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Review written by: Kashmir Sands (
Review posted on: 07/30/02 16:57:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I'm waitin for the remaining 4 hours to go by in the presence of reality so I can finally have the well deserved indullgence of escape. We don't get much here in lil ol Arkansas from the music occasional Country band (wtf) and the overrated pop singers who fill the air with nothing but crazy beats and phunky treats of an existance where you can go out and buy a mansion and have nice hair for the rest of eternity. It's nice to know that TOOL has decided to actually come to this desilate place i call "home." Expecting nothing from the best in performance from TOOL, seeing as how they're Lateralus Tour was phreakin awesome...and looking forward to hearing Tomahawk becuz ive heard they're gewd and i've heard they I want to see for myself. It's true about the fake setlist thing one wants to hear about what you want them to play and for those of you who think your funny in an attempt to give the hopes up of people who actually want to know some songs that TOOL plays during this tour... in the words of Bart Simpson, "Eat my shorts!" So anway im going to post a review after I get back from the "Escape from reality" and tell you what I think....I was just bored and thought I would post this cuz TOOL deserves all the credit they get, and since I didn't get to post a review for the Mephis concert in Sept. of 2001 thought I would write a few words......Lateralus is always mind bending and will make the strongest person cry...Disposition and Reflection are in depth and inwardly beautiful...Pushit i shouldn't even have to make a comment about...46&2 is something we should all strive for...Opiate is truly an audio trip into the mind....and for those of you who have never seen a show till tonight when the concert starts....get ready for one hell of a ride, becuz TOOL will blow you away.... Peace out, take it easy, i'm out the door...

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/30/02 17:19:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

not a slice... a loaf yes... a loaf of breado, sitting on the counter by the fridge... getting stale even though it's still in plastic, sealed with a twistie tie of death missing babo yes...

Review written by: futant ( Review posted on: 07/30/02 20:56:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: Jeff ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 00:42:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

What an amazing show! Forget Barnum & Bailey, Tool is the greatest show on earth as far as I can tell. First off the set list: Sober The Grudge (-)ions Stinkfist H. Parabol Parabola Schism Aenima (intermission) Disposition Reflection Triad(w/ John and Mike from Tomahawk) Lateralus I'm pretty sure the order is correct but I'm 100% sure of the songs. The songs sounded so great live and the visuals were fantastic. After seeing this show I am convinced that Danny Carey is the greatest drummer out there (even better than Neil Peart). I'll have to say it again, what a awesome show!

Review written by: Nyfeh(Erich) ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 00:45:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st! Tool show

Alright, just got back from the show, fucking amazing, my first show, anyway, here's the list Sober The Grudge (-)ions Stinkfist Extended H. Schism Extended Parabol Parabola Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus alright... for disposition maynard was playing the acoustic part for the song, and on triad he doubled on bass and the lead singer for tomahawk came out and played synth and the drummer came out and helped on drums.... it was amazing, if you've never seen tool your missing out on alot

Review written by: uggabuggachuggalugga ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 00:48:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Superb sound, tight as always. Just another great Tool show. Was pleased to hear songs I didn't hear last year in Memphis. Was very pleased that there were only about 4 moshing teenagers. Was very, very pleased to realize that Tool is still a dance band. Thanks. Didn't write down the setlist, but it was something like this (songs are right, not sure about the order): Sober Grudge Ions (brief) Stinkfist H. Schism Aenima Parabol Parabola -- Intermission -- Disposition Reflection Triad (with you-know-who) Lateralus Tool is exquisite in its simplicity. Just think for yourself.

Review written by: Nyfeh ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 00:48:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

sorry just had to say i was so high that i didnt get the list corrrect, the first one above is correct

Review written by: maynardband ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 01:15:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Lateralus did it, Danny you know how to jam!!! (as well as every other band member)...see ya next year!!!! Sean

Review written by: Mike Rinaldi ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 01:42:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

WOW.. that is the first thing I have to say. I do have to say this little rock show wasnt as great as my first show, but that is because the fist will always be the best. TOOL put on an outstanding show. What all the other reviews have said are all true. The whole band was totally flawless, Maynards voice was perfect! It seems like he did calm down these past three shows and took some songs off the set list. I dont care what they play or how they play them, when you sit there and take in every thing they have to offer you, all that matters is that your there with them experiancing the trance they put you in. Little Rock was a tough cround to understand while the show was going on, the cround serfing during Traid really didnt make sence to me, but that is why I chose not to be on the floor. My life is complete because of tool! This web site proves it, this is a picture my TOOL tattoo ----- ml I am not sure what else to say, no words can describe the effect a REAL tool fan will get out of the concert. You can always pick the real fans from the guys that go just to be there!! Keep it going TOOL. WE all love you and will be there with you till the end!! Thank you for the things you do that you really dont realize you do for me!!!

Review written by: Old Man Bowen ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 01:47:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Two words...WOW! Danny Carey can definitely wale with the greatest drummers of all time and absolutely engulfed the crown in his rhythmic tidal wave. Even though the surroundings at the Voodoo Music Festival this past October in New Orleans were awesome, nothing can beat feeling of Tool's power and energy coursing through their veins in a smaller and acoustically sound venue such as the Alltel. I have never heard or seen a better concert in my life and I plan on seeing Maynard and the boys many more times over. I hope everyone enjoyed them as much as I and peace to all!

