Spring 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: March 26

[Here's the setlist -- Kabir] Sweat Hush Intolerance Part of Me Eulogy Hooker w/a Penis Crawl Away Stinkfist -- w/Buzz from the Melvins You Lied -- a Peach song (Justin's old band), w/Buzz also H. Undertow Opiate Flood

Review written by: Shelley (ssquier@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu) Review posted on: 04/06/98 08:22:57 Friday's show was definitely more energetic, but hey, Thursday was totally cool and not to be missed. In particular, I thought Sweat and Intolerance were great that night. My favorite of the night was H. How much more beautiful can music be?! How much better could Adam have played?! It was fun hanging out with others from around the country before the show-thanks to the Tool hook-up!!! Too much fun!!!!


Review written by: Phuct (phuct@hotmail.com) Review posted on: 04/01/98 18:48:19 The concert from my corner I wore an orange shirt to the concert. I saw one other person that night with an orange shirt. I didnt give a fuck. Me and my two compadres arrived at the Palladium around 5. We hated life for having to stand in line for so long. The boy behind us alluded to everyone as sheep being herded by our prized ticket. The girls in front of us needed to tell everyone about how fucked up they were. The guys walking up and down the sidewalk didnt look like they were selling any shirts....probably because everyone already had their Tool shirts on. My favorite was the guy selling the "Tool Fucking Tool" shirts. He sauntered up and down the sidewalk mumbling, "Tool fuckin Tool, man, Tool fuckin Tool." I thought it was a good idea. Who doesnt want a shirt with the words "Tool" and "Fuck" on it. After having every possible danger to me and others removed from my pocket(my chapstick and atm reciept), I headed straight for the floor. What I saw onstage was definately ugly. To my suprise and initial enjoyment, one of my buddies had successfully smuggled in a perfectly rolled doobie. Now this didnt turn out to be just any doob....this was a super doob. It grabbed me right in the middle of the Melvins. I found myself trapped by the increasingly concentrated crowd. The floor was below me and the music was weighing down on top of me. I had to leave the floor for fear of losing conciousness and being carried out by one of the security guards; I saw it happen to a girl earlier. I searched for a place to sit where I would not be bothered. I found my corner on top of a wooden hutch in the back by the bar. At this point the Melvins were my complete and sole enemy. I would have done anything to stop the noise they were forcing my inebriated brain cells to process. They wouldnt even break between songs. I went to the bathroom and splashed water on my face in hopes of sobering up. At this point I just wanted to go lay down in the car. I didnt give a fuck about Tool. I was at the concert I had waited my entire life for and I didnt even want to be there. I hated myself for it. I was letting myself down. Now if you had ever noticed me at any time during the night it would have been then, because instead of splashing water on my face I splashed it all over the crotch area of my orange shirt. I still didnt give a fuck. My corner was calling to me. I felt so peacefull there. There was a girl sitting next to me there in the other corner. I tried to say hi to her but I couldnt even speak. Then Tool came on. I heard every song from my corner. Every song I loved, every song that has the power to intoxicate me at any given time in any given place. As they played I felt sober. I was able to understand every note and every word. I didnt care about anyone around me, and I didnt care that everyone looked like they were having a damn good time on the floor. My corner was just right. I must say I felt the best when they played "Opiate." I think everyone really got into that one. I wont get into the details of the show itself, because there are plenty more posts for that. But I left the show with my sick-ass limited-edition "Tool Fucked the Shit Out of Me at the Palladium" T-shirt. I saw the "Tool Fucking Tool" guy again. But I still wore my orange shirt, and I still didnt give a fuck. I realized driving home that I was not as sober as I thought I was; I could not remember eating dinner after the show or any stretch of the 405. But I thank whatever forces were responsible for making me normal again for the Tool performance. I know now that next time I will do just fine being sober for the show, as Tool's perfect music is enough to trip on.

Review written by: Brian Putnam (T0oLGoD@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 19:30:25 Ok.... so what the hell was up with TOOL on the first nite... was this a plan to make the first nite crap so those who returned for the second nite be rewarded... I am deffinately not say that TOOL sucked the first nite.. TOOL will always rock... but t he cut the show short... no (onchore?) or anything.. at least half the crowd waited in the Paladium for at least 15-30 min cheering and hoping TOOL would return to the stage but nothing... i was soooooo disapointed in them... i have loved TOOL's music for a long time now.. and i was almost losing faith... and by the way what the hell was up with the opening band big ugly... looked like the were 50 year old guys straight out prison... all gangster lookin like... this is definately not what TOOL is about... couldnt figure this out either... but for those of us who made it too the second show.. we were rewarded handsomely for this show rocked so hard it brought my faith back in TOOL with ease... brian putnam clovis, California [Note from Kabir -- they did play -13- songs.]

