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Review written by: Laplace Ninja (
Review posted on: 08/01/02 23:38:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Now as for Tomahawk, they were ok. Mike Patten is a great and innovative singer, but I couldnt understand a word he said. He was quite funny though, but apparently alot of other peeps took offense to being called a redneck coonass. Come on, the guy does this shit at every show. Get over it and try and enjoy the band and not bitch about it. But Tomahawk was nothing, ABSOLUTLY NOTHING comaped to Tool. I really wanted to hear H. though, but I really didnt mind the show was amazing anyway. I just wish assholes would stop moshing and crowd surfing. When I am at tool i want to enjoy myself, and i dont want to be pushed or picked upand thrown about by the crowd, it would upset the precious balance of negative ions in the arena. Thankfully i was all the way in the front so i couldnt get picked up, but i didnt have a great view of the screens. Any way go see Tool, it is the most enlightening event i have seen so far. Go see it soon.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 00:55:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

What a bunch of dumbasses. Just read the reviews for this show. Wasted my time. Not entirely true - I did learn that Terry Fucking Bozio played with Danny during a song - fucking A! I'm going to the Radio City show, will be my fourth. Best band on the planet. Think. Communication. Layne Staley. Shostakovich. Peace. I hope it sucks you, fucker.

Review written by: me, myself and I ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 00:56:12 ET

excellent show. very crisp sound. TooL is one of the most musically gifted bands around. A good time was had by all. good to hear H I dont think it has been played at any other shows yet. OUT

Review written by: Alex ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 01:45:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

this entire review is the exact truth, as i remember it. no bullshit. First off was tomahawk, all dressed as cops. They were introduced by a plastic deer known only as "buck", whos shadow was cast on the back wall many times throughout Tomahawk's set. Mike patton came out and said "hello! we're tomahawk! and you're busted! now whos holding? pot, coke, speed, what ya got?" then went into their playing. I was really really impressed with the band, and mike pattons vocals and gadgets, and most of the people around me seemed to be as well, but the center of the crowd on the floor didn't seem to enjoy them. at about the third song Maynard came out with a giant dildo, presented it to Patton, and then Mike brushed his teeth with it. Later in the show, Mike said to the crowd "what are ya talkin about? we sound exactly like tool!" and a song later, said "FUCK YOU, pensacola! and i mean in that in the best possible way. But i can just jump down there, and ID all your asses", he then threatened the crowd by shaking the afformentioned dildo, and said "Thats how cops do it in california!" One of the last few songs broke down into electronic madness, with who i think was Danny Carey working on some gizmo in the background, when it was over Mike Patton gave Danny Carey a thumbs up and they played on. next was Tool, who started out awesomely with sober, here is all the songs the played, mostly in order, but i think i messed up the order in the middle part a bit: sober the grudge stinkfist h schism parabol/ parabola the patient aenema reflection triad lateralus Maynard was dressed in a black speedo, with a black(maybe blue) stripe down his head. He came out wearing leather pants and a jacket but soon lost those. There were some very memorable moments, especially when maynard let the crowd sing the "i dont mind" parts on H for him. Giant Radioactive blackberries were released from the stage at one point, floating about mysteriously, and me and my friends were baffled about how they were kept up there. The visuals on the screen were amazing. Maynard played guitar on a couple songs and doubled up the bass on triad. A big seven pointed star was lowered down on the stage at ont point. At another point maynard said to the crowd "thank you very much for remding us of why we do this" John, the drummer from tomahawk came out and played drums on triad, and it was then interrupted by Maynard, who said "hey everybody! its johns birthday today!" and then maynard led the crowd in singing happy birthday to him. Then Mike patton came out and did some electronic craziness for the rest of triad. After triad was over Maynard spoke again. "John is very excited because he finally has hair on his balls. Not his own hair...just some hair." "Now i hope that all of you, could take this experience days, monthes, and years down the road and find some source of healing, or inspiration. and until then, of course, have lots of sex. happy humping." He thren threw some water bottles into the very willing crowd. And for the finale, they went into lateralus, then adam justin and danny waved to everyone and walked off. awesome show, my crappy review doesn't do it justice.

Review written by: MJB ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 01:46:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

First off, people who claim to be Tool fan should really pay attention during Tomahawk’s performance and know what the members of Tool look like. Maynard walked out on stage and put a huge dildo into Mike Patton’s belt and there was not one cheer of recognition. It was Maynard!!!! And nobody recognized him. How many bald guys come out on stage at a Tool show??? And not only that, but Danny joined Tomahawk. Not on drums, but another instrument. Not sure what it was. It seemed to be some sort of synthesizer. And again, not one cheer of recognition. The members of Tool stood on the left side of the stage for most of Tomahawk’s set. If you claim to like the band, take a few minutes to know what the hell they look like. The set list was as follows (may be off in the order except for the last four.) Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Schism Aenema Parabol Parabola Intermission Reflection Disposition Happy Birthday to Johnny of Tomahawk Triad Lateralus Awesome show. See you in Cincinnati. Spiral Out.

Review written by: Alex ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 01:48:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

oh yeah, they played disposition too.

Review written by: T ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 02:25:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First off... Tomahawk is the worst band i've ever seen live. I don't think Mike Patton sang one word. he just decided it's be cool to act like he's punching his monitor to make a loud feedback noise. Most bands throw picks in the crowd, but that tomohawk are so big that they can just throw marshall amps and mixers out there. So after that garbage, tool graced us with their presence... Setlist: Die Eir Vor Satan (before the show started) Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H. Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Schism Aenema Parabol Parabola ---------------- Intermission ---------------- Disposition Reflection Happy Birthday to Johnny of Tomahawk Triad Lateralus An absolutely beautiful experience. when i saw them last year in new orleans at voodoo fest i was first getting into tool. after that they became my favorite band, so it was MUCH better this time. Just go see them and experience it for yourself...

