Spring 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: March 28

Review written by: Aspiring individualist (jap4@dana.ucc.nau.edu) Review posted on: 04/07/98 04:37:03 Wow I was amazed that Phoenix was selected as a location for such a short tour. I had already seen tool, lastly at lollopalooza and Mesa amp. but was more eager than ever to expierence the show. Arriving into phoenix from flagstaff sucked but cranking up the albums made it seem only seconds. Once I got passed the tobacco police, I was instantly consumed into what I had expierenced the last time I saw tool. Amazing enough the more people I meet that are tool fans the more some of them need to be shot. I guess I would consider myself a tool believer if there is such a thing, unlike the majority who considers themselves the biggest fans and knows everyword of the song Im more interested in the meaning or what it means to me. Tool screams individuality at you and yet so many are eager to follow the lines to death. Every single thing tool has or does on stage has a meaning or multiple meanings thats what sets their show apart from any other. Another question if everyone is such a big fan then why is the l argest reaction to the hit radio song? why buy a tshirt at everyshow you go to? in order to parade around trying to convince others that you fit in? why do you think the simplest shirt was $25? I think everyone who bought a tool fucked the shit out me sh irt is a hooker with penis. The set was so great, so many aspects to talk about that I dont want to share I want to keep my thoughts to myself in order to rob all of you lambs who cannot think for yourselves. I find it amusing as well that so many reviews try to quote exact words b y maynard on stage when their are ten different people misquoting the same quote. I cannot believe the people that say the show lacked energy, if you are one of those people do us all a favor and shoot yourself. One last thing if you ever read this Mayn ard drop me a line and I'll come visit in Jerome or see you at Macy's.

Review written by: R. Conrad Paskus (SCHWA Exec@aol.com) Review posted on: 04/04/98 02:28:18 All right, first off, I'd like to say a big 'fuck you' that bastard little 5 year old on stage the whole night....How the hell did he get that ticket?! Anyway, we promptly made our way through the sitting crowds and got fairly decent 'seats'. 7:00- We remained in those fairly decent 'seats' until about 7:45, when we decided to leave and look for the group we came with. We found them; in the back. Pussies. We chatted for a while, and suddenly everyone stood up quickly. "Someone must be getti ng on-stage!" we simultaneously thought as we stood up and ran back to our original spots. Their was no one on-stage; simply the chain-reaction of one idiot in the front standing up. 8:00 And at last, some sign of stage-life. Although he was short and fat and most likely knew nothing about Tool, he spoke about Ozzfest. Next, Adam Jones himself [sporting a shorter haircut] came out and introduced the Melvins. What can I say about the Melvins? They weren't at all that bad of a band. I could respect them; however, the hostility which ran through and grew throughout their incredibly long set-list even sunk into me; as I found myself shouting "Fuck you!" a nd "Bring on Tool!" Oh Well...we're all ignorant at sometime. When is there a better occasion for such blatant ignorance than the expectancy of the most amazing band alive? Finally they began to set-up Tool's stage equipment. We all waited in an eager anticipation that could only be experienced at a Tool show. And soon they all filed on-stage. Maynard arrived outfitted in the Televangilist costume, Donahue-like wig and all. He stared into the crowd and said, "Well, we've got a lot of work to do here tonite, because you're all a bunch of sinners!" The already insane crowd slid one notc h up to "criminally insane"; as was the case. Maynard plunged into 46 + 2 with an intensity that only Tool could deliver to the crowd. Next was Swamp Song, followed by Cold and Ugly, Eulogy, Sober, the Ted Nugent cover, and Stinkfist. At this point we left the crowd of psychotics [shirts drenched; sweated through] and proceeded to get a drink, lest we pass out and get dragged out by each oher as were so many incompetent married couples throughout the show. When we arivved back into the crowd, we deci ded to push our way forward as close to the stage as we could get. It was both the most exhilarating and frightening thing of my life. The crowd was thick towards the front; very 'thick'. Everyone was close enough to be having sex with each other and n ot even be aware of it. At one point, Elliot told me to take my feet off the ground. I did, and I remained at the same height. Amazing. Maynard broke-out with a slower version of Push-it; one that was incredible. On the occasion, I got to lift my head a bove the sea shoulders and see Maynard. I was transfixed on him for a few moments. He swayed back and forth like a marrionette doll; extreme and exxagerated motions and emotions. Next, Maynard opened up to the crowd with Third Eye. Sadly, most of the oxygen was cut-off from my brain, and so many shoulders pressed into my abdomen so incredibly hard I must've been bleeding internally, and so what should've been the most am azing song of the nite was a fight for life. After stunning the crowd with Third Eye, the band broke into an incredible version of źnema. [what i believe was my favorite song of the nite]. When all at once, during the chorus, the once 'suffocating-crowd' spread out an incredible amount su ddenly and began to jump up and down, elbows flailing, crashing into my head. It didn't matter. No one felt any pain during that song, just pure emotion. They finished with their 'encore'; Jerk-Off [live]... :) Throughout the show, the projections on the three screens varied; from an oriental man practicing Tai-Chi movements during 46 +2; to comets repeatedly smashing into an ill-fated Earth during Eulogy; To remixed versions of presidential Speeches b efore Opiate; to Sumo-Wrestling during jerk-off. The new projections made by Adam were amazing...these are the one's I can't describe, they need to be seen for themselves. On to dialouge. At one point Mayard said, "This suit is incredibly hot...But I'm not going to take it off. You know why? Becuase I look good in it." And at another he questioned, "Is this song still legal in Arizona?" I think It was before Swamp SOng, which doesn't make much sense..oh well. Later, he dedicated Third Eye to a coffee shop in Jerome Arizona. And then, he moved onto what i believe was the most invigorating and humorous remark of the evening. Right before źnema, he asked the crowd, "Is anyone into all that prophecy stuff? You know, armageddon type stuff? Gordon Michael Scallion?" The dumbfounded crowd was the quietest they'd been all night. "Anyone? Did you ever notice how all those prophecies have the same string tied i n? The same line? 'and they will be led by a child'...." The crowd remained silent. "El nino? The Child? There's a lot of bad weather down there in California. Expect a lot of Californians to be moving here real soon. it's gonna get crowded." Before Jerk-off, Maynard said, "Just pretend we left the stage and this is our encor e." It took them a while to set-up, and people got frustrated; but alas, Maynard soothed us all with the remark, "Hey! We won a Grammy...we can take our time!" All in all, I was extremely happy with the set-list. Although I can definitely understand and enjoy the music from Undertow and Opiate, I was incredibly happy to hear most of the songs from źnima...as I believe it was their most artistic endeavou r yet...

