Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: April 14

Review written by: Ratty (sfinlay@picknowl.com.au) Review posted on: 04/18/97 12:24:55 Before I start: All you fucks that believe crowd surfing is entertaining why don't you just wank in the corner to get rid of your excess energy!!! Also, to you dickheads that threw shit onto the stage, we can thank you for pissing the fuck out of both Maynard and Adam. Now that that's done, the concert was amazing. Third eye had to be the most surprising yet perfect song to open with. When Maynard and Justin walked out topless with different patterns of reflective body paint on I knew that this gig would be memorable. D ue to the limitations of the theatre nothing spectatcular was projected against the back screen but what they managed was impressive. Disappointments were that it was a bit short with no encore and only three songs not on Aenima were played. (I was hangin g out for 4 degrees!!). Highlights were the drum and guitar solo, Third eye (I've never felt a crowd sw