Review written by: KolgaN ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 02:30:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

It was a great concert of course. Playlist - Sober Flood The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus When Parabola played they had two huge green balls floating around in the air which I thought added a nice effect. During Triad the crowd wasnt exactly silent, but not as lively as they had been. The drummer from Tomahawk (I think that is who it was) came on stage and played drums. Triad was my least favorite part of the show because it seemed like all the energy stopped during this song as everyone just stood on the floor. After Triad, Maynard told us that he hoped we learned something from the night and that we might have been healed in some way from it. He said he hoped it put us in a good mood, then told us to go home and be happy and have sex :) He also told us we can show our tickets at some pizza place and get 2:1.. some pizza place in Lousiana. People laughed because we didnt expect advertising during the concert :) Beforehand I made sure I didnt have any idea what the playlist would be so I would be surprised. I do wish they included Forty-Six & Two and Hooker's Penis though. All-in-all it's a Tool concert.. nothing short of amazing. I could do with them dropping the operning band tho. Ack.

Review written by: Kashmir Sands ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 02:38:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Back again people. Okay this show was the better than the one i saw in memphis in Sept. 2001. However, i'm not going to ruin the tour by telling you about what all was in it...let's just say that the show TOOL put on was the greatest thing I have ever seen. I'm not going to post the setlist becuz some people already have. The visuals were perfect (like they wouldn't be the best...) and they made me feel like I was pretty much on audio and visual LSD. The sound was great and the songs were the sweetest. I can't say enough how the visuals blew my mind... If you are having doubts about going to a TOOL show, don't sit and believe the bull shit, just take a chance and go, you will be amazed. Once again Lateralus was phreakin the greatest thing i've heard in a long time...Danny blew away the crowd with the sweet beats on his new outstanding drums. Maynard's vocals were hitting peaks beyond imaginable...Adam is truly inspirational on his sweet Gibson, and Paul has got the skill of the bass down to a phreakin T. Unified the band came on stage and made the most, and open the Third Eye that makes everyone feel a little more connected. Disposition is the sweetest melody with the 4 words....Watch the weather change... then leading into the tribally unique reflection that will make anyone move rythmically into a state of subconscious awareness. Aenima, dood the phreakin sound of California going deep within the ocean has never sounded so great. H. was possibly the most touching song that anyone can relate.... They also showed Parabol/Parabola with the video, which im glad to say I held my lighter up when I heard the first notes and saw the spikey rings on the Vid screen...Stinkfist was oooh so stimulating, Triad was the most kick ass song...I almost fell over. The grudge made me feel like coming round full circle. The band has once again taken me through another great ride in the phsyque of the phenomenon known as TOOL. All credits from me go to you guys, keep up the excellence in music. Now for the band known as Tomahawk...they were pretty kewl...I really like one of their songs but I don't know the name...They had kewl bass riffs and are the type of band that you go insane an mosh all night long too. A couple of times they had some sorta screeching that almost popped my eardrums seeing as how I was right next to the enormous speakers...but overall they were pretty kewl. I mean let's face it, it takes a band with a lotta phreakin nerves and balls of steel to play before TOOL, so they deserve credit. Everyone was kewl except the ppl that were moshing every chance they could get...but hey they'll catch on....hopefully... Everyone was tranced and full directed to the stage setup so everything was pretty smoothe. I hope TOOL comes back to lil Arky again...welp time for me to go... The sweetest of memories lay before me in one piece of graphitti.... Peace, Stimulation, I'm out the door....

Review written by: AclockWorkORange (comawhitetrip) Review posted on: 07/31/02 04:33:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show


Review written by: Master Reviewer (itdoesn'tmatter) Review posted on: 07/31/02 05:57:51 ET

This was this reviewer's ? Tool show

Okay, fake setlists are fucking weak. Kabir I'm sorry, but these ignorant people are stupid as hell. You mutherfuckers are hella dumb. Tool will always be the best the best. For all you pieces of shit who don't like the new material, you must be new fans. Us long time fans have already seen the old stuff persormed live, and we want to see the new shit, which is awesome by the way. The trilogy of dis, ref, tri is the fukcing best shit I've ever seen in concert. It's you motherfucking moshing assholes that ruin it for all of us. If you want to pound helluv beers and try to rip peoples heads off, go watch one of those shitty ass punk bands that play everywhere. I've had it with arena rock people. You don't grasp the concept behind the genious of Tool, so go elsewhere. They're artists, we love their music, let us soak it in without getting bruises for buying floor seats Fucking ASSHOLES.

Review written by: George Romero ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 08:41:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey KASHMIR SANDS, Paul left TOOL like 5 years ago buddy...Its nice to know that you got to see him play live with the band last night...must have been crazy...MORON!!

Review written by: George Romero ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 08:48:39 ET

HEY KASHMIR SANDS, Paul left the band like 5 years ago buddy. Its nice to know that you seen him last night at the show playing live with T O O L......MORON!!!!!

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 10:11:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Now that I have woken up and have removed my self from that great state of reality that TOOL put me in last night, I will post a new and hopefully better review.. First off.. I realy think Tomahawk did a great job. I listened to some of there music and I thought it was going to be one of them bands where the music is too loud for the vocals. To me that wasnt the case.. I really think they did a great job! I was completely sober the whole show, the only High I got was from TOOL (besideds the dope smokers in front of us, I still taist the second hand smoke). ALEX and ADAM did a great job re-doing the visiuals. They were totally mind blowing, a lot of new shit you guys are in for a treat, I wont ruin it for you though!! MAYNARD was dressed in all leather with a black strip down his face. MAYNARD has his gatar again, not sure if he was really playing, I was sitting at an angle, it was tough to see. When Lateralus hit, he took off his shirt. I am starting to Hate Lateralus, just becasue the simple fact that both times I saw TOOL perform, Laterlaus was there last song!! Really its a wonderful song, I think one of the best to hear performed live. "WIth my feet up off the ground, I loose my self..." It is amazing to see MAYNARD sing that part there. When it was all over, they threw out the stuff, I met a woman that had a drum stick from DANNY, I offered her $200 for it and she said no, I told her I didnt blame her I wouldnt give it up for $1000. The usually group hug was great, Seemed that MAYNARD grabbed JUSTINS ass,, pretty funny. When they walked off, they did something they didnt do at the Memphis show, they stood out waving for a few minutes, and seemed like DANNY was clapping to us, the croud, showing his appriciation! All in all, it was a wonderful night, one of the best nights of my life. I will see you again TOOL in Baltimore MD on the 10th and than Trenton NJ on the 12th, and than again, I will slip back into the gap again!! I am a hard core devoted TOOL fan, have been for 10 years and will be forever!! I thank they band for the inspiration they have given me!! ml <----- my tool tattoo!! You'll have to type it in.. it doesnt seem to copy and paist right!! See you again soon!!!!