Review written by: Steve (SWSess@msn.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 18:06:45 I would like to take this opportunity to write a review of the Palladium shows for those thick skull, jar head, tough guy, bad boy idiots who are growing in number at every Tool show. I will try to keep the language simple so that you can understand (Language is among the many things that people use to communicate): Tool a good band. Tool not violent band. Songs you haven't heard on radio are OTHER Tool songs. Maynard was Hospital Patient first night. He wasn't really sick, it was costume, like on Halloween. Maynard was Evangelist on the second night. But he's not really an evangelist, he just pretending. Evangelist is like preacher. Preacher is like teacher. Teacher like person in school, or commanding officer. No Quarter was not played. Led Zeppelin wrote no quarter. Led Zeppelin also band. Beligerent Fucker is good song, yes. Beligerent Fucker is about you. You should not be happy about that. Happy is different than angry. Anger is not neccessarily beligerence, though. EXAMPLE: When you open your mouth, or walk, or make any sort of gesture, THAT'S beligerence. Beligerence bad. No encore first night. One encore second night. Encore is good. No Encore not reason for fighting. When lights go on and band stops playing = no encore. Palladium not big. Hard to see when smashed. Not breath equals death. Death means no see concert Mosh pits are different than boxing ring. Can experience music better when not being trampled. Jerry Springer is a good alternative to moshing. Beer is good. Beer on head, bad. Maynard not crazy. He just moving to the beat, or melody. Melody different than beat. Beat is part of drummers job. Tool's drummer very good, but not just cause he hit drums hard. The intent of strong drum beats are not to envoke you to hit people on face and head. Maynard is just kidding. Palladium hot. Make sweat. Opening bands play music, too. Tool was opening band once, too. Self defense is good. Punching people who are less than half your size, bad. Books are good. If can't read books...Moteley Crue good. To the rest of you who appreciate and understand Tool, as much as they can be understood, the show's were great as usual. Possibly a little short, but who's complaining.

Review written by: john (cptcucumbr@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 23:35:51 Alright, personally, i did not think that Tool played a very good show on Thurs. Don't get me wrong, i think Tool is amazing, one of if not my favorite band. I've heard sooooo much good stuff about them live, and from these same people, i've heard that thurs. was a bad show. Quite honestly, the band didn't seem that into it. The Palladium is incredibly anal, the opening bands were downright horrible (which is to be expected), and the pit was one of the worst i've been in. Instead of being a jumpy, fun pit, it was a disgusting smush pit. i was right in the middle of it when they started and it got to the point where i couldn't pay any attention to the music at all, because all my attention was toward staying on my feet. I might have been a bit biased to thursday's show though. this is because, in my opinion, Aenima is by FAR the best Tool album, and the fact that they played 3 songs off it wasn't to appealing. Also, my expectations coming into it were VERY high. okay, i've just read to many GOOD reviews on this page, and i didn't think it was that great of a show. Please don't lynch me.

Review written by: Bugs (Tidewell@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 13:05:51 Good.

Review written by: Biz (bza98@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 12:53:55 Flew in from New York City for both shows in Hell A. They were amazing as to be expected. They opened with Sweat and after the song Maynard was put into a wheelchair with a hospital gown on. We were ordered to yell "Live Maynard Live" after that he let ou t a big Fuck You and went into Hush. Two videoscreens were on each side of the stage. Hooker I thought was the best song that night. Maynard moves on stage like no other, almost like hes having a seizure, but it just looks so awesome. Adam just stood ther e and wailed. He's so amazing the sounds these guys produce on stage are like no one else. I thought the crowd was real good the first night. I was up front for most of the show and I didnt notice any fights. What sucks about the Palladium besides the str ip search you recieve upon entering is that the stage was just too low. But all in all it was incredible. Maynard was talking between each song. He mentioned how he eats at Millie's on Silver Lake. And he promised us that tommorows show would be better, I was surprised how much off of Opiate they played, but I guess when you have 2 shows to do you can get everything out there, and they pretty much did.

Review written by: Jess (kistbyevil@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 12:23:56 Well I went to both LA shows and they were fucking great except one thing - WAY TO SHORT - whats this hour and a half thing?? It doesnt make sense....I saw them twice last year and I remember them being a hell of a lot longer....that was a real bummer... Also, the Palladium sucked. The sound was not all that it could be and the security was, well, lets just say I was surprised they didnt have rubber gloves on! You couldnt even chew gum for fucks sake. But never the less TOOL KICKS ASS. Cant wait for the next tour.

Review written by: Dave Stifter (dstifter@bu.edu) Review posted on: 03/29/98 21:25:15 I flew in from Boston for the show, and was not disapointed. I started the concert in the pit, but when I noticed all the people with "100% nazi" tatoos and the elbows and punches sort of distracted me from the concert, I decided to move up to the front I was able to squeze up to the metal bar in the front, between Adam and Maynard, It was real close. During H Mayranrd was so into it he looked like he was about to cry. Eulogy was the most intense song they played that night, the mix of fast and slow wipped the crowd into a frenzy. In the middle of hooker with a penis they stopped playing and maynard said "We have some limited edition T-Shirts out front, make sure you pick some up on the way out" All in all it was a great show, only down side were the fights afterwards.

Review written by: Jake (eulogy1@vr-net.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 15:34:38 Well, its been three days since the L.A. show and Im still in shock-well it could be because I just got back from the Phoenix show also. Ill tell you, there is a HUGE difference from the fans in LA, in Arizona and in Oregon,my home town. I hate to admit it, but the best crowds are in LA and Oregon. It seemed to me most of the fans from LA and Oregon new what TooL was all about, they werent there to 'Kick somebody's ass.' I noticed that the so called fans in Arizona didnt even know the words to, or didnt care who was on stage just as long as somebody got hurt. I was really disappointed with the crowd at Phoenix Civic Center. Maynard, as usual, kicked ass. I was overwealmed with the performance of the band as a unit. The more I see Justin, Danny, Adam and Maynard perform; the better they get.(They were great the first time I saw them.)I would suggest if anyone is close to ANY of the shows this year, you mu st attend.

