Spring 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: March 27

[Here's the setlist -- Kabir] Forty-Six & 2 Cold & Ugly Swamp Song Prison Sex Sober Stranglehold -- Ted Nugent cover (w/Buzz from the Melvins) Demon Cleaner -- Kyuss cover (w/bass player from Kyuss) jimmy Pushit -- totally different (w/Danny's drum teacher on tabla) Third Eye Ænema Jerk-Off -- new lyrics Thanks to Henrik Eriksson (hener326@astmatix.ida.liu.se) for the Kyuss info.

Review written by: Phat Tones (phat_tones@juno.com) Review posted on: 04/02/98 19:19:23 I just want to say that the Tool concert on Mar. 27th in Hollywood, CA was The Lick! They played all their old stuff which was cool! On the down side: the Palladium, on the other hand, really sucks! Between going through a SS style pat-down and having to toss out any contra-band i.e. chewing gum, bottle openers & cig,.lighters - this place is really.a piece of work. Don't get me wrong, Hollywood is not quite the Arm Pit of the World, But that doesnt mean that everyone has to be subjected to this type of degradation. You couldn't even smoke a decent JOINT without some security ass-bites bearing down on people trying t o enjoy themselves. Nonetheless, I am glad I got to catch Tool anyway. Fuck you Palladium - the place should have been destroyed in the 1992 Riots. PHAT TONES - SO CAL

Review written by: vX (tiger33@ix.netcom.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 23:01:06 this was the first show i have ever been to, and it was the fucking night of my life. all i can say, TOOL is by far the most beautiful, orgasmic, intelligent music i've ever heard. it's addictive--i listen to Aenima almost every night, and everywhere, and i think that if there were any subliminal messages trying to trickle their way inside my head from there, they've made it in, and maybe now they're eating me from the inside out, and i don't care. is it true that Ozzfest is going to be their last tour? b/c if it is, i have an idea to follow the Ozz tour around through the states in a black van, do the hippie Grateful Dead thing, in a fashion. anyone with me? write, email. i only wish i could have seen more of Maynard on stage, but it was hard to see past all of the tall, sweaty guys (sweaty young men...we love that shit!)...i was only slapped in the ass once, which was pretty good from other female-reviews i've read. the security guards were a fucking menace; a friend of mine saw them drag two guys out half-strangling them, after catching them smoking pot. but everyone was smoking--what the fuck do you expect, the band's pro-drug! the air was a fog of marijuana, beer, and sweat scents. i think Pushit was the most beautiful song i've ever heard, and those guys twist their sound and their vocals around so well that it takes your mind with it, anyone else notice? too much to say, so i'll just leave it at that. i even got the tshirt TOOL fucked the shit out of me at the Hollywood Palladium. cause it's fucking true.

Review written by: Brian Putnam (T0oLGoD@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 19:37:38 Oh Rev. Maynard... Since the last time i had seen TOOL was only 7 months ago at lalapalloza but i didnt think twice about taking the 4 hour drive too see TOOL in hollywood.... out of the 2 shows in hollywood this was definately the one to be at... the first nite was cut soooo short i could not believe it.. but this nite made up for it.. and the whole band was dressed for the occasion... maynard in a white suit like a preacher stepping on stage with what would look to be a bible in his hand... on this nite he to ok us for a ride that was believing... that all his bretheran would fallow his lead to rock the paladium that nite... TOOL deffinately fucked the shit out of me this nite

Review written by: Sean (sean_robledo@radian.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 19:31:09 Okay, first things last, anybody who doesn't like the mosh I have only one thing to say to you, What on earth are you doing in the pit anyway. Also I think that as a group, the moshers that is, we should look out for one another. My suggestion, next time we see some shrivled nad, steroid pumped, no-neck, piece of shit, yellow jacket wearing security guard trying to swing on an innocent mosher, we should all together as a group, kick that motherfucker's ass all the way back to Riverside. This show, contrary to popular opinion, SUCKED!!! Please don't get me wrong, I love the band and would follow them to the end of the earth, but it just did not seem like the bands hearts were into this show. More than any other band today, sort of Fishbone, Tool can move the emotions and energy of their audience like no other. Every Tool show I have ever seen, Maynard was like a conductor in front of an orchestra, the crowd moving and reacting to his every word, to his every motion, IT"S FUCKIN MAGIC. This show, however, was not like that at all. As I stood, not moshing, in the pit, I looked around me and found everyone else afflicted with this same lack of motivation. There were only a few swimmers, Maynard was quite a bit less animated than normal, and the set was way to short. Maybe the reason for this could be the fact that I was not tripping (for once) at this show but my buddies who did have their third eye squeegeeied wide open concured with this opinion. Anybody who claims that this was the best show they have ever seen Tool perform, either saw them for the first time this weekend or is just another dumb founded dip shit. Once again, let me reasure you I am and will be a Tool fan for quite some time, I have to be. The level that these guys are writing on is incredible and has touched my soul. I just want to know, what the fuck happend out there Friday? Peace out y'all

Review written by: Steve (SWSess@msn.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 18:14:12 I would like to take this opportunity to write a review of the Palladium shows for those thick skull, jar head, tough guy, bad boy idiots who are growing in number at every Tool show. I will try to keep the language simple so that you can understand (Language is among the many things that people use to communicate): Tool a good band. Tool not violent band. Songs you haven't heard on radio are OTHER Tool songs. Maynard was Hospital Patient first night. He wasn't really sick, it was costume, like on Halloween. Maynard was Evangelist on the second night. But he's not really an evangelist, he just pretending. Evangelist is like preacher. Preacher is like teacher. Teacher like person in school, or commanding officer. No Quarter was not played. Led Zeppelin wrote no quarter. Led Zeppelin also band. Beligerent Fucker is good song, yes. Beligerent Fucker is about you. You should not be happy about that. Happy is different than angry. Anger is not neccessarily beligerence, though. EXAMPLE: When you open your mouth, or walk, or make any sort of gesture, THAT'S beligerence. Beligerence bad. No encore first night. One encore second night. Encore is good. No Encore not reason for fighting. When lights go on and band stops playing = no encore. Palladium not big. Hard to see when smashed. Not breath equals death. Death means no see concert Mosh pits are different than boxing ring. Can experience music better when not being trampled. Jerry Springer is a good alternative to moshing. Beer is good. Beer on head, bad. Maynard not crazy. He just moving to the beat, or melody. Melody different than beat. Beat is part of drummers job. Tool's drummer very good, but not just cause he hit drums hard. The intent of strong drum beats are not to envoke you to hit people on face and head. Maynard is just kidding. Palladium hot. Make sweat. Opening bands play music, too. Tool was opening band once, too. Self defense is good. Punching people who are less than half your size, bad. Books are good. If can't read books...Moteley Crue good. To the rest of you who appreciate and understand Tool, as much as they can be understood, the show's were great as usual. Possibly a little short, but who's complaining.