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 02:53:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I respect TooL way to much to ever write any bullshit. Everything here is the truth. Pensacola needs to work on way they let people in. Little to no structure there. Unless TooL comes back, I probably will never go back there. You can tell that most the people did not come to hear TooL, rather just to have something cool to do. Tomahawk. I dont care for their music but I have to respect them. I have been to two TooL shows in two nights. Tomahawk gets alot of boo's. They stick to what they do though. Mike Patton is very entertaining. Like em or hate em, they will get your attention. Sadly it is not with their music. While the crew was clearing off Tomahawk's stuff and finishing setting up TooL's, two guys got in a fight over a seat. I heard the seat was being saved the somebody came and sat in it. It was a good fight until the cops stopped it. One guy got the shit knocked out of him. Blood was pouring from his head. It was cool. I say because it did not happen to me. Sucks to be that guy. I think it was the seat stealer. Serves him right. TooL. I think going in chornological is best or else I will confuse the hell out of whoever reads this. Maynard: Started out in leather pants and jacket. After a couple of songs, he went to speedo's. Black line down the middle of his head and face was very cool. Danny: Regular old t-shirt and shorts as always. Adam: Black on black as always. Justin: Black on black too. Set List: Order might be alittle off in the middle Sober The Grudge Ions Stinkfist H. (Very very cool, best song of the night) Schism Parabol Parabola The Patient Anema Intermisson Reflection Disposition Triad Lateralus Byfar, H. was the best song. I say this probably because I have never heard it live and I have heard all the other songs. It is great how TooL changes the songs just alittle. It makes the live shows all that much better. Only Parabol/Parabola and The Patient (I think) did not have little additions to the songs. I think it was pretty much the standard show for this tour. Like I said earlier, two shows in two nights. Exactly the same except for 46&2 in New Orleans and H. in Pensacola. I dont care though. I would go see this show every night if I could. True TooL fans know what I am talking about. I dont have to explain it. This was the first time I have seen TooL and not been in the very front. It is a completely different show from the balcony. You notice things you normally cant afford to stop and pay attention to. You will be killed if you do. Love you TooL. You are the only band left that I respect.

Review written by: R. A. Wilson ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 03:22:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

As expected, I was somewhat disappointed with the crowd who were, for the majority, more interested in drinking beer and rubbing on each other during the radio songs then actually soaking in their 42 bucks worth of show from bands who's talent is far beyond price. The key here is to listen. And to those who are interested in music as being more than just a background to your hedonistic foreplay.... Tomahawk were absolutely astounding. Their set (from what I can remember) was: Jock Strap Flashback 101 North God Hates a Coward Pop 1 Some song not on the c.d. Laredo If I am wrong about the order, sorry, I have bad short term memory, but they did play those songs. Patton stayed in pretty good spirits throughout the booing, and fingers flying. He seems to have learned that there are some people out there that are really interested in what Tomahawk is doing and that we are listening, despite the fact that others may not be, and how could you be if your so busy booing??? Tool was amazing as usual, if you went to the show in Atlanta during the 4 date tour when Lateralus first came out, the show was as enthralling as that one. The visuals were more intriguing I have to say. Overall it was a good even mix of songs from Lateralus and past songs off of Undertow and Anema. I was really happy to hear H. and the Patient tonight. The heptagram that appeared during Disposition, I believe, was stunning. And the confetti during The Patient added a feeling of enchantment (yes it's a cheezy word) to the song. Not much more to say, other than if you are reading this and going to a show in the near future, remember to keep an open mind and try to enjoy new ideas and expressions, mainly... Tomahawk. love-

Review written by: Talbot D'Alambertorini (no) Review posted on: 08/02/02 07:01:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Something positive: Tool played their normal set tonight (for this tour), so I was told... but that was good enough for me. It was fuckin sweet to hear Sober live. Unfortunately, it was appropriate, as my friends and I, chronically in a rush, failed to obtain any wacky tabaccy. Sad, sad times. O wait. Tool was fantastic, and the show was a lot, showier, I guess, than their last tour... though the setlist was practically the same. They didn't play Pushit or 46 & 2... but they did play Sober and The Patient (and special appearances were made by die eier von satan and negative ions... and some sort of "go home" shit at the end)... and The Happy Birthday Song for John, T.hawk's drummer, when he was on stage for Triad... after which he recieved a hug from either Justin or Adam (memory isn't my thing ((I must keep reminding myself of this...))) and Maynard flipped him off. Even though I'd heard most of the songs live before, many had been tweaked into more perfect forms. Maynard did the lateral black stripe on the head/black speedos thing... if that matters... and it does. He also talked a lot... for him at least, from what I've heard. And I think that contributed to the energy of the crowd, which was tremendous, and very much made the night worth my 40 bucks. Aenima alone was worth at least... seven. And the giant black blastulae that float up when parabol changes to parabola were also worth a few bucks in and of themselves. Ain't capitalism purty? Regardless, Tool knocked my scrotum hairs off... which Maynard was also talking about at one point it time. Tomahawk just wasn't for me, though. I mean, some of their songs were good and the singer dude was funny as hell, but whatever. Tool put it back the way it ought to be... and then some.

Review written by: dave ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 09:50:25 ET

This was this reviewer's fuck Tool show

I just want to mention that the seven pointed star is a representation of the seven chakkras (probably misspelled but you get the point) in the hindu religion. the whole them of the concert is traveling from energy into being, from inspreation to reality, and back again. the ballons that drop out during parabole are supposed to be plasma the red conffetti is supposed to be the life source or blood. if you look for the screens to drop down during disppostion they are in stages, energy forming the chakkras in the body and then being released only to repeat. their used to be a bunch of cool tool fans that would research this shit and talk about it, but it seems that fans today would rather post fake set list and talk about how much tool rocks, well your missing out on the message, sure tool rocks, sure everybody wants to hear third eye, or bottom, but your missing the point, your missing the moment thats now, those songs were part of the tool mentality over 5 years ago and sometimes more. anyway i miss the thoughtful fans that would strive to figure out the message thats presented in tool songs. i know your out there, post some reviews, send me some emails, show me where im wrong. i challange all of you to dig deeper, listen harder, think, if not for yourself, then for the handful of hillbillies that have been going to tool shows and have not a clue whats going. please and thank you. dave

Review written by: Selani ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 10:55:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I have to say that last night's concert was by far the best I have ever been to. Great seats. Great music (except for that 10 minutes of feedback from Tomahawk). Overall I enjoyed Tomahawk...the music has a very gothic feel to it. Mike Patton was VERY ANIMATED. Couldn't understand a word he said, but man, can he flail. As for Tool, let's just say that one of my goals in life was attained last night. Maynard and the guys are so talented...the highlights of the show for me were Aenema and H. I have to admit that before lst night, I didn't really enjoy Lateralus all that much...more of a hard core Aenema fan, myself...but when I got home I popped Lateralus in the CD palayer and LOVED it. As for all the dumb fucks that booed Tomahawk...shut your mouths. If you don't like it just keep goddamned quiet. Everyone has a niche. Anyone who reads this review who hasn't seen Tool it. You'll find yourselves the better for it.

