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Review posted on: 07/13/02 02:17:02 ET

This was this reviewer's zero Tool show

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Review written by: JC ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 02:54:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 15th Tool show

Ha, first to post for real. Saw some Tomahawk: good ol Mike Patton. Fun. Tool: Setlist: someone will post it. Highlights: great set, H, The Patient, HOLY SHIT - TRIAD! Group effort group hug, Inspired artists that move and inspire me. Thank you TOOL. Incredible sound. 5th band member: Sound Engineer, incredible job in a big place. Please thank him at every show you enjoy. Thankless job. People only notice if it sucks. Thanks again. Read review of Chicago last year. Crowd less meats = more music fans. Great crowd, great vibe. Visuals: stunning, too much to take in at one show, must see another. Oh, tomorrow... See you there!

Review written by: tyler ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 02:55:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

OH was surreal. everyone was right on and the visuals were amazing. it was so smooth and seamless. they just get better and better. I don't remember the set list but I know they didn't play "pushit". when they played the Grudg, this huge sheet fell and revealed huge beautiful immages. it was too much to take in. while I'm at it. I'm in a band and our bassist is moving to san diego. we will audition any one who is serious. we have a dredg, tool, incubus, pink floyd, led leppelin - influence. if this sounds intresting and you live in san jose, email me at it is finished tyler

Review written by: Vincent (2nite@eightforty.two) Review posted on: 07/13/02 03:01:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

By sassafrass, this was smegging intense!!! First off, there are no better fans than those in the Bay Area. Second, I'm sure someone will be posting the setlist so I won't bother. All I remember of it off the top of my head is that it was slightly different than last year's, even those of a few months ago. The highlights for me were definately The Grudge, The Patient (when the silver confetti came a-pourin' down.), H., and Lateralus. Hearing Maynard's 24 second yell, and his "Let Go, Let Go" chant got me well as everyone else around me! All of us were "sanging" along with Maynard during Stinkfist and the biggest round of applause went to AEnema. The jam/groove portion towards the end of Lateralus will get you MOOVIN'! I don't think Danny plays Ziljian or Paiste cymbols. My guess is that he commissions Schick or Bic razors to make his cymbols because the sound of them just cut right through me! GAWD DAMN! The sound was pretty state-of-the-art and the visuals started simple and built on top it's simplicity. The screens were erected so it didn't clutter the stage at all. There was this giant 10-12 foot molecule made of black balloons that floated in mid air in the background. In all of this I only had one miniscule bit of disappointment: the contotionists were nowhere to be found...:-( I was looking forward to seeing them during Triad (which RAGED!!!), but hey, I don't own the band so I can't tell them what to do. I was just glad to be able to spend this evening amongst their greatness and jamming with 16,000+ of the coolest fans in the world! And ending with this: Maynard (clad in only a pair of speedos) said something pretty moving. He said to everyone, "thank you for keeping us reminded of where it's at..." Whether or not this was something that will be said at every show, I don't know but it was cool to hear since he doesn't say as much onstage as he use to. But it was great to see him enjoying himself. Justin too... And a big wussup to Paul...Hope you and everyone else enjoy Sacto tommorrow night. Sean, enjoy Tucson and everyone else reading this, enjoy the rest of the tour...approach it with an open mind and you will NOT be disappointed... The Fucker... The Sin... And the Wholly Gross... ...Vincent

Review written by: Jihad (zerostar) ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 03:14:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Words cannot describe the performance that was put on by Tool tonight (July 12th, 2002) in Oakland, California. Tool has once again proven to be one of the greatest live acts in the history of music. The visuals blew my mind: from the hanging septagram, to the beautiful artwork of Alex Grey in the background. The sound quality was near perfect and the setlist was phenomenal -- they truly picked out a great bunch of songs to play (no setlist available from me, sorry). Being a Tomahawk fan myself allowed me to really enjoy their performance. They had a lot of energy going and in my opinion was a great choice of a band to open up for Tool. It's a shame that tour shirts weren't available yet, but the memory remains. If anyone took any photos, or taped the show (audio or video), please email me at because I would really like to get my hands on a copy or scan. By the way, the fans were great; very active and energetic. We are the Tool Army.

Review written by: Andy ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 03:20:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well, what a show. It was a mind blowing experience. THe energy in the building was amazing. I also much enjoyed Maynard's comments on using the positive energy to make more positive energy...that is definately what we need right now and all the time. THe music as usual was great, and I always enjoy their extended versions. Last time I saw them at the Shoreline the skipped over Sober...this time they opened with it which really started things off with a bang. Stinkfist was great, and so was H. Everything else rocked as well, especially Triad with the extra drumming. Maynard could do whatever he wants to on stage and people will cheer for him. Standing thier near naked barely moving, what cool guy. Oh yeah, Tomahawk was actually cool as I expected them to be. Mike Patton totally went off and was screaming crazily and there was lots of feed back. Tool always has great opening bands. Tool rock, simply put.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (blargh) Review posted on: 07/13/02 03:20:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Fucking awesome, general admission people had it made. SO much more intimate than the shoreline concert... And they opened up with sober... this is their 3rd time in the bay area on the lateralus tour and it hopefully won't be their last. Rock

Review written by: trevor ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 03:33:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 19th Tool show

