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Review written by: erohm (
Review posted on: 07/19/02 03:06:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

SOBER FLOOD :) STINKFIST THE GRUDGE 46&2 SCHISM PARABOLA EON BLUE APOC THE PATIENT AENEMA DISPOSITION REFLECTION TRIAD LATERALUS hope thats right. I just walked in. This is my second TOOL show. And by far the best of the two. The Phoenix show was good, but it was an outdoor venue, so alot of the subtleties of TOOLs music tends to get lost. Eon blue and the Patient may be switched, but this is the best i can remember. I may have missed one. Flood was awesome. They nailed it. I wont even start to explain the visuals. I dont want to spoil it. TOOL has really outdid themselves. Dont miss the new show. erohm

Review written by: Patrick Valenzuela ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 03:18:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Amazing show. This being my first concert (I'm 14) of any kind *ever*, it was truly unforgettable. Everything was perfect except we were sitting so close we couldn't see Danny or his kit (there was a large speaker in front of him from your vantage point). And, oh, Tomahawk was decent, they got more energy from the crowd than I was expecting. At the end of their set Mike Patton threw a cooked ham into the audience (more on this later). As for the TOOL setlist... (I *think* this is the correct order.) -Sober -Flood (without intro) -Stinkfist -The Grudge -Forty-Six & 2 -Schism -Parabola (totally killer) -Eon Blue Apocolypse / The Patient -AEnema (probably the best of the night) ---INTERMISSION--- -Disposition -Reflection (best visuals of the night) -Triad --The whole "positive" speel by Maynard... he also thanked Tomahawk for providing dinner (see above). -Lateralus (there seemed to be a Third Eye 'teaser' before, some people got really excited) A common setlist, but amazing nonetheless. There was so much energy just... flowing. Thanks to the fans I shared the night with, and much thanks to Maynard, Adam, Danny and Justin. Spiral out...

Review written by: Lydian ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 03:46:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Sober Flood The Grudge Stinkfist (extended) Forty Six & 2 Schism Parabola Aenema The Patient Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus

Review written by: jon ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 04:23:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

wow. pretty amazing how far i had to scroll down the page just to get to actual reviews of this show... anyway, posted setlist is correct, so i suppose i probably should resist the temptation to be the FOURTH person to put it up. damn, i was about to write about how much the tucson fans by far exceeded my expectations and helped to make this such a fantastic show, and then they have to go make fucking idiots of themselves on this board. i guess i'll have to try to overlook that... on to the show... tomahawk: actually quite interesting. they had a lot of material that i thought was quite good. i don't imagine myself ever buying a cd of their's, but at least i was entertained. what else do you want from an opener? however, they did fall into the same trap that every opener in the history of mankind has fallen into: they played way too damn long. alas... tool: ahhh, what can i say? this show was so much better than phoenix last fall. MUCH better sound ("the grudge" and "46 & 2" were nearly unintelligible in phoenix, but clear and clean in tucson), better crowd, much more spirited performance from the band (they were DEFINITELY into this show; amazing performance), and the visuals...fuck, you've got to see this for yourself. i was blown away by the visuals last fall, but this...they've added so many more dimensions to complement the i say, you have to see it for yourself. "flood" was fucking amazing, as was "aenema." actually, the funniest moment of the show came just before "aenema." it transpired roughly as follows: MJK: "by a show of hands, who here lives in california?" (large chunk of audience raises their hands and cheers with pride) MJK: "how unfortunate for you." (band proceeds into ass-kicking performance of "aenema", who's "arizona bay" line got more than a few cheers of its own) too many highlights to mention without going through the entire setlist, so i'll just reiterate that the extent to which the band threw itself into this performance really made a huge difference and really made this show special. final thought: since the last time that i saw tool, i have, of course, seen the "lord of the rings" movie several times, and, seeing maynard painted blue and writhing passionately onstage, i came to the rather stunning conclusion that MAYNARD IS GOLLUM. with a better voice, of course. food for thought...

Review written by: Blastrid ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 04:28:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

"tucson, ay?" "sounds more like phoenix.... that's better" god damn the boys were on tonight. maynard was in blue paint with florescent lines, maybe a skeleton. The show was overall much better than phoenix, better setlist, better performance, better sound, better stage setup (btw, no one has mentioned that the light rig above the stage is a 7 pointed star, as in the parabola video when the apple is cut. i thought this was so damn cool). best visuals during reflection, all that sacred geometry and stuff was giving me goosebumps. ahh and all the 7pointed stars all over the place were awesome. there were so many great new slides for the lateralus songs, they keep getting better and better, perfectly peaking during reflection and lateralus. i thank tool for making me feel the thoughts and feelings i would when tripping, that reminds me of Maynard's quote about psychedelics. oh a note about Tomahawk: Assholes! god damn they tried so hard to make our ears bleed, i swear.. he had mic troubles for most of his songs, and produced annoying sounds at the highest frequencies i've ever heard. it was hard to tell if it was on purpose or they were having sound problems. then he started throwin around his mic, and their overall dissonance and glassbreaking high frequencies left me so annoyed and my head throbbing. i shall repeat previous posters...: THEY SUCK DONKEY BALLS. I will hold this experience with me til my death. I'm honored to have witnessed such a genious moment. "fuck all you gun-toting hip cowboy wannabe's" -'Aenema', Tucson AZ style

Review written by: Logan (FBM311@HOTMAIL.COM) Review posted on: 07/19/02 04:31:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

HOLY SHIT!!!!! THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOO INCREDIBLE!! danney went off!! i thought tomahawk had good energy but werent that great. this was definetly the best night of my life!!! for those who didnt go, i feel bed for you. setlist was perfect! awesome images in the backround! great job az fans!

Review written by: Imodium ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 05:01:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Before I begin my first review, let me just say that posting for the sake of posting is very stupid and I hope those who do choke... just a little bit. I don't have the setlist, although I could probably remember if I tried. I'm sure (and hoping) somebody will post it. The day started out at 3:30pm, when I left for Tucson. The drive lasted about 2 1/2 hours with us having to check at a restaurant to see where exactly the TCC Arena was. We eventually found it, and parked at around 6:30pm. An hour before show start. We walked up to the security, and I saw they were using metal detectors. I took out the recorder I had in my pants and put it back in the car. Good thing I did, because even if I made it past the detectors, the pat-down was thorough. They checked everything, and was complete madness. I'm hoping the show will eventually get posted at, or even trading circles, but I HIGHLY doubt it will happen. Ah, well. I decided I wouldn't get a T-shirt this time, because I saw the exact same one at the mall for $20 ($10 less then what was at the show). We had General Admission seating so we went down at sat on the floor for awhile. I've never had G.A. seating other then Ballpark concerts, and I hate that they take your ticket stub, now I really have nothing to remember it by exept for the wrist band. Ah, well. Tomahawk eventually came on. The lead singer had a pigs head and asked if anyone wanted it. He threw it to the crowd at the end of the set, after taking a small bite out of it. The music continued from there. Some people were really digging them, but I didn't think they were anything special. After songs the guy added some mindless cliche's. The usual "Who hates Cops? Fuck cops. Die pigs die" speaches that are so overused in rock music. Whatever. He did, however, before the final two songs say "I see all the little girly girls here to see Maynard. I don't know if he's going to come out. Everyone chant with me "Maynard, Maynard, Maynard," (crowd repeats), "I think he'll be coming out". We were in the front for Tomahawk, which we really didn't need to be, and which wore me out a bit for Tool. The moshpit up there wasn't very respectful to people not wanting to be involved. I was shoved around a couple of times. Just get out of the way, I suppose. Intermission An intro plays on the video screen. The crowd becomes crazy and people try to jump the wall. This intro lasted for about 5 minutes, and then a dim light came on where you could see everyone in the band and Maynard rocking back and forth. The band then kicked into "Sober", which was performed perfectly and amazing. The band then kicked into "Flood", which I didn't recognize at first, because I haven't listened to 'Undertow' in awhile. The band then went into the rest of the set, which was amazing. I love Maynard's movements that he does, and he played guitar on a couple of songs. Danny's drum set was huge, too. He was the only band member you could really see. Maynard wore a tight suit, I guess it is, that looked like it glowed in the dark. Cool. Some of the comments he said were: "Tuscon, I presume." "It sounds like Phoenix out there. Ah better." "You know, sometimes we get caught up in the bullshit, and forget why we do this. Thank you for reminding us why we do what we do." "I want a show of hands, who here lives in California (a couple hands go up) How unfortunate for you" then they kick into "Ænema". "Well, thank you for being here with us. Hopefully you can go home, look back on this experience, and turn it into something postitive." "(Mentions names of two guys who came out and did some drumming and synthising, I think it was) Yeah. We want to thank them. They own a Denny's in California. We also want to thank Tomahawk for bringing dinner (referring to Pigs Head) Major Tool fans were at this. I was suprised at the female turn-out. Four girls next to me were singing along with every word Maynard said. Anyway, back to the show. The band eventually went into "Intermission" I guess you can call it with the video screens. After played "Disposition", "Reflection", and "Triad" with those guys whom I don't know the names of I mentioned earlier. Then into an ass-kicking version of "Lateralus". The band then thanked the crowd, and Adam clapped along with us, then left. A couple of notes, the songs best responded to were "Stinkfist" and of course, "Ænema". Everyone was pretty into those the most. The set was cool, with Danny on the right of the stage, Adam in front, Justin on the other side, and Maynard in the sort of middle to the left. The video segments played on the screen were cool, too. As was the background. Best concert I've been to. Tool are as amazing live as they are on the CD. Thank you, Tool.

