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Review written by: trent james keenan (n/a)
Review posted on: 07/21/02 23:04:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

.......only one word to describe this experience we were given today....... AWESOME..... thanks to Maynard n' the gang.... i dont know who wouldnt like a fucking show like that ppl.......tool fuking rocks!

Review written by: .z. ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 02:08:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Setlist: Sober 4 Degrees (stunning) The Grudge Stinkfist 46 &2 schism parabol parabola eon blue apocalypse the patient aenima Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Very enlightening, as always. There was a part during Stinkfist when a man came out and appeared to simulate Maynard anally with a large dildo. Not joking. Email me about this phenomenon. Lovely.

Review written by: Floydboy ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 02:09:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Tool was utterly amazing again, and I was so happy to be entrenched in the aura of Tool again. My porps to Kabir and the tdn ticket hookup. Ticketmaster decided to screw me over, but I was able to get tickets at face value and come enjoy the show. Tool opened with Sober, which was great. Maynard then said in introducing 4 degress that the song was like every other song, and was about ass sex. A highlight for me was seeing 46 & 2 performed live. It was my first time seeing that one performed live. They also did Stinkfist and Aenima, and Aenima was cool to hear everyone sing along to the opening lyrics. Tool performed every song from Lateralus except Mantra (I don't recall hearing it before Schism but I could be wrong) and Faip de Opiad (last crazy area 51 thing). Hearing the patient was cool (hadn't performed that one before, though I did hear them doing it in the sound check at Red Rocks) Reflection was great and Triad featured some people from Tomahawk I believe. Totally unbelievable again. I just felt kind of sorry for Tomahawk receiving more waves of boos rather than cheers. Maynard at the end told everyone to go home and have sex (interesting....) and then gave his little deal about takeing the feelings and making positive results from them, which he did at the previous 2 I went to. Was well worth my time and effort in finding tickets. I just wish it would have been at Red Rocks again, which in my opinion is a much better venue. Still, they beat anything even playing at the like of the Pepsi center. I can't wait to bask in the light that is Tool again. Floydboy

Review written by: Craig David - the Craig ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 02:15:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Just simply a life changing experience. Played 4 Degrees, a couple of dildo altercations, said last time he was in Denver everyone was naked and Maynard told us to have sex at the end. They really want us to do the thing with girls. Awsome show guys.

Review written by: *Lauren* ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 02:21:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st! Tool show

Totally speechless. I was fortunate to have gotten a hold of a floor ticket for me... thank you so much Julie! I'm sure the concert rocked from your box seats, and I'm forever grateful your kindness moved me from a "seat" to the floor. Thank you! Anyhow, I would first like to give a big "FUCK YOU" to all the meatheads in the crowd... I had to move because of you losers! Oh well the view was better from where I moved to anyway. :P Assholes. On to better things... wow, this was my first tool show and second overall, and let me tell you... I don't know if it can ever be topped. The visuals, the sound, the enthusiasm (minus the meatheads... dicks) were great. I found Tomahawk to be pretty much enjoyable. So shoot me. A great stage presence, but they're definately not tool. :) I really liked the fifth song they played... with the chirpy birds, etc. I can't remember the whole set list... I can remember the frist few songs (Sober, Stinkfist ext., 4 Degrees, etc.), but after that I get blurry... they played ænema and 4 degrees, which was totally awesome (and very unexpected). The feeling I got from the whole concert was just too cool. Like a sponge that just sucked out all my feeligns and regurgetated (sp? :P) them all back to me to sort through. Maynard was a little more talkative than I expected him to be (joy!) and when he made his positivity speech, I was rather amused by his remark, "In the meantime... everyone go home and have sex." The one regarding Chuck E. Cheeses wasw also very good, hehe. Well i'm off to la-la land now... I'm very excited about going to sleep and dreaming something very trippy (that artwork... wow). Please go to this show if you're reading from another city that has yet to be toured. Everyone (minus meatheads) thank you so much for being so kind to me and cool with the surroundings. Thank you Tool for being a band that everyone can be proud of. This is definately an experience that I will not soon forget. *Lauren*

Review written by: leetrice archuleta ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 02:26:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I paid 130 for my ticket and suffice it to say just to hear 4 degrees, stinkfist (with a nice addition midway through), and triad was worth the robert deniro. I would have paid double not to be blocked off from viewing danny by the speakers but that's incidental. The amount of stimulus coming from these musicians drained me, and their performance seemed to be quite flawless. Danny may have been at his very best although I'm not the best guage, I just don't see much room for improvement. The setlist by now everyone is aware will have a similiar outline for all venues with some variation from performance to performance. I can say that as opposed to last year this time around the tool performances of new material will have nice changes and variations that you have come to expect from their live shows. Enjoy your show all.

Review written by: Shifty ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 02:31:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The last time I saw TOOL was over eight years ago in Hawaii. My how things have changed. From being near the stage just a stone's throw away from the ocean to being a mile away (and up) lost in a sea of bodies. Despite the change in format one thing that remains a constant is all of the positive energy surrounding the TOOL experience. I left the Denver show with the same inspired feeling that I went home with in Oahu way back when. Aloha.

Review written by: Johnny on the Spot ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 02:41:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Unreal. My jaw dropped and I was looking at my buddy with a "did that just happen?" often. The set was amazing and kind of unfolds itself as the show goes on. They played things i didnt think they would try live like triad and maynard was playing a bass guitar for a while. pretty cool. Mike Patton from Tomahawk attaked M's butt during one song with a 14" dildo. Funny. (the same dildo Maynard had hanging out of his pants and taunting Patton with during his set on the side of the stage while Tomahawk was working the crowd into a hate frenzy). BTW Mike Patton is the Andy Kaufman of lead singers. just laugh.

Review written by: Lazlo Hollyfeld ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 02:52:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

A few notes from the Denver show: 1. To the morons who threw shoes on stage: I hope you die. 2. To the jackass who started chucking those glowsticks into the crowd: I hope you die. 3. Finally, to the chucklehead who thought that the intro to "Lateralus" would be the perfect time to wing his empty beer cup on stage at the band's feet: I hope you die. Adios!

Review written by: Rooster ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 02:58:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Incredible. The visuals are amazing, as i'm sure you well know if you've ever been to a tool show. The night started off by wandering in a complete circle around the pepsi center until we found our seats. We decided to head out and buy shirts soon after. Right as we get back, Tomahawk starts their set. Mike Patton's vocals were pretty screechy, to say the least. Some of the musical parts were cool, but the guitarist had feedback troubles at times. After a few songs, the boo's came on and Patton told the crowd to blame tool for hiring them to open. Half hour of stage re-arragement ensues. The lateralus circle of eyes hits the screens and the lights went black. Adam came out and started playing a couple riffs before starting the feedback to the first song.... Sober- Glad the played it. Wonderful opener, really got the crowd going. Everyone could be heard in the "trust me" buildup. Just Amazing 4 Degrees- A huge suprise! this one made my night. i never expected to hear it as they havent played it all this tour. The Grudge- This one totally erupted the crowd. The short bass part in the beginning gave me chills. Maynard sounded great on this one. Stinkfist- Lot's of headbanging went on during this one. It was quite funny to hear all the people start singing "I'll Keep digging" while the band went into the breakdown. 46&2- Wow. Drum solo blew me away. The bass is just incredible. need i say more? Parabol/Parabola- Unlike earlier shows on this tour, the full version of parabola was played. Cool. Really mellowed out the crowd, then got them to a roar with the rising intro to parabola. Schism- Maynard on bass i believe. They had a long atmospheric pause before starting the soft interlude. Cool. EonBlue Apocolypse/The Patient- This is where the metallic red confetti came in. Really cool effect on the crowd. You could tell some people didn't know the song becuase they started pulling out their lighters, then it got hard. Aenema - Loud. Those double bass pedals were awesome. Great song, i think just about everyone in the house was singing along to this one. Interlude - Strange images with a face streching so far you can see its skull. Creepy. Disposition/Reflection - A lot of people appear to be expressing their discontent with these 2, but i think they fit perfectly. Really shows how talented they can be. Triad - Rockin! Guest drummer, as always. adam was playing around with some pedals on the floor while some unknown person was playing the keyboards. This one got me going again Lateralus - The best closer i've heard. Great buildup. The ensuing group hug made the crowd go insane. Awesome. Maynard was quite the funny guy tonight. "We, we started up a chucky-cheeses out in san bernadino, CA. If you bring your ticket stub you get 10 bucks of the lap dance" "Hey, denver eh? we wrote this one for you (negative ions begins" The famed positive speech, exept with a twist -- "in the meantime, we're going to go have sex" I'd rate this one a 10/10. Made my summer i'll tell you that.

Review written by: Michael Briggs ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 03:04:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Maynard's Dick! 07.21.2002 - Denver, CO Tonight was filled with surprises... First off, I was in the very front center against the rail. Sometime during the middle of Tomahawk's amazing performance, I noticed Maynard crouched down to stage right, apparently trying to hide... He was grooving to the music (kind of bouncing around), and he clapped a lot when the song finished. Then he walked off back down the stage, and reappeared behind another stack of speakers, still trying to hide himself. Maynard is such a funny guy. He was standing there wearing a 2-foot strap on dildo, and bouncing it around, in hopes that Tomahawk would see it and laugh. It was very funny. Maynard was wearing dark jeans and a white t-shirt at that time, for anyone who might care. Then, after Tomahawk finished their incredible show (I love Mike Patton), came the waiting. After about half an hour or so(?), Tool came on stage. Set list: (I think it's in order....?) Sober 4 Degrees The Grudge Stinkfist Forty Six & 2 Schism Parabol Parabola Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Aenima Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Maynard was very talkative. Before they played '4 Degrees', he said "This song, like all our others is about ass sex". During 'Stinkfist', Mike Patton came on stage with a rubber hand, and pulled down the back of Maynard's Speedo, and started shoving it up his butt, and they both played along. Then, Patton left the stage, and Maynard played with the hand for a while, smelling it and giving off the impression it stunk (a stinky fist.) Next, Maynard surprised me by motioning to the stagehand for a cigarette, which he got and he kept it in his mouth, unlit, for the rest of 'Stinkfist' and for all of 'Forty Six & 2'. They played all of Parabol! I was so happy! I think the two songs are really one, and should not be played separately. At some point in the show (I don't remember exactly when), he said "I have a cousin who just opened a Chuck-E- Cheese's and he has a special deal going where you can bring in your ticket stub for a discount on a lap dance." Also, after the usual "do something positive" speech, he said "but, in the meantime, go home and have sex." That’s about it that was somewhat out of the ordinary... I have come to the conclusion that I dislike most Tool fans. I don't like arena shows. The fans there always suck. So mean, and loud and stupid. Oh well. After the show, I went as quickly as possible to the back where the buses were, and I met THE Mike Patton, shook his hand, got an autograph, and talked to him for about a minute... I let him know that he has the best voice ever (like he doesn’t hear that all the time anyways.), that I really enjoyed his "Adult Themes for Voice" CD, and that I really enjoyed Tomahawk and Syrup when I saw them before at Trees. He was nice, and very cool. Tool's bus had already left. =/ Oh well, I still have 4 more shows to go! I'll catch up with them. =) The show was spectacular! The "cancer balls" were awesome, and the backdrops are amazing. And Danny is indeed the best drummer, ever. Next show: 07.23.2002 in Fort Worth, TX. =)

Review written by: Maynard'sDead ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 03:20:01 ET

This was this reviewer's last Tool show


Review written by: EMK ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 03:46:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Well I must admit that I was disapointed to be stuck in the first Tool mosh pit filled with drunk half wits that I had seen since 96'. Otherwise Tomahawk was a very interesting band. Mike used electronics to do some very cool things with his voice. They came up with an origional sound, which is more than most bands these days can say and more than apearantly most people want to hear. Unfortunately they were not well receivewd to say the least. Tool was brilliant as usual. The pit kids were making it really hard to apreciate the entire experience which I'm sure you've read description about already. Though I thought it was great how they very masterfully created a very calming atmosphere towards the middle of the set which slowed some people down enough to get them to pay attention to the show instead of shoving and falling over whom ever they could. Kudos to the band and look forward to when they stop in your town.