Review written by: Tomas (tjtakk@hotmail.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 13:07:18 This was my third time seeing them. I took a week off of work hopped a plane from Portland, OR and flew down to Hell A. to see these guys because I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. You guys did a great job covering the concert with the posts. I forgot some of those things. Of course I got hit in the head a couple of times at the concert too. Maynard never ceases to amaze me with his vocals. I finally got to hear H. for the first time live. It was amazing. The crowd really went off on it. I have a suggestion for further concerts maybe we can all come to a consensus here. From now on we allow pot to be brought in. But,.. we have a sectioned off pot section for people who want float around like idiots and lean against the person next to them. Now I'm not against pot or anything but when I start floating around from the contact high and start dancing like a fucking idiot it start to piss me off. That's my rant. I only wish I could have seen the next the day's concert. I thought the Melvins were pretty good. I could sit through them. I'm not gonna complain about the length of the concert cause any tool is good tool. They could have played just H. and said," you suck" and then leave and it would still rock. Now all I can do is hope they come to the Northwest sometime soon. I'm out.

Review written by: James Wood (towcutr@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 03:37:59 Tool gives the best preformance I have ever seen. They are one of the best live performances of the late twentith century. Tool gives everything back to you. Their music is hypnotic, the way Maynard moves and contorts his body to the music is better then any light show. Tool delivers a religeous expirence that should be viewed by all. Well worth the money sent. Tool is god!!!!

Review written by: Milk (QRYCHE3@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 19:54:39 Before .Cold air. .Saw Kabir. the show .Great setlist. .No energy. .Mr. Show. .New song. ended, .Bruised ribs. .Depression and disappointment. I thought: "is this the same band I've grown to love?"

Review written by: Eric (stupidmop23@hotmail.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 16:33:31 Oh, I Forgot. I know the guy that got the setlist, and the new song was called YOU LIED.

Review written by: Eric (stupidmop23@hotmail.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 16:29:48 First time ever at the Palladium. Didn't know what to expect. Third time seeing Tool. We got there at about 4:00. The line was short, so we weren't too worried. Talked to people in line. Most of them were pretty cool, but some were stupid. So many damn people were wearing Tool shirts, they were all lame (anyone who's ever seen the movie PCU will understand), and I just kept thinking that "Hooker with a Penis" was written about them. A little while later, I had to go back to my car to get rid of the stuff in my pockets. As I was walking by the backstage doors, Adam walked out. All I could say to him was "hi." He nodded back and walked on. I couldn't form any other words, so I just let him go. The man is so fucking cool! I got back in line, and hung out for another few hours until they finally let us in. I got a great spot, 2 rows from the barricade, right between Maynard and Adam. Big Ugly came on. FUCKING LAME BAND!!!!!!! Eye-patch wearing, overall sporting senior citizen and a few drunk guys in the band. Bass player only knew how to play his E string. But he thought he was the shit. When the Melvins came on, I was happy. Bad-ass band. People started pushing closer and closer to the stage, squishing all of us in front. Still rocked. Melvins were over, and the squeezing got worse. So fucking crushed. Tool came on. Crazy-ass Maynard in his boxers. Awesome set (can't get the setlist off the top of my head, but other posts have it), and some songs I had never seen live before. Then they brought out Buzz from the Melvins to play a couple. Stinkfist was first. Then a really cool new song. Mellow, but damn powerful. The rest of the show went on (including an unveiling of the statue from Opiate), and by the time it ended I was drenched in sweat and dehydrated. Fucking worth it, though. I left, knowing that I would be returning the next day.

Review written by: robert kelly (osiris33@yahoo.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 15:33:37 i flew in from new orleans just to see the show, and i was born again. pastor keenan delivered me the message and i recieved. i only wish i could of stayed for the show on the 27th. full circle.

Review written by: Tom Jeffery (mustang@cs.ucsb.edu) Review posted on: 03/28/98 03:43:56 I just finished reading the first of the reviews from the Friday the 27th show, and I decided to do a quick write-up. After seeing the setlist, I wish I could have gone to both shows. I got into the Palladium after the first opening band (Big Ugly?) had finished so I can't comment on their performance. I will say that the Melvins were definately not my thing (earplugs took care of that!). I did notice that they never seemed to stop making noise even between songs which got really old. Tool played an awesome set which pretty much equally spanned all three albums I'd say (something for everyone). I stayed away from the front of the arena so I could concentrate on the music and the projections better. All in all, it was a great show and I really wish I could have gone to Fridays as well. Incidentally, if anyone recorded either show, fire an email my way. Couple of other notes: -I found out that most Tool fans are way bigger than I am. (5'8"). I felt tiny. -I was proudly displaying my tdn shirt and I couldn't find another soul wearing one (I looked for a while after the show finished) and no one recognized it (or at least no one said anything... where were you guys?). Oh well.. that's the end of my rant. Ciao.

Review written by: Derek (CxHyNO3462@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 03:29:24 FUCKING AWESOME! The only problem however was the slam dancing...moshing or whatever....fucking idiots if you ask me. The set was fucking great! DANNY WAS AWESOME! ALL OF THEM WERE! Oh...I also got to meet Maynard and Danny and have Maynard sign my ticket stub. One of the benifits from being at the Palladium at 12:00. We waited for 6 or 7 hours. IT WAS WORTH IT! TOOL!

