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Review written by: Chazz (
Review posted on: 07/26/02 02:23:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show


Review written by: dumas kubala ( Review posted on: 07/26/02 10:00:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Its 9 in da fuking morning.... and we're here at work waiting 4 our fuking cheks so we can head out 2 austin....... i dunno bout da rest of yall, but good god damn... today is the fuking 26th..... the 26th u mindless dumbfuks.... yes today tool will grace us with their presence in AUSTIN, TX..... too bad to the ppl that arent gunna make it to this show.... my condolences... my best of luck to maynard n' da gang .. see yall there!

Review written by: Gehngis Khan ( Review posted on: 07/26/02 18:51:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 999 Tool show

First............ Limp Bizkit blows rap blows papa roach blows linkin park blows rap blows marylin manson blows(fukin poser sellout) kid rock blows hoobastank blows aphex theory blows eminem blows rap blows hed pe blows korn now blows second........ fred durst sucks dick......all rappers should have been on a plane that collided with the ground. i say tonite at the austin show......i bring some of my friends...tool will bring theirs, and we can kill the rap industry. remember kids......smoke pot not cigarettes. fred durst is not a role model never make glam rock popular again eliminating shitty music will make the muslims even happier

Review written by: IRISH HOOLIGAN (SUITE_PEE420@HOTMAIL.COM) Review posted on: 07/26/02 19:03:04 ET

This was this reviewer's ??? Tool show


Review written by: bling bling ( Review posted on: 07/26/02 21:04:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 420 Tool show

his new drums... farting on a snare drum.

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 07/26/02 22:20:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. This was the 6th time I have seen TOOL, and this show absolutely blew me away. First off the Setlist (with one crazy SUPRISE) Sober(great opener) 4 Degrees (I pleaded and came true) The Grudge (I like this one a little better as an opener) Stinkfist Schism (great new addittions in the middle) Parabola (without Parabol...Parabol adds so much more to this song) THIRD EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (As you would have guessed this was the biggest suprise of the night......NOBODY was expecting this....simply just mindblowing) ---Intermisson-- Dispositon Reflection Triad (Amazing) Lateralis Third Eye was by far the highlight of the night for me...I was hoping to see 46&2 (my favorite TOOL song) but oh well..Maynard wasn't as talkative as he has been lately..but who cares..They played THIRD EYE!!!!

Review written by: James ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 00:03:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

Tool is by far the best band in the frickin planet. The opening band was somewhat lacking, but all those who say they 'suck' are just ignorant of anything different. SETLIST Sober (amazing...) 4 Degrees (video of some bald guy in leather and a bigger guy in a red hat kissing...(?) ) The Grudge Stinkfist Schism (extended middle with kazoo solo) Parabola Third Eye (shortened two-minute version....still unbelievable!) intermission Disposition (Danny on drums and Justin on accordion) Reflection Triad Lateralus (whole band on merry-go-round for end...breathtaking! Spiral out! Keep going! Spiral out! Keep going!) Tool rocked the house...I can't wait to see them again! J Smith

Review written by: Danny aka Danno ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 00:03:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Please Read Hey are there any fine TOOL girl fans. Email me!! What's up all you tool fans in my home town Austin. Tool is going to blow your mind tonight. They played a bad ass set. The visuals were unblievable. I sugget you take something to intensify those visuals.I know I did. A little hint they might open up with Sober. Man this was my 3rd time seeing them and this would have to be the best show i seen from them. I first saw them in San Antonio in 98 and second in Phoniex in 2001 and I saw them again last week in Tuscon. And it was great. The best part of the show was when they played the last couple of songs. Dis/Ref/Triad. It was amazing. I don't want to say much about the show. So I wont give to much detail. Hey did anybody go to Crockett High. You should email me.i graduated in 99. And i am a big Tool fan. i now reside in Tempe, AZ (which suck). i want to come back home. Austin is the shit. i lived there for 20 years. Anyways TOOL is the best band. Get into the music and enjoy the show. LIke I said take a little bit of something to inensify those visuals. Here was the set list from the Tuscon show. Sober Flood Stinkfist Grunge Anema Eon Blue Parobola I forgot the name(i know the piecies song) Intermission Dispostion Reflection Triad Lateralus I might of miss one. Let me know what the setlist was for that show. Well Austin keep rocking and I will be back home soon. Still jamming out to TOOL and still smoking the bud, Danno the weed smoking hippie!!!!

Review written by: Chester "Chazz" Oglvie ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 00:48:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

For all you care our record could be PIP FARTING ON A SNARE DRUM! OK, enough oblique "Airheads" references (and for all those not in the know, a damn fine movie you are missing out on. It and PCU were definitely the highlights of the superb Comedy Central movie platter from about 1998 through to last year. Aah...the times of yore. But enough esoteric nonsense!) The setlist looked-a like-a dis: Intro Sober Ticks + Leeches (!!!) The Grudge 46 & 2 Eon Blue + The Patient Schism (Not extended) Parabola Opiate (Another !!!) ---------- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus As cool as it is, I almost wish Tool was not playing the whole Disposition-Triad trilogy. It just takes up so much goddamn time! I can see why they don't really play anything off of Opiate, though; I see it a lot clearer after watching their live show. They are simply so far beyond that kind of stuff that it really pales in comparison with the newer songs (newer meaning anything on a release after 1992.) Anyway, Ticks and Opiate were stellar, as were the rest of the songs. Plus I really love The Patient, so I am happy to have heard it. Roc

Review written by: Daniel ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 01:05:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey just got back from the Austin T O O L show it kicked ass. The show was just perfect Maynards vocals sound way better live, and the art work by Alex Gray is awesome. set list alitte out of order i think Sober Flood Grudge Ions Stinkfist H. Mantra Schism Parabol Parabola Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Aenima INTERMISSION Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralis

Review written by: Beau and Erin ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 01:18:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I believe Daniel had the setlist right, if, like he said, maybe a little out of order. Everything about this show was perfect, except that which was out of the band's control - the audience on the floor was pretty lame, not really getting into the music. When I and a few others started to, we just got looked at as if we were crazy...oh well. I like the setlist better than the last tour, good mix, although it'd be nice to hear Opiate, or Part of Me, perhaps. The Alex Grey art was awesome, especially the Sacred Mirrors - for anyone who hasn't seen his work, go to

Review written by: Mattress ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 01:28:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Just got home from the show and that feeling of being absolutely blown away doesn't suprise me one bit. The band was incredible and inspiring. The backdrop and the rest of the images on the side screens were visually stunning. I'm sorry for any tool fans in the area that couldn't go, you missed a hell of a show. The set list was great, but I'd have to say my favorite moment of the show was the warm sensation that ran through me when they started Flood; unbelievable. I'd never seen it live before so it was very special for me. Props to the lighting techs, soundpeople, and the rest of the crew for a job well done, the Frank Erwin Center isn't the greatest place in the world to see a show. Every time I see these guys live, I'm in awe of the entire production. It's been a truly life-changing experience for this aspiring musician, I'm going to bed.

Review written by: The Filmer ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 01:30:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

First off, Tomahawk blows! Well, maybe just the lead singer. He was talking crap about Texas at this show and the Ft. Worth show. Idiot. Anyways, the setlist has probably been posted and YES, I am the one who filmed this show AND the Ft. Worth show. I haven't decided on whether or not to film the Houston show but I do have my ticket. The Ft. Worth show was being sold on Ebay but my username got cancelled. Oh well. The Austin show is neither for sale or trade! Sorry!!! AWESOME SHOW!!! Definitely worth the money to see them...and in my case I can see this show any time I want to!

