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Review written by: xPTCx (
Review posted on: 08/07/02 23:42:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

I have the setlist from the board. Sober the Grudge Stinkfist 46&2 Schism Parabol/a Patient Aenema -------- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus /rant on/ The sound and visuals were as good as always. I just wish the crowd wasn't full of stupid rednecks who's only intention was to "kick ass and drink beer, and it looks like we're outta beer" /rant off/

Review written by: Small Wanged Man ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 00:26:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

PTC's setlist sounds right to me... This was my frist Tool show. I was blown away. I went with a friend who isn't quite as a hardcore fan as I am, but still respects and at least had some testosterone to yell out. The crowd was alright. I really enjoyed throwing my whole body in a fit of energy whenever there was a crash or what not. Sometimes you could see the people around do it with you, but it was only a few. 50% or more of the crowd didn't get into it at all, not even moving their heads or anything. But there was still some good energy, especially in the center. The piece I was looking forward to the most, The Grudge, was one of the best pieces, the crowd went wild over that one. They also went crazy for Aenema, and had a suprisingly good energy during reflection. Triad, however, which I was also looking forward too, produced almost no energy throughout the theatre...I was one of the only people in my area rocking out to it. There was a really nice stoner-type couple that sat next to us. "Laura," 23, if you read this, thank you for your friendliness, it helped me and my friend get into the show. There was some drunk frat boys behind us who all seemed sort of uncomfortable but wanted to rock anyway. They got into a lot of the older stuff of course. This was amazing. I'm never missing another show, whether I have to go by myself or whatever. If anyone in the greenville area wants someone to hang out with next time they come around, email me.

Review written by: The Wicked ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 00:46:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow...This was my first real concert, and I've just gotta say Tool made it one I won't forget. I was in the back of the floor, everyone was rockin out and gettin into the music their own way. For me it was just rockin out and singing along. Highlight of the night for me had to be either the grudge, 46 & 2, or Parabola. All were absolutely amazing, had me jamming from Sober all the way to Lateralus. Tool, thank you for one of the best nights of my life.

Review written by: D M H ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 00:47:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

The setlist above is correct except that before Stinkfist, (-) ions was played, and before The Patient, Eon Blue Apocalypse was played. There was a new intro for Sober, that really built up the tension. And there was also a really cool new intro to Schism in which Adam would play part of the main riff to the song and then Justin echoed him a second later, and they did this a couple of times each time Justin started his bit just a little earlier until they both played it at the same time, and then they started the song like the album. One of the few things Maynard said was during (-)ions, it was, "Are you awake?" I thought this was pretty funny. Anyway, it was a great and wonderful show, and I can't wait to see them again. Ciao.

Review written by: PErry ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 00:55:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I would just like to say that i have been a tool fan for some time now. but after the show in denver i wanted to see them agian. i think that tool seems to be the only band today that turly understands the vaule of music. Tool is exactly what i was looking for in a band. They seem to need there own catagory in music, not meatel, not rock, but ART, TRUE ART IS THE ONLY WAY TO DESCRIBE TOOL. i loved them enough to go get the tattoo of the "Undertow" cover on my back.

Review written by: Master Baiter ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 00:59:11 ET

Tool came out. they sang 3rd Eye. Maynard then said "I Quit" RIP TOOL. great last show, i was there hope you were too

Review written by: Brian and Mike ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 01:03:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

WARNING- serious spoilage Bi-lo Center (think basketball arena) Complete Setlist: ------ Sober The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist 46&2 Schism (first Alex Grey artwork - "InterBeing") & MJK strips down Parabol Parabola (with video) Eon Blue Apocolypse The Patient (confetti) ∆nema Disposition (2nd Alex Grey artwork - "Collective Vision") Reflection (Sacred Mirrors) Triad (w/Mike Patton and John Stanier,from Tomahawk) Lateralus ----- As soon as we got in, we headed right for the soundboard. Got a nice spot right in the center. Tomahawk started at about 7:25, and had a 45 minute set. It was probobly due to being inside, but the sound quality/mixing was rather poor... it was hard to make out alot of things. They were fun to watch, tho. Definatly alot of energy. Patton actually didnt insult the crowd this time, which is interesting, we guess. It started out with just a deer behind the drumset on stage, lit by a spotlight. Patton made some comments like "Im a lonely deer, looking for a doe.... any does out there?" Danny also did something on stage during one of their last songs, possibly on a synthesizer. Not sure there. Tool came on at about 9. Maynard had what looked like a wide blue stripe down his face and the back of his head. Sober was an interesting opener. Mike, my cousin, seemed to really enjoy it as an opener, but I preferred The Grudge, as in last year's tour. Fun performance in any event. The lighting, I think, was alot more interesting than last year, it seemed to draw in the audience more. The band was illuminated from time to time throughout the show. The use of Alex Grey's artwork brought alot of depth to the performance, and the different colors used to light the backdrops really helped to add alot of dimension and focus to the works. The video screens, one on either side of the stage, were harder to see from where we were. The video imagery did not seem as integrated, or complex as they were last year. I got the impression that the video computer was short on RAM-- the images stuttered sometimes. This wasnt too distracting, as they were hard to see in the first place. Overall, Maynard seemed to be taking it easy on his voice, dropping down some of the notes. And at "Aliiiiiive, I" in Parabola, he just sang "Ali-" and let the crowd finish. He did, however, get a 22-second scream during The Grudge. That was impressive, to say the least. We liked the light stringy thingies in (-) Ions, which were set up like sparks in a Jacob's Ladder. Stinkfist, unfortunatly, didnt have the extra lyrics, but it was extended a bit, and that threw off alot of the people singing along, so that was amusing. Danny definatly stepped it up a bit near the end of 46&2... he's so amazing to watch. Maynard throws on the guitar for Schism, and we think that the quiet bit in the middle of schism adds alot to the music. Also, the appearance and use of "InterBeing" was fantastic. Maynard strips down to this briefs for... Parabol(a), the latter of which had the music video. The giant "cancer balls" were a surprise. They seemed to float magically; they moved to much too be on a string, but seemed stable enough to not be blown by air. What kept them up? Magick? (; On to EBA, and into the Patient. The red lighting and confetti gave us goosebumps. ∆nema was truly awesome. The crowd went nuts when Maynard started "hey... hey... hey... hey..." This song is so much fun live, its hard to describe the feeling you get. Right after this, there was the intermission, with more interesting lighting. The lighting support was setup like a septagram(?). In any case, that was interesting. Maynard had the guitar on from dispositon onward. They dropped another septagram(?) without lights on it, during reflection, right after the Sacred Mirrors backdrops were revealed. The stage is almost overwhelming at this point. Danny seemed to have a bit of trouble going into Reflection... there seemed to be something wrong with his electronic pads, but he eventually got it working well. Reflection was another highlight, along with The Patient and and ∆nema. Unfortunatly, Mike got overheated/dehydrated and was sorta distracted trying to stay conscious and such. One of the soundboard guys was really nice, and gave him a waterbottle. Triad. Triad was breathtaking. It was an amazing jam session, almost a completely different song from the album version. The addition of Patton and Steiner from Tomahawk was fantastic. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves there, and this is where Danny really shone. As Patton is leaving, he gives maynard a hug and it looked like he gave his crotch a rub... mightve just been my imagination. Maynard and the gang gathered around Danny's beautiful set, and Maynard gave his usual speech. Well, that makes it sound like it wasnt important, but it was actually very touching. Lateralus is such a great way to end a concert. By this time my cousin felt better, and we were both able to enjoy an awe-inspiring closer. After Lateralus was done, the lights went up on the stage, and the guys got into a big group hug. They waved and threw water bottles, drumsticks, and drumheads into the crowd. My cousin thought the drumheads were Tool frisbees. Weirdo. I definatly got the impression that the other members of Tool seemed to add more flourishes, and jam on things a bit more than normal... Im not sure if this is to equalize Maynard's decreased output or what... but it was definatly a great experience. Danny did an *incredible* job throughout, and was tiring just to watch, and Justin moved around alot more, rocking out to the music. Adam still didnt smile. The crowd had its really cool people, and its really dumb people. There was one well-built short guy to our left that reached out and grabbed anyone flinging their bodies around too much and told them to calm down or take it elsewhere. Then there was of course the dumbasses trying to push everyone out of their way and generally being assholes. But by and large, the people were very cool. It may seem like we ragged on them alot, but these were just tiny little nitpicks. Overall, the show was just incredible, and was worth every one of the 350 miles we drove to attend. Great job guys, see you again next tour.