Review written by: Crambo (crambo@dansdisposibledouches.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 01:57:29 What a Fuckin' Show!!! Should've had some "L"!! I hope Maynard was joking about the 27th being a better show!!! Fuck It.... I was defintely satisfied.. Fuck all the complaints.. Appreciate it for what it was - "A BAD MUTHAFUCKIN' SHOW!!!" Crambo

Review written by: Master Reviewer (Letdown34@yahoo.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 01:09:55 Did anyone notice the priest during opiate? HE REALLY EXSIST!!!

Review written by: Jeremy (tricky4iz@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/27/98 22:42:30 damn. my fourth TOOL show & the bastards never cease to amaze me. left early & drove all the way up to hollywood from san diego. i'm seeing them again at RIMAC on sunday. it will be good. hollywood is an interesting place. we were standing in line & this old man came along & asked what we were all standing in line for. we told him. he said "you're all labeled - everybody's a tool." cool guy. some dork made t-shirts @ home that said TOOL FUCKING TOOL in it. i laugh @ those of you i saw wearing them. ha. big ugly suct. big fat eye patch wearing, overall sporting white pride heavy metal group. the singer was about 65 years old. the melvins are whacky. TOOL came out on stage. maynard wore boxers. adam got a haircut. he looked like dave gro hl from a distance in the dark. i was against the barricade on justin's side. you real TOOL fans should know which side that's on. they came out and maynard said "hey. keep it down, we're trying to sleep up here." they played "Sweat" and had a little fun with the middle of the song. after the song 3 men came out on stage. "excuse me, we're doctors & there seems to be a medical emergency here. can anyone tell me which band member is named marvin?" we corrected him. "ok. maynard, you've been infected with chronic atitilitis. now nobody panic, you can't catch it from that distance...just be sure not to suck his cock." maynard asked if there was anything he should avoid. they told him not to sing unless he really had to. he said he did. they sat him down in a wheelchair. they played "Hush" while wheeling maynard around the stage performing odd medical examinations such as putting the blood pressure gauge on his head. afterwards the 'doctors' said that the only way he would live is for everyone to scream 'live, maynard, live.' we did. 'what about you bitches up there?' one of them said, pointing to the VIP balcony. they left. the 3 men were from the HBO show Mr Show. they played "Intolerance" and then "Part Of Me." afterwards they played "Eulogy" and then dedicated the next love song to their friends at milli's (?) restaurant on silverlake. 'it called Hooker With a Penis.' during the pause in the song maynard said 'we have limited edition t-shirts for sale in the lobby on the way out - make sure to pick one up." after the song maynard asked 'how many of you suckers are gonna be here tomorrow night? well, tomorrow's gonna be the better show so all of you who didn't buy tickets, sorry. i'm not wearing anything tomorrow.' they played "Crawl Away." then they brought out the singer/guitarist from the melvins to play a couple songs with them. maynard said 'these songs go out to justin's brother. flew all the way out here from london. his name's tim. everyone say hi tim. these songs are for you, dickhead.' they played "stinkfist" and tweeked the middle of it. it was very good. then they played another song. i don't know what it was. cover? new? i don't know but i'd love to find out so if anyone happens to know what it may have been, please tell me. they finished the song. the melvins guy left. 'buzz light year of the melvins,' said maynard. they played "H." 'anybody want these slippers?" asked maynard, holding up a pair of slippers. everyone cheered. 'so do i.' they played "Undertow." 'thanks for coming." [maniacal laughter] "thanks for coming." [more maniacal laughter]. 'in case you couldn't tell we're from LA and seriously thanks for coming out here tonite. we love you.' they played "Opiate" and brought it rite on into "Flood." 'goodnite. just because we won a grammy doesn't mean we do encores.' he threw water into the crowd. danny threw his sticks. I GOT ONE OF THEM!!!!! YEAH, IT'S PERSONALIZED, HAS HIS NAME ON IT. BROKEN, I LOVE IT!!!! we left. set list for March 26, 1998 at the Hollywood Palladium: Sweat Hust Intolerance Part Of Me Eulogy Hooker With a Penis Crawl Away Stinkfist (unidentified cover/new song?) H. Undertow Opiate Flood gotta love it, man.