Review written by: Chazz ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 01:40:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Well, well, well.... They did it again. TOOL is simply amazing. Tomahawk, is badass. Alex Grey is the best artist. Leave it to Austinites to have respect for art. I went to the Ft. Worth show and everyone was booing Tomahawk. I don't think I heard one person boo them tonight. You wanna know why??? Because Austin is FUCKIN' BADASS and every other city in Texas is full of closed-minded fucks. Just my opinion. One other thing, the fake set lists are getting old. The first one was cool, you knwo when the tour first started. But now, come on...get over it, and be original. Thanks TOOL for the great experience Take Care

Review written by: Chazz (CJFDOTCOM@YAHOO.COM) Review posted on: 07/27/02 01:45:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show


Review written by: Dugan ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 01:54:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

wow, that was my 2nd Tool show and it absolutely floored my mind. I was down real close, not on the floor but row 6, center which is damn good. the audience was fantastic, some guys around me were all dancing to the music which allowed me to let my body feel the rythm and not be stared at like i was a psycho. Tomahawk was alright, their sound mix was crappy and they sounded muddy but oh well. Tool came on and opened with Sober! wasnt expecting that, kick ass. Alll the songs rocked as usual, the lighting was superb, the visuals were mind- bending, and Maynard wore nothing but a speedo swimsuite or underwear or something, got to see the tattoo on his back which was cool. Everything went perfectly, Flood was a treat, wish i heard 46&2 or Opiate but you cant have it all. Got to hear H.!!! Maynard let the audiesnce sing "I dont mine, I dont mind, I DONT MIND!" during it, that was something else to be part of the music and not just tag along with Maynard's singing, then he bame back and screamed "i dont mind" at the top of his lungs, it was intense. Thank you Tool, thank you

Review written by: The Filmer ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 01:56:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I like your vast display of colorful words. It is only too bad Maynard does not care about you so I feel for you, you misguided tool. This show was filmed for a special friend who is in the Navy. So don't judge before you know what's up...tool.

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 02:06:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well i'm not going to bother naming the setlist as i'm sure someone already has or will. But either way, it was an amazing show. There was a lot of moshing as austin harbors a bunch of idiot college guys that would rather get drunk and push people around than actually enjoy the music. I'm not going to bitch too much though. It was amazing! A lot of props this time around that really enhanced the show. Definetly worth the drive to austin from san antonio. I won't forget this...ever. The music...well if was definetly more than just music. My attitude towards life is slightly changed now and it's in such a great way. Thanks tool.

Review written by: jimi ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 02:08:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. uhh yeah. thats what we call a tool show. fucking h christ god damn unbelievable. setlist: sober flood grudge stinkfist h. schism parabol parabola eon blue apocalypse the patient aenema intermission: disposition reflection triad lateralus the acoustics of the frank irwin center are not so good. still when they start getting after it there's no denying the power of their music. sober sounded damn good and then they went right into flood. the bass was a little overpowering. next came the grudge and that's when I felt the smile creeping over my face and became oblivious to my surroundings. stinkfist sounded great. maybe they made some adjustments in the levels because sound quality seemed to be improving. h. I hadn't heard it live before and was hoping they would play it this evening. It was one of the most memorable performances I have ever seen. maynard strapped on his bass and then came schism. real cool at the break down and then between supposed lovers/brothers. parabol was downright pretty and the kick in was tight and solid. aenema was the shit. I love the point when they're preying for waves and the lights come on and the crowd has arms raised while swaying. intermision then the trilogy, triad, and the cherry: lateralus. I want to here someone better but have yet to find the oppurtunity. maynards comments: "austin? sounds more like corpus christi' 'thank you for reminding us why we do this" "we would like to thank (guest drummer on triad) formerly of the jimmy buffet band" 'we hope you leave the show having been inspired or healed in some way" I walked away thinking to myself $40? suckers.

Review written by: corey66 ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 02:11:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The only way that I can think of to explain how awesome this concert was is 46&2 that is it. And if you don't know what that means then you were missing out. Plus the trip helped a little. Noticed where somebody thought danny might have messed up in sober in reviews for other cities. I think he plays it a little different because I thought he messed up at first too. Anyways, I wish the two fucking people in front of me weren't making out the whole time and my section sucked as far as getting into the concert. If you want to sit on your ass and talk the whole time then go see Dave Mathews or something. I loved the art work. I wish they would come out with a dvd w/ just the background visuals. I would be set for a whole night. I don't know what concert the first few people went to that posted a set list. I can tell you that we didn't hear third eye and we didn't hear opiate. We didn't even hear 46&2. But it was a kick ass concert and worth every penny it cost me to get there. One thing nobody has mentioned yet was when the lead singer of tomahak got pissed off after people starting chanting something about not liking him??? Then he said chant after me "Charles Whitman!" It's probably not a funny thing but I found it amusing. The band did suck, but the fans just needed to let them do their thing and get the fuck off of the stage. But the concert was a total mind fuck none the less.

Review written by: disgustipated taper ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 02:16:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

Show was great. So good we had to listen to it again. Hope the neighbors don't mind the bass off of Triad. Tomahawk's drummer still can't keep up. 16 moreshows or an extra arm and he'll nail that sucker. Any venue shaped like a giant Rolo is good with me. See y'all tomorrow night in Houston. Show Rating : HELL YEAH!!!

Review written by: A.J. Morales ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 02:19:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The lights dim only to let more euphoric light through... It's hot... The saturation on my brow thickens only to let it trickle down my cheek... The anticipation is killing me... My first Tool show... My real first Tool experience was postponed for broken bones but thats another story... The crowd starts to cheer... I spring to my feet from the cold, concrete ground only to see before me... A drunk hispanic man heaving rancid breath in my face. All in all though, the trip to Austin from San Antonio was worth it. The lights were extraordinary, the music was perfect and the song list was exquisite. It made me forget completely the shitbreath heading my from all directions. Ugh... I can still smell eager moshers on me... must take shower. But I will never wash away the memory of this Tool concert.

Review written by: ToolFan666 ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 02:31:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, I'll start off by simply saying that it's TOOL!!!!!!! Tomahawk sucked...the crowd booed them a lil, and Mike Patton called us a bunch of stoners...better than a one hit wonder. Finally they got the hint and got the hell off the stage...Tool was amazing. A perfectly flawless show. The setlist was as follows: Sober Flood The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (Extended) H. Schism (Extended) Parabol Parabola Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Aenema (Short intermission with CGI and wind sounds) Disposition Reflection Triad (FEATURING TERRY BOZZIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah and Mike Patton too......) and last but not least, Lateralis Definitely the best concert I've ever been to, and definitely not the last Tool show I'm goin to. If you haven't seen this tour yet, called the "Inside The Outside" tour, then you better get your ass some tickets and check out one of the best shows ever.

Review written by: phil ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 02:33:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Granted, I'm not the most well versed Tool fan in the bunch, but I know that show was incredible. I hadn't seen a Tool show before, but as soon as I heard the thundering volume the of road crew just tuning up the instruments, I started getting excited. The level of intensity at this show was unbefuckingleavable. This band has grown on me the last year, with the help of my best friend. We just got back from the fuckin' rocked. I've seen a lot of concerts here in Austin at the Erwin Center, and this one blew them all out of the water. Tomahawk...they really aren't that good, but I give them props for having the courage to get on stage and suck as hard as they did. (there drummer is pretty cool....especially when he came on for the jam towards the end). Some of the highlights...flood was pretty cool to hear, and the video for parabol (a) was awesome. That whole song was awesome. I wasn't expecting them to play schism and aenima on the same night, but I was (happily) proven wrong. I'm glad the band took a little break after that...I needed it for my voice. The thing about this show that really rocked, though, was the way the whole audience kept going nuts, especially at the end. Seeing tens of thousands of fans screaming their heads off in appreciation for this kind of was awesome. The intensity and complete music this band brings in to a stadium is incredible. Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever seen. And yes, Maynard, I'm gonna turn this into something positive.

