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Review written by: jaret (
Review posted on: 07/24/02 23:18:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I saw that somebody already posted about Tomahawk's leaving early because of the horrible crowd. I was extremely dissapointed as well, probably because I made sure to find their album before the show, and knew what I was listening to. But since the other person who mentioned it left before Tool finished their set, they missed a few members of Tomahawk entering the pit section and beating the shit out of some of those moshing to Tool. I was in stitches. The show was amazing, of course, and it goes without saying that Tool has yet again moved me in places that I didn't know existed. But...Tomahawk beating up the moshers...that just made the night even more special to me.

Review written by: Marianna Larosa ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 01:15:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

MIKE PATTON IS A DICKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my boyfriend both are big Faith No More fans, and this fucking asshole ripped us off tonight. TOMAHAWK SUCKS, KING CRIMSON WILL SERVE THE FANS MUCH BETTER.

Review written by: Staci ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 01:16:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

ok here is my best shot at the REAL setlist for tonight's spectacular show... the order may be a bit off. Sober 4 Degrees Grudge Stinkfist H !!!~~~! Schism Aenima -intermission- Parabol Parabola The Patient Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus words can't express how much I loved this show. I've been waiting years to hear H, so when I heard the first bars of it I was near tears. It was heartbreakingly beautiful. Maynard sang the "love you too much baby" bit in Stinkfist, and the strangest thing of perhaps the whole show was that towards the end of Stinkfist, he left the stage for a good while as the others continued to play without him.. then he rejoined them for the last line or so. (does anyone know why?) I got a much better view of the show than last time (I saw the Tucson show last week and reviewed it as well), as I found an actual seat off to the right side, right behind the rail. The floor was PACKED and pretty active. The stage seemed smaller than the last show I saw, causing maynard's platform to be right next to Danny. Maynard had a guitar for a few of the songs, and as far as I could tell the only one he REALLY played on (well, I might add) was Triad. The additional drummer was supposedly a former member of OingoBoingo who owns a used car dealership in El Paso. Disposition/Reflection/Triad were all beautiful and it was especially nice to be able to sit back from the stage and really listen and see all of them working together to make such moving music. Another song that I loved hearing was Parabol. Parabola is so much more effective, I think, with this song preceding it. Maynard began the show wearing all leather, and as the show progressed he lost his shirt, revealing that he was wearing a black bra... later he lost the pants and was wearing nothing but the bra and a black speedo. He had a wide black stripe painted down the middle of his face that extended to the back of his head. Danny wore a Kansas basketball jersey. Those are all the anomalies I can think of.. Tool has swept me off my feet once again- tonight being one of the best- if not the best- shows I've ever seen. Totally emotionally moving and wow. These are musicians at their finest.

Review written by: big tool ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 01:18:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

every setlist already posted for this show is wrong. i dont remember the order but it was alot like the ones for the other shows on this tour. I was really gald to see they played H. Too bad no 46&2...oh well. They played 4degrees which was really cool. So was triad. I didn't like Tomahawk at all just my personal opinion, I enjoyed maybe 15 seconds of their performance, but hey they sure made too look good.

Review written by: K Man ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 01:37:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was my second show and I think it was better then when they played with Tricky at Kemper Arena. The building was alot smaller so those bass vibrations go right through you. Tomahawk is a special band. The music was original, but I swear to you I couldn't make out one single word of any song that was sung by them. And people didn't go into a huge booing fit, I thought there were more applauding and whistling for them. Tool, of course, was great. The setlist made the night. All the oldies was a huge suprize, and they are the best versions I have heard yet. At least 3 songs were extended. I don't think it could have got much better, except that in one of the other posts it says there were two different versions on Push it, and the song wasn't played once. Anyway, love you Tool...COME BACK TO WICHITA!!!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 02:29:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

So what is the real story, did Patton and the gang actually walk out on all the overweight metal groupies or is this just made up?

Review written by: Clint ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 03:09:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Tool came out and rocked my socks completely off. However, the only thing that I would pay Tomahawk for is to get hit by a bus. The worst thing was that there were dickheads in a green van handing out M.I.P.s in the parking lot.

Review written by: Nick ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 03:13:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow, what an evening, and anyone who was there can back me up when I say this. It was incredible. What really suprised me was hearing AEnema and Sober in the same setlist. It didn't differ too much from the show I caught last Oct. in Kansas City, but that's not to say it wasn't worth it. I think the audience was what you would expect of any TOOL audience, but I will admit I had breathing room this time! One thing I knew I could expect was Danny Carey wearing his KU Jersery and sure enough he did. He deserved the extra attention people gave to him considering he was in his own homestate. Not too much to share that hasn't already been said. Hope to see TOOL again in the near future, and will pray that the live show is as raw as ever.

Review written by: Ballinger Russell ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 03:19:17 ET

Lateralus closing my eyes and my body laying on the ground cut and blood gushing from my head and watching it from above, The byproduct of the show. I smiled when Mike Patton and the boys walked off. You make me want to lose my ability to hear. Thank you Tool.