Review written by: Infante ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 04:15:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was quite splendid. Although, I must say I was quite pissed at everyone who was booing Tomahawk. They didn't appeal to me very much at first, but after a while, they sounded pretty good. The sound was too loud a lot of the time, especially whenever Mike Patton's voice was distorted, even for us people in the far back of the arena. As for Tool, I needn't say that it was superb. For me, The Grudge, Stinkfist, Triad, and Lateralis were the highlights of the night. Ænema was good of course, but like Sober, everyone's gonna like it because it's always on the radio, etc. I didn't want to listen to just the songs that are always played on the radio. I enjoyed 4 degrees as well, but I was really looking forward to Flood, which was played at a few previous concerts. That song just happened to be one of my favorites and I thought this would be my one chance to see it live. Who knows if they'll ever play it live again after this summer. Nonetheless, all the music was great and the images were spectacular. I was always torn between wanting to close my eyes to be engulfed in the music and wanting to watch the displays. Also, Damn the Colorado audience for being so bitchy during Tomahawk like they were during King Crimson last year. It doesn't seem to matter what band plays before Tool. It seems as though everyone's booing them simply because they AREN'T Tool. Very distasteful indeed. So much for just being able to listen to different forms of music.

Review written by: Jonny D ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 04:37:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I had the best of both worlds. A seat just off the stage for about 40 minutes.and then i moved to the floor. Anybody else in the front notice the arrow pf moshers in the GA for Lateralus? Little pits forming and getting wild but the center and back was just calm. To the guy wearing sepultura next to my seat: Not necessary to pay a couple bucks for smoking the MTF. Hope you enjoyed what Alaska has to offer. To the people down on the floor in front of the stage: thanks for the hand when i went down. To the girl who lost her mind during Tomahawk: Get yer mind back and get out of the wheelchair. To the rest: Great fucking show. Just go.

Review written by: Terry Jones ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 06:26:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

MY GOD...what a beautiful show..indeed Tool rocked...was touched that they performed all of parabol/parabola as they should be performed as one track! amazing lights. visuals..setlist was incredible...I know people have complained about some shows being alike...there is just something about us people in Colorado...maybe Tool likes our response to the songs and the way he interacted with us was just cool...having seen him with a perfect circle two years ago in the same venue...very funny he was...VERY TIGHT performance from Tool..the best live act I have seen in all my years of concert going..was so pissed that I missed them at red rocks last year..paid $175.00 off of ebay for section 102 tickets row 17 seats 3 and 4. much love to the guy in lakewood who sold them to me ..may God bless you! my ultimate dream came true...I believe that Tool had a very very inteanse audience tonight who were alive and ready for this the point where the whole areana stood up and was cheering for them to please come out..because the excitemnt was growng as each moment counted down before showtime..sorry about Tomahawk..they got boo'd..they sounded aweful too much feedback and well face it..We know that Tool has them opening this tour but..the cream of the crop is well you guess..Tool! his comments about chukie cheese..go home and have sex the dildo...the speedo..thier presence and very tight musical performance...I wished they would have done "you lied" but you can't have it all right? it was a privledge to see this band live..if you miss this show..Im sorry and if you EVER get the chance to see them all means do will not regret it...from Sober to Lateralus it was an experience and if you set down during any of the new stuff you suck...this is a band that has not sold out to cooperate rock..they are very musically inclined..unlike some new bands who love the money...Denver you were great as a crowd and Tool knew we were into thier could you not know..when this show was over and everyone was on thier way out of the pepsi center..WE WERE ALL STILL RAGING LIKE TRUE TOOL MANIACS..they will for sure remember us in Denver cause we raised hell and enjoyed there show...and they knew it..for the drunk idiots who were sorry you lack the ablilty to appreciate talent and respect yourselves by making asses out of yourselves..thank God you were not near me...and for those of you who have not bought the latest Tool your it! listen to is truly a the way I loved it when they performed the was the pespi center tonight EXCELLENT SHOW...a must see! everyone that is yet to see this will love it! money well spent! BEAUTIFUL TIGHT WELL PERFORMED CONCERT AAAAAAA ++++++++++ i LOVE YOU TOOL!

Review written by: G. Panda ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 11:05:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

AMAZING!!!!!!! Biiiiiiiiiig thanks to Kabir for the ticket hookup. Because of you, I could enjoy the concert from the FLOOR!!!! YEAH!!! The night (er... day) started out for me at about 6:15. I met up w/ these two really cool chicks... I remember one's name was Leah, but the other one I regret to say, I forgot. :S Whoops. So it was cool, being my first tool concert and all to get someone to hang with me given the rest of my "family" were in the rafters. We managed to sqeeze into some EXCELLENT spots near the front and center of the stage... a little chit-chat with some really awesome people and Tomahawk came on. Not bad, methinks. I think my mom's ex has their CD cuz one fo the songs sounded familiar. Then the BIG wait came. At some point, people started chanting "tool... tool... tool" which died down fairly quickly. Then unveiling of Danny's Kit happened, and I know up where I was people just went nuts. Hehe. More waiting... TOOL COMES ON!!!!!!! The first person I saw was Adam (who I happen to share my birthday with... HA!), then Justin, Danny, and of course, Maynard, dressed to kill in a pair of red underwear and iridescent body paint. So forth comes the set list: Sober (great opener, great!) Four Degrees (OMG!!! THEYPLAYEDIT!!!!!!! Favorite tool song off of Undertow, Maynard made the comment that "this song is like all the others" and is about "ass sex." Crowd goes nuts) The Grudge (crowd pleaser) Stinkfist ext. (good extention... hehe, the crowd just kept singing along to an "album version" while the extension was going... we obviously know our tool!) 46 and 2 (great live. Danny's first big moment of the night in my eyes, KILLER solo) Parabol (WE GOT THE FULL VERSION!!! YEAH!!!!!!) Parabola (great as always. EVERYONE knew this one :P) Eon - The Patient (I got confettied drum kit! whoo!! At this point, I could smell the burning bush *sigh* signs that even some people are really too slick for security...) ænema (YES! My ribs really felt it on this one O.O) ---Intermission--- Disposition-Reflection-Triad (MADE MY NIGHT! A point with little moshing, so people were just feeling it... the way it sould be... I got chills from Reflection... crucify the ego...) Lateralus (catharic closer. Wonderful. Group hug brought tears of happiness into the eys of me and some of the people around me.) TRULY AWESOME SHOW! It was nice to hear Maynard be a little more talkitive than I he he usually is. The little positivity speeh with the added "In the meantime, everybody go home and have sex," was great. There was also a Chuck E. Cheese saying about a ticket stub and lap dance that I didn't quite catch, but the people around me laughed. As for the way the band looked... Maynard was a little swaying man, reminded me sort of teh human form of a Gollum-like creature... Adam, dressed semi-formal, mellow... smiled at Maynard before Parabol... Justin looks like he hasn't had a hair cut in a while, but it looks great... stayed bent over most of the show, i saw his face once... Danny was in a white (?) shirt and playing his heart out on the drums. Best drummer in the world methinks. Everyone I encountered at the show was cool and awesome. Some of the people in the front were jockish-meatheads, which caused me to have bruises all along my ribcage and a near broken arm, but it was well worth it. Not everyone goes to a tool show to get the holy shit beaten out of them :) Major props to the people around me... it's good to see short people like myself (5'1) and these two LITTLE (4'9-ish) latina chicks give us respect. Overall, a sweet as hell time. Alex Gray art was amazing, altho I was too close to the stage to get a real good look at the projectory screens. Oh well. This event has certainly enlightened me to a higher sense of perception, emotion, and thinking. I hope others feel the same. E-mail me with your thoughts if you like, be them negative, positive, or insightful. Tool, thank you so much for coming to Denver. You guys rock.

Review written by: Tim ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 11:34:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

First off my friend Ryan caught the set list from ADAM after the show. So here is the SET LIST typed word for word from the PRINTED set list! SOBER no MJK vid yes uv 4? no MJK vid -----Reveal Backdrop------ GRUDGE STINKFIST 46&2 -----Pull Nard-pet------ SCHISM long PARABOLA clusters PATIENT confetti ÆNEMA -----Black out/Big smoke/Change Drop------ DISPOSITION banners REFLECTION star TRIAD LATERALUS spinard Now Tomahawk was cool. I'd never heard them before. My friend said that he prefers Mr. Bungle. Mike Patton and gang were dressed like NY police officers. They definately sounded "experimental". At times they sound like a mixture of PRIMUS & SKINNY PUPPY. Mike used a lot of voice altering equipment. Now, Mike and crew were pretty good sports considering the boos and the Tool chanting. Tool began with a really trippy "calming" electronica sound. Then the lights went out and blue lights lit up the stage. Adam, Justin and Danny came out and the crowd went nuts. They started making "Toolish" guitar sounds for about 2 minutes. Then Maynard came out. The crowd went crazy. He was painted blue wearing only bikini bottoms. He had a colored dot pattern on his face. They kicked in with SOBER. Aside from being squashed up front I was singing along while gasping for air. The band sounded great (as they always do). And it was good and loud! After SOBER Maynard told the crowd that the next song is about "Ass Sex". A standard Maynardism. They kicked in with 4?. Sounded awesome! Haven't heard this song live since '97. After 4? the backdrop "dropped" and the Grudge starts. Maynard's arms were outstretched in front of a Hindu multi-faced god done in a MC ESHER style with skulls worked in the negative space contours of the central multi-face. Pretty cool with the lighting. After that they did 46&2 which is one of my all time favorites. After a pause they did SCHISM. When parabola started, grey-black blastula balloon clusters popped up on either side of the stage-(like from the parabol/parabola video which was being shown on two screens at the top corners of the stage). Then they played the PATIENT and that red foil confetti fluttered from the ceiling onto the floor crowd. Really cool effect with the lighting. Next was ÆNEMA which got the crowd really moving. After a long blackout they did DISPOSITION. When they started REFLECTION "cross-section of the body" banners dropped down from the ceiling one by one. Then they did Triad. Two other people who I didn't recognize came out and helped play. This song was AWESOME live. It was a fucking JAM from hell!!! One of the highlights of the evening. After that song was done Maynard introduced them as the "Thompson Twins". And then he said "They just opened a Chucky-Cheese in San Bernadino". "If you go there and bring your ticket stub you'll get half off on a lap dance". Then he proceeds to go into his speech on taking this experience home and making something positive out of it. And also to go home after this and "Have Sex". Then they did Lateralus and the crowd went nuts again. After it was over they had a group hug and Maynard left the stage. Danny, Adam and Justin stayed and waved goodbye to the crowd. Around that time my friend caught the set list. All I have to say is that they were incredible as always. Maynard's voice sounded great. Danny was drumming like a madman. And Adam and Justin did there great reptilian axe work. Thanks guys. You really help put light into the eternal moment or the OM of my life.