Review written by: ben ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 05:06:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

My second time seeing tool fellas- and i was blown away. It seems to be that to truly feel a full concert experience you have to experience it close hand. At my first show i only managed to sit well far back of the seats- leaving me 4 little blurbs to look at playing. The music was phenomenal- but the sound suffered greatly from the outdoor venue. However- here tonight was a slightly more intimate venue with better acoustics and a serious crowd of fans! I could feel a much better vibe from all you mugs. So for 1- the music was again outstanding and uplifting, and 2- i was right in the thick of it, which is really the place to be to really feel it. To me there is nothing better than when i move to a piece of great music and i look and see a sea of people doing the same thing. It brings it all together- and lifts the band up to new highs as well! I could tell they were definitely more into it tonight. The favorite moment for me was the same as the first concert- the opening salvo of Stinkfist. That song packs so much power it just about knocked me flat! Tool, you're making excellent music, keep it up and i'll be there again

Review written by: Audie ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 05:14:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow!!! I wasn't planning on going to this show, because I didn't want to fork that much cash to see the bands in a huge arena. But thanx to radio station give aways, I didn't have to fork over any cash, and I got GA on the floor tickets for free. The drive from Phoenix to Tucson was loaded with too much traffic getting out of phoenix...I think we got to the TCC around 7:10...and the line took longer than any line I've been in at a concert. I guess aroudn 7:30 from the outside I could hear music...I was hoping it was just something on the speakers...but then I recognized it as Tomahawk...I was erked that I was there...but missing their first 2 songs cuz of a slow line. Oh well...I got in...and looked out below at the stage, there was Patton and the boys on stage...with wild eyed stairs, big fun grins...everything you'd expect from Tomahawk. They played 2 non album songs...I think they were covers...sure did a good job on them. Patton didn't thrash around as much as he did the last time I saw Tomahawk, but his stange presence was intense with a good sense of humor. He crouched behind his effects gajets and switched off between 2 microphones. One mic for clean vocals and one for distorted was great. His maniac glare just cuts right through to you. The Band was decked out in Police Atire...which was pretty slick...Patton kept making anti cop remarks, and had the audience resite things like..."Die Pig"...and then inbetween one song he said something to the effect of...I need your help one more time....if your going to get him to come out of his dressing room your gonna have to say his name real loud and then Mike and the Crowd yelled "Maynard...Maynard...(and then mike screamed MAAAAYNARD"....Mike said somethinga bout all pigs being gay...and then he mentioned something about the girls in the front row who weep for maynard...while the tuff guys in the cowboy hats are further back...anways..enoughp about his funny banter. The music...I can't think of the set list right now...but OMG I havn't seen mike sound that good...he hit some amazingly high notes with such power, it was awsome...and Dwuane was making some of the most inovative guitar tones I've heard....Kevin just rocked out and had a good time and John...had a fun, but serious look on his face as he pounded away at the was great....They all seemed to be having such great fun...even though the crowd didn't really know who they were...although I ended up next to some guy who was singing along, which was cool...people did start some pits...and the bobbing around during jock strap was was more like dancing than the usual rock show jock moshing. SEE TOMAHAWK LIVE. Buy the RECORD...THEY ROCK. Oh yeah, and these Tool guys...they were pretty cool too.

Review written by: Jahan Khamsehzadeh ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 05:14:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Breathless Words Cant even decribe the feeling and the show the energy just flowed everywhere definalty one of the best nights of my life definalty a religious / spiritual /and emotional experience Thanks you ToOl

Review written by: s.araujo ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 05:26:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

"Hey, I hear Tool's in town." "Cool, It'll give us a chance to drink, and listen to Sober" Love TOOL, dislike the radio-controlled fans. Yeah Sober, Yeah Stinkfist, Yeah 46&2, Flood?, Disposition?, Reflection? Triad? Yeah 46&2.

Review written by: s.araujo ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 05:29:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

oops: "Hey, I hear Tool's in town." "Cool, It'll give us a chance to drink, and listen to Sober" Love TOOL, dislike the radio-controlled fans. Yeah Sober, Yeah Stinkfist, Yeah 46&2, Flood?, Disposition?, Reflection? Triad? Yeah Aenema!