Review written by: Sean (wertzs@ucsub.colorado.edu) Review posted on: 04/02/98 00:41:29 Hey, I just wanted to say a few things about the concert. First and foremost, Tool is easily the greatest live band around. The show was great (better than the phoenix lolla tour). I loved maynard's sense of humor and the reverend outfit, also the cool vids in between. Just a side note, did anyone else think that the car vid was on the road from Cottonwood to Jerome? Let me know if it was. Now I want to rant about a few things. First I want to talk about the Melvins. I thought they were pretty good. My only complaint was that there were no breaks between songs. Other than that I thought they were great musicians. If you don't like an opening band, fine, don't show up in time to see them. And if you do show up, hang out in the back and just let them play. You have to realize that they were opening for Tool, which is a hard band to open for I'm sure. Also, you might want to think about the fact that Tool obviously respects the Melvins (due to past tours and the fact that Adam came out and said it). I'm not saying that you should like everything Tool likes (kinda goes against one of their main messages, being sheep), just trying to say that maybe the set that a lot of you said was too short(I'm not complaining), was that because you failed to respect people that they respect. Next time park your "Fuck you's", "Get the fuck of the stage's" and "Tool" chants with your car. Before I start, let me tell you that I am 6'3" and weigh about 265, so I can certainly hold my own in a pit. My question is, why come to a concert for a band like tool, and not even listen to the music and watch the show. I went to the show expecting some pushing and such, but it was just too much. My friend and I (my friend is about 6'10" and 350) got right up front about 3 or 4 people back from the front. It was great for the Melvins and for part of the break between bands, but as soon as it was obvious Tool was coming out soon everyone starting pushing so much that it was almost impossible to stand. My friend and I could mostly hold our own, but we couldn't concentrate on the music, which was why I was there. We also decided that we should leave after stepping on a few people that had fallen, most of which were girls or smaller guys. I didn't want to kill anyone so we went to the back and left our kick ass spots behind. To all of you people who tell the smaller people to stay home, go fuck yourself. Small people should be able to enjoy a band just as much as anyone else. Maybe you should think about not being so violent at a Tool concert. If you want to get violent, go to a fucking Pantera concert or something. Oh yeah, don't try to give me any of that bullshit about being able to enjoy a concert in your own way, because you are ruining it for other people. I can guarantee that people dancing and singing along to the music aren't ruining the concert for you. Before you go to the next Tool concert listen to the song "Swamp Song". For those of you that only know Stinkfist and Aenema, Swamp Song is track number 6 on Undertow(Another Tool CD). This song is about you people. You are the "Belligerent Fuckers". Trust me. Listen to the words and notice how the spot lights went straight to the worst parts of the pit and Maynard kept looking directly into the pits. I'm not saying that all pits are bad, just the ones at this concert. Good pits are ones where people push a little, but are moslt jumping and dancing and having fun, not ones where people suffocate and pass out and punch each other. In conclusion, go to a Tool concert to enjoy the music and the art and the way Maynard moves on stage. Try to appreciate something that is beautiful to experience. If you want to get out your aggression, go to a Pantera concert or work our in a gym or at home with music in the background. Try to respect the people around you and the fact that they are at the concert to listen to music they love. Thanks. Sean

Review written by: Master Reviewer (jjp7@dana.ucc.nau.edu) Review posted on: 04/01/98 00:43:48 What else can I say that everyone else hasn't? I do have one question-comment. I saw two people taping the show One had a video camera and another had a tape recorder. Please e-mail me if you want to sell/trade for either of these.

Review written by: Justin (xiles@primenet.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 23:45:21 The phx TOOL concert RULED!!! I just wish they would have played Hooker with a Penis. :( I missed the melvins cause i had no idea i was gonna be going to the tool concert till 7:45pm when a buddy of mine called me up and asked if i wanted to go and i was like FUCK YAH! but right when we got there the lights went down so i knew Tool was gonna be playing within seconds. but anywho the show fucking ruled!