Review written by: K.Gowers ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 01:10:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

WOW!!!!!!!!! Thats about all you can say really. The visuals were fucking amazing the sounds was perfect ohhh what a great show. Tomahawk wasen't that great but what can you do, then TOOL takes the stage and rock it out. I still cant believe they played in G'Vegas haha little ole greenville haha hell yeahhh SETLIST sober the grudge stinkfist schism parabol/parabola the patient aenema ----------- disposition relfection triad lateralus like i said earlier amazing show........I hope they come back somewhere close before the tour stops---but ohhh well thank you some much fellas for playing at a small town like greenville yall were perfect--- i love ya emma ROCK ON kevin

Review written by: Clayton Richardson ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 01:15:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This is a review by a not so "hardcore" Tool fan. :) I really enjoyed the show. The opening act Tomahawk was mediocre. Not BAD... but not good... just losts of high frequencey noises with echo and reverb... a bit much... but acceptable. Then came the setup for Tool... they played a mix CD of various industrial songs... some Skinny Puppy, etc. A light broke, so a guy climbed up onto their seven pointed star lighting rig and check on it... it was indeed broken, so they switched it out... so about half an hour after Tomahawk left the stage and the mix CD play through and repeated a little over one cycle... They cut it off and played some synth pad Tool intro CD to get people into the mood. Some nice stuff. I want a copy. :) Anywho... after about 10- 15 minutes the band made their way out on stage. Maynard stood in the back with no lights directly on him. The others were set up in customary positions (Guitarists in front, drummer to stage left in the back.) Maynard was in his black rubber suit with a rubber face piece that covered his face and over the top of his head (may very well have been paint, but it looked seperate from his skin.) They began playing, and it was a great rock concert. They played the songs that made them famous and gave them some live spice. About three songs into it, Maynard stripped down to black rubber underwear and stayed that way through the rest of the show. Most of the set he face the back wall whenever he could... being how he is and all. The visualizations were a combination between standard winamp fair, some custom 3D pieces, and clips from videos. They had two different backdrops that they changed the lighting to emphasize different parts. The lighting was TOP NOTCH a very expensive and quality rig and orchestration. They had A GREAT EFFECT where a spot on Maynard would change colours with the Aenema fire. Really neat stuff. They also had a large metal seven point star that came down after the interlude (Marked as "---------" in the set list above. This was when they went off stage and had some synth music like the opening music had a nice light show.). Also six silk "posters" of the cover at from Lateralus depicting the human body and the different layers from skeleton to pure energy veins. I want those too. :) Tomahawk came out and played with Tool for Triad(?). Next, Maynard said their goodnight, which was right before Lateralus. Lateralus was a great show closer. When they were done, they threw bottled water to the people crushed like sardines (not in a crushed tin can) but up near the stage. That was very nice of them, because it was quite hard to breathe and quite hot. They concluded by hugging and giving bows, but Maynard left the stage after the hugs. What I enjoyed the most: Lateralus and Aenema The audience: The audience just wasn't into like I wish they would have been. Half the audience didn't move. They just kind of stood there... moving their heads a little. A few mosh-pits tried to start... but they were dangerous angry drunken redneck most-pits and were to be avoided... and that unfortunately kept happening right next to where I was standing for a while... this detracted from the enjoyment of the show early on. Anywho... if the audience had jumped around and bobbed up and down more and just generally got more into it the show would have been more enjoyable. Alot of people were into it, but not like crowds should be. I will admit 95% of the room started moving when Aenima played... and if the intermission hadn't been right after that, that energy might have stayed. The finaly also incited riotous shouts of happiness. Closing notes: First off, I want Maynard's rubber mask thing. Next, I want the giant wall scrolls depicting the chakra's from the Lateralus cover. Also, when they are done with the tour, they should produce some form of Winamp visualization based on their video show, because there was some top notch stuff in there. I'd love to be able to watch some of it again. Hmm... all in all it was a great show... still having some trouble hearing... and I highly recommend seeing this show. DEFINITELY WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION. :) Bottom Line: They Were Rockers. They Rocked Out.

Review written by: Jeff ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 01:42:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

sigh.. this was my second show.. we drove 2 hours to see it.. tool was amazing again.. but the crowd completely ruined it for me.. I swear to god everyone in the first 15 rows on the floor were either stoned drunk or stupid.. the atmosphere was horrible.. I can understand why Tool had no enthusiasm.. everyone told Tomahawk to fuck off and that they hated them even before they came on.. i mean if tomahawk is playing with tool.. that means tool has to like them.. and by badmouthing them i can see why tool wasnt completely into it.. Tomahawk was very good though.. Danny came out and played a song with them.. and John and Mikey P came out and played a song with tool.. i wish i could remember which song but i kept getting blitzed by drunk assholes who came to mosh and kick someones ass instead of take in the music.. if you're one of those people.. I absolutely hate you for ruining this for me.

Review written by: Evan Biondo ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 01:42:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

TOOL is the greatest band in the world period. So ofcourse this was the best show I have EVER seen. Yea the crowd wasn't "into" it. cant someone enjoy a goddamn show without moving. I was in the upper deck for the most part to take in the whole light show and everything and it was breathtaking. I sang every song with the people around me. It was a great to see my fav band and they put on the best show. I thought the crowd turnout was awesome. It was alot more packed than KoRn was just 3 weeks earlier. All in all GREATEST SHOW EVER!!!!! Tomahawk was good too.

Review written by: SyzygyOfMinds ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 01:43:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Being as tho the setlist has been posted, I'll spare the space and talk about the show... It is absolutely amazing how someone can play the drum's like Danny , I myself am a drummer, and I watch him play and am just blown away by the sheer force, and artistic beauty in which he play's , The show itself was rather amazing, The light's, Alex Grey artwork, And setlist were all wonderful and worked the crowd in many different way's , I noticed toward's the end of Lateralus I saw something i'd never seen before...Danny dropped a stick! HOWEVER he kept going, didn't miss a beat, Picked up a mallet, threw in an impromptu gong smash, Picked up another stick and continued, I being a drummer could tell this wasn't planned, as he was in the middle of a roll to his right when he dropped the stick, And the way he saved it, And didn't miss a thing just show's how much more of a drummer he really is...Overall I have to say don't miss this tour if it come's near you, It's well worth it... **Gripe of the evening** DRUNK IDIOTIC REDNECKS!!! I was sitting front row beside the stage, On Adam's side, And after the show Maynard threw a water bottle my way, And I grabbed it, At which time a drunk redneck dove, Knocked the bottle out of my hand tumbled over me, And hit the railing, Now I could of stopped the poor bastard from falling if i really wanted to..BUUUUT I kind of helped him find the floor easier , It's people like this who should be banned from Tool show's, cant you people see their music is much more then just a bunch of power chord's strung together? I mean jesus christ, why don't you actually sit back and take the experience in as a whole instead of being barbaric?? well either way I had a great time...

Review written by: Jeff ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 01:50:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

ohhh I forgot.. Maynard was sporting a hardon during Triad.. anyone else notice that?

Review written by: jerkoff (loco_zoso) Review posted on: 08/08/02 01:58:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Yesterday i was reading an article about Creed in a USA Today and that crap actually made me think about and appreciate Tool that much more. The singer from creed was boasting his ass off about how rock was dead before he came along and how all these new bands sound just like them and how great they are for making positive music. So i thought about Tool, like i always do when anyone ever says anything about music, and it occured to me that creed had it all wrong. Rock was never dead, not since we've had Tool to crank, Tool is who's keeping it alive. Every time it starts to slip away, they give rock an aenima and bring it back. Tool is the Led Zeppelin of the last ten years. They are the only band today that actually says something through either their lyrics or their music. And thats why tonight, people who already had their tickets waited in line for 4 hours just so they could get a few feet closer to the band. Tool is my drug. Tonight i got the fix I needed since the last time i saw them. They were amazing. I almost wonder if its okay to say they instead of it, because tonight Tool wasn't four brilliant guys with instruments, but its own entity, its own organism. Music flowed from one member to the next and fed on itself like the little parasites on the screens. It was much more alive than 8 months ago in charlotte, where everything was so perfect and rehearsed that i might as well have listened to my cd's (other than maynard's speech about heaven being enless lines of coke to sniff out of david lee roth's asscrack). Maynard is the best singer in any band i have ever heard. Lyrics are the best, voice is the best, the way he wrythes to the music makes the best stage show i've ever seen. He bent himself halfway over backwards screaming during the Grudge tonight. He is the only singer i know of who can manage to actually sing while screaming. And there was one part of Aenima where he could have been a snake for all the twisting, and it all fit perfect to the music. It was beautiful. He had the black bar face paint going from his jaw to the back of his head like he's been wearing. It looked like an old west point crew cut that just went all the way down in front. That oughta mean something. Anyway, the rest of the guys are all masters too. Danny's drums are amazing. Adam and Justin play like they are the two paint cans pouring soul from one to the other like mixing shades. I still cant believe I saw them from only 15 feet away. To be so close to the origin of such beautiful art is too powerfull an experience to understand second hand. I think I could die very happy now. All the buzz about the new stage setup with Alex Grey working with them is totally legit. It was incredible. Alex Grey is brilliant, and all the visuals went perfect with Tool. I know i'm preaching to the chior but Tool is the band. And they don't have to tell newspaper writers to show it. I got my fix tonight. Hope it'll hold for a while. Spiral out ---

Review written by: SneakyBob ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 02:15:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was a most excellent show, and a most awful crowd. You should have to pass an intelligence test to be allowed on the floor. Aside from the drunken rednecks who didn't understand what TOOL was about, The show was great. Yay! drunk redneck blood on my shirt. Idiots.

Review written by: Steven ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 02:23:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

So after setting through too many tomahawk songs, Tool took stage and jammed the bi lo center like it's never been jammed before. I felt every note, heard every though and sung every word of praise I could. It's more of a religous experience and a personal bit to Maynard and something he said, "I've captured the feeling from tonight and I plan on making something positive from it" Keep up all the incredible work, this is one fan who's forever grateful.

Review written by: KDog ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 02:51:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

As a show, it was a great show, better than 99.9% of bands could ever put on. But unfortunately, the crowd had to be full of a assload of idiots. Every time I started to really get into the music, someone had to come running through, or try to start a mosh pit. A mosh pit, at the freaking quiet part of Schism. What the hell is that? The show in Charlotte last October drew me in, made me forget that the crowd was there, made me feel as if Tool was there for me. And when i did notice the crowd last year, i felt everything positive. We drove down from Charlotte and waited in line for 5 hours so we could be close. Assholes had to make it so my girlfriend had to leave because she couldnt breathe. Then, in between sets, with no music, some moreassholes had to decide to push everyone. And then other assholes pushed back, making everything ten times worse. Show = awesome. Crowd = complete ass. I know there were many who felt like me, we want to take everyhting in, and we can't do that with crowds like this. I was looking forward to general admission seating, but next time i want seats, so that i have the opportunity to be close without feeling in danger. I do recommend the show to everyone however.

