Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: March 30

From: "MARK HOSKING" (markhosking@comwiz.com.au) Subject: TOOL CONCERT AT BELL'S BEACH AUSTRALIA AS SEEN BY BOYD SYNNOTT * Maynard was painted half blue, half white. * Justin had fluorescent stripe painted down his face and torso. * Lots of hippies in the crowd, perhaps not there to see TOOL specifically. * Thought I saw Jaques Cousteu in the crowd but it wasn't him. I went to tap him on the shoulder but he didn't speak French. The man kissed me on my right ear, but I didn't think anything of it. * Opened with 'CRAWL AWAY', 'STINKFIST' second, no-one yelled Chickenweasel. But one small naked child did yell 'Applegate' in three extended sylables. * Songs also featured were - Fortysix & Two. - Aenema. - Opiate. - Eulogy. - Prison Sex and Sober. * Maynard held an umbrella to shield his war-paint against the rain. * I slept in a tent with three large men. * I knew two of them. * They said I knew too much. My love to the band.... Boyd Synnott and Mark Hosking mhosking@comwiz.com.au

From: Dan Feldman (danf@aone.com.au) (The Intoxicated Version) Hey everyone... I was just at the Tool concert in Torquay in Victoria, Australia, and I just want to say what a religious experience it was. After having missed out on tickets to see them at their regular shows, when extra tickets were announced for their set at the Surfing Festival on Bells Beach, I jumped straight in the car for the 3-hour trip, and I wasn't disappointed. After a thundery 'ions' intro, Maynard came out pained half-blue and half-white, and the new bassist Justin came out with a multi-coloured stripe down his torso and devil-horns. As usual, we were amazed at Danny's massive drumkit, which was just short of overkill :). It took the roadies about half an hour to set the whole thing up because the bass wouldn't work, and the crowd was getting kinda rowdy. I can't remember the first song they played, but the second was Stinkfist -- Maynard writhing and twistijng as usual, and singing with the strongest voice I've ever heard in concert. Maynard, if you're reading this, I was the short-haired guy with the black/white flanny in the second row -- the only one who kept up the 'chickenweasel' tradition :). Again, due to intoxication I can't remember exactly what was next, but Forty-six and Two was in there, and was fantastic, with all the difficult guitar and drum parts perfectly replicated. Maynard did the usual anal sex jokes and again introduced Justin as being from "London, Australia". He also stripped down to his boxers again. Then was Eulogy, which was incredible, with Maynard using a hairdryer-looking device to make the beeping noises at the start and to distort his voice. Justin and Danny were great on this song, and Maynard kept up his amazing intensity. Then we had "Prison Sex", before which Maynard ranted about the catholic church (spit) for a while, but was perhaps my favorite song of the evening. I'll never forget the anguish on MJK's face singing about his 'temporary sanity' ... next we had the song about California falling into the ocean (the name of which I can't remember -- hey, it's right after the damn show!), and with a couple of others, that was the concert. All I can say about it was that Tool last night was the best live show I've ever been too, and I'll be begging, stealing or borrowing to get to the dedicated show here in a couple of days. Tool is the best band there has ever been or ever will be, and nothing else at the moment is close to matching this band. Keep it up guys, I'll be watching.

(The Sober Version) After 4 days of camping at Torquay on Australia's surfcoast, Tool came on at 11.30pm after Silverchair and their entourage of bopsters took their photos and went home. Due to the mass of Danny's kit and tons of problems setting up the bass, we waitied a good half hour before the lights dimmed and the thunder of (-)ions quaked through the farm-venue. Living for Tool, I got to the front pretty quickly, and went nuts when Maynard (half-blue/white), Justin (with horns), Danny and Adam strolled on and launched into the first experience. I really can't remember what it was, but I remember thefeeling it gave me, and that's what counts. Second up, I believe, was Stinkfist, which went off really well, with an added, quieter part before the "I'll keep digging" part which threw off the fans who only knew the singles a bit, which I hope is what it meant to do...they sounded pretty stupid singing along with no music. I was the only chickenweasler out at Torquay last night, I'm sorry to say, and MJK took no notice of it :). After a while they launched into forty-six and two (I'm prolly skipping songs but hey!) which is a personaly favorite and was faithfuilly reproduced, with Danny pulling off all the difficult drump parts. I was also very impressed with justin's playing in particular, and Maynard's writhing body was a sight I'll never forget -- his voice was even more intense. Throughout the night, a stirring version of Aenema was played too, with Maynard erratically moving during the "learn to swim" refrain and a loooooong white-noise squall of an intro came before Sober, which was typically great. Eulogy was also in there, the voice distortion and beeps at the start created by a weird-looking device, while Maynard used two microphones to enhance his voice. Prison Sex was another highlight, and the "temporary sanity" line was delievered with such poignance and beauty that it really capped off the night for me. I travelled four hours and paid 40$ to see one band for one hour, and I'd do it again in a minute. All I need is tickets to their Melbourne show, so if anyone has 'em, I'll be in it! Although I lamented the lack of jimmy, H. and PuShit, I want to thank Tool for the best hour of my life and the promise of things to come. Dan (danf@aone.com.au)