Review written by: Trevor (tcaesar@castaic.k12.ca.us) Review posted on: 03/27/98 19:42:27 Hummm....were to start...well here goes. Me and about 3 other frineds got down the the Palladium at about 4:30... We stood in line anxiously talking to some chicks that were wasted. Once we got inside we went directly to the stage, we knew we were gonna have so great seats. The Big Ugly went on first, they sucked major ass, there bass player came out wereing a black helmet, there lead singer looked like some bum off the street wearing farmer johns overalls. They sucked majorly, next came the Mevlens, they were kool, for the first 3-4 songs at least, they played one song that was intstramentl,(sorry i cant spell worth shit) that lasted for what seemed like 30 minutes. Then the stage crew came and started to get all TOOL's stuff ready. We were in the front row hugging the metal barracade right center, great seats, or shall i say spots. So TOOL came out and kicked ass all night long. Durring Hush all of a sudden some chick started to sensually rub my leg, i just looked backed and smiled, next thing I know she is trying to get to my dick so I turned around to get a better look, bitch was butt ulgy so I pushed her off of me, 2 minutes later she comes up and tries to fuck my leg...i turned and said, "You fucking wasted of ure ass arent you," She just nodded as she strenuliouly tried to fuck my leg, i pushed her off again, like 5 minutes later she grabbed my hand and puts it up her skirt, expecting to feel a pussy there was a urrhhhh how shalll i say this, "EHHHMMM Lump" there. I pulled away vigeriously, got loose, notifyed some guy next to me, he told me that he had my back, so then i knocked that thing to the floor with one punch, Sucerty pulled me and the THING out and we were questioned, i told them my story, the THING was too fucked up to talk i think, i was released. (Anyone who saw this email me i wanna hear some reactions....the shit really happend..BLUCKKK) So anyway after that i odviously lost my spot, i just hung out in the mosh pit which was located left center about 100 feet or so from the stage, still a good spot, i got so good hits in there, it was fun. Buzz for the Melvens came out and jammed for two songs which were deticated to Justins Sister or Cousin or something like that from Eurpoe or one of those places over there. Well I am sad to say that im not going to the 27th show...i got the money...just no ride...isnt life a bitch sometimes, hehe...at least i got to go to the show on the 26th, it was great. I will never forget it. Thanks to all you kool fans that were there last night, there was a great crowd there last night, alot of kool ppl. Well that is enough...wait one more thing...ehhe....durring one song Maynard heald up a Vulcan greating sign with his left hand so did alot of the ppl in the crowd...that was kool...ok later...email me if you saw that whole transsexual thing or if you just were there and wanna talk about experinces. Trevor

Review written by: Rick Sims, Jr. (gion@prairie.nodak.edu) Review posted on: 03/27/98 19:14:53 I'll make this as short as I can... I'm about 95% sure this was the setlist, in order: Sweat Hush Intolerance Part Of Me Eulogy Hooker With A Penis Crawl Away Stinkfist ??new?? H. Undertow Opiate Flood My first time seeing them live. Buzzo was onstage for "Stinkfist" and the new tune, and both songs were dedicated to Justin's brother who was visiting from England and seated somewhere in the VIP section. The show was good. Sounded really good. The HBO plug during "Hush" was stupid. That's a short, powerful song and it's difficult for any singer to project that intesity when he's sitting down in a wheelchair and being wheeled around stage by these two morons... Things really got better during "Eulogy", and "Hooker" was fan- fucking-tasic. Don't even get me started on that song... One thing about the Palladium- it sucks. I could not see at all, really. The stage is a little lower than most I've seen...during Opiate/Flood, however, I was able to weasel my way close to front and center and get a real good view of the band...some very spooky footage shown on the screens during these two songs...MJK was in pretty good spirits and all smiles during the closing moments of "Opiate". A pretty good time. See you all tonight.

Review written by: Robert (ojainet@yahoo.com) Review posted on: 03/27/98 16:59:59 Big Ugly, a group of overweight males attempting to be Korn were decent, but nothing that got anyone in the theatre excited, opened first. Next came the Melvins. When they started out, it seemed as though they were going to be cool, however they started to lag real quick. They would pick up the beat every once in a while, but then they would draw the song out for another 5-10 minutes in a painfully boring way. My friends and I started in the very front by the house-right speakers. About 5 minutes after the Melvins had left the stage, the pushing started, and did not stop until after Tool was done. Maynard was awsome. He wore smilie-face Joe Boxer boxers. The set was intense (alot of Opiate), just as intense as the crowd was. Everyone on the floor was soaking wet by the first song. I've never had my pants completly water-logged by sweat before, it was AWSOME! The crowd was also very friendly. If someone fell down people were quick to help them up. Security was tight, but they were helpfull, pointing out crowd-surfers to us in the front so we did not get kicked in the head, they also gave the people in the front water, which was necissary with the intensity of it all. In the middle of hooker with a penis he told people to go buy their limited edition tour shirt. He also said that they are from LA and loves the LA crowd. He said that Friday's would be the better one, but who knows. No encore, after the last song Maynard said, "Just because we won a Grammy dosn't mean we have to do encore's." They played one new song, with the Melvin's guy helping on guitar. It was the most intense and best concert I have ever been too! If you were not there, you fucking missed out. -Robert

Review written by: Diego Dave (wilkd@ix.netcom.com) Review posted on: 03/27/98 15:35:55 Still tryihg to pull myself together after last night. I drove up from San Diego, it was the first time I had ever seen Tool. I thought that they played an extremely intense set, however, I must say I was very disappointed in the length of the show. The Palladium was a great venue, but the security there was way intense. I could not even walk in with eye drops for my contacts. I have read a couple of the other reviews, so I'm going to focus more on the atmosphere of the show. As I said, I came up from San Diego, so I had no idea what to expect of the crowd. I guess I expected the typical Diego type crowd, where people go into the pit to hurt others intentionally. I'm very pleased to say, the crowd at the show on Thursday was great. It's nice to see that some people remember how a pit is supposed to be. If someone falls, help him up. People in Diego, pay attention. I also thought that the floor was way to slippery, I know that I lost about 10 pounds in sweat last night, and you multiply that with the rest of the people, that's a lot of sweat. The Palladium should invest in a rubber mat floor. They do help. LA fuckin' rocked. I look forward to going back north in the near future. By the way, to the guy who wrote the review, where he mentioned how he kind of got hasseled over his psychadelic shirt; I was wearing a Phish shirt, and I had a great time. Thanks everyone for sharing. 420 Always. Wish I was going tonight. I'll check the reviews on it later. But I will be seeing them in San Diego. I'm praying for a much longer show. Diego Dave