Review written by: Brian Mafi (Brian_Mafi@ccmail.Mitchell.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 14:54:46 Hello, As there are many reviews all basically saying the same thing, I'll stick to the music; that's why I'M there... Must mention the Gestapo-like tactics of Palladium security/management; double security points, many signs with "DON'T" the main message...confiscated my fucking candy... ??? Think I'll stick to the San Diego shows. "Lounge" Hooker With A Penis video- I pray this becomes available... FAR TOO COOL! Forty Six & 2 Cold & Ugly- I think in honor of the Melvins, they slowed down the section after the 2nd verse- nice & sludgy... Swamp Song Prison Sex- with the extra verse Sober- liked the way they did the intro, starting with the "chimey" part Adam had been doing after the noisefests from the previous intros Stranglehold- pretty cool; not too unlike the Swamp Song groove, traded verses with Buzz; (think I like Maynards' singing better...) Demon Cleaner- didn't know what the hell this was; thanx for the I.D. Kabir. I'd heard Scott Reeder had tried out for Tool after Pauls' departure- in a way he got the job (1 tune's better than none...). Pretty cool tune; wouldn't mind them recording it Jimmy Pushit- WOW! These guys sure know how to interpret their music in different ways; guitar part's different, Maynard transposes his melody, the tabla player was perfect; the interplay between him & Danny towards the end was most cool. Bravo! Third Eye- New intro video/spoken thing... I'm just in awe of this tune. It is such a journey, and it blows my mind that they can reproduce it so well live. Aenema Jerk Off- changed the break down section; more sparse, atmospheric, longer. Dug it. Another great show; don't know what people mean when they're saying "the energy wasn't there, kinda going through the motions". The music was impeccable, as always. Nobody moves aside from Maynard, and he was his usual shamanistic self, so what is the "energy level indicator"? How active the pit is? Don't get me started on the pit... Maybe it's I'm just an old fart, but I resent the fact that I have to get pummeled if I want to get up close to WATCH THE BAND & LISTEN TO MUSIC!!! (why people used to go to concerts). I play bass so I'm coming from the musician side of things; I don't go to shows to vent energy, check out the scene, grab ass, etc. I'm there to watch & listen. Now I do it from the back... Peace, Brian

Review written by: Shelley (Ssquier@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu) Review posted on: 03/31/98 08:11:31 This version of Pushit was the most incredibly beautiful music I have ever heard! My Third Eye was also totally awesome! This was a great show-I wish it could have been longer of course! Ending with Jerk Off was cool!! Too Much Fun!!!

Review written by: Briana (medusa9966) Review posted on: 03/30/98 20:05:56 The best show ever seen. Second night better than the first. Hope more shows will come to lA

Review written by: Chris (Slugworth@hotmail.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 19:52:11 all in all, the show was great. the last time i had seen them was on March 3rd back in '95. i have to say they've gotten much more technical and flashy with their shows. The first opening act was an experimental noise band called engine ear. now don't get me wrong, i like some noise bands, but e.e. didn't do to much for me. i did like the way they played they're synthesizers without touching them (not sarcasm). as for the melvins, yeah no big deal. they're exactly like i expected them to be. Later, Danny came out and introduced the crowd to his drum teacher and his percussion friends. they played about 15 minutes of cool hindu type mysic which the crowd ate up. the next thing i know, there's a giant vagina and a chorus line of penises on the veiw screen singing a totally different version of hooker with a penis. i don't remember ever laughing so hard in my life. finally tool came on...they opened with forty six & 2. Maynard, as usual was his humorously sarcastic self, cracking jokes between songs.he looked like some corny televangelist sporting a blond wig and a grey suit. my favorite thing he said: "this suit is really hot, but i'm not gonna take it off cause i'm a slave to fashion" other memorable moments were:maynard telling the crowd "this is a song called disco lemonade!" and then playing prison sex, watching unsuspecting pot smokers get busted by the event staff (i must've seen it happen about six times) and a phenominal version of pushit. my only complaints were not hearing 4 degrees and the half-assed sound quality. still a great show though.

Review written by: MrsMalkav (MrsMalkav@POBoxes.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 17:27:13 I've been wanting to see these guys since 1994, and I would have enjoyed the show a lot more if some fucker had not copped a feel right at the beginning of the show. Now, I may be mistaken, but I didn't know that one goes to a concert to molest other people. I thought it was to enjoy the music and show. However, I was pleased to see a different guy buy water for a chick that collapsed at the bar that he didn't know. Other than that, I had a great time. I felt like I was on some kind of drug because I was so into the music (and probably due to the lack of oxygen to my brain). Most of the guys in the pit were really nice (compared to other shows that I've been to), but I'm sure that that has something to do with the fact that I'm female. I was disappointed to not hear H, but oh well. It was a good show :). Oh, and another thing that pissed me off was that security was more speedy in responding to a cigarette lighter than to someone in danger (like life-threatening shit). Eh, well, I guess that's just LA. I will definately see them again - it was such an awesome show... YEY TOOL! Oh yeah, does anyone know anything else about Engine Ear, cause I actually really liked them (isn't that odd?)...

