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Review written by: Scott Brooks (
Review posted on: 08/25/02 23:55:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well, what can one say? Another impressive aural and visual assault on the senses... and another great Maynard quote: "I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for my country..." I won't bother posting a setlist... I'm sure 20 or 30 others will. Saw them last September at the ACC in Toronto - the addition of Triad to the setlist? wow...

Review written by: Jon F ( Review posted on: 08/25/02 23:58:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Great set, great performance, all around great show. Once again, the video clips shown during the concert itself were almost as impressive as the music. I managed to record about 1/2 of the concert (with my friend, we managed to get the entire thing). This is what I remember of the setlist - feel free to correct me, i'm sure it's wrong.. I know that sober was played first, then i'm not sure about the order.. stinkfist was played, H, schism, aenima, parabol/parabola, the patient, reflection (or i might be imagining that), a very nice drum 'duet' with two tomahawk people (dave and john i think), and finishing up with lateralus.. i'm sure that i've missed a song or two :) Nothing off Opiate, and just one song from Undertow, but we can't expect a band to play for 3+ hours :-) I can't say I was disappointed.. good show.

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 00:35:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Aenema --- Intermission --- Disposition Reflection Triad (w/ two members of Tomahawk) Lateralus Doors at 7:30 ... Tomahawk was on by 8:00 for 25 minutes ... Tool got on stage about 8:55 and played for a little under two hours. Maynard was in his usual state (back turned to the crowd), Adam and Justin weren't moving very much, and Danny was drumming well. I was planning on taping the show but after looking at the security check, I decided not to risk it. Pat-downs were pretty heavy and bags weren't allowed in the venue. Overall, the show was good, nothing suprising though. Maynard was in high spirits as seen by some of his quotes. ("We hope you leave here today inspired, and horny" ... "Curl up by the fire, read some poetry, then have sex")

Review written by: Jon Lamers ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 00:36:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Absolutely amazing! Setlist was: Sober Grudge (-)Ions - shortened Stinkfist H. Mantra(short) Schism Parabol(full) Parabola Intermission with awesome sounds and animation. Disposition Reflection Triad (Sasha on Toms, someone else on synth-type instrument) Lateralus Group hug and standing ovation. After Grudge Maynard said, "We'd like to apologize...for our country. Sorry. Can I come live here?" The two guys who joined in on Triad came out wearing what looked like a cross between cymbals and Chinese farmer hats on their heads. After the song Maynard introduced the two as Mike and John, who own and operate the only Chinese restaurant/auto shop in Northern Ontario. He then added that you could bring in your ticket stub for a free lube job and won ton. I bought a $40 T-shirt (eyes, large) and then was stupid enough to leave it sitting on a park bench. When I went back for it a few minutes later it was gone. If anyone has it and would like to return it please e-mail me at

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 00:41:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

very good....enough of an overlap with last time to still be different....H live is completely unbelievable...i may drive 4 hrs to detroit just to hear it....triad was really really good...perhaps the band could use a keyboard player because the guy from tomahawk and the extra drums made that song incredible....way to go lads

Review written by: Chris Suppa ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 00:42:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow...that was in-fukkin-credible. One of the best shows I will ever see. CONCERT NOTES -played for 1 ľ hours -during Disposition/Reflection/Triad, feeling of art being made right before our eyes, everyone in awe -sound was fantastic -lights/videos interesting -psychedelic backdrop that seemed to change w/ every song -Adam seemed a little mellow, everyone else got into it more -crowd went crazy during Stinkfist, Aenema and Lateralus -mosh pit was going pretty steadily but well under control -no jerks in the seats, except the few who left during certain songs, and one guy who kept yelling for the band to play a song from Opiate, their first album -caught only part of Tomahawk, who were “entertaining”: kind of annoying but some parts were interesting and funny SETLIST Sober Maynard Speech (We apologize for our country…but we’re here now.) The Grudge Stinkfist (extended version) Negative Ions (electrical bursts at top of stage) H Schism (new intro) Parabol Parabola (w/ video) Aenema Intermission (skull jumping around out of body, loud low noise) Disposition (sparkly confetti dropped from ceiling) Reflection (extended) Triad (w/ drummer & keyboard player from Tomahawk, Maynard on rhythm guitar) Maynard Speech (hope you were inspired, most of all horny, go home and have sex, with yourself or someone else… thanks for coming) Lateralus Group hug, water bottles, sticks & cymbal thrown into crowd