Review written by: MaD-HaTtEr ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 10:43:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Amazing show, beyond anyones written abilities describe how awesome this show was performed by Tool. It started off with Tomahawk stirring the crowd up by making funny ass redneck jokes and trashing Arkansa, he wanted to see everyones middle finger and he got what he wished, heh. Crowd was good, lots of people that really love the music, and of course some who really love to mosh, even though it was sparse in the violence category (which is good). Lots of fine ladies also attended i might add. So after the crowd was steaming with hatred for Mike Patton and his sinister ways, it cooled down during the stage setup for tool. After 20 odd minutes they grand masters of all music and visual style opened up to a TOTALY PACKED ALLTEL ARENA, holy fucken cow!!!! The crowd went fucking crazy , and so did i! They opened with Sober obviously a crowd favorite. After that they went into THE GRUDGE, very good sound in the Arena, compared to the Nashville show in October. After that they played one of my favorites, H, which was awesome with Adam Jones playing that cool line and Justin jamming on the bass. Dont forget Danny Carrey and his bad fucking electronic drum set wich total rocked the arena. My ears are still a little raw from being in so close. I forgot to mention some one throwing there soda up in the air right before tool started and of course some of it splashed in my hair, but of course this didnt bother my fanatical enjoyment of TOOL. They played some realy beautiful songs later into the night, Disposition was fucking great with the blue lights and the great musical skill they played it with, it slowed the crowds frenzied minds down. But Tool launched into Reflection, one of the best songs of the night. With rocking drums and crazy awesome shit in everything else, fucking awesome. By now Maynard had taken his leather jacket off and began dancing crazyly in the blue lights, it was really cool. They they went into Triad, with the drummer from Tomahawk and Mike Patton doing that cool electronic sound thingy. TRIAD OWNED! THE BEST SONG OF THE NIGHT BY FAR!! the BEat and the rifts just rocked my fucking world!! By now i was dancing like a fiend to the moving beats, total greatness. After Triad Maynard thanked the massive roaring crowd, and they launched into the final song Lateralus, which was great and sad cause everyone knew it would be the last song of the night. THANKS TOOL YOU GUYS ROCK. THANKS TO THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENE TOO THAT MAKE THIS ALL POSSIBLE.

Review written by: Vulcan ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 10:49:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The setlist up there is, what an incredible show. I drove 30 miles, praying for H. the entire freaking way. Me & my buddy didn't actually think we would hear it, 'cause they've only played it at like 3 shows...but this little town was blessed last night. I can now die a happy man. The show was incredible. This blows every other concert I've seen out of the water. I mean, the sound was just so clear, and Maynard's voice was just so perfect...anything that sounded different than what was on the CD was BETTER....Unfortuately me & my buddy were stuck in the seats, so we couldn't see the band up close, but let me tell you, Danny's drum set with the red & yellow lights shining on it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. He is definately one of the premier drummers out there today. I could feel his beats pounding in my chest, and I couldn't help but get up and move. Sorry to those sitting down the whole time; you guys missed out. And Justin's bass lines were flawless the whole night. I thought the sound was really good; usually basses get real rumbly and crap, but his was clear...and then Adam's guitar would kind of rise up above it all to make the music complete. And Maynard's voice was spectacular. I mean, he nailed every note. He surprised a lot of people (but not me, 'cause I read these reviews :-) when they played the extended Stinkfist. Does any know why Maynard did not sing the extra verse? But you could tell there were a buttload of TOOL fans there when the whole arena was filled with fans singing "I'll...keep...digging" even when Maynard wasn't. And when the band played H., Maynard let the crowd sing again...I must say, we were pretty talented. We pretty much nailed the "I don't mind" part. We sang the normal part, and then like 5 seconds after we got quiet Maynard rips out with this "I dont mind" scream that was incredible. The crowd went nuts; I thought I was going to pass out. All of the songs were incredible and moving. I feel sorry for the people that are not mature enough to appreciate Disposition, Reflection, & Triad for their musical artistry. I thought they were some of the most moving songs of the whole show. It was pretty neat seeing Maynard playing guitar and bass. Triad was amazing with Mike and Tomahawk's drummer in with TOOL. It was really powerful. Maynard didn't talk much last night, (though Mike Patton made up for that) but before Lateralus he did say, "I hope something tonight has in some way inspired or healed you...or made you horny. Go home and write some poetry...and then have sex." It was pretty funny. Lateralus was a spectacular closer. The disco ball with the black & white/red & yellow lights was pretty cool. The screens were really cool the whole time. It was neat getting to see the Stinkfist video. The screens with some of Alex Grey's Sacred Mirrors worked flawlessly, as far as I could tell, and they looked awesome. If you haven't seen them all, you need to go to and look up the Sacred Mirrors; it's really great art. Maynard was more fully clothed than he usually is; I'm not sure why. And it was so wonderful to see the band up at the front of the stage waving to us and everything. I hope the crowd was strong enough to convince TOOL to come back. Again, I can die a happy man now (not that I won't take every opportunity to see a TOOL show). If you have not seen TOOL live, your life is not complete. GO! I command you. It'll be worth it, I promise. It was the most amazing show ever. Keep rocking, TOOL. You guys are the reason I own a CD player... "This chance to be...alive and breathing" Vulcan