From: Simon Levesque (eml@alphalink.com.au) Subject: Review - Mar 30th, Torquay, Australia Rip Curl "Off Shore" festival March 30th, 1997 Torquay, Australia 1. Ions 2. Crawl Away 3. Stinkfist 4. 46 & 2 5. Eulogy 6. Prison Sex 7. Third Eye (Instrumental, edited) 8. Sober 9. Opiate 10. Aenima Tool hit the stage at around midnight (even though they were expected to play from 11:35). Maynard came out in a white shirt, boxers, and a painted head; half blue, half white. Justin was spalshed in fluro paint, Adam looked normal, and Danny had a HUGE drumkit. Ions was used as the introduction. The band then went straight into Crawl Away, a song which no-one seemed to know. This was followed with Stinkfist, a song which everyone seemed to know :) There were some chickenweasel cries about, which eventually were drowned out by 42 and 6. Continuing songs off the new record, Eulogy followed; which was the by far the best performance of the night. The starting sounds were made my Maynard and his little 'toy'. The band went back to Undertow era with Prison Sex, introduced with comments about how sex is beautiful and the Catholic Church wrongfully disapproves of it. Maynard put it in these words: "You smoke, and that kills you. I'd rather die fucking than smoking!" When Prison Sex finished, Maynard sat in a meditation position in the middle of the stage with what appeared to be a red umbrella. Third Eye started, which turned out to be an edited instrumental version. The feedback at the end of this joined into Sober, another song the crowd seemed to know. "This is an Easter song." was the introductory line for Opiate, which sounded great throught the rain which was beginning to fall steadily (a similar comment was made in April 1995 at Melbourne). The band ended their great set with Aenima, which was suprisingly heavier than the LP version. "This is another song about anal sex, just a certain kind." Maynard commented, as he began his introduction breathing. One thing I did notice about the set was that it was slowed down, not much, but still noticable. There were also extra verses added, and guitar solos not included on any albums. BTW. I saw a guy filming the show from the crowd, so a video will probably be available.

From: "Manning, Cameron CJ" (Manning.Cameron.CJ@bhp.com.au) I'll try not to bore anyone with things they already know, but here is my perspective on the show. Firstly, I started to watch silverchair with an open mind but, after putting up with screaming 16 year old girls(non stop) and so many drunk teenagers that were there only to see silverchair, I really wished they had not played this show. The music bored me and I decided that they have listened to their Black Sabbath albums a few too many times. On to Tool. I was surprised by how clear and precise the sound was, not just the P.A. but what Tool were playing. They really did sound like they were part machine, so tight and together it was frightening. When they had to blow you away with power they did just that, such as ∆nema but were able to pull back to be subtle and restrained, like the stunning version of Eulogy. I've never really seen a band like them before, that basically let the music do ALL the talking. To see the band play live adds another dimension to the recorded stuff. You can see that these guys are an immensely talented bunch, not relying on studio gimmicks to get by. Maynard is easily the best singer I have ever seen live and Danny Carey's drumming was immaculate, not to mention his drumkit. Basically I am wetting myself at the prospect of seeing Tool again at Festival Hall in Melbourne, with the full show, in front of Tool fans and without the rain or silverchair fans. Cam Manning