Review written by: Granteralus ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 03:35:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

All setlists are INCORRECT with the exception of the guy who listed "H". TOMAHAWK did NOT walk off stage. Who knows, did that happen somewhere else and someone posted it on Wichita's by accident? They were actually accepted quite well by the crowd. I'm not crazy about them, but they are doing some very experimental stuff and you have to respect that. Tool was amazing, as usual. The props and visuals on this tour are just stunning. You'll especially like the Parabola set! If you've seen the video, you'll really appreciate what they do on stage during this song. Don't miss this concert! These guys are amazing. Thanks for coming to Wichita guys!

Review written by: Jon Eaton ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 04:16:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

first off Tomahawk did not leave early, they played their full set and were great. And no they weren't booed off, whomever said that was retarded because from where I was standing, amazingly, they were pretty well received. Not as well received as Tool, obviously, but no booing, no throwing shit on stage either. Their set went something like this: Pop I God Hates a Coward Flashback 101 North a few other songs, can't really remember :( Jockstrap and closed w/ Point and Click I believe... It'd be easier to tell you the set if i could remember all the damn song names but I can't. Either way, HATS OFF, they were amazing. First time I'd seen Mike Patton live, and he is truly a great musician. What a voice and what an imagination. Second, WORST CROWD EVER. Just a bunch of fucking meathead jock douchebags who wanted to hear radio tracks and drink beer. Some dude near the front center had his shirt off w/ his chronies and kept going on about how he wnated beer and had drank a 24 pack earlier and took acid and all this crap, and how they had this "grand plan" of pushing everyone out of their way to get to the front. When Tool came on, I went backwards while everyone else went forwards. I had been crushed long enough... I stood about 20 feet from the rail slightly to the left side, with a good angle of the video screens (part of the reason I went back). INCREDIBLE SHOW... ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I cannot fathom the work and effort that went into the lighting, the videos, the stage props, and the backdrops. It added SO much to it, that I was entranced half of the show. Here is the CORRECT set list. Sober 4 Degrees Grudge Stinkfist h. Schism Parabol Parabola The Patient Aenima --Intermission-- Disposition Reflection Triad (guest from Tomahawk on drums) Lateralus I would put (Maynard guitar) next to songs, but he fucking had one half the show. As for the highlights? Well... the whole show. But specifically, h. I was totally immersed... it was truly a life changing moment to hear that and see that song visually and the whole mood. Finally to hear Parabol/Parabola and then the Patient and so forth... it's like I closed my eyes, and let the lyrics paint a story of my own reflection of them. It was amazing... I almost cried just because of the fact that it was presented so solidly and so amazingly and how I put it all together in my mind as to how the songs related to me. Aenima was pure energy. Brought the crowd to life. It was a kick in the balls. Early on Maynard commented as usual "Witchita huh? *crowd cheers* Are you sure? *cheers louder* Doesn't sound like it." Also did the usual "started a *insert cheesy business here* down in *insert city here* if you bring your stub..." I suppose had I not read the reviews it would have been funny but it was almost expected and just recycled, but nonetheless humourus I guess. Then the positive speech after Triad. No ass sex :( Speaking of Triad--it was the most amazing performance of any song I have EVER seen. It's such a technical, long, drawn out song, and it was performed FLAWLESS--I was in awe, especially at the little live show quirks they threw in like random breakdowns. Overall, best show of my life by far, even better than the last one--though the last one featured less retards in the crowd. But the 2 men of the night, Maynard & Mike, were both sensational, and made it worth the 3 hour drive from Kansas City.