Review written by: Thomas Salley ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 03:25:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

well the setlist has already been posted... so i will leave you with my thoughts on the show... i felt that mike patton and tomahawk were very entertaining. however i did not enjoy the constant ignorance and stupidity coming from the crowd. i am beginning to question how many of them actually came to hear tool play. anywho.. after being forced forward i was right in front of adam, which was a delight... however i could not listen to them because i was trying to stay on my feet. so i backed out during the grudge and stayed with the true fans right around where i was when the concert began. the whole show was spectacular, as if one would expect any other from tool. i would elaborate more on my tool experience.. but words cannot describe what one feels when in such a presence... however at the end of the show the band gave out their "goodies" i.e. water bottles and dannys drum sticks.. and he also threw out a few of his drum heads.. one of which was caught by someone next to me... and i almost had my hands on it. o well, there's always next time.

Review written by: kul (j) Review posted on: 08/08/02 03:29:48 ET

i just got home to Alanta. left at 5 got home round 130. The fucking drunk southarolina rednecks basically told Tomahawk to get the fuck off the stage when they were actually showing talent. Tool owned as usual, Maynard played the back of the stage the whole time with a black mask on his right side of his head. He did come out mid show to the crowd for the first time and simply shook his head and walked back. I'm not sure but i think that was after he broke out into his locut speedo he was sporting half the show. I took it as a diss to greenville, but hey thats just what i thought. The crowd was pretty into it although i though there probably could have been a little bit more enthusiasm as Tool played a Fi-NOM-I-NAL show. 0he floor directly in front of the stage was more of just a puish-fest than a pit, with mini pits breaking out about 10 rows back from the stage. Pits were generally good, of course some were infested with hideously stupid drunk rednecks acting like they were on a seek and destroy mission rather than enjoying Tool. Overall it was worth riding from Atlanta to Greenville and using the free ticket i copped. Mad props to maynard for the bottled water.

Review written by: Bryan Moore ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 03:35:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2st? Tool show

I saw tool last year in Charlotte too, and all I can say is WOW this show rocked harder than that one did =P. I was impressed by the visual experience and Maynard's movements during the songs. Especially during Parabola, as Maynard got comfortable (with close to nothing on), he started convulsing and moving around a lot. The set list could have been better. They didn't even play EULOGY! Over all, this show was great. The only gripes I had were about the set list and the crowd which was comprised of a bunch of fucking idiot red necks. Many thanks to TOOL for showing me a good time AND for getting me out of depression's grips, Bryan

Review written by: Allen Hill ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 07:36:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

My god, this was the best show I've ever seen. When I saw that Tool would be playing a measley 3 and 1/2 hours away on my birthday, I immediately knew i had to attend. The Set List was amazing, the only gripe I had was that the guys didn't play ANYTHING from opiate, but i suppose thats expected. There were many drunk rednecks in the crowd, but there were also some really cool people to talk to as well. There was on couple who stood beside my friend and I that kept making out, but I eventually started talking to them and we had a cool conversation. The girl even gave me a hug for my birthday. Moshing should be fucking illegal, I had to punch some redneck in his head so he'd stop ramming into the aformentioned girl who gave me a hug. Thats why Allens a Straight Edge kids..ugh. Many of them were pissed that Maynard didn't go out of his way to "entertain us"...Dumbasses...Anyway, I got two hours of sleep last night and I leave for school in about 15 minutes. To Sum it up...This was the best birthday experience I ever had, and I'll be at the next tool show i get the slightest chance to attend.

Review written by: Carl Voth ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 09:35:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Oh what an awesome show I saw tool last year in Charlotte and this was a much better show. I was totally engulfed in the vibe until drunken folks stating moshing, donít get me wrong Iím all about the pit but Tool isnít the Band to Mosh too. Tool for me is a time to reflect and feel engergy produced from the stage. I saw the last couple of songs that tomahawk did and I thought they were great. Tool came on a rocked the place with Sober and continued with the raw energy through the rest of the show. Love the video for Parabola Especially on the big screens. I would have like to see more interactions with the parabola ball on stage with the band. But that s just me also maybe just one song from Opiate would really rock the house but I understand why they donít too often. On the end note great show and look forward to seeing Tool again and to all the violent folks that like to mosh meet me at a Fear Factory Reunion show. Also to the woman that put her hand in my pocket thinking I was her boyfriend its all good and continue to feel the energy at the shows.

Review written by: Nat ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 10:48:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This was the first show of the new tour that I got to see Tool. I went twice on last year's US tour and I must admit the visuals this time around as well as the stage completely blew me away. The setlist: Sober (intro sounded like ending of Merkaba) The Grudge -ions Stinkfist (extended) 46&2 Schism (w/ new intro) Parabol Parabola Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Aenema (short break w/ interesting visuals) Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus All in all this was a great show, musically as well as artistically. The sad thing for me is that I cannot think of this show and only think of the great show that Tool put on for us. Apparently the jack-offs that run the Bi-Lo Center decided that this concert should be entirely general admission. That's all good and well until 10,000 people try to cram themselves onto the floor. I got there early so I was on the floor. I was like 3 rows of people back from the center of the stage. It was cool when Tomahawk went on (Mike Patton is a genius). The crowd wasn't very violent and it was smooth swaying and such. But when Tomahawk went off and Tool was prepping to go on is when all hell broke loose. There were thousands of people swaying and pushing around. I saw one kid get dragged over the barricade by security because he was passed out. I also saw several other kids limping out from what looked like broken legs or something of that nature. I'm not saying this doesn't happen anywhere else, but the crowd control last night was ridiculous and terrible. About 5 minutes before Tool went on the crowd was completely unbearably for me so I had to bail out. The crowd was so dense on the floor that you could not walk out to the side. You had to crowd surf to the front so security could get you out. I got out and went to the second level so I could look down on the stage. I found a great seat and enjoyed the show much better that I would have had I been on the floor. The whole night I kept looking down at the massive crowd on the floor. I was sure that someone was gonna end up dead. This is the first arena rock show that I have been to where seats were not assigned. The floor was full from the barricade to the seats all the was in the back of the arena. All the other arena rock shows I have been to the floor is only mabe half-full and all the rest are in seats. This was the worst organized concert that I have ever been to. It was a great show nonetheless, but during the entire show I couldn't help but to think of the time The Who played in Cincinatti and the show was general admission and several people died, I hate to sound like I'm a coward or something but the crowd could get quite frightening if you were down on the floor because you didn't know what was gonna happen. I hope no one was serioulsy hurt last night and my only suggestion is to elimintae general admission for an arena. It just doesn't work with 16,000 people. Besides the crowd problem I really enjoyed the show. This is byfar the best show I have seen them play. They never cease to amaze me. Did anyone else notice Maynard's platform was spiraling around during the end of Lateralus? Thank you for a great show Tool, and fuck you Bi-Lo Center for poorly organizing this event.

Review written by: Angry Tool Fan (Irrelavent) Review posted on: 08/08/02 11:11:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Okay, this was my first Tool show. I was NOT disapointed. The only thing that I didn't like about the show, other than the fact that Tomahawk did not meet my standards. Well.. let me start from the beginning. I started the show on the floor, near the middle while Tomahawk was on, I couldn't really enjoy them if I wanted to on account of the rednecks behind me screaming about how much they sucked. Anyway, finally Tool comes on, and they play Sober, the entire crowd on the floor goes insane. I couldn't have asked for a better beginning. As the show went on I had trouble staying with my friend, but somehow I managed to. We worked our way up through the crowd. We passed through the pit, I think I got knocked around for about 5 seconds. Then I saw an opening and me and my friend charged our way to the front, a mistake I'll never make again. The people were so packed I couldn't even move my arms. I think we got 2 to 3 people away from the rail and we couldn't go any further. So now I'm in the middle of 500 people, I think the only thing that kept me from passing out from lack of oxygen was a breeze that came through every 10 minutes or so. By the time Lateralus was almost over, my friend couldn't take it anymore, and had to puke. Too bad he hadn't had anything to drink in an hour or so and dry heaved. I would have loved it if he would've thrown up all over the assholes in front of us. Luckily we were close enough to the front the bouncers were able to pull him over the rail. I had no choice, I had to follow him, I sure as hell wasn't being lost in that crowd. So I had the bouncer that pulled him over pull me out right after. He wasn't even strong enough to pull me out of the people, I had to kick at the people behind of me and push myself out with my legs, Finally I'm out of the crowd and my shirt is completely drenched. I stumbled my way up the stairs and found a water fountain. I found my friend there, I couldn't have been happier to see him. We made our way to his car, and made our 2 hour trip back to Charlotte, NC. Tool is by far my favorite band, and I'll allways be a loyal fan. But I think next time I'll just find myself a couple hits of acid and grab myself a seat. Maybe then I'd actually be able to enjoy the entire show. Anyhow, it was worth it, and I'll never miss another show. Oh yea, one other thing, I think Maynard could've talked to us a little more. At least a little more than "Greenville....Are you awake?" I was expecting a litte more. I also thing that they should've played more than one song from Undertow. Anyhow that's all I have to say. See ya at the next one!