Review written by: The eligimate son of Al Jorgensen (cbeggs@scf.usc.edu) Review posted on: 03/27/98 14:38:08 Just when I thought a show couldn't get better than the last time I saw Tool I was proven wrong. Everyone is gonna hear about how there was no encore and how they're all pissed. But the show was amazing, no matter what those whiners say. I was in the front at the onset when Tool came on, waited through the yelling and screaming of Big Ugly. I did apprecaite some of the things they did though. The whole "that was for you skinheads out there, we dont like them very much" was pretty cool. They did some funny song with a lot of "orale vato"'s and "where you from" type comments. I sat through their set, wasn't too bad. Then the Melvins came on and I enjoyed their time on stage. Some stupid teeny boppers were yelling "We want Tool, get the fuck off the stage!". I just shook my head, I guess they just wanted to hear some Stinkfist and Eulogy, eh? The Melvins were creative and different, the lead singer Buzz has this poofy hair that I appreciated. After the Melvins were done and people knew Tool was coming on soon, it got a little uncomfortable...oh just a little. I was near the front and the smart people in the middle decided that the people in the front had an excess of space, so they decided to push themselves forward. This lasted for about 30 mins even into when Tool started. Finally, Maynard, Danny, Adam, and JC came on and I was excited as ever. It finally loosed up after first song, and a pit started. I moved my way around and got pushed around while singing the songs, and pushed other people back. I was surprised to see some of the people actually knew the words to all of the songs like I did. Of course there was a few there that just moved their head back and forth and sang on the occasional obvious words. The one thing I didn't like was the attitude of the some of the people there that didn't feel it was necessary to help someone up if they had fallen down and were about to get trampled on. Then I was pleasantly surprised to see Bob and David, along with another comedian I've see before onstage. They were amusing, but I couldn't hear or see shit since so many people were pushing and yelling while they were on. It would have been a lot funnier if people would have listened and quit the shoving. I was happy with the set they played, although some other people weren't. But I am going to the concert tonight too so maybe thats why. I'm not too sure of the order but the set was: Intolerance Sweat Part of me Crawling Away Eulogy Undertow H Hooker with a Penis Stinkfist(accompanied by Buzz) Flood Opiate Not a bad set if you ask me, but most people there wanted more. I was content. They also played another song which sounded like maybe a Melvin's song, I didn't recognize it. The Flood-Opiate combination was great. It was during Flood and Undertow that I had the most fun, getting bucked from side to side by people while I sang with the song. I lost my two friends I came with, one was up front, the other trying to hook up with a chick. So I was pretty much alone, but it didn't matter. Maynard was in control, moving and flowing with the music like he always does. He made me get into the words and music so easily. It seemed he had this love for the crowd. He said "In case you don't know, we're from LA, we really love you guys". That just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I could just see some of the tough guys in the crowd going "What is this pussy shit! I need some loud music so I can beat some people up". When it was over, the Psychotica shirt I was wearing was covered in sweat and wet as can be, the scary part is most of the sweat probably wasn't mine. I seemed to take a little heat for wearing that shirt since most people have no clue who they are, and think you're not a true Tool fan if you're not wearing a Tool shirt. Nonsense I say. Well Maynard said tonight would be better than last night, so I'm ready to be amazed again tonight. I'll be in the balcony tonight most likely. For any negative reviews this show might get: The set was good, and an encore would have been great but it was still amazing. For anyone who thought it was a bad performance: What concert were you at? Thank you.... Chris

Review written by: Christo (kriztufer@hotmail.com) Review posted on: 03/27/98 14:22:39 :-( My inside's are churning I didn't make the show

Review written by: Chris L (BridgeDoor@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/27/98 11:30:13 The show was tight at least what i saw of it. I got kicked out during Hush (their second tune). The Palladium sucks. Dont go if you plan on having a good time. Even though I got booted, I could still here them from outside and they sounded awesome TOOL RO CKS!!!

Review written by: Drew Rock (gigerrocks@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/27/98 04:53:54 The show kicked ass!!!! Set List As Performed: SWEAT HUSH INTOLERANCE EULOGY HOOKER CRAWL AWAY STINKFIST w/Mr. Lightyear YOU LIED w/Mr. Lightyear (New Shit) H. UNDERTOW OPIATE-FLOOD Tomorrow there will be a lot of new songs so be there to check it out!!!! And pick up the Limited Edition Scratch 'N Sniff Shirt "TOOL FUCKED THE SHIT OUT OF ME AT THE HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM MARCH 26-27, 1998" Is what it says on the front. With Eddie's dad taking a shit wearing a nitey and wiping his unit.