Review written by: uggabuggachuggalugga ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 11:39:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Great review there. Just some more follow-up thoughts after having slept on it: I was pleasantly surprised at both the size of the crowd and the behavior of most of the fans. Unlike Memphis last year, there weren't many drunk 15-year-old suburban wanna-be- freaks wearing black lipstick and yelling "fuck you!" at everybody. Makes for a much more enjoyable experience. Tool is not an angst band so much as a struggle to understand oneself and our surroundings. It takes a little maturity and inner reflection to truly come to grips with this. Makes for a much better relationship with the band than back in the late 80s-early 90s when I was 20-something and searching for my soul and just being generally pissed off. Those of us who attended the Memphis show had to be pleased. Last year we got 46+2, Pushit, The Patient and Opiate. This year we get Sober, H. and Aenima. I've now heard more than half of Tool's live repertoire and feel fortunate. Thanks for that. The acoustics at Alltel Arena are as good as you could expect from a facility that large (19,000 capacity). Certainly better than Mid-South Coliseum. All in all a great experience for Tool fans and for Little Rock. The crowd proved that our town is worthy of a Tool show, something I frankly never expected.

Review written by: Jessica ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 12:28:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

People told me it would be amazing. I had no idea. Tool is a sweet ride into Tao. The sweet road of surrender. I found peace.

Review written by: Kashmir Sands ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 13:08:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey everyone....the dood is right.....i was a lil phucked up last night.....forgive me for i have sinned, was not the famous Paul D' don't all you fans phreak the hell out thinkin the old bassis is back. Justin i'm sorry dood if you have read the reviews...i will bow down to you or go outside and scream ur name or whateva and apologize over and over. It was Justin that had the bass down to a phreakin T, sorry dood who took it seriously to heart, my mind was someone where else. And maybe through all this I will be forgiven and taken back into ur heart, lol. Justin you rock, like I said...don't take it to seriously I was really phucked up. Anywayz sorry for the mis-information, guys keep rockin, fans keep dazin, I have to go my CD player is yet again calling me... Peace, Apologies, I'm out the door...

Review written by: JD Perkins ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 13:26:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Duno if someone posted the setlist b/c i didnt read it but the show was kick ass!!! never been so pumped up all summer! By far the best thing ive done this even tops going to jamaica for spring break...Ill be sure to catch everyone of you their concerts that come within 100miles of me from now on -JD

Review written by: raychel ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 13:32:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

What can I say that hasnt already been said? It was a BEAUTIFUL show.. I was completely blown away by everything. The effects were just, amazing... the sound was so pure and clear and maynards voice? Maynard's voice was just.... wow. I can't explain the beauty,complexity,and GODLINESS in his voice.. PERFECT. My boyfriend and I had floor seats and we were about 20 feet away from the stage, originally... right in the heart of the mosh pit, which i felt was pretty violent. We got out of there and went to a calmer area when some guy in the pit fucked up my boyfriends knee. I understand getting out agression at a rock show, because thats just what you do, but some of these people, it seemed, were just in there to rip peoples heads off. I went in a couple of times, but then just stayed on the wall and got ran into... socked in the face twice which suprisingly DID NOT hurt because i was so intoxicated with the sound... i could feel nothing.. i couldnt even feel myself breathing... the music was SO INCREDIBLE!!! The setlist was wonderful, the original one posted is correct I i believe. The only thing I got disappointed in the entire time, was before the show started there were this group of guys making asshole comments about everything... everyone was talking about how they were gonna be the first theyd hit when the moshing started. Other people in that general area were being very rude to the opening band, Tomahawk. I'm sorry, I dont care how much you don't like a band, you do NOT boo at bands and say shit to them, because they are putting their everything into a show and you should at least just respect them as musicians...I agree with a previous review when i say it takes ALOT of balls and courage to play before a band like TOOL... you just cant disrespect that. Also, i was starting to whine before TOOL came on because I'm so short I couldn't see hardly anything.I got over it tho and once the show started... i nearly pissed my pants. THEY WERE SO SO AWESOME!!! Definatly the best show I have ever been or will ever go to. Everything flowed so beautifully and i really really hope that TOOL comes here again!!! Thank you so much guys for gracing us with such a wonderful experience. Each member of TOOL is the god of their instrument. i love you guys, thank you so much.

Review written by: gen. patton ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 13:53:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

all those setlists are wrong. TOOL played nothing but polka music all night long. adam jones had an accordian and everything. tomahawk kicked your fucking ass, little cock. mike patton came out and fucking ate your city...and it became a better place for it. how can you understand TOOL when all you drunken fucking rednecks can't even understand a rocking band like tomahawk? let it go. tomahawk does not suck...they're just misunderstood. i mean, if it were mr. bungle, i could understand why everyone would be pissed. nobody wants to hear that clown-music bullshit. but this is the best thing he's done since faith no more. tomahawk is fucking rock music. i suppose you assholes would've rather seen creed last night, eh? you people should show some fucking respect when someone like patton-zilla comes and destroys your city.