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 11:11:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Set lists... the one posted by Brian and Mike looks right to me (and more accurate than ones previously posted, due to the inclusion of (-) Ions and Eon Blue Apocalypse). Tomahawk wasn't as bad as I'd been led to believe by previous reviews. Though I found myself liking their set at times having never heard them before, I think that, had I heard some of their material prior to last night, I would have liked it more. Tool was spectacular. My friends and I decided to go sit in some reasonably close-to-the-stage seats after getting a look at some of the "people" on the floor (something tells me that not *all* of the fat guys with mullets wearing Bud Lite or "The South Will Rise Again" t-shirts were actually there for Tool). I think that this was probably a much better way to have experienced the show, in retrospect. Maynard sounded very good for the entire set, though his voice did seem to sound a bit tired towards the end of it. The highlights of the evening for me were definitely Sober, Aenema, Triad, and Lateralus (I liked the monochrome and then red and yellow lighting for the beginning of Lateralus). The visuals were all very cool-- the enormous Alex Grey backdrops, the seven- pointed star, the CG clips, the confetti, the disco ball, the lighting (of course). An absolutely wonderful show. So, did anyone else see the shirtless, head-shaved-except-for-two-dredlocks redneck eventually get his ass kicked by security?

Review written by: Adam Jones ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 11:17:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

We played pretty well tonight, however some "actions" were being taken to prevent further complications in our stage show.....Someone decided it would be cool to jump on stage and pretend they could play as well as me. Well, it didn't work, and look who's laughing now. Hahahahaha.

Review written by: RYan ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 11:17:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Simply amazing. I saw them once before last October and I was blown away. I really didn't know what to expect this time around. Surely it couldn't be as good as last time. Well it was as good...BETTER! I couldn't believe it. Me and all my friends were baffled. How is it possible. After that show it's obvious that they are the best band out. No one even comes close. These guys go above and beyond the call of duty to bring their fans a show. I was sitting in the seats the whole time. On a few ocassions I found myself getting up after a song and applauding as if I were at the theatre. That's what it was to me. A full theatre performance. The visuals were amazing. The new stage setup was unbelievably perfect. If you haven't seen them this tour, YOU MUST!. They've also got a few surprises. I am forever a loyal fan. Bravo guys, Bravo!

Review written by: MUSIC LOVER ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 11:26:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: Thomas Dolister ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 11:48:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Having seen Tool in Charlotte and Raleigh last October I knew there would be more than a few "rednecks" in the crowd, as people have noted, but the group I was with just grabbed a seat to the right of the stage and far enough back that we could see the video screens, and it worked very well. I'd have to say that Reflection was my favorite of the night, I think Tool really did a good job on that one, the rest were about as expected. I could tell that the crowd was having an effect on the band, or does Maynard always sing with his back to the audience?? NOTE TO TOMOHAWK: They weren't booing they were saying "Tool, Tool!" :)

Review written by: spiral out 420 ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 11:50:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd? Tool show

Oh MY GOD....My ears are still ringing this morning! I don't have much to say about TOMAHAWK....But TOOL was fucking awesome!!!!! I had sooo much fun...despite getting right in the middle of about 4 STUPID mosh pits...with like people have said above in reviews...LOTS OF REDNECKS who didn't know the words, but were only there to get drunk and try to hurt people...I was hanging on the gate all the way up front by the huge speaker and had the MOST PERFECT VIEW OF MAYNARD! i could see his stomach moving as he took his breaths AND THE SWEAT DRIPPING FROM HIS BEAUTIFUL BODY and sang hiS POWERFUL WORDS. I WAS COVERED IN CHILL BUMPS AND SWEAT! I was the one that keep yelling MAYNARD TURN AROUND! Guys kept grabbing my ass, there were alot more guys then girls...but to all you girls that were rocking out I have to say HELL YEAH! MOST OF YOU CHICKS WERE PRETTY COOL, I didn't even care about getting elbowed as people were trying to get my spot which was about 10 feet from MAYNARDS body! OH MY GOD, IT WAS THE BEST SHOW! THANK YOU TOOL FOR COMING TO GREENVILLE! WISH I WAS GOING TO SEE U IN WV AND VA THIS WEEKEND! IF ANYBODY IS GOING AND HAS ROOM FOR TWO MORE....EMAIL ME I WOULD LOVE TO GO! I AM TOOLS BIGGEST FAN...AND I AM A HOT CHICK TOO!! I LOVE YOU JAMES KEENAN MAYNARD....I WANT TO HAVE YOUR LOVE CHILD! SPIRAL OUT......

Review written by: Reeves ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 12:14:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Last night we were like lemmings in our anticipation of the inevitable. Tool pitched us off the edge; I and those on my side got lost for awhile. These guys are Masters of Mind Rape. Magnificently done. There were mental deficiencies in the crowd, but that's to be expected, I was there to see the band. Thank you Tool, I walk away changed again.

Review written by: Tjololo ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 12:18:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

after an energetic show from Tomahawk-- a warm, bronze ambience thundered through the bones with whispering tones of golden tombs passing by, for what seemed like days before they decided to charge. i welcomed the desensitizing. as they began to tear me open i slipped past the screams and roars of the other victims to where it was only me and my ghosts. calming me. so purely in an out and between the sounds and colors it pleasures me and entices me while i struggle and wrestle in this straight-jacket of emotion. it was so familiar. it was a place i wanted to stay. tool shone into open eyes, open minds, and open hearts. rushed into my soul consistently and left my curiosities and intentions changed once again.

Review written by: eazy ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 12:29:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first tool show and i have to say it was one of the most mind blowing and beautiful experiences i have ever been too Tool is just simply a great band live they are amazing musicans. Nobody is even close to them and no one will ever be as good as they are. They are a once in a lifetime chance and im glad i drove two hours from my home to go see them it was well worth it. Tomahawk was good too i think Mike Patton is just a musical genuis and is great to watch he is very entertaning. The set list is already posted. I really enjoyed hearing Maynards speech to the crowd in which he said we thank you for coming tonight hopefully we have inspried you to do something positive in your life hopefully you will remember this for many years to come and hopefully you will be able to share this experience with someone hopefully you will. Thank you Maynard for that speech and thank you Tool for being a great band and just kicking major ass.

Review written by: Trey ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 12:37:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

The show was wonderful and I think it's my favorite Tool show since the AEnima tour. I think, though, that Tool fans should be more accepting of their fellow Tool fans. I've been reading some of the reviews for this show and everyone seems to be upset about the crowd. In fact, of the many reviews I've read over the years, the crowd is a very popular complaint. Those people who you may not readily identify with may also appreciate Tool as much as you do...despite their drunken state. After all, why can't we not be sober? They did pay their $35.50 to get into this show and that's not the cheapest entertainment in town. Be grateful that they came and maybe they heard or felt something about themselves or others and will learn and grow from it.

Review written by: get seats (not floor) Review posted on: 08/08/02 12:48:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

tomahawk= creative interesting entertaining band. tool= no words to describe the beautiful feeling felt at a tool show. lots of positive energy in south carolina. i do have some advice for anyone attending a general admission tool show in the future. dont bother with getting there extremely early and trying to get right up front on the floor. you will regret this. a friend and i got to the venue about 7 hrs early and did just that. we were right up against the railing during all of tomahawks set and the first two tool songs (sober, the grudge). about halfway into the grudge i realized i couldnt see any the screens that people had been so perplexed by in earlier reviews. so i get off the floor (friend is gone) and i go find a seat. from here the view is amazing and i am finally able to see what everyone has been talking about. beautiful. i came to a revalation. tool shows arent for people right up front. they are for people with a good view of the stage not of the bands facial expressions. so if you have a general admission ticket, focus on getting a good seat, not a good spot on the floor. when tool takes the stage, you will uderstand why. trust me, trust me, trust me. i hope this has a postive outcome on someones tool experience. thank you for reading.

Review written by: Charles ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 12:55:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

After a 3 hour drive from Boone, NC, my group finally made to Greenville. Three of us managed to get right up front at the stage in the place where Justin would later play. This is the first time I had been on the floor in awhile. When Tool started playing the surge of people began to crush us into the railing. I'm a pretty big guy so I wasn't bothered, but people all around me were being pulled out. I met another gentleman named Nathan (who managed to keep his spot the whole time, long after I got swept away) and a nice chick named Jessica who was there with her boyfriend (props for holding out for the whole show :) The crowd on the floor left alot to be desired. Lots of banging and pushing and shoving. I did my best to try an d keep it peaceful around my area by shoving and tossing a few of the meatheads to the side. Heh. Not everyone on the floor was trying to maim or beat the hell out of someone else, there were a few us down there to enjoy the experience. Overall the setlist was fantastic, opening with Sober was sweet. The visuals were stunning. In short, the whole show was perfect. Can't wait for tomorrow night in Richmond (where thankfully I have a seat and can sit and chill).

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 13:13:43 ET

considering your TOOLs biggest fan, you should know maynard's real name. Its James Herbert Keenan not James Keenan Maynard. I will now have to construct a latex mask of maynard's face and fuck you to death.