Review written by: SUTTER CAIN (scwebpage3@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/27/98 04:02:55 It has been about an hour since I got home from the show. I know that I am going to get a lot of shit for this review, but its my opinion. The music sounded great don't get me wrong. But its like you had to get tickets for both nights to see the entire sh ow. Maynard himself even said people that did'nt get tickets for both nights would be missing out. I felt kinda cheated in this way, not only was the Palladium way to fuck'in crowded (way beyond capacity), but TOOL was only on for 1hr 16mins. I liked that they played a lot of songs from "Opiate". But this is my third time seeing them within a year and they have yet to play my personal fav, "Pushit" also have never heard "Third Eye" or "Jimmy" live. I must say though Maynards voice sounded great, one of th e best voices in rock today. Out of the three shows I have seen I must say this was by far they least entertaining. Might have been the venue though (Palladium sucks). At first I was sad that I did'nt have a ticket but by the end of the evening I was happ y that I would'nt be going back on the 27th. I was very happy that they played "Flood", "Intolerance" and "Opiate" though. On my rating 1 to 10, I give it a 5, due to the fact I have seen TOOL due way, way better. TOOL fans don't be mad at me TOOL is by f ar my favorite bands, but if you think you missed a great TOOL show tonite, don't worry there will be, by far much greater shows in the future.

Review written by: Barrett (jbareit@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/27/98 03:55:14 Back from TOOL at the Palladium on March 26. One word...Awesome. How could you expect anything less from such great performers? Here are the songs from the set (at least what I recall...I'll let Kabir correct me if I'm wrong since he was there) This is not the order in which the songs were performed, by the way: Sweat Hush Part of Me Opiate Intolerance Swamp Song Undertow Flood Stinkfist (with Buzz from the Melvins) ? (new song or cover song also with Buzz from the Melvins) Eulogy H. Hooker with a Penis I may have forgotten one or two...I'm still in a daze. What I thought was a segue for No Quarter turned out to be a song I am completely unaware of TOOL ever performing before. Could it be a cover or possibly new material? Hopefully Kabir can shine some light on this. They performed it with Buzz from the Melvins, who opened. Special guests were the hosts from the HBO show, Mr. Show. They came out as doctors and diagnosed Maynard with titilitus. They put a hospital gown on him and placed him in a wheelchair, and told him he was to avoid singing if possible. Maynard then broke into Hush as they wheeled him around on stage. During Hooker with a Penis Maynard told the crowd about new limited edition TOOL shirts that could be purchased in the lobby after the show. For those of you looking for them...it was a joke. Listen to the song! As far as the visuals, it consisted of three screens, one behind Danny Carey (sometimes projected directly on him) and one to the left and right of the stage. They displayed some new psychdelic graphics. To be honest I missed most of what was on them due to intensly focusing on the band playing and Maynard strutting like he's having a seizure. They also had the sculpture from the cover of Opiate up on stage as well as props from last year with cryptic symbols. They really focused on the Opiate material tonight which was very cool, generally at past shows they'll only perform the song, Opiate. Overall the show was very short and sweet. Solid, tight performance. Of course, they could have sucked majorly and I would still tell you it rocked. I'm a little biased. It ender much sooner than I had hoped it would...and they did not return for an encore performance. After asking the crowd about who would be returning for the second show, Maynard announced it would be better and completely different. A perfect way to keep my adrenaline tapped untill tomorrow. I can't wait. You can be sure they'll tear it up with the songs the set list lacked tonight. If you haven't experienced them live...scrounge up some cash and get your ass out to the Palladium on the 27th. It will be well worth every penny.

Review written by: Eric Vierling (Vierling@pe.net) Review posted on: 03/27/98 03:29:58 Hey, I just got back from the Hollywood show, and it kicked major ass. Maynard came out without bodypaint or breasts, just boxers. Danny cut his hair really short, and Adam has short hair as well. The setlist for tonighrs show went something like this, (some things may be out of order) Sweat Hush Intolerance Part of Me Eulogy Hooker with a penis stinkfist No Quarter? H. Undertow Opiate Flood I think that was all that was played tonight. As a side note, the Melvins rocked as usual, but the first band they had out called "Big Ugly" just plain sucked. The singer couldn't sing, the guitarist was a fat moron, and the bassist kept saying "odelay ese" and talking to the sky. That's all for tonight, but I will popst a review for tomorrow's show as well. Eric Vierling

Review written by: Tony Costantino (EtrnLuv666@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/27/98 03:27:26 Hi kabir, I'm getting too old and tired to put any real energy into these reviews anymore. But maybe it's cause I just got home from the concert. Again, like always, best concert ever. Big Ugly opened first, large tattooed males sounding like korn. Decent. Then came The Melvins. They officially hold the title of most annoying band. I heard they were cool and wacky, but when it seems like you play 2 songs and they're each 20 minutes long, the crowd gets angry. They reached tiny peaks in their songs but droned on and on. Just when they'd end it, they'd pause for 5 seconds and continue for another 5 minutes. The crowd was audibly groaning, booing and talking by the end. Tool comes out. Screen is up. Psychedelic colors. They start off with Sweat. Incredible. Then came Hush. The guys from Mr. Show come out and make a little ditty about how maynard is sick, so he gets a gown and sits in the wheelchair. Odenkirk and company wheel him around and give him checkups during Hush. Then came my favorite, Intolerance, I believe. I lost count after that but all in all they also played Part of Me, Crawl Away, Hooker With A Penis, Stinkfist, Eulogy, H, a new pretty love song type thing, very beautiful (which maynard didn't say the title of), then Undertow, then the Opiate- Flood combo. The major surprise was that they switched some rhythms around. Sweat had some changes, as did a few other songs. Eulogy had a little solo for danny, I believe. He played impeccably. He didn't let up ever. The added rhythms were very complex. Just when you think they reach a point in their career where they cannot possibly add any more notes in each song, they do it. It was by far the best show ever. Maynard changed some vocals, everyone was changing stuff, and the new song was superb, wonderful. He said a lot of in between comments. Before Hooker, he said "Be sure to get some of those limited edition shirts after the show!" in his best salesman voice. He seemed to be in a happy mood tonight. Also said that the friday show would be better, but I believe he was kidding. All in all, best ever show, totally solid, more complex than ever. At this point, after 6 shows, I don't even move, really. I just stare, drooling, with my hands under my chin, and pray that when I make music it's as powerful as this. yikes, tony costantino