Review written by: Darwin (cpnlove@execpc.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 17:14:57 Let me start off by saying that the show was different in many ways from the other time I saw them. It was very improvisational, and they played a bunch of tunes I never in my life expected them to. I would be remiss if I didn't say that I heard a couple of errors, but they were insignificant in the long run and didn't take from what was an excellent show. From being introduced by the Mr. Show guy to the cover of Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold", the show was a bit surreal to me. It had a weird kind of reflective property to it. Showing everyone there the candy assed, pathetic existence some people have worked themselves into. It's just a very different universe when you bump into "celebrities" at a show like this. Musically the guys were tight, and Maynards voice was right on as usual. In the end it is Dannys drumming that drives this band. It was cool to see his "teacher" play before they did. I could see the influence he had on Danny. Justin was a bit hard to hear at times (the sound in general left a little to be desired) but tore it up nonetheless. Adam was Adam, and played with a ton of soul. Unlike 'Palooza, the video stuff wasn't as big a distraction as I thought it might be. Most of the shit that needed to be paid attention to was between songs. Before they kicked in, they had the lounge version of HWAP playing and a video that went with it. The set list was like this - HWAP lounge video 46x2 Cold and Ugly Swamp Song Prison Sex w/ extra verse Sober Stranglehold w/ Melvins cat Demon Cleaner W/ Kyuss dude some kind of musical interlude Jimmy Pushit w/ Dannys teacher, completely different Third Eye źnema Jerk Off I was happy with the song selection. Heard alot of tunes I'd never heard them play before. I really enjoyed the version of Pushit. Third Eye was very good as well. I think the only real disappointment was the lack of a new song. The covers were cool, but I'd rather have had new stuff. Maynards commentary was surprisingly little, although he did have a good spiel about being a "slave to fashion". All in all it was a great show despite the shitty vibe of the Palladium and the superficial plastic people there, flashing their surgery results all over and not paying attention to the band. The Melvins were very good, by the way. Engine Ear I only heard 2 minutes of, and can't tell you whether they were good or not. It was all well worth the 75 hours of driving we did from Wisconsin to see them. I'd do it again if I had to ..........

Review written by: Mike McKenney (friends@skylin.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 16:06:27 Dear Tool: Yet another great performance. Thank you, again. Tight and energetic. Maynard- you were as talented, funny and spellbinding as you always are. And- you give us bald guys a good image. I'd just like to make one suggestion- as a loving, admiring fan. It's time for some new music. I know you are probably bound by this lawsuit right now, but it would be nice to hear some new material soon. Maybe an EP release between albums? Please please please? Once again, great show, thanks again, and please keep up the good work... We all hope you know you are the best band on the planet... Mike McKenney friends@skylink.com

Review written by: Biz (bza98@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 15:22:42 Well this was the last show. Maynard promised the night before that it was going to be diffrent and it was. As they walked on stage in typical Maynard fashion he was dressed like a preacher with a white wig on and a bible in hand. I was almost positive th at we were going to hear about the carrots in disgustipated. But fortysix & 2 belted out instead. What a set they played. Maynard must of been dying the the suit, it eventually came off. Before Sober came on the video screen showed George Bush wiping his nose as he said the word cocaine. These guys think of everything! Pushit was done diffrentyl it was real good, they brought it though during the end of the song. The crowd for the 2nd show were just filled with assholes. They were absolutely killing each other up front. I only stayed until Sober, and i just gazed at the band for the rest of the show, Maynard intorduced Aenema by saying "This is a song about owning real estate in California" at the end of Aemema Adam just walked around and started hugging people. They closed with Jerk-Off. Maybe its just bullshit. danny was going off towards the end of the song. When the song ended Maynard said "Bye" and they walked off. 3 months until Ozzfest. Ill be there opening night in Jersey. Theyre aint another band like thses guys out today

Review written by: PlanetSun (dblj61b@prodigy.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 14:49:24 Complete surrender to the music and the feeling. Fantastic. You should've been there. What more do you need to hear? What does Tool think of crowdsurfers and other assorted "offenders" getting kicked out? Maynard is not an asshole, he's a pussy. Sorry for the confusion. "one must persuade you another way"

Review written by: Bugs (Tidewell@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 13:07:19 Better. PS: Chickenweasel!

Review written by: Lowdid (DrumZone13@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 04:35:10 This was my 10th time seeing them. They are still just as amazing as the first time I saw them. This show was much better than the night before just like Maynard said it would. I was right up front the whole time on Adams side. Intense crowd. They changed alot of lyrics and music which was cool if you caught it. The most intense songs I would have to say were the last two , Aenima and Jerk Off. Crowd went fucking nuts. Well there is too many details of this show I wont bore you all with. Lets just say , If you werent there you missed a very good show. Oh yeah , got to see Danny cruise around on his motorcycle before the show. Dont miss them at OzzFest people !!!!

Review written by: Tony Costantino (EtrnLuv666@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 00:58:53 Hey kabir, I think Tool would have a laugh at this little response I got from my review of the 27th that I posted already. Subj: TOOL Date: 98-03-28 05:35:43 EST From: budtoker98@earthlink.net (BudToker) To: EtrnLuv666@aol.com "I'm starting to just chill out and watch the ignorants run around and vent their adrenalin. I won't do what everyone else is doing, but I'll try to add something about how I feel about tool and their concerts. The funny thing is, as intelligent and compassionate their message is, 90% of their fans are still morons.[fuck u man!] It was a complete jock-fest.[im 5-11 & did fine in the pit bitch!] My fat ska friend (who wore his hawaiian shirt) and I were doing do-si- do's, twirls, skipping and fake jock fights (with muscle match posing and pushing) in the pit. This got us nasty looks and pushes.[what did u think fucker?] The jocks didn't quite like me doing pirouettes in the pit. [next time stay home]" If i see your ass in my pit again you wont get up...u dont belong at a live tool show little man...im sure u learned that tonight...stay out of the big leagues.... (tony) I promise not to be a beeotch faggit anymore. Yo yo. Fool. Next time I'll wear a dress.

Review written by: Eric Kempke (anagnos@hotmail.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 21:16:42 sorry to add to the clutter. Tried to appreciate Melvins for "Legend" status but didnt like them that much. More appreciative of Dale Crover's drum work on Nirvana's legendary 1988 demos. Is Stranglehold a Ted Nugent Song? I thought Pushit was amazing, so so beautiful. For moments like these, are why I keep coming back. This was my third time, and they are better each time. I love the fact that Maynard has delved further into the world of "stage personae". The Bible toting preacher can only be called "Brother Maynard", whereas the creature who sang for the Lollapalooza shows is obviously the Hooker w. a Penis. Also the Palladium sucks. I couldnt really take part/defend myself/ fight for a a good view in the moshing cause I dislocated my knee a while ago and I had to not hurt it badly. I also had to bury my tiny Swiss Army Knife keyring in the bushes outside, luckily it was still there later. But I enjoyed breathing the pure pot air.

Review written by: Milk (QRYCHE3@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 20:07:07 Thursday night< A complete turnaround from Those guards are dicks... Did anyone else think, when Nard came out in the suit and blonde wig with the , that they would do Disgust ipated? Me too. BIBLE Jerk-Off was a pleasant, jolting shock. Pushit was pretty. Adam looks like Dean DeLeo with his new hair (but the playing..) Hooker With A Penis Pre-Recorded Unplugged was eye (third?) opening. Will someone please kill the Melvins? Thanks in advance.