Review written by: P.H.420 ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 11:44:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

i cant even explain how awsome the show was. it pierced through me. tomahawk was aight but sertainly not shit to tool but what do u expect they are an opening band. tool are the best performers of modern day and the show they put on is fukin awsome. im out tho. ct

Review written by: Cizam ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 11:45:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

So this was my second time seeing Tool. The first time was amazing, but I gotta say this was even better. The sound was really good, the setlist was great too. I gotta say that Maynard James Keenan has the greatest stage presence, the way he moves is just really cool. He was actually pretty funny tonight. I guess I won't post the setlist, I"m sure someone already has. I tried not to read the setlists from the past shows just so it would be a surprise. I will say that I was so happy when they played "H." It was really great live. I really love how they have the extended version of "stinkfist." I was ready for it, because I saw them last October, but it threw most of the crowd off who was trying to sing it. The visuals in the show were great. They built as the show went on. During the first "sober," is was still pretty dark on stage, and then as the show progessed more things popped out on the stage, and more lights. Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor are both very talented, and Danny Carey is a god at drumming. Well, great show. "happy humping"

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 12:18:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I have never been to a show where the lead singer does the entire shoe from the drum riser, maynard never moved 12 inches from that spot, not even a spotlight on him- no banter with the audience, zero charisma. I have never been to a show where the guitar players remained practially frozen in one area for the entire gig- did not once move forward or across the stage for the fans to see them. As a matter of fact the band spent 90 percent of the show turned facing away from the audience towards the rear of the stage - this well known in the industry as a way of a band showing great distain for the paying audience . Why didn't they just give maynard a mic and let him "sing" form the tour bus? For that matter the whole band could have just as well not been there- just have a cd player on stage. Tool has no stage presence - totally crappy stage set- their music is the same droning bass/drum fills over and over again. Stellar rock and roll is theatre, humor, and is uplifting - these guys are so boring and are not a headliner quality band. All you youngsters who describe them as "amazing" simply have not seen enough shows by other bands yet. By the way the last true sell-out at pensacola civic center was AC/DC which was in excess of 12,5000 (7/1988)- and they typically play 22-25 song set compared to the lame 11 song set Tool played. There's a reason why Tool doesn't appear in videos -they are the epitome of hype over substance and are by NO means any where close to being considered in the upper echelon of bands right now - I can make this analysis because I seen everything from Led Zeppelin on down since the 70's.

Review written by: Cosmo ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 12:22:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Its very simple - this was the best rock show I have ever seen. Period. If you get the chance, please see for yourself - the band - the sound - the lights - the visuals - the vibe - absolutely fantastic. Happy Humping! p.s. Danny Carey rules.

Review written by: Big Joe ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 12:39:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Amazing is the only word to describe this show. The worst part was the audience. 90% of the people didnt have a clue what the fuck was going on. Beer everywhere. Dipshits everywhere. The two type of people that i hated the most were the little punk "KoRn" kids who dressed up in goth...and the late 20s early 30s who came to get drunk and have a good time. Tomahawk was great i thought... the boos were annoying and people were throwing shit left and right...even more annoying. Mike Patton fell and hit his head on an amp...i dont know if anyone noticed it besides me but i thought it was funny... For all you who dont know what Tomahawk sounds like...imagine deftones mixed with NIN. And yes, no one noticed maynard when he came on stage and handed Mike that giant dildo...and no one noticed danny when he came out to do the effects. Once again 90% of the people there had no idea what the fuck was going on. TOOL was amazing. Visuals were amazing. Sound was amazing. The setlists are right for the reviews up there. Most amazing parts of the night were during the Patient with the confetti, when they played H., when they played Aenima...that was my favorite part of the night. One memorable moment was when the adam, danny, maynard, and justin did a group hug at the end....and god damn maynard is small... Maybe 5'3 or something. If you're wondering whether or not to see tool, GO! Happy Humping

Review written by: Jeremy ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 12:40:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

Wow, what a great tool show. This was my 11th time seeing them and Tool was tighter than they ever have been. Well I saw them in New Orleans the night before. I just have to say this but Terry Bozzio was not at the Pensacola show. Whoever said must have been "on the pot". It as was the drummer from tomahawk, John and it was his birthday. The setlist I believe went like this: sober, the grudge, stinkfist (extended), h, schism (extended), parabol/ parabola, the patient, aenema ,reflection, disposition, triad, lateralus. This was Tools first time in Pensacola. And having seen too since 1992 IT ABOUT TIME. I hope they include us on future tours. What else can I say.......Justin can really chug the beers inbetween songs. He must have put down one after every other song. Danny what a drummer/percussionist. I sat about 20 ft away from him and he was ON. Triad was a particular treat for us drummer. The jam was remarkable. Plus it really showed Dannys chops. then if that wasn't good enough came Lateralus. I could'n't believe the speed and accuracy he played with. I don't think i have ever seen him in better shape. I guess that's what touring will do for ya. See ya next Guys.! jeremy

Review written by: Victor ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 12:57:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

I was so impressed with the crowd (as always) who were getting into the show at the level that they could best apprehend. Who can say who among us truly "understands what's going on" better than anyone else? I won't make that judgement other than to condemn those who started fighting and brought their petty aggressions to the show. And to the guy who head-butted my buddy Dustin when he was on the floor, I'd like to tell you that your actions were not appropriate by my standards nor by the band's standards-- TOOL is about anger (yes-- that and other emotions) but it is never about violence. Now, after the show Danny lamented that they had played 4 or 5 non-stop gigs this time around and that he felt that they were "off" in places. Well, TOOL's "off" is a hell of a lot better than many other bands "on." The show rocked, as always, and when the Sacred Mirrors were dropped, the gasp was audible-- it's so nice to know that people can appreciate the band's efforts to unite musical art with visual art. TOOL fans are a unique lot and I was honored and humbled to be in the presence of so many fans last night. You guys are clearly 1/2 of the show-- at least as far as I'm concerned! Pacem Vobiscum, Victor T. Cypert

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( will be the) Review posted on: 08/02/02 13:58:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show


Review written by: d ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 14:33:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

OK, first off feedback at high volumes is NOT COOL. Anybody who says otherwise is either retarded or deaf. And it seems that is all Tomahawk's set amounted too. As for Tool, Jesus Christ they blew my socks off. They were infuckingcredible. I can die a happy man now.

Review written by: d ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 14:35:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

OK, first off feedback at high volumes is NOT COOL. Anybody who says otherwise is either retarded or deaf. And it seems that is all Tomahawk's set amounted too. As for Tool, Jesus Christ they blew my socks off. They were infuckingcredible. I can die a happy man now.

Review written by: Bman ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 16:14:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. The show was great as usual but i must say it's a sad thing to take an opportunity such as this to share your positive and in some cases your negative show experiences in this forum and instead trade them for an chance to hide behind your monitor and sling insults and just utter shit talk often having nothing to do the great band of TOOL or the night's performance. Grow up you little chicken shit fuckers and start posting TRUE messages about the band and your concert experience.

Review written by: Richard Cranium ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 18:51:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 3 Tool show

Pensacola civic center fucking blows! I got tickets the first minute that they went on sale. When I tried to get on the floor w/ my General Admission ticket, some overfed, redneck, dike cunt said they reached their capacity and no more people are allowed to the floor. There was at least a third of the floor EMPTY! I inquired about all the space on the floor and my ticket, and she said any more lip from you and you're outta' here. So now General Admission is anywhere else in the Shithole, except a seat. I loved the show regardless, from the nosebleeds, but that shit pissed me off tremendously. Sell all the floor tickets to capacity, then sell the seats, and all will be fine, but to turn people down when they have the tickets is some unorganized, amateur, littlebitch bullshit. AEnima rocked!