Review written by: JAH ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 04:23:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow. alot of funny asses on these reviews. that first setlist was completely wrong. Must be a joke obviously... I mean swanpsong? when have they ever done that live. and who in their right mind would pay $35 a ticket just to see horriblehawk and then leave? Surely it's not the guy posting, being MJK didn't say shit about tulsa or said anything about king crimson and trust me alot more shit should of been throwin up at Mike Patton's newest fling... And to the guy who took a hour long drive to see Jimmy... Um.. It wasn't played... LOL! I guess though if you think it was and it makes you feel better, hey! go for it! ignorance is bliss ! believe what makes you happy! Ok .... I am open minded when it comes to opening acts but geez. I couldn't really hear any of the music. Just alot of loud ass banging around and being the show was at the kansas coliseum it sounded 10 times as pathetic. A few times I swear they were deliberately trying to sound like liquid ass. I did like Patton's mic gimmicks and vocal trickier. He really is the andy kaufman of singers. very off set individual. Also the important people uniforms the band wore were cool (bus driver, cop , medic, etc). My girlfriend though still thinks they should all be lined up and shot. I wouldn't go that far but I could understand her reasoning :) . Now before I say anything about Tool's show I must say I was really excited about them coming to my home town of Wichita. Besides it being that it was like a 10 minute drive to the show but now... I understand what I hate about this place... It's been a long time since they played here. Like 5 years or so and now .... I understand why they haven't sooner... It was never because of the way it looks , where its located or the lack of things to do here.. It's simply all because of the people. I never felt so embarassed to even be apart of such a stupid ass crowd. Usually its natural to think bigger cities would have rude people and less culture... but when you get down to half a million people in a city , you realize its the complete opposite. no culture or style here , just boring helpless puds who are to depressed with their own atmosphere to even be friendly or cool to others. There was fights breaking out on the floor before the show even started, dumb asses in line before the show talking about being so drunk. jocks, jocks and more yuppie ass wannabe "alternative' than you can imagine. I didn't see one person help another up when falling down in the pit. Lots and lots of moshing even to disposition and reflection. The venue was just brilliant making it a GA seating. I just had a bad feeling about that floor the whole time. So many kids had to have gotten thrashed. Also about the pot smoking thing... Come the fuck on! why make us look so weak?!?! I seen more light ups at fuckin lunch time in highschool! you damn newbie asses! I had what I had and shared but others who think its cool to blow smoke your way without sharing... thats just straight up pants, man... Good job. you fit right into this shit hole. Tool came on just before the sun went down. The full moon was slowly breaking into the night. They tore into Sober. Maynard Wearing leather, later to reveal the famous bra and even later the speedo. He didn't say much the entire night except "wichita eh?" crowd cheers " are you sure?" crowd cheers again "doesn't sound like it". Also the positive speech at the end which was the best I may have ever heard him say. You could really feel it and god knows we here in wichita need something like that said perfectly. I don't know the order of the setlist but what someone has already posted, its exactly with what I came up with. 46 & 2 wasn't played. I would of loved that and no Opiate or T&L. Still it fit the night well. I hated the sound mix of the show. First I thought it might be from being on the side but I was on the same side at Kemper last year and it was just fine so I know the place itself was just terrible for accoustics. The seating itself was 8 or so feet off the ground making it sometimes more difficult to get a full stage visual. Couldn't even see some of the Alex Grey backdrops above Danny's drumkit. The visuals and newer images on the screens were orgasmic, seeing the end to the Parabola video was just legendary and the sacred mirrors chapel pieces or whatever the hell by Grey was a nice touch. I do Believe Tool wasn't as tight as usuall. They still were very ontop of their songs and it matched up with the visuals seamlessly. Maynard did mess up once and I almost didn't believe it, being it was the same spot to The Patient that he has sang to early on before in other performances. I wish I could say otherwise but it's true. It was cute seeing him sorta play it off after singing two of the lyrics then stopping. I sense the band itself may have not been completely in tune with the music tonight as I have seen in the past. They aren't really energetic to begin with and it showed defintely here. Like they may of just been playing the songs to play them and to get through them and onto the next city. Still it didn't matter though because of their great musicianship and them having such extremely deep songs to work with. They easily pulled it off. The show was worth going to and I had a rad time. One of the best things to come through. JAH

Review written by: Steve ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 04:46:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I got to see Tool a couple years back at Ozzfest but they were only given 45 mins or so to play which isn't enough. I live 4 hours from Wichita but this was the closest that Tool was coming. On to the show. I had never heard of Tomahawk before but I was keeping an open mind. Well I will give points for creativity adn energy but I just didn't like the singer. I didn't understand a single thing he said and every chorus sounded the same to me (rar rar ahhhh eeee errrr!). Like I said creative but just not my style. I sat on the left side if your facing the stage and about 15 rows back. The people in the section that I was at was great. I didn't want to go down on the floor because I knew there would be some dickheads trying to mosh and I wanted to enjoy the songs. Tool was great. I'm glad they did H live as that was the first song I heard from them and that is what got me hooked. I couldn't believe they did 4 degrees which is my favorite off of Undertow. Staci's setlist was correct so look at her post if you are wondering. I couldn't believe how tight the band was. My only complaint is that at times it was hard to hear Maynard over the music but the Kansas Colliseum was still a great venue. Thanks for the great show Tool and I hope you guys come through MO sometime.

Review written by: Kansas Retard ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 05:00:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hi. I live in Kansas and spend most of my time atempting to score with my siblings. No one has mentioned this, and its important to us Kansas folk. Anyoo, I was one of the smart people booing Tomahawk. You see, even though I know I want to see T O O L and that I have little patience or accpetpance for anything new. Granted, I could have showed up a little later for the main act. but such would have required some base level math skills, so you can see the problem there. Hell, I could have even just calmed down and quietly let the opening band play their nine songs, but, like I mentioned I'm from Kansas. I sure hope we earned a spot in the next leg of the tour since we're all such great fans here in Kansas.

Review written by: Jerad Pettus ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 10:21:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. SHow was awesome!! Very scared befroe the show becasue there was apparently a power outage before and noone was sure if tool was going to get to play, for a few minutes everything was tense!! but the show went of finally without a hitch! Danny had his KU BASKETBALL jersey on with his name on the back, and MJK was in black bra and speedo with half of his face painted black. HERE IS THE OFFICIAL SETLIST SOBER 4 DEGREES GRUDGE STINKFIST EXTENDED H. SCHISM PARABOL PARABOLA EON BLUE APACOLYPSE THE PATIENT AENIMA INTERMISSION-With visuals of a mans skull bouncing and ripping through the mans face REFLECTION DISPOSITION TRIAD-WITH tomahawks drummer and Tomahawk did not walk out this show LATERALIS AMAING show could not ask for a better setlist!!!!! SEE YOU tommorrow is TULSA!!!