Review written by: Scott (sshicoff@maxis.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 23:16:43 Ahh Tool... Going from the SF Bay Area to Phoenix makes this the longest (and most expensive) trip I've ever taken to see Tool. Every penny was well spent. Tool is always a religious experience for me as the lyrics and music touch my soul deeper than any other art or poetry ever has. I saw maynard smile more than once during this show. I don't think I'd ever seen him have a good time before. He was really playing it up for the audience which cheered him along. This is the best set list I have ever seen them play. The new version of Pushit really needs to be released as it was the most moving piece of art that night. Is it my imagination or are more young women going to Tool shows? Not that I'm complaining, it's just that I kinda feared for their safety since they were constantly trying to get up front and as soon as they got there, they realized that is was way too dangerous up there for someone that small. I did what I could, but a lot of them had a VERY hard time trying to get out of the pit. Oh well. I have no complaints about the actual show, as I said it is a religious experience for me. My only complaint is the fact that XL is as big as their shirts get. I really want to parade around in the many different Tool shirts I own (and could own) and let the world know what moves me, but I am too big to wear anything below an XXL. Well, if anyone from the band reads this, I hope something can be done. I can't wait for a new album and tour. My third eye never does get enough squeegie-ing... Wishing you the best in your label battle, Scott

Review written by: Jared Pace (pace@mail.doitnow.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 20:48:15 One thing everyone has said: TOOl puts on a fucking awesome live show. This could not be more true. The memorabillia was cool. There was a shirt of maynard in drag taking a shit. And a caption above it said: "Tool fucked the shit out of me on March 28th at the Phoenix Civic Plaza" I wanted it but then realized it was $25 bucks. I had only brought $20. Oh well... Was it just me or did EVERYONE have the Fetus shirt on? I must respect the Melvins they are a talented bunch. I just don't care a lot for their style. Although the drummer was good. Enough about the Melvins... TOOL captivated me with thier charm and style. Maynard always makes me laugh. 46&2 really set the mood. He said something about El Nino (that a child will lead us) and then began źnima. There was a slower, deeper version of Pushit which I loved. My friend Kort "Nutted" in his pants when he heard it. I wish I could have a copy of that somehow. And a song which I had never heard called "You Lied" it was awesome. Third Eye was great. The visuals (as always) were great. They had video of Clinton saying "Im sorry I said that" over and over. And Bush talking about Cocaine. There were lost of psychedelic videos such as people pulling others by thier hair. And a cool fly. There was an eye surgery with needles poking at the eye and pouring fluid in. Beside the eye were two naked girls. When the girls first came on it looked like the girl in front was in pain. I presume that the girl behind her had a strap-on on and was buttfucking the girl in front of her. There was a video of timothy Leary talking about life. At the end of the concert there was a Hooker with a Penis video that has a singing pussy and dancing penises to sing the chorus. I was disappointed that there were so many "faggots" there. These jock-bastards that come to mosh and dont give a shit about the music that think they are all badass. And push innocent people into the mosh pits only to have thier ass kicked. None the less... TOOl took me by the hand and lead me into Infinity.

Review written by: jim (jstreets1@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 08:25:14 Regarding the fag from california that wanted to see maynard beat off and could not find enough art in phx. "STAY IN THAT PIECE OF SHIT LA AND DONT COME BACK TO PHOENIX". Phoenix has way too many Californian's here and if you cant appreciate the greatness of this town-FUCK YOU!. [Nice concert review. -- Kabir]

Review written by: C.Elliot Necker (sociopath035@hotmail.com) Review posted on: 03/31/98 01:16:28 First off, A big suck mine to all the losers who are talking shit about the "Phoenix Crowd" and how much we all suck. Anyway- about the concert. Things got kicked off with the Melvins. I will admit that they are a decent band, but never-the-less, chants of "FUCK YOU" and scatter shoutings of "GET OFF THE STAGE" resounded through pheonix civic plaza. What can I say? No band can ever hope to not pale in comparison to Tool. And when you go to see Tool, you just want the opening act to be over quickly. We all chewed our nails in eager anticipation as Tool's eqiupment was moved on stage. Then finally, they stepped out in all thier glory, Maynard dressed in a gray suit and white wig, looking the part of the Television Evangelist. He stepped out to thunderous applause and said something about all the sinners that were here tonight. Some guy next to me said, "He certainly has his work cut out for him tonight," and with that, 46&2 began and the crowd exploded. Me and my fellow Tool-fanatic, Ray, Clawed and fought our way to the front, and were crushed in the press of bodies, all swaying back and forth as if they were one living being. At a few points I lost the ability to breathe, perhaps because of being crushed, perhaps because of the fact that I, like everyone else, was screaming out the lyrics of all the songs. Maynard's stage antics were just as humorous and/or profound as ever. My favorite little joke was after the show was "over." Tool was still sitting onstage, and everybody was screaming for an encore. Maynard pointed out that, "We can take our time, we won a grammy," Shortly after that they burst into Jerk-Off, definetly one of my favorite Tool songs. As far as songs go, Tool played a great deal from Aenima, a little from Opiate, and not much from Undertow. This bothered me a little since Undertow contains a few of my favorite songs. Tool played a new song, unfortunately I didn't pay much attention to it, which I regret. My favorite song of the night was a slightly different version of Pushit. The only problem was everyone, as if inspired by the song, started pushing and shoving and pushing and shoving in every direction. The crowd turned into a churning sea of flying bodies, which was a hell of a lot of fun, but really distracted me from the show. There was a decent bit of pain and violence at the show, which I enjoyed immensly. The security guards had to pull a bunch of people out because they were being smashed against the barrier. After a while in the front, Ray and I preceded to back up a bit, and joined the pit. I was kicking ass until some really huge guy threw all 6'2, 185 pounds of me about 15 feet and into the crowd. All in all, it was a great show, but I feel as though it was not as intense as it could have been. Of course...it was Tool...So there is no fucking way I could have failed to have a good time.