Review written by: Jason Kent ( Review posted on: 08/02/02 21:21:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first Tool show, and I have to say it was probably the most amazing experience of my lifetime. This is even considering the fact that more than half the crowd was filled with people that were: 1) Smoking like fiends, despite the no smoking signs. 2) Getting drunk off their ass and falling on it as well. 3) Disrespectful to Tomahawk. (I don't absolutely love them myself, but these people went WAY too far.) The crowd here was far beyond rediculous. As has been stated, not many people in the crowd liked Tomahawk. And they sure as hell didn't stop themselves from showing it. There was booing, chanting of "you suck" among other phrases, throwing cups of beer at the stage, and plenty more. At one point a piece of ice bounced from the drummer's cymbal. It made me sick to watch these lowlife piece of shit white trash 'people' (if you can call them that) disrespect this band with talent far beyond anything they could begin to fathom having themselves. If you don't like Tomahawk, fine. But please, keep it to yourself. Tomahawk handled this awful mess of people very well. They continued to play on, and didn't seem to let it get to them. I saw the bassist shake his head in disguist after one concert goer's act of stupidity (I think he threw one thing or another at the stage). As far as Tool goes.... Wow. I was totally blown away. The show was completely and equally stimulating both to the ears, and visually as well. The set desgin was amazing and beautfiul. Tool did a great job.

Review written by: Erin ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 00:54:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This show... all I have to say is.... damn. It was frigin awesome. I was blown away, the energy, the crowd, all awesome! The video show, the 7 pointed star, the mirror ball, the floating rasberries. Holy cow, I was blown away. But here it comes, I know you know what I'm about to talk about, Tomahwk. To that band, please. I did not enjoy any second of that except the part where he fell and knocked his amp over. That was cool cause it was stupid. Everyone was friendly to me. I made lots of friends. TooL, rock on and keep up the good work!

Review written by: Jimmy Page ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 01:19:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

Well the boys played quite a bit of Zeppelin tonight; here's the setlist. Whole Lotta Love Kashmir Moby Dick The Lemon Song Stairway to Heaven Intermission Oops I did it again Regulate (Warren G. cover) Man in the Box The Gaping Lotus Experience Star Wars theme Unusual setlist, I know, but it paid off - the show was great.

Review written by: Arachnophilia ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 03:47:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

ok. i'm gonna start with tomahawk. mike patton, as everyone says, is frankly a genius. unfortunately. no one wants to hear it. the show opened with buck the deer. tomahawk came out in cop costumes and said "hi, we're tomahawk, and yoooou're BUSTED! who's holding? whatja got?" etc) and as said before, some people really need to pay more attention. maynard walked out on stage to hand mike something. no. it was not a giant dildo. it was a scrub brush. (thank god for floor seats. or something) see that's what we call a joke. danny also appeared on stage (in a sabbath shirt no less) to play some kind of synth for, well, god knows what song. this was the highlight of the tomahawk set. really. that and patton knocking part of his setup down and the crowd trying to tear it apart. they ALMOST ended, to a booing crowd, with what would have actually been a really great ending. had mike not laughed at us and kept playing much to our dismay. tomahawk on the whole was better than fantomas. some of it actually qualified as music. the guitar was almost audible over the screeching ear-blasting noise. much more subdued than fantomas. still, spastic and annoying. i seriously don't know why patton stays in the business. i woulda killed myself by now, dealing with this sort of massive rejection. maybe enjoys it? anyways. on to tool. the people we came (and paid) to see. first off. people cheered when danny's drums were uncovered. no 8 pointed star. however, it's important to note that the lighting apparatus above the stage was a giant star of exactly the same type. 8 points, one continuous line. i thought that was a neat touch. they opened with sober. which was a little unexpected. but they appear to be doing it elsewhere as well. ah well, might as well get the radio hits in, right? pits broke out a lot during the first few songs. glad they chilled out later. maynard was wearing what appeared to be black leather with a black (or possibly blue) stripe running from the back of his skull to his chin, and about as wide as his pupils are far apart. he made some comment about us not being naked yet, and began to lose his clothes. hey, it's all good. (and nice tattoo too) next was the grudge. gotta love the stompy dance. beautiful imagery on the screens, but looked like it was mostly recycled from the last tour. there was a huge back-lit back- drop behind them. almost giger-ish, but not really. next was (-) ions into stinkfist. slightly extended, but not the regular extended version. (no extra lyrics) maynard has lost everything but the speedo and the stripe at this point, when he starts h. the highlight of the night. of all the songs that i forgot i secretly wanted to hear, this was it. he sang it with his back to the crowd. he sure can be shy for a naked bald guy. the "i don't mind" part was a bid drawn out, and the crowd sang it for a while. then came eon blue and the patient. he introduced it by thanking the crowd for reminding him why he does this. no maynard, thank you. during the patient intro (or maybe eon blue) fog filled the air and they dropped red glittery confetti on us. it was magical. like manna from heaven. by this point (as it had started during h) the crowd took on a very laid back, tribal, groovy atmosphere. people were just dancing rythmically with one another, rather than bashing each other's heads in. i can only imagine this is what a doors concert must have been like. the atmosphere somehow continued through schism and ænema, as angry as the latter is. schism was a little longer in the bridge. not much. maynard on guitar. didn't look like he was doing much with it though. back to mellow with parabol and then parabola. glad they played both, i hear they didn't at some shows. i don't see how you can only play one half of the song, like on the radio. i hate radio edits. this started the uplifting and enlightening portion of the evening, the part i like best. weird cut-up of the video on screen, and the large balloons that looked like the ones in the video floated on jets of air about half way up the set from at least a few songs. (i THINK they are supposed to look like cells of an embryo. not raspberries) they broke for an intermission here. not the song intermission. just a break, with a face on the screens being stretched and pulled until broke. when it came back together, tool was back on stage with a different back-drop (double-cross spiral of eyes) to play triad of disposition, reflection and triad. alex gray artwork unfurled from the ceiling around the set, and the 8 pointed contiguous star was lowered as well. (as it did not appear on or behind danny's amazing drum set) the artwork showed the progression of man from skeleton to spiritual entity. very cool, but i never really liked gray that much. jonny from tomahawk came out to play the rototoms (and almost immediately, tool stopped playing the beginning of triad, gave him a brief solo, and then maynard led the crowd in singing happy birthday to him, and then they picked up triad again) patton also came out to play the little synth thing to stage left (annoyingly, but it fit with the song). anyhow. maynard then gave his normal speech. i can't remember exactly what he said. but he threw in the "we hope we've made you horny" part too. and then somethign to the extent of "i want you to remember this feeling and in the coming days, weeks, months, years, great something positive from that feeling. but in the meantime, have lots of sex" i wish more people would take that advice to heart. i'm sadly one of the few people who probably has. the creating part. not the sex part. (can't win 'em all). you people need to quit smoking up at the concert (some of us are trying to breathe there too), quit drinking, and actually listen, let it fill you, and enjoy. the raw experience should be enough. then they closed with lateralus, huddled around the drum set. mind-blowing as usual. they left with a hug, and a roaring crowd. tool is the last of a dying breed. they will be sadly missed when they are gone, if only by me.