Review written by: Jimbo ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 02:57:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st! Tool show

I have just experienced what maybe the greatest musical concerts ever! This of course being my first show. Tomahawk was “bleh”… Just pacifying the rabid Tool fans with their carefully crafted feedback “music”. They were wearing police uniforms! They asked the audience if we’d seen Bevo around! :/ I believe our town being THE music capitol of the World the audience was very receptive and tolerant of this. Once they were off the stage after 30 minutes of ear piercing screeching, Tool took the stage, after some 10 minutes. The show to end all shows! Here’s the setlist from what I can gather: Sober (Extended version) Flood – Yes! The Grudge H. Ion Blue Apocalypse Stinkfist (Extended version) Schism (Awesome visuals) Mantra The Patient Parabol Parabola Intermission Disposition Reflection TRIAD Lateralus I know that setlist is wrong somewhere. I type TRAID in caps because it was the most fuckin’ powerful piece of music I have ever heard and seen played. Tool as a brotherhood really came together on that one song and Lateralus, and throughout the whole damn show! Highlights of the evening were Alex Grey’s & Adam’s Lightwave/Maya/3Dsmax or whatever animations being played one the screens, Maynard’s tremendous guitar skills…the whole show floored me. I’m tired now. Need to crawl back into my bunker of idiocy and close the hatch. I will never forget this experience. Ever. “…and with the coming weeks, months and years use this experience to create something positive.”

Review written by: Chad26 ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 03:20:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Let me start by saying that Danny threw out 3 of his Drum Heads at the end of the set and my friend caught one!! Now to the show. Unreal!!! I truly expected greatness and the show was even better than I thought it would be. I will say that I have never seen a band work around each other as good as these guys. I absolutely love that Maynard stays at the back of the stage. In a world of "look at me rock," Tool is truly different. Next, Danny is the best drummer I have ever seen. What pisses me off as a fellow drummer is that it doesn't even look like he is trying. He is so smooth and effortless it is sickening. I am a follower of Drummer's and Danny is it for me. I can't imagine seeing anyone better than him. Tonight was an absolutely beautiful experience. These are 4 extremely gifted musicians. Austin is a great venue for live music and art. For the first time on this tour, Tomahawk was not booed. Thank you Austin for being open minded.

Review written by: fragged one ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 03:51:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i cannot express fully and deeply enough how great of an experience this show was. first of all, the mixing for the tomahawk show was way off. my friends and i had trouble hearing the guitar, and the vocals were too loud. their basist is getting one hell of a tone, but that wasn't loud enough, either. explain this to me, why couldn't i hear the snare? whoever mixed this needs to be fired. they weren't awesome, but not bad, either. they're very experimental, and are doing quite a few things i've never seen before, and that, in my opinion, is commendable. now tool: no words can truly describe my second experience. i'm very envious that one of my friends was able to meet them. but not because of jealousy, but rather because i would like to thank them for this spiritual experience. this was probably the most amazing thing i have ever seen, and have deffenitly taken something positive from the experience. i will wait to see them again, and experience it again. adam, justin, maynard, and danny: thank you

Review written by: lnh6879 ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 07:40:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I am very sick if this shit everyone on here posted the wrong setlist! Real one: Sober Flood Cold and Ugly 4 Degrees Stinkfist Prison Sex Eulogy Jerk Off Sweat No Quarter Intermission - Maynard Beats off H. Intolerance Undertow Hush 20th Century Schzoid Man (king crimson cover) I guess that was a decent setlist could have been better, like maybe if they played that song about pieces fitting.

Review written by: Stefanie Phillips ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 09:57:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I've seen Tool plenty of times, and this time was the most satisfying for me personally--beautiful visuals abounded, and even the acoustics (which are supposed to be horrible in Erwin) sounded fine (or maybe just because it was TOOL playing, it's hard to screw that up). If anyone happens to remember what song was played when the visual with the travelling eyes that started up at the feet and wound its way to the heart, please let me know. My companions and I were a wee knackered and don't remember. ;)

Review written by: Mantra1025 ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 12:17:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

To start off this was 100% better then(San Antonio 10-25-01) the venue was really small, i couldnt belive I was going to see them this close. But once the lights shut off and the screens showed the Lateralus eyes, my heart sank and I couldn't belive i was seeing them again. The artwork for the new stage is beautiful, the whole thing was everytyhing.....beyond beautiful. The new graphics had alot of new stuff that made u think of the Planet X and how Saturn blocks the view of it. Especially in Reflection, it had a sort of an Eclipse looking figure as if they were showing us that the Sumerian planet X was waiting for us out there "its" And im kind of scared for Danny, he had a mess up during Reflection and ive never heard him mess up before, but the reason for my concern is because i read in the Bakersfield show that he had messed up. The mess up wasnt like a failure mess up. It was like a Record slowing down and any little glitch was corrected because thats how on they are with each other. All of the songs have evlovled into the best they have ever been. Especially for H, i couldnt belive the extended lyrics and sound for H. The Paitent was another great moment with the metalic confetti that was falling under a very distorted light. I couldnt belive how much Triad sounded better then last time. I could feel every drum beat. The whole band was palying this time and when it came to the sharp, very one with each other end.The last drumbeat rumbled the the whole venue and gave an instant silence that just made me have to re catch my breath again. Then when Triad was over Lateralus came on and once again the graphics make u feel like your riding the sprial out of the show, like your leaving somthing. Then during the end of Laterauls came they extended the end a little and the closing drums ended the show with a pitch black venue. Then a few lights came on and they gave the group hug and then bowed one at a time to the audience and then walked off the stage. Then lights came on and sat in the chair and didnt move for a few minutes then slowly left. All i could think about is how much they make the moment happen. They are More then just a band. Thank you TOOL forever.... - ERIC (Setlist) Sober Flood The Grudge (-)ions Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Ænema Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad (with Singer from Tomahawk) Lateralus

Review written by: Mic ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 12:20:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Some say i might not be as dedicated a fan because i waited overnight to post my review, truth is I couldn't post it because I was so overwhelmed by the music and visuals. Tomohawk was allright Shaftman got it right when he said that their mix was very bad at some points all you could hear were unintelligable screaming vocals and feedback. Hoever it showed potential. As for what Mike Patton said I took it with a grain of salt...think about it most of Austin is stoned most of the time. Not many people booed generaly i think because Mike said not to because it rhymed with Tool and he didn't want to get confused so he informed us that if we didn't like them to just say Charles Whitman...and then went off on some half hip hop Charles Whitman breakdown it was pretty funny....but enough about them. I sat in my seat waiting impatiently for the light to dim as the techs set up the intruments when the light finally went down i felt a wave of energy just like the last time i saw them "but the eyes seem so farmiliar" only 10 times i was about 10 times closer then..out of nowhere..Sober the lighting was great and the sound was overpowering then Flood. I went insane about this point the only thing i could have asked for might have been that they play the intro to Flood. the set list has allready been posted so i wont go into detail but during H. Maynard stopped singing and steped off stage.. the crowd continued. "I don't mind, I don't mind" that was the most powerful feeling i have ever experianced I was not dissapointed and would also like to thank the band personaly but i guess this forum will have to do thank you. at the end of the show the band all stood on stage..minus Maynard and just stared into the crowd. no one stopped screaming for a full min and a half and everyone was on their feet that is the first time (aside from the hush video) that i have ever seen Danny, Adam and Justin all smile. The reason Tool fans can appriciate them is because we know that they appricate us just as much.

Review written by: Fred ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 16:36:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

TOOL was absolutely amazing, a truly spectacular show. My first TOOL concert, but still the greatest of any concert I've ever been to. I'm definitely going to see them as soon as I can again. The entire set was awesome, and TOOL in concert sounds like they've come straight from the album, goes to show just how great TOOL really is.