Review written by: mc ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 05:41:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First of all, I want to get the "fuck you's" out of the way. First off, fuck you to Tucson. I hate that town, full of crackheads and what not. But, you know what, Phoenix isn't much better. With all due respect to those who lost their homes, it's my opinion that those forest fires should have moved South, not North. Fuck you to the Tucson Convention Center for taking my ticket stub and giving me a neon green bracelet instead. Yeah, that's a conversation piece. Fuck you to the moshers and the like. Look, I'm all for searching for emotional outlets, but if you want to kick the shit out of people, go to a Dropkick Murphys show, OK? I will never understand moshing for the sake of moshing. If you mosh because you truly are angry at everyone, and the music inspires you to release it in that manner, by all means, go ahead. Much respect. But I doubt most fall into this decription. In fact, as my roommate was nearly getting her ribcage smashed from the asshole pushing her into the barricade, she turned around and asked him to stop. His reply? "This is what you do at shows." A big juicy fuck you to that guy. Finally, fuck you to the fake reviews taking up half this section. Yeah, we have a sense of humor. You're just not funny. Way to represent Tucson, AZ. Now, on to the show. Tomahawk opened. Mike Patton is great. He came out with a roasted pig's head, and asked if we like pig meat. Many did, so he told us that if we behaved, we'd get some. Apparently, we did behave, because at the end of their set, he took a bite out of the head, and threw the piece, and the rest of the head, into the crowd. He also made fun of a kid for being gay because he was wearing a folded up cowboy hat. It was all tongue in cheek, he took it well. Anyways, they worked well as an opener, but they weren't everybody's taste. Lots of noise, distortion, feedback, but the band was great. It was a typical Mike Patton project (see Mr. Bungle). Can't wait for that Dillinger Escape Plan EP with his vocals. Anyways, enough of them. After about 20 minutes of rest time, including a couple people almost getting thrown out for smoking (lame ass Tucson again), Tool came on. A side note before Tool. If you are about to get thrown out of a Tool show for smoking, drop the cigarette and don't get kicked out. If you want to smoke, and risk it, fine, go get your ass kicked in the pit. You deserve it. So Tool came on. Is there a more inspiring band live right now? No. Ever? Probably not. In-fucking-credible. I saw them last year in Phx, and it was a great show, but I was further back, and being so close, amongst good people, really made the show an experience (positive) beyond words. Very emotional, uplifiting. Anyways, here's the play by play. The order may be a little off, as I was in a different state of mind for most of the show 1. Sober-enjoyed this better than The Grudge as an opener. There's just something about using a CD's first song as an opener that just too....predictable. The crowd was great, except of course, the moshing. You know, I don't even mind pushing for position that much, as long as respect was shown. Tonight, there wasn't. But by this time, I had moved back to about 15 rows, along the right side. Great view. Also, to those I let in front of me, I hope you appreciate it. Just do the same sometime, reciprocate it. 2. Flood-honestly, I haven't ever been a big fan of this song, but it was great anyways. How would I have loved to heard "H" right here, or anywhere for that matter. That was probably the night's only disappointment. Also, it seemed odd that all the Undertow stuff was played right away. Oh well, no big deal. 3. The Grudge - great, great song. Liked it much better here. Not many bands can keep 9 minutes of intensity in 1 song. Tool can. 4. Stinkfist (extended) - I like the extended a lot better. Not really much to say, still lost in my own mind. (I was sober by the way). 5 & 6. Schism/46+2. I can't remember the order. It's one or the other. Both great, but at this point, I'm starting to realize that the setlist will pretty much be the same as the Phoenix show, which means no "H". I'm sad. But then..... A side note - around this time, as I was somewhere else, a girl with brown hair and a brown\black sleeveless shirt kinda grabbed on to me for a while, then spent a song or two in front of me. I think you were friends with the skinny kid in the blue shirt and his girlfriend, I don't know. Anyway, I think you are really cute. I didn't say anything, because I was lost in my own mind. Hopefully, you read this, and then, I don't know what. I was the guy with the half-bald\half-fro hair, with glasses and a blue collared shirt, on the right side of the set. Yeah, you were cute. I'm an idiot. Please see bottom. 7. Parabola - Incredible song. Even better live. Gave me the chills the whole time. Brown hair girl gone. I'm sad again. 8. The Patient - this was a great moment. Not just because of a great song, but the image of a big pit opening up in front of me as the falling confetti flickered in the red light. The contrast was beautifully ironic. 9. Aenima - A highlight of the night. Of course, moshing for everyone! With this song, I didn't mind. I love the power behind the song, very angry, so I guess it fits. Although "fuck all these gun toting, hip gangsta wannabes" Plently of them tonight. Once again, the irony was beautiful. 10. Dispostion\Reflection\Triad - The highlight of the night for me. Absolutely incredible. For those who have said\say\will say that this part is "slow", "boring", "anticlimatic", etc....I question if you really understand the art of what's going on at this time. Perhaps I don't either. But to me, the beauty of a Tool show isn't the ability to bounce around to the harder parts, it's the perfection to which they perform songs like these. Dispostion in particular, such a beautiful song. As you may have notice, I haven't mentioned much about the visuals. It's because my eyes were closed about 75% of the time. I don't think I opened my eyes but once during Disposition. Wow. 11. Lateralus - great, great closer. Of course, the usual positivity speech. I don't like this. One, after saying it after every show, it starts to lose it's meaning. But then again, if this is someone's first show, it's probably great to hear. Secondly, and more importantly, it doesn't need to be said. If someone walks out of a Tool show and isn't inspired\uplifted\etc....well, I shudder to think. Anyways, this is one of my favorite Tool songs, and the ending "spiral down" part really brings the show to a close in a very powerful way. To end it all in one word - respect. Tucson, you already lost yours before tonight. Mike Patton, yours has been reconfirmed. Tool, yours has always been nothing but the utmost from me. I can honestly say I have never left a show feeling as inspired as I did tonight. Also, respect to the cowboy hat guy, the people that truly appreciated my numerous sacrifices so they could see or be with their friends, the skinny kid in the blue shirt with the girlfriend. In fact, everyone about 15 rows back on the right side on the floor. You guys helped create one of the best vibes I've ever had at a show. To the funny security guards. To the hottie brown hair girl. To the girl who was fucking everything up in the pit about midway through the show. Any girl who steps in a pit with so many clowns had automatic respect. So, if you agree, disagree, have comments, want to give me a valid, logical reason for moshing, or if you think you are the brown h

Review written by: J-Rod ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 08:28:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 2st? Tool show

Great show! So much better than the pain the so called band Tricky put us through on the night before halloween in PHX last year. If you were there you know the hell I speak. Tricky was death to all ears and it ruined the whole environment for that show. THIS show was different... While Tamahawk was not great they were good for an opening band and they set the the night up just right... It was a cool calm night in Tucson for being summer. While the dew point was well above the summer threshhold for T-Storms, there was none to be. The only excitement in the air tonight was saved for the show at hand. Like the thunder and lightining of days past Sober came in followed by a FLOOD far beyond any seen before in Tucson. Then the words LEARN TO SWIM... LEARN TO SWIM... If I could have walked away I certainly would have by now, but I was swimming in a sea of perfect music far beyond anything heard by ears before me. My mind would not let me go. The show was perfect... even better than the Perfect Circle show at club Rio ... and far better than the open air show of the PHX show on 10-30-01. The venue in Tucson was small only about 9000 people at TCC, and even having upper-level was llike being on a lower level at any other venue. The crowd was amazing and the only thing that could have made the concert better was if Tool played longer... To all you people reading this and are about to go to an upcomming show you will not be disappointed. If you are a person contemplating going... BUY THOSE TICKETS! If there is one band you must see in life see Tool. Do something with your life damnit ! What you should do is open up your wallet / purse and check the contents... if there is money inside great thats a start... if not sell all your shit, buy a plane ticket get on the next flight (unless they are playing in your hometown!) and see Tool ASAP. What more can be said... To my friends in PHX who said they were to broke to even pay attention...(you know who you are KEVIN, MIKE, CASEY, ERIC, AND JOHN) Now you can live with the regret of not being at one of the best concerts there ever has been. To all those that were there, thanks for making it a great show!!!!!!

Review written by: rob ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 11:28:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

A few quick thoughts... Adam was off. He must have been nursing a severe hangover or something. Don't get me wrong, the show was great and from Aenema on they seemed to get it back together, but the performance was *not* in my humble opinion better than that of the Phoenix show last year. The sound quality on the other hand was superb -- kudos to the soundboard crew -- and had a major impact on the show's enjoyability. The green bracelets were kinda lame, but in my case only because i managed to get through the line (and give up my ticket stub) without getting one! I spent the entire intermission between Tomahawk and Tool cowering amidst my friends so the rent-a-cops wouldn't drag me away. Oh, a few security dudes were handing out ticket stubs as we left, so I don't know what your excuse it for not having that souvenir... All in all a great show, and the TCC is such a better venue than Desert Sky... or Blockbuster Pavilion... oh wait, Cricket Pavilion?

Review written by: merkaba ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 11:56:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

It was tight. Just a note: the rafters that the lighting hangs from is in the shape of the seven pointed star that's on the toolarmy site. it's subtle details like this that makes you understand the time and effort put into the show. perfection is underachieved.