Review written by: Jim ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 11:44:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Best show I've ever seen. Been a fan for a long time, but never had the chance until now. I was totally blown away by the power and energy. Even with the crappy acoustics of the Pepsi Center they managed to rock me to the ground. I left the show dazed and fragile; altered. The setlist was great, a little of everything with a great flow - a big mental musical soul massage (or enema?). Definitely different vibes on either side of the intermission, the 2nd half being a little more relaxed and percussion-oriented until the end and the big finale. I applaud their ability to make their performance fresh. Some bands can definitely get stale after being on the road for while, but these guys really put their all into it. To everyone involved in putting on the show, especially the band - THANK YOU.

Review written by: ArtCre8or ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 12:51:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

TOOL TOOL TOOL TOOL That's all AI have to say. Last night was the greatest night that I've experienced since last August, when TOOL came and played at Red Rocks. I can safely say that I can die a happy man now. Tamahawk was different to say the least. I, nor anyone whom I came with had heard of them before. In my opinion, they were an alright band, with a lot of talent, and skill. I just don't think that their stronghold is in their performing LIVE. The vocals were cool, but way too high pitched, and LOUD. My ears were ringing before TOOL started. That's not a bad thing, but it's not a good thing either. TOOL started out with the unbeleivable, SOBER. In one word... Awesome. I'm glad that they seitched up their set a bit, from the last tour. The visuals all through the show were great. ADAM, you are a genius. Need I say more? When the band started 46&2, lights went down. Visuals stopped. The crowd was cheering, still from Stinkfist still. The as the song progressed they had the lights above the band shine down, in beams, illuminating the band. The security at the Pepsi center SUCKED to say the least. No common respect for people in general. NONE. The good part with them was that, from where we were, they were taking out the "trouble makers", since all of the people in our vecinity were there to see TOOL. NOT TO FUCKING MOSH. TELL ME, what posesses some one to mosh to TOOL? I don't understand. They are about enlightening yourself. Not fucking the person next to you up. As with the last time, Maynard told us to take the feeling that we were feeling at that time, and use it. Make it into something positive. Last time I took him up on that and went with it, and have been a better person over all since then. And so, I will use TOOL, as a tool, and progress into a greater state, a greater mind set, then I was before. Like I said before, I can die a happy man. Thank you Maynard, Adam, Danny, and Justin, as well as Tamahawk. Thank you VERY much. I hope to see them again soon. If not them then APC when they come out with their next albumn. Peace

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 13:36:43 ET

This was this reviewer's ??? Tool show

I have a question for anyone who has attended a show on this tour: At the actual arena shows, are there seats on the floor or is the floor General Admission (no seats)? please e-mail me and let me know thanks *Also, please include more info in your reviews about Tomahawk

Review written by: Lou ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 13:42:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The band was tight through out the whole set. Surprisingly, for me The Patient was one of the bigger highlights of the set, followed by Stinkfist. The visuals were stunning as only Adam can make them, and the backdrop was a very nice addition. Great show, great band, great time if you have not seen them or heard them, please do your sences a favor and get yourself some Tool. By the way, did I mention that I was on a blind date for this show, and that she was so turned on by it that I got laid afterwords? Get some Tool in ya.......

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 13:44:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Truly awe inspiring show. Once agin Tool left me wishing that the show would go on and on. Though Tomahawk made me want to leave before Tool even got on stage. The only thing that I could make out during their little opening performance was screaching and drums. Terrible. I actually was almost regretting buying my ticket. I guess to each their own but tomahawk was more torture than music. Once tool took the stage I forgot all about tomahawks noise. Tool played a clean powerful set that was just simply amaizing. The crowd was a little rough, many people didn't seem to be there for the music, but to just kick the crap out of eachother. Their loss! I can't wait to go to another show. Thankyou Tool for bringing your unmatched talent to my city. You guys put on one hell of a performance.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 13:58:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was great. I felt the Red Rocks sound was a lot better and more guitars and vocals were heard. But nonetheless was amazin. And just for the record, lots of you were saying how amazing Tomahawk was.. that was not the case at all. They were awful. I found myself covering my ears along with huundreds of people aren't me so we didn't sustain permenant hearing loss during intentional screeching noises during their songs. They're the first opening band that i've actually left during their set because the music was so awful. I wasn't alone, thousands of people were packed in the halls around the pepsi center waiting for their set to be over. The only thing i respect about them was their originality, just too bad they suck horribly.

Review written by: Anastasia Higgins ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 14:17:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Surreal, amazing...I am still in awe of the show last night. I still can't believe they opened up with Sober. The energy from Tool...the way it moves through me and their music and art touches me to the core. By far, the best live show I have ever seen, the whole concert I felt like I was tripping. The visuals, lights, the flow of everything. Maynard was next to Danny most of the time and when he spoke to the crowd he had his back turned to us. I didn't want to post anything negative, however I must vent my disgust with the row of drunken frat boys who were falling on everyone and being beligerent. I hadn't seen Tool since 96' and this was a special experience for me and I just wish some people could have more respect for art.

Review written by: I Hate Assholes ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 15:05:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This show was completely amazing. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience. I believe that this is true even if you've seen Tool before. Never can a band be the same twice, and I must say that I am proud that I had the pleasure of seeing this show. I am so sorry to say though that not only are most of the fans in Colorado ignorant, but they are REALLY ignorant. Mike Patton is a fucking Vocal God, and all the fucking morons boo-ing Tomahawk should be shot. Shot right through their ignorant and empty skulls. You seriously need to stop being so closed minded and actually pay attention to opening bands, especially if they are fronted by FUCKING MIKE PATTON. All you people are mindless drones. Tool truly was amazing though. Perfect. Not enough things can be said about this show that would get the point across. When the show that you are going to this time around comes about, be prepared. Your senses will be stimulated and you will leave with a feeling of elation that only Tool can deliver. Think for yourself. Question authority.

Review written by: Lloyd McFarlin ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 15:17:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

The show was great. I imagine there are others out there like me who are hoping to hear that Maynard has gone back to his old wild and active on-stage self. Well, I was pleased in that he wasn't the Maynard standing in front of a screen the whole time or the Maynard doing what the best he could to move around in drag and stilleto high-heels. He was very energetic and fluid but I still miss the days of pre- Lollapalooza '96 when he would he would be going nuts, staring various audience members in the eyes, and moving all around the stage. Nonetheless, I did bring two first- timers with me to this show and I'm glad that this was to be their first Tool experience. Tool seems to have taken a focus towards passive art surrounding them rather than the active "Cirque Du Soleil" atmosphere of the previous tour. Coming from somewhat of a Tool old-timer (my first experience was Lolla '93), I'd have to say that this is definitely one of their better set-ups. Also, to nip any budding myths from growing and circulating, Mike Patton brought out a giant sized rubber penis-shaped dildo and stuck into Maynard's speedos, rubbing it up and down against Maynard's ass. Definitely provocative and more than most people care to see, but it wasn't the hardcore ass- sex session that some other posters here have set up the readers to believe. Finally, I hate to whine about it, but I have to agree with some of the complaints about other fans. This was my first show in Denver so I don't know if it's a Colorado thing or what, but there seemed to be a lot of drunk inbreds in wife- beater t-shirts that I could have done without. One such inbred was in front of me booing Tomahawk. These are the same guys that probably scoffed at Tool before they became popular enough and familiar enough to warrant their concert ticket purchase. Tomahawk is a very different band and, I think, very creative. It's not easy to just embrace their sound right off the bat but I'd rather embrace artists looking to evolve their style of music and offer something different than those just wanting to do what's already been done just because it already is an accepted sound, sounds decent, and someone else managed to make it big with the same sound. I don't mean to be preaching the "true tool fan" vs. "not true tool fan" bullshit, but what can I say? I guess Ænima was an appropriate song for this crowd. I apologize for any offense to Colorado natives on this board who are not "drunk inbreds" but the above posts show that you already know what I'm talking about.

Review written by: don65 ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 15:46:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

Still no Ticks and Leaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: ATM ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 16:16:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This show was tool's first @ the pepsi center in denver and at first i was angry that it wasn't @ red rocks. but lo, it was still tool, and was still great. This was also the first tool show that i have been to where they didn't play anything from Opiate, however, they did play a long insturmental show including tracks 10, 11, and 12 in a row accompanied by all of the necessary instrumentalists. as always, mind blowing effects and unparalleled showmanship. total, the tool segment of the show was about 2hrs and 10 min, with tomahawk opening for about 45 min, they didn't receive such a warm reception.

Review written by: aegis ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 16:17:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

for those of you who dont already know, TOOL can and will change your life. quite possibly, their music is the most powerful and engaging stimulus ever experienced by mankind. the denver show was no departure from that fact. i left there feeling consumed but very alive. it seems that everyone there felt these aftershocks from the emotions evoked during the event. goddamn, if you have not seen TOOL yet in your lifetime, do yourself a favor and make it the 1st priority, you know, that one thing you must do before you die!! enough have commented on Tomahawk so i will not . isn't there always an opening band? credit where credit is due. anyway, a great sackful of thanks to Maynard and TOOL for a fantastic evening, you guys rock!! many positive things are etched in my shadow!! thanks again from a fan!!! pueblo, colorado

Review written by: Terry Jones ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 16:51:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

for the person who say's that us colorado fans are ignorant and closed's a pity that you can't appreciate that the fans were there for TOOL..yes, we did go outside to smoke while Tomahawk played...and no I was not one of the people who boo'd them..I simply went to was more exciting and I amongst others was there for Guess who? Yes, tool could have done ticks and leeches..would have been great..but like I said in my prior can't have it all...I drove all the way from Pueblo to see this show and it was the best I have EVER seen...I thought that Tomahawk sucked...and for the person who asked if the arena shows have seats on the floor..I dont think they far as I know..check with your venue for that info...if you are on the floor ENJOY your tool will NOT regret it! colorado fans are not closed mnded..we were there for Tool...maybe you should join the tomahawk fan club instead. yours truly a sincere devoted Tool fan.....for life!