Review written by: Caleb ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 13:30:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Overall reaction: Despite having seen Tool twice in Atlanta last year (both shows were amzing, stellar, etc.), This concert was far superior to its predecessors. The Negative: It was in South Carolina. Whenever I feel embarrased to be from Bremen, GA, I am less disheartened when I think about what life in SC would be like. Tomahawk isn't a fraction as bad as rumors had said. I had never heard or heard of them, and I was very pleased to have seen them open for Tool. Its a shame that they couldnt play their set without a few inebriated rednecks screaming inanely derogatory remarks (i.e. "Tool, Baby! Tool. Tomahawk Sucks!"). Also, Tool is meant to be a band in which people would have to think on a modestly higher level (than say Default/ Puddle of Mudd). I honestly believe that REAL Tool fans are smart and mature enough not to act like overly aggressive imbecils who have no real purpose at the show but to disrupt the show for those looking to actually get something out of it other than a buzz and fun time. The Positive: Despite an insipid and futile attempt to be close to the front during the beginning of the show with my GA correspondant, Tool's performance couldn't have been any better (except for maybe a little more vocal volume). Imagery, effects, and performance were all even better than I expected. I was glad I didn't stay at the front because the screens, disco ball, and the psychedelic curtain were all enjoyed much more once I moved back about 20 ft, and up 3 rows. Maynard spoke little, but I was impressed with what he did have to say. All members were on top of their game (musically), and Maynard did a great job of not trying to steal attention away from the others (as most modern lead singers do). Every dollar was worth it, and I hope to see them in NY next week. Thank You for reading this, and please, really LISTEN TO TOOL, NOT JUST HEAR IT. Thank you, Tool.

Review written by: Caleb ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 13:32:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Overall reaction: Despite having seen Tool twice in Atlanta last year (both shows were amzing, stellar, etc.), This concert was far superior to its predecessors. The Negative: It was in South Carolina. Whenever I feel embarrased to be from Bremen, GA, I am less disheartened when I think about what life in SC would be like. Tomahawk isn't a fraction as bad as rumors had said. I had never heard or heard of them, and I was very pleased to have seen them open for Tool. Its a shame that they couldnt play their set without a few inebriated rednecks screaming inanely derogatory remarks (i.e. "Tool, Baby! Tool. Tomahawk Sucks!"). Also, Tool is meant to be a band in which people would have to think on a modestly higher level (than say Default/ Puddle of Mudd). I honestly believe that REAL Tool fans are smart and mature enough not to act like overly aggressive imbecils who have no real purpose at the show but to disrupt the show for those looking to actually get something out of it other than a buzz and fun time. The Positive: Despite an insipid and futile attempt to be close to the front during the beginning of the show with my GA correspondant, Tool's performance couldn't have been any better (except for maybe a little more vocal volume). Imagery, effects, and performance were all even better than I expected. I was glad I didn't stay at the front because the screens, disco ball, and the psychedelic curtain were all enjoyed much more once I moved back about 20 ft, and up 3 rows. Maynard spoke little, but I was impressed with what he did have to say. All members were on top of their game (musically), and Maynard did a great job of not trying to steal attention away from the others (as most modern lead singers do). Every dollar was worth it, and I hope to see them in NY next week. Thank You for reading this, and please, really LISTEN TO TOOL, NOT JUST HEAR IT. Thank you, Tool.

Review written by: Caleb ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 13:32:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Overall reaction: Despite having seen Tool twice in Atlanta last year (both shows were amzing, stellar, etc.), This concert was far superior to its predecessors. The Negative: It was in South Carolina. Whenever I feel embarrased to be from Bremen, GA, I am less disheartened when I think about what life in SC would be like. Tomahawk isn't a fraction as bad as rumors had said. I had never heard or heard of them, and I was very pleased to have seen them open for Tool. Its a shame that they couldnt play their set without a few inebriated rednecks screaming inanely derogatory remarks (i.e. "Tool, Baby! Tool. Tomahawk Sucks!"). Also, Tool is meant to be a band in which people would have to think on a modestly higher level (than say Default/ Puddle of Mudd). I honestly believe that REAL Tool fans are smart and mature enough not to act like overly aggressive imbecils who have no real purpose at the show but to disrupt the show for those looking to actually get something out of it other than a buzz and fun time. The Positive: Despite an insipid and futile attempt to be close to the front during the beginning of the show with my GA correspondant, Tool's performance couldn't have been any better (except for maybe a little more vocal volume). Imagery, effects, and performance were all even better than I expected. I was glad I didn't stay at the front because the screens, disco ball, and the psychedelic curtain were all enjoyed much more once I moved back about 20 ft, and up 3 rows. Maynard spoke little, but I was impressed with what he did have to say. All members were on top of their game (musically), and Maynard did a great job of not trying to steal attention away from the others (as most modern lead singers do). Every dollar was worth it, and I hope to see them in NY next week. Thank You for reading this, and please, really LISTEN TO TOOL, NOT JUST HEAR IT. Thank you, Tool.

Review written by: A. O. ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 13:45:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Tool is so incredible!! I thought nothing could top Charlotte and Raliegh last year, but I was proved completely wrong tonight. I got to the venue at 4:00 PM in order to get right up front and "see the band and feel as close to them as possible." I was front and center about 10 feet deep in the crowd. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!!!!!! DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!!!!! DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!!!!!! ! You can't even see the band or focus on the experience at all. I'm 6' 3" and 215 lbs. and it was literally all I could do to stay on my feet. I surfed out during the middle of the first song. I am completely serious!! It sucks being in that compacted mass of humanity and totally ruins the experience. When I finally got out, i went towards the back of the venue and positioned myself on the left side of the sound board. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about it. This is where the sounds are evaluated and adjusted. Perfect mix right there. I highly recommend it!! ROCK ON TOOL!!!

Review written by: Phil ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 14:16:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was my 2nd time seeing Tool (had front row seats last year up in Charlotte) and once again i was blown away. After once again witnessing Mike Patton's psychotic yet very entertaining performace with Tomahawk (saw him with Fantomas at previous Tool show), me and my buds managed to squeeze through to within about 20 feet of the stage. When Tool finally took the stage,the only downside was the barricade of drunken,shirtless fat rednecks that bumrushed the stage and crushed the hell out of everyone up front. Tool's performance was again mind blowing,quite possibly as great if not a little better than my previous show. I was glad to hear "Sober" and "46 & 2." The imagery on the screens and the lights were sensational and hypnotic. It was definitely a show you had to be at and I plan on seeing them again the next time they come around within my vicinity. And the best part,I managed to sneak in a camera and got some great shots of both bands. :) P.S. Matt,Liz,Nadia,Josh(even though I didn't cya),hope you had as great a time as I did.

Review written by: spiral out_420 ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 14:50:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 666? Tool show

Oh excuse me, I did notice Maynards HARD ON (JAMES HERBERT KEENAN) to the ASSHOLE who TRIED to correct me in a review of a show that he didn't even go to!! HAHAHAHAHAH- During the second half of the show-- It was completely awesome and not an insult to GREENVILLE in any way!! I thought the BILO Center was a great venue and would go back again....The worst venue was Verizon Wireless in Charlotte....I don't recommend seeing a band like TOOL there EVER! i AM STILL TOOLS BIGGEST FAN........

Review written by: DJW (pryingopen@mythirdeye) Review posted on: 08/08/02 15:21:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Not much to say here as the other reviews pretty much say it all. The one thing I would like to say is that whoever threw the object on stage towards the end of the show almost hit Maynard in the head. Not sure what the object was, although it looked like someone's shoe. Whoever threw it is a total asshole. If you want to throw something on stage during a show, do it at an N-Sync concert you fucking waste of humanity. You fucking suck.

Review written by: Alan Jones ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 15:30:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Well, since last May I've seen the Tabernacle show in Atlanta, the Paramount show in Seattle with King Crimson, and the Charlotte show last October, but having lived in Greenville for most of my life so far, it was a great thing to have TOOL playing just five minutes from my house. This show was definitely the best visually and,of course, the band was musically the tightest I've seen them so far. Myself and a group of ten guys all came to the show together and got seats on the front row of the lower bowl and about 2 sections back from the stage. This, to me, is the way to go at a TOOL show. Every show of theirs that I've been to that was general admission on the floor, regardless of where it is geographically, is basically a large-scale version of Ultimate Fighting Championship with beligerent assholes. So why bother? All the work they put into the stage setup is best appreciated from somewhat of a distance anyways. One complaint, though. What the hell is with putting Greenville, North Carolina on one of the tour shirts? Anyways, the setlist was great and I still think Lateralus is the best closer they've written so far. So there it was, TOOL in good old Greenville, SC. Southern we are, but we are not all backwoods rednecks. Sincere thanks go out to TOOL and their management for realizing that there are other cities out there that are full of TOOL fans. See you somewhere near in October/November? We'll see I guess. Go Clemson.