Review written by: Will Sweeney ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 05:02:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Tomahawk put on one of the best live shows ever. Words can't describe the presence Mike Patton has. They were continuously booed by ignorant redneck bastards whose extent of musical knowledge is limited to Drowning Poop and Mudpuddle. I realized how close-minded and disgusting the crowd was when they started throwing things at the band. This, I guarantee, you either will find funny or will be induced to vomit. During the Tool set (i think the song was triad), Mike and John from Tomahawk came out and played for a while. After the song Maynard told the crowd who they were...and the crowd cheered!!! What FUCKING posers!!! Tool's set was great, too. I think I prefer Mike Patton's presence, but Tool obviously has more money and music that will appeal to the jackasses attending their shows. Don't get me wrong! I love tool! Tool is one amazing band! I think that their success has led them, obviously, to have a lot of idiots in attendance. What Tomahawk did during the long interlude when Danny (clad in that famous Sabbath shirt with Ozzy on the cover holding his hands up high) was great. People are too dumb to realize that Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin also did that during his guitar solos. Theramin and all. Turn off your radio and listen to music you, not your friends, like! ---will

Review written by: Hunter ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 12:29:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This was my 4th show in a little over a year. My first was the Tabernacle show on the day the lateralus album was released. I've been glowing with positive energy for the past day and anyone else who went and listened to Maynard's speech on the coming days, weeks, months should be too. I'm not abig fan of disposition, reflection, and triad, but damn that version of triad they did with Mike Patton and Tomahawk's drummer was amazing. I was at the in the middle to middle-right of the stage about 20 feet back the entire show and it was great. UN-fucking-BELIEVABLE show. I ended up catching one of Justin's pics and I now have a new prized-possesion. It would be nice if we could make it through one show without the meat (moshers) being assholes. I can't wait til the boys come back around. I had fun Bree

Review written by: Brian ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 12:45:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I guess I can start by saying this concert was by far the best show I have ever seen in my life. Me and my 2 friends left Tallahassee at 8 a.m. and we waited in line for 8 hours. We were fortunate enough to be at the front of the line. We waited in the blistering sun and pouring down rain and it was so very worth it! They began frisking us at about 5:30 and we had to wait until 6 before we could go in. It's kind of hard to explain the anticipation. When we were let in, we ran down the flight of stairs leading to the floor of the arena and took our positions in the very first row at the center of the stage. We were so happy we got those seats but it had nothing to do with luck because we earned it. Tomahawk played and personally I thought they sucked. When Tool came on, I think I was the happiest person on the face of the earth. It was pitch black and Justin walked out, then Danny, then Adam, and finally Maynard but he didn't come out until they started playing. Here is the setlist: 1. Sober 2. The Grudge 3. Stinkfist 4. H. 5. Parabol 6. Parabola 7. Schism 8. The Patient 9. Aenema 10. Disposition 11. Reflection 12. Triad 13. Lateralus I was a little disappointed they didn't play "46 and 2" and "Prison Sex" but I can't complain because Maynard said "Pensacola, you are one of the chose few" and then they played "H." which was awesome because apparently they don't always play that. It was Jon from Tomahawk's b- day and we all sang happy b-day to him and he played roto- toms on Triad. We got crushed and some idiots were moshing but we got most of them to stop. I think it totalled out to be about 8 sets of tits. Nice. The best part of the show was during "Disposition" and "Reflection" just because those are unbelievably cool songs and it was amazing watching them play it. There's a lot I'm leaving out but I don't wanna ruin the experience for people who have not yet seen the greatest band on the planet perform in front of their very eyes.

Review written by: dennis ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 13:52:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. ok, this is for the fuck who posted that tool was not good. you said they don't move on stage, they have no charisma etc...-well little one, it is their style and originality that makes them apart from other bands. who gives a fuck if they don't move about the stage much, the music is full of energy. you say "I have seen AC/DC here, they played over 20 songs and shit", ok but that is them and this is fucking this-don't see tool because your a fuck! the comment about them in no videos-well assfuck, as it appears they were in one video titled "hush"! you need to do some research before you blab your dirty fucking pie hole! as far as the other videos go, the claymation is done by adam in the band and is another example of being set apart by other bands. so, you just go to your led zeppelin & ac/dc shows and have a good time missing out on tool, fucker!

Review written by: Tweak ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 16:18:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first tool concert. First concert ever, actually. Tomahawk flat out sucked. Worst band I have ever heard. Couldn't unerstand a word, it just blended into one big noise. When they came out dressed like cops and started singing, people thought of the Village People, and started doing the YMCA. Mike used like 3 or 4 different microphones, that all sounded like the same noise he was contributing to. They had a long instrumental mixed with obnoxious screams, that made seconds feel like minutes. They got the bigtime boos that they deserved. Finally Tool came out and played an awsome show, that definetly was worth listening to tomahawk to get to. The playlist was already posted a few times above so I won't bother. Not only was there a 7 pointed star at the end, but the ceiling light fixture was also a 7 pointed star. The black berry looking objects were floating in place with huge blowers under them, keeping them afloat in place. Yes there was the Happy birthday song, and the mention of getting some hair on his balls. After the show the band threw a bunch of bottled water into the crowd, and danny threw his drumsticks. Tool then left and got their showers, followed by their well deserved head from the hot hookers picked out of the crowd and given their "nasty picture" backstage passes. Great show, worth the 6 hour drive, waiting for my friend to tell me if we got tix for daytona

Review written by: timmy ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 16:33:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 10 Tool show

Florida get ready. I've seen Tool 3 times this tour. I was at Oakland, Sac., and Houston. All were tremendous productions and definetly the best tour out on the road! Theyr'e have been some complaints but don't let that deter you from going to see Tool this tour. The moshers are lame (I just don't get it). Those complaining about setlists I have this to say...1. The timing of their elaborate productioin does not allow much variation. 2. It has varied some and they do at least play something from each album. The phony posts are completly pointless. This is a great site and a few lamoids are TRYING to fuck it up and I suppose they are the shitheads at the shows, but theyr'e the minority. TRICKY just released a best of cd called A Ruff To TRICKY. I highly recommend this cd! KING CRIMSON is in the studio and let's hope Tool hooks up with them again. If you don't own any KING CRIMSON, try STARLESS AND BIBLE BLACK from 1974! Enjoy Florida or whatever show you plan to attend. Later, Timmy