Review written by: Mike-Ero! ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 00:44:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I missed tomahawk, however i didnt miss much...i heard they sucked ass...catching thier last song of the night...i had to agree. Stood and waited for like 20 time at all...the lights went out... and the show began... in no particular order the set was as follows: Sober The Grudge H. Eon Blue apocalypse Stinkfist Mantra ĆNIMA a break was taken somewhere around here Schism Disposition Reflection Triad... DANNY CAREY IS GOD Parabol Parabola and to top the night off LATERALUS I was 5 feet from the front of the stage for most of the show, people were standing all around me, Pushing and shoving and pushing and shoving and pushing me... i was kicked in the head a couple of times by aimless crowdsurfers, landed on a couple of times, fell a couple of times... but I dont mind. The lighting was astounding, the visuals were impeccible, Adam and Justin sounded great, the bass and guitars running through my veins, Danny provided me with the heartbeat... Maynards voice and the way he had sung...went straight to my mind... I was taken away, were i was both comfortable and vulnerable... and i was at TOOL ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY WICKED NIGHT TOOL IS GOD what more can i say? TOOL KICKS ASS thank you and goodnight

Review written by: doug ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 00:51:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Again....What an incredible experience!!! Everytime I see TOOL, I come to appreciate them even more (it that's even possible!). Here's the setlist: Sober The Grudge (-) ions Stinkfist (extended version) H. Schism Parabol Parabola Aenema ***(Intermission) Disposition Reflection Triad (extended, with members of Tomahawk) Lateralus Just a couple of notes.... I was extremely happy to get H. and Aenema, but was disappointed in not getting to hear The Patient. Everything sounded very crisp (as usual), and a few new parts (like the intro to Schism) were nice to hear. The visuals started out slow, but grew for the entire show...and by the end I was absolutely in awe of the lights, the videos, and the way that every visual effect matched the music perfectly! The jewel of this show for me was the incredible extended version of Triad. The boys from Tomahawk came out and meshed perfectly with the hard drumming and crushing guitars of TOOL! It was an amazing instrumental set....and it is still resonating in my head!!! Another brilliant show....look forward to seeing you again soon!!!

Review written by: evidently..... ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 01:18:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

NOOOOOOOOOTEWORTHY!!! a simply perfect show... wow i didnt think they could get better but i was wrong... blown away.... noteworthy indeed. ride the wave dafoe, hobbins, brett and jord. peace p.s. the highlights for me were the grudge and the triad (all three "pieces")

Review written by: adam ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 01:43:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

got back home in toronto at 130 am from a 1hour subway/bus ride plus a 1 hour drive from hamilton. well worth it though. i would say this was the best concert i've ever seen... my ears are still ringing, i'm fucking sore as hell, i got puked on, my friends and i were stared at in public transportation for our stench.. but this was easily the best tool i've ever seen if not the best concert ever for me. i'm sure someone posted the setlist the set list was entirely from aenima and lateralus which was fine but only 1 song, sober, from the older albums. older fans were angered at this. but tool made up for that.. they played flawlessly apart from one (did anyone catch this but me?) part when mr. jones forgot a note on the lateralus intro riff. i also came to realize that mr. jones is a hideous man but this does not apply to his musical talent. they had 2 gigantic floating balls (like the one from parabola vid), a billion little tiny red squares falling on us, umm.. screens with strange things going on.. umm.. the most amazing 10 minute or so drum solo i have ever and will ever witness accompanied by tomahawk. unfortunately maynard never looked at us, as usual, but apologized for his country and asked if he could live in canada.. he had a black stripe painted vertically across the centre of his face.. what else.. i don't know.. i got puked on (leg), elbowed in the face, burned by someones mother fucking cig.. oh yeah .. tool female fans are absolutely insane! one chick was angry at the tall guy in front of her and started to attack him.. another one pushed a few well-built men over in the mosh circle.. i don't know. that was tool number 3 for me. i hope i am a lucky enough soul to see them again.. spiral out... keep going.. spiral out.. keep going