Review written by: brandon ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 15:44:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This Tool show was a mixed bag for me. We (group of 5) arrived to the Bi-Lo center around 2:30 to find maybe 30 or so people already waiting outside. After passing time we finally got in, and rushed down to the floor where we were told to sit down. Iím guessing we sat down in the 3rd row or so, but of course there were no rows given it was general admission. Iíll get back to this point in a moment after I talk about the general performances: Tomahawk: They were actually very good in my opinion. My only gripe was the sound quality. While it was still very bass- intensive during Tool, they seemed to fix the treble ear- splitting problems by then. I donít know the names of the songs, but Iím sure someone posted their setlist already. Tool: They put on an amazing show as always, playing a great set with superb visuals to back it. The Alex Grey stuff was really amazing, as well as the different stage props (- ions wires, confetti). I didnít watch the band-members themselves too much, but from what I did observe: Danny got a huge reaction from the crowd after his electronics thing with Tomahawk, and did a great job throughout the Tool set. Maynard said a few words at the beginning, and at the end for the positive speech. Adam did a great job as always, but remained somewhat motionless.. but oh well. Justin was actually very lively especially during Sober and Aenema. A few notes: I thought it was pretty hilarious when 99% of the crowd didnít see the extended version of Stinkfist coming and continued to sing ďIíll keep diggingĒ while Tool played the new addition. Schismís extension was really nice, as well as the new version of Triad which to me was the best song of the night. So back to the point where Tomahawk was about to take the stage. What proceeded after they began playing was what ruined the night for me in a significant way. Iím talking about of course the selfish drunken guys who proceeded to spoil the time for a good number of people. Iím fine with people drinking beer and having a good time ya know.. but when it starts to invade on other peopleís space and ruin their experience, its just not cool. It started out with a few guys falling around aimlessly and causing the compacted crowd up front to sway heavily and semi-fall down for the majority of the set for Tomahawk. I appreciate the security and their attempts to get the few individuals to stop, but there wasnít much they could do after the entire front (and maybe elsewhere?) started to push and shove randomly. What made it worse was the fact that there wasnít enough room to hardly move your hands up into the air, so it was extremely uncomfortable to say the least. After the Tomahawk set this continued on, and the two girls in my group decided to get out and go upstairs where they could sit down in the chairs and watch the performance from there. The guys I was with stuck it out for another 15 min or so before we decided it wasnít worth it and wouldnít get any better as Tool came on. We then opted to stand on the side maybe a third of the way back. As it turns out, a few people managed once again to ruin the fun for many in this new location too. People began moshing to Tool once they came on, which in itself is just wrong in my opinion. To make it worse they were doing it at the most horrid times including the beginning parts to Schism, and Reflection of all songs. At some point near the beginning of intermission I went upstairs to join my other 2 friends. It turns out this was the best decision I made of the night. From the high view I was able to see that the pushing and semi-moshing up front didnít cease, which was both upsetting to see that at Tool, but pleasing that I made the right decision. From up high I wasnít really able to see the Alex Grey stuff any more. I saw a few tarps from the sacred mirrors and the side of the Tunnel of Eyes thing. It didnít really matter though as I more enjoyed spending time with my friends than I would have standing on the floor trying to observe the art - Trying being the key word of course. I apologize if Iím coming off as a whiny punk who doesnít need to be at a Tool concert, but I hold the opinion that Toolís music is much more than just moshing beats. To take it all in I think itís necessary to be able to watch the visuals, and hear the sounds without having to worry about getting thrown into the moshpit beside you. As for the people not moving around much in the crowd.. I could care less. Iím sure most of them were having a good time, and theyíre not bothering anyone, so let them enjoy it as they wish. Thanks for your time in reading this.

Review written by: Shane ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 17:43:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. this was my first concert show since i saw them in a bar in early 90's. Wow have they grown into something really big. It was a amazing show really artistic and really deep. It is ashame that people got soo drunk that they really couldnt get into the whole theme that the band was trying to portray. Overall to me it Rocked I was feeling the energy in lateralas with Maynerd man it was tiring. I don't understand why people have to get so drunk and rowdy to beat up each other in mosh pits especially in tool. I did see a guy hit a girl which was kinda messed up. It seemed to that most brawlers very young and stupid as for the people sitting in lower bowl they were not into it as much but from where i was sitting in vip box I rocked alot stood up alot but also I was at awe with the lighting and bigscreens it was amazing and drum solo completely tore the roof off the new drums rock Danny!! I think one reason behind the crowd is that now that tool is having alot of radio time and the band is more popular they are not really into tool as band just as the schism song they heard on radio. I know one guy I went with only knew one song that was it. Hopefully like Maynerd said everyone will learn and make something positive out of the whole experience. Tool Rocks List don't just hear!! Thanks Tool Also Tomahawk was a good band I think that the sound system was kinda screwy for them that night. Too much distortion for me but Im no expert just opinion =) Thanks Tool and Tomahawk!!

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 18:31:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I agree with the general consensous here, regarding the redneck crowd. What I found truly annoying was the fact that not only were they loud and obnoxious, but devastatingly stupid, above all. Any of you rednecks from Greenville, who can actually read, pay attention: You are not a credit to the human race. I swear, throughout the entire show, between songs, I was bombarded with "PLAY JERKAAWWF!! PLAY JERKAWWWF!!" When the idiots finally came to the realization that they weren't gonna play "Jerkawwf," they regaled everyone around them with their own muddled, drunken version, while every other normal, relatively decent human being was trying to enjoy the music that Tool were already playing, which, by the way, is the result of a much more developed and advanced musical ability, since they recorded Opiate. *End rant* Heh.. sorry, I had to get that out. Tomahawk was enjoyable, in my opinion and I felt bad that so many idiots in the croud couldn't show them any respect at all. Oh well. That's Greenville for you, I guess. Otherwise, the show that Tool put on for the true fans didn't disappoint. The imagery from Alex Grey was stunning. I loved how they used his "Sacred Mirrors" pieces toward the end of the show and the rotating orbs from "Parabola" floating in the background added a really powerful atmosphere to the already electric energy that the band seemed to put off effortlessly. Add that to the amazing lightshow, and the flakes of sparkling metal that were realeased over the croud, creating an even more surreal experience. It kicked ass. It's my contention that Tool is incapable of doing ANYthing that sucks. Just don't go see a Tool show in Greenville, unless you feel you can tolerate the rednecks. Despite them, the show was still worth the ticket price, plus the 2 hour drive from Atlanta and back.

Review written by: M Merrill ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 19:59:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

5th concert for me but only the second at an indoor venue so my expectations were high. The sounds at the Charlotte Show in Dec '96 rocked my face and I was anticipating a similar experience in Greenville. ALAS. You would think that a MACHINE that is capable of taking a high powered ROCK show around the world would have the resources to place someone out in the crowd at some point to hear how things sound. BLARING. Indeed the experience of TOOL is somewhat painful at times and maybe there is much to be gleaned from the purging of aural torture, but The music sounded great. Loud as shit but great. The problem was in my opinion (and I thought I would never say this) Mr. Keenan's vocals. They were amped up to a level that the PA equipment had problems with. Lots of problems. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the music level was already so high and the vocals were just enough to make the cup overflow and spill bad taste all over the venue. Or perhaps noone cares and I shouldnt go for a 6th show. Or Maybe somebody was up to something? Yeah- I think they pulled one. I think someone has a sore throat and was trying to use excessive volume and distortion as smoke and mirrors. Yes I do know how good he can sound- I just didn't hear it last night in all of the songs. Did anyone notice the missed yell in Patient? I think he dropped his mic on purpose in fear of missing the note. SINCERE get-well-soon wishes. Die Hard TOOL fan, go to the show, just don't expect too much and you may leave feeling all "positive" and shit.

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 08/08/02 20:31:29 ET

This was this reviewer's shty Tool show

said setlist is correct. it was a horrible idea for Tool to get mike patton as an opener simply because all patton fans are alcholics, all five of them. (the band Laundry, with Tim Herbert, would have been very badass) you know theres going to be a problem when someone passes out and pukes all overthemselves before the show evening starts. on a more personal note, if i was onstage and saw all the drunk obnoxious behavior, i would have left in disgust. further more, Tool showed all the signs of being completely disgusted with the crowd. i.e. maynard singing with his back to crowd the whole time. literally. maynard also seemed to be singing in a higher voice, very rush-esque, like Jim Morrison use to do when he didnt like the crowd. Maynard also missed many notes through out the show, which almost Never happens. on top of that, danny wasnt playing well, nor justin, and adam kept missing notes during the improve parts. and the sound was horrible. it was more like mudd. but i dont think any of this was accidental. by the time Tool started playing everyone kinda jumped into a frenzy, which is expected, but even the kids blazing next to me were fucking moshing.... you know theres going to be problems when stoned kids start pushing. 3 puke puddles and ruined shoes later, i left the "floor," which was more like a mosh pit, so i could actually see everything there was to offer. all the loud and obnoxiouses were more concerned with pushing everyone around and getting more beer to even look at the band, or the visuals. the completely wasted guy that kept jumping on back wasnt paying attention to anything. but after my friend sprained her finger, another friend with bent glasses, and a shirt covered in sweat (90% of it being not mine) later, i found a seat up in the stands where i could enjoy the show. and even the then, all the guys behind could talk about was that they were pissed because the Bi-Lo stopped serving alchol. yea no kidding. i cant understand how anyone, minus the alcholics, could have enjoyed the show, more or less, say it was an awesome time. if anyone has read any reviews for the past leg of the 2002 tour, they would have heard that Maynard was actually talking more, and the entire band was more animated, and the sound still remained a constant presition (sp?) though most of the bridges were changed (or just im-proved to dick around). no hello. no comments until the end, and it was the positivity speech and good night. thats it. in conclusion, i dont blame Tool, i was embarrassed to even be part of the crowd, and im never driving to SC to see a show again. ~take care, John

Review written by: master tool fan (----------) Review posted on: 08/08/02 22:47:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I wanted to just say a few things. Thank you the two people who had the radio playing tool. that was awesome ( the dude with the khakis and a black tool shirt & the dude with that long ass go-t beard/ what ever it is, who had some george carlin shirt on? and knee brace.) AND A BIG FUCK YOU ALL THOSE REDNECKS WHO INJURING THOSE PEOPLE. TOOL you guys rocked. thanks, your master

Review written by: Kristy ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 00:36:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Before I say anything else, I must say that last night's show was stunning. TOOL is definitely a band with amazing sound indoors. The stars in Charlotte were awesome (even though I froze my ass off), but the sound in the indoor arena defies words. I'll save everyone my bitching about the crowd since half the other people have already mentioned it. They are all completely right though, and I was embarrassed to say I live in the state of SC. The shows in Atlanta and Charlotte last year were so much easier to enjoy from close up. After missing most of Sober while I was squeezed into a pulp by the druken idiots around me, I moved to a safer spot in the first few rows of seats (thanks to the guy in the undertow shirt who opened a small escape path) . I honestly don't see how anyone could enjoy what TOOL had to offer if they were stuck in the middle of that pit. Get into the music, move around, sure, but why the hell do you have to throw yourself full force into everyone around you, regardless of the fact that they obviously don't appreciate it? Go see Hatebreed or some other band that lends itself to kicking each other's asses and let the rest of us enjoy the band up close. Ok, so I ranted anyway. My apologies to the band for all the drunken dumbasses out there. Anyway, the show was absolutely amazing. Maynard's slight voice troubles were barely noticeable. Aenima has always been one of my favorites, and that, the Grudge, and Parabola were the highlights of the first half in my opinion. After the intermission, I was completely blown away. Alex Grey is incredible, and his artwork is the perfect setting for TOOL. The lighting during Disposition with Maynard's haunting voice and soft guitar... God. Reflection was amazing, and then the transition into Triad. There is no other band today who could even hope to deliver a performance like that of Triad last night. I felt like I was in a trance, and it seemed to end all too soon. Thanks to TOOL for another great show. There is literally no band who can even come close to you guys. Peace.