Review written by: Nick Mac ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 12:46:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Okay to start off with, Tomahawk was....well, I don't think they can touch Mr. Bungle, but it would be hard for any of Patton's other projects to approach the musical intensity of that band. As for Patton himself, his energy was incredible and his experimentation with alternative sounds was a credit to his depth as an artist. I was off a little to the right of the stage about 20 feet away, and yeah, there were a lot of people around me giving one-fingered salutes in their estimations of Tomahawk's ability, but I want to give Patton and company credit for going out in front of a Tool audience and doing their thing. Then came Tool....I worked my way into the middle of the crowd and ended up being dead-center on the guard rail for the entire show, getting the hell kicked out of me the entire time, but it was oh, so worth it... The performance, well, as I described it to my friends, was like a 2-hour orgasm. I have never seen Tool, but now that I have, I could die a happy man. The music swirled around my head, completely engulfing me in sound and light. The only bad thing was that I couldn't see the movies being played from where I was, but I'll take front-row, center over videos any day. From where I was, it wasn't so much a show as just four guys struck me incredibly like seeing some kinky-dink band playing a show in a high school. I couldn't see the specatacle, all I could see was the intensity of the actual performance. Some highlights for me...hearing Aenima live finally after listening to the studio version for six years...the beginning of Sober to kick of the show; once I heard the opening riff, the rhythm completely took over my body...H was a completely different experience live than anything I could have imagined; Maynard's singing on that song was top- notch and inspiring...the playing on Triad was completely insane, the band seemed like everything came together on that song and exploded on the audience...Lateralus; I absolutely love this song, even moreso now that I saw it live, the only way to end this show.

Review written by: ice man ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 13:22:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i totally needed that they seems to be so tight i was in the seats with binoculars and i saw Adam smiling at Maynard several times during "H" awesome show COME BACK SOON!!!!. oh yeah i heard Danny's parents were in the seats this True??

Review written by: elizabeth ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 13:29:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

WICHITA was worth a five and 1/2 hour drive after bumping into -tool- . after seeing them in chicago/cedar rapids/kansas city, i would say last night's show was even more mind bending then the previous. tomahawk was respectable and enjoyable- but mike patton's such a bitch! i love him dearly, though. i hope on all the following shows tool sticks more extended versions into the air. that was my delight of the evening. i got to see tool for the first time in front row. rad. the lights and backdrops were even cooler than before. the last thirty minutes of the show were the best! i could have cried! it was truly beautiful and hopefully inspiring to every single person there in only the most positive ways. i hope adam (jones) was enjoying himself half as much as i was....i always wonder.

Review written by: suckmybighairyballs ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 15:02:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

wha? tomahawk didnt leave early. . . they played damn near the whole album and 2 songs i had never heard before. . . why do people insist on comparing one persons band with other bands they have been in or are also in? tomato tumato. apples and oranges. dumbfucks.

Review written by: jon eaton ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 15:31:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

the "official setlist" is not correct but damn near right. SOBER 4 DEGREES GRUDGE STINKFIST EXTENDED H. SCHISM PARABOL PARABOLA EON BLUE APACOLYPSE THE PATIENT AENIMA INTERMISSION- DISPOSITION REFLECTION TRIAD LATERALUS there. no more people posting setlists. the only thing wrong w/his as the order of the last 4 songs. NO MORE SET LISTS DAMMIT! this one is right!

Review written by: Jessica ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 15:43:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Last night for the first time I got to witness a TOOL show. May I say it was one of the best experiences I have had. They're stage show was simply breath taking. There was two screen shows hat left me in awe, while the background blew me away. TOOL has to be the best performing group that is out right now. Manyard came out wearing some type of black leather suit that he elegantly stripped off. Underneath was a black bra and underware. He had his face painted black on one side. I am telling you this was vey emotional for me. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it again. They played close to two hours. I didn't want it to ever end. To anyone who is a TOOL fan that has not yet been fortunate enough to see them play live... GO SEE THEM!! Support their shows so they can continue to tour for us. I hope that everyone will get to see TOOL at least once in their lifetime. It is one experince that you will remember forever, and it is worth any outrageous ticket price. Thank You for reading this. Jessica.

Review written by: Dan Doedtman ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 16:52:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Seeing this concert inspired me to plan on going to the last two dates on this tour as well. It really makes you think...

Review written by: maynardhas42dds ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 16:54:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I cant bring myself to even type the name of the first band YES they were that bad!!!!!! It took every ounce of energy and respect for by boyfriend not to stand up and yell HEY YOU ASSHOLES find a f*cking day job PLEASE I wanted to boo them sooooo bad ( dont give me the load of crap about not being open either I'm a TOOL fan so that speaks for itself ) IF you were at the show you already know what the set list is and if not its already been posted...I just want to say what a fantastic job they did and say thanks for playing podunk wichita it was nice not having to drive 3 or 4 hours to see them :) I would have sat through ten shows of ear trash (the opening act) just to hear one TOOL song ... Maynard and the guys never seem to let the fans down the energy vibe and music is amazing not to mention how spiritual yeah i said it spiritual. oh yeah one more thing...some of you newbie's who are just now getting into TOOL get the first few CD's and listen to them get a feel for what they are about leave your X at home alot less grinding on people and alot more attention towards the music would be nice i mean isn't that what you payed for? on a end note thanks again for a awesome show please come back any time i think the people of wichita are a better community for having TOOL with us even for just a short time.

Review written by: Dan Doedtman ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 17:01:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

...and while everyone's comparing this to the Kansas City show, I actually liked the KC one better. Maybe it's just because that was my first Tool concert, who knows... ...that and I dig Osseus Labyrint.