Review written by: CloudFuel ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 16:37:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Setlist -Intro (w/ grafx) -Sober -Flood -The Grudge -(-) ions -Stinkfist -H. -Schism (w/ extended intro) -Parabol -Parabola -Eon Blue Apocalypse -The Patient -Aenema ------Intermission thing------ -Disposition -Reflection -Triad (extended with drum solo and guest) -Lateralus This was my first show and I just barely made it in time. I had awesome seats, right off to the side of Adam, but since I decided to skip the first band I barely had time to get to my seats before the light went out. I reached the arena at about 5 to 9:00 and as I walked about 2 steps the lights went down and an eerie sort of moaning sound began playing along with the cd cover being displayed on the projections. Then the little flame came in and the band members started moving around down on stage. Adam began somewhat tuning but yet playing a cool little piece with some delay fx. From here they continued with the intro a bit longer then led right into Sober. The crowd went up in cheers at this point and began to sing every word along with Maynard, whose voice was absolutely phenomenal tonight. They finished sober and went right into Flood. I personally didn’t know right away what it was since they skipped the long intro of it, but quickly recognized the lyrics and constant barrage of guitar, bass, and drums throughout the song. At this time I was sure they were going to play The Grudge since they had yet to do it yet and it is almost always in the first few songs they play. They played The Grudge perfectly and just really lifted the crowd into the clouds with their intense energy. Next came (-) Ions which everyone knew would lead into Stinkfist, so as soon as those unmistakable notes sounded from Adam and Danny everyone roared with cheers and began to bang their heads in unison with the guitar and bass. The song was absolutely amazing and I wasn't sure what would come next. They shocked me with the opening riffs of H. and many people where singing every word which just increased the energy that was in the air and I'm sure pleased Maynard a bit. I believe this is when Maynard first spoke to us saying that "I hear we are supposedly in Austin doesn’t sound like Austin...sounds more like Corpus Christie." With that the crowd went nuts and screamed their heads off and assured Maynard that he was indeed in the hometown of the biggest and best Tool fans around. Next the familiar tones of Schism began to ring out as Adam and Justin faced each other and did an extended intro to schism and led right into it. The grafx were stunning as always and many props go out to Adam for creating all this stuff. Another picture by Alex Grey was unveiled (a wall of eye’s). Schism was mesmerizing and almost ever person was chanting the words along with Maynard. The breakdown part where Adam and Danny do their thing in the middle has an extended intro into it, then the song continued like normal. The flames from the movie came back in the end and the intensity reached an indescribable level as the final notes rang out. From here We lead right into Parabol and the mighty Parabola. Maynard’s voice was stunning, just amazing and of course everyone did his or her best to sing along with Maynard's incredible voice. The lead in into Parabola was just like the cd version but it still made the crowd go ballistic. As a guitarist I was able to sit back and admire Adam's awesome sound quality and ability to nail every single note. At the end of this song I was breathless and didn’t know what to expect next. We received a speech about Tool appreciating our support and that they continue on for the feeling that we get from the show somewhere around here and Eon Blue Apocalypse began to ring out and of course The Patient followed soon after. Red glitter fell into the pit area and the visuals were impressive...especially the HUGE screen behind Maynard with the 3 faces by Alex Grey. I was jamming so much to this song that after it ended My dad said that I had better be careful incase the "Hey Hey Hey's" of Aenema rang out...because he would need some room of his own...and coincidentally they began to play Aenema, which I think was the highlight of the show. Everyone released all their anger and frustration in the song and the band's energy was through the roof. From here on out everything was more mellow and serene till the end. There was a 5-minute or so intermission with grafx showing on the screens...then came Disposition and Reflection. There where only 2 or 3 people in the pit running around in circles everyone else was cool and trying to be stupid during these songs. Maynard had on his Steinberger guitar...although I did not see a cord so I don’t know if he was live or not...but his hands did move on it. Next a guy brought out some extra drums to the middle of the stage and a guy came out at the end of Reflection. Thus began a solo between him (whoever he was) and was amazing and I'd love to see it was definitely worth it. Justin then joined in after awhile and so did Adam and Maynard with his little guitar. Adam finally started ripping on the guitar, which I thought was quite a nice thing to see. They rocked us for quite awhile with the little quintet, but it finally ended with them all facing each other and in close quarters. Maynard began his speech about how we should take all these experiences and feelings and use them to create something productive in the next few weeks and also to remember the experience we had tonight. With that they began the final song Lateralus; a song that I think should be their defines them the most, especially if you think about the lyrics and what the band and its music are like. It is also my personal favorite, although I can’t play it on my guitar yet...but that will come in time. The song was phenomenal...the energy was insane and the music was mesmerizing. I couldn't have picked a better song to end with and they played it to the best of their abilities. The grafx were stunning and Maynard's constant writhing and motion ensured that he was truly wrapped up in the experience. The ball in the middle of the room that changed colors with the lyrics was a definite plus too. I have never seen a better show and don’t know if I ever will. This was my 1st Tool show and certainly not my last...I hope that I didn’t ruin the show for you, but gave you an insight on the show and made you want to go see them live even more...the ticket price is worth it for these guys. They truly are, in my opinion, the best band in the world....

Review written by: Maynard Maniac ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 18:05:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was awsome!! Theres really no explanation. The set list was perfect. H. and Aenima were total surprises. Thats kinda cool though we got two Songs that hadnt been played at previous shows. The stage was spectacular as always. The artwork and lights were corresponding beautifully. Probably the highlight for me was "The Patient". I love the part when the band is rocking and Maynard is singing the "I must keep reminding myself of this" part. It's soooo cool. OH yeah loved the extended Stinkfist and Schism also. Well thanks TOOL for another kick ass rock show. You reign as KINGS of rock in my book. Danny Carey is a genius, love the new set, sounds great!!

Review written by: snake ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 18:43:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 3 Tool show

Tomahawk was very strange in a very lame way. Tool killed it, they are pure evil. This is my third Tool concert and the best one Ive seen. The images were beutifull. The human tied down getting dissected. The sound was good and the lighting was perfect. What can u say.

Review written by: ray and jeremy ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 20:03:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

first off god...whoever you are u are stupid to say tomahawk even campared to tool and tyler banks .... why give a fake reveiw??? anyways tool kicked ass ....way better than last years performance

Review written by: Chaz ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 21:59:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Woke up this morning with Schism echoing in my brain aching for more Tool, as usual. My life has forever been changed by the music. Visuals were great. Maynard giving and taking away. Driving rhythms...satisfying but always leaving you wanting more. People around me feeling the vibe, allowing me to dance....move to every beat. First saw Tool at Austin Music Hall years ago....tightest band I had ever experienced....saw them last year at the Verizon....sounded great, had bad seats. Wish I was in Houston right now feeling the experience again....but instead listening to CDs. Erwin Center sucks....Austin deserves a better venue for shows as great as this. Am older female fan of Tool....disgusted at the way fans were treated...women not allowed to bring in purses.....long lines at bathrooms, and long lines for $5 beer. Still not enough bad karma to ruin the evening. Thank you Tool for expressing the music of my being. I hope to be in your presence again. Peace be with you!