Review written by: floweroflife ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 15:10:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I'd like to say fuck all the assholes last night. The ones who intentionally went to the show to be a jerk. The ones who were saying rude things to the people setting up the stage, such as (ROADIE! ROADIE! ROADIE! GET A REAL JOB!). These were the same people who were saying "fuck you! get off the stage!" to Tomahawk. Whatever ok? No one cares to listen to that, and it definately made them look really dumb. It would be nice if they could incorporate some other words into their vocabulary other than that of "fuck". As for the show itself, well...I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. Nothing short of the most intense musical and visual experience i have ever had. It was a definate audio/visual rape... ok and as for the people who don't like the mosh pits and such. The way I look at it is, if you are allowed to express your enjoyment of the music etc. by standing there and nodding your head, or closing your eyes and enveloping yourself into the music, and someone else chooses to express their appreciation and enjoyment and release of anger/aggression by jumping around and slamming into eachother, then so be it! i was in the pit for a while, and i mean....hey...its like you payed $35 to beat the shit out of someone....whats better than that?...just kidding just kidding...but hey...i mean look at some of the music...your telling me that when maynard is standing there going "LEARN TO SWIM LEARN TO SWIM!!!" your just gunna stand there, arms folded, and be like "...yea...this is cool...."....i dont think so...i thank TOOL for gracing us with their presense last night, and i hope that they will return in the future. as for tomahawk, great! great! experimental band....nice usage of new sounds and such...and once again....screw all the assholes who yelled at them or flipped them off etc. (when mike was saying "comeon flip us off!"....that was a comment most certainly made out of #1 being nervous and slightly aggitated that the crowd was not responding positively to his music and #2 some *people* if they even deserve that title...were being extremely rude and un-appreciative of his creativity...i would certainly like to see these assholes get on stage and open for the likes of TOOL....your having to live up to alot by doing so, none the less...great show....... ~finger deep within the borderline~

Review written by: D.J. Perry ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 15:41:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Setlist has already been posted so I won't bother with that. It was so crazy on the floor last night, it would be difficult to remember right off the top of my head, anyway. First up was Tomahawk, of course. They were an interesting band, to say the least. I have no real opinion as this is the first I'd heard them. You could tell it was going to be quite the experience when they came out claiming to be local police. Weird gimmick, but good for some funny comments in the crowd. The frontman, forgive me for not knowing the name, was extremely energetic on stage and it was a lot of fun just watching him switch between a mask voice synthesizer and two different microphones as well was rocking around the stage like an eppileptic raptor. Unfortunately, the crowd was not amused. There was barely any activity on the floor, nor was there a pit of any kind during their act. Just a lot of obscenities and middle fingers. At least the sight of almost the entire floor flipping off the band was an interesting visual, if a tad bit sad. I think most of it stemmed from the fact that everyone was there to see Tool so it wasn't all that surprising, come to think of it. Meanwhile, after a 20 minute intermission or so, the lights went out again and the video screens kicked on to a HUGE pop from the crowd. Another several minutes passed before Justin, Adam, and Danny made their way on stage to a roaring approval, followed a minute or two my Maynard, clad in all black leather and a black stripe down the front of his face, hiding all distinguishing features. They went right into Sober, which pleased the crowd BIG time. Unfortunately, as I had noticed during Tomahawk's performance, the size of the arena makes for relatively poor sound up close (I was about 10 rows back, gradually moving closer throughout the show). The moshing began pretty quickly once they brooke into The Grudge, much to my dismay, as did the mass pushing started by idiots in the front and back looking to take down whole rows of people. Luckily, there was only one time during the night that anyone in my section went down, although it was during the slow middle of Schism, of all places. The moshing got gradually worse as I moved closer to the front, but with the multitudes of bodies packed into such a confined space, it was a bit easier to handle than farther back. There was almost no chance of falling as you just didn't have any room to. Despite the few pushers, however, the crowd was exceptional. You could tell the fans were out in force with Maynard being drowned out by nearly the entire floor singing along to every song, highlighted by the moments in H. and Stinkfist someone mentioned earlier. If I remember correctly, the intermission occured right after Ænema, which was a great decision as the whole floor became a pit, and we moshed the hell out of it because, hell, it was Ænema. Following the intermission and a FUCKED UP video featuring a CGI man's skin stretching back and forth and finally his skull breaking out of his head and bouncing up and down which has to be seen to be believed, the band broke into Disposition, which got a huge cheer from me. I love Disposition/Reflection/Triad, and hearing it live was the experience of my life. The silver glittery stuff falling during Disposition was a great visual, as was the first few rows on the floor reaching out trying to grab some of it. Reflection was absolutely bad-ass, although down on the floor we could barely hear Maynard over the drums. Triad was simply amazing, especially with the Tomahawk guys coming back to help out. Unfortunately, the pushing and crowd-surfing started up big time again. Big props to the arena security for dealing with it as best they could, as well as to evertone on the floor for pushing the idiots towards the front so security could rip them out of the crowd. Nice message from Maynard after Triad. The line about going home and having sex got one of the biggest cheers of the night, of course. Lateralus was an awesome closer, especially with Maynard taking off his jacket, showing off his tattoo, and dancing in place like a madman. The revolving platform Maynard was on during the final "spiral out" lines was surprising and looked great. Awesome closer to a simply amazing show. I only wish I could've heard more of the words, but the crowd's singing helped that quite a bit. After the show, the band embraced as we cheered and chanted "Tool." Maynard saluted us with the two-fingered peace sign and proceeded to toss his left-over water bottles into the crowd, one of which I managed to snare out of the air behind me and to my left with an amazing catch. :) The bottle now sits in my room, where it will stay forever. Amazing experience. I loved Tool beforehand, now I am obsessed for life.

Review written by: Danielle ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 15:52:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Last night a friend and I entered the venue expecting to be much closer to the stage than we ended up, but I had no choice but to deal with it because it was not general admission. This show was very alive with visuals and the crowd was very involved. The artwork for the backdrop and banners was absolutely incredible. The part of the show that blew me away was when Danny Carrey and the other drummer performed together. There was more humor in this show compared to the last one that I saw. It lasted approx 2 hours, but it seemed to end too soon. I was sad that it was over, but it was well worth the money. I had a great experience as did my friend. I look forward to seeing them again. Closing with Lateralus was beautifuly mastered and a there was a satisfying sence of accompishment and a positive and mellowing vibe. There was a group hug and a wave goodbye from the band in the end.