Review written by: Brad (bpohner@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 22:48:03 Additional comment: I didn't mean to stereotype all of the "physically capeable" guys in attendence as being in the Neanderthal, or anything... Shit, at 6' and 190lbs, I can hold my own against the best of them... Anywho, the vast majority of the male genre were very well be haved, and the people typically in any trouble were kids that either got way in over their heads trying to get as close as they could, or the unfortunate concert goer not smart enough, with eyes in the back of their head, to protect him/her self when the occasional crowd surfer passed by. Let's put it this way: Tool fans come in two shades. Those that truly appreciate the music for what it stands for artistically and musically, and those that could give a shit and are just looking to have a physical interaction in conjunction with some dam n good live tunes. In the end we all have to get along and let's hope that some structure can be added to future shows to facilitate the desires of both *read: some kind of reserved seating*.... But let us not just stereotype people by their appearences, okay? I apologize to anyone if I came across this way in the review I posted yesterday. Rock on... Brad

Review written by: Duke (ekud_1@azstarnet.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 18:42:13 Besides the obvious of being at a Tool concert and having the Melvins, whom I was initially unopiniated about, but after hearing their set am now compelled to say their are quite an excellent band, their were about 5 highlights- (I refuse to dwell on the absolutley horrorific sound) 72. Watching some dude pass out right next to me during intermission. It appeared that he had a cesear, from what- I can only speculate, although if he OD'd it would make the story twice as good. 27. Watching security beat some fool, then drag him out. Again I can only speculate; I heard it was some guy who threw a smoke bomb at the Melvins. 5. Crowd Surfing. If you hate me for the fact, I hate you too. Excellent conditions, large crowd standing very closely. 12. During Stinkfist when Maynard took off his suit and stripped to his boxers. The entire atmosphere changed and he began moving like Maynard once again. It was definatly a positive turning point for the show. 101. JERK-OFF "encore"!

Review written by: Down In Front (dark@ubergoth.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 17:09:55 I think the concert has been pretty well covered. 3rd eye was utterly transcendental. This note is primarily for those who were wondering what was playing over the speakers after the Melvins (who did NOT suck). My understanding of Japanese is limited, but it sounded like a Japanese newscast. It was definately Japanese, and sounded like the sort of thing you would hear if you switched on the Japanese news station. There was something about America and France and a crisis. Unfortunately my Japanese is very poor and I could only pick out little bits. One part sounded like it switched to Mandarin Chinese for a little bit. If there were any Japanese speakers in the audience, I would like to compare notes on what they were saying.

Review written by: Tim and Lowell (Hambonians@MSN.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 16:34:14 Here we go. The Phoenix show culminated a fantastic day that Lowell and I will remember for a long long time to come. The day included buying a new AMPEG Bass head and a car stereo. But enough of this, how did the show go? MELVINS: Unbelievable, Adam Jones did the intro. He said the Melvins were one of Tool's favorite bands, so what. I like them and that's what's important. Loved Green Manalishi With a Two- Pronged Crown. MELVIN's KICKED ASS. Even though Phoenix is too shallow to realize it. TOOL: We had a great vantage point, right by the Sound Stage. A little whining and bitching from the fems behind us but hey YO Pays Yo money. Song selection was outstanding. 46&2 Cold&Ugly help (video) Swamp Song Eulogy cocaine (video) Sober father (video) Stinkfist with Buzz from the Melvins You Lied again with Buzz bill (video) Pushit tim (video) Third Eye Aenema car loop 3 min. (video) Jerk-Off hooker movie This is the revised set list from the sound man at the show. Pays to stay a little late. Lowell scored it. Props to the Sound guy. The entire Tool show was sureal. During the lulls you could feel the crowd. Every line from every song was sung. Maynard could have stopped at any point, lowered the mic, and listened to the crowd sing their music, our music. For those of you who have never been to a show, YOU MUST!!!!

Review written by: Mr.Chicken (astover@gac.edu) Review posted on: 03/30/98 16:16:24 Due to some of the AZ-show bashing I've heard on the radio stations here so far, and a few harsh reviews sent here (fuck you Californians, you're gonna get flushed, i dont care how badass you are *el nino, amen*) I felt obligated to speak out in defense for my very favorite band, TOOL. I do admit that the show wasn't what I had originally anticipated. That's why I love TOOL. I expected a Panteraesque moshfest full of the normal chaotic fun you would find at one of those shows. TOOL's performance›here proved beyond a doubt that they are on a much higher level than any other modern-rock artist today, maybe with the exception of NIN, but Trent could never put on a live show that could even pale in comparison to TOOL. I thoroughly appreciated the diversity of music they played. I was away from the pit for the first half of the show up until the alternate version of 'Stinkfist', where I joined the pit, and both experiences were equally enjoyable. The slower, darker version of 'Pushit' just blew my mind, and apparently lots of other people's as well, cause at that moment in time the pit was pretty tame. I think everyone was mesmorized, because the performance was truly amazing, moving, and yes, truly a work of art. 'Third Eye' was great, the pit was again, fairly tame for that, until 'AeNima', which was a VERY intense mosh. And how about that one song TOOL played that I'd never heard before? I'm a TOOL freak. I've heard nearly everything I know that they've released, and my ears were SO happy to hear something so new and good. This show had pretty much everything. My only complaints were that they didn't play 'Prison Sex', because I REALLY wanted to mosh to that, and that they didn't play long enough!!! I don't blame TOOL for this though, I blame the crowd in AZ. While I do think it's stupid to devote your entire time spent at a concert solely to moshing and pretty much ignoring the show, I don't think everyone at this last show was into it enough. That is why TOOL left after 105 min, roughly. Then again, when can you ever get enough TOOL? I enjoyed myself, nonetheless, and I'm looking forward to Ozzfest.....mr.chicken