Review written by: David S. ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 00:36:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I actually went to both the and Greenville(with my friends Ryan, Jill, and the Chatanooga Crew) and Daytona(with my little sister Maggie) shows. After reading the reviews of both, I'd have to say that the band's performance was greater at Daytona. Maynard seemed quite distant and ended up singing with his back to the crowd most of the night at Greeneville. At Daytona, Maynard even held out the microphone at one point for all of us to sing along. The Greeneville show had an amazing atmosphere. The crowd moved fairly well, and I can definately say that General Admission is the only way to see a metal show Even though I feel that Tool performed better at Daytona, I feel that the Greeneville show was more enjoyable because of the fact that I got to be on the floor. It was awesome move and bumping and even moshing a bit. It got pretty intense at times, and a guy, Ash, that went with us caught a head to his eye that opened a half-inch cut. I would reccomend to anyone that hasn't been onto the floor to do so, if only for a few songs. The energy that is shared with everyone around you is truly a wonderful and connecting experience. I am a greater person because of seeing Tool. I also gotta give thanks to my friends and my sister for going with me. These two shows would have been nowhere as amazing without your company.

Review written by: David S. ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 00:43:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I completely forgot to mention Tomahawk's performance. I feel that Mike Patton is amazing. His music is well written and the energy of his performances is outstanding. It dissapoints me that many Tool fans are not open enough to listen to and objectively judge. Just because it is not metal doesn't mean that it's not worth your time. Think for yourself. As for the guy who wonders why Tool would have them open? It's because they are a great band with intelligent, well-done music. Just because you're too ignorant to see that doesn't diminish it.

Review written by: Greg ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 01:17:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Enough long reviews have been posted so I wont make anyone read another one. Just a few comments and notes. I went with some guy I met online after the Daytona show and we decided at the last moment to go. We leave at around 10:00 AM on Wednesday. It takes us about 7 hours to get there. It was a good ride, hardly any traffice and only a few spots of rain. We get to the Bi-lo center a little before 6:00. We get tickets at the box office and save ourselves $15 in lame-o ticketmaster charges. We grab a piece of asphalt and chill out for 30 min till doors open. A guy with a bull horn comes out and gives the usual shpeel (is that even a real word?) about no wepons, cameras, etc, etc. They used metal detectors and i think that made Kevin rather nervous. I walk up to the guy with the wand and asked him if he was as excited as I was. He said no and I reply thats too bad, it will be a great show. He wands me and it goes off over my belt buckle and askes if that was my belt buckle and of couse it was....what else could it be :) We walk on thru and head inside. A quick stop to pee and put my mics on and we head down to the floor. It was packed, so we decided to grab a chair and chill out for a while. I always seem to have the back luck when it comes to sitting next to other people that want to chill out. We end up sitting by some drunk redecks. At this point im glad I dont live in South Carolina. Tomahawk comes on and I plug my ears for the next 40 min. After they are done we find a better, less populated location. We end up sitting directly next to Danny which was a great because we could see everything that he was doing. Tool played the same set from Ft. Myers but they had much more enegery. Good fun show, and well worth the drive. Some guy saw me recording and after the show asked me if I was a cop/security and said something in a drunken slur about wanting to beat me up because I looked at his girl for too long or something to that effect. First off, I definatly wasnt checking out his skank of a girlfriend and secondly I would have just pushed him down 10 rows of chairs and maybe i would have done the world a favor by breaking his neck. Tool good....drunken rednecks bad. ---------- Greg aim: dunebug81

Review written by: adam ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 02:16:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

all i got to say is that tool has got the best pit i have ever been. it just blows away slayer who i thought was wild. i mean tool didnt geven take stage yet and everybody is pushig eachother down! no complaints from me. as for tool, same setlis from when i saw them last year in charlotte, except sober wich i really enjoyed, just next time you guys go on tour play som undertow and opiate. other then that tool was fuckin awsome as aslway. i was there pretty earily so i had a prety good spot on the floor, right between adam and maynard. a little closer to adam and that was cool becuse last time at blockbuster i was on the lawn. i actually got to see them all upclose. TOOL, thank for the best show iv'e ever been to.

Review written by: Shiloh ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 02:37:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Tool never disapoint. They rocked the mother fucking roof off the Bi LO center. Thanks tool for coming to a small ass redneck town like Greenvile, being as i only live like an hour and 10 min away in NC, i know how dumb and idiotic southern drunk rednecks can be, hell my dad is one, lol. But please tool and everyone who came from outa town to the greenvile sc show, all of us down here in the south are not like some of the people that may have disgusted you. So come back ok!! but next time come to asheville NC to the thomas wolfe memorial audtorium, i think thats the name someone correct me if im wrong, you guys would love ashevill nc its a real laid back kinda town. i am not going to post a bunch of stuff bec i done that on the collective site toolarmy. If anyone knows of or has themselves any audio or video from 1997 lopolaza tour in charlote NC, 1998 ozzfest in raliegh NC, oct 6 2001 in charlote NC , give me a shout! also tool done two small club type shows back in 1996 when aenima came out in charlote and raliegh, if anyone has info on that holler at me. in closing tool rock and they have the whole music world by the balls. What trips me out is everybody always talks about the drunk rednecks, (hell even i did), but i wonder why u never hear a review that says "i was one of the drunk rednecks at the show i rule duh huh, " lol haahah. anyway love u all PEACE.

Review written by: bc ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 15:04:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Well, I was really impressed by this show. i started out on the floor for Tomahawk, but the girl I was with was so short she couldnt see above the sea of we made our way up to the front row of the balcony, which by the way were killer seats. I really liked the visuals, much more intricate than previous tours. Thought the Triad jam was unreal and loved every minute of this show. Can't wait for them to come back. Oh yeah, I can't really say anything about the crowd since I wasn't down there for very long...but that sucks for those of you who had to put up with the bullshit. Anyways, thanks Tool for coming by and I hope you'll swing our way again really soon. cheers, bc

Review written by: kgowers ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 16:22:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Great show!!! My second time seeing TOOL and it just keeps getting better. My apologies to the band for the dumbasses on the floor. To the assholes on the floor; Show some respect!!!! You were witnessing one of the best bands of our time and all you can do is jump around and hurt each other? Why? No wonder Maynard wouldn't face the crowd. I hope the crowd doesn't keep them from coming back!! TOOL Rocks!!!! Thanks for coming to Greenville!!

Review written by: just another tool patient ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 19:06:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

So yeah, this was my first Tool show. Being from Sumter SC we had to drive about 3 hours to get to the Bi-Lo center in Greenville...but it was more worth it than anything! The place was pretty packed, lots of people that merely looked like a big ocean of tiny heads & faces. Tomahawk came on at 7:30..they played about 30-45 minutes I guess. I don't really know, I didn't like em. A lot of people there seemed to be cheering and whooping for them, but we certainly weren't, and we took some seats during their set...Their tendencey to add screeching sharp noises into their music irked me. In the end, only one thing was thrown at them. Ha. Before Tool came on my boyfriend and I pushed our way into the crow, towards the center a few lines of people away from the stage. Before Tool even came out or played the crowd was heaving & shoving everywhere, perhaps they were fighting for which side was stronger, or who was going to be in the center where the pit would soon be? Haha.... My boyfriend left me but I remained in the pit anyhow, c'mon, it's TOOL..and after a long wait and lots of suspense they finally cranked out Sober. The crowd instantly sparked with a lot of energy...atleast in the part where I was. There were a lot of people standing around back or sitting down, but the pit was pretty brutal. One guy walked away during The Grudge, (only the 2nd song) with a badly busted/bleeding eye. Ouch. I was dead center like 1 row from the rail by the stage when Sober started the end of The Grudge I was pushed back into the pit area, and I'm not usually fond of pits but I enjoyed thrashing and jumping and slipping everywhere to the blaring music. Yeah!! I agree with whoever said about the drunk was pretty bad stupid drunk people bringing drinks into the pit, and I got lots of beer spilled on me but who cares. They had little red glitter things falling during The Patient, which was pretty cool. I see the setlist was already posted, I couldn't remember the order after the show...stupid memory..hmm I wonder what was wrong with my memory? Hehe. Of course the visuals and the lighting were great and mesmerizing as anything...I had wished they'd played anything off of Opiate or even something more from Undertow...but I'm not complaining, I had a blast! All in all if you put aside the drunken fools, stupid people, and other various factors, and concentrate on simply the band, the show was great. It was my first real stadium/arena show and seeing Tool just left me with this really weird enlightened feeling. Lateralus was a good end to the show also, and they threw out water bottles, drumsticks, etc. I didn't get my hands on any, but I probably would've been punched in the face and had it stolen if I had caught one anyways. Haha...but yes it was worth it, even if I have bruises I don't know where they came from and if we drove 3 hours and didn't get home until 3:30 in the morning...ROCK ON. T00L for life.