Review written by: CAC ( Review posted on: 07/27/02 23:39:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

good show....enjoyed the audience much more than ft to see tomahawk this time....i dont know what the fuss is about....i enjoyed it.....patton was very intense and seemed to be on top of his game.....interestingly different....but quality none the less.....first time to see H. enjoyed the little mix in the was moving....i stick by my comment made in the ft worth review....maynard had a fat suit on because this time around he didnt seem to be quite the fatty he was in that awful worthless city....i really enjoyed the bozzio cameo....i thought M was making a clever attempt at humor when he announced his name....but im guessing it was really terry! it didnt look like him though....but i dont know....we arent old chums.....acoustics on the floor were much better than in ft worth....much clearer.....if anyone is planning on going to see another show at the erwin was quite an effortless ordeal to sneak my six aquaintences for the evening onto the floor....if u figure it out....its not a bad way to go.....all in all a good show....everything went as planned.....and please, if you see some jerkoffs dancing around and making an ass out of themselves loke they are actually having a stimulating moment of the body and mind at some of the concerts......dont go up to them and bash them in the nose....that really fucking hurt! good evening, CAC

Review written by: Mesmerized ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 00:31:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was without a doubt the most amazing thing that I have ever witnessed. The band, the music, the visuals, everything about the concert was completely stunning. I do however, wish to commend Austin for not booing Tomahawk, even though they weren't all that great. But when you think about it, how many bands could really sucessfully open for Tool? I doubt very many. The only thing I'm wondering at this point in time is about the setlist. Now...I'm pretty sure that Ions went along with the flashing neon lights near the top of the stage, but I could be wrong in this department. But didnt that happen during the intermission.? I must be in a time warp, but I could swear it was during the intermission, however, everyone else seems to think that it was right before stinkfist. Comments appreciated. Thank you Tool for showing me "all that's imagined and all conceivable." This is a day I will not soon forget. Keep going.

Review written by: stephan ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 00:43:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Austin show rocked... glad the played Aenema. Austin crowd seemed to not dislike Tomahawk as much. Although I still don't overly care for Tomahawk, I do have to admit they souded way better than the Ft. Worth show. The giant Rolo venue in Austin has kick arse acoustics.... if you get a chance to seen any band at that venue, I'd highly recommend it. For the 2 twits right behind me that felt the need to talk through the entire show... a big phuck you! Keep up the awesome shows TOOL!!! Oh yeah... & please play Ticks & Leeches in Bossier City on Monday. Howdee happy & matt & mike!

Review written by: Riley J ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 01:29:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Great setlist except i think most of the people would have rather heard something other than schism (schism was still performed very well and gave me chills) but i still enjoyed it. Highlight had to be H. I was so moved by the performance, and i knew the whole crowd had that same feeling. I was dissapointed not to hear opiate, but hearing Flood made up for it. There were only 3 songs on the list that i hadnt heard live yet. I really enjoyed Lateralus and Aenema. I would have paid to see Tomahawk by themselvels, but to see them and Tool in one night was amazing. Does anyone know the name of the song that Tomahawk started with: the one where Mike Patton had on the mask with the built in mic? The best thing about bands like tomahawk is that the could care less about what people think of them because they're making music they like, and having fun pissing people off while they're at it. Mike Patton is one the most influencial singers around. It was a honor to see both Maynard and Mike.

Review written by: s ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 02:16:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

setlist. sober grudge undertow schism parabol parabola aenima the patient disposition reflection triad lateralus tool played an amazing show that i know even they were proud of....they received a mass standing ovation as they all came out for a group hug. an amazing experience

Review written by: Ashley ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 02:35:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was great as too be expected. I had a seat on the front row on the right side of the stage so i had a pretty good view of the band throughout the show. Maynard was painted blue with some iridescent designs on his head and body. He wore a red speedo and given that he was facing the other way for the majority of the show i had saw a lot of his butt crack lol. Danny's drum solo with his new kit was mindblowing and the metallic confetti they released during Parabola looked really cool. At the end of the show Adam threw a wadded piece of paper right at me and it turned out to be the setlist :) When i got home I noticed a little piece of plastic underneath the tape on the bad side of the paper which turned out to be very guitar pick that Adam used for the show!!!!! If anyone cares it's a .73 mm grey Jim Dunlop pick. Since I have the official setlist sitting right in front of me I'll tell you exactly what it says. SOBER (no MJK vid) ---------Reveal Backdrop---------- GRUDGE STINKFIST 46 & 2 -------Pull Nard-Pet-------------- SCHISM (long)PARABOLA(clusters) PATIENT (confetti) ÆNEMA ---------Black Out / Big Smoke / Change Drop----------- DISPOSITION (banners) REFLECTION (star) TRIAD LATERALUS (spinard) The show seemed a little short and I would have loved to hear Flood and 4 Degrees, but all in all I guess the setlist was pretty good. Maynard not singing the end of the Patient was a little disappointing b/c the end is my favorite part of the song. It kind of left a little void in the concert experience. The other 3 members did a wonderful job and I hope Maynard feels better soon if he is ill. I think the sound was decent at best but thats the stadium's fault not Tools. Hopefully there will be more shows in Texas soon. P. S. I will try to get the setlist scanned if anyone wants to see it.

Review written by: J ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 02:36:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This was the best TOOL show I have seen yet! Muuuuch better than the San Antonio show last fall. We only got to hear the last 2 or 3 songs from Tomahawk... wasn't bad, wasn't great. They were experimental in a way, though, which I think is cool. One thing that hasn't been mentioned on any of the previous concert reviews(that I've seen anyway) was TOOL's opening intro. TUVAN THOAT SINGING!!!! I think that sh!t is incredible! If you haven't heard any of it I highly recommend finding some. I'm not surprised that TOOL is using it in their shows, however it was really cool to hear it. All I'll say is the singers isolate the harmonics in their voices and manipulate them. Sober.... f#$*ing live! Then Flood... f#$*ing live! That was worth the price of admission, right there! The whole set list was great. Especially liked that they played Parabol with Parabola! Triad was really a wonderful experience with everybody jamming on stage. I'll listen to that one with new ears now. I gained even more respect for Maynard now that he's playing guitar(?bass?) AND producing incredible singing and lyrics. I also have to hand it to my hometown crowd. The energy level was really high and open minded. Of course there's always a few morons in every crowd, but this time around they seemed few and far between. Someone already mentioned the crowd singing along to Ænema. And the best for last... Danny Carey. Absolutely the best drummer, even by jazz and percussion standards. If any one knows of where to find any Zaum stuff PLEASE email me! We sat 2nd row in the Mezzanine, which are actually pretty good seats, considering. Great view of Danny and his new dum set. This guy is the poster boy for perfect time. I still say one of the best moments in my life was meeting Danny and smoking a (something-or-other) with him during the Bill Hicks CD release party @ the old Liberty Lunch! The band keeps on evolving musically, spiritually and emotionally. The group hug at the end proves they are closer and growing together. Look forward to next time...

Review written by: FancieMan ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 02:41:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 99th Tool show

Riley J., the song's name is God Hates A Coward.

Review written by: gobbla ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 03:48:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i had just enough time to get a tshirt and get back before the lights went out and tomahawk went on, they were ok, the band is good but the singer sucked and since we were on the floor next to the speakers, he was way too loud. one of the moments to remember, for me at least was the unveiling of danny's new drumset, it was all golden and shiny, but that's just me. the show was awesome, but the bouncers and all the crew got on my nerves as they kept shinin their flashlights around us trying to find people taking pictures. i wish they would have played 46&2 but i'm glad they played parabol, it's just not the same without it. the second half of the set was bad ass, but no one around me seemed to understand what was going on, everyone was still especially during triad, maybe they were just trying to figure out how danny could play those polyrythms. awesome, he's so incredibly good, he's a machine. does he wear his basketball jersey during every show? and did anyone notice that they had a video camera set up on top of a floor speaker pointed at the guys? i wonder if they're taping for a future dvd or something???? maybe i'm just getting my hopes up. if you missed this show, well what can i say, cry

Review written by: SunKing ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 09:52:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The Austin show was awesome, but I don't know why so many people post fake set-lists. Daniel's was the first I read that was correct. Accordingly, here's the REAL set-list: 1. Sober 2. Flood (abbreviated version) 3. Grudge 4. StinkFist 5. H. 6. Schism 7. Parabol/Parabola 8. The Patient 9. Aenema 10. Disposition/Reflection 11. Triad 12. Lateralus I've been avioding reading any reviews until after the show - I didn't want to spoil any surprises - and I didn't want to have any idea what the set-list might be before the show. Man, was I ever pleasantly surprised. The opening 5 or six songs just BLEW ME AWAY....and it got better. I managed to sneak in a crappy camera, and wil post the pictures here: If you're interested, I've also got a TON of stuff posted from the 10-28-01 show here: ENJOY!!!!!!