Review written by: someone real (sevendust@rocketmail.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 19:57:17 What the fuck is it with you people??? Grabbing womens' asses and trying to get a piece by copping cheap feels is exactly what tool is not about... why don't you people respect people... a bunch of fucking apes that like heavy music... fuck off! What does bragging about the piece you got at the rockin' tool concert have to do with a tool concert... I'm sorry for cluttering your reviews kabir, but I am pissed off and absolutely disgusted with these fucking children. Grow the fuck up! Ian

Review written by: johnny lunchpail (marko@eschaton.net.au) Review posted on: 03/28/98 18:22:28 what a fucking fantastic show!! yep, the 26th show was my first ever TOOL experience and someone told me beforehand that they absolutely "rocked" live, allthough i did not know exactly what they meant, I sure was ready for anything. And what a fine orator Maynard is, bringing back clear memories and bible verses of a time when the great jim baker rocked my world in much the same fashion. Anywho, the cool guys opened up with a song called 46+2, and i must say that they(TOOL) seemed to be holding true to their promise of a better second show. So half way through the set after i'd pushed a few small people out of the way and grabbed as many firm asses as i could get my hands on, i see this one chickie wow!! she had it goin' on. So i push a few more small people out of my fuckin way, and get as close to this lady as i can and whisper sweet nothings into her ear for a few secs, i soon realised this was both pointless and not necessary as it was no longer my own hand asserting its authority over my night tools but hers!!!WooHoo!!!Finding myself finally under carressing kisses once again i turned my attention back to the stage to witness Maynard's Flavor Flavesque movements, and most of Aenima which was kool since the night before was a bit of an Opiatefest, and once again i was floored by an awesome performance....only more so. Well, that's about it, see you!!!!!!!!

Review written by: Parissa (firestarta@rocketmail.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 18:20:15 Saturday morning and I'm still in a daze÷ I've just read reviews for both nights because I couldn't bear the regret of not having gone on Thursday, but apparently Friday was the better one-well, the more innovative, intense and mesmerizing one÷ I'll try to do my best to describe it so that the people who did not have the chance to experience this, like this guy in Netherlands whom I feel bad for (buddy, I'm from Paris and I know what it's like to be waiting yrs for some American band to fuckin show up-and worst, to MISS them when they do÷ So don't YOU miss them÷)÷ I failed whatever tests I took in school that day, rocking back and forth in my chair trying to control the anticipation-induced storm of neurochemicals in my brain÷ At 3 I go pick up Laura, girl from Pennsylvania I had never seen before whom I met on the net, thru the Tool Hook Up page÷We've been sending each other 2-page-long e-mails for a week. This girl I didn't know GAVE me the fuckin ticket, in exchange of a ride. She told me she would have bought a whole stack of tickets and just give them away at the Palladium gate if she could. I mean, that tells you a lot about how a band can affect its fans-about the kind of really cool human beings (the few ones left), who like Tool. And the best aspect of the show was that all these REAL fans, these few cool people could just gather for a few short hours to share a common passion, a night they'll be talking about in decades÷ I'm sure I sound like I'm on ecstasy but I'm not. Of course there were a bunch of pathetic Mansonites, satanworshipper Goths who had been standing for hours not showing the smallest sign of excitement-"I'm gonna get to hear the best music in the world, fucking live, and I'm really depressed about it." So while caffeine and adrenaline are getting to me and I'm destroying my knuckles punching this tree, the agonizing wait ends and we get in. I sit on the floor, my back leaning on the metal barricade, closing my eyes, hearing the noise of the already-loud crowd in the background and the ocean noise of my hands on my ears, feeling like I'm in a Tool CD like Negative Ion or something, thinking that anybody on acid would go nuts and kill himself in the midst of all this. I'm relatively all by myself-only with ppl I vaguely know or just met-until this real nice girl packing up a joint shakes me asking me if I'm high, but no it's just the extra dopamine of the moment. So Engine Ear comes up, two kids making noise, then find some rhythm and I like it for a while-I could hear that on some soundtrack for a movie full of hate, passion, anger and explosions. This music was pretty 'evil', or psychotic shall I say, but we all got sick of it. The Melvins get on, but their creativity and originality did not keep me from feeling sick to my stomach and destroying my nails on the barricade waiting. So I'm staring at the Kurt Cobain sticker on the bass until they're out. Here we got, bones and flesh start getting crushed and squeezed, then a group of three goes up and plays some good Eastern, Tibetan type of music-when they finished people cheered and clapped so fuckin loud, they kept on playing until we couldn't wait any longer. Adam and Danny finally appear along with uncontrollable screams from the public, and are helping this old man get to the mic, each holding an elbow, and I have to admit that I was so out of it that only when the white-haired (or -wigged) and make-up-embellished man looked up that I realized Maynard never runs out of ideas to add new spices to his circus-sideshow performances÷Then they started playing, and don't exactly remember the names nor the order of what they played-well, yeah, I do, but you'll find that in other reviews. I just know I felt HAPPY÷ Does any one of you readers know what I mean by "musical orgasms"? That's how I can describe the best part of each song÷ Tool's music is 'better than sex,' 'better than drugs,' and although I wanted to hear the 'older, classic stuff' they played on the first night and was disappointed at first when I heard they had already played them, I was far from dissatisfaction. The only thing is that, as the 3000 persons behind were putting pressure on ppl's ribs in the front, ALL the girls who were at first leaning against the barricade got pulled out except me-I was the fuckin last one, 'cuz I think I wouldn't have felt anything nor cared if I had broken a rib, which I REALLY felt I would÷ Got heavy bruises where a girl shouldn't have bruises instead÷ So because I was the only girl there, security kept pointing their fingers to each other at me, to make sure I was still breathing and living, and gave me water a few times÷ People around in general were extreeemely nice and cool-just this one guy behind me who blew air in my neck, which at first felt nice, ended up being too nice and when he licked my ear and started humping my leg, I made him understand though I didn't give a shit, I was too hypnotized by the whole thing. If anybody is reading this, you must think, "Fuckin stop talking about yourself you egocentric selfish fuck and tell us how the show was." Well, I'm telling you how I felt and if that's not enough, well you should have been there to get it÷I'm sure this was far from their best performance ever but being my first time seeing them, it was obviously the best show of all to me!!! One thing also, those of you who've seen Tool perform might have noticed how Maynard gets hypnotized, spellbound, and out of touch with reality (or at least well acts like he is) onstage, and how he just starts scrutinizing and staring at one specific point w/o moving-at one time I WAS this specific point, I am 99.9% sure, and if the .1% happened and he was looking behind I'd rather believe a lie and think it was ME!!! So that eventually became a staring contest between thi Great and Unique M.J. Keenan, the one on whom everybody's eyes were, the one that everybody went to see (well the whole band too obviously), and me, this one chick left surviving in the front, one in the middle of the rest of the 3000 sheep÷I lost the contest when a security guard got up in my face to catch a crowdsurfer, and even though we both moved our head to keep the 'contest' going I gave up and thought I was just psycho and imagining things-but I wasn't!! He then gave this evil grin, like 'You lost, buddy, once again I'm superior to you'÷ Oh well. I did get out to the pit, where my 5'6" did not allow me to enjoy the show as well as the rest of the people, but it soon-and too quickly-was over. So that was it, a show to remember÷ Another thing-isn't there such a paradox in simply BEING a Tool fan???? I mean, you know, we love the orgasmic-hypnotic music, while being unconsciously brainwashed into passionately loving this same manipulative music, hear and understand the lyrics of songs such as "Hooker With a Penis" or "Disgustipated", but still follow like sheep÷ At least we realize it, don't we. I'll stop the over-analytic speculation and let you feedback to, trash or understand in your noble mind my lengthy review of this superbly fantastic show÷ --- > Parissa :)