Heres the setlist: Sober Flood(ending) Maynard says "good evening" The Grudge(giant backdrop comes down with faces, skeletons and fetuses by Alex Grey) Ions with actual "electric wires" hung from the ceiling that lit up Stinkfist(extended) H Schsim(extended, with maynard making sounds on a guitar looking thing) Parabola(Giant multi ball thing from the video floats behind Danny by air being blown from under it) Eon Blue Apocaplypse(metallic glitter floats down on band) The Patient Aenema Short Break-------Crazy Sounds and computer graphics Dispostion(new backdrop behind band done by Alex Grey....its like a tunnel of eyes that go on forever with faces intertwined on the edges....pretty heavy.Maynard also on guitar thing through next three songs) Reflection(six to eight smaller "tapastrys" open up from the ceiling featuring some of Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred mirrors pictures as well as a huge 6 sided star that descends from the ceiling) Triad(with mystery geust on roto toms) "create something postive speech" Lateralus Show was great. I was a little disappointed with the fans (meats) but Tool was really good........Tomahawk seemed a little better then last night. I enjoyed last nights Tool performance a little better. This tour is really something else.....very pink definatly need to see it. I'll see you tommorrow and on monday in Los Angeles. trevor

Review written by: Teamsleeper ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 04:04:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 6 Tool show

I have never felt as satisfied after a show as I feel tonight. Tool is a huge inspiration for me, considerably the Ledd Zepplin/Pink Floyd of my time. Many events have happend in my life prior to this show. In the last few weeks, i'd say they've come to a head and culmiated are ready to emotionally explode. This show was very cathartic for me. Therapeutic even. Everyone else will post the setlist, but I'm happy they played H and AEnima, they left those out at the 2nd Berkeley show last August. The gigantic banner with art by Alex Grey, the brilliant light show, the confetti, the beautiful visuals. It was a audio/visual feast. I must say, the songs Reflection, Disposition, Triad, and Lateralus will forever remind me of 'our' greatest moment. Regardless of whether it means anything tomorrow, the moment was beautiful, reconciled without speaking and enjoyed 'our' time together for those precious moments. Thank you, you know who you are. We didn't even say goodbye. TOOL owns my soul, at least for tonight. I will be taking the positive energy from tonight and carry it with me for days and weeks and do something postive with it. Thanks TOOL Jose PS: Did anyone see a stainless steel PUlsar wristwatch or an Erriccson cellular phone? Me and my friend lost some items. E-mail if u have info. Graci.

Review written by: Andee ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 04:19:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

So, having slept all day after the trip to Bakersfield I got into the Oakland Arena only ten minutes before Tool came on. The set list was exactly the same as the night before, but unfortunately there were way more meathead/jocks at this show. Most interesting of all were the mongrols moshing to Reflection and then giving each other high fives. How I long for the King Crimson tour. As much as I love moshing, it sometimes becomes irritating. What I want to share with the fans though is my trip backstage after the show. A very good friend of mine was left three VIP passes which at first led to nothing but confusion at the conclusion of the show. First we lined up on the floor as the workers broke down the stage. Then we had to sit in a designated area. Finally, we were let backstage where all the food and drinks are, into a blue room. It was very nice to meet Danny, who was beyond kind to all of the fans. Justin, wearing a Sugarcubes T-shirt and jeans, was riding a yellow dirt bike around the workers and equipment. When we left we saw him riding alone outside talking on his cell phone. Adam was nowhere to be seen, and my friend did in fact run into Maynard in a room close to where we were. Although I did not get to meet him it was still an interesting expierience. I have a whole new appreciation for the work put in for each show. I also know why ticket prices are higher now. There must have been around 40-50 people busting their asses back there. There were a few groupies in tight jeans but for the most part it was like being at a family picnic. And honestly, for all Tool fans who dream of going backstage, I'll be truthful, it was sort of boring. It was like watching parents clean up after grad night. When we left people were looking at us like we were Gods, so I told them, "You guys aren't missing anything. People are back there cleaning up and doing dishes." So while it was neat to see another aspect of concerts, it wasn't anything at all like some people might think it is. I'm very tired from these two nights, but Sacramento lies ahead now as I get ready for my 10th Tool show. I'll have a review tomorrow as well.

Review written by: John Fausone ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 04:20:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Well..the setlist was the same as the night before, but that's ok, I still watch reruns of Kids in the Hall and enjoy them just as much each time. The band still kicked ass.. there was a different mystery person on the roto-toms this time..I think the info I got from a fellow concert goer the night before about Bakersfields roto-tom person might have been incorrect, sorry. In other news, it seems that Camella Grace is handing video responsibilities to a guy by the name of Breck, who I actually worked with at a Tool show in Fresno in 1998. I don't know if this is a permanent change or not, but Camella wasn't there tonight, and won't be tomorrow either. I hope the set is different in Sacramento...MUST HEAR BOTTOM. See you tomorrow -John