Review written by: Paul ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 01:54:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I just have to say that I have spent a long time waiting for the opportunity to be able to walk home from a Tool show. And finally, the day arrived when Tool stopped off to play my little corner of the world. And they didn’t disappoint. I’m thrilled to see them playing some Canadian dates outside of the standard Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver stops most acts of their caliber make. Tool is loved everywhere, not just the towns where the population exceeds a million. People out west get ready! The show was stellar, and the crowd was pretty good too. Everyone was pretty appreciative and respectful for the quieter moments, and absolutely crazy during the harder stuff. Super loud too. Personal highlights were H. and Reflection. Aenema as well, with the crowd belting every lyric like a mantra. (If the guy who was in the pit with the digital vid-cam reads this, I was one of several people watching your back and I would love if you’d let me know where I can download any footage you managed to get) Also Triad with guests from Tomahawk was pretty freakin’ cool. I have to comment that Tomahawk must have gone on quite early. My tickets said 7:30 so I assumed that they’d hit the stage a little later (maybe eight) but by the time we got through the line, security, and took a quick trip to the john, Tomahawk was finished (bit of a pisser that was) Sound was pretty good, though the vocal seemed to cut out a couple times. It was hard to tell if it actually got cut, dropped below the mix, or just got drowned out by the crowd singing along. I was glad I got close enough to finally see Adam, Danny and Justin go to work. Absolutely mind- fucking blowing the amount of noise these men create! Maynard played a lot of guitar as well, and am I wrong or did he have a bass during Triad???? Maynard chatted up the crowd a fair bit. At the beginning of the evening he said that he apologized for his country, in obvious reference to rather questionable political matters of late. The crowd just cheered… He then asked if we thought it would be okay if they all moved up here… ….and the crowd cheered at least twice as loud! After about four songs he thanked us for being so appreciative. Later after Triad, as the two gents from Tomahawk were walking off, he told us that Mike Patton and ??? were branching out into new businesses in nearby London Ontario. He said something along the lines that they were opening a Chinese food slash automobile repair shop, and that if we saved our ticket stubs they’d cut us a brake on like a muffler job or something. Then he told us that he thought we should go curl up in front of a fire place somewhere, write some poetry and have sex… …either with ourselves or with someone else. They finished, as usual, with a stunning Lateralis, then threw bottled water into the pit, did the group hug thing, and waved goodbye for a couple minutes to the absolutely roaring crowd. Pretty standard set list. I believe this is fairly accurate but its possible the order is slightly off and there may have been another song in the first half (but I don’t think so) Long intro to… Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Aenima -Intermission- Diposition Reflection Triad (with guests) Lateralis Anyway I could go on for pages but I’m not gonna’ I’d like to thank Tool for a killer evening, the Hamilton crowd for being wicked fans (minus the regular bad-apples trying to be bad-asses) and Tool Shed. I’ve been coming here for years and it is not only the finest Tool fan-site on the web, it’s the best music fan-site period. Keep up the good work ‘cause people everywhere appreciate it. Oh, and I also need to thank the rather bored ticket taker who let the only one of the eight friends I was with who didn’t have a floor ticket, waltz right on through the general admission doors onto the floor with us. That was great karma!!!

Review written by: kikey ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 01:58:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well just got home from the show in Hamilton and let me tell you Tool put on an incredible show. I shoved and pulled my way to the very front (luckily the guy in front of me wanted out) to get an up close view of the awesome stage. I think to the entire crowds complete surprise Tomahawk was no where to be found - yep no opening act, it was all Tool. Perhaps they had trouble at the border, who knows? While i'm not complaining it would though have been interesting to see them. Ah well. I have been looking at the setlists for past concerts and i wondered if Tool would do Aenima and i wasn't disappointed. However the highlight of the show had to be Triad with some incredible drumming. Wow boys i was really impressed with that one. Tool in my opinion was right on with every song even providing a few new twists to some songs ie. Schism. The setlist to keep up the tradition : Sober The Grudge Ions Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Aenima The Patient Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralis My first Tool show was no where near as incredible as this one. For one thing i was in the stands not on the floor front row. This experience was amazing to say the least. I have been looking forward to this concert for many months. Thank you guys for putting on such an awesome show. Now every time i listen to my Tool while im driving or whenever it will have so much more meaning and will surely bring back some great memories. If you have tickets for the upcoming shows, congratulations you are about to find out exactly what Tool is all about. I'm really tired and sore, loved every minute of it. i wear my bruises like a crown. Goodnight.

Review written by: JWE ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 02:02:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Intense first half, second half was good too. It was great to hear Sober, i hadnt heard it played live in a long time. They rocked the place hard i was pumped. Maynard is wisdom.

Review written by: ralph ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 02:08:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I can't believe what I just saw. Truely magnificant.

Review written by: lateralus ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 02:25:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i saw tool tonight for the first time and it was the most amazing thing ive ever seen, tomahawk was horrible, the lead singer would rotate from jumping around to quiet singer boy! they also made fun of ppl in the audience and suggested we all eat potine. tool was soo good, but i wish i had of heard 46+2 damn. maynard seemed to be in his own world not even there, he spoke to us but was off somewhere. just amazing!!