Review written by: treebark (no?) Review posted on: 08/03/02 16:37:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 6st? Tool show

there's a cock in MY mouth? what are YOU

Review written by: Chris Porter ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 18:17:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The pensacola civic center is run by jewish bankers! i had general admission tickets ( row number would be 11) byt they already filled the floor by the time i got there. i got there a half hour early , but by the time i got in tomahawk was playing their last song. fuck the venue, the promoters, ticketmaster, poor planning, and stupid "fans". seems the same people that go to shows and fuck up others good time are also the people that post fake reviews and fuck up this review post. i am amazed at the seemingly low intelligence of people. drunks trying to start fights, yelling stupid shit (like i got this scar at a morbid angel concert, whenever they play spiral it'll be the last song so let's fuck shit up, and so on and so on). aside from all the terrible stuff, the tool performance was stunning. having seen them in '98, '01, and now, i have to say that they were at their best this time. the best part was the visual show. simply amazing as it where. highlights were the backdrop, the parabola balls, the alex gray tapestries, and the screens during the patient in particular. hoped that they would play 4 degrees but oh well. tomahawk was great from the little bit i got to see. i can't believe that tool fans aren't open-minded enough to even give tomahawk a chance. their music is brilliant, to those who complain about not being able to understand what mike patton was saying, if you didn't know the words, you wouldn't be able to understand what maynard was saying either, so get off of your high horse and open your damn mind. the ticket prices seemed a little high to me at first, but after seeing all that tool has going on now, i can understand the price. but i still thank that $30.00 for a short sleeve tshirt and $60.00 for a sweatshirt is ridiculous. espcecially from a band that made over $10 million last year. maybe jewish bankers are in charge of tool's merchandising also.

Review written by: golfharv23 ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 19:22:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 13 Tool show

I just want to let all of the idiot rednecks that go to these Tool shows, just to have something to do, to stay home and let the rest of us real Tool fans enjoy the incredible experience . There is no need for the booing and cursing and Tomahawk(who were very entertaining and Mike Patton is a genius) when you could just sit and be respectfull to a band that Tool picked to go on tour with them and wait for Tool to come out. You all were so busy being mindless idiots that you didn't even see Maynard come out and give Mike Patton a dildo. There is also no point in crowd surfing and mosh pits, nobody that understands this music wants to get kicked in the head or get thrown around the entire concert and not enjoy it, so go back to your trailers, get some other redneck buddies over, throw in some Slipknot and mosh all you want to. As for the 500 of us there that do understand the music and what Tool is all about, the show was incredible as usual. I do wish that they would change the setlist a little bit more(I went to New Orleans the night before and the only thing different was H. instead of 46 & 2) but I would still go see the same show 7 days a week if I could, because it is a complete mind trip better than any drug made. Later!

Review written by: Fuck You ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 21:19:24 ET

This was this reviewer's (-) Tool show

To all the people who are bitchign about people moshing at tool shows.... Tool = a metal band. maybe not metal in the sense that slipknot is a metal band. or metallica is a metal band. and yes i understand that they have evolved musically into more than just a metal band. during disposition and reflection i was probably the only guy on the floor who understood those 2 songs and felt them and moved around to them. but tool is still a rock band. and at rock concerts.... moshing is the norm. so if you dont like it, get away from it. stop bitching and go play in traffic. thank you, and have a nice day =)

Review written by: R Carey (dudderer) Review posted on: 08/03/02 22:31:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 20th Tool show

I enjoy very much reading the reviews of the shows and know Dan and the band enjoy them also. Some one in one of the reviews howeversaid the sticks that Dan sometimes throws intothe crowd at sthe end ofthe show are not the stick he usedin the concert. Sometimes theyare andsometimes they are from a preceeding concert. He uses on the average of 10 to 15 sticks per concert if they crackor break he changes in the blink ofan eye andtshe broken aor cracked ones areput in a container.At rhe endhe just grabs some and send them out. All the sticks have his name onthem andthey arehis personsal model sometimes he will also sign them personally in addition to his printed name onthem. I am glad whoever has gotten them enjoys them as a rememberance of the concertand thanks to all tshe wonderful fans who have made Tool such a success Danny s Dad

Review written by: Hayduke ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 23:00:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 462 Tool show

Sorry Kabir, hate to use this forum like this but.....first of all moshing is not acceptable at a TOOL show. Yes they are metal, but tell me how it is possible to mosh to the very different beat of TOOL songs compared to actual (heavy) metal bands like Slipknot, Disturbed, D.P. etc; Last year at a TOOL show in C.R. Iowa, I watched a group of idiots attempt to mosh to Tricky, that blows my mind. I gets better, Denver: A FEW PEOPLE TRIED TO MOSH TO KING CRIMSON!!!! What in Gods name is that??? Why??? Leave the moshing to the 15 year olds at the Slipknot shows. TOOL is sacred to real fans. Remember this, TOOL is "smart" metal. And so are the real fans. Got something to say, mail me. Love, Hayduke

Review written by: Lauren ( Review posted on: 08/03/02 23:36:29 ET

Just want to say, tool is, of course, amazing. Saw them last year in Pa. But anyway...I just wanted to thank everyone that gave an actual review of the show instead of responses to what other people had to say or disrespecting Tool or anyone else for that matter. I'm seeing Tool again in Albany, Ny and wanted to know about the show- not what you idiotic, closeminded people have to say. Thanks again to those who actually used this for what it was meant for. 18 days...the count down begins!

Review written by: MantrartnaM ( Review posted on: 08/04/02 01:27:11 ET

This was this reviewer's looT Tool show

Hey Dave (, thanks for the all seriousness.

Review written by: LIZARDGOD ( Review posted on: 08/04/02 02:38:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

New orleans New Orleans for the music FROM THE PIT: I must say that Tool and Tomahawk put on a better set there than in Penn. Although, Tomahawk didnt make the crowd too happy when they started chanting "Coon Ass" over and over.,which pissed the crowd off royaly. After the first 2 second into Sober the first song, The pit became a malestrom of bodies. All of a sudden it started raining fat bitches wich were being thrown over the front rail where I was hanging on for dear life. I could see Maynard and Adam right in front of me. Maynard was covered in blue paint and he has spirals of orange neon glowing paint on one side of his body wich glowed in the black light he was under. He wouldnt come out of his corner. Pennsacola FOR THE SHOW:balcony was for the show the screens showed random visions of the schism and parabola video followed by an alien with his skull being pulled out of its skin. After playing with my Blue lights a security guard in a black shirt came up to me to take a battery away. I frowned and started singin along with maynard while handing over the light battery. He asked me how old I was and Gave me 2 BACKSTAGE PASSES!!! unfortunately my ride would not stick around. I was about to say fuck it and go backstage by my self but I saw the crowd of groupies and my pass has nothing but girls giving blow jobs on it. I felt torn and chickened out. I still wonder what would of happened if i had just stayed and looked for a ride home but when your alone you feel insecure and now im left with a backstage pass to a concert that wont be around for quite a while I didnt want to be another groupie i just wanted to meet the guys and not have to suck some roadies dick just for one taste of my magdalena