Review written by: Bubby ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 04:22:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

welp. i went to the concert in oakland. it was my first show. i dont know what to say, the show was just know. Tomahawk was decent and the lead singer mike patton mad a few funny coments about some guy havin fun with his girl friend. Then there was about a half an hour brake in between tomahawk and tool. as soon as the lights went out the crowd started yelling (what else would they[i] do). Maynard was painted blue speedos on. wasnt a pretty sight but who cares its not about him. he also had neon paint on his arms and legs so when the black lights went on the paint would glow. danney was awsome. justin looks like he hasnt had a hair cut in three years. adam was also good. set list(un-sure of order buts its really close) sober flood the grudge stinkfist(extended) schism(some what extended) h. parabola ion blue apocolypse the patient aenima =intermision=(water brake) reflection disposition triad(some guy in plad shirt on second set of drums) =little speech by maynard= Lateralus (to end the great show) that was my first tool show and hopfully not my last seeya the bubs

Review written by: Tony ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 05:41:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Great show. Nothing but what was expected. Same setlist as last night. The only differences were that the crowd was bigger and better looking, and that the sound was better. Hopefully, they will mix up the setlist for Sacramento.

Review written by: Stinkyfist ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 12:40:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow, I brought my girlfriend to this, it was her first tool show and she doesnt even like tool, she was amazed. During Triad I wanted to have an orgasm, it was just goddam amazing. I think that was the drummer from Tomahawk playing with them, but not sure. Holy shit what a great show compared to my last one in sacramento. everybody kept on throwing shit at maynard and he stopped singing, but Oakland was far better!!

Review written by: benjamin long ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 12:42:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 0th Tool show

In defiance of what people supposedly don't want to read, I'd like to make a comment on the 'black floating molecule thing' from the Parabola video.. While I still think about this, my first impression was the black thing is cancer. The little guy starts tugging on (trickys?) leg once the black thing reaches full size. I felt this was the body trying to tell the mind(or self) something. And then the body is stricken down by the black floaty thing and a spirtual journey prefaced by intense anger is begins. yippee..

Review written by: Tool Fawkin Rocks! ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 14:02:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 2tj Tool show

The show was incredible, like always. I thought this show was much better than last years in MountainView. Although the act and the displays were better last year. But I wasn't there for that, I was there to hear Tool prove to everyone that they are the best live show every. Maynard is a fuckin genious, and he sings with emotions that spark the whole arena with a positive attitude. The setlist was incredible and I would say I would have not wanted anything more. It was just perfect IMO. The Crowd rocked and Tool probably won't see better fans then The Bay Area. If you didn't get to attend, well I say you find yourself some tickets for another show in this Tour because it's worth every penny. I hope for those who attended the show left with a positive attitude and holds it everywhere they go. Awesome show and Tool is heaven.

Review written by: Kass ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 14:15:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

As a first time initiate into Tool music , the experience has lifted me into a new dimension of reality. They make all other bands seem like a Peter, Paul & Mary concert. I am now suffering from post toolmatic syndrome.

Review written by: Sara ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 14:21:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

That show was amazing. It definitely had moments that no other show has had. And I think that I and all of the people I went there with each had some kind of mystical experience during the show, whether it be during relection or Triad or some other point. Another interesting thing to note about that point was since we were pretty close, and there were no contortionists to distract us, we were better able to take in the mastery of Danny's drumming. He's so amazing. It was a mind-blowing experience in itself just to see him play. Since I am moving from California in a mere two days, I was very psyched to hear them play Aenema since they didn't play it in November. ears are still ringing...and my head is still singing tool songs. Thanks guys for another amazing night and for everything else you've given to me these past ten years.

Review written by: master tool for your utility belt ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 15:14:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

absolutely. the show kicked ass. sober was a great opener. H and aenima was a highlight, i thought maynard would keep it for the l.a. show, but i was filled to the brim of possitive energy when they played it. the backrounds were very cool, much better than the shoreline show i went to. sound could have been better, the bass was up a little to high in some cases. also near the end of la te ra lus, the sound got screwed and a high pitch scream of feed back came from adams guitar, it was funny to see the sound people rush to fix it. setlist was a little dissapointing, too much lateralus i had already heard. the patient was cool to see again, because maynard didnt play guitar for the double guitar part in the beginning. crowd was quite dissapointing, too many smiley-glad-hands with hidden agendas. overall it was a great show, i hope to see them many more times to come. thank you. TOOL

Review written by: Brandon ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 15:19:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tomahawk is the worst band I have ever seen in my life. Evereyone was bad/boring at their instraments. Every song has the same tempo. The drummer did the same beat every song. There were no transitions from each different part in each song. The singer did some disgusting noises on his tables the sounded like complete shit. All in all worse then a boy band. Tool Rocked I've only been too 2 shows, but I have heard a lot of bootlegs and I think Tool did the best versions I have heard of Triad and the Grudge. They could have played more songs off of Opiate and aenima. Other then that it was a religious experience filled with some awsome visuals.