From: MacLean (jaymax@netlink.com.au) Tool - Belles Beach, 29/3/97 I waited 2 long years to see Tool again and I was absolutely blown away. Even with their delayed start and the bands I forced myself to watch in order to keep my spot, it was all worth it. Blink 182 were shit. Theyíre a typical fast punk rock band from San Diego. Silverchair...well.....ummmm.. I donít think iíll comment on that one. The Mark of Cain, an aussie band were absolutely awesome as usual, probably the best after Tool. They are heavily influenced by great bands like Shellac, Jesus Lizard, Killing Joke etc so I recommend that you check them out. When Silverchair had finally finished, I still had some life left in my already bruised body so I got an excellent view of the band, although I couldnít walk when they were finished, and I donít appreciate the cunt that kicked me in my face... fuck I hate crowd surfers. Anyway, Iím pretty sure Die Eier Von Satan was playing during soundcheck, but with a different voice and different background music, then Negative Ions started. Fuck, you donít know how bloody excited I was, I was in tears even when Dannyís drumkit was brought on....then the guys finally walked on. Maynardís face and arms were painted blue and white and Justin had these neon strips down the middle of his head and upper body. Marnard was wearing these navy blue overalls in which he took off later on to show off his really groovy Tool boxer shorts with the little tool wrenches. They opening song was Crawl Away which was played a bit slower than usual. That was unbelievable. The other songs they played were Eulogy, Sober, Prison Sex, Opiate, the start of Third Eye, Forty six & 2, Stinkfist, and they ended with aEnema, thatís not in the right order though. Eulogy was definatley one of the highlights, and btw, what maynard uses is called a MEGAPHONE!!... not a hair dryer. They extended the end of Eulogy which was awesome coz it was so unexpected... itís hard to explain really... itís just that I know every bit in every song like the palm of my hand and just to hear something different sends shivers up my spine. When stinkfist came on the crowd went absolutely mental... how typical. Maynard uses two mikes for that song. I think they also played that a bit slower as usual. Third Eye was so interesting. I just gazed in amazement at Adam. He, Danny and Justin did this really experimental jam which was just so fucking incredible. Adam used an Epilady on his guitar... now we know why he wanted one!!! Some of the soundscapes he created were absolutely tranquilising... while this was happening Maynard just sat in the middle of the stage cross legged and just stared at the crowd. Someone threw an umbrella on the stage so he stared playing with it. It was pretty funny. Before Sober they also did this wierd intro which just kicked it to the opening of the song. God it was incrediable. Before Prison Sex Maynard said ďthis song is a love song..Ē and before he said what it was I yelled out ďPRISON SEX!!!Ē so if anyone heard that, that was me. I also yelled out ďplay the song about butt-fucking!Ē after which Maynard said ďthis song is about anal sexĒ and played Aenema. Maynard has to be the most intense singer I have ever seen. I love the way he jerks his body around and goes physco.... in a kind of graceful way though, even kind of robotic. Itís very hard to explain... itís the most artisticly frightening thing to watch, yet you wouldnít be able to picture him doing any thing else. Fuck Tool makes me cry, not at them personally the the way their music makes me feel... so fucking emotional. Iíve never known a band to raise emeotional levels to an extent wehre you canít help youself but to cry. They all managed to do that to me... not just maynard. Adam was so beautiful, the way his black half plaited hair just covered most of his face and beneath that his droning expression which made him so beautiful, an evil kind of beauty. Justin was also really cool... It was kind of weird seeing him. I suppose I just miss Paul. Danny... well what can I say about him?? I practically cried by eyes out just looking at his kit before he was even on it. He has got to be the most intense drummer that I have ever seen. Every single thing he played was just so complex, you could tell by the concentrating look he had on his face. Fuck heís good. The highlights in their set were probably Eulogy, Crawl Away, Aenema and that experimental Third eye thing. What was a bit disappointing was that they only played for about 45 minutes, and that they didnít play the rest of Third Eye which I thought they wouldíve done. Iím pretty sure theyíre gonna play it at their own show though. and hopefully Jerk off?? doubt that one though. Overall Tool were amazing, definatley the best show ever, dispite all the 15 year old blondes who were there for silverchair who could not stop screaming in my ear during stinkfist. I seriously canít wait to see them again... itíll be even better considering I wonít have to worry about my camera. btw if anyone want photos of them just email me. All I can say now is that nothing can prepare anyone for what to expect at a tool show. It is the most ecstatic experience ever. No drug can top seeing Tool. EU......PHOR....E....A.... Jill Maclean.