Review written by: Nathan ( Review posted on: 08/05/02 11:17:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well, the cool thing about this show was, aside from it my 3rd show (they get better as you learn to pay more attention to the important things) was that it was in my hometown area. I myself have probably emailed them 10 times asking why NO pensacola??? Ænema was #1 here, dispite #2 on billboard. Tomahawk.....cant say Im into alot of TOOL's opening tastes but hey, after sitting through the MELVINS at the two previous shows Ive been to I was happy. Patton was as fun to watch as any Saturday morning cartoon. So animated he triped on his bright yellow mic chord while flailing about everywhere and busted his head dumping equipment on the unsuspecting secutiry below. Couldnt understand A SINGLE WORD........... TOOL was perfect. Setlist was a very, very standardized set- list. As was almost everything maynard said. "Pensacola"?...(cheers)..."pensacola?"..(cheers)..."Thats better, for a moment there you sounded like Corpus Kristi"(TX) Music was great, sound best Ive heard. SO really the only "special" events at our show was the pause early on in triad for Mike from Tomahawk to tell everyone it was John from Tomahawk's birthday....both of whom play as guests on the track. And Mike busting his ass during thier set. Otherwise, there was a TON of sexy things everywhere to look at. Great honey two rows up from me with a thing around here neck (love those) and here hair up , and done very sexy. The two girl sitting in front of me took way too much of something, as they were making out and one of them lost thier shirt midway through the show. And YES, there was a BOATload of PIIIISSSS drunk late 20 early 30's joe dirt ass "ROCK N' ROLL BABY" type ASSholes there! Cant wait till they come back, and cant wait to see what they do with the setlist when 30+ mins isnt consumed be the might TRILOGY. Its just too much. Triad was nessesary though...:). Later......

Review written by: grimLoK462 ( Review posted on: 08/05/02 18:48:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I tried to post a longer review but it wouldnt let me, so I'll give you the long and short of it. I tried to like Tomahawk but couldn't. I couldn't understand a word Mike Patton was saying. Danny came out and played around on a drum machine during one of their songs while maynard watched from the side. Tool rocked. I saw them in Birmingham last October in the rain. They played Pushit and 46&2, which I didn't hear this time. But, they played h. and The Patient which I didn't hear in Birmingham.Maynard was much more talkative in B'ham. I had a good view of the stage. I had to move due to exessive moshing, but I still had a good view. Oh yeah....Maynard sang the birthday song to the drummer for Tomahawk after Triad. This was crazy because before I left I said to a friend," I don't care if they just play the birthday song, I'll be satisfied." Anyway, Tool is the best live show I've ever seen. If you haven't seen Tool live , SEE THEM SOON! (just beware of the moshers!). And to that girl that sat on my shoulders......MAN!!'re a slut!

Review written by: grimLoK462 ( Review posted on: 08/05/02 19:34:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

oh yeah....the visuals and art work by Alex Grey were AMAZING! And most of the crowd (with the exeption of the frat boys and "woooooooo!" girls ) was very cool. And it was also very cool to hear h. and The Patient. I love The Patient and I've got a new love for h. I really liked how Maynard changed the notes on the part when he sings, " I am too connected to you!". It was a beautiful show. Reflection was amazing as well. I even shed a tear. "Do what it takes to step through!"

Review written by: grimLoK462 ( Review posted on: 08/05/02 20:02:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

oh yeah....the visuals and art work by Alex Grey were AMAZING! And most of the crowd (with the exeption of the frat boys and "woooooooo!" girls ) was very cool. And it was also very cool to hear h. and The Patient. I love The Patient and I've got a new love for h. I really liked how Maynard changed the notes on the part when he sings, " I am too connected to you!". It was a beautiful show. Reflection was amazing as well. I even shed a tear. And to the reviewer that said Maynard came out and gave Mike a dildo.....that wasnt Maynard. It was some stage hand. It still wigs me out that before I left Birmingham for the show I told my friend that they could play the birthday song and it would be fine and then lo and behold Maynard sang the damn birthday song three days later at the show. I cant say enough about the T o o L show. I could sit here all day and type about how beautiful it was and how it made me feel. If you love Tool , you have no excuse not to go see them. I drove 300 miles. And I'm sure some people drove farther. If you do go though , just be careful if you're on the floor near the pit. Moshers are not very considerate of the people that are there to actually experience the show to it's fullest

Review written by: chris ( Review posted on: 08/06/02 08:22:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First off, Pensacola is not full of white trash. Music is supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart. Why would someone call their fellow tool fans rednecks or any other slurs? As far as moshing goes, everybody feels the music in their own way and, everybody reacts differently to it. Why bitch about it? As far as the show goes, it was fucking incredible. To a Tool fan, its probably one of the most rewarding experiences in music. It was pretty rough to sit through Tomahawks shitlist I mean setlist though. Tool is the greatest band in the world. Thank you for your time friends.

Review written by: Alphonso Ramos ( Review posted on: 08/06/02 08:41:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. If anyone is interested in a tool influenced band in the Fort Walton Beach area e-mail me. All positions are open. email: aim: spiralsout

Review written by: BlitZ ( Review posted on: 08/06/02 12:46:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Just for the record... wasn't a dildo.. it was a giant TOOTHBRUSH people, hence the act of Mike brushing his teeth with it! Oh, and why the hell would a stagehand bring out a toothbrush on stage? Where is the humor in that? It was Maynard! Outside of the blind and deaf crowd, it was an incredible show.

Review written by: Amos ( Review posted on: 08/06/02 14:24:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 75 Tool show

i have seen very tool show since they started and i just want to say that the new material is better than the rest and te setlist is perfect!

Review written by: eric ( Review posted on: 08/07/02 01:12:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I'm actually going to see them on Aug. 16, but i know that they will rock as allways. I've only seen them once live at 1998 Ozzfest, and they kicked ass, I had never seen Yool, or heard of them, but I'm glad that I did. Tool puts on the best show on Earth.

Review written by: grimLoK462 ( Review posted on: 08/07/02 18:28:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

o.k. my bad. it was maynard that came on stage.but, wasn't a was a giant hairbrush with a penis head on the end. so it was a HAIRbrush/dildo. i was right up front when it happened. i feel like a total moron for not recognizing maynard . i guess i was too busy trying not to get squashed to death by the moshers. i mean it was insane! if youre gonna mosh , keep it in the pit. i mean i know im at a very moving show and people need to express themselves( some more violently than others) but keep the moshing in a pit please. anyways.....peace! see all of ya'll (moshers included) in chatanooga in the fall! p.s. WHO CARES what band member did what and when? i know its easy to get caught up in the whole thing , but really, its insignifigant. i mean maynard said it best when he said something to the extent of, The music is already there , we're JUST a medium for it to get out. all that matters is the music and how it makes each individual feel. it doesnt matter if the fan understands RITUAL MAJIK or sacred geometry or where the holy grail is rennes la chateau or any of that . music is universal. it is up to the listener to decide what the music means to them. hopefully most tool fans , though , will listen to the music (as with any music) and reflect upon their life and try to better themselves BEFORE I PINE AWAY!