Review written by: Will ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 16:14:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

the night i've been waiting for since last seeing them in october was finally there.i couldn't contain myself as me and my friend found a generous scalper willing to trade us g.a. tickets for our seats. we got on the floor instantly. when tomahawk came on, i didn't know what to expect. i figured it would be weird like tricky was and it was indeed that. their use of some many effects and processors just made the music better. but it still didn't help my anxiousness for tool to take the stage. when all the lights went out and i heard adam jones playing the 1st licks to sober, i knew it was going to be bad ass. then as the bass kickeed in and as reverend maynard himself walked out onstage, i knew this was going to be a bad ass show. playing various songs from lateralus and aenima, there wasn't many from opiate or undertow. that didn't hurt the whow any, but it would've helped. schism and parabol/parabola were the shit. the floating molecules from the video added an even more intense effect. anothjer highlight was when the drummer and singer for tomahawk came out on stage and did an instrumental with tool. keeping the humor alive maynard expressed his feelings for the lead singer or tomahawk my grabbing a handful of his ass. as the maynard,adam, and justin gathered around danny's set, they started up the ending song, lateralis. a very bad ass way to end the tool experience. but as the concert was over, my experiencec asn't. we waited foir 3 hours at the back of the arena and ended up meeting danny and justin, which might i say, both are very cool people and very shy also. now i sit back in my hometown waiting for the next tool experience.

Review written by: Adam Peterson ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 17:02:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I got to the Alltel Arena with two of my friends at 6 A.M. in the morning, so we would be for sure able to get in the very front by the stage. When we get there, two other people that I met previously were there before us, who got there at 4:30 A.M. We all kicked it out there waiting out for Tool for 12 hours. About 4 O'clock, Tool was doing their soundcheck, and we could all hear songs like "Stinkfist," and "Sober," from outside the doors. Once 6 O'clock rolled around, we got searched, and we all ran to the floor, only to be told we had to go back to the top to get gay ass wrist bands. After all of that, we all still managed to get in the front by the rail. Tomahawk came on first. I had no idea what to expect, but I didn't expect what they did. A really original band, but with plain music. I don't think no one liked them, so they just called us rednecks to get us to scream at them. TOOL WAS FINALLY UP NEXT! I was getting crushed on the rail, everyone trying to get closer to the entity known as TOOL. They opened it up with Sober, which got the crowd so into it. After 2 hours of performance, me barely being able to breathe, and in complete extasy from their performance, TOOL ended the performance with Lateralus. The most amazing visuals I've ever seen in a concert. Some people who aren't diehard TOOL fans I talked to didn't like how they just stand there when they play; they said they were too boring. So I had to explain to them that if they ran around on stage, jumping around that it wouldn't be TOOL! Best fucking show I've ever seen! Man, they gotta come back after this one!!! FUCKING MINDBLOWING!!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 17:17:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 9999 Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: Lateralick ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 18:39:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Well I will begin by saying that Alltell Arena security sucked so bad. Don't get me wrong, they secured the place for the most part, but never have I ever been so molested by a security guard during a pat-down. I was nearly arrested for having a STACKER 2 in my wallet!!! Can you believe that. When I told the guard what it was he said he didn't know what a fat-burner was, and in a tone like I was some alien drug fiend. Well, about the show. Tomahawk was interesting, but the high notes were taking most everyone within listening range to the threshold of pain. Mike Patton is a true artist, but he must also be into pain because there were definite parts where he was inflicting it on us all. TOOL was of course, flawless. I have seen them on their ascent from Lollapalooza 97' to the present. I saw them in Atlanta (5.15.01) last summer at the holy grail of TOOL shows, and twice on their tours last fall. I know what they are capabale of. Anyone who tells you this and that and how they wished they would have played that is a total blockhead loser. Such people should be screened at the gate. Please be grateful because TOOL is nice enough to let us journey with them for a little while. The new stage show is absolutely incredible!!! I can't say it enough or preach about it enough. Alex Grey is phenomenal, as is Adam Jones. I plead with you future attendees,...I understand taht you will mostly be on your feet and yelling and screaming, etc. Try, after you calm down to sit and take it all in. It is a barrage on the senses. TOOL is the modern day Led Zeppelin with a sprinkle of The Doors mixed in, and anyone who can't see that we are indeed watching legends-to-be play onstage night after night is completely blind. I digress. Try,...if you can...just try,...and understand.

Review written by: norja ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 18:57:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well I saw the guys last year in memphis and was up in the balcony for that one. This time I was about 20 feet from Adam the entire show. I like the floor and all, but I think for a TOOL show, with all the visuals and whatnot going on, sitting back a ways to see everything is the way to go. Especially with the new setup and everything. The video screens were on the sides this time instead of behind the band. At any rate, Tomahawk came out a bit after 7:30. Mike Patton said they were the 34th precinct from the Little Rock Police Department and they had a little band that got together in their spare time; they were all dressed up in officers uniforms. I liked the music personally, but Mike's vocals kind of did NOT do it for me. And what the hell was up with the deer they placed back there? TOOL came on about 8:45. That's when everyone started pushing and everything. Then they kind of stopped when they realized it's next to useless to mosh during a TOOL show. Before I forget, a big FUCK YOU to the guy trying to push his way through saying he was security. You're re- fucking-tarded. Maynard's voice was good tonight, although at times he seemed to fade out nehind the music. That's about all I have to say. If you're on the floor and you want to see the videos, make sure you're not too far up, cuz you won't be able to see them and you'll be missing a lot.