Review written by: Paul Alberga (PauLBoRo) Review posted on: 03/28/98 17:27:55 I just started recouperating from the aftermath, and man was this show a killer. The first band "Engine Ear" was basically a chemical brothers wanna- be but with sounds that seemed like they were from the depths of El- Nino. I only caught the last song due to the long-ass line to get in. This band could have some promise, however. Next were "The Melvins." I think I gained a little more respect for them this time compared to the '97 San Diego Show w/Tool, considering the fact they didn't get booed off stage this time. Buzzzz and the bassist did their usual steady pounding shit, while the drummer was just aching really badly with a case of no "fill"itus. At least they were only on for 45 minutes. Then 10 minutes before Tool took the stage, Danny brought out an Indian drum trio who he refereed to one of themn as his drum teacher. They played 10 minutes of straight rapid bongos, and exited the stage with a round of great applause. 9 PM rolled around and tool came out on stage to a roaring LA crowd. Adam and Justin came out in frilly tuxedo suits and Maynard was in a tan 3-piece suit with a burgundy tie, sun glasses, and a short/fluffy white wig. Very trendy. At the end of Prison sex Maynard commented on the heat in the Palladium and said he would keep the suit on because he was a slave to fashion. The crowd got a good laugh outta that joke. Tool came out with there first song being 46+2. Just before they started that song, the big screens played a movie of a chick bending over exposing herself and a mouth singing "Hooker with a Penis" which was embedded into where her snatch was. Three singing Cock and Balls accompanied during the chorus. Extremely hilarrious. During the middle of the show they invited Buzz from "The Melvins" to join them in a little rendition of the song "Stranglehold." It was a good song to be heard by Tool. After Buzz left they invite another man on stage to play bass with them. I think it was a new cover, because I have never seen or heard Tool play that song before. Maybe Kabir can shed some light on this. After that Tool invited Danny's Drum teacher to play his bongos on stage with the band as they played "PUSHIT." The new rendition of the song strted off slowly and worked it's way to the albumn version very majestically. Maynard dedicated this song to a woman he called "Quiet," and said that she was no longer with us, but that "the song was written a long time before she left us." At this point I would have been happy if the concert finished, but I knew they couldn't leave LA without playing AEnima. And boy did they! Maynard commented that this song "goes out to all of us who bought real estate in Southern California." Then Tool stopped playing and Sat in front of Danny's drum-set for about 5 minutes keeping the crowd in suspense for what was to come in the encore. The one Tool song that I have been wanting them to play since 1993 was "JERK-OFF," and guess what those motherfuckers ended the show with! "JERK-OFF!!!!!" As if the energy during AEnima wasn't big enough, "Jerk-Off" surpassed it by three fold. The band slowed-up the song a little bit after the second verse, but finished strong and very hard at the end with Maynard changing-up the lyrics a little at the end. He sang as follows: "I should play God and FUCK YOU MY SELF! Shoot it...Kick it...Fuck it...SHOOT YOU IN YOUR FUCKIN' HEAD!" [Actually, it was "Fuck you in your Fucking ass!" -- kabir] --PauLBoRo

Review written by: Dzuy Vuong (Toolfreak@audiophile.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 16:28:24 This concert was unbelievable. Engine ear had some great technology and sounds but it began to get really repetitive. After 5 minutes, I had enough. The Melvins were decent. Afterwards, someone came out and introduced some friends of theirs. Some people came out and started playing on a sitar and bongos. Afterwards, TooL came out. Maynard came out dressed as an Old man with wig to complete it. Here's the setlist - 46 and 2 Cold and Ugly Swamp Song Prison Sex (w/ New verse) Sober Strangehold Demon Cleaner New Song jimmy Pushit(Altered version) Third Eye źnema -Encore- Jerk-Off As 46+2 began, and Maynard began to sing "Join in, Join my child..." He was shaking and quivering like an old man. Then he began to spring to life as he "picked his scabs" scratching at his skin. By the end of the song with The bass and guitar pounding for the final cadence, Maynard had his arms outstretched and he was pulsing to each note. With Stranglehold, Demon Cleaner and the new song, he had guests up to sing or play guitar with him. When Maynard began introducing the next song though, Adam began playing an all too familiar riff. It came from about halfway through Pushit. They began singing a version that began with "Saw that gap again today, but you were begging me to stay, managed to push myself away, managed to push you away." Completely wonderful. When Third Eye came on, Maynard was entranced by it's melody and flowed with every beat of the music. As the music turned to "So good to see you" and the bass dragged up and down, Maynard's body slumped and slowly rose to stand again. Really memorable. As źnema ended, the crowd cheered for more. Maynard came back out and said, "I'd play another song but this guy over here wont take off his shirt and show me his tits. There we go, I love young sweaty men." Then they began to play Jerk-Off with some lyric changes, "I should play god and just, SHOOT YOU MYSELF!" and "Shoot it now, Beat it now, Kick it now, Fuck you in your fucking ass." With that, they walked off stage and the concert was over. This was truly a memorable concert.