Review written by: A fan ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 12:33:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Best show I've seen yet, and they have all blown anything else away. We are seeing something special evolve in the music industry, and the name is TOOL. Was it just me or did Maynard replace the line in Aenima from "fuck all these gun toting hip gangster wannabes" to "fuck all these bomb toting islamic wannabes" - I thought I heard that, but wasn't sure -- either way was sweet. You can go into a show even knowing of TOOL and will leave the show being a die hard fan! I can't imagine the Radio City Music Hall show where it will all be seating -- what a mind piercer! Summation of the show = Experience. Thank you TOOL... yet again.

Review written by: dave ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 13:04:42 ET

This was this reviewer's ???? Tool show

i've been going to these shows for a while now. i've also been reading these reviews for a while. and I have to say Im pretty disappointed in the fans, at least the ones that right these reviews. half of which are fucking identical, i.e. tool rools, or this band kickes so much ass. which is fine, but describes nothing about the event, and as far as being a discription of your feelings about the show, it's pretty fucking weak. in my opinion its like saying, "I like cake". so please try and be a little more discriptive, and have some taste. for christ sake, your a tool fan, act like it. the show is unlike any other rock concert you will ever go to. which, from the ones i've seen are typical guys jump around and play instruments. this age old ritual has served us well, but im stating to perfer the arresting show that tool has created. I won't spoil it for those that haven't been, but i can tell you if you have a history of epileptic seizure in your family than you should consult a physican befoe attending any tool shows. next i want to bitch about those bitching about the set list. fuck you, you are a narrow minded buffoon and you should return to the wild and live amongst your own kind. this is the lateralus tour. this isnt the final tool tour where they pull out all their songs, and show you the progression in mentality from begining to end. no you will have to wait, anticipate, and be patient for that show. or keep griping and miss whats infront of you fucking face.

Review written by: all knowing ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 14:41:16 ET

this is for anybody that reads and posts reviews.....I am sick of sifting through thousands of pointless rants about unimportant the show and post a setlist if you like ...that is what this page is for.....I like to see others responses to their experiences but most of the time I have to sift through about 20 crap reviews to find 1 or 2 that are actually meaningful and intelligent...I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way...thanks a bunch

Review written by: optimistic-pessimist ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 23:11:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 13th Tool show

Well, I know a lot of people have already posted a lot about this show, but I'll see if I have anything to add, and of course my experience is different from everyone else's so I'll share that. The drive from Baton Rouge took about 7 hours and wasn't too bad. This is actually very short compared to some of the distances I have travelled to see my 13 TOOL shows. My girlfriend and I had seats near the soundstage, so we weren't too far up and were in a good location sound-wise. As it turned out, we were in a perfect spot to take in the full visual experience. I didn't have much hopes for Tomahawk, so I wasn't disappointed. This is not to say that Mike Patton isn't entertaining in his own right, but I just don't enjoy his screaming. I did like it when he would alter his vocals using the equipment he had in front of him, and I would have to say I liked Tomahawk better than I remember liking Fantomas from last Fall's tour. Mike had some entertaining things to say, too. He pointed out that there were a lot of people smoking pot and that if the homosexual Austin cops wouldn't arrest them then he would (his whole band had police outfits on). He actually pointed out a couple of people in front of him like "this big guy who has been eyeing me all night." He also asked the crowd not to boo them because it sounded too much like TOOL. (When he would say "boo" or "TOOL" he would make his voice sound big and booming and echo-y (made up a word for that, sorry). He asked us to say "Charles Whitman" instead, and then went into a little rap-type jam with Charles Whitman as the only words. Pretty funny. I liked his sense of humor about the whole thing. H e knows that there aren't too many people there that like what he's doing but he gives it his all anyway. ************************************************* IF YOU ARE TRYING TO AVOID FINDING OUT ABOUT THE TOUR BEFORE YOU SEE IT...what the fuck are you doing here? STOP READING NOW! ************************************************* Anyway, on to TOOL. The first thing I noticed was the new lighting rig above the stage in the shape of the seven-pointed star. Then there was the two video screens moved to way outside of the speakers on either side of the stage. Then I noticed the disco ball above the soundstage and the four flood lights around it. I had no question that we were in for a great show and something entirely different from last Fall's tour. When the lights fell, the familiar eye / sawblade pattern appeared on the screens and the throaty singing sounds started. (Someone else has posted that this is Tuvan throat singing. I have yet to look into this.) The members of TOOL entered onto a dim stage and began what sounded like a warmup; something you might hear at a festival where there is no real soundcheck. Soon it became apparent that they were actually starting out with one of their improvised short jam type things that they sometimes do between songs. At some point, Adam played a little riff that I recognize (from either some bootleg somewhere, or one of the other shows I've been to) to precede Sober. Sure enough, Justin began the well-recognised opening riff and the red lights come on highlighting the four band-members as well as a huge, blank backdrop. While I have seen this live MANY times, it was easy to get very excited, very quickly once the music started hitting me. At some point just before the "I want, what I want" part, Maynard gestured to the crowd to get excited by pumping his arms in front of him with his palms up, much like you would do if you wanted someone to stand up very quickly. This doesn't seem like something Maynard would typically do, so it really got me excited to see that he was already so into their performance so early on. When they blended the end of Sober into a shortened Flood, I was ecstatic. I haven't heard Flood since Houston '98, and it is my favorite pre-AEnima song. Immediately after Flood and in time to the start of the The Grudge, they dropped the blank backdrop to reveal a huge Alex Grey mural-type backdrop. This piece of art is called Interbeing. On both side edges of the cloth was an infant figure. Then moving in towards the center were the depictions of an ancient face. Then in the center was a majestic face (reminiscent of the form that the man in the Parabola video takes at the end of the video) looking out towards the crowd (eyes closed, though). On either side of his head was another face looking back at the ancient faces. To me this piece of art represents the journey from life to death into some sort of afterlife, whatever you believe that to be. For me that is not necessarily a Heaven as Christianity teaches it, but more of a place in the collective unconscious, or as Alex Grey puts it, the Universal Mind Lattice. Perhaps the coolest thing about this backdrop was that under the right light and because of the contour lines, the center face would seem to actually stand out from the cloth, like it was a real 3D figure looming above the band. Something else to note; Justin had a very interesting effect on his bass for the riff just before Maynard's big scream near the end of the song. They had a few additions to the video for this song. There was an endless row of teeth, like a huge lower jaw. Then there was a tongue licking an eye, and also a tongue that would jump, almost leap-frog style, from one mouth to the next. After The Grudge, Maynard said something to the effect of "Supposedly we're in Austin. It doesn't sound like Austin. Sounds more like Corpus Christi. So which is it, Austin or Corpus Christi?" Then they started up (-) Ions, which is of course an intro to Stinkfist for anyone who hasn't seen a show in the past year. They had three "light strings" (for lack of a better name) suspended from the front of the 7-pt star light rig that would go off and on simulating large bolts of electricity. This was the extended version of Stinkfist, which I always love not just for the musical merit, but for it's humor value as well. There are ALWAYS some unwitting fans who will scream out "I'll!...Keep!...Digging!" right when they think the band is going to play that part, when in actuality they are starting to play their instrumental interlude part. Always good for a laugh. Maynard also sung the "White lines, running thorugh my mind." in the minddle of the song where the Portuguese lines normally are. After Stinkfist I noticed that Danny had one of his drums swapped out. From where I was it looked like his snare, but I couldn't really tell; his monster kit was in the way. While I'm on the topic of Danny's drums, by the way, Danny does not have new drums (unless you count last year as new). He has some new electronic pads that he had specially manufactured. As for how they sound it's hard to say because he has so much up there with him and it's hard to pick out exactly what he's playing at each moment. My guess is that they don't necessarily sound too different from his old stuff, they probably just have some features that are more to his liking. Anyway, after Stinkfist they played H, which was another thrill for me. I haven't heard it since '97 in Corpus Christi, and it has always been one of my favorites. Maynard allowed the crowd to sing the "I don't mind." part 3 times before belting out his own "I don't miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!" Exceptional. The video here is worth mentioning. It featured some type of snake (with ears or antennae) that was laying in a circle and eating it's own tail. It never got shorter, just kept moving around in a circle. After H came Schism. Justin preceded it with his own opening riff played slower and with a different sound to it. They played the extended version which they seemed to start doing about half way through last Fall's tour. The most memorable part was the video. It featured two rows of creatures walking in line. Each creature had the extension of the head of the one in front of him in his mouth and seemed to be sucking something out. At one point, there was one creature seen from behind who was looking down on the others walking by. This one had several small spikes sticking through his head, I assume to prevent others from taking from him whatever they took from everyone else. Next came Parabol and Parabola. This is such a powerful song combo, and I'm always touched and moved when I listen to it, let alone see it live. The Alex Grey ending of the video is awe-inspiring. Possibly the most surprising of the surprises came during this song when two "clusters" like the one seen in the video shot up from behind Maynard and Danny and began spinning and dipping in the air above them. (Apparently they're suspended in jets of air.) Brilliant! After this song came one of my favorite moments in all of the now 14 shows I've been to (I'm writing this after the Houston show which was the night after). Maynard said, "Thank you for your support. Thank you for reminding us why we do this." It is awesome to know that I was part of a crowd that was able to inspire some of the most inspirational people I can think of. Then came the opening riffs of Eon Blue Apocalypse and of course The Patient was next. The biggest surprise here was glittery confetti that rained down over the crowd into a reddish light during the beginning of the song. Next came AEnema. This was somewhat of a surprise because I've gotten used to hearing this near the end of the show. After Aenema the band left the stage for an intermission. An image of a face appeared on the screens. His face began to slowly stretch in and out. This sped up until his skull would appear inside the head. Then this was swapped for a similar face which was peeling out from the nose revealing a bouncing skull inside. Very creepy but humorous too, in the typical TOOL style. When the band returned and the lights came up again, we could see a new Alex Grey backdrop. This one is called Collective Vision and depicts a tunnel made up of crisscrossing spirals. In between the lines were rows of eyes and at the outer edges the eyes belonged to full faces. It didn't take long for Disposition to start up. Next came Reflection with a new video and some addition stage artwork. In the beginning of the song, before Maynard began singing, six banners were unfurled from left to right revealing six of Alex Grey's Sacred Mirrors while a large seven-pointed star was slowly lowered at the back of the stage. The Sacred Mirrors are various depictions of the human body. Starting on the left was the skeleton, then the viscera, then the nervous system, then the psychic energy system, then the spiritual energy system, then the universal mind lattice. The video featured what looked like a white dove in flight with a red eye on the backs of each of its wings and on its back and tail. At the end of the song, this faded into a double rotating Flower of Life ("and you will come to find, that WE ARE ALL ONE MIND"). Definitely one of my highlights. This led into Triad. It was cool to see all three songs together, uninterrupted, as they had originally wrote them. There was a guest percussionist (Maynard introduced him as Terry Bozzio formerly of the Jimmy Buffet Band) as well as Mike Patton on some sort of keyboard device over by Adam. After this Maynard said that he hoped that we had been inspired or healed in some way and then finished with his "positivity" bit. Of course this meant Lateralus was next. Here's where they used the disco ball and the spotlights found at the back of the floor. This really seemed to include and draw in the whole crowd from the people in the front of the pit to the people way in the back. One last surprise remained until Maynard's platform began rotating him around in a circle. Who would have thought that they would have saved that for the last song? I left this show extremely satisfied. It was almost like seeing TOOL for the first time again. And I knew that I had four more shows coming up in the following week to look forward to.