Review written by: Michael Franklin (Michael.Franklin@Colorado.EDU) Review posted on: 07/22/02 17:19:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

All was quiet. At least as quiet as a full arena of TOOL fans could be. From the aisle stumbled two drunk assholes, and of course they HAD to sit right next to me in this monstrous mass gathering of those who love TOOL. Intoxicated Belligerent Redneck Asshole #1: “Dude, thank God I was in jail, else we couldn’t have gotten these tickets, huh?” Intoxicated Belligerent Redneck Asshole #2: “Fuck yeah man…FUCKIN’ TOOL!!!” They too must have been four hours late buying tickets and ended up in section 322…literally the furthest possible section, on the upper-level no less, in the Pepsi Center. An estimated distance of approximately one hundred meters filled in the space between myself and the stage that, within minutes, would host the frantically intense sounds of Mike Patton & Co., a.k.a. Tomahawk. Jessica and I broke out our binoculars long ago, and have been surveying the distant stage and lucky concertgoers who by some miracle or act of God actually got general admission tickets. The clock strikes 7:30, which is the marked start time on our tickets and ~click~ off go the lights. I think to myself, “Damn, concerts never start on time anymore…I don’t think there ever existed a show in all the history of time that started as precisely on-time as this!” Wait. What’s this? The police… coming onto stage? This is fucked up, I wonder what’s going on? The four policemen each respectively occupy an instrument on stage; one of them puts on a gasmask. Then the voice, the anger, the energy, the music. Tomahawk. Intoxicated Belligerent Redneck Asshole #1: This band SUCKS!! FUCKIN’ TOOL!!! I came here to see TOOL, not this shitty band. [Flipping Tomahawk off] Intoxicated Belligerent Redneck Asshole #2: God, we should have just sat in the parking lot and got more drunk… I gotta go take a piss. Me: Take your time. I picked up the Tomahawk album as soon as I heard they’d be opening for TOOL, which was also very nearly around the same time their album came out. Patton is a crazy man, and he can scream. Very loud. I loved the set they played. Unfortunately the band did not receive the amount of respect they deserve…I wonder if the middle aged man behind me who was booing at them knew that Patton was the vocalist of Faith No More? After a booing session from the audience Patton flipped everybody off. “Salut” he said, middle finger held high. He also mentioned to the crowd that if they didn’t like their setlist, they should blame TOOL because they asked them to play this tour with them. After a lovely lullaby “for the ladies” and not the “milehigh motherfuckers”, Tomahawk was gone, and unbeknownst to us at this point, it wouldn’t be the last appearance of Patton this evening. Lights went up, lights came back down after a seemingly very short time. Normally I get antsy after waiting for the headline act, but tonight, I would still be waiting patiently with a smile on my face even now if I needed to. This is my second TOOL show. I had some expectations, but for the most part came in relatively open for anything and everything. Last year before I saw them at Red Rocks I practically could have predicted their set list from reading all of the posted reviews, but this tour I tightened my belt and vowed to be TDN review-free so that I was completely ignorant to their past night’s set lists. The set list is below… Jessica and I didn’t have a pen, so we memorized it. [Semblance of] Merkaba Sober 4o (Maynard: “This song, like many others, is about sex.”) The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (Extended version. Patton came on stage and booty-danced with Maynard.) 46 & 2 Schism Parabol Parabola Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient (!!!) Aenima *Intermission* (And I thought PS2 had good computer generated graphics.) Disposition Reflection [fade into…] …Triad Lateralus ( Maynard: “…do something positive with them… and in the mean time go home and have sex.”) God, what an excellent set! Flawless! And the stage itself, I don’t even know where to begin…so I won’t. I want everybody who’s reading this to see for themselves when they (if they) get to see TOOL in their city. Just be prepared for the most beautiful stage set-up you have ever seen. An obvious collaboration with Alex Grey made this undisputedly THE MOST eye catching work of art that I have ever witnessed. Closing my eyes now I can still see those colors… heaven…nothing less. Euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant*. PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT. P.S. Could somebody please tell me how both Intoxicated Belligerent Redneck Assholes sitting next to me could have possibly fallen ASLEEP during Parabola, and not woken up until Triad? Must have been some dank shit they smoked out of that cleverly disguised pipe in the shape of a zippo lighter. Way to go guys. * Name the book, get a cookie.

Review written by: Joshua ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 17:35:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

First of all, mad props to Tool for everything I had hoped for and more. There is no need to judge Tomahawk and get pissed off about them. The people who booed are like spoiled children. Sound was as good as can be in an arena. John Stanier, the former drummer for HELMET (YEAH!!!) played Toms on Triad and it was a dream come true. I still have two drum sticks from two different Helmet shows in Denver. He was the best part of Tomahawk and is right up there with Danny. The show was spiritual enlightenment and beautiful bliss. Meathead moshers SUCK!!! Thank You, Thank You Tool! I lost my Mom last month, only 53, and my Dad in 1999, only 53. I am 29 and have been through hell and back, and Lateralus has been some of the best medicine for grief, anger and all the other negative emotions that will be wiped away when God returns. Love, Josh Berkseth

Review written by: Joshua ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 17:35:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

First of all, mad props to Tool for everything I had hoped for and more. There is no need to judge Tomahawk and get pissed off about them. The people who booed are like spoiled children. Sound was as good as can be in an arena. John Stanier, the former drummer for HELMET (YEAH!!!) played Toms on Triad and it was a dream come true. I still have two drum sticks from two different Helmet shows in Denver. He was the best part of Tomahawk and is right up there with Danny. The show was spiritual enlightenment and beautiful bliss. Meathead moshers SUCK!!! Thank You, Thank You Tool! I lost my Mom last month, only 53, and my Dad in 1999, only 53. I am 29 and have been through hell and back, and Lateralus has been some of the best medicine for grief, anger and all the other negative emotions that will be wiped away when God returns. Love, Josh Berkseth

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 17:40:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

is it me, or is there a strange resemblence between Justin Chancellor and Kenny G.???? I found myself curiously awaiting his Saprano solo during reflection.

Review written by: Kurt ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 17:46:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tool Was Amazing. Evryone knows that. They played 4 degrees, and The Patient. Everything else was just gravy after that. Tommahawk. Mike Patton does things with his voice that no one else can, or bothers to do. He is one of the most inventive frontmen to come out in quite some time. He puts on a very animated proformance and utelizes various processors and effects to contribute to his preformance. He is also very good at dealing with a crowd that doesn't nessicarily like them. Inbetween songs they produced noises and sounds at frequencys that were considered offencive to most of the crowd (especially at the volume they were produced!). They are a group of great musicians with a very unique sound. great show.

Review written by: Chris Culver ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 20:06:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

hello friends, the concert, what to say, i brought a friend and she's a convert...the show ruled, i wish i could hear better so i knew the lyrics of parabola better. The long instrumental combining the songs was incredable. next time i get way closer seats. and thanks for the ticket and coming with tara!!! your rawk Thanks for the awesome show Chris

Review written by: Siryk ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 20:48:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

That was THE most amazing experiance of my life,,i have never had so much fun. I sat in section 130,row 16,seat 10,and i had these awesome punk-raver types behind me and we convulsed and screamed and laughed together and everyone connected around was beautiful. Tomahawk was really good,although it seemed like me and the 4 or 5 behind me were the only people in the place that liked them, Mike Patton is an animal. Tool was INTENSE, everything they played was done perfectly,i think Stinkfist (the dildo part was GREAT!),Ænima,The Grudge and Lateralus had to be the most powerful, intense pieces of art i have ever had the pleasure and honor of hearing, Stinkfist was really good,first letting the crowd sing the part where Maynard usually sings "I'll, keep, dgging,till i, feel, something" kicked ass,even if most forgot what he says after that,then the dildo,how appropriate,that really made the song stand out. 4 Degrees was also very intense,maynard was funny as always,The other songs were amazing,everytime they hit a harder part of the song,it seemed like everyone played at once,it was mind could really feel a connection with Maynard and the's hard to put into words how good it felt to be there. If you havnt gone to a tool concert yet,DO SO,you owe it to yourself! It's life changing,like doing acid or having sex.the full range of emotions are there.

Review written by: Dr. Review ( Review posted on: 07/22/02 22:47:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Great show with many weird turns and crazy colors. I thought the backdrop was amazing and the videos were just as mind bending. I now have proof that Dr. Maynard is the greatest singer anyone could ask for and I sleep next to my computer waitng for a release date of Tapeworm. The band was also very nice. All three deserve some sort of medal or hat. I thought that tomahawk was pretty raw but very cool. I must say though that I had to hold my ears for some of the WILD sounds....patton you dick. See the show...brown study for the rest

Review written by: Dave the Drummer ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 00:10:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

this show was the greatest show i have ever gone 2 it was my first tool show and i was breathtaken, me being a drumming when danny carrey did his 10 min. drum solo my jaw just dropped... and when they opened up w/ sober that just got the blood goin after that show there will not be another tool concert that passes through denver that i will not go 2 the set was totally awesome and maynard had the crowd goin the whole time...ROCK ON! p.s. tomahawk sucked!!!!!! but tool made up for it plus more!! i will never forget this show Dave the Drummer

Review written by: Robert Brandin ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 00:21:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

What an amazing night! There's so much to tell, so I'll do my best and start at the beginning, or at least something reasonably close. We arrived at the arena at around 6:30, so at most only quarter of the people were there. We found our seats, bought ourselves soem shirts, stickers, etc.. and then sat down to shoot the breeze for a while until the concert began. Our seats were in section 116, row twelve and we were one row back from the floor, so we had a great view of the screens as well as the stage. People filtered in, filling up, including the much lamented drunken fratboys. Luckily, however, I was generally surrounded by great people, including a girl with amazing straight black hair (Drop me a line if you by some chance read this) and other people that genuinely loved the music. Tomahawk started. Now, I'm not big on them. I love some of Mike Patton's work, and he certainly is talented and stunningly diverse, but there was no reason to boo like so many people did. We were there to enjoy music as a group, and cluttering an otherwise great atmosphere was just counter-productive. No matter. Tomahawk did so some amazing things, and they were a good way to at least get the blood flowing. We were not, however, there to see Tomahawk. The true intention behind the whole evening was to see Tool. It was one of the most amazing musical experiences of my life, and I'm sure it will be a defining moment in our lives, and most certainly the hallmark of the summer. The band was amazing and energy filled the air coming from their playing and the appreciation of the fans. The visiauls were great. The screens, stage backing and Grey pictures set a wonderful visual tone to the whole show.There was much much more going on than I expected and I wish I could have actually taken it all in. Happily, I did gwt more than enough stimulus to keep myself dancing and singing for the entire show. There is nothing I can say that truly describes how amazing the music was. It penetrated everything around me, making it feel like we were all connected in a higher sense, much like Alex Grey's art. It was all very unifying, and the more sober and aware fans knew it and totally ran with it. All in all, seeing Tool was one of those experiences I will truly treasure and I certainly hope this is the first of many I see.