Review written by: RTL (rtmeier@imap3.asu.edu) Review posted on: 03/30/98 15:53:38 Cold and ugly plus jerk-off threw me for the biggest loop, and the best version of third eye yet(definately my highlight.) may tool never damn us by playing at that shit hole again. tool definitly seemed more naked than theatrical, but musically they are in a class with no one. Danny is way too tight. see you at the flat-iron cafe in jerome. RTL

Review written by: PlanetSun (dblj61b@prodigy.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 14:44:16 LA on Friday was the most amazing performance, even though I missed the last three songs... someone told me it LOOKED like Maynard jerked off during AEnima, I was really (sickly) pissed to have missed that (I am only human) Nothing so extreme happened in Phoenix; Arizona does not seem as liberal/open to exposure. Phoenix has a really oppressed feel; very little artwork in town, and what work there is consists of upscale pieces only (those cool dancers). The music didn't quite hit that angry edge, could be because those fuckers in Arizona don't know how to handle moshing and crowdsurfing. LA would eat Phoenix alive, cactus and all. Then again, who am I to talk? I was merely a visitor... I thought when the show began in PCP with 46 & 2, followed by Cold and Ugly, that they were going to play the same set as the night before, but was extremely excited to hear Eulogy - I prayed to hear that song, thank you, Reverand Maynard. Should've taken it off way sooner... Okay, well, other than the fact that Arizona was an extremely mind-warping (sans drugs, thank you very much) experience for me, that's it. That TooL was excellent, thought-provoking, and soul-releasing goes without saying. The easy doorway to the collecti ve consciousness. Oops, there I go, talking out my ass again..... Sayonara. "prying open my third eye...."

Review written by: jim (jstreets@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 13:40:13 I have had a couple of days to think about this entire show and the reviews posted. I have listened to tool for several years and enjoy the complexity of the music, depth of the lyrics and quality of the musicians. I got to the venue at 2:00 and waited in the rain to see the show. Everyone was cool and I met a lot of nice people. Once the doors opened, I went down front and hung out and waited for he opening act. I am 32 years old, I have a large build due to spending too much time in the gym when I was younger. I guess you could describe me as a meat head, or jar head (shaved head)or what ever label a lot of you reviewers would like to put on me. I did not care for the Melvins but it was short and I could put up with it. The guy cant sing worth shit. His guitar playing sucked. The drummer was worth watching and the bass player was holding his own. I will buy a cd so I can listen to them without watching the singer / front man struggle. I could not appreciate Tool because of all the bodies passing over my head; Pushy chics and scummy guys trying to push their way in front of me; and crushed people asking for help to escape the back and sides of the crowd pushing people into the baracade. I SAW NO MEAT HEADS OR JAR HEADS PUSHING. I DID SEE LOTS OF PEOPLE GETTING CRUSHED BY A BUNCH OF SCUMMY GUYS THAT HAD NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE OR ANYTHING. I held my own until I could not stomache the lack of humanity and bailed over the baracade. I listened from the back but t

Review written by: The B-Man (balzell@yahoo.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 11:59:44 I have to say that this was a great TOOL show. Although the venue sucked, the set list was the best varity TOOL has done in Phoenix in a long time. I have to admit when they started with 46&2, I thougjt I was going to see another strictly AEnima show. I totally flipped when they broke into Cold & Ugly, because I have never heard it at a Phoenix show before. I knew this show was going in the right direction when they next played Swamp Song; I don't know about you other TOOL fans But this song kicks ass. Eulogy was just as tight as it has ever been. Of course TOOL played Sober, at this point I was totally mezmorizied by the eye surgery they had on the screens. Like the other shows Buzz came out and donated some back-up guitar on Stinkfist and "You Lied". "You Lied" was an great song, and I hope it is a sign of things to come. One of the highlights of the show came with Pushit. Pushit is on my list of top five TOOL songs,and this version with the alternate intro was amazing. It also the first time I have heard this song live, which for us in Phoenix who have been to all the AEnima shows completes the album for us. Because prior to March 28 TOOl had played all songs but that from AEnima. Next was Third Eye in its full glory. Before breaking into Anemia Maynard comment that we need to watch out for El Nino blowing lots of Californias into our town. I think the highest point of the night was when TOOL played Jerk-Off as a closer. Again I have never heard this played live in Phoenix before. Jerk-Off has to be one of the greatest TOOL songs ever. Although the show was only an hour-and-a-half; it was the best TOOL show I have witnessed. It is going to completly suck if Ozzfest does not come to Phoenix. PHOENIX NEEDS MORE TOOL!