Review written by: Ric ( Review posted on: 07/28/02 23:31:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

First, TOMAHAWK is definitly worht checking out. The show was simply amazing in many respects and was their most visually daunting concert yet. I've seen them enough times to not worry about what they play so all I need to do is sit back and relax. Maynard was very talkative tonight and gave us a couple of inspirational speeches. For those who will see the show in the future, the lat 4 songs after the intermission are worth the price of the ticket alone. Until next time...

Review written by: Becky "Freegirl" De La Fuente ( Review posted on: 07/29/02 09:55:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Howdy! Well first of all THIS WAS BY FAR THE BEST SHOW I'VE SEEN!!!! ok.... Tomahawk well all I have to say is CHARLES WITTMAN! God Bless they SUCK! :P anyhoo... "]["([])([])][_ was amazing...much much much better than last year's show in San Antonio...Maynard was a lot more interactive with the crowd ...he talked and joked around...he even stripped down to his Speedos YAY! haha but in all seriousness the show was mind blowing and the whole bands performance was remarkable they all seemed to be playing with heart that night and they all seemed pretty happy to be in Austin ...I'll tell u this I never seen TOOL act this way was great great great...well I am gonna stop cuz i can go on & on but i have work to do...see you auntie :) Becky "Freegirl" De La Fuente Loveridge P.S. this is for u baby cuz i know u read all the reviews lol I LOVE YOU MIKEY!!!!! UR MY WORLD!!!! :) *huggles & kisses*

Review written by: liz ( Review posted on: 07/30/02 23:29:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

my first tool show out of state,,,,im from california,,,and went with my friend from dallas. missed tomahawk and forgot tickets so we had to go back to the hotel to get them...arrived just in time to hear sober playing from the parking lot. the played flood, which was absolutely amazing...the austin crowd seemed to be pretty cool, i had seats,,pretty good ones too. words cant really express their shows well enough, especially this one for me so i wont try anymore thank you tool liz

Review written by: Yurgi ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 03:01:27 ET


Review written by: Scott Clark ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 14:50:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well. The first time I saw Tool back in '95, Tenacious D opened up for em. Pretty kick ass show back then. Packed in tight at the Soma in San Diego. They were playing songs off of Aenema that hadn't even been released yet. Then I had to wait 6 fuckin years to see em again. Last year the experience was unbelievable. (read review from San Antonio show '01) I didn't think it could be topped. But in Austin I was definately wrong. A perfect setlist. 3 songs off Undertow, 3 songs off Aenema, the whole Lateralus album minus Ticks. I went with two Tool virgins, but fans nonetheless. My best friend Jesse, and my good old Dad. We were on the floor in the most perfect spot. No jackasses running into us, just cool people that let the entire show envelope their bodies. Tomahawk has tremedous talent, but the style is so different people aren't into it too much. Mike Patton can really sing good, but his lyrics are so unintelligable that it takes away from his talent. Right? I wouldn't sit there and boo them though. Their musicians and the deserve just a little but more respect that stinky drunk fucks obviously give them. Oh well......Now on to the real show..... My eyes were locked on Danny and Maynard. The artwork is groundbreaking. Very cool. Can a show possibly be topped? We'll see..... Words can't even describe the power and emotion that Tool exudes. My dad and me were blown away by how bad ass every fucking song was. Tool has this gift of writing perfect climactic songs, sorta like a journey. I'd have to say that hearing H live is so awesome. They added a little vocal to the end to make it even more climactic that the studio version. The crowd favorite was probably Sober. Shit, its the first song most people hear before they even hear Tool. Last year I got to hear Pushit in S.A. so I can die a happy man. Lateralus as their closer is my favorite song from Tool, so I just listened to the music and took it all in, enjoying every second of every note..Spiral OUT...keep going... Yeah, I guess I could go on and on about each and every song and how emotional the whole experience was but anyone who was there knows what I'm talking about. I honestly wish Lisa could have been there under different circumstances, thats my only wish. I cannot fucking wait to see those guys again. As long as Tool is creating music and performing, I will be right there.It was worth every penny. (375!) Later!

