Spring 1997 Tour Agony

Date: March 12
(The Cancelled Corpus Christi, TX, Show)

From: John Hanson (vimlesh@utdallas.edu) Subject: the real lowdown on the corpus christi show i travelled from garland (north of dallas) to corpus christi on tuesday for tool and tool alone. i got there, i called star tickets to make sure my tickets were there and all was right with the world, and that's when they shoved a big dick in my ass. i probably made seventy calls from my motel 6 room getting the concert people to get up off their ass and do something. i probably made a hundred and twenty phone calls whose content could have gotten me arrested. the phone salesman said "rain or shine" the tickets said "rain or shine" and pace concerts (in houston) cancels the concert because its too muddy? i sure as hell didn't accept that answer. when i broke into texas sky festival park (about the time the show would have started) i was amazed. i grabbed my camera. the audience area was semi-paved (paved enough to where there was no standing dirt or mud). click. click. the parking lot was the only place that even had standing water; and the dirt particles were too big to mix with the water--no mud here. there were two big mounds of mud behind the restrooms at the far end of the park; but; jesus man, that was behind the restrooms at the far end of the park. pace concerts had the opportunity to move the show to the yellow rose, which seemed just as accomodating. pace concerts doesn't know how to plan ahead. (back-up plan? what the hell is a back-up plan? an outdoor arena in coastal texas is the perfect place for a dry show.) they didn't even have a notice, sign, or representative at the gates to tell people of their incompetency. if you didn't hear it on the radio, you were fucked. this is bullshit. john no wonder ticketbastard is so close to a monopoly

From: billc@trip.com Subject: tool concert in corpus Wed Mar 12 Corpus Christi, TX Texas Sky Park well folks this show proves one thing tool is a bunch of pansie ass white boys too chicken shit to play for a good audience. basically what happened is tool, after selling out every other show in texas decides that their heads are too full of shit to play in corpus christi. so, not to mention all the dissapointed fans here but also the people who were planning to travel to see them because they did not buy tickets in time, well all these folks were dicked out of seeing a band they used to admire. to put it simply if you think that tool is the hottest piece of shit to hit the face of the earth in the last few years, you are sadly mistaken. not only are they a pack of liars and shit eating bastards, they are too pussy-assed to play a show in corpus christi. so if you want to hear tool in this town you will have to buy the fucking album, and contribute to their drug habbit and other perversions that rule their live and cause them to break a date because of "the rain" when the ticket sez:"rain or shine". and if you are from tool and are reading this then here is a very special fuck you from corpus christi and the rest of the state of texas o yeah, next time you come here dont worry, we will fuck you up like we did the pussys from "butthole surfers" who left the stage whining and bitching. fuck off: if you want to talk to me about your lame ass band or any other shit i am generally around on the undernet channel #tool look for docgonzo