Review written by: Kali Sallman ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 17:17:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Sorry if this is remarking on other reviews but nobody got the setlist right for Wichita: Sober 4 degrees(not flood or swamp song) The grudge Stinkfist H. (not Jimmy) Schism Parabola Parabol (no Opiate) The Patient -intermission Disposition Reflection Triad "positive feeling" speech Lateralus And yes I too believe Tomahawk sucked but I expected it because TOOL has a funny little thing about bringing noisy, crappy bands: Flaming Lips, The Melvins, King Crimson, Tricky, now Tomahawk. I think they want to see what we'll sit through to get the experience they came for... now they know. On a different more positive note: I was glad to see Maynard with some light shown on him. On the first leg of the Lateralus tour, he was a black sillouette in front of a neon screen and I played "where's Maynard" for the first 20 minutes. Maynard if you read this, please come back up front!!

Review written by: Uncle B ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 17:32:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

can you say white trash? i've never seen so much in my entire life ! too many wife beaters and mullets to count. wichita is a true hell hole. the coliseum had no power for several hours before the show (only in wichita). ELECTRICITY...gee-golly whats that? website said doors open 1 1/2 hrs before GA shows....didn't come close. standing outside in 100 degree temps, like a bunch of idiots. the true morons were the event staff employees. the most unorganized group of dip shits. people close to the building in the shade being forced to backup into a single file line and told to empty their pockets. thoughts on planning ahead? not for these midwest mental giants. once FINALLY inside, things got alittle better...except for the 5 year old children running the concession stands.....oh well.... cry me a fucking river? mike patton was great. so much energy. TOOL was once again amazing!!! silhouette of a stomping MJK against an orange lit backdrop as sober being to play!!! awsome sight. 4 degrees...H....triad....incredible! just a thought....less arena shows, smaller venues with no pit/floor area, seats only, higher ticket prices and internet pre-released tickets? i think this would go a long in helping keep the trash out and a much better musical experience for true TOOL supporters. thanks for the show and wonderful music.........B

Review written by: Tommy ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 18:44:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

A friend and I made the 5 and a half hour drive from Omaha, NE to this show and it was damn well worth it. We camped on the grounds next to the venue, which made things pretty simple. First of all, Tomahawk completely blew me away. I've been into most of Patton's stuff for a while now, and Tomahawk seemed somewhat mediocre to me on the first few listens, but seeing them live made me really appreciate what they're doing (probably because they add so much stuff to the live versions). It always sucks how Tool try to expose their fans to such incredibly talented and creative musicians and hardly any of them "get it". My friend and I were pretty much the only ones in our section cheering for Tomahawk between songs. Is it true that members of Tomahawk went into the moshpit and beat up the moshers? If so, thats fucking hilarious. What kind of idiot goes to a concert like Tool/Tomahawk that is meant to be a spiritual experience, or at least an incredible display of musical virtuosity with violent intentions? Another thing I noticed a lot of were the talkers. I ignore them but they still really baffle me. There was one particularly obese and pig-looking girl scarfing down greasy pretzels and cheese while carrying on conversations with her redneck-looking friend and occasionally giving me a baffled look like "whats THAT guy doing?". When they finally played Schism she got up and made a bunch of useless noise. Aside from having to put up with the obnoxious Tool fans, the show was the best show I've ever seen (although I'm sure the next one will be better). The whole stage setup was incredible, and the performance, especially the way they play the songs differently live was mindblowing. The venue wasn't too bad, just a typical arena. I hope as time goes on, the people who don't truly understand or respect what Tool are trying to do with their shows just stop going. We didn't really meet any interesting people there...we were hoping to find people to hang out at our campsite and indulge in some music- making/listening and chemical consumption, but to no avail. Oh well... it was still the best show I've been to.

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 21:09:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

setlist: sober w/ extended intro (sweet) 4 degrees ( hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!) the grudge (great as usual) stinkfist extended (beautifully done) H. (wow this song sounds EVEN MORE amazing live and was another highlight) schism with extended intro (once again, sounds amazing live) parabol/parabola (sounded great and the parabola video was played along with it ..another plus) Eon Blue Apocolypse the patient (one of my faves) Aenima (extremely powerfull, lots of energy) intermission disposition reflection triad (all 3 done flawlessly, justin sounds so awesome on reflection, the bass has more of a punch to it, than it does on the cd) Lateralus (a great conclusion) wow this show was amazing. I went to the show in KC last oct. and the only way that I enjoyed this show better was that I got to shake Danny's hand, what an amazing experience. From those two minutes I could tell Danny has to be the nicest guy on earth. I also was lucky enough to see Adam and Maynard up close as they got on their bus, in which me and a couple of other guys waved and they waved in return, a really cool experience to know that your favorite band of all time just gave ya a wave :). These guys played great, and I have to thank them for such a great experience. Now to pet peeves... to the dumb fucks tripping off of every drug known to man, throwing grapes, bottled water, and ice cubes off the top of the balcony (yes u, u pink haired bitch), and for the people that think moshing is okay, please remember that their are people who enjoy WATCHING the show rather then running around showing your idiot friends how much of a lame ass you are by bumping into the real tool fans who where at one moment enjoying the show until a lame ass plowed them over. Heres a quote that I over heard from a lame ass fat fuck who thought he was cool becuase he could throw around all 300lbs of his fat ass and knock people over.... "You people suck why dont u want to mosh." ....Well probably because noone wants to touch your fat sweaty ass, and then more reasons listed above, thanks for reading my ranting and raving, and thank you tool for a wonderfull experience that i will never forget :).... BY: the kid who had to run to his friends car to get his glasses :) p.s: bring friends that havent heard alot of tool so you can introduce them to the greatest band on earth. good night