Review written by: dbraden ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 00:43:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hardcore Rock Fan - an oxymoron? _____ Now that I have fully processed (short term "fully," I suppose...) the events of last evening, I have decided that I will, in fact, post the review I said I wasn't even going to write this time. ::sigh::...what can I do? In the recent months, I have felt a pull away from music that I have liked in the past - perhaps turning 20 and college have played some part in the recent revamping of my musical palette; however, I do find it peculiar that I felt myself losing interest in the band that has been at the top of my list since I was 14. I must admit that the big rock scene, I've determined, is no longer my cup of tea - too much decadence, too many lofty prices, and way too many drunk rock fans. Hardcore music, in the case of my recent rethinking, has been the main competitor for the rock shows of yesteryear: community, personality, extremity, intimacy, responsibility, etc... The good news, though, comes from my experience of one night previous - Tool has reclaimed their rightful throne at the top of my list by demonstrating artistic integrity and execution like no band ever has or will as far as I can tell. Perhaps the recent unveiling of Toolarmy had dampened my Tool receptors a bit, but after last evening's performance, they are (in the immortal words of Mr. Bill Hicks) squeegeed clean. So, what about the show? Well... Around 3:00 PM, I made a journey back to my house from a practice session with my band (which is of some importance in my story...) to call the 4 individuals with whom I had bought my tickets in order to figure out the how and when of the evening. Around 6:30, one of the 4 showed up at my house and with a quick slam of the door, I was off. Previous to my departure, my sister had asked why I had not seemed more excited, and though partly inexplicable, I had attempted to make a case for my lackluster attitude citing above reasons, as well as the fact that I didn't think last August's Red Rocks show could be topped. I was not, at the time, aware that I would be proven incorrect... In the car, I perused the collection of compact disc jewel cases - mostly NIN, as well as Lateralus and Massive Attack's "Protection" - before deciding to keep the new Glassjaw in the player. I needed something to get me in a Mike Patton mood, and Glassjaw is as close as my friend's library comes thereto. As we neared the exit for the Pepsi Center, my friend turned to me and exclaimed in a very vehement fashion and expletive, making me think he had run over a member of Tool (okay, okay - hyperbole). I flashed him strange look as was about to speak up as he blurted out that he had forgotten his ticket. ::sigh::...turning around (and facing a nasty traffic situation), we proceeded back to his house so that he could find his ticket and we could get back in time to see Tomahawk. Fortunately, being the diligent (and punctual) collage students we are, we had plenty of time. Taking only 45 minutes (there, back, and there again), we entered the Pepsi center at precisely 7:30, but doddled as we were making our way upstairs, only to walk back down to the third row, thus missing Patton's gas mask (as my friends later told me) on Tomahawk's first song. I noticed right away the 6-pointed star that made up the lighting rig and knew that it couldn't just be of a coincidental utilitarian design. We made our way to our seats (section 104, row 3, seats 11-15) to find our other three friends surprised at our tardiness. I took a look at the performers, noticing first Patton's choice of attire: an NYPD uniform that appeared to have no sleeves. Hmmm. Interesting. He said something along the lines of "how many of you like the NYPD," only his version was more accusative and had a lot more cursing. This was going to be good... Luckily, when searching my pockets, I stumbled across the ear plugs I had brought to band practice (to prevent my going deaf before age 30) and rapidly put them to good use. For one, Tomahawk sounded much better with them in (as a result of the arena's acoustics), and for another, I was just in time, as within a minute of my discovery, the electronics under Mike's fingers began to emit a shrill sound that had nearly every hand over every ear in the house, and a barrage of "boos" from the Tool-anxious audience. I began to laugh, as I knew Mike's Patton was ready for the crowd to hate him and was more than prepared for the onslaught of middle fingers that followed his ... er ... experiment. "Don't make me come out there and use this finger," he said, causing another laughing fit from my friends and I, "if you don't like our set, don't blame us; blame Tool. They're the ones who put us on this tour!" Again, laughter and middle fingers. I can't get enough of this guy! I spent the remainder of the set watching the band members and their various idiosyncrasies - in the case of Kevin (bass), he acted almost identical to how he does when he plays with the Melvins, swaying in a circle and not moving his feet - until Patton announced their final tune "for the ladies," and telling all the "mile high motherfuckers" to "shut the hell up because the song was not for" them. Heh. Before I could get a chance to laugh, the band went into a stunning rendition of "Angel Eyes," a jazz standard (what?) that has been recorded by, most notably, Frank Sinatra! Imagine: Patton and the rat pack! Who woulda thunk it (thanks again Bill) ? With the final (and most fitting lyric) "excuse me while I disappear," Tomahawk left the stage and left me in stitches. Yeah, that's right - I liked them. What the hell... Now that the house lights were up and the music had returned to backing-tape volume, I removed my earplugs and began to observe my surroundings. It had not been since the APC/NIN show in 2000 that I had been to this venue, and I must not have remembered how splendid a venue it was. The lighting was ample, the seats comfortable, the atmosphere perfect - maybe my anti- capitalist tendencies of the past are going a little soft, but I'll be damned what Pepsi-co can do with the right amount of money! Seating in front of us were a couple of girls who looked to be about our age with tiny glowsticks in their mouths. One has constructed her own Tool shirt out of a patch and a striped tube top. My friends and I later agreed that both were quite attractive and seemed like very interesting people (hint, hint if you were sitting in section 104, row 2, approx. seats 16/17/18!!) To the left were a couple of fairly loaded guys, and behind us two girls and two guys (presumably couples), one of whom was sporting a (::sigh::) "Tool, Fuckin' Tool" shirt and throughout the course of the evening, kept (::sigh:: again) reciting the slogan he wore. I'm not sure whether or not I like this sort of fan - I mean, I can't blame anyone at this show for wanting to be here and wanting to make their evening a memorable one. I can't expect everyone to feel as I do (or have) about this band for the simple reason that they are not I. Of the four friends I went with, only one of us drank; however, not a single one of us expressed our feelings at this show in the same manner. Am I really one to get angry with anyone here at this show for having a good time? This time around, I think, I was just here to have fun and to enjoy the sort of variety I was seeing at the show. I wasn't going to let anyone get to me, or any half-fan discourage me from being a full-on-fan. This was a rock concert - not a dinner party. It's about time I lighten up, I decided, and made it a point to high-five those behind me at the end of the show. But back to the concert at hand... The tape playing between bands was delightfully diverse, containing what one friend of mine determined to be old skinny puppy (or music of the like...), the Melvins (who I had just seen less than three weeks prior), and interludes from Zappa's Lather and/or Sheik Yerbouti album(s). Eventually, the tape morphed into what appeared to be some Frippian soundscapes (a holler back to last year's show) as the fog machines were activated. This led to an eruption of applause and cheering from the anxious audience. These people were ready for Tool! Within five minutes, the lights went down... Though I had taken a much lighter-hearted approach this year to Tool (last year, it was the lone spiritual journey to see a band that had been four years dormant) and was enjoying the company of my friends, I was all-of-a-sudden overrun with the same excitement I had felt at the Red Rocks show. The low rumbles and throat singing seemed to come from somewhere beyond matter and pulled me into the experience. This was it, and now I was ready. Adam began to play a strangely familiar guitar line and then crunched down on one chord as Maynard took to his platform. Danny's fill led them into "Sober". There was not a single silent voice in the house for this opener. After the song, Maynard began to allude to the next track by discussing how it (as all their other songs - heh) happened to be about "ass sex". I took this time to look at the stage: Two video screens hoisted high in the arena, one on either side, and a large curtain serving as a backdrop. Surprisingly simple (or so it seemed). Danny was using the melted cymbal kit he had debuted at the Red Rocks show and Maynard had lost the personal video screen. The lighting, at this point, was mostly dominated by reds. Adam led into the next track with the sitar-esque intro to (!!) "4 Degrees". Less people knew this one, but the excitement of the crowd remained. Once the final "just like that" had been recited, Adam and Justin began the syncopated riff that opens the Lateralus album with "The Grudge". With the first big hit, the curtain was dropped to reveal an incredible backdrop, clearly the work of Alex Grey, that consisted of several interlocked faces that were emphasized and de-emphasized via specific lighting throughout the remainder of the performance. Brilliant. When the finale of "The Grudge" had concluded (including a breath-taking roar by Maynard), I looked over to discover that my friend had worn his Grudge hat he had made himself so that he could, in fact, wear "the grudge like a crown". I chuckled a little and looked back to the stage. There were what appeared to be illuminated wires hanging from the 6-pointed lighting rig that began to flash as "(-) Ions" came over the PA. Adam began playing the familiar sound that opens the Ænima record and the band kicked into "Stinkfist". I got so involved in the song, I almost forgot about the extra bridge, and so my attention went directly to the band where I witnessed the spectacle of Mike Patton miming anal sex between Maynard and a very large dildo. It was quite a sight! The screen projections, as always, were incredible and impeccably timed. Some the new clips appeared to be heavily influenced by Camella Grace's Spiral Eyes photography and Ramiro Rodriguez's artwork - in other words, lots of nudes and water. At this point in the show, the people behind us and one of my friends began to get into a confrontation over a cigarette landing close to my friend's leg. I still don't know the entire story, but I tried to smooth things over as best I could - like I said, I was all about understanding at this show. "Stinkfist" ended with a bang, the audience's hands extended ("take my hand"), and the band went right into "Forty-Six & 2". It had been 5 years since I had seen this in concert, and I was overjoyed to see that Danny's chops were there on the solo. It was quite good and everyone at the show erupted into applause when the song had finished. The vibe in the Pepsi Center was electric - the house roared with a sell-out crowd of some 20,000 excited fans. This was a sight to be seen! At first, the noodling following "Forty-Six & 2" seemed to allude to "Eon Blue Apocalypse", but that inkling was soon squashed when Justin played the contrapuntal intro to "Schism". The crowd began to sway as Maynard came in with the vocals (sung in the proper register this time - not the low harmony like he had done at Red Rocks). This song was much tighter and better performed than when I had last seen it. Just goes to show what a year on the road can do! At the tune's conclusion, Adam and Justin hardly waited for applause before they came together and began the hauntingly beautiful "Parabol". Many filled the venue with screams and applause during this intro, but everyone grew silent right before the onslaught of "Parabol's" counterpart. The video for "Parabola" graced the screens and the crowd again erupted at the beginning of this new MTV favorite (go figure - Tool an MTV favorite?) and from the rafters somewhere descended large replicas of the cell clusters from the video. When the tune reached it's climax, the screens followed precisely the course of the video and Alex Grey's artwork came to life in a splendid CGI clip that had all previously unenlightened jaws at the floor. It was incredible. When the song had dissipated into three guitar harmonics, I heard what I had thought I was hearing a few songs prior: "Eon Blue Apocalypse". My friend, hearing me exclaim before that I was psyched to hear "The Patient", made the slightly-humorous-but-entirely-predictable joke that I just had to (drum roll, please...) "be patient". Haha. However, when the song began and what looked like glitter fell from the rafters, all jokes were forgotten. We were taken into the sway of the song I had heard soundchecked at the Rocks, but had never heard performed to an audience. "The Patient" was worth waiting for (I know, I know - to quote Bill Hicks (again): "get off your we-hate- puns-high-horse..."). Once the song had concluded, Maynard wasted no time... "Ænima" was the fiery closer to the first portion of the show. It was amazing how this song can bring a group of people together, despite its dark sarcasm and aggressive nature. Every single hand, as always, was "praying for rain". After the song, the lights immediately went down and those of us who knew what to expect took a much needed break from standing to admire the visual of the face/deface projected on the screen and the musical experiments of Justin and his "holy effect altar," as I have dubbed it. I was amazed that in the 10 minutes (or so) that the band took an intermission, cheers and applause continued throughout. This was an energized audience! With the screen taking on a new image (from the Salival DVD), the band returned to open up a 22-minute Pandora's box with "Disposition". It was a breath of fresh and provided an adequate amount of entrancement going into Danny's bouncing ball solo and the moving 11-minute "Reflection". It was during this song that, from the rafters, descended banners of Alex Grey's sacred mirrors in the various layers of existence, beginning with the skeletal, and ending with spiritual energy lattice (I believe). Also, during the climax of the song, a 6-pointed star (in exactly the same format as the one which held the lights above the band) descended over Danny. The Backdrop had been changed to a tunnel of eyes (from Alex Gray's "Death" painting) during the intermission and the stage was, at this point, an unbelievable sight. "Reflection" faded out into Adam's haunting solo and the crowd went wild. It was in this moment that the first signs of the elusive "Triad" began to emerge, and two extra people (later identified by Maynard) took the stage. It was explosive, and the wall of sound that is this thrilling conclusion pulled everyone in the audience to their feet (as though they weren't there already...) and was cause for tremendous celebration upon its conclusion. There was only one way to follow this. I don't even need to say the song's name - it's clear. Maynard, after an extremely humorous speech about the "thompson twins' chucky cheese" and "a discounted lap dance w/stub," gave us the ultra-familiar positivist speech, followed by a humorous "go have sex in the meantime" quip. The lighting rig above the soundboard, as well as a disco ball (what?), came to life, and the crowd was awash in black and white, red, then yellow. The finale of this song had everyone in frenzy, and when it was through, the band gathered at the front of the stage for a drawn out group hug and an extended exit. The audience was delirious. Upon reaching the top of the steps, I began to hear wave after wave of cheers from fans leaving the Pepsi Center. Over and over they roared and threw up their hands, gave each other high-fives, embraced, laughed, and smiled. The elation of the people was contagious and all I could do was allow myself to let the vibe touch me and smile the largest smile I can remember. I left the concert in an incredible mood and felt an overwhelmingly warm and joyous feeling. I had experienced a great show by artists not willing to sacrifice their integrity for the sake of anyone or anything. So what if Toolarmy costs money I'm not willing to pay? As long as I can still see them in concert, I'll always be a Tool fan. Let it be known to all my new hardcore friends - Tool reigns supreme at the top of my list. Peace and Best Wishes. -devin