Review written by: keLsey ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 15:39:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The show was vornaculous (I couldn’t think of any better words, so I made one up. Tell your friends!!) When they brought out the drum set, people started cheering. First, they turned off the lights and this thing on the screen started playing (the suspense was tearing us apart). Then, a few minutes later, they started Sober. Everyone heard the first note and was like, “Oh!! It’s Sober!!” Yay. They performed Disposition, Reflection, and Triad in a row. It was all calm and then they brought back the energy with Triad. What I thought was pretty cool was during Lateralus, when Maynard goes, "Following our will and wind, we may just go where no one's been..." There was all this sound all of the sudden. It was too much to register at once, but when I did, it sounded like there was this choir in back of him. It was so cool! It was like scary Lord of the Rings choir. I don't know, maybe I was hearing things. I didn’t know Maynard played guitar, but he did on a few songs. The backdrops were very cool. I liked how everything sort of intertwined. Very nice colors, and the lights added to the effect. The things on the screen were quite unusual, but hey, it’s art. It was a great experience. It was a true display of excellent musicianship. It almost made me want to stop playing music altogether because I have no talent compared to them, but then I realized that I must keep trying. Hey, maybe someday I’ll be the next Adam Jones, who knows. TOOL has taught me so much about music and everything it stands for. It was so cool to see them in person instead of them being this sound coming from my stereo. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the floor rumbling under you from the bass, or the drunk guy in back of you singing the wrong words really loud. It was by far the best concert I’ve ever been to. I hope to see them again.

Review written by: Vince ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 16:24:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

just a few words...togetherness, unity, collective conscious celebrating the chance to be alive and breathing. I realized this moment when Tool was standing on stage just staring at every body with smiles ...then hugged...the lights were on and everyone wes cheering with positive this is what it's all about.. The art stimulaters and the masses were at one last night and it will be a bonding experience to inspire.

Review written by: fatboy67 ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 16:59:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Tomahawk- Much better than i expected. No Jockstrap thnk god! The only annoying thing was all the feedback that was going on. TooL- Sober was much better live and a great starter. The Grudge was awesome and the artwork and lights really added to it. H. and The patient were cool to see live as well. The beat song in the set was definitely Lateralis omg it was fucking awesome! Especially the end where maynard sings to fathom the power....witness the beauty....Swing on a spiral etc. I'm with that guy on the Sacramento review bring back THird Eye! shout out to the bubs and that hot girl with the phat ass! Learn to Swim!

Review written by: Anne ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 17:59:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I had a spiritual experience last night. I thought I was going to a rock concert, but instead I found myself worshipping at the temple of TOOL. It was perhaps the most incredible experience of my life. I have become aquainted with TOOL a little later in life (40's) than most of their fans, but I have gained a proper appreciation quickly, and living the music with them last night in Oakland has cemented my devotion. Listening... watching... and feeling; it was a full body experience. The building trembled with the energy of the music and the crowd. The sound filled every space, and me. Each song was just tremendous, but during Triad and Lateralus, I think I was having an out-of-body experience. It could have gone on all night and I would have been happy. Since I had never been to a concert of this type, I didn't really know what to expect. It was fascinating to observe the way the energy and anticipation of the crowd was gradually amped up during the intermission between the opening band and the arrival of TOOL. Recorded musical meanderings were played, at a steadily increasing level of sound and power, leading to a corresponding increase among the crowd. When TOOL took the stage, the outpouring of music seemed to have physical substance, and as the visuals displaying around, above and beyond the stage unfolded, I had the impression that the combination of the music, the graphical symbolism and the content-rich artwork were there with lessons to be absorbed by those who might be receptive. This was my first TOOL concert, but I sure hope it won't be my last! Anne

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 20:10:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

First the obvious. This was another awesome Tool show. Tool is the best band on the planet. The only band I REALLY respect as artists. Definitely not MTV rap/pop crap! I think that last tour's stage setup was better regarding the two large screens placed behind the stage instead of in front like on this tour, but I do like being able to see Maynard instead of just a black figure because of the screen behind him which they had on the last tour. I also liked the floating molecule prop. The electric wire props were cool too. Anyway, I was sitting diagonal from Adam and I had my binoculars so I was able to notice a few things that I've never read anyone mention before so here goes: Maynard plays a standard guitar AND a bass guitar. He plays a 4 string bass guitar during Triad. The couple other songs where he's playing an instrument he's using a guitar and only playing a few different repeating notes. If anyone's interested, Maynard uses a Line6 amp and the Line6 foot controller for it. I couldn't see the Line6 amp, but I could see the Line6 foot controller so I assume it's a Line6 amp. Oh yeah, the paint on the back of both of Adam's black Gibson necks are completely worn off. He probably leaves them that way to keep his SOUND! He uses a metal slide too. I couldn't see much of Adam because of the speakers in my way, but I should be able to see him better tonight in Sacramento. I play guitar so I like to watch Adam play! Danny was playing his new drum set and he threw out 3 symbols to the crowd. He is the best drummer in the world. I saw at least two crowd surfers come over the barracade just to get choked out with sleeper holds. I think Maynard might have some of his Gracie Jiu-Jitsu buddies doing security for the tour because those guys were putting people to sleep quick. One of the guys who got choked out ran up to the stage and started pulling on cables until he was put to sleep and the other guy just started wrestling with the security guards until he went night-night. Very entertaining. Both were dragged out like rag dolls. The guest drummer on Triad was not Tomahawk's drummer. This guy was fat and Tomohawk's drummer wasn't! ha ha! Maynard gave his "positive energy speach" as usual. He also said, "Thank you for reminding us what it's all about." Anyway, I'll be at the Sacramento show tonight and I hope these rednecks out here don't throw shoes at Maynard like they did last time Tool came to Sacramento. Yes, I live in Sac. Last time Tool was at Arco, Maynard got hit with a shoe halfway through Parabola and he ended up just sitting down through the rest of the song. Bummer. Tonight's Sacramento show will be my 5th Tool concert. Later.