Review written by: RF (done@primenet.com) Review posted on: 03/30/98 03:10:53 There is one word in my mind right now that can sum it all up without getting into any specifics. That word would be Tool. This was my sixth time to see Tool live and I have to say they get better everytime I see them. This show though, to me, was way better then any of the other shows that I've been to. I got to the show about 2 seconds before Maynard starting talking, and ended up in the middle of the before long. I personally, from my location in the crowd, thought the sound was great. Every song they played with the passion as they were created with. From all the reviews above you will be able to get the setlist for the show cause I was there to enjoy it. Tool could play anyone of their songs at the show and I'd be a happy camper. The songs that literally blew me away have to be mentioned. First was "You lie" as people have been calling it. Not sure if it's new or a cover, but it wouldnt matter. Tool took a song and added their great intensity and creativity to it making it even more great. It was slow, yet inside you just wanted to explode. Then later on came Pushit. This version of the song really showed how diverse Tool is as musicians. Again one hell of a concert and i'll be waiting for the next creation they put together.

Review written by: Brad (bpohner@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 23:30:57 Subject: Tool Concert / Phoenix Civic Plaza It was a pretty long jouney from Corpus Christi, Texas just to see a Tool concert, but well worth it in the end. The venue was substandard for what I truly believe to be one of the best live bands ever to take the stage. Pitty the less that 6 footers in t he crowd, or those not physically able to overcome the mass gyrations of the enthusiastic, but pretty much well behaved crowd. It was difficult to locate a suitable vantage point where you could both see well and not have to deal with the reverbs from the not-meant-for-a-rock-concert acoustics of PCP. In the end, it was just in front of the sound boards about 50 feet back from the stage. Tool is a cerebral band who plays by there own merits. No hiding behind backing vocals or computerized gimikery here. The rare missed note by Maynard or rif from Adam only drove home the fact that everything else being heard was purly the culmination of o f a wonderfuly talented group of musicians. The show was masterfully presented, a sort of weaving analogy of the distrust in religious and political establishments that force people to say : "Fuck you, I'm going to do and believe in my OWN thing" in a ver y palletable sort of way. Interesting message... The band was tight and the videos compelling. The vocal capabilities and stage presense of Maynard are really something to behold. Rest of the band was equally as awsome, especially Danny at drums. Tool is a band that could easily charge an additional 5 to 10 bucks a ticket and hold their (perhaps longer) perfomance in a more siutable venue with at least some reserved seating. The thing that really stood out for me was the large number of people tha t were denied a really spectacular performance from an extremely talented group of musicians because of an inadequately elevated stage and poor acoustics. And what is it with the jarheads that merely get off to muscling their way around instead of just be ing cool and enjoying the show? Did mommy not breast feed you when you were a kiddie and so you feel compelled to make anyone without your level of Testostrone your object of agression? Do us all a favor next time and check your *attitude* at the door, or just fucking stay home and beat the shit out of the cat, or something. This is a band with more talant and material to absorb with just one or even two veiwings. I look forward to my next Tool concert with great anticipation. E-Mail me if you have tics to an Ozzfest concert that you are willing to part with and I will make t ravel arrangements to be there. Rock on, Brad

Review written by: Homunculus (nmk@dana.ucc.nau.edu) Review posted on: 03/29/98 20:28:09 About the Melvins, not Tool Give those guys credit. For one thing, they've been around. They are an old grunge band from Seattle who Nirvana chilled with often. Most people got bored with them at the shows. But hey, another thing: The Melvins are opening for TOOL, the greatest band today who epitomize some nativity scene displaying the change of normal rock songs to epic symphonies. You can't top the opening act. You can't come close. The Melvins, though getting good recognition by BEING with Tool, they are putting their music on the line and throughing it to the dogs, or tool fans. Most people are anticipating the tool gods and don't care about ANYONE else. Besides, 98% of the crowd has never heard a Melvins song. Kudo's to the Melvins for APPEARING terrible (Though I KNOW their music is good.) They can't be bad. They are opening for TOOL for christ's sake. Nayt

Review written by: Homunculus (nmk@dana.ucc.nau.edu) Review posted on: 03/29/98 19:50:19 Salutations, "A lot of work to do tonite, you SINNERS." Maynard makes me laugh. I wonder if he knew that March 26th, day one of the mini tour, that it was the one year anniversary of the Heaven's Gate cult. Coincidence I suppose. Anyone notice how the 2nd LA show and the Phoenix show were similar? Also notice Maynard wore a suit and tacky wig both times? I swear the songs were in an order to analogize a metamorphasis. The opener being 46+2 gave the overall tone. Then they played two aggressive songs with Maynard representing (What we are fond of believing) a TV evangelist. The way he moved in his silly tan suit was so becoming of someone like that. Today I watched some evangelists with the sound off and played "Eulogy." I laughed. A lot. When Eulogy started playing the evangelist realized that he was a fake. He wouldn't die for anyone. His position as someone powerful was a facade and he was a fraud. So, he gently unbuttoned his shirt. THen he decided to get drunk (in "sober", and no that is not what the song is about but bear with me). So the former clergyman decides to be his own person and be cool and so he sings "stinkfist." Now he has no clothes and he is Maynard. All in his glory with roving eyes and his mass of power and energy. The entry way into being unique and finding his own beliefs is a struggle and he eases his way into it. That's where the two soft songs "You Lied" and "Pushit" come in. Finally he pries open his sense, his third eye. He sees the light. He finds himself. THen he figures that people in LA are a bunch of jerk-offs. Can anyone name a greater frontman to a band? I even saw the man smile. Sometimes i can't belive TOOL IS made of men. Aren't they from another world? Oh, and the pits weren't that bad. My apologies for those of you who are generally short or generally female who get taken advantage of. I'm sorry for those of you who got jacked up bad in the pits that don't belong at a TOOL show. Actually, some crowd surfer landed straight on my head and jarred my spine REAL feckin' good. It felt great. I almost passed out. I kept standing luckily. (Actually it hurt like hell and I still feel it t--OW! DAmmit) Though they didn't play certain songs I am not disappointed a bit. The speeches, cheers and "random sounds" before Tool came out were really neat. Most people thought it was stupid and started getting fired up to mosh. I thought it was cool. I wonder what they were all saying in those other languages. Kick ass show. I love Tool I want yout to know, I'm at school when I should be going to San Diego to see them again. Doh. Peace be with you all. Nayt