Review written by: Mink ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 21:29:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. The show was awesome, best I have seen them do yet, but the venue really sucked, and there was this group of fairies that came from Omaha to see Tomahawk and were obnoxious the entire time. They were all on acid and had apparently consumed large amounts of alchohol and took it upon themselves to mosh into anyone they saw wearing a Tool shirt while they screamed about how Mike Patton was there god. Its hard for me to understand why they even bothered to come all the way just to cause trouble for those who wanted to see Tool, and couldn't show Tool fans the same respect the Tool fans showed Tomahawk. Oh well, they are just a bunch of losers I guess, glad I am not going to the Omaha show. The sound in Witchita was horrible though, I reccomend avoiding that venue if you can see the band who's playing there anywhere else.

Review written by: Ben Matthews ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 23:17:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Great Show, Horrible Crowd. Tool put on a great show, (as usual) though something from Opiate would have been nice. I think Maynard decides his outfit for the night based on the homophobia of the particular city; hence the bra he wore at this show. Let me tell you, someone had the balls to yell at Tomahawk while playing "YOU DONT DESERVE TO BE ON THE SAME STAGE AS TOOL". Come on now guys, there are so many tool fans today that just make us sound like a bunch of "our music is better then yours" assholes. I'm really getting sick of it, the band encourages openness but none of it was shown that night. Anyway, about the crowd, 90% of the crowd was trash that was there for all the wrong reasons. The stage got rushed way before the show even began, which was rather peculiar because it meant I could actually see the assholes and whores that think they are so important they can dart in front of you. I told them to wait until the show to push me around and get in front of me, but I don't think they understood what I was saying. A woman had brought her VERY young kids with her (I'm talking like three 4, 5 year olds) and I really wanted to tell her to get out of the front, for the sake of her kids, but something tells me it wouldn't of made a difference. She kept talking about how she needed their Pa there so he could be kicking some ass and protecting them. I didn't get to see what happened to them, I'm hoping she got some sense into her before the mass rushing began. Still, in all of this I managed to have a pretty good time, because tool's music was totally on point. The new Alex Grey visuals were a great new touch, but I still don't know what the hell the Parabola grapes/ balloons things mean. Tomahawk was very impressive; Mike was totally on key and had his great sense of humor that most the crowd did not get. Hoping next show I go to will have better vibe from the crowd; this one was by far the worst crowd I’ve ever seen. Also if the one guy I was talking to about a shitload of just different bands reads this (Modest Mouse, Converge, Mindless Self Indulgence, Mike Patton’s many projects, etc) please email me – I forgot the name of some of the bands you were suggesting me. I hate turning this thing into a forum, I think it’s rather tacky, but this is really my only line to this guy, so apologies.

Review written by: Tyronne Shoelaces ( Review posted on: 07/25/02 23:52:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