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 04:51:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Not enough words could describe how fucking amazing that show was !! i mean mind blowing!! Sober was an awesome starter then 4 degrees was awesome!!! The came my favorite The Grudge i mean this may sound wussy but i was in tears because just of how awesome it was to be there!! Stinkfist followed but im not going to give a setlist!! I mean Tool ARE the true untouchables !! no band out there could touch what Tool did last night!! They played flawlessly!! The chuck e cheese lap dance thing was fuckin funny!! Ahh !! Tomahawk kinda pissed me off cause he kept screaming ,then he said How many of you cried when you found out Rob Halford was gay?? what the fuck was that shit?? But man i loved Lateralus at the end Fuckin amazing! and when they hugged like we did it again! i mean i would be fuckin honored to see that crowd lastnight HUGE!!!Tool have the most loyal fans out there i mean the way we were all screaming leaving the pepsi center(AWESOME). It was great!!! words cant describe it The awesome projections,lights,stage set up!! who could ask for more?Tool i you guys keep Making the most awesome music!!!!!!! see ya next time!!!!

Review written by: Carol ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 10:52:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hello all, First off, I would like to say that Tomahawk sucked. The noise they made (definently not music) was ear-shattering. But do you know what sucked more? The stupid tool "fans" that booed the opening act. Opening for Tool must be one of the most difficult activities out there, and you must give Patton credit for dealing with an angry mob as best he could. If you don't like the opening act, at least shut up so that those who do can enjoy it. Enough bitching. The tool show was awesome. A huge thank you to the burly men who made a wall between me and the dumbasses who decided that they had to mosh. I realize that everyone reacts differently to tool, but I just can't understand why some feel possesed to mosh to Parabola of all songs. The stage was mindblowing. Absolutely beautiful. I was torn between wanting to close my eyes and be surrounded by the intense music, wanting to stare at those amzing videos on the screen, wanting to watch the colored lights moving across the backdrops, and wanting to watch the band. What I love most about tool is the wide range of emotions that they can create. I felt it all that night; hatred, fear, intense happiness, which was alll washed away in my tears at the end when they played Lataralus. And then I felt full of life and hope. And now I will take that experience, one of the best tool shows that I've been to, and I will do something positive this week. Or maybe I'll just have sex :)

Review written by: Lifetimer ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 13:24:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Got cut off, damn internet connection. Anyway: finally got to see THEM, and it was religious. First, 4 degrees was amazing. Parabol/Parabola was even more amazing that I had hitherto imagined music can be. I laughed at all pseudo-fans who only know Aenima (ohmygod is that California song!!!) and thus, had no idea what the words to The Patient were, I was standing amidst a group of people who where clueless. This minus two people right in front of me that knew the words and "meaning," after that, I started to scream for something from Opiate or more from Undertow... again, the two people in front of me where the only ones who recognized that these were albums by the band. A lot of fucking idiots and meatheads at the concert who were clueless. TOOL is more of enjoyment and amazement, rather than moshing. Overall, TOOL was amazing, Justin, Adam, Danny and MJK were saintly. And, jesus, Danny is huge. What energy Manard has, little body just bursting with phenomena (plus amazing paint job... I loved the blue and the glowing body markings in the first set.... Did anyone else see Justin all shaking his hand trying to get circulaiton and whatnot back in his hand near the end of the show? Funny, they two of them are breath-taking guitarists. As Uncle Nasty said: TOOL is the greatest rock band in the world!

Review written by: Walker ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 14:41:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I'm a longtime tool listener, and this first show has enhanced my outlook on life. I was so far back in the nosebleed seats, I had no seat, and sat next to a giant pillar, but with the combination of tools visual genius and prescence managed to reach me on such a personal level. And by my own observation, I wasn't alone. The thousands of fans were vibing together in a way that made us seem like one large organism. I shared tool's sense of accomplishment .

Review written by: Lloydsta ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 14:48:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

What can I say...Tool was awsome. Every time I see Tool, they seem better than the last time. Great set, great visuals, and pretty good sound for the Pepsi Center. maynard was a lot more talkative than the last show at Red Rocks W/ King Crimson. Tomahawk was good, too...despite all the booing. The sound was a little messed up when they played, but seemed to be corrected by the time Tool started up. I wish all the assholes who booed would go to hell and die. Dicks. Overall, the best Tool show I have seen yet. Got pissed at the asile ushers, too....damn pot nazi's. Grade the show an a+.

Review written by: patrick ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 15:30:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

well what the hell can i possibly say to sum up one of the best nights of my whole life? since most people already posted the setlist and the way the concert progressed (set changes and whatnot) i'll just try and put into words my feelings and emotions during the show. we got to the pepsi center at about 5:45 or so, got our wristbands for the floor and waited up close to the stage for tomahawk to come out. now once everyone stood up (how come it only takes one person to stand up before everyone else on the floor thinks the band's coming out?) we started pressing forward and i made my way to the front rail (almost dead center on the rail). tomahawk came out and opened up with some very awesome stuff. i'd never heard them before but it was definently some 'experimental' sounding music (in the same vain as mr. bungle in my opinion). i dug 'em though! the drummer was really getting into it as was patton. i'm amazed he didn't lose his voice halfway through cause man he was screaming. all their equipment and the things they did to get some of their sounds was freaking amazing! i just wish the crowd would've been a little more forgiving cause after every tomahawk song you could hear the "TOOL! TOOL! TOOL!" chant start from various places around the floor with some comments here and there like "you guys suck"...yada yada yada. i thought it was cool how patton said something about how "if we don't like them, blame tool cause they're the ones that brought them on tour". then before the last (very slow song) he said "this song is ladies choice" and he blew a kiss to the crowd. way to go man!! when it comes to denver welcoming an opening band, they completely suck dick -- big dick. now onto tool. it's hard to explain the presence these guys have. the energy that just seems to eminate from them is nothing short of magical. i was already on the front rail when they came out and let me tell you, when the lights turn out you can't even imagine the weight you have to bear of people pushing forwards. not to mention the fact that i had two of biggest (fat) people i've ever seen in the pit on my left side and a big meathead guy on my right leaning on me at all times -- luckily all of them were damn cool and we all seemed to not mind each other's elbows and headbutts one bit. once i heard the opening riffs to sober i about lost it. i've always wanted to hear that live and let me say that it didn't dissapoint at all. fucking incredible! every single song they played sounded so spot on and faultless i couldn't contain myself through any of it. every beat of the drums, every pluck of a guitar and every single damn note out of maynard's mouth was just, for lack of a better word, PERFECT. there was so much going on every single moment that at one time i'd watch adam adjusting sounds with his pedal and knobs then tear into a riff, then i'd turn my head to the right and watch danny pound out some of the most complicated drum patterns i've ever heard and witnessed. then i could look a little in front of danny and watch justin strum the most beautiful basslines. then of course, look towards the back left and see maynard stomping on the platform singing the most melodic vocals i've ever, EVER heard. this was my second time to see tool and he seemed to be a little more animated this show which was very much appreciated. i think that incident where someone said that a guy came out with a dildo and "stimulated" maynard was a stagehand fixing a mic connection or something...maynard just made the best of it and gave new meaning to the term "stagehand". i'm still reeling from the most natural high of my entire life seeing these guys. when they played "aenima" you could just feel the floor shaking and moving -- but i don't think there was a more of time throughout the whole show where i felt more connected to the band than during "reflection". a calming, passive feeling surged over the crowd and everyone just seemed to take in all of the energy from the person standing next to them and really get the full underlying message of tool's songs. of course they finished off with "lateralus" (quick personal note -- does anyone else see/think the hidding meaning behind the name is "later all us"? -- read blair's news postings on and i really think that's the message behind the name -- ??) which completely rocked the arena. i knew this was gonna be the finale so i made the most of the last song and pretty much lost all inhibitions -- throwing myself about. oh man what a rush!! all in all it was one of the best nights of my whole life and i will never forget it. i wish i could do it every single day. the sets were amazing, the lighting was terrific and the band played flawlessly. way to go guys! now just to use my ticket stub at that chuck-e-cheese in san bernadino!