Review written by: Rick Sims, Jr. (gion@prairie.nodak.edu) Review posted on: 03/28/98 14:27:24 One more time... I won't annoy the rest of you since the setlist has already been posted a few times... It was good to see that alot of you who were at Thursday evening's performance were also there last night. In comparison, last night's show was a little bit better than Thursdays. I missed the openers, although I was able to see the Melvins on Thursday and I will say right now that Dale Crover fucks you all in your ass. Case closed. Last night's highlights, for me, were definitely "Third Eye" and ESPECIALLY "Pushit", with a very cool section with Danny playing and responding to one of his "teachers"...I don't know who the guy was or what exactly he was playing...if you were there please clarify on this. The cover of "Stranglehold" was fun...Buzzo was on stage for this and MJK started to disrobe during this tune...I thought he was a "slave to fashion" :) They also brought out Scott ?Reeder?, the bass player from the now- defunct Kyuss on another cover...I have not seen this song identified yet... Good to see you all out there last night...hopefully, I'll see you again at Ozzfest this summer. P.S. A short note to Kabir...as if the weekend could not get any better, I will be seeing Tom Waits tomorrow at the Dead Man Walking Benefit...so come Monday morning, it's MY turn to be cooler than you. ;)

Review written by: Ryan (X46and2X@geocities.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 13:54:11 Sorry, in the review below, I put Crawl Away in the setlist. It was actually Cold nd Ugly.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (messageinblood@hotmail.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 13:49:39 The show was an alright show. The first opening band engine ear, were the fucking most horrible band I have ever heard in my life. The Melvins weren't much better, Tool didn't come on the stage till a little after nine, and soon as they did the pits opened up, that's what I was waiting for. The first few songs were off opiate and the rest I don't know, opiate is the only album I have of theirs. Towards the end of the show they slowed down and brought the band members from the shitty bands on stage to jam. I enjoyed pitting to the shit off opiate, but the rest of it was too slow to be pitting to. The pits weren't as hectic as the pantera show was, and it was harder than hell to smoke in there. I would give the show a 4 out of 5, any more questions email me

Review written by: Mark Ross (fleury@gte.net) Review posted on: 03/28/98 13:34:23 I saw TOOL last year in San Diego and was blown away. At the Palladium last night, Maynard appeared more confident of himself. I don't need to put down the setlist and his garb, it's been done already. Maynard seemed more comfortable talking to the audience. He talked facing the audience much more. The sound was incredible. The Bass went through you. And of course Danny's drumming is arguably the best in the business. I was glad to hear some of their older songs like Jerkoff. I heard a rumor that Justin came from Rage Against the Machine. Is that true? Also he plays a Wal bass. Im trying to find one. If anyone knows where they sell them in So. California please let me know. Tool outshines every band out there. Just when you think they can't pull off a song live, they blast away with crystal clearity. Bands like Korn can continue to look at TOOL to try to perfect their craft. Rock On!

Review written by: Jaret (Tool876@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 13:29:55 I am 13 and this is my first concert i have ever been to, but i can tell you this..IT RULED!!! it was the awesomest concert ever. The One and only bad thing about it was the opening Melvins, who sucked bad. Here is the order the best i can remember. 46&2 Cold & Ugly Swamp Song Prison Sex Sober 3 New songs Ive never heard one with Melvins singer Jimmy Pushit(Slow version) Third Eye AEnema ---THe Encore-- Jerk Off My Favorite songs, which rocked the whole place, were Sober, Aenema, and Third Eye. Thee concert started out with three people from Tibet or somethin playing a bongo and some other stuff, they played like three songs, but it seemed like they put that in there to get the crowd ready for Tool. Next the band comes out and Maynard says something(I could hear everything he said because i was in the balcony). He was dressed in a suit with a blond wig on. and they start playing 46&2. Then they go on to play Cold & Ugly and after that he asked how many showed up for both shows. then they playes swamp song, which was pretty cool, but then they played SOber, Which rocked thw Palladium. They sang most of the songs really close to how they sound when they recorded them. Then after ward they played three songs, one with the singer of the Melvins, and Maynard stripped his suit off and his wig until he was in boxers, socks, and his bald head.id never heard of these three songs so I wasnt paying alot of attention. Then afterward he played Jimmy which was cool, then Pushit, which was a differetnt version of it. Then they came out and played Third Eye, which was totally coool. Then Maynard said" This song is for all of you who own real estate in California." Then the crowd went wild and they started playing Aenema. It was really good. After the song he says" Thank you all for coming." Then he walked backed next to Danny Carey and I sat down along with a lot of other people. My legs were really tired from standing. Then he comes out and says "We were going to quit becaues ??? wouldnt show me his tits." And then the crowd went wild and they sang Jerk-Off. "Bye" is what he said last as he walked off the stage. If youve never seen Tool and your reading this, GO SEE THEM!

Review written by: Ryan (X46and2X@geocities.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 11:51:04 I am still recovering from the TooL show last night. After getting there and having to see the crappiest opening band ever, The Melvins, then having to wait a long time for TooL to come on, they finally started. Maynard came out in a televangilist outfit, complete with Bible. Then some guy was sayin "The Tool tour is sponsored by Honey Nut Cheerios..." There was a lot more, but its really not important. The setlist was like this(sorta, may be some errors) 46 and 2 Crawl Away Swamp Song Prison Sex Sober Strangehold Demon Cleaner with Scooter(New Song) Another New Song jimmy Pushit(VERY Slow) Third Eye źnima -Encore- Jerk-Off Of course, there were the expected "Maynardisms": "Are you ready to do some of the good Lord's work" (Crowd yells "YEAH!") "Well, then you've come to the wrong place...."We were gonna do another song, but this guy here won't show me his tits".....(Introducing Prison Sex) "This is our new disco hit, it's called Disco Lemonade." But I gotta say...the screens were a very nice touch. Before they came on, a lounge version of Hooker with a Penis played and a mouth was singing you-know-where on a centerfold girl. Gotta see it to really know what I'm talkin about. Trippy designs. Timothy Leary before Third Eye(and they had the Blue Man with scapel in the linear notes on stage). Tool fuckin rules live. I guess I could have summed it up with that...but oh well.