Review written by: Kelly ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 19:36:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hello to all! First, a HUGE thank you to Tool for coming to LR! Frankly, I was terrified that someone would throw something that might hit a bandmember, but I am relieved to say that folks basically behaved fairly well during Tool's performance. In fact, I was absolutely amazed and very proud that the fans responded with such heart-felt enthusiasm and (overall) respect. They sang, cheered, kept the moshing down to a surprizing minimum (from what I could tell-at my vantage point in the stands) After being at the front at three other Toolshows (Memfo, NOr, and Nijmegen, Holland), and getting trampled, knocked down, etc., I have to say that seating is not such a bad place to be. There were people of all ages all around, singing, dancing, really getting into it-just like the band likes it. As you could see from other posts, the setlist was phenomenal, as was the indescribably beautiful art of Adam and Alex Gray, and the sound-transcendant, as only Tool can be. As I read these posts, I always appreciate the excitement in the words of those who write with love, honesty-and often-frank adoration. It is no coincidence that a vast percentage of the fanbase is quite young-those who are still open and receptive enough to feel the wonder. They desperately need a modern message of hope-one which the band we love above all others offers to those who will open their minds and hearts to receive it. I am certainly not a teen, (43 in case you wonder) but I consider myself one of the luckiest in the world to be able to appreciate Tool. Did anyone notice how Maynard, as Tool was performing Lateralus, continually turned to face the seven-pointed star, dancing in a very mesmerized, tribal fashion? It occured to me that he seemed to be bowing, as if in veneration, to higher powers, the Muses, who or whatever he draws his inspiration from. It seems he is having a religious experience each time he performs-as do many of us, as well. I think Raphael (hi, r!), who reviewed the Gronigen, Holland show, said it best: those who are most in tune to Tool's message seem to experience a sort of "multiple musical orgasm." Guys, thanks so much-to Tool, for giving so much of themselves, trying to help the world be better, to the fans, who made me so proud (I really got the impression Tool liked LR) and to Tomahawk, for opening. They were actually pretty good-lots of interesting sounds (some of which DID hurt my ears!-Mike, please tone it down some). They did one instrumental piece that I felt was an overt tribute to Tool. I say, if Tool chose them to open, the fans should at least give them a chance. If you don't, I think it is kinda insulting to Tool. A special thanks to Danny and Justin, who make themselves physically accessible to their fans, and lastly, to the sponsors of this site, for providing a place for us to share our unforgettable toolexperiences. Peace and love to all. Kelly

Review written by: Jason Brown ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 22:48:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I think I could see a Tool show every night and never be disappointed. I must say I enjoyed the first leg of the tour more (when they had the contortionist) but the new stage backdrops made up for that. The lighting was an amazing use of colors, and of coarse the sound was unbelivable. Tool is always so tight when they play live, and aside from some minor feedback when it wasn't expected it was excellent. The crowd was into it, hopefully they enjoyed playing for us as much as we enjoyed watching and listening to them. thank you Tool

Review written by: opiatejunkie ( Review posted on: 07/31/02 22:59:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

you thought that lateralus was written because of Pi by Arronofsky? of all the thoughts how weird hated the movie...bit pretentious...but an adequate piece of work for a debut.... lateralus has so much layering and texture

Review written by: X ( Review posted on: 08/01/02 00:13:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

When I first heard that Tool was coming to Little Rock, I was honestly disappointed. I believed they were above it. Especially after having spent thousands of dollars to see them in great venues like the Paramount in Seattle and the Riviera in Chicago. I was worried that the crowd would be filled with moshing REDNECKS, all of whom bother me. However, I think Tool cast a spell on most of the drunken rednecks, and the audience was the most well-behaved crowd ever assembled in Arkansas. The show was amazing. It was the shortest set I've ever seen them play, but I didn't mind, because it was perfection. Here in AR, we are lucky to have them, even if only for ONE song, so people should not complain about that! I wish I was in New Orleans tonight. There is nothing that gives you quite the same feeling as seeing Tool perform. Nothing.

Review written by: Eddie ( Review posted on: 08/01/02 00:19:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

That was by far the best concert I have ever saw. I was into it the entire time they were on stage. Ever song they played was awesome. Its hard to pick out the song I think they did best. I really love Aenima though, it is one of the songs i wanted to hear the most. But they kicked ass on every song. The backdrops were awesome, the lighting was awesome, and the music was awesome. What more can we ask for. After the show was over me and my friends i was with went around back and we met Justin and Danny. It was the coolest thing ever. To meet Danny is a dream come true. He is GOD of the drums and everyone should worship him. Well I am ready for my next Tool show. Maybe it will be soon.

Review written by: Jon ( Review posted on: 08/01/02 00:37:20 ET

This was this reviewer's best Tool show

dude, i don't care what anybody says this show was awsome, and yes die eier von satan was played, quietly but it was played before the lights even went out. Die Eier Von Satan Sober (long intro) The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (extended) H. Schism (extended) Parabol Parabola Ænima --Intmission-- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralis

Review written by: eyehaterednecks ( Review posted on: 08/01/02 00:47:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I could write a list of interesting words that most people in AR don't use, but I'll just say it was the best concert I've ever been to and they were excellent and could whoop any other band or group live. It was great for the most part... ...but why is it a lot of people insist on making a hopeless effort to get as close as they can to the stage when there are people directly in front of them? There were people that would rather have seen someone get crushed than find themselves anywhere but the front row. I was as close as I could get and that was second row. I loved every second of it...except that asshole who got behind me and tried to knock me down. Sometimes I felt like I had a sign on my back that said "sodomize me".

Review written by: clay ( Review posted on: 08/01/02 18:24:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I...I...I...I DONT MIIIIIIIIIIIIINND thank you,TOOL, once again.