Review written by: Patton fan ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 15:30:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This show was amazing as Tool show's always are. But something else that I found to be amazing was how many trendy Tool fans there are out there. You all gave yourselves away by booing Tomahawk. If you're too closed minded to appreciate creative and different music, then you have totally missed Tool's message. But other than a bunch of meathead's booing one of the most creative men in music, Mike Patton (Faith no More, Mr. Bungle), it was a great show. Both bands put on an amazing show. Possibly the best Tool has sounded in my concert experiences.

Review written by: Rob Hayes ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 16:08:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Two words: GOD DAMN! That show was amazing, cept for the chodes booing Tomahawk. My girlfriend & I sat way the hell up in the nosebleeds so making out the band was difficult, but the visuals made up for it. I wonder where the hell you buy a tapestry like that? (the egyptian chic) The way they manipulated the way she looked with different light set me in a transe-like retard dance. I'm sure the herb and beer had a little to do wit dat dough. No footage of camels and elephants fuckin this time, huh guys? Good times.

Review written by: Max Cherry ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 16:25:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 12 Tool show

Booing Tomahawk? I went to 3 shows in 3 days (Vegas,SLC,Denver) and have never been more embarassed to be part of a crowd than in Denver. I don't understand. I thought that at the core of the "tool message" was becoming vulnerable and opening up your mind and 3rd eye to learn new things and to evolve. Not in Denver. Would you have been more content to hear Tool play songs you can mosh and punch strangers to. Thats not what it is about anymore buddy-boy. Grow up or get the fuck out of my evolutionary way . If you booed at Tomahawk, you are hearby instructed to head directly to your nearest Sam Goody record store and buy two copies of the latest non-threatening rap-metal that you can play in your stereo while watching it simultaneously on TRL. Oh yeah, Tool was amazing and beautiful. You are probably pissed they did not play Opiate. I'm sorry.

Review written by: Sheldon ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 16:26:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Started by taking advice from Bugs Bunny and made a left turn at Albuquerque. My Son Geoff (10), Sister Jen, and I drove up from NM again, we caught the show at Red Rocks last year. The show was at the least amazing, just can't believe how well they sound. The light show combined with the artwork was cool. I think if you see the show outdoors you will not get the same effect. Hard to describe with words how the show was, if you don't have a ticket for the show I recommend you find one. When I see TOOL the shows just get better everytime. I just wish they would come back to ABQ. I want to thank Felicia, Kelly, Laticia, Gail, Bobbi for showing us a cool time in Denver. Nicole, her husband Zac for the ticket hookup I hope they enjoyed the floor, and of course Kabir for the fan website. THE SHOW IS KILLER, GO!!!!!!

Review written by: Rosie ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 16:33:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

*****NO SPOILERS REVIEW***** I just saw Tool on Sunday night here in Denver... Quite the show! We all took some LSD we call the Green Monster, the same shit I was on last year. Tomahawk was a bit of a disappointment, but mostly cause of all the rowdy fuckers yelling "Boo" at them. We had two Tool "virgins" with us who, by the end of Sober, were reeling at how they had missed out thus far! As always it was a moving experience. We didn't have the best seats and the arena made it sound a little canned.. but that could have been the LSD. The only real problem we had was this guy in front of us with a really loud voice who was screaming the whole time and appeared very threatening to us in our state.. he managed to distract us from some very emotional parts of the show. So we've decided that when we win the lottery we will book Tool for our own private holy experience!!! And Tool is certainly a holy experience. I don't believe in God, not like Christians or Catholics. I've never found anything moving enough to be called "God". Now I think I have. Im not saying Tool is God. But the effect - the music, the lights, the drugs, the feelings they create.. that is the closest I have come to feeling righteous and holy and pure and filled with Love. Love is God and Tool is love. I spent a good amount of the show with tears running down my face because I was there, because they were there, because they care enough to give what they have to us, because of the friends I had with me, because I realized that I am righteous and that I do emit love from my very essence and that makes me happy and humbled. I am grateful for the chance to be there and experience that. I am grateful for those who influenced me to go to my first show. I am extremely grateful to Tool for doing what they do, it is so selfless and giving for them to share with us - to share the glory with those who chose to listen and to accept the energy of those who chose not to pay attention. I cant wait for another show. Im left feeling a little sad today, perhaps its the residual chemicals, perhaps its just that its over. But for whatever reason, I want more. I'll never miss a Tool show if I can help it. And good luck to all of you who can really feel Tool, try not to let the meat-heads get to you. Embracing You, Rosie

Review written by: Andy ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 16:52:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was excellent. I was very disappointed by not being able to really enjoy the show like I could last year. My friend caught a flight back out of Louisiana to see the show again, but he was up in the 300's. This was my wife's first show and I really wish that I would have gotten some good seats instead of being surrounded by morons, especially one girl who was hanging off of the rail and thought she was dancing at a strip club and kept pulling on the bar. What an annoying distraction!! I really hope she reads this and understands how annoying she was and never does it again. I was pretty impressed with Tomahawk. I thought that they were really entertaining and they sounded decent, although the sound was distorted. I hope everyone that was there was able to enjoy the show more than I was.

Review written by: JEREMY BIRCH (JD7BIRCH@YAHOO.COM) Review posted on: 07/23/02 18:44:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: furrylitldevil ( Review posted on: 07/23/02 19:59:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Truly a life-changing experience. I've been a fan for a while, just after Aenima was reliesed, but haven't made it to a show until this one. Everything about their set was amazing, from the visuals, to the energy, to the comentary by maynard, and of course, the music. I must agree with a lot of people who reviewed and say that all of the people bouncing in the mosh pits didn't know what they were missing as they were far to drawn into themselves to realize what was going on around them. My only qualm was the opening band tommahawk. My, were they horrible. A lot of people posting reviews seem to think that Mike Patton is a vocal genious, he came off to me like some guy I'd never met before repetedly telling an unfunny joke. From a purely entertainment standpoint, he was just playing to the wrong crowd. Anyway, there's not too much that can be said that hasn't already about this show. Tool surpassed my wildest expectations, I would have gladly payed triple the amount of my ticket to see them again.

Review written by: Melissa ( Review posted on: 07/24/02 00:41:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

... Wow. Sunday night's show was amazing. This was my first TOOL concert, and it was absolutely mindblowing. The excellent visuals (yay for alex grey) paired with the music left me in a daze. Maynard's voice was absolute perfection, and the rest of the band had so much energy. I heard it countless times walking out of the Pepsi center that this was the best TOOL show people had been to as of yet, and I just can't wait to see what they'll surprise us with next time. The members of TOOL are truly geniuses. Bam. --Melissa

Review written by: Gabe ( Review posted on: 07/24/02 03:03:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

MUSICIANSHIP !!! That is what TOOL is all about. And let me tell you, it's pretty fucking refreshing in this pop-world of name brands, looks and hairstyles. TOOL hasn't forgotten the emotions that can be conveyed by focusing all energy on creating beautiful music. Anyways, a fantastic show. I was sitting at the edge of the upper level right off the right side of the stage, basically the same place I sat when I saw them in Sacramento last November - and I wouldn't trade that spot for anything! Looking down on Danny Carey and watching him do his magic is truly an experience every person should have who "thinks" they know what good drumming is. He put on a fucking clinic right in front of me. Everything - technique, time, improv - is perfect and complements each member of the band. Songs were tight and it was great to see the band still intensely tuned-in with each other, just like they were five years ago when I saw them first. Awesome to finally hear a live version of "The Patient" - damn, talk about some tricky time signatures. The 20-minute Disposition/Reflection/Triad suite was mind-expanding, as was 46&2 (what a drum solo!). Justin was awesome at the lower end while Adam and Maynard kept the melodies tight. Maynard yelled for at least 15 full seconds near the end of "The Grudge" - fucking great. TOOL - thank you for continuing to put it all out there every show without fail (even though it was your 5th consecutive show in as many days). I, we, all appreciate it and appreciate your abilities to make great music! Great to see that it's possible for a band to have such a large following without having their egos grow larger than the venues in which they play. See you in Casper, Wyoming ??? Gabe

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/24/02 04:52:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

In anyone happened to get any pictures, video, or audio recordings of this concert, please give me an e-mail - I will love you forever :)

Review written by: Ed Roberts ( Review posted on: 07/24/02 14:44:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, I would post the setlist and all, but it's this is probably one of the last reviews, so no point in doing so. The show was spectacular, I didn't want it to end. The visuals, the atmosphere, everything contributed to making this an unforgettable experience. I didn't mind Tomahawk's music. I thought it was pretty good. My only gripe about them is the singing. Mike Patton was great in Mr. Bungle, I think they're an awesome band, but it sounded a little off with Tomahawk. I really liked the first song, and I'm sure if I listened to their album, I could get into them. After 45 minutes, Tool finally came on and opened with Sober. One of the my personal (and I'm sure many other people's) highlights of the show was, of course, the next song, 4 Degrees, considering we weren't expecting it at all. It was a real treat, I'm glad they played it. They continued with various performances from Undertow, Aenima, and Lateralus, and after a brief intermission, concluded with the Disposition/Reflection/Triad combo (which I have really come to like in recent weeks) followed by Lateralus, the closer. They could have chosen a better closer in my opinion, but hey, what can ya do. My only complaints about everything really were the absence of Pushit and THird Eye (two of my favorites), and the fact that the tour shirts hadn't been printed yet due to some sort of error. I was disappointed by that considering this was my first Tool show, but I'm sure I'll be able to get one online eventually when they're ready.

Review written by: The pyrimid ( Review posted on: 07/24/02 19:48:50 ET

This was this reviewer's #rd Tool show

Great show (of course). Best thing was the fact during the soundcheck the media had to wear dunce hats just to get in. Joke on us or them? Any who bad ass show I got booted at the end for jumping the cage, but oh well it was the last song and security gaurds can suck my white ass. Rock on.