Review written by: Sean Phelan ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 02:43:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Tonight's Set List: 1. Sober 2. The Grudge 3. Stinkfist (With extended interlude...the crowd sang the entirety of "I'll keep digging"... 4. H 5. Schism (Extended intro and bridge) 6. Parabol 7. Parabola 8. AEnima 9. Intermission 10. Disposition 11. Reflection 12. Triad (with the singer and drummer for Tomahawk) 13. Lateralus First, I don't understand all this hatred for Tomahawk. I thought they were fucking awesome, as did much of the rest of the crowd. No boos at all. Dressed as cops of course...Mike took out his dick at one point, while pointing toa fan "You want this, don't you", or something like that. He also did this cool feedback trick with his mic at one point, by holding it up to his speakers. Danny came out and used some sort of synthesizer for one song, it was really filled out by a lot of loud yet hypnotic sounds. They were really energenic, got us going, and were a good opening for our mutual idols... As you can see, the set was pretty much standard for this tour. Of course, the visuals were awesome...although I was so close that I couldn't see the screens, but it was perfect, it allowed one to pay more close attention to what the band is doing. That and the new backdrops are great, but as a mere mortal, it is impossible for me to describe them. I think Maynard was wearing a cop uniform, but I'm not too sure...he played his guitar for Schism with his back facing to the audience. He had a black stripe running over both his face and the back of his head. At one point he said "I would like to apoligize for my country. Would it be alright if we moved here?"...this naturally was well received, not to mention hilarious. He did his usual speech, told us to go by a fire, write poetry, and have sex...with yourself or with a partner. The stage they were on wasn't particularly big, so although this was an arena setting, it was still an intimate atmosphere. We got to see close up how the band communicates...every now and then, Adam and Justin will look at one another...that's about it. However, the entire band really seemed into it, moreso than the ACC show. They stayed on awhile after Lateralus, threw out the water, drumsticks, drum skin, I think Adam threw out his wristband...they stayed on stage in the brightest light for quite a while, just waving. It was damn cool. The crowd was got REALLY fucking hot, however. My friend passed out several times afterwards, and there were people passing out quite a bit throughout the pit. Lots of pushing, but nothing too violent, and people seemed to protect one another if they fell. But those "No moshing, No crowd surfing" signs were COMPLETELY ignored by all. Well, I think that more than covers it. Good night all.

Review written by: Ian Langohr ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 03:06:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

-Setlist- Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Aenema Parabol/a *intermission* Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus I basically went into the pit and worked my way up to the front to watch Danny Carey play. I took the occasional glance at every other member and the fabulous artwork by Alex Grey and appreciated their extraordinary talent. What a great show, however i wouldn't suggest the pit if you want to enjoy every element of the show, because there is a lot to take in, and so little viewing space up front in the pit. When i had last seen Tool in '01 Maynard had hardly spoken at all, but at this show he talked quite a bit more and was somewhat humorous. He apologized for his country and asked our permission to live in Canada. Before Lateralus he made some humorous comments about the members of Tomahawk and then suggested we go home after the show, sit by the fire and read/write poetry and have sex (with ourselves or someone else). As i mentioned before I watched Danny the whole time, and what an experience it was. The man is a genius on drums and you can tell by watching him that he puts his full body into his beats, his limbs are constantly moving and he's all over the drumset through each song. Reflection and Triad were his definite highlights, they sort of put you into a trance while occasionally bursting into something totally unexpected. He's a show by himself. Unfortunately because our tickets said doors open at eight, we missed Tomahawk... which is a shame because i heard they are quite creative. Good show anyways, I'll look forward to the next. -------------------------------------------------------------------- "I've read the bible, I can't find the words 'bunny' or 'chocolate' in the fucking book" -Bill Hicks * Thorold 420 *