Review written by: merett wainwright ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 20:35:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

the most inspirational concert i've been to! i felt so much positive energy from the entire experience. an excellent setlist and mesmerizing stage design. i would explain...but i dont want to ruin the surprise. any fan should see how far the band has come and how far they can take you. Thanks TOOL.

Review written by: Michele ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 20:50:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This was my 3rd Tool concert! My first show was at Berkeley last year during their tour with King Krimson, my second was at Arco Arena in Sacramento and I must say that of all three concerts that I've attended so far, without a doubt, the best one was at Berkeley! Anyway, back to Oakland. Last night's concert was awesome as usual! It was great to have seats close to the stage. We were in the lower section of 116 to the left of the stage. We were able to see the band come up onto the stage and see things from a different perspective. My husband brought the binos and when I looked at Maynard or Adam or Justin playing, I felt like they were standing right in front of me! Maynard came out painted with neon yellow and orange designs so that when certain color light hit him, it looked like he was glowing. I could have sworn that he had some orange painted around his eyes because they looked like they glowed! On one particular gig box on stage, there was a white bra hanging on the side... A possible prop? Also on another box was a sticker that said "Don't be a DICK" and another that had "Tool Coffee and Doughnuts" hehehe. Thought that was pretty funny. Anyway, Tomahawk came out and they were okay. I wasn't really into them. Sounded like some type of music you'd hear at a rave. They came out dressed in police outfits.. Wierd, I won't knock them though... It's just not my music. When the intermission came after Tomahawk's performance the crowd seemed to get infinitely larger. More people flocked to the front of us as they attempted to outsmart security and jump the gate that separated the seats from the General Admission crowd. There was one couple that came up to one of the Senior Security staff who was in our section. The guy & his gal came over and I think they must have tried the whole 'check my girl out' tactic. She was wearing a net shirt without a bra and you could see her nipples. Quite entertaining. The security guy just told them, sorry, you have to go back to your seats and pointed them to that direction. The security guy then looks at us and shrugs, "I've seen worse." Hilarious! There was another chick in the pit that had "Maynard is GOD" painted on her chest. Also another girl in our section that painted her entire face BLUE, I don't know that the whole meaning was behind that, but whatever floats your boat I guess. Just before Tool came out, they started playing this music that seemed to hype up the crowd's energy. Somewhat hypnotic, eerie type music. Pretty cool. After the lights went down, we saw the boys come up on stage. Just calmly walking up the steps and on the stage, they took their spots on stage! What an awesome surge! You guys know the setlist, so I'm not going to go into detail. All I can say is that I'm glad that nobody threw any shoes at Maynard as they did in Sac. The energy was great and to see Maynard and Danny and Adam and Justin in action up close was sooooooo great! Maynard totally loses himself in the music as he sings and moves. I could have sworn that they were looking straight at me as I looked on with our binoculars!!! The stage was awesome, I didn't really get to watch the videos on the screens that were up on either side of the stage because of where we were sitting, but I'll see that tonight. The artwork was so cool. The first one had two skulls kissing another one in the center. If you haven't picked up your tickets yet, you really need to!!! Tool is the Best!!!

Review written by: Armando Reyes ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 21:48:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Man, The Tool show was not at all what i expected. It was way above and beyond what i expected. Tool gave me just another reason to listen to them as much as i do. Incredible how good it sounds, just as good as the studio recordings. Tool is by far the most talented band out there. and i am honestly not just saing that. i mean it. I have reasons for what i say. its not just a thought, there are plenty of reasons to make this a fact and not just an opinion. Member by member, instrument by instrument. everyhitng sounded masterful. Drums Guitar, Bass ans Maynards voice is the best in metal today. he feels no need to scream everything at the top of his lungs i have heard noone else "serenade" to metal the way Maynard does. everyhting about this band is masterful. Im gona be at the Sacramento show, i hope to god they play No Quarter. there is nothing to add tho Tool, just the experience, but No Quarter would be like having to cherries on top of a sundae. Thanks TOOL... and i was glad to have shared this, my first Tool experience with you... You know who you are ;) %

Review written by: Carl ( Review posted on: 07/13/02 21:48:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, last night was my first Tool show and I must first of all thank Tool from the bottom of my heart for an awesome performance. The band was perfect, the setlist was awesome, and the visuals and backdrops were surreal. Put it all together, and it was an incredible show. Someone already posted the setlist, so I'm not gonna bother with formally posting that, but it was damn good. Tomahawk was a great opening band. I really enjoyed watching them. The singer was pretty fun to watch. Never heard of them before tonight, so I'm very glad Tool picked them to open. I thought Sober was a great way to start. Really got the crowd going. Flood kept the crowd going. The beginning of The Grudge was amazing when they revealed the giant screen with the skeleton faces and fetuses. I was so glad they played H., as I wasn't expecting it. Stinkfist was great, and it was pretty cool to see all the glitter being dropped, I believe during Eon Blue Apocalypse, which of course went straight into The Patient and was awesome. I thought the fans could have been better. Aenema was great. I loved the skeleton head visual during intermission. Disposition and Reflection were simply beautiful. The new backdrop with the eyes and the faces off at the sides of the screen was pretty cool. Triad blew me away, and Lateralis was a great way to close a great show. My only dissapointment was being small and down on the floor, cause I got pushed around quite a bit with the pits going right behind me. I have no problem with moshing, but being Tool, I really wish I could have just watched the show and not worried about being knocked down. But for the most part, the crowd was good. Next time I'll be sure to get reserved seating, or stand off to the side so I can enjoy all the visuals even more. My first Tool show, but definitley not my last. Thank you Tool, for an amazing night. -Carl