Review written by: Joey ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 02:29:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Let me begin by saying that I honestly and truly love music. I hardly ever come across music that I can't, at the very least, take something positive out of. Then a couple of weeks ago my friend let me listen to Tomahawk. I wasn't impressed at all really. I mean, I didn't think they were all that bad, but they were sort of boring to me. Still though, I love hearing live music (that's what it's all about right?), so I was definitely looking forward to seeing them play live to open up the Tool show in Denver. When I heard Tomahawk come on stage, I rushed out onto the floor with my friends. First impression: "Ok, this is kind of annoying." I don't know if their levels were balanced right for this particular show or what, but it wasn't pleasant to hear. All I heard was "blah, blah, blah, BLAHHHH" coming from Mike Patton all night. I don't think I recognized a single word he said. Also, I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the other band members; they weren't so bad, but nothing out of the ordinary, in my opinion. It took me about 3 songs to realize the inevitable: these guys are pretty horrible. And hey, I listen to stuff like Arnold Shoenberg, so don't tell me that I need to have an "open mind" to music; I do. That's why I expressed to Tomahawk that they sucked a few times, very vocally. I mean, hey, I pay 50 dollars for a show that lasts only 3 hours, and a third of it is taken up by this terrible rock band. Well, myself and about 2/3 of the people in attendance left the arena for a break from Tomahawk, anxiously awaiting Tool. Tool, once again, delivered. The levels were perfect (unlike the Red Rocks show last year, which in my opinion were off a little bit). The new stage is absolutely, psychedelically mind blowing. Sober, perhaps just because it was the opener, was perhaps my favorite of the night. Tool just seemed more "into it" than they did last year at Red Rocks. 4 degrees was a pleasant surprise, and sounded great actually. To me, it is the only real laid back song on Undertow, even though Danny and Justin still pound out some powerful bass tones on the track. The Grudge and Stinkfist sounded great as usual. But Forty Six and Two was the most intense song of the night, in my opinion. Tool, it seems, was just as lost in that song as I was. Especially with the crazy light and background effects that were added into that song. Danny's drum solo made me lose touch with reality for a few moments, until another drunken fool bumped into me. Parabol/a sounded pretty good, not as good as some of the other songs of the night, but still better than anything most bands could do. I think my favorite part of the show was Eon Blue/The Patient. I can't believe how great that sounded live; and it was especially sweet because they didn't play those two last year in Denver. Adam's soft guitar riffs sounded like a clock behind Maynard's honest and open lyrics. Absolutely amazing. The first half of the show ended with Aenema, good as usual. When I hear that song it reminds me of all the tension that was built up in Aenima, only to finally be released by the "I'm praying for rain" part of the song. Tool really knows how to write complete albums. I won't go into how fantastic the second half of the show was. All I can say is that I finally understand where Tool is coming from on Lateralus: it's just simply a more upbeat, positive sounding album than Aenima. Both albums are great, but I think I have finally understood Lateralus. Difficult to explain I suppose. Anyway, Tool blew me away once again, with a better show than last year along with a much more intense stage. I think the band hugging and waving to the crowd at the end was a moment I'll never forget. On a different note: please, Tool fans, don't get drunk at Tool shows and bump into me 50 times during the show (many of whom were the same people over and over again). Please pick your space, do whatever you do to get lost in the music, and don't try to ruin the show for the rest of us. THANKS! TooL: Please come again soon to Denver!!! Joe Lambert

Review written by: twacy ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 08:47:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Okay, so after the concert i didn't even want to attempt to describe describe it with words, really, i still don't. Nothing i could ever write could ever convey to anyone else what i went through or the meaning that show had to me. I'm not a good writer, but even if i was a master at english, it still wouldn't do it. However, I cannot quit thinking about that show..... so i need to write something out more for myself. So i promise this post will not be offended if it is not read, and if it is and just looks like another lame boring concert review, it understands. It knows it already is. But it's okay because i know, i know that that experience was so much more. We show up. The excitement, that i haven't really been feeling, hits all at once. My mind is beginning to open up, and it is in just the right place. After patiently and anxiously waiting through the opening band and set up time, the lights go down. The show begins. The band comes out strong with Sober, and i can just feel the energy intensely flow through me. The screens start up, and Maynards voice and presence is just too much, too beautiful. The song ends, the crowd goes wild, and that feeling starts to resonate within me....I look at Tom and just know this is going to be an engaging experience. "This all songs is about ass-fucking" and then they start in with 4degrees. I'm already feeling so open, and this song just thrusts me the there even more...."free yourself, from yourself". Beautiful. I cannot stop smiling, literally. After that song the curtain behind the band folds down to reveal a huge back drop of Alex Grey's artwork. Again, beautiful. And they kick up The Grudge. I'm opening up even more. I am taken away when the music goes into the slowed melodic part of the song, "choooose tooo letttt thhhisss gooooooo...chooosee tooo....let this go". And i'm brought right back into it, even harder now, when Maynard goes into his letting go scream. I'm riding with every moment as it happens. So into it. At the time i remembering thinking there was no way i was going to even be able to recall the set list........... and then they burst into Stinkfist. I was so glad they were playing that song, like it was a old familiar friend. The screens were amazing to this song. AMAZING. It was the video, but they speed it up, and chopped it up, and i can't explain it other than it was just damn cool. It gets to the part of the video where the girls arm breaks off, and the guy drops the jar at the same time. I've seen that video a million times, and only in that instant did i get it. This wave of sentiment washed through me, and almost knocked me out. Maynard did this neat little, but effective, pause in between "How can this mean anything to me? ..If I can't really feel a thing at all?" The way he did it just stirred something inside. and then at the end, when the music is smashing behind maynard singing "I'LL...KEEP...DIGGING.... TILL.. I...FEEL....SOMETHING" and again, i feel like in that instant i just understood. It was so meaningful. That song just got to me in a way it never had before, and had never expected it too. (*On a Side NOTE: Also, back to the those inspiring screens.... at some point (i forget which song) they quickly flashed the little suite that waves, in with a bunch of other images, matching them up perfectly with the rhythm. [At the red rocks show last year, Adam kept playing the guitar riff that i love so much at the end reflection over and over. They had that same little suite playing on the screen. It kept going by slower and slower, with adams music, until after a long time it finally slowed all the way down. I really loved that then] So when i see him pop back up again on the screen, i point up and am like "I love that guy". I was deeply touched just by the image of the cute little suite.) And then 46&2. i'm just blown away by this point. This song has past sentiment to me, and took me back to a place of nostalgia of first getting into ænima. i'm flooded with those feelings of that experience. And then they delve into Schism. As open as i was, i don't think i was ready for that song quite yet. It broke me down. Not in a bad way by any means. I was still smiling the whole time, and the only time i stopped was when i almost started to cry at the part "cold silence has...a tendency to........atrophy any.. sense of compassion..... between supposed lovers...." It was just to beautiful for me to hold in. And then they slide into Parabol and thrust into Parabola, thrusting me right along with them. For that song i was completely child like and carefree from everything trivial and insignificant, and for a moment i wondered how i could ever let anything petty even be apart of my thinking patterns. the video played, and again those screens just got to me. After the little dude is killed and is cut in half, their is that part in the video where tricky is holding his tiny little hand. again, this reaches through my soul, just like the part in the stinkfist video. and i still cannot wipe the huge grin off my face. i went back into focusing on the stage and moving my body to the music, i look up to the screens right when he lets go of the leaf and goes into the alex grey CG. Beyond enlightenment and into The patient. I actually gave in a shut my eyes the way maynard was singing 'i must keep reminding myself of this'. My senses opened up even more......just as during those last two songs all the stupid shit and silly shit was melting away from my consciousness, in comes Ænema. hey, hey, hey.......lets let go....even more. that song ripps through me and the unified energy of the pepsi center is just pouring through me. At one point i heard a kid behind me say "i love it....i love it!" i turned around and smiled at him a quick knowing smile and turned around and went right back into it. then i think i heard him say, 'like that girl, look at her energy".... but i was so immersed my mind might have just made that up. and then intermission. on the screens was the face of a very calm "toolish" character. Tom leans over at me and says "that guys is way to calm for what is going on here" i just smile even harder, if that was possible. Time passes and i notice tom taking in the whole crowd... he hasn't notice the guys face on the screen starting to waver and bend in various directions defying gravity. after another minute i tapp him on the shoulder and point. when the band returns a new alex masterpiece is the backdrop, and down come the sacred mirrors artwork (i got so much out of starring at those, from the skeleton all the way to the Universal Mind Latice0. ..........into disposition. I didn't know it was possible to perform a song that beautifully, for a complete lack of a better word (im running out here). but when it comes to tool, i should know by now the impossible isn't. i could not stop starring at the screens with the females under water.............and this struck the deepest fiber of my existence. the music along with those images, i was left humbled an in awe..........and into Reflection. i can barely even remember that song now because during it, i was no longer experiencing it.............some other level was.............until adam began to play the end guitar part and i came drowning back into the love of it.........and then faded into Triad.... as the journey continued through tunnels and open doorways in my mind (the additional drummer was almost heartbreaking). And i couldn't believe the experience was already over. And then in suspense, maynard begun talking. He thanked everyone for "sharing this moment with them......." and i begun to cheer, and almost began to cry again. and it wasn't over, not yet................. they went into Lateralus (which was so cool because Nick and i were discussing the other day how that would have been a cool song to end the album with0........and that pushed it over the edge. keep going.............. These words still do not come close to anything i felt.... and as more moments pass by the feeling still runs deep within me, yet in my mind the memories of it become more and more like a dream that starts to slowly fade out. ..........Row row row your boat...............

Review written by: mr.krinkle ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 15:04:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

tomahawk was the opener. the only thing i have to say about this band i personally wasn't too impressed by these guys. i was expecting something a little more rock. instead it was a no bass, treble-filled mess. mike patton has awesome range if he could just stay on one note for more then 2 seconds. he was getting upset because the venue was booing the band. he began to act like a crybaby pro wrestler taunting the crowd. "if you're not enjoying our set, blame tool. they're the ones that asked us to play." oh well...better luck next time tomahawk. oh yeah, one more thing....J. Stainer...FOR GOD'S SAKE REFORM AND GO BACK TO HELMET!!! tool then took the stage. they completely destroyed the crowd. never have i seen such a well thought out and well produced show from any band. it was incredible. tool really out did themselves on this tour, new visuals, new intermission, segues from days forgotten, dildo practice, maynard on guitar, and even metallic confetti! after the show ended the crowds were still screaming as they left the venue!!! that was the coolest thing I had ever been a part of. the tool army came together and showed they're respect and love for their band with full force! thank you maynard, adam, danny, justin for the wonderful evening. peace, -eric

Review written by: Damnthetorpedos0 ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 15:37:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Like it says above, this was my third tool show, and the band keeps outdoi9ng themselves! After each shopw (Red rocks in '98, Red Rocks in '01, and this one) I left thinking that I had just seen the most amazing concert ever. Tomahawk opened the evening, and although I didn't like them very much, they were bearable. And then Tool came on, and, plainly put, kicked ass. The backdrops and lighting were unbelieveable, and the sound was better than I expected it to be. at the end of the show, all four members of the band shared a group hug at center stage, with the entire audience (myself included) screaming uncontrollably. As we were walking out of the pepsi center, the crowd was still cheering and screaming. I thought for a brief moment that perhaps a member of the band had been seen, and then I realized that everyone was simply screaming because of how unbelievably amazing the night had been. If I see Tool for a fourth time in the future, I don't know how they will manage to outdo themselves once again, but I somehow know that it will happen.

Review written by: SSegura9 ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 23:09:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

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Review written by: SSegura9 ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 23:11:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Oh my god, I vacuum locked for the whole show. TOOL kicked my ass one way and then slapped me another. It was unlike any other experience. Red Rocks last year was better but how can you beat that? I got outside and I was biscuit- mouthed like a mother fucker. Some guys were all chatting like school girls next to me. I couldn't hear them through the constant ringing in my lobes. Rock on.......vacuum lock pause.

Review written by: Stephanie ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 12:16:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I have been waiting to see TOOL live for 5 years...nothing could have been more heart stopping than for TOOL to open up with my favorite song. I'd like to thank everyone around me for being tool fans and for singing along to sober. and a big FUCK YOU to people who were throwing things. However, i can die happy now. Thanks guys. TOOL fucking TOOL