Review written by: Sianspherica ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 03:19:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I was disappointed tonight. The setlist wasnt anything to get excited about. Tool is best at their 8 minute+ epics and tonight the only one we got was reflection, a song that is as equally mediocre live as it is on record. Maybe Im more annoyed with Tool fans, I dont want to sound elietist, but I appreciate Tool for the sheer magnitude of their talent and the incredible songs they write and amazing art they present, and about 50% of the people around me tonight were shirtless nimrods yelling "yeeeeeeah" or "maynaaaaahhhrd" as loud as possible during any quiet part of the songs, and then they chose to open up massive circle pits during every song to slap each other around. I know Tool make agressive music, and people tend to not stand still during agressive music, I just hate the fact the desires of that minority of the audience makes it impossible for fans who want to watch the band at a close range to not get elbowed in the face and shoved all around in a swamp of sweat and yelling. So for their entire set I was really completley annoyed with the audience and found very few people who seemed to be in the same headspace as me during the show. While I was looking at the gigantic mesmerizing video screens full of lots of new visuals, my fellow fans around me were staring at Maynard, who was turned around almost the entire show. I can understand looking at Danny because watching him play is just amazing. He is the most fluid drummer Ive ever seen, he's so damn skilled and makes it look effortless as he pounds away on his gigantic set. Adam and Justin are just lost in this concentrated motionless stance, I'm a guitarist so I loved being close to Adam for most of the show watching him play, he's got 15,000 fans in a trance and he doesnt move one focused. Anyways, thats my little tirade, I hate the fact that the audience of this show made my experience shitty, I hate the fact that regardless of their intellect and artistry, Tool is basically still a metal band with a metal audience. As for the band, it was very similar to last fall's performance at the ACC...difference being we got "Pushit" which was unfathomably good and tonight we didnt get really any incredible songs to feast on. "Triad" was probably the best song, 2 drummers and a damn good, Danny was going nuts. "Stinkfist", "H" and "Lateralus" were all stellar too, albeit not surprising. Opening the show with "sober" made everyone happy, but lately they have been opening with the incredible old song Flood...which I would have way preffered to see. They're still my favorite band, I just think that arena's and stadiums don't do justice to how tight and fine tuned their live set is...if they played theatres it would be incredible...but since they can sell 20,000 tickets any night...thats probably never going to happen. Setlist: sober the grudge stinkfist h. schism parabol/parabola aenima disposition (aluminum glitter released onto audience) reflection triad (mike bordin and mike patton of fantomas joins for song) lateralus ps. sorry if there are spelling and grammatical errors, im too tired to edit this.

Review written by: Dave Poaps ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 03:23:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I'm sure a million people will post the setlist, so I'll just mention what I thought about the show. First, the visuals were amazing. I think I'd have to see the show 3 times to get the full effect of everything because there was so much going on at once. I was hoping they would have played Opiate and 46&2 like at previous shows. The balloons comming down like the ones from the Parabola video were a neat prop. Secondly, the band was tight as always, Maynard was more interactive with the crowd than he was at the Toronto show, yet still isn't very interactive compared to other bands. Musically, I only noticed the band mess up once, it was just a small part when Adam Jones was playing Parabol, he slightly goofed, but continued flawlessly. (Me being a guitarist would notice something like that instantly) The only downside to the show, was how they made us wait so long. Sound checks and everything were done, and they still made us wait another hour. They had a full mix cd on repeat, and I heard it twicce through. Overall, great show, worth my 60 bucks.

Review written by: Sianspherica ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 03:41:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

a few more notes... friends of mine who were in the stands swear that the third video screen that used to be behind maynard is now lying flat, and he stands on it! Don't know if thats true...but very interesting. I was upset that the screen was gone, for people like myself right at the front for most of the show...we couldnt see the screens. Maynards quotes will great and worded perfectly " Justin, Danny and the drummer from Tomahawk were laughing a lot through Triad.,,obviously some inside joke there. I think we got jipped of The Patient...the band huddled around Danny and were talking about some sets have the patient right before Lateralus, obviously they decided not to play it tonight. They had the same look right before deciding not to play Aenima before Lateralus at Edgefest last year....fuckers...the Patient is so good live. to the folks that shared joints with me, thank you. some guy who smoked some dmt during disposition...that must have been a fucked up trip. I completely missed Tomahawk and it seems that lots of other people did too. I entered the floor area around 8:30 along with thousands of other fans still entering...most of these shows usually comence 1/2 hour after the ticketeted start time...guess not tonight. I dont know if anyone here posts there, but is a pretty interesting and busy Tool message boards to visit, check it out. what one point security noticed some guy taping the show with a digital video camera and was lurching into the audience to grab the guy, but some people myself included enouraged the guy just to move back and sort of hide...which he did, and then taped the rest of the show :) thing I noticed, Tool fans are pretty ugly, guys and girls...when I go to indie rock/emo shows im surrounded by attractive fashionable people, but Tool fans are grungy and crusty....oh well.

Review written by: MCorleone ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 08:29:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

As mentioned, this was my first tool show. After first listening to Undertow in high school, followed by Opiate, then Aenima in university, I had dreamed of what a tool show would be like; Checking toolshed regularly and voraciously reading anything tool-related I could get my eyes on. On to the show. I must confess, before the show I made a few jokes about Tomahawk, never having heard of them or any of their music. While the crowd filed in, Sasha was playing on the arena system, followed by some good old Ennio Morricone movie themes (for those of you who don't know, that's classic "spaghetti-western" theme music). The stage had a large plastic deer behind the drum kit. After a few songs, a particularly majestic Ennio anthem was playing and as I commented