Review written by: Goddess ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 12:18:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I just saw Tool for the first time last night in Tucson and it was the most amazing experience. Awesome visuals and of course the guys were at their best. I'm dying to see them again already and I'm hoping I can catch then at another show on this tour. The only bummer and something you might want to remember if you are going to see them is that the vendors who sell the shirts and hats and such only take cash. That really sucks because I didn't know that and only had credit on me so unfortunately I couldn't buy anything. So remember that if you are going to catch a show, bring plenty of cash! Otherwise Tool gave me such an amazing experience!

Review written by: Jim ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 12:45:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

How can I describe last nightst show in Tuscon? Intricate. Meticulous. Haunting. Sincere. The set was the same as previous reviews, and they didn't miss a note. Mostly sillouetted stage left right by Danny, Maynard was in full blue, moving and swaying like some kind of angelic snake. He was perfectly mystic and spritual, and it was interesting to see that while he's singing, I think he is completely oblivious to everything around him. I say this becuase after a song would end, he'd open his eyes, and the look on his face was like, "wow, oh yeah, concert... stage... people.." He taunted the crowd by saying, "Tuson, I presume? Sounds more like Phoenix...." The crowd (which if it wasn't sold out, it was damn near close) reminded him otherwise. The sound was crystal clear, you could distinctly hear any parts being played. (or sung) Justin and Adam were in top form. What can I say about Danny except WOW. These three wailed in perfect syncopation with Maynard and gave me the best live experience EVER! Thanks guys! (if you ever read this) Maynard also thanked the crowd by saying, "Sometimes we (the band) get caught up in all the bullshit, and then we come out here and you remind us why we do what we do... Thanks for reminding us" Way Cool. He also said right before Lateralis, "Thanks for coming tonight and sharing this experience with us. I hope you can take some part of it home with you when you leave, and do something positive." True appriciation in my book. What a show! You might notice that I didn't mention Tomahawk until now. Enough said!

Review written by: Walter ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 12:56:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Last night was my first Tool concert. It was a great experience...most of the people on here said a lot about the Tool set, visuals, and whatnot, so I won't go into that. I will, however, say a word or two about Tomahawk. For those of you that are Mike Patton fans, or have followed Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, and his other side projects, I think Tomahawk is just as good, if not better, than anything he's ever done. I bought the CD weeks before the show, so I had an appreciation for all songs played, even though two of them weren't on the CD. The performance was really cool, I thought, and Mike Patton's humor got the crowd going a bit, especially when he spoke a little Spanish and threw part of a pig's body into the crowd after the set. A friend and I actually drove around the Convention Center that afternoon and noticed that there was some type of roasted pig convention of sorts taking place at another part of the premises--that explains the pig. Mike Patton was also right to mention that cops in Tucson don't have a good wrap, given last year's riot on 4th Ave after the U of A lost to Duke...but anyway...they put on a great set--Melvin's bass player, the drummer from Helmet, and the Jesus Lizard's guitar player didn't disappoint. It seems that the band's been jamming forever, when they've only been playing together for a few months. Tool was awesome...this was first time seeing them, and they were great. Overall I gained a greater appreciation for the intrumental part of the band. Everyone talks about how Maynard is such a great performer, which he is, but the guitar player, and the rest of the band just blew my mind away. They rocked. I give the show a 9/10.

Review written by: tom ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 12:57:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

SETLIST intolerence the grudge - ions stinkfist 46&2 prison sex sober the patient eulogy eon blue apocalypse parabol parabola Ænima pushit (salival version) INTERMISSION no quarter disposition reflection laterlaus third eye what a set list..... 3 hour plus show!!!! oh wait, that was just a dream i had last night, sorry guys...

Review written by: Damon ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 13:02:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Well, i think if anyone knows Tool they already know that it was a soul cleansing expierience last night. I will follow them anywhere to see them live and wish i could only see them more and more. My biggest complaint is that 90 percent of tools fans are too simple minded to fathom what they are actually trying to say. there is a underlying message hidden within tools music that americas youth doesnt understand. people want to drink beer and moish and show themselves as apes should go to a linkin park show, we have no time for disposable human waste such as yourselves. and thanks to the asshole jocks who pushed me so hard into the railing i have massive bruises. and to the guy that told my fiance when she asked to please move his billabong wearing, asu loving, beer drinking, ignorant ass elbow from her back only to the reply of " its a show, what do you expect" fuck you. every moron pushing, every ape moshing, if i had the chance i would gas you mysef and stare into your eyes as your soul drifted from your limp body. thank you for almost ruining my night. but still, nothing could persuade me to have a bad time. the set list was almost perfect and maynard was a spectacle to watch as usual. i only wish i could see tool in a studio or something so i wouldnt have to get crushed trying to appreciate the artwork they they produce for us. to all the pricks, wake up, a war is coming and its coming for you. you want to get pushed and banged into....come to where i live and ill run your pathehtic simple minded asses over. and for tool and those who understand the essence of what they do, thank you for sharing and hope to see you all soon.

Review written by: damon ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 13:25:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show


Review written by: JE007 ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 13:50:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

What a show.... I have to agree, Adam hit a few sour notes, and in the last phoenix show he was right on. But hey, we all have the right to miss a few notes. Maynard was actually pretty decent on guitar. Other than that this was way better compared to phoenix due to the high amount of energy from the crowd, where the phx show was lame cause the crowd was weak. Tomahawk, i hate to say really sucks. they are noise, and nothing more. i mean they SUCK. REALLY SUCK. but Tricky was not much better so... Thanks to that drifter guy (Ray was his name) for sneaking in that pipe so i could smoke the dank. also the guy in the 98 KUPD shirt who i also smoked dank with... Tucson, you suck. You are phoenix's uglier little sister. BUT-- damn there were some hotties i talked to tonight-- all from PHOENIX! Jeff

Review written by: xizen ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 13:51:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

complaint,, ive seen tool 5 times in the last year and the setlist is pretty much staying the same,, it got to the point where i was close to bored at the last show,, if the second leg of this tour dosent change much i probrably will not go see them again, something i thought id never say.. they really need to drop disposition & reflection imo, we could get 3 or 4 killer songs to replace that slow boring part of the show...

Review written by: JaHaN ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 16:44:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

That would be baddas if they record this tour for a home video \ DVD. I would do anything to see that concert again. Prolly wont be seeing Tool for a while since A Perfect Circle is gonna be doing their thing and prolly touring late this year or early next year. Damn Patience. "Flew too high and burnt the wing, Lost my faith in everything" ~ Trent Reznor