Review written by: Eric ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 16:18:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Anyone notice how Maynard doesn't speak to the crowd nearly as much as he used to? I bet it has something to do with people always booing the opening band. The band that Tool picked and invited to play with them because they respect that band's music. Perhaps if people opened their mind and listened instead of yelling, Tool wouldn't feel as if they were playing for a room full of idiots. Maybe then Maynard would have something to say. eh? you close-minded fucks Mike Patton and Maynard on the same stage...... ... there aren't enough words

Review written by: ape ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 19:20:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

great fucking show!!!! i would like to thank tool for every song that was played. i almost shit myself when they played h. that is my fave. maynard, you are so beautiful. justin- fucking awesome. adam-i can't believe how many things you can do all at once, you fucking rock. lastly, danny you are a drumming god. no other artist, performer have i seen in concert that has given me as many chills as you four have. if anyone has a chance to catch them live, please do so you will not regret it. i can't wait for the next time. see you on the other side. maynard-days away, i still feel you; touching me, changing me.....consideralty killing me

Review written by: Ryan Thompson ( Review posted on: 08/01/02 21:27:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I won't waste anyones time here talking about how (insert positive adjective) Tool is. In fact, I wont be wasting anyone's time because noone will read this...but I shall post my comments none the less. Tomahawk • ok...I had relatively bad seats...for a band like Tomahawk I need to see and hear them closer to give them a proper critique. From where I was, they didn't sound to great. Mike Patton has vocal chords that can rip your face off...but I wished he would have stayed off the funked up keyboard...a little awkward sounding. The police uniforms where a spectacular touch...genious. Seeing these guys do their metal thing whilst in "pig" uniform was a great statement and set a strange mood. '"Charles Witman!....Charles Witman!.....Charles Witman!...." - mike patton Tool • Anyone reading this or visiting this site can speak for hours on how good the music was, is and will be. I will spare the details and just say if you haven't experienced Tool live, then you've been listening to their CD's with a deaf ear and a blind eye. As a designer I feel fairly qualified to critique their stage setup. I will say that I think the Alex Grey linens that dropped one by one should have dropped more slowly throughout each song of the concert. Imagine getting a new layer with each song performed...more experiential. Although I thought they were beautiful, and a nice touch. I am not usually a fan of digital art...most of it sucks. As for Tool's digital projections I would say about 40 percent I could live without. And my critique for that is based on what I feel the digital art adds to the song. Overall I think the projection medium provides a experience all its own...but I am looking at what the content does...And I am simply saying I think it can be trimmed a little. (less is more) There are a few memorable moments from the projections that come to mind here right now...there are others...but The intro (flames and eyes) > There was one moment and I forget which song....there was projected a snake or wormlike creature eating its own updated version of the medieval woodcuts...The animation pulsed with the music beautifully and to see Maynard standing in the middle of that..convulsing and singing...well...beautiful. And of course the spiraling animations for Lateralus The metallic strips dropped on the crowd for "The Patient" was a magnificent touch for the subject matter of that song...very beautiful from where I was in the Frank Irwin Center. The Giant glitter ball....well was a little trite for my taste....I didnt think much of it. Though it produced a cool effect in the circular arena The balloons for the embryonic (blastocyst?) like bodies taken from the lateralus video fit nicely and strangely at the same time. I think they could have been handled better... The moment that I most remember was the giant pentagram that hung above the stage after the alex grey linens were unrolled. I hope everyone understood the signifigance of that. The size of the alex grey images then began to make sense..hint hint. Overall the setting fit well with the music...It felt a little cluttered toward the end with everything going on at Extrodinary things can be done with lighting alone....we can already see what Tool does with audio alone. It does start to feel like they are trying too hard with the stage setup. And most everyone there probably knows the album art or has at least seen it. So why not give something different...something to augment the CD art instead of repeating the same forms and/or it and making it bigger? I am getting far too picky....I should be thankful that during such bland last few years in music that tool is there for us. OH YEAH >>>>> FUCK TOOL ARMY >>>>>> MAYNARD!, GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY CREDIT CARD!

Review written by: afrosuga ( Review posted on: 08/01/02 22:16:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tomahawk was alright, but when the singer screamed like a little bitch, i wanted to throw my shoe at him. I still can't thank Tool enough for playing H. and flood. No 46&2, but ohwell. Once again, Danny left the crowed in awe during triad. I wasn't in the pit this time, but i had an awsome view of the Erwin center, so it was cool. Overall, the concert fuckin rocked.

Review written by: Chill Out ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 13:40:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tool has opened my mind in ways I can't describe. This show was spectacular. Tomahawk might have sounded better, but I was very close and it was more noise than music. Tool was amazing. I went sober and left high as a kite just from the experience. The visuals combined with an awesome sound made for the best show I've been to, hands down. A comment on the crowd: if you weigh over 150 lbs., don't crowd surf. It just ends up hurting and pissing people off. Try to remember your in a crowd with other people, not just yourself. The crowd is one, so try to respect that. There were too many negative idiots that brought the mood down. If it wasn't Tool, the crowd would have made it a shitty show. There were cool people that were watching out for others and the security did an excellent job; thank you. Don't drown...

Review written by: jonas ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 05:38:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

NO EULOGY! NO THIRD EYE! NO PUSHIT! NOTHING FROM OPIATE CD! majority of songs repeated throughout tour despite this, hell of a show (HIGHLIGHT WAS H.!)

Review written by: Jesus Christ ( Review posted on: 08/04/02 17:15:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This show was so fucking awesome. When Maynard sang the part of sober where he says 'JESUS WONT U FUCKING WHISTLE' it blew me away. Everything about this show was great.

Review written by: zarling ( Review posted on: 08/05/02 00:18:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

for about two hours between listening to tomahawk (you know, they weren't bad) and getting a gatorade from 7-11, some awesome shit happened to me down on the ocean floor. i was a few times pounded by waves and once or twice nearly drowned as my lungs filled, but it was no matter. it was an experience i loved, zoned out and mostly groping my girl. tool does that to you.

Review written by: David Aitken ( Review posted on: 08/05/02 01:26:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Well lemme see. First off, don't take any of my bitching as anything serious, keep in mind my complaints are only as in comparison to their other shows, since even the worst tool show I've seen is better than any other band's show I've seen. Anyway, I definately liked the Alex Grey touch that was clearly added, the banners, backgrounds, the floating parabola conglomerations, etc... I was dissappointed to not hear 46 & 2, Danny boy's "solo" if you will is just a MUST. I was very very pleased to hear the Tri-song set from Lateralus, especially Reflection. And although I find myself occassionally not prone to Triad, I couldn't help myself when they perform it live, I can't help but fall into it. I brought about 6 other people with me who had never seem Tool live and they over and over gushed at how grateful they were that I made them go (and gave them speed =P) But allowing others to have the gift that I receive at Tool's shows was almost more fulfilling than the show itself for me. We went away floating, thanks you guys for perservering, don't you EVER stop =) Later.