other given Sunday. Sorry to say, church hadnever given me that kind of acceptance and feeling of togethernessbefore. Midway through the evening, Maynard got up on stage with Adam,Danny, and a drunken Justin behind him. He spoke softly into the mic andexpained how he didn't "want to pollute the evening with what [they]were all about," but rather to listen to the CDs and enjoy the rest ofthe evening. And throughout the whole thing, Caleb and I were but threefeet away. I really wanted to introduce myself and soforth, but decidedto respect their privacy and leave them be. Danny did get friendly witha few people, but other than that, they remained in a corner of the cluband listened and appreciated Bill Hicks' genius with the rest of us. Well, I'm sorry that was a little long, but I thought you might like toknow. Congratulations on your mention in AP, and keep up this greatpage. Thanks..... Alan Reynoso mr.poopyhead@mail.utexas.edu

From: fielding@mail.sdsu.edu (Jeff Fielding) Subject: Review of UCSD show The Melvins. They were really shitty. Some good ideas at times, but they never took them anywhere. So fuck talking about them. Tool. As they took the stage Maynard was painted blue with orange dots on his head and chest, it looked very cool when he danced. His dancing as always was amazing to watch. He can move his spine like a snake. This was my fifth time seeing them, and his best vocal performance yet, the highlights being Pushit and Aenima. "this next on is about anal sex," he said grinning before every song, and before Pushit he said jokingly, "this next song, unlike our others is about buttfucking." He even cracked a few jokes. Danny Carey delivered a flawless performance. Seeing him play live makes one realize just how powerful and precise he really is. I was amazed by his playing of everything you hear on the albums, and this was best displayed on Eulogy. He simultaneously plays all the drums parts during the beginning and verse, which includes many difficult patterns together. Danney makes every part that he plays very easy looking, which if you are a drummer know that the latter is not true. This is the first time that I have seen Justin Chancellor with the band, and I was impressed. His playing gives the band a much thicker bottom end. Danney and him seemed to lock in very well, and the two of them together produce such a powerful sound. His bass lines, as compared to Paul's, seem to be much more musical and independent of Adam's parts at times. I do believe that the change was very beneficial to the band. Adam Jones proves to us again that he may not be the most technical or best solo guitarist, but he is awesome. His parts, as well as everyone elses, compliment the music. His in choice of notes and chords is so well thought out as evident by the way that plays the songs the same way as the albums, which in some cases can be boring, but not with Tool. This was my fifth time seeing Tool and their improvement is very noticeable. As individuals they are amazing to watch, as a whole they are mezmorizing. Once again I left very satisfied. I hopr they can continue on there present path to producing the music that they do. Jeff Fielding fielding@mail.sdsu.edu