Review written by: hybrid ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 17:28:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Setlist has been posted so I won't deal with that, but I am a little dissapointed they didn't play H. Ah well, can't complain. Anyways, off to the review. The show was fucking incredible. Sober was an excellent song to start with and they played it almost flawlessly. Crowd really started getting into it during Stinkfist, two mosh pits started and me and my friend were right in the middle (I was the wall of one and my friend behind me was the wall of the other). I could have done without the moshing, but it was nice to see that the moshers would help each other out (when one fell about 3 or 4 of them stopped to help him up and make sure he was ok-kudos on that guys). Anyway, back to the show. I got really lost in the music during Parabola, wow, that song is incredible live. The fact that Tool can reproduce 1/2 their songs live is simply incredible, but to do it with the finesse and power that they can, simply undescribable. Afterwards was Aenima. The crowd went wild for this one, and right fully so it's an angry song. This was the one time I really didn't mind the moshing. Intermission was next; good placement because I was starting to get tired from pushing people around. About 15- 20 minutes went by and then Tool came back with what I believe was the highlight of the show: Disposition, Reflection, and Triad. Disposition was very soothing to hear live again, simply an incredible song. Next was Reflection, also simply incredible live, Adam missed a few notes but all was well. And then Triad. Triad, WOW, am I the only one that thinks that song was the best played song of the night? I don't have any words to describe it, just WOW. And of course, the ending consisted of the usual "I hope you can take this experience home and do something positive with it" from Maynard, and the Lateralus. Great finishing song but sad because the show was now coming to an end. And now a few complaints: there were some people there that really shouldn't have been there. I saw lots of people that didn't know a single word to any song and that were just standing there, talking with other people or moshing. I myself sang every word to every song, and really just got lost in my enjoyment of the music. There was a few other people I saw that were singing along with Maynard and myself, but not as many as I'd hoped. On the way out, with my limit hearing capabilities, I managed to hear some guy complaining about how long the songs were. Some guy asked him if he knew what band he came to see, and he answered "No". Jesus people are dumb fucks; go waste your money on some other concert and let somebody that really wanted to see Tool come instead. Overall this concert kicked major ass; I simply cannot believe how awesome Tool is live. The visuals were stunning: the big face design on the back wall changed as the lighting on it changed, in some instances you could see only the face, in others you could see the entire canvas. Incredible. The whole night was filled with changing visuals that simply mind fucked your senses. The Phoenix show was good, but Tuscon, though at a smaller venue, was way more energetic. The crowd was making so much noise and overall were just enjoying the experience. Tool is Tool, no other band can do what this band can, live or on CD. The show was worth every penny and I would gladly pay any sum of money to see this band perform live. If you haven't seen a Tool show yet, I can tell you are missing out on a LOT.

Review written by: ThirdEyeSi ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 17:32:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

WOW! That show was nothing less than an intoxicating treat for all the senses. The lights, the backdrop, the films, maynard, those three joints i smoked, everything was indredible! It was all way to much for one to cosume at one time. Although Adam did have somewhat of an off night, I do forgive him, haha. I must say, that show blew the Phoenix show out of the water. I was pleased when they played sober and Aenima, I was upset they didn't play either the last time they were here, but they more than made up for it! Now I just wish I hadn't spent all my money last night, or else I would have already been on my way to vegas. That's my .02.

Review written by: MasterTool ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 17:45:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 25 Tool show

A note of caution to those who will be seeing Tool on this tour: show up an hour late and skip Tomahawk. I'v never in my life heard such shit. I literally spent half of thier playing time with my fingers in my ears (I noted that close to a quarter of the people around me were doing the same). The feedback was constant and the singers shrill shrieks actually provoked me to anger. My personal take is that they spent all day before the show swilling semen and penetrating one another with stuffed horse dongs. I can see no other way that anyone could go out on stage and put on such an awful performance, than with a stomachful of man-gravy. Tool was extremely on and the visuals were intense, I spent most of the concert feeling like I was tripping balls. I can't say enough about the visuals and the Alex Gray artwork. A must see for anyone with a cerebral cortex and an appreciation of true art.

Review written by: The Joe ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 18:04:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

A friend of mine won soundcheck and "toolbox" passes from a local radio station and took me, so we got to stand behind the soundboard for the show, and I can verify that there was a video camera set up near the front of the board on a litte tripod, and it was running during the show. I'm not sure whether it was recording, or if it was just there to show their video guy what was going on from that angle, but it was there, so there is a possibily of there being a live Tool video is there as well. BTW, soundcheck is kinda neat, if any of you get an opportunity to go, DO IT! In soundcheck we heard little previews of Stinkfist, Disposition, Reflection, The Grudge, Schism, and Parabola. They played Sober all the way through as well. Afterward we got to browse the stage setup, and Adam was still up there, so we met him. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and for the record, as of about 2 and a half hours before Tomahawk came on, Adam didn't seem like he was "on" anything at all. Danny was on stage as well, so I said Hi to him too. Apparently he got some new electronics for his kit so he'd been working on those all day, and still was just a few hours before the show. This was the first show he really used all the new stuff he has apparently. As an interesting side note, we were told that the power supplied to this Tool show is enough to power about 10 city blocks. Actual show was good as well, Tomahawk was a good opener, got some energy into the crowd. Mike Patton was very good, and thier bassist (Kevin Rutmanis?) was top notch. The best word I can use to describe Tool's playing is tight. They were really always on the same page throughout the whole show, Sober was a great opener, and I liked hearing some of the more popular songs that everyone could get into (46&2, Schism, etc). Would have been nice to hear H, but I'll live without that. Also cheers went up everytime Maynard got to "Arizona bay" in Aenima. The highlight for me though, was the Disposition/Reflection/Triad sequensce. When I listen to Lateralus, I always end up repeating these anyway, so the live versions created a special experience. I guess I didn't realize it until last night, but Lateralus is really an album that's tailor made for touring. Grudge, Patient, Parabola, and the big 4 song finish are all fabulous to play live, and come out better than on the album. This also speaks to Tool's incredible synergy on the live stage. All in all a very well done show. I thought the visuals and extravagent lighting were a little overly distracting, but perhaps that's just my personal taste. I really wouldn't mind just seeing them play with more regular lighting, no video screens, and a regular backdrop. In any case, hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

Review written by: Tommy ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 18:29:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Like most of the greatest experiences of my life, remembering them is like trying to remember a dream I had a week ago. I might remember specific things, but most of it is just a blur. This absolutly amazing concert is no exception. I don't remember the set list, but if you really care, you can check the list made by all the other reviews. Okay, first of all Tomahawk opened, and I don't know if it was just bad sound for their set or that's the way they always sound, but shit! It didn't even sound like music. All the parts kinda meshed together until it sounded like static. Plus the whole "Die, pig, die" cliche was annoying. Only the thought of Tool is what kept me sane. Then, finally, after me, my friend, and another girl there talked about Tool, other concerts, and "Die er Von Satan" for probably about 15 minutes, Tool came on and opened with a flawless experience of Sober. This is when things start getting blurry. Therefore, I can't really give a set-by-set review, like some others did. I can say that this far surpassed any experience I've ever had. It almost felt like some kind of a religious experience. All the audience was so varied, but we all seemed to be connected together, bound only by our love of Tool. There was so much that I can say was great performance- wise. The artwork, stage setup, and videos that played on the side projectors were amazing, and Tool played well. Aenima was probably the highlight of the night, especially the surge I felt after Maynard gave his little "who lives in California" question and I realized what was to come. The Disposition-Reflection-Triad block was also incredible. Word fail me. As far as bad things, well, unfortunetly there were some, all dealing with the audience. All the jocktards that only wanted to mosh made the experience have a down side. Also, I have to say this. If you want to smoke or get high, why don't you fucking wait until the show is over or something??? I saw one guy without a shirt get pushed right into a girl who has holding a cigarette that ended up getting jammed right into his back. Shit like that happens when you can't just fucking wait. Other than that, the show was indescribably incredible. I can't wait until Tool comes back to Arizona so I can feel the same natural high I felt that night (And no it wasn't all the pot in the air...).

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 18:41:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show


Review written by: Buttercup ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 20:35:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Beer anyone?? This is the first concert arena-style that let us down a couple!hell ya. In Phx the beers at a ball game are @ $7.xx, not at this venue. $3.75. I've had the distinct opportunity to see maynard at the Big Fish Pub with A Perfect Circle, and again with the NIN venue; however, Tucson was a mouth open-head turned to the side awe-struck adventure. What a little devil Maynard is! He becomes one with the music coupled back on a raised platform. Adam and Justin held their heads down in concentration and ommage of the greatness of the mechanical melodies. No bullshit opinion from me boys- TOOL's music exubes some hard core tostesterone, but when I am angry or stressed their music mellows me out like a baby. The same effect with the crowd. No moshing no pushing room to breathe, space to take it all in if you can! The center reflected awesome acustics, and from any given vantage I could absorb the show. tomohak needs a different style, more bass, less something The whole slide show and animation designs add up to an energy, things change, but we are all apart of everthing and nothing a the same time. Triad and the drums, it is possible to hear and know a song of Tool's and claim to be a fan. It's a transformation into your blood, your mind, and your life to hit a Tool show. I was left feeling sad that it was all over, and glad to have the chance to go again. -phx- that is that for now!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 21:43:49 ET

This was this reviewer's poop Tool show

they played ticks and leeches in sacramento, all the rest of you idiots suck.