Review written by: Zen (sub0@primenet.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 19:09:23 Absolutely fabulous! Except for the venue, the moshpit crap and the Melvins. It's too bad about the moshpit because I am very short and even though my husband was there holding me up I still couldn't see. Very disappointed! But I'd still do it again! Zen.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (azpuma@primenet.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 15:33:53 everybody's got the set list down. i believe the the whole show changed when maynard took off the suit in stinkfist. everything got a lot more serious. he started dancing normal again. anyway, the end of stinkfist rocked. the extra long pushit was incredible. i guess im the only one who enjoyed melvins. hey if maynard digs them, who can argue with that? right, teeny boppers. but there were a lot of hardcore fans there and it made the experience better. the venue sucked. they should of played mesa again. other than that, geat show maynard and adam and the rest including melvins rocked. can't wait to see them at ozzfest. oh and they had the life sized purple man for third eye with a light shined to the top off his head to emphasize the whole third eye experience. i was really disappointed there was no 4 degrees. or H for that matter. i was suprised there was no opiate. i like the mesa show equally to this one purely for the change in set list, but it sounded so much better there at mesa. i'm sorry everyone had to put up with the civic plaza.

Review written by: unknown (n/a) Review posted on: 03/29/98 13:37:30 this concert kicked ass! butt it sucked cuz it was to crowded up in the front. I am short so the only thing i saw was a whole bunch of sweaty armpits shuved in my face. But other than that it was pretty cool.

Review written by: Dave Ploudre (daploudr@doitnow.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 12:36:25 As stated in a previous post, TOOL, why bother with the lame opening acts. Melvins suck - have do intensity or direction. Just wander off in some weird disconnected riff-ramblings. They couldn't get off the stage soon enough. But I digress. TOOL was awesome (why expect anything less), but Christ - the fucking Civic Center Plaza?!?!!? Worse place in the whole valley to have a concert. The place is acoustically hollow and vacuous. This venue was a complete diservice to TOOL and their fans. Dispite that, and the occassional assholes punching their way up to the pit, TOOL put on a impeccable show. The "Reverend Maynard" outfit was funny, and made you appreciate the "Reverend Spastic" that we all know and enjoy as he fully emerged in "Stinkfist". The herky-jerky Clinton video was the best comedic element. The "46&2" video was the coolest imagery. Since I wasn't as ripped as 2/3 of the audience, my recollection of the set list should be close: 46&2 Cold and Ugly Eulogy Sober Swamp Song You Lied Stinkfist Pushit Third Eye Aenima Jerk-off I wished they'd done "Hooker with a Penis", but they probably thought it would be wasted the mostly clueless prepubes in the crowd. The babe with the talking twat was funny, (wasn't that Bill Clinton and his advisers as the dancing cocks?), but some psyc ho bitch from hell acosted my brother on the way out. He was very thirsty after the show, and was jokingly anouncing that he'd pay $10 for a beer while walking out past the pay phones. We stopped to pity the poor fuck who passed out against the wall, my brother again making the harmless beer comment. Then psycho bitch shouted "he'll fuck you for $20" to which my brother responded, "But he'll only charge you $5". From there it was hilarious (but very strange as she was obviously either very disturbed or s trung out). We just asked her to leave, but she wanted the confrontation. Very bizarre. Always a wacko or two in every bunch. Hey but this is about TOOL right? Anyone who was there knows it comes down to this - they flat-out ruled. End of story. Later - and hope for next time they play Mesa Amp again.

Review written by: Mario McNulty (mariozzio@earthlink.net) Review posted on: 03/29/98 03:53:02 I am writing some comments about the Tool show in Phoenix. I just got back a couple of hours ago. First off... this was my second time seeing Tool in concert. This was an incredible show. Their setlist was very unique opposed to other Tool shows. Can't remember the exact order, but I hope someone else will list it. This show was very memorable for different reasons. The most incredible song of the night had to be their live version of pushit. This is probably one of the most beautiful peices of music I have ever heard. This song is extremly inspiring, emotional, and moving. Danny's dynamics are amazing. I had never see pushit live before, and it was truly amazing. Buzz from the Melvins came out and jammed on Stinkfist and you lied. You really ask anymore from Tool, they played their hearts out. Other than the show being incredible... I must say that the stupid jocks that come to these shows wanting to kill people is really getting old. Can anyone enjoy show anymore without trying to hurt people?? Unfortunatly, Tool has no control over this. The bigger they get, the more meatheads will be at the shows. Tool is on the radio a lot now. These trashy people hear a cool riff and it's like... Dude, I am going to KILL people in th PIT!!! Dumb. Really fuckin' dumb. I could see Tool in a seated hall, and still be able to enjoy the music. Well drop an e-mail if you have comments on this same show, or if you hear what I am saying about the idiots whose goal at concerts is to punch peoples teeth out. Later, Mario McNulty. mariozzio@earthlink.net