The band is continually evolving. Came down from Omaha to see the show. I had seen them in Cedar Rapids and was just hoping that I wouldnt get a carbon copy of that show. My hopes came to fruition. Everyone always talks crap about Wichita being a hole and now that I think about it there were alot of jackasses but its pretentious to think that your city has all cool peeps and another has all dorks. Anyways. I had never heard Tomahawk before, but I knew that Tool always has bands that are categorized by some as "experimental" ..translation disonnant. Kinda like when someone asks you what a girl is like and you say she "has a nice personality" ..translation she's unattractive. Of course different people have different opinions on what is attractive or sonically pleasing. Thats why when the crowd was booing and flipping the band the bird you gotta call that uncool. You could see Maynard more at this show. They had the art work in the background lit up with beautiful reds purples and blues. For the most part there were no spotlights on him but the spotlights on Adam and Danny reflected over to him. The band is totally evolving. They are getting older. Older doesnt mean worse. Sometimes i get the feeling that they feel like there is a little bit of a rift between them and the younger fans. Like they are too old to even pay attention to the peeps that mosh and shit. Kind of the parent that ignores the kid who is acting out. The music was incredible. The first half of the show was the songs that you can really feel pulse thru your bones. People went pretty much nuts for all of them. Just when Maynards voice was getting enveloped by the rest of the band he would explode with a "LII'llll..keeeeep...digging..." He is truly amazing as is the rest of them. After realizing that the mosh pits were nothing to be scared of i gradually moved from about 30 rows back to about 10. Right under neath the foil paper that fell during the Patient that their website is calling melted down cymbal pieces of Danny Carey. Um can you say Baaaaah (the sound a sheep makes) I shouldnt over think or over-analyze though.... This band has created something that is really unique. Seeing them live is a major part of the experience (as it should be). I cant think of anything else to say except for Thank You for it all.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/26/02 00:13:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. First of all, I would like to say that TOOL gave a bad ass concert. I was very suprised by some of the songs they played, like "H". They ended the show with lateralus and a similar "take this feeling and do something positive with it" speech like they did at the show i went to at kemper arena in KC last october. The arena's acoustics weren't the best to say the least, but the music still sounded wonderful. Maynard "almost" messed up during "the patient", seems like the lyrics came slightly too early for the music......which suprised me actually but it makes you realize that they too are human....STILL A GREAT SHOW!!!!!! As for the crowd.......they were alright. I was on the floor and there were alot of people moshing, which is to be expected. However, i was much more concerned with taking in the whole experience and watching it then running around like a fool but hey thats me..........Tomahawk was good in my opinion, although i know many people didnt share the same opinion. But i feel that the crowd still gave them the respect they deserved and didnt booo them *THUMBS UP GUYS* maybe if it was in a better auditorium you could actually understand what mike was sayin...great special effects TOMAHAWK! I CANT WAIT TO SEE TOOL AGAIN I HOPE SO MUCH THEY COME TO KC AT KEMPER ARENA THE NEXT TIME AROUND!!!!!! THANK YOU MAYNARD, DANNY, ADAM, AND JUSTIN FOR THE GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: D R E W (static_x_187) Review posted on: 07/26/02 00:37:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well the drive from KC sucked. It took us like half an hour to find the Kansas Colesium. The show was well worth the drive and the $35. It was an amazing night for me and my five companions. I dont know why everyone is saying Tomahawk sucked I thought they were great, and so did everyone else with me. They totally blew me away. I was definatly not expecting that. Of course they didnt even compare to Tool. They put on an amazing performance that will not soon be forgotten. I was completely surprised they played "sober" but what surprised me the most "4 degrees". That song is one of my fav's and Im glad they played it. I was dissapointed... No "Pushit"! They did that flawlessly at Kemper last year and it was the greatest songs ive ever heard live. I would have loved to hear "Third Eye" as well. Oh well maybe next time. anyway everything about the show has already been said so I have nothing else to say except SCREW ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO DIDNT LIKE TOMAHAWK!

Review written by: Dan Doedtman ( Review posted on: 07/26/02 00:55:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I find it interesting to read how many fans like to discredit the other fans for whatever reason. The only thing that makes you a better fan is YOUR PERCEPTION OF WHAT A BETTER FAN IS. There's no such thing as better or worse. There's only difference and perception. At least that's what I perceive.

Review written by: AYellow_Bedwetter (guy@whatguy?.girl) Review posted on: 07/26/02 09:43:03 ET

This was this reviewer's none Tool show

I didn't attend the Witchita show (I know, we're not suppossed to do this...I jaywalk, too), but noticed a few things about the reviews for it: 1. Great fake setlist. "Disgustipated"...haha. 2. Sounds like Tomahawk got a good crowd response tonight, at least from most of you...good call. They fucking own. I wish us SLC fans could've been half as lucky. To those of you who booed them, get some patience, and while you're at it, get some fucking respect. 3. To the guy who posted the sarcastic Kansas response...I laughed my ass off. Hats off to you, sir, way to keep to morons in check...if only. 4. They played "Swamp Song" last year on August 3rd at Red Rocks. I know because I was there, dammit. I also seem to remember them sneaking it into a couple of other setlists later on in the tour, so get it straight. Oh yeah, and it's an even better song live. 5. You guys are the luckiest fans on the planet if they really played "4 degrees" live that night, and the luckiest people in the entire UNIVERSE if they really played "H.". I think I would cut off a couple of appendages to hear "H." live, just once. God that song is amazing. Happy trails, kids. Listen to TooL/Tomahawk.

Review written by: JAH ( Review posted on: 07/26/02 16:48:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I care what you heard in red rocks because? listen to acid bath

Review written by: Glenn Roe ( Review posted on: 07/26/02 16:50:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

First off Tomahwk Sucked ass nobody where I was standing (wich was a little to the left and right on the front row) could stand the music or shit whatever you want to call it. After Tomahawk the show was awesome. The crowd was not so great. people were setting down durring the best show ever. Giving no respect to thegreates band on earth. The settlist I am posting may be little off because I was in so much shock of seeing the band that I had a hard time remebering the order the songs went in. 1.Sober 2.4 degrees 3.The Grudge 4.Stinkfist (extended version) 5.H. 6.Schism 7.Parabol 8.Parabola 9.Eon Blue Epocolypse 10.The Pateint 12.Aenema ---(intermission)-with cool video and great lighting----- 13.Disposition 14.Reflection 15.Triad -with geust, drummer of Tomahawk 16.Laturalus- Great preformance At the end the group hug was great. They through water bottles and danny through a signed drum head and drumstick out in the crowd. The following night I followed Tool to Tulsa,Oklahoma, where myfreien that wass with me caught the signed drumhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: Garrick ( Review posted on: 07/26/02 20:19:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The concert was my first one since back in 1998. The show has changed, but it still kicked some serious ass. Tool rocked the show. Tomahawk wasn't that bad, I have heard worse. They had some energy for sure. Opening with Sober was fuckin incredible, and playing aenima was like a dream come true. I only wish Tool would have played Eulogy, not likely though, it is my favorite. Oh well, to all those who said the show sucked: GO TO HELL. Just wanted to drop my two cents. Thanks Tool for all the great music that has enhanced my life throughout the ages with the help of the drugs. G