Review written by: Jacob Heasley ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 21:51:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I've been to two TOOL concerts and they were both awesome. The stage was perfect I loved the art by Alex. There was a giant "general admission" area up front so I drug my (little)girlfriend as far as we could go and when we got there we were about 10 feet from the stage. It was so awesome being that close, you could really feel the energy coming from the band. I don’t know if they did it on purpose but they played some different songs then last year’s performance in Phoenix. Right after Sober they played Flood, which was awesome. Then went on to play some others that didn’t make it to Phoenix last year like 46&2 and Aenima two songs I really wanted to hear. It got a little rowdy during Aenima. Some people were being real ass holes. Maynard was being a smart ass as usual. There were two additional guys on Triad that Maynard said were "co assistant managers for a Sizzler in Riverside county California"...heh. Adam was perfect what can I say? Danny was great especially because we were so close and got to see him pound the drums. The whole band joined at the end for the group hug very special. And that was it, another great show couldn’t ask for more. Except Ticks and Leeches but maybe next time.

Review written by: Christina ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 22:21:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Alrighty, just to get it out of the way, yes, Tomahawk sucked major ass...the bass player highly amused me because I knew that the audience was filled with amazing musicians that could play what he did on the bass in their sleep and yet he's the one opening up for TooL....rrriiiiiiiiggght. And, just curious, was there a guitarist? I couldn't quite tell, maybe he was there behind all the feedback and horrid shrieking by Mike, but I dunno, that could just be me. At least I know a few others were enjoying themselves as much as me as I stood with my arms crossed and the girl next to me yelled for them to get the hell off the stage. Ok, now that I've gotten that outta my system, on to TooL... TooL has once again put me in a place that I can only reach by seeing them live. The Tucson show was amazing and better than the PHX show, even though the Phoenix show was awe-inspiring, especially getting the title of being my first TooL show, a hard obstacle to overcome. The minute the lights went down and the intro of the third eye came on the projection, the crowd started up and I knew I was in for the ride of my life in a matter of moments. Sober opened up the show and I knew immediately the sound quality was better and this was going to be one hell of a show. It was nice to see that the crowd was into it and TCC finally filled up. Flood was a pleasant surprise. I had never given the song a whole lotta time, but the concert made it a new fav! Stinkfist was one of the highlights of the show for me being one of my favs and the crowd got massively into it which I always enjoy. It's nice being in a place where the fans are all there for the same reason and have at least one thing in common. Grudge was awesome as I knew it would be along with the great lightshow that went with it. The lights played a huge part I thought in the show and did a wonderful job in emphasizing TooL's art for the ears. I thought the incorporation of the spiritual stars into the lights above and as the backdrops was cool. I was utterly thrilled/surprised to hear 46&2 come on, I didn't expect it but got thoroughly involved in it. Didn't need to mosh or smoke anything, TooL gives me enough of a high as it is. The moshing wasn't as bad as I had envisioned; it would break out occasionally and I just moved over a bit to the left and all was well. The group around me was pretty good, it was great to see some guys getting as involved into as I was. Seein people sing was awesome, but I know knowing the words doesn't make you a fan, any dumbass can memorize some lyrics and pretend to be a fan. The true fans find a way to truly take in and appreciate the music, and that can occur either by singin, head bangin, swaying, closin ur eyes, or by whatever means suits you. Schism rocked, enough said. Parabola and Patient blew me away as I knew they would. The glitter reflecting the red lights was a very nice touch; it really was like being on a trip hearing TooL and seein red lights come down upon the crowd. AEnema was great because of MJK's remarks and the fact that everyone basically knew it so the crowd participation was outstanding. The Reflections, Disposition, Triad set was indescribable. It put me in such a trance I had my eyes closed for most of the time. I just let the music surround me and envelop me. It was cool because every time I opened my eyes, everything looked different to me. Alex Grey's artwork that came down during the later parts of the show and seen throughout the visuals were truly awesome! He is amazing and they added such a great affect to the show. I was lucky enough to be somewhat in the front and see the band decently so I was so taken with them, I didn't observe the visuals as much as the Phx show, but when I snapped outta it for a few moments, I noted the visuals were remarkable. Lateralis was an orgasmic experience. It was the final touch to the show, bringin you to ur peak, leaving you completely whole for the time being, and yet as ur hot and sweaty, you knew that you would want more but for now it was over. As I walked zombie-like back to the hotel I was staying at, (Inn Suites where I saw many other fans) I knew I prolly wouldn't see TooL again for a bit, since they've been to AZ a couple times already and MJK will be workin with APC. I will go see APC like I did at Club Rio, and then see TooL once again when they hopefully come back to Phx. Thanks to all the fans that appreciated TooL with me and were there to truly see them, not to run brainlessly into other people. Thanks to those I laughed at Tomahawk with, and thanks to TooL for putting me in an other world for a night, their world.

Review written by: don65 ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 22:28:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

Still no Tick s and Leaches, Oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??

Review written by: Staci ( Review posted on: 07/19/02 23:58:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This was an incredible Tool show! They totally nailed it, and it was (in my opinion) far better than Phoenix last fall. Everything sounded so clear, and every member of the band seemed totally into the music. Being a not-very-tall person I can't say much about Maynard's bodypaint or Danny's drums because at most I could only see pieces of the stage at a time in maybe 3 second intervals. Which leads to the ONLY negative thing about the concert, which were the fans. Everyone is complaining about it so I won't say much, but since the first time I saw tool in 1996, the fanbase has obviously grown and gotten more obnoxious and immature. Perhaps most of them aren't really fans but adolescents wanting to take out their rage on others. What's so hard about not pushing your way in front of a short girl and blocking her view with your thick skull?? Anyway.. ok, there was another negative thing- TOMAHAWK. Why the hell did Tool choose these guys? They were horrible. I'm seeing Tool again next week and plan on arriving late so I miss this pathetic excuse for a band. As far as the songs went... really I loved them all. Sober was great, 46&2, Stinkfist.. and Flood was interesting to hear live. Patient was beautiful, and I found a new apprecation for Schism after this performance. Aenema had some intense energy, especially after Maynard's bashing of California! I love the D/R/T set that they do, and they sound better live than on CD, but I found myself wishing they woud play more of their older songs, such as H. At least for some variety. It's always nice to be surprised now and then.. i But the bottom line is they rocked.. Maynard's voice was at 100%, the visuals were supb, and they just totally clicked as a band. Can't wait to see them next week in... (ew) Wichita. You know you're obsessed when you schedule a trip to see your family around a TOOL concert! :)

Review written by: josh ( Review posted on: 07/20/02 00:13:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well what can i say tool put on a hell of a show again. They are such an awesome band. Danny is amazing. We got to the show real early so we could try to find a way to get on the floor. This was the first time i was on the floor for a tool concert and it was freakin amazing. I was right at the front. Right in front of danny. They started out with sober, which was awesome. aenima and lateralus had to have been my favorite songs in the concert. I couldnt really see the video screens because i was so close to the stage but i can imagine the videos were cool. And to top off all of that I caught one of maynards water bottles. I totally disagree with every one who says that disposition reflection and triad shouldnt be on the set list. I think that there perfect for this tour. If you dont like than and are complaining about it just dont go to there shows. Another thing that made me mad was all the fags throwing shoes and hats at the band and on stage, one of them hitting justin. Why do you even go to a tool show if all you want to do is throw stuff at the band. Thats the kind of stuff that pisses them off and make them not want to come back. But other than that it was the best concert i have ever been to. I agree this show was better than the one in phoenix because the crowd was more together than the spread out cricket pavillion. Hopefully theyll come back before going on a long break