Review written by: Jared (bakin@inficad.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 03:50:10 pushit, Third Eye, Jerk Off. I can die now. Thank-s

Review written by: :- ) (op8@home.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 03:08:59 Ok, seriosuly. That show was incredible! It was pretty much the same set list as Friday in LA but minus Prison Sex and a like 2 others I think. The altered version of Pushit rocked my world and I loved what Danny Carey did at the end of Eulogy.....very cool. Maynard came out as the evangelist at first but as he said "I cant lie, this suit is hot, but I look good in it......in my opinion" So he took it off at the end of the bridge of Stinkfist. Third eye was the best performance I have seen them do of that song and it was dedicated to a restaurant in Jerome AZ, I am pretty sure I heard the name but I am not 100% on it so I would hate to mislead you. The background videos were very cool, one in particular.....the George Bush one, I hope everyone can see this one...I wont talk to much about it cause I dont wanna ruin anyones show but if you insist just E-mail me at op8@home.com and I will tell ya all about it....the 5 seconds it takes anyway. It was cool to hear most people singing along of course until a part with a long yell or high note and then it was funny as hell to watch people not be able to go along. I could see how everyone wanted to yell the "DIEEEEEEEE" Part in Jerk-Off but man, watching people just like....fail and look arounmd then bow there head and act like they didnt just pretend to sing was so funny. The crowd. It wasnt the typical Phoenix metal head "lets start 15 fires and dance around them while throwing in plastic water bottles" crowd. Everyone was pretty laid back except until.....well, Maynard said "You all dont happen to believe in apocalyptic prophecies and the like do you?" "Things like.....a child will lead them...a child will LEAD them..El Nino...You got some people moving into your town soon" And then źnima. I dont where to begin....heads were breaking, bodies were smashing and chaos brimstone and hell fire possesed that place. I could not even tell you..Some guy was like, lying on the floor all blue (as blue as our second sun? hehe) not moving and not even breathing and security was all around him and shit. I would like to thank tool for playing Jerk-Off a favorite song i have yet to see live and also for the girl who handed me a finely rolled botanical friend to us all..therefore enhancing the final song. The song they played after stinkfist was cool, I am not sure if it was a cover or new but it was in the spirit of Tool for sure. I dont need to go into the whole security thing or the Melvins and what not cause quite frankly its a review of a Tool show and who gives a shit anyway right? Thanks!

Review written by: Ben (dustinebe@juno.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 02:53:40 melvins sucked.tool kicked ass.thats the concert.

Review written by: Ron (ronf@cybertrails.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 02:52:32 Great show.... better song line up, in my opinion, than the LA shows... all the tunes I wanted to hear... sounded good even though the venue (exhibit hall) has the sound quality of a metal bucket... Sounds like pretty much the same stage show as LA... good crowd... everyone got their money's worth for sure... Hey guys... next time don't even bother with an opening act..

Review written by: DBW2 (hoser@asu.uswest.net) Review posted on: 03/29/98 02:52:17 Greetings, TOOL once again proves that they are true gods onstage. Maynard came out in the wig and a tan suit, dressed like some cheap TV evangelist. Interesting to see that all shows (so far) have had very different setlists. Tonight's: 46+2 Cold and Ugly Swamp Song Sober Eulogy Stinkfist (w/ Buzz) You Lied (?) (w/ Buzz again) Pushit (awesome!) Third Eye Aenima Jerk-off (in the immortal words of Eric Cartman, "Kick ayse!") I may have a few mixed up there, but I think that's all they played. After Opiate, they did the little "Hooker" ditty with the song-and-dance twat-and-cocks. I got a good laugh out of that. The sound was very good and clear. I think they could've played longer, and some more Undertow stuff would've been nice, but I walked away a happy camper regardless. The Melvins did not impress me too much, although I don't know why. I think I was just too hyped up to see Tool for the third time. I also got tons of compliments on my rabbit shirt, the same one available right here at t.d.n. under "More"! One guy approached me from behind (obviously having read the back of the shirt) and said "You know, only a die-hard TOOL fan would understand that shirt." I politely acknowledged that I am a die-hard TOOL fan. :)

Review written by: Jim (jstreets@aol.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 02:42:39 Great Time! I didnt care for the Melvins but the drummer layed down some good beats. Lots of pushin and shovin in front of the stage. There were a lot of little teeny bopper girls down front that were way in over their head AND SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME OR GRABBED A SEAT IN THE BACK! I will write more later but I just got home and I need to wash everyones sweat off me. KELLY thanks for the entertainment it's still working.

Review written by: halo (arsinec@juno.com) Review posted on: 03/29/98 02:17:38 A FUCKING AWESOME SHOW!!!! even though there wasn't much energy, i had a fucking good time! The Melvins opened for Tool, and they kicked ass. The lead singer played a couple songs with Tool. I can't remember the setlist, but it kicked fucking ass! This sh ow changed my life!!!!