Review written by: Kate ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 19:38:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show wednesday night was incredible. despite all the rowdy drunk rednecks. TOOL's stage presence is unlike any other band I've seen. The visuals were awesome and that really adds something to the ambiance of the concert. Someone commented to me, Maynard doesn't stand directly in front of the crowd, he gives the rest of the group heaps of respect by allowing himself to be vocals in the group not the lead singer at the front. The members of TOOL are serious artists and the quality of their music is definite proof.

Review written by: Timmah(T00Lfan) (Ladiesman434) Review posted on: 08/09/02 19:45:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

the setlist was right. Um, being from South Carolina, I realize the terrible behavior of said rednecks who live in this state. I myself am not a redneck, but I do know that they have asshole tendencies, and enjoy their beer, whether in their hand or on your shirt. Anyways, about the show. This was my first Tool show, and I must say it rocked. Tomahawk had their moments, some of their keyboard effects seemed cool, however i didn't care for alot of the screaming. Overall, I wouldn't listen to them much, if ever. But, Tool was great. Sober was a great opener. My favorite song of the night was ∆nima. And Lateralus was great. The ending was cool when Tool all got together and showed appreciation to a less-than-appreciative crowd. While Tomahawk was on stage, I was in the pit, but between the two bands, I left with my friends since a bunch of drunked rednecks kept pushing forward and really hurting everyone. So, I found a nice seat on the left side of the arena(facing the stage) and viewed from there. I'm happy about this, since the artwork and visuals were a great fit with the music. I enjoyed the show overall, and I really can't blame Maynard for giving a seemlessly carefree performance. If I were him, I would have stayed in back away from the rednecks too. Anyways, kudos to Tool on a fabulous show.

Review written by: TORI ( Review posted on: 08/09/02 20:15:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

TOOL is without doubt one of the most spiritually enlightened bands of our generation - and before. The messages they are sending us are amazing and so inspiring. Anyways, you must know that anyways. The thing is though, TOOL is being followed around by a bunch of drug - using idiots who are totally oblivious to Maynard's message and just listen because it's what's COOL. At the show, the first thing Maynard asked us was "Are you awake?" My loud YES was drowned out by the Nos of mostly everyone around me. I know I was not the only aware person in that crowd, but god it felt like it. Maynard was singing "Fuck all you junkies and Fucky your short memories" and meanwhile kids were raising their joints or beers proudly in the air yelling woohoo. Come on people, at least have the brain power to be insulted and realize he is talking about YOU. It saddened me at first, and pissed me off, that so many people were blind to Maynard's message. But then I tranced out, and got lost in the music and just became... part of everything and everyone. And in the end, he said "I hope that at least one of you walks out somewhat enlightnened... that will be worth this all for me. And i hope you carry the love with you throughout the years and use it to create something positive." That hit me so hard and I hope he knows that that's what happened with me. That concert changed me, his words awakened me, and this love I have from him will always be alive. Even if it was just one of us...

Review written by: shawn ( Review posted on: 08/11/02 14:02:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

greetings fellow TOOL fans. first off, if anyone from TOOL reads this i want to thank them for sharing what they have. i thought i had an idea of what to expect when i went to the show, but i was mistaken. i could not have in my wildest dreams prepared mysekf for the spectacular show they put on. of all the shows i have been to in the past, this was by far the best yet. i really do not see how anyone could top it. it was truely amazing. yes, there were some assholes in the crowd. but in all fairness, there were a lot of people who were not local. people from all over the state, as well as georgia, north carolina, and tennesee were also there, so it wasn't just "greenville" people showing out. i hope they would consider coming back. they general seating WAS a bad idea. that never works at a show like this. if anyone has an e-mail address for the band, it would be appreciated. the one on their web site does not appear to be working. i took away from the show more that i came with. that experience will stay with me until the day i die.

Review written by: Karen ( Review posted on: 08/11/02 18:34:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 2cnd Tool show

ive seen perfect circle once and this was my 2cnd tool show, so all in all ive seen maynard preform 3 times... i thought this show was just completely awesome. the band played wonderful, maynards voice squeaked on stinkfist, the drums were comPLETEly onpointe and the bass was just breathtaking all night. i didnt even hear parabola i was so into the visuals, and they played aenima..... i couldve left happy right then. tomahawk opened up, and i thought they were a complete joke. it was reverberation, screams, and noise. not music. i think sometimes maynard picks his opening bands just to laugh at us and see how many people will profess to love them just bc maynard might have picked them out. the bi lo people did not have their shit straight, sound was off, you could hardly hear maynard sometimes, and it really couldve been a reincarnation of the who show, there were hundreds of kids packed onto the floor and the crowd was going crazy. i sat in seats pretty close to the stage over to the right and i could see just fine and reallly enjoyed the show and was able to relax. maynards usual speech gave me chills just like last time, and i love how he stays in the back ground... most bands, the lead singer wants the band to be alla bout him, the fans to be all about him, the music to be all about him... maynard doesnt seem to give a shit. even in the tool posters, hes hardly ever just totally up front by himself. i think it just shows that tool really is about the music, the message, the sarcasm, the beauty, the art... not about being famous rock stars, not about thinking they are some demi gods just bc they can play really good music. the guy right in front of us caught the stinking drum cap thingy... i got to look at it at least. durnit. next time maybe. all in all the show was amazing, better sound quality wouldve been nice, but the lights were amazIng, and of course, TOOL, the greatest band out there, did a wonderful job.

Review written by: Lucifer ( Review posted on: 08/12/02 13:36:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was my first Tool show since Lollaplooza 93. I drove out from Atlanta with 2 friends and crashed in a holiday inn full of tool fans. That was kind of funny. You could tell the tool fans on the way out there b/c they were all in overstuffed hondas full of 20 something white people. The Show. We got there probaably about 25 minutes into tomahawks set and honestly I wasn't impressed. Patton had something with faith no more but it seems to either have disappeared or left with the other members of FNM. Tool was great although it was obvious they weren't into the crowd. Aenima was the peak for me. I could have left after that and been a happy boy. The break in that song is one of the classic moments in "alt" rock. The Pit. I went to the show expecting an old school mosh pit. Tool was around at the tail end of the moshpit heyday (87-93) and I suspected most of the fans had been too. Well I was wrong. There were 80 lb girls and guys down there in sandals holding driks. People looked at me like I was nuts for wearing boots and a jacket. Oh well shows what they know. Confession. I am a longtime tool fan and I like to mosh. Not beating people up or elbowing people in the ribs just moshing. Somewhere in recent history someone forgot to tell the new generation of fans the rules for a good pit. Pits used to be largely safe albeit cramped place where fans looked out for each other while enjoying the transcendental orgy that only a tightly packed sea of people can provide. So heres my educational rant 1. Mosh pits aren't about copping feels on whatever member of the fairer sex happens to be around. If shes griniding on you fine, but otherwise keep your hands to yourself. At this tool show I saw bouncers pulling girls out by the crotch. I also saw guys trying to pull the clothes off of girls that were trying to surf out. How pathetic, 2. Kicking, punching, and elbowing are only allowed at nazi skinhead punk shows. 3.If people fall down pick them up. 4.Watch for and expect crowd surfers. 5.Don't bitch about people moshing. If you just wan't to watch there is a place for that and the pit isn't it. 6. Wear shoes people. Preferably boots. I'll try not to step on your feet but accidents happen. This has been a public service from your friendly neighborhood devil.

Review written by: insignificant ( Review posted on: 08/14/02 05:21:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This show was definitely an experience. I got to the BiLo Center at 4:30, grabed a close spot on the floor. Tomahawk took the stage and the crushing began. I'm 6'1" 150lbs so I got beat up pretty bad. A lot of beer was spilled my direction as well. It was difficult to maintain my balance as the sea of people continually pushed in every direction. At one point a really cute girl was hanging on my left arm, which I didn't mind :) However, I was too shy to say anything to her and we got separated anyway. I got pissed off at the crowd at one point and yelled unhearable words to the mass behind me: "Stop fucking pushing!" I knew this was futile, but the voice of someone behind me appologized. I knew it wasn't this guy's fault, it was all of the people trying to push to the front, hurt people, etc. In fact, the same guy (I think) put his hands on my back and told me that he would help keep me stable and that if I fell he and his friends would pick me up. I could only reply with a humble "Thankyou". Tool took the stage and rocked out. But as soon as Sober was finished I moved off of the floor in an attempt to keep intact because the crowd got so crazy. I wanted to be close to the stage, but not if it meant getting hurt so badly that I could hardly walk. I made my way off to the right (facing the stage) and climbed over the railing where I could easily see over everyone's head on the floor. The only down side to this was that I could no longer see Danny. However, the rest of the band was in sight. I found the entire show to be some surreal depiction of the band. Everything about the show was perfect. I liked the red glittery confetti and every visual on the two big screens. I couldn't ask for more. I won't complain about the crowd too much because there were some truely benevolent people there. I only regret not talking to the girl that was hanging onto my arm early in the show. I'm still trying to justify that... she's probly already dating someone, she probly doesn't live in the same town as I... etc...