Review written by: Josh: feel free to contact me :) ( Review posted on: 07/14/02 02:58:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was quite simply the most mind altering thing I have ever had the privilage to not only pay $240!!!! dollars for two tickets to see, but also attend with probably some of the most intense tool fan base members I could imagine. This show rocked because it lured you in, it FUCKED you UP, and it patted you on the back. It was that GOOD!! I have wanted to see these guys for over 8 YEARS!! Every time they would come some event would prevent me from going. So I finally get the chance to see these guys....and Im damn near giddy. From the minute we parked in the handi cap spot (thanks to a random tweaker who provided a permit for us) you could see this show was gonna be sacred in your life...a memory burned into your mind. People weren't really fucking with each other ( on, its further down) and everyone was ready to have a good time. The security guards at the front let us smoke (ever been to the warfield???...since when cant you smoke in a concert WITH A BAR IN IT! WAKE THE FUCK UP!) Within ten minutes I was talkin tattoos with people, getting phone numbers, or just talking to someone cool. I dont smoke anymore,, so I had to make the dreaded response of " No thanks" to hundreds of people who just wanted to get everyone on a level somewhat near what we were going to experience. Now what threw me off guard was the stage. It was blank. Video screens on either side of the stage, and A large 6 pointed star (to those who dont know tool, it was not a jewish star, we apologize for any inconveniance) . I have become an advid reader of these reviews, and simply expected something a little more interesting. I guess the longer you dream about something, the less it actually represents it once you attain it. Think on that. I have seen Mike patton at a show with Mr bungle a few years back. I dont have anything against his music, I just dont really have a taste for it. He is an intersesting musician, and quite fun to watch...but I would have prefered just more Tool. On a side note- can you imagine how cool a tour with A Perfect Circcle....AND TOOL headlining! We can pray this idea Comes to bless us. The main event....the lights drop a second time...the video screens burst into life......and the crowd flips out! I was literally able to take my feet off the ground and let thepressure of 6-7000 fansa trying to get my position two people away from the guard rail. I was dead center......and completely unprepared. One figure lurked to the right, another to the left...and the man of the hour mounted his personal stage in the back. From the black light paint just barely discernable in the dark, I knew who this was. He carried an air of authority.....He knew what was coming. One guitr rips into life, the next, and the black curtain turns flaurescent red. That took me a bit off guard....and they opened with sober! It was like they made a statement to all the people who fail to accept Lateralus as a True Tool CD:We are who we have always been. Following that was a number of other songs listed below Sober Flood(ending) Maynard says "good evening" The Grudge(giant backdrop comes down with faces, skeletons and fetuses by Alex Grey) Ions with actual "electric wires" hung from the ceiling that lit up Stinkfist(extended) (somewhere in here maynard thanked us for being there to reimind them what its all about. VERY COOL) H Schsim(extended, with maynard making sounds on a guitar looking thing) Parabola(Giant multi ball thing from the video floats behind Danny by air being blown from under it) Eon Blue Apocaplypse(metallic glitter floats down on band) The Patient Aenema Short Break-------Crazy Sounds and computer graphics Dispostion(new backdrop behind band done by Alex Grey....its like a tunnel of eyes that go on forever with faces intertwined on the edges....pretty heavy.Maynard also on guitar thing through next three songs) Reflection(six to eight smaller "tapastrys" open up from the ceiling featuring some of Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred mirrors pictures as well as a huge 6 sided star that descends from the ceiling) Triad(with mystery geust on roto toms) "create something postive speech" Lateralus The show was great the whole time through lighting effects that were really hard to follow but a lot of fun to watch. (My buddy ensured an intense reaction, you might know him) There were moments when it felt like the entire crowd was in sync with the music. The vibe was perfect. When he slowed down the tempo, people relaxed and enjoyed it, before being thrashed about by another deafening blow. I have never really experienced a musical event of this scale or intensity. The only real problem I had was with this prep school BITCH, that another I had been talking to pointed out, who just so happened to be in the way. If we could move him, we WERE the front. Thats how close we were. I spent the entire show no more than cotton-mouth spittin distance (HA, Right-you ever tried that shit, no distance and your lucky if you dont just end up getting distracted and end up drooling on yourself after its all youve been breathing for damn near 24 hours!!) from the stage. the only problem with this was I only saw a few bits if the video screens, but worth it. The people went crazy around me. Joints fired up, other things kicked in, or your adrenal glan woke up like it was on fire! This show made us move. We had to, no other option, and none wanted. The sound system was refreshingly clear. I could actually tell what was being played. Arenas can be a problem, like for the Korn tour a few years back I wept...went through. Maynard held our attention like no other musician I have seen. He moved different....or not at all. No bouncing on the front of the stage, or trying to get in the crowd. He moved like he held something powerful to deliver to us..a warning...a cry of outrage......a spiritual epiphany. I loved every minute of, and ensure you that it is worth every cent you OWN. Whether it clears up something in your mind, or just takes you away from it all for 3 hours of "constructive criticism" in the mosh pit. Where better to relieve your stress, forget therapist. The word is out that one Tool show per month will let you get out everything thats bothering you. Spread the word. Tool has never stopped being great artists and musicians. I truly appreciated the intensity and perfection the played their songs with. Thank you guys. The fans reacted to everything, and everyone was into it. At one point Maynard said "It said we were going to Oakland tonight.........Are we in Oakland tonight?" The reply he got from the guy on my left ALONE, probably removed any chance of me ever hearing out of that ear again. We Are...THE.... GREATEST FANS...... ON EARTH!! And now, I think Maynard may be looking foward to seeing us again. Till then....... I'm praying for rain And I'm praying for tidal waves I wanna see the ground give way. I wanna watch it all go down. Mom please flush it all away. I wanna watch it go right in and down. I wanna watch it go right in. Watch you flush it all away. -written by Maynard James Keenan Performed on Ænema Song Title;Ænema