Review written by: Beano Cook ( Review posted on: 08/07/02 20:51:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I was lucky enough to check out the New Orleans show, and the Pensacola. Both were amazing as any TOOL perfomance is. I don't think it matters the set list at a TOOL perfomance because I have had seen the greatest four musicans on stage together putting on a show that is so mind expanding, you think how who ever isn't at the show, what they are missing out on. It is worth every dime spent and every mile traveled. Beano Cook P.S. MJ for President

Review written by: ebony ( Review posted on: 08/07/02 21:04:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was awesome but I also saw Tool in Houston a couple of days ago and it was also great but the show was cut short because Maynard wasn't feeling well. But overall both shows were great in my opinion.

Review written by: Greg ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 00:29:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

This was the 1st of 4 shows that I went to this year. I find a ticket and a person to go with at the last minute. We leave at around 10:00 in the morning and get there several hours early. I try to get a nap before the show, but I couldnt sleep cause I was SO excited about the show. The entire show was general admission so we got in the line so we can get on the floor. The line was really really long and it moved quite slow. Finally we get to the front and the security had rubber gloves on. I thought to myself "Wow a free full body cavity search before the show." Security was tight, but I still got my MD recorder in. They were busting lots of people that had cameras and laser pointers. We get in and find our spot on the floor. Tomahawk comes on and I really gave them a chance, but it was aweful. They had a 40 min. set. Mike, the guy i went with, and I ended up getting separated from each other after Tomahawk so I was chillin out with these two guys. 40 min. later the lights go down and the buzz starts. Sober: Justin starts in and everyone goes nuts. The back drop falls down to reveal a massive background with Alex Gray artwork on it. It was very cool and the way the lights were on it made it even better. I seem to remember the same visuals were used last year in Orlando for Sober, but never the less it way very good. The Grudge: Danny in a furry of arms and drum sticks starts off the song. I personally thing that this should have been the opener but any songs they open with are sweet. Nothing all that interesting about this song, but they way that Maynard holds that scream he does is just so impressive live. Ions/Stinkfist: Bzzzz, bzzzzz, bzzzzz.....the fiber optic cables light up and the video projectors show electricity rising up between to poles. I love the way that intro flows so smoothly into Stinkfist. Sinkfist starts and goes off with out a hitch. The video "remix" is very cool. I love how the people go fowards and backwards and the other scenes that arent in the video. They extended version was played but no extra lyrics. H: I was just blow away when they started to play this. I was SO hoping for H or Pushit. The Snake visuals fit perfectly with the song. I also though the new ending that maynard sings is very cool too. If you dont know what im talking about then look for some mp3s or something. Schism: The intro rocks! I thought they were going to play Mantra which would have been cool, but the new intro is way better. A few extra bars were played in the guitar/drum solo which was pretty cool as well. Parabol/Parabola: I was supprised to hear Parabol since alot of the reviews said they were not playing it. It doesnt feel like the whole song was played if they dont play Parabol. The new video sequence they used for Parabola was sweet too. Intermission: Weird....the skull thing was tool cool. Id like a video of that. It seemed a little too long. Dispisition/Reflection/Triad: WOW! Thats all I can say about that. I was SO blown away by those 3 songs that I would go see another show just to see those 3 songs again. It just builds and builds and builds......Simply breath taking. At the Pinnacle of Triad Mike Patton was on the "noise box" and John was on the second set of drums. I just couldnt help but move with the music. Simply put, it was the coolest thing Ive ever seen at a concert. Lateralus: Maynard thanks the crowd and tells everyone to do something positive with the feelings that they may have had....oh ya...and to have sex. Lateralus was just mindblowing as I would have imagined. The visuals were great and definatly topped the night off. Other intersting notes and shout-outs: 1) A big shout out to the big fat guy that keep bumping in to me every twenty seconds. 2) To the Juggalo that I met....sir. you need to put the crack pipe down and stop listening to ICP. ICP and Tool dont mix. 3) I noticed there were alot of women there, more so then the other shows Ive been too.....altho there were less hot women then the other shows...Pensacola you need to find more hot women and keep them there. Ill try and get some mp3s of the show on line in the next week or two so msg/email for info. ---------- Greg aim: dunebug81

Review written by: Greg ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 00:45:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

OOps, I looks like I forgot about The Patient. It was great. Maynard is at his best on that song. I thought the red lights with the red ribbon squares was a really nice touch. Ya....sorry about that :( --------- Greg AIM: dunebug81

Review written by: Skippy Trippy ( Review posted on: 08/10/02 14:15:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I just want to comment real quick on a few things above me. Being a short ass little fuck in the pit I didn't even see Maynard come out and hand Mike anything. I would have yelled my head off! I did see Danny come out and I cheered him the fuck on. I think that most people weren't even paying attention to their set and that's why they didn't notice them. Around me it was bathroom breaks and get more beer time while they were on. I really did try to have an open mind when I saw Tomahawk. I like Mike Patton but I just couldn't get into their music. It sounded like awful feedback screeching. I think Mike being entertaining and funny as hell saved them some otherwise they sucked monkey balls. The crowd was harsh to them I think because everyone was fucking ready to see Tool after waiting in line [in the farging rain!] to get on the floor for the show. Tool is the most trippiest thing I have ever witnessed live. God damn I loved it! This is my 3rd Tool show and Maynard gave the crowd more love than he ever has at any other show I have been to. I don't have much else to say that hasn't already been said except i loved Maynard in those little underwear and watching him do that stomping shit that he does. He's a little fuck ain't he? The show started off slow with Sober then increased in intensity almost like that of an orgasm. If I hadn't been worried about some fool moshing in front of me [how the hell can you mosh to Tool? it just don't seem possible] i would have cummed my pants during Triad. I think Maynard was hornie and would have fucked us all at the end of the show if he could have. "Have lots of sex. Happy humping."

Review written by: Casey!!!!!!! ( Review posted on: 08/11/02 17:22:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

That show KICKED ASS! We got front row!! HOLY SHIT! MAYNARD IS THE SHIT!!! HAPPY HUMPING!!!!!!!! oh ya and tomahawk sucked:)

Review written by: Metalish ( Review posted on: 08/12/02 09:32:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was the first Tool show I've been to. I must say that I loved it. I had never been much of a Tool fan before the Pensacola show. But, when Tool is in concert you go, whether you love or like them. So I went, and had an awesome time. The music was even better. I ended up in the balcony and had a great view. The graphics on the screens were great. I've always been amazed at how spiritual the guys are. This will definitley not be my last Tool show. I would much rather see them live that listen to them on the radio. "Happy Humping"... Melanie