Review written by: Sara ( Review posted on: 07/20/02 02:37:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Last night was my first Tool concert, I enjoyed every second of the show. Tomahawk is a tight band, I really dig their music. During the set, Mike Patton was surrounded by sound equipment which he controlled while singing-- very original. I bought the Tomahawk CD a few weeks ago, their style takes a little while to get used to but after hearing the CD a few times I can't seem to get enough of them. They were great live, Patton's wild stare and occasional thrashing around the stage was entertaining...not to mention his good sense of humor. At one point he had the entire crowd chanting ("Whisky," "Cerveza," "Mayynarrdd"," ect) and cut them off by saying, "shh...musica." If that was the first time you heard (or are going to hear) Tomahawk, give them a chance...their music takes a little while to get into.. I thought it was pretty funny when Mike Patton threw a piece of roasted pig and the head into the crowd. Congrads to the shirtless guy who caught the head-- you looked pretty happy. About 10 minutes after Tomahawk finished TOOL came on. Their opening song, Sober blew me away. The guitarists are amazing and it was cool to see the spotlights on them...Maynard didn't come forward until after the first few songs. Ahh, Maynard. He is an awesome performer. Not only did his singing rock, but I must say that his attire (tight underwear and a blue paint on his body) was amusing. The visuals were interesting, most of them were some mind blowing portrayal of the human body. My favorite part of the show was when they played Schism- the instrumentation was awesome. All in all it was a great experience. The venue was nice and the sound was great. When I walked out I thought for a second that I had lost my hearing. This was the first metal show I've been to- man, what a good start.

Review written by: s.araujo ( Review posted on: 07/20/02 04:02:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

BITTERNESS AND THE INFINITE PRAISE The Praise: 01. The highlight of the night came towards the end of the night in the form of the 'Disposition-Reflection-Triad' trilogy. It is amazing live. I was speechless during 'Disposition'- 'Reflection'...The lighting/visuals hypnotized me, and it felt as if I was floating in some other world. " Amazing. And the pounding 'Triad' finished off the experience rather well. I'm sure many of the "fans" found this part of the concert boring. SORRY KIDDIES, NOT ALL SONGS CAN HAVE A CATCHY LITTLE CHORUS! 02. The new visuals, and lighting perfectly complemented the music and added to the mood. The best example being during 'Disposition-Reflection-Triad'. (Sorry, I can't compliment these songs enough.) The Disgust: Now the obligatory complaints. If it weren't for the following, I would have enjoyed the experience even more: 01. "Fans" walking around during the performances to get beer. (If you want to get drunk...go to a f****** bar.) 02. Two girl "fans" giggling and feeling each other up during 'Sober', 'Stinkfist', and '46&2'. "Oooh Sober I love this song, tee hee hee." (Did I somehow end up at a rave, without even knowing it?) 03. Some sterotypical jock trying to feel up the above mentioned females. 04. The same jock giving his friend big high fives every five minutes (YEAH! HIGH FIVE, BRO!) 05. Moshing...during 'The Patient'! (Well at least they didn't mosh during Disposition, then again I wouldn't be surprised if they did) 06. The "fans" with the "I'M BORED, IS THIS ALMOST OVER" look on their faces during the Disposition-Reflection-Triad trilogy. (Next time do us all a favor and leave after they play "Stinkfist" and "Aenema"!) 07. Not really a complaint but more of a question: Why does everyone get so excited when "See you down in Arizona Bay" is sung? (OH MY GOD..HE SAID ARIZONA! DID YOU HEAR IT? AAAAAAH! It reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Lisa is asked if she is going to marry a carrot, and she responds with "Yes, I'm going to marry a carrot. Her harrass'ers reply with: "OH MY GOD, SHE ADMITTED IT! SHE'S GOING TO MARRY A CARROT"...but I digress.) The Afterglow: Overall, the concert was great. With the addition of the new visuals and lighting, it added to a very special experience. I would have gladly traded in the 'hits' (Stinkfist, Aenema) for the sounds of Pushit or H. But hey I can't complain...I got to experience 'Disposition-Reflection-Triad', once again! THANK YOU TOOL. You are one of the few bands actually make music that moves me; emotionally and spiritually. THANK YOU.

Review written by: GHS drummers ( Review posted on: 07/20/02 06:51:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Damn, technically speeking, HOLY SHIT. they did it once again, they made me shit my pants. This was the perfect concert, they combined old school with new school shit, this was the dream set list, they opened with a bang and never stopped kicking ass throughout the entire concert. Tool kept us yelling for more. They are true entertainers and can't wait to see them again!!!

Review written by: Michelle Lanier ( Review posted on: 07/20/02 12:52:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

(The Tucson Tool Concert Ramble) Climb to a New Place Now! Escape from a mundane existence through my twilight desert passage. Let the moon guide you home, as you synergize speed and time with the rhythm of a passing train. Eyes focused on the horizon, blurred with thoughts of transcendence and exhaustion. The Music> The Movements> The Mirrors> The Men> The Madness> The fucking Pigs Head? And where was I among this mosiac of mayham? Another dimension, another reality, another world high above 46-2. My angelic platform perched above the flood. I did not watch the show, I became the show. Perfect acoustics and clarity from this vantage. Completely devoid of Ego. Truly my virginal crucifixion. Body now released to magically dance my unique interpretation of each song, each spark, each hymn. Have you seen a common building of average structure transformed into a Divine Temple of Tranconfigurations? Universal Mystical Symbols (heptagrams) Placed above and behind our Luminary Demi Gods of Truth and Esoteric Wisdom. "Mirrors" released from above to reflect the interior fundamentals of us all, and what we hope to achieve. Tears of relief and ecstasy mix with sweat. Alchemy of the mind, body and soul. Which is stronger; the dense notes ringing in my ears, or the love and unity I now and forever feel? Brothers, Gods, Deities of Light and Sound, Mages, Muses, Masters. Tool! You are my salvation, my solace. The conductors of the soundtrack and path of my life. How could you see? How could you know? The ability to touch and lift this humble loving being from mortality to infinite! I stood beside you on your lotus flower stage. I danced with Maynard, Danny, Adam and Justin on their level, my level, our level! Toy with the fools! Inspire the lost! Merge the masses! Paint divinity! July 18th 2002 CE With my nerve endings and third eye naked for all to see. (Wink-Ryan, Layal and Crew) I was reborn by the Reverend Maynard and his Apostles. Baptized by the Lateral Light of Love. I thank you, and bid you farewell. I live now in the Holy Reality of Tool! Love and Light----->Michelle "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." --Edith Wharton--

Review written by: Nick ( Review posted on: 07/20/02 23:10:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I just wanted to say that the show was incredible. Tool did not dissapoint. The sound quality was much better than the Phoenix show. So was Adam! Note to Tool: The songs released on the radio are not necessarily your strongest songs. Mix in more songs from Undertow and songs that have not been played live for awhile. Also, what's up with playing "Ticks and Leaches" at other shows but not here?