Review written by: Abbysynthe ( Review posted on: 07/14/02 05:08:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Last night's Tool show was exquisite! I was impressed with the crowd's reflection..we were loud and proud. The music was crisp and Maynard looked delicious. The "flags" and the star were kinda silly, I wanted naked upside down people, again at least.. They played my songs, so I was enthralled. The people were beautiful. The band was perfect.

Review written by: Clark ( Review posted on: 07/14/02 05:40:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I saw TOOL for the second night in a row after a six and a half hour train ride back from Baketsfield. AWESOME SHOW AS WELL!! I got up to the rail on the floor, Adam-side, with no problem and had moments of pure amazement there until intermission/end of Aenema. Although the show was basically the same as the one in Bakersfield, it REALLY made a difference being as close as I was. I swear that Adam and Danny were staring at me a few times. I was all- encompassingly (thanks mitch hedberg) INTO the music. Tool was fucking on in Oakland. The new stage setup really blows your mind during The Grudge and Parabola. Tool extended Schism and Stinkfist, and played a flawless Trilogy of Disposition-Reflection- Triad...TRIAD WAS AWESOME. Aenema was the perfect way to head into intermission. I noticed that Camella wasn't there, as I was planning on talking to her. but the guys in her place did a fine job with most of the visuals. The new video for Reflection rules as does the new Schism one. Favorites of the night would most likely have to be H., Stinkfist, Triad, and Aenema. SEE THESE GUYS IN CONCERT...ITLL BE WORTH EVERY PENNY! THANK YOU AGAIN TOOL...

Review written by: JF (email removed) Review posted on: 07/14/02 18:19:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was an awesome experience, maynard was in his underwear and blue paint this time around. There was a beautiful and mind opening piece of work in the background painted by Alex Grey which I got off of, as well as the tasty eye candy on the projection screens. There were new images I'd never seen before, all of which I can't remember because I was so damn tired. It showed 2 naked chicks getting the shit scared out of them by an alien tentacle or something, as well as more naked people on other songs. Many morphing geometric shapes appeared on the screens as well. At the intermission it showed a bust of a person and the face was moving in a snake like manner, then it switched to the face being torn off backwards and forwards, progressively moving faster. I must say though the best part of the show was seeing Maynard's asscrack with my binoculars, in fact closer than I have ever seen. Other than seeing Maynard's beautiful blue ass, I saw in great detail the equipment that was in use, though I must warn everyone who uses binoculars at TOOL concerts it will spoil the things to come. For example, I saw the baloon ball that was to be used later in "parabola" before the show even started, and I wish I didn't do that. Tomahawk was awesome, it was unfortunate that the audience booed them at the end of their show though. Hope you enjoyed my review

Review written by: toolbox-1 ( Review posted on: 07/14/02 21:14:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

tool never seems to amaze me. my 4th lateralus show ,berkeley, arco, shoreline, and now oakland. this is one band that plays so well together, so effortlessly, that it`s music brings tears to my eyes. the setlist`s are always different. loved the live "stinkfist" & "sober" and especially"parabola", visually stunning, moving.beautiful artwork in the backdrops. thought i might not like tha removal of the screen on the stage behind maynard. I DIDN`T MISS IT 4 A MINUTE. show went by way, way 2 fast. too good to be true. if you haven`t seen tool live yet, then you need to do whatever it takes to get there, i promise you won`t be sorry TOOL IS!

Review written by: kim ( Review posted on: 07/16/02 15:39:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

d.a.m.j thank you for being the most important artistic influence in my life. words cannot do the experience justice.