Review written by: Pooty T ( Review posted on: 07/26/02 20:41:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Many times I have debated whether or not to post about my experiences but I figure that I can provide a review from a different angle. Let’s begin........... After my friends and I had arrived at the show I went over to the Will Call booth to receive my tickets. I opened up the envelope only to find 4 other "special passes." I must mention that I have excellent Tool karma that has saved me many times. This was the 3rd time that my Tool Karma had granted me an extraordinary experience that very few words can describe. Usually my friends and I watch the show in the center while trying to avoid all the moshing and flying elbows. This time we deiced to enjoy our experiences elsewhere. After the opening band played we went over to the VIP section that was just on the left side of the stage. They were excellent seats. We were able to watch the crowd, see all of the visuals, and most importantly, we were able to see all of the band members very clearly. Unfortunately, there were times that it was pretty difficult to see Maynard because of hanging speaker cables. I was able to feed from the vibes coming from Danny's family while they experienced the show. It must be a totally different experience for them seeing a family member on stage selling out concert arenas. And before I continue... I would like to mention that Danny's family members are naturally good-hearted, genuine, down to earth people. I was blessed getting to experience this concert with them for the first time. This was my 8th show from a list including Chicago, Oklahoma, and the Colorado red rocks. But I must admit that this was my favorite show thus far. I was truly amazed by all of the props that Adam Jones and Alex Grey worked so hard on for the show. The backdrops and banners were flawless and added an extra touch of energy for the show. All of the lights lit up the backdrops with a brilliant array of colors for our visual stimulation and amusement. I felt the band get into the show a little more than usual. Maynard stomped around to the beat with his magnificent flow, and even Justin appeared to look up at the crowd more often than usual. The band did their usual hug for the closing of the concert to signify their success and worldly bond. After the concert was over my friends and I hung around while waiting to be escorted through the arena with our special passes. This time it was a little different backstage compared to the other times I've experienced. They had the band members broken up into individual rooms. We hung out in Danny's room while drinking the free drinks and waiting for the stars arrival. Once Danny walked in, the presence of the room shifted slightly. As usual, Danny was extremely friendly to everyone he spoke to. He always had a smile on his face and didn’t appear to be caught up in the whole rock star phenomenon. Danny was a man that appeared to be true to himself and others. Danny spoke pretty highly of Alex Grey. He basically said that Alex is the real deal. Alex is what you would expect from his artwork. Unfortunately we were unable to speak to the other band members this time. Past conversations with Adam Jones were also very intriguing. It totally re-assures that Tool has so much more than many other bands that exist these days. The band members are very personable and take things to a level that most groups do not achieve in their success. Through artwork, through deep lyrics, and through many other methods, Tool has tried to open the minds and souls of everyone that gets to experience their music. They've hooked fans through words like "Lachrymology" and mentioned many other things like, "Mr. Show" , "Timothy Leary", "Alex Grey" and "Bill Hicks" to name a few. They definitely have put a twist into things. Shrouded in mystery and yet so incredibly mind boggling, Tool has taken things to a level that few groups ever voyage beyond. They have tried to show people to experience life in a different way and to open our minds and our souls. Maynard says it best during most of the shows: “try to turn your experiences from the show into something positive.” This show was once again magnificent. Right when I think that the shows cannot possibly get any better than before, Tool always has a way to prove me wrong. They just seem to get better and better. I personally would like to thank: Maynard - for his extreme mystery and interesting mind boggling twist to things. Maynard’s talent and vocal ability is astonishing. His work with RATM, Tori Amos, Deftones, APC, The Replicants, CAD, and NIN is remarkable. Adam Jones – for his amazing talent and creativity. Excellent job on all the videos, art, and music…. Also an extremely nice guy. Justin – for his outstanding guitar rifts and extraordinary skills. I think it was Justin’s bus that had all the panties and bra’s hanging from a clothesline outside. Hilarious! Danny Carey – for being completely down to earth, a genuinely kind individual, with an extremely awesome drumming ability. This man is truly amazing. He will do things for his fans, and that means a lot for most of us. Kabir – for this outstanding website and updated news. Tool - for providing me with visual and emotional experiences that are remarkable in every way. “Insider” – for proving my friends and me with special tickets on multiple occasions and helping our dreams come true. “You know who you are” Thank you very much for everything that you have given. Of the 8 shows that I have been to... This show was truly my favorite. Tool never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for reading my review from a different angle. “Life can be found only in the present moment. The past is gone, the future is not yet here, and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment, we cannot be in touch with life.” Thich Nhat Hanh Pooty T

Review written by: Idontwanttotellyou (youcanthavethateither) Review posted on: 07/27/02 14:11:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Kick ass show. Tomahawk was cool, couldn't understand most of the vocalist but who cares, crowd didn't seem to dig it, little fag kids in the audience yelled stupid shit and threw shit at them from the start. saw that someone said tomahawk was beating up moshers, didn't see it, saw bloody fag kids though. Tool had a bad ass set list. smoked much drugs, lost pipe. friend had battery taken from vidcam before the show. maynard no like camera on him. lesson: fagkids=notomahawk drug=good nopipe=bad cameraonmaynard=nobattery