Review written by: Kelly ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 00:24:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

tool...ahh what can i say made my summer..I am not going to complain about the setlist because, "Tool is a band and not a jukebox"-G!, ..visuals and art is nice, but they could have played the whole set with the house lights on and i would have been more than happy..but with the visuals, and even better musicianship...You just can't put it into words without doing it justice...

Review written by: Mitchell ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 00:37:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well now......this was my first major concert ever and let me tell you it will probably be the best. The timing during the songs was perfect, the feedback was perfect, and the lineup was awesome. You already have enough of the playlist on the reviews so i won't put it. But needless to say, TOOL is the best band to see in concert.

Review written by: Alan ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 11:40:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Saw Tool in Memphis also. Alltel was nowhere near sold out and the top level of seats were curtained off. Nevertheless is was good to see the band in Arkansas. I'm too old(?) for the floor so my seats were towards the back. The sound was muddy until Schism. From then on the loud parts of songs echoed badly off the back wall. Still, this is a great band and I would recommend anyone with an open mind to go see them. They push the envelope more than any major band out there and desrve respect for that. As someone who has seen bands in many countries over many years Tool rank up there with The Clash in '77. (Still the best I've seen live). Any concert should have an edge to it. Right now Tool do it best.

Review written by: Jimbo Pate ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 21:07:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Alright, this review is late but I'm so tired from the show. The setlists I've read are very correct. For those in the Little Rock area that heard the report on Lick 106.3 about Maynard cruising Little Rock, that was us. I was driving, my friend in the passenger seat was videotaping and my friend in the back called the radio station. Now, Maynard was driving what looked like a WW2 Nazi motorcycle. It was a BMW and just looked like it was straight out of the movies. We thought it might be Adam at first then we saw that the hair coming from the helmet was attached to the helmet, and the driver was indeed bald. That's when we reailized it was Maynard, that and the big nose. The rider was no more then 5'6". Anyways, the show was awesome. Tomahawk wasn't so great, but Tool was perfect. I've seen A Perfect Circle and that was great but didn't hold a candle to Tool. They played almost everything I wanted them too. I had a great spot upfront and saw Maynard's awesome spine tattoo. The show was great. Anyone who saw it was truly blessed.

Review written by: Wildo ( Review posted on: 08/04/02 14:33:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Sorry for being so late in getting this to the masses. My dad went nuts and took my computer, cancelled my insurance, and various other things. Nearly a week after the concert, I have undone what he did when he flipped his lid. However, this review of TOOL in Little Rock is well underway! Read on to find out what it was like from a true fan's perspective! Well, I suppose I'll start off where Whorley left off. We got to Alltel arena about an hour before showtime. We got in through the gates, where Josh was halted for carrying in a roll of quarters....not a smart move, I know. Well, he got a TOOL chain with the quarters and I got an "inside the outside" shirt at a vender nearby. We sat around for about 30 minutes, and after we recieved our "pit passes" we entered the fray about 15 minutes before Tomohawk came on. Hubbell had previously entered the pit, due to his restlessness, and we followed shortly thereafter. Tomohawk entered at 7:30 sharp. Dressed as "North Little Rock Police Officers" they entered, one on bass, one on guitar, one on voice synthesizers and one on drums. They werent bad. Despite negative yells for "TOOL!!" and "BRING MAYNARD OUT!", Tomohawk was respectable. I believe that Tomohawk did as well as they could. Opening for TOOL isnt easy to do. Being from a completely different genre of music and not being well-known also hurt their performance. Needless to say, by the end of their show, everyone wanted to see TOOL. Lights went out after Tomohawk, and we could all see the equipment crew getting ready for TOOL. Carey's drumset was unvieled, letting loose a cheer from the crowd. It was nearly time. TOOL got on stage around 8:45, starting promptly with "Sober". The crowd cheered and sang along. The lyrics were more audible from the crowd then from Maynard, the place was crazy. Justin Chancellor and Adam Jones were out front, and Maynard stayed well back on a pedistal about 2 ft. off of the stage. Dressed in a full black leather suit and a black stripe painted vertically on his face and head, it was hard to see exactly what he looked like. I expected just that. Playlist: 1. Sober 2. The Grudge 3. (-) ions 4. Stinkfist 5. H. 6. Schism 7. Parabol 8. Parabola 9. Ænema 10. Disposition 11. Reflection 12. Triad 13. Lateralus The thirteen songs lasted a little over an hour and a half, and they put on an excellent show. I was quite suprised to see they played Disposition, Reflection and Triad, seeing as those songs together were nearly 25 minutes, with no stops. Before Disposition, however, banners rolled down featuring a human body, much like seen in the Lateralus album insert. Skeleton, Muscle System, Nervous System, Spiritual System, and finally the white "Network" system seen in the "Parabol/Parabola" Video. Before Lateralus, Maynard thanked the crowd wishing "we hope this has inspired you, healed you......or atleast made you horny". Then Maynard told the crowd to "go home, write some poetry, and have sex". The crowd roared and cheered. Maynard then took of his black leather jacket revealing his spinal tattoo. He took his place on the pedastal, and then sang and danced with his back to the crowd. It was a truly spiritual performance. A great end to a great show. The band met after Lateralus, throwing out water bottles and drumsticks to the crowd, then hugging one another. The crowd filtered out, weary, but well inspired by the performance. Josh and I kept saying how it was "so badass" and Hubbell agreed. We walked back to our hotel, a good 2 miles, with constant cheers from the drivers passing by us with "TOOL ROCKS!" and then we'd cheer. Great stuff. This concert was the single most awe-inspiring event I've probably ever seen. I'll go see another one in Boston if I have a chance. I recommend a TOOL concert to anyone, fans or non fans. Just go to watch the lights and CG artwork playing on giant screens. Kudos to the light crew, Kudos to Tomohawk, and Kudos to TOOL. Great show. More at