Review written by: #1 tool fan ( Review posted on: 07/16/02 18:58:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. WOW, what else can i say, its been 3 days since the bet nite of my life and im still speechless. i have been a fan for 7 years now, and everytime tool is around, i cant make it, except last friday. i couldnt sleep the nite before but i was so amped i didnt need any. well me and my bros started drinkin at 500 across the 880. we were gettin hammerd bumpin all the tool we could take, full blast in the car. we heard just about every song right before we went in. we were so hyped, all of us, finally there to see our favorite band in which we bought tickets for the first day the were available. only thing was the sold out of gen admission tixs hella fast so we werent sure if we were going to get on the floor, so we were on a mission. as we walked in tomahawk was already playing,but for some reason i just wasnt feeling them at all, the band was ok, but the singer just sucked ass. but the anticipation for tool to come out was just too much. the little eye coming out of the mouth then bam sober, the couldnt have chose a better song to start it off. it was amazing, the clear no mistake play was just out of this world, they sound 10 times better live! i must have been in another world cause i swear i heard euology, but i must have been gone. one of the most dissapointing thing of the nite was the security. they really killed my moment in the middle of h. i was deeply meditated into another dimension it was an awesome song, but in the middle of it, can you believe a fuckin security guard taps on my soulder and asked me for my ticket, me of all 10000 fans me, in the middle of h.? i was fuckin heated i told her to wait and she said im gonna kick you out i told her to suck my dong and she went to get help form her fellow toy cops. so i had to book it to another seat missing the end of h. the heavy security dissapointed me . other than that, it was a flawless concert. great setlist aenima,patient,reflection,triad were my highlights along with lateralus, then again so were everyother song. triad the drums, amazing, was in awe, couldnt breathe, had a tear run down my sweaty face.a beautiful moment, to a perfect nite. i didnt get ont eh floor to get in the pit what i dearly wanted to do, but it was just as good. i am truly touched by this nite, and i will carry it with me forever. thank you tool, you are such an inspiration to my life, keep rockin cause i need to see the best band ever one more time.

Review written by: spidermonky ( Review posted on: 07/16/02 21:49:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first concert ever. And holy crap it will be the best. The band showed raw emotion. and the suspense they gave the crowd was awesome. the crowd interacted nicely. the pit was going off. all four of them (at one point five) had great stage presence. all maynard had to say was two damn words and the crowd went crazy. the stage show visuals could not have been better. loved all of the viddeos and the backdrops. those flags were awesome maynard was painted really cool. his little stage thing did weird things. maynard plays well . once again the long pauses building suspense was awesome. it made the crowd react better.

Review written by: Pr1ck ( Review posted on: 07/17/02 11:53:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

Show was pretty good.. Was a little surprised because it seemed like no one was there! This was number 12 for me and it was no dissapointment.. I really enjoyed the new screen behind the band.. It was pretty sweet. BTW, I recorded the show on MiniDV and will be releasing DVD's (NO VHS) before the end of the month.

Review written by: MR. TIDS ( Review posted on: 07/18/02 16:08:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Tool puts on such a bad ass show I didn’t think twice about making the 1,600 mile road trip from Seattle to the Bay Area for the SECOND time. I made the same trip last Nov. w/my girlfriend to see Tool in Sacto and Shoreline. The drive sucked ass, but seeing Tool live was totally worth it, they never fail to amaze me with their artistic talent. The trip almost didn’t happen, my buddy started to come down w/a case of vaginitis right before we left Seattle. So I beat him across the face w/my cock, packed the car, the bowl and we hit road. Before we knew it, we were wasted in the Oakland Arena parking lot. We bought shitty nose bleed tickets, said the magic words to turn them into “special” tickets, and entered to zone. We took our time finding our seats, drinking our beers and trying not to get whiplash. When we finally got to our “special” seats we were right by the right corner of the stage. I didn’t really get into Tomahawk, probably cause I’ve never heard them before, but they were definitely rockin. During the intermission, my buddy came back w/two beers and told me to go get two more. Good idea I said, I didn’t want to have to get them during Tool and miss anything. So, after what seemed like forever, Tool took the stage and Justin started pounding out the beginning riffs of Sober. I swear the whole crowd yelled out “FUCK YAAA!” all at the same time. Was the band trying to tell us something by opening with this song??? As I noticed everyone in the crowd “lighting up”, myself included, I figured that we got the message. Then they busted out w/Flood I went nuts. H. was amazing, I haven’t heard that one since ’98 in Portland. Everything was going great until my buddy passed out half way through the show. How the fuck do you fall asleep during a Tool concert? I started punching him in the face to wake him up, but he just kept passing out again. Fuck it, AEnima was starting and I didn’t want to get kicked out for beating the crap out of my friend. Disposition/Reflection/Triad was an intense ride and Lateralus was the capper to another amazing show. Maynard is a fucking maniac, Adam is a freak, Justin is pimp, and Danny is a damn savage. Together, they are Tool, one of, if not THE best musical acts ever. Go see them perform……but only if you are ready to open your third eye…… See you in Sacto!!!

Review written by: Panko ( Review posted on: 07/20/02 01:17:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

This was my second show of the tour and despite the identical setlist to the previous night, I though Oakland had a better crowd, and The venue captured the light and sound a little better. I think maynard sang in flood, "This crowd is not the rock I thought it to be" though It could be my imagination, I really enjoy the improv of lyrics/moans and additional vocal contribution that maynard provided to stinkfist, and hope to see more of this in the future. I had seats this time are around and Had more space to lose myself within the music. Grudge was the top performance. Again Triad, was another that made me move more then most, along with lateralus. I really think that the bands skills at impov are what makes each show unique, despite the setlist, I only hope to see this more when they make it out east.