Review written by: Travis Kennedy ( Review posted on: 07/20/02 23:28:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

*Puts on his pretend reporters cap* Okay all, here it is; my take on the Tucson show. Okay, well first of all, I think Satan actually has a home in southern Arizona. I don't think it could possibly get any hotter in that part of the country. I weighed about 220 lbs before I went, and by the time I got to the concert, I weighed probably about 175. LOL I'm Just Kidding ;) Okay anyway, after finding the TCC, we get in. I grab a beer, talk to some people, and what not. By a t-shirt, check out some of the ladies (some girls are just so damn sexy in pink and red and black hair) and tell the Cops and the Staff they are lucky cause they get to see Tool for FREE!! Lights go down, and Mike Patton is telling us if we were good we will get some pork. HAHA Tomahawk did a pretty damn fine performance. I enjoyed the music as well as Mike's showmanship. It was good. Hey Teased the little girlies in the crowd about coming to see Maynard, about how he felt the pain of some guy wearing a cowboy hat and how he felt his pain, made us chant for Maynard and Mike spoke of his distaste for law enforcement officers. hehe well I must say, Mike and the rest of his band mates put on a good performance. Okay lights up, smoke break, pee break, beer break (mind you I only had 2)! Okay lights down. Kind of like anticipating sex. Your heart pounds, your legs get a little shaky. Although most males anticipating sex get erections, I did not. HAHA Now here is where I am going to be a little quiet. You see, the stage setup is something I don't want to spoil for those going to see the show at other venues. Those who have seen it.... sssshhhhhh. After the tour we can tell those who haven't seen it all about it. Okay my seats where pretty good. About 50ft from the stage, however Maynard was hidden behind a wall of speakers most of the night and I got to see him a couple times. BUT I was not disappointed. I got to watch Danny play the drums, Justin hammer on the bass, and Adam lived up to the reputation of the most non-moving guitar player in the big circuit today. He didn't move at all, and watched the crowd the whole time. It was amazing to see him there, just standing, taking in all the crowd was giving. Justin proved to be on the mark. His mastery of instrument was unmatched. He grooved to his own bass lines, keeping time, and making it interesting. Him and Adam had a commanding presence there. Just playing. Enjoy what some of us only wish we could do. Danny played his drums flawlessly. He used ever piece, the bass hit would hit me in my chest, rocking my bones, rocking the essence in me. And he played, like his counterparts, as if in a trance-like state, with a commanding presence. Towards the end of Triad, Danny was swaying in his chair a little, moving in time, and then he did something, as he was wrapping up the song, Danny smiled. It was cool. He was happy, in a space that can only be described by him. That same smile he had in the picture at the Grammy’s was on him. Maynard was also phenomenal. I didn't see him much, but what can I say except the man can sing. His voice completed the quartet and with him singing, all the pieces fit, and the energy filled the air. Every care you could ever have was non-existent. They just took up the whole reality. I can imagine Maynard as a baby, crying and waking up the neighborhood. "HAHA. Yes that boy has a set of pipes on him." I can see his father telling the cops when the arrived at his house because the neighbors reported the Keenan house for public disturbance. He teased the crowd, teased California some, and sang the words to the songs that make you cry. The crowd it self was full of energy. I was right by the floor. Two rows up. People were trying top bum rush the staff to get down on the floor. Girls where smoking pot, stinking the place up, lovers held in each other in the arms and swayed to the rhythms of Tool. I thought of my friend Ben who likes the band as much as me, and how next week he gets deployed to Afghanistan. I wish he could have been there. People cried, people sang, people cheered. I did see two unfortunate souls trying to start a mosh pit, but c'mon this isn't some kick the shit out of each other show. This is Tool. A spiritual experience if you ask me. They soon stopped. Some people were there I imagine just cause it was a concert and had no real love for the band. I even seen a couple hip-gangsta wannabe's they’re screaming something along the lines of "who’s gotta lighter up in the muthafucka." As for myself, I gave as much as I could. I took my shirt off, and let the sweat and tears flow together and glisten on my tan skin. Yes, I didn't stop moving. Even during intermission, I strained my head up to see the screens and swayed to the gentle rhythm that was playing. Brief breezes of cool air would blow over me. It was refreshing. As I said though I was sweating like I was in Southern AZ, oh wait I was. Anyway, My Holy Reality T-shirt became a towel for my face as the sweat stinged my eyes. Yes this is why I came, to give Tool every ounce of energy I had, and I feel as I did that. I remember during one song, the entire crowd was jumping up and down. It was amazing to see that many people all jumping up and down. Towards the end of the last song, a bright light filled the arena and I looked around to see the entire place full of people and how amazing it was. I imagine it looked quite amazing from the stage as well. And when it was all done, I was sad. I knew it would be awhile before I saw them again. Playing those songs. Moving those people, moving me. I got in my car, and ejected the Tool Cartridge out of the CD changer. I wanted the concert to still ring in my head as the ringing in my ears. I played some SoaD until my companions asked me to put something else in. As for song lists, it is always hard for me to remember such things. I do remember some, but I don't know if it would make a difference if I told you all. I will say that they played from about 8:35pm to about 10:45pm. At the end, they waved at us; all of them, hugged each other, waved some more, and then in Tool fashion, left the stage. I waved back knowing that it would be the last time I got to see them for a while. I also want to add that it was all about the music, the entire show And here is where the story ends. The rest of the night was good. We got something to eat, and made the 5-hour trip back to Flagstaff. I am going to miss them guys when the tour is over. I am pretty partial to Tool. See there was, nevermind, a story for another time. In any case, my brother looked at me on the way home, and said to me, “I have never seen you so happy, except for the when we went to Ft. Lauderdale.” I chuckled a little and we moved the conversation on to other things. So that’s my review. I know, there is no setlist, but then I wasn’t there to get a set list. I was there to expierence Tool, and I hope I have brought a little of that to those who won’t get to. And if the band is listening, until next time, I bid you farewell and good Luck! Travis. *Takes off the pretend writers cap* Spiral Out.

Review written by: MondoMusica ( Review posted on: 07/21/02 13:02:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I cannot remember the set list exactly, but here's what I recall to the best of my ability (the first three songs are definitely in order--after that, I might have jumbled the order): Sober Flood The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Schism Parabola Aenima Lateralus This is obviously a partial set list. Anyway...this was a great show--not as good as the one I saw last October, but still a stellar performance. The computer graphics on the screens (on either side of the stage) were amazing, and the light show was captivating (as usual). Mid-set, some strange, pod- like things fell from the ceiling and hang down over the stage for several songs. Sound-wise, this show was flawless. It amazes me that Tool is able to duplicate their in-studio sound onstage. Maynard performed the whole show in his underwear, standing behind the rest of the band in shadow. Perhaps this is to remind us that Tool is not just Maynard, but three other enormously talented musiciansas well. Maynard also played guitar on a few of the songs. The show ended with a long jam leading into "Lateralus", when Tool was joined onstage by the former guitarist and drummer from the Cocteau Twins. Tool rules. Now, I must say a few words about the opening band, Tomahawk. With a line-up that consists of former Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison, former Helmet drummer John Stanier, former Melvins bassist Kevin Rutmanis, and former Faith No More singer Mike Patton, I really expected something great. The band was actually very good, and if it hadn't been for Mike Patton's horrid, incessant screeching and the mountains of shrill feedback, I might have actually been able to hear the band better. Patton spent the band's entire set banging out weird, shrieking sounds on machines and screeching like Yoko Ono on crack. By the time they were done, I had a terrible headache and felt like I'd been tortured. Thank God they only played for 40 minutes.

Review written by: hmmmm ( Review posted on: 07/21/02 17:56:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

So Nobody mentioned the 2 very large rasberry things that popped up floatin and twirling and what not. I dont think i could have imagined these... does anyone know what the hell they are? Im quite familiar with all the sacred geometry mumbo jumbo (sorry fundamentalists i dont have to beleve everything tool stands for to be a fan) but they just didnt ring a bell. And dont tell me theyre from the video also cause im not a dumbshit (they played the video off to the side for all to enjoy) What i also thought was cool but i didnt notice until almost the end of the show was that maynards little square stand was spinning.