Review written by: Master Reviewer (bnyhutch) Review posted on: 03/27/98 02:55:22 I just got back from the march 26 show at the Hollywood Palladium and I felt it completely necessary to express to you guys how fuckin' great it was!! Right away Maynard came out and belted out Sweat, my adrenaline hit the roof and from then on it didnt stop. At Lollapalooza, i had real shitty seats, and i kept telling myself that whoever has front row seats is having a real cool time. And tonite that dream came true! It took a lot of pushin' and shovin' but I squeezed myself up to the front and found myself right in front of Adam Jones! Like any concert, everyone pushed back and forth trying for a good position. That lasted the two hours TOOL played. I have bruises all over my stomach from being slammed into the metal barricade at the stage all ni ght. But who can feel pain when Maynard is yelling and screaming!! It was a great show, and i kept thinking of jumping out to hit the pit. But my position was too good, and I chanted every lyric with as much strength as my vocal chords could carry!! I swear at one point during Stinkfist, Maynard look me right in the third eye and pointed at my as i sang along. When it was done he walked away with a smile, how fucking cool is that. I mean even if he wasnt looking at me, it sure as hell seemed that way. let me just think that it was Me and TOOL singing together alright. In any case, every song rocked the house! From eulogy to opiate, the energy was firece and nobody left dissapointed. At least not that I know of. Covered in other peopels SWEAT can be fun, and dont let any asshole tell you otherwise. They left out a lot of songs but i'll hear them tomorrow on March 27 because I'm hittting both nights. They didn't play Sober, Third eye, 46 and 2, Prison sex, or Jerk-off, so you can see theres still a lot left to be desired for those without tickets for tomorrow. Too bad for them, cool for me. The TOOL adventure continues! My adrenaline is still kickin and I cant sleep so Im writing this pretty much right after the show. The highlight was t hat Bob and David from that HBO show called Mr.Show were there on stage. If you havent seen it it's a good show, damn funny. They put Maynard in wheel chair and he sang if i remember correctly Hush, i could be wrong some of it's a blur. Beer will do th at to you, so will weed. If you didnt know. Maynard sang the whole tune in a wheelchair and then we were asked to yell Live maynard LIVE ~!! If we wanted him to walk again. No shit about it, other than the mediocre Melvins, who can complain. It's TOOL, it cant be bad!! The sound was a bit off, they need better sound systems at the Palladium. And you can't smoke in there, who abides anyway. One more cool thing to mention, during Hooker with a Penis right in the middle Maynard stopped and said," Weve got some real nice merchandise for you guys in the lobby make sure to grab some on your way out!!" And then burst back into the song. I think thats pretty fuckin' cool. Alright, so you guys know it was a cool show, and you know it's cool when youve got bruises to show f or it. And i have plenty. I hope this review gave someone insight, pleasure, and smiles. Thanx for reading, I'll do one for nite two soon. Viva TOOL!! "OGT since 92 from the first EP!"-Knuckle deep within the borderline, THERES NO LOVE IN FEAR!!!

Review written by: Bricko (bricko@jps.net) Review posted on: 03/27/98 02:50:56 Ok, I liked the show... kinda disappointed though about certain songs not making it on the set list, it was a major OPIATE show, which was a Plus... maynard was wearing boxers, he talked about buying their "tee shirts" then went into hooker with a penis, which was really cool... danny was loud, but the palliadium is like a gym so that's cool... King Buzzo from the Melvins guested on 1 or 2 tracks... The melvins were awesome also... as far as Big Nothin, or Big Whatever... they weren't that great. Maynard Promised tomorrow night to be better than tonight because he said..."I'll be naked tomorrow night". The Tool fans there were really nice, offering me WEED and drinks which was cool of them. Anyway... I am In pain decent pits and my neck is sore... Enjoy TOOL can't wait 'Till OZZFEST!!!!!

Review written by: Bricko (bricko@jps.net) Review posted on: 03/27/98 02:50:00 Ok, I liked the show... kinda disappointed though about certain songs not making it on the set list, it was a major OPIATE show, which was a Plus... maynard was wearing boxers, he talked about buying their "tee shirts" then went into hooker with a penis, which was really cool... danny was loud, but the palliadium is like a gym so that's cool... King Buzzo from the Melvins guested on 1 or 2 tracks... The melvins were awesome also... as far as Big Nothin, or Big Whatever... they weren't that great. Maynard Promised tomorrow night to be better than tonight because he said..."I'll be naked tomorrow night". The Tool fans there were really nice, offering me WEED and drinks which was cool of them. Anyway... I am In pain decent pits and my neck is sore... Enjoy TOOL can't wait 'Till OZZFEST!!!!!