Review written by: Blondie (outlet@rockweb.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 08:07:38 Hello, These four gentlemen are masters of their field. Impeccable playing, dynamic, organsim. I had never been to any TOOl show before; I must say I'm a convert. The Thursday show paled in comparison to Friday the 27th. The Palladium is one of the hardest rooms in L.A. as far as sound goes, but they got it rolling like a huge freight train of energy. The Melvins were more impressive to me the first night, they played more abstractly. Considering they are always changing their sound and lineup they did great both nights. as for the first band, engine ear? it was weird. something they were doing with their hands changed the sound. something different. I wish they had more beats to all their stange sounds. They sure beat out Big Ugly from the first night in my vote. I think TOOl is becoming more psychedelic with their message, and they're looking for new trends in transmission. The Timoty Leary video in 'Third Eye' was amazing. as were the fibre- optic lights they had tonight...much cooler than last night. Buzz sat in again, as did a tabla and tambour player. another bass player, but I'm not sure who. ..and on 3d eye 'Vic?' from the first band played some trippy keyoboard sounds. Maynard is a psychotic frontman, he soon went from a tux to boxers, and hit some of the longest raging screams I've ever heard. It's a shame these guys don't have a solid record label behind them. I hope whoever in the exec world was there tonight boticed the magnitude of their performance. t.o.o.l.r.o.c.k.s.

Review written by: Budtoker (budtoker98@earthlink.net) Review posted on: 03/28/98 05:18:24 Jeeeeeeeesus...where the hell was I on Thursday??? Ohhhh yeah...got sparking crazy fat bongloads & getting drunk...but if i had it to do any other way, i would have been at the Palladium at 3 (right afterwards :P), ok... the review :P I am...frightened too...Jeeeeeees...yeah, sold out...daaamn, i was a t lollapalooza & uhhh yeah there were some heads in this pit,got rockin like hell...damn... Third time I have seen Tool...Kim, you were the best. Play the mp3 files on the best speakers in the world and display acidwarp screen saver on about ohhh a 709 inch screen and place this indoors with 2500 screaming, craZY FUCKIN TOOOOOOL FAAAANS!!!!!!! MAAAAAAAYYYYYYNNNNAAAAAAAARRRRRDDDDDD!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEAAAAAAH!!!!! -I havnt read fridays review yet (i just got home) & im still fried :) but i heard yesterday was old stuff & tonight was new...well tonights was awesome...bout 5 off aenima, 3-4 "classics" and like... 2 or 3 new songs...:) -encore :) Was on the balcony with my girl for the Melvins and uhh engine ear i think...then got 2 the floor, & then INTO and ONTO the "floor"... -encore :) -& for those of u who actually went and use the "internet", u know the above is not very far off, & for those who couldnt make it for legit reasons & didnt bitch out...im sorry dudes...u missed it. WHY CANT WE DRINK FOREVER??

Review written by: heywood jablowmee (dieflood@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 05:07:57 First off, id like to throw mad props to Kabir for his work in maintaining this whoops ass page for us all÷ And I passed on the melvins as well as the other Bad ugly dudes or whatever they are called÷Now I just got back from the Friday show,The Palladium sucks dick, Tool posseses too damn much power to be playing at a little pit like this, the room is just too fuckin small and actually sounded like shit, i went with 3 buddies and we got there in the middle of jimmy cause one of my buddies can barely find his nuts even though they are attached...After Jimmy came pushit, i was pretty much way the fuck in the back for what little i saw, 3rd eye whooped ass, but i missed prison sex tonight and Flood last night which i am quite pissed about...The booger has stucketh, i cannot findeth...But back to Tool, i was supposed to meet a hot chickie that i had been talkin to for many months, but there was so many fuckin people there i didnt know what the fuck i was doin, they closed with Jerk Off and I was happy for a short while.... And to end the night i bid you farewell÷.

Review written by: Tony Costantino (EtrnLuv666@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 04:56:30 Hi. Another review. I again regretted not wearing my pink dress. Maynard would be appreciative of my trying to open minds, considering all the lesbian remarks the crowd was making about the butch lady who was the tech for tool. The opening noise-makers were Engine Ear. Pure junk. An electronica guy and a guitarist. I think Tool purposely picks acts that annoy the hell out of you just to punish you and make them coming out that much sweeter of a release. The Melvins learned their lesson and shortened and sped up their set tonight. Heavier faster stuff. Good job buzz. Hmm, Rev. Maynard came out in his best Bob Barker outfit and Phil Donahue white wig, thumpin' the good ole bibble. I stood back and mosh a bit and watched the visuals. I'm starting to just chill out and watch the ignorants run around and vent their adrenalin. I won't do what everyone else is doing, but I'll try to add something about how I feel about tool and their concerts. The funny thing is, as intelligent and compassionate their message is, 90% of their fans are still morons. It was a complete jock-fest. My fat ska friend (who wore his hawaiian shirt) and I were doing do-si-do's, twirls, skipping and fake jock fights (with muscle match posing and pushing) in the pit. This got us nasty looks and pushes. I peacefully walked the mosh pit performing powerful movement in time with the music, singing to myself, letting the footballers push me around. Even though I'm decent sized, I got suckerclocked a couple of times and went down long and hard once. I just smiled and clasped my hands in my best loving Dalai Lama-ish pose. It was interesting to see so much testosterone in action. The jocks didn't quite like me doing pirouettes in the pit. I was merely exposing my feminine side in the best musical place besides a kickass tori concert. I had fun in the midst of all that. It's so funny, maynard said "We'd keep playing if that guy would show us his tits." The crowd yelled. "Okay, there he goes. Boy I love nice sweaty boys" or something akin to that. Anyways, you could hear the men in the crowd chuckle and nervously shrug that off by going "Hah. That maynard, always acting like a fag. Isn't it funny!" I hope maynard's gay and he shoves it in people's faces and kisses guys onstage and grabs guy's cocks. Oh well. It would actually force the majority of fans to really accept what tool is about. I mean, everyone can sing along with Korn's "Faget" verses to be cool, but there's really still no acceptance. How sad. Tonight was another step in that direction. Quite a scientific achievement. There was lots of bouncing and stuff tonight. Crazy kids. Go look at other reviews for a setlist. I guess future reviews by me will consist of a doctoral thesis. I'm too fucking old (21) and tired (gonna go jerk off) to do exact reviews anymore. Love tony costantino

Review written by: DREW ROCK (gigerrocks@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 04:13:09 OH BY THE WAY TED NUGENT NEVER SOUNDED SO GOOD. DREW ROCK

Review written by: Drew Rock (gigerrocks@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 04:08:47 I feel sorry for all the people that missed this one. Wait, come to think of it. No I don't so fuck you. Mr. Keenan looked more like fuckin Wally George Jr. tonight. Set list as performed: 46&2 COLD & UGLY SWAMP SONG PRISON SEX SOBER STRANGLEHOLD w/MR LIGHTYEAR DEMON CLEANER w/SCOOTER (NEW SHIT) JIMMY PUSHIT (performed slow, very slow) THIRD EYE AENEMA JERK-OFF I WON'T BE IN PHOENIX BUT I WILL BE IN SAN DIEGO. THIS SHOW KICK MY ASS! DREW ROCK

Review written by: Eric Vierling (Vierling@pe.net) Review posted on: 03/28/98 04:03:21 Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(or lack thereof). This was the most incredible show I've seen in my life. The 26th show was incredible, but the only thing I can say about this show was that it was intense. I was on the left hand of the stage near the railing and right in front of Adam and Maynard for the entire show. Maynard came out in a televangelist costume complete with bible, and proceeded to perform the best show of my entire life. It was enough to make me forget about the guy behind me with his dick pressed up against my ass. Anyways, I believe the setlist went a little something like this {approximately) 46&2 Cold & Ugly Swamp Song Prison Sex Sober New Song( I saw the name of this, but I forgot. Someone else will post probably.I saw someone get 4 copies of the setlist. Buzz from the Melvins played Guitar and helped sing on this one) Another New Song(The bassist from Kyuss played on this song) Jimmy Pushit( weird slow version, but very moving and very intense Third eye Aenema Jerk-off note: in my previous review of the 26th, I stated that Tool played No Quarter. I realized that I was wrong and it was just one of thier new songs, which, by the way, are incredible. I just have to say that there were a lot of nice people there, and you make friends fast in the packed front of a Tool concert.


Review written by: GoDZBoNER (kakamanunu@hotmail.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 03:26:24 Damn. If you've ever seen Tool live before, you need no explination as to how fucking awesome they were. The set began with Dana Carey announcing that his drum teacher would be doing a short set for us. That was alright, but then out came Maynard, all up in a Reverend costume, complete with a bible. Eventually, he said "Do you all want to hear some of God's words?" and, of course, the crowd responded "Hell Yeah!" and to this Maynard replied "Well, you came to the wrong place..." set began with 46+2, ended with Jerk-Off, and had 3rd eye, Sober, AEnima, and a few songs i hadnt heard before..there were other songs that i cant remember the name to butim sure all of the titles will be displayed from someone else.. i started off in the pit, got crushed to the point of asphyxiation, and had to run and get some air..i ended up out pretty far, but i'd rather that than having a broken rib... All in all, it was a good show... but what the fuck was the first opening act???

Review written by: Master Reviewer stinkfist32 (bnyhutch) Review posted on: 03/28/98 03:23:37 Okay im still recovering. But I'll do the best I can. Tonight was by far better than last night. But if you combine these two nights together, u have one of the most intense concert experiences one can ever imagine. The intensity of tonight was insane, and I'm saying this after a near heart attack at March 26 show!! I dont even know where to begin, I cant even remember what the first song was. And at this point it doesnt matter. Whatever roof was on the Palladium at the beginning of the night is gone now and has risen to the Gods!! So last night I was up front getting banged against the barricade, but today I decided to go into the pit. Whatever the geniuses didnt play yesterday was played tonight. Prison Sex, Aenima, a very cool and different version of Pushit, and when I least expected it the song of all songs Third Eye!! Closing with Jerk off, you cant go wrong. Whoever was dissapointed tonight needs to find a new band to love. And i say love because thats how passionate i felt walking out. Sure there was the typical asshole in the pit who gets off on pushing you down. But fuck those guys, they can crawl away!! There will always be a guy ten times bigger than everyone else on a power trip in the pit. It's unavoidable, and he was there tonight wearing a wife beater, tattoos, and a go tee. Right on man, you showed me!! So I know this so called review is jumping around, and to those reading it, cool. While I'm talking about assholes some guy tried to start a fight during the Melvins. Again a guy with a wife beater, small dude, anyone could have taken him. He called some guy a faggot for no reason. Just trying to start shit, I could nt believe this guy. I dont tolerate bullshit like that, so i stepped in to defend the guy who was getting yelled at [for no reason] and so did my buddy. I shook my head at him, and ofcourse sooner or later he backed off. So to all you guys who have to much to drink and think its cool to be an asshole. Satans got a vacancy for you, go to the Pantera concert next time okay. Other than that a real cool vibe at the show, during Aenima when the moshpit was really exploding, i mean off the scale, one guy pushed me down, picked me right back up, asked if i was alright, i said yah, we both smiled and kept on!! I thought that was cool and it was like that with pretty much everyone, except the guys i mentioned previously. Maynard sang with passion as always, the stage decked out in black lite strings and a statue of I guess the Third eye guy whose mouth lit up. Maynars and the guys looked like a cross between guys headed to a wedding, or old new england whig party lawyers. Very cool. What can I say, the images on the screen were groovin', as always, trippy and insane. The songs were right on, you can get the order from some other cat cause I cant recall exactly. No encore, as always. And a pit from hell that I cant believe I came out of unscathed. Like i said Aenima went off!! If you were in the pit during Aenima you deserve a purple heart.!! I know I got one, but real people call it a bruise. Combine both nights and you have probably one of the best shows I have ever been to. Now I just wish I had tickets to San Diego. Who knows, maybe I'll go and try and scalp one. All in all, a 10++++ show! I feel bad for the people who only went yesterday, damn did you miss out!!! Everything was great tonight and I cant say anything else except TOOL forever!!!!

Review written by: Z.W (Wollons@sonoma.edu) Review posted on: 03/28/98 02:51:48 f#@king amazing is about all i have to say about this show.. i you werent there you missed probably the best set tool has ever played.. anyway i have to go take off my other peoples sweat soaked clothing and take a shower to rinse off any excess hiv that went through my cothes...

Review written by: Master Reviewer (blt@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/28/98 02:39:48 Kick ass show, Tool said Ozz fest is going to be there last tour, that sucks... well that show kicked my ass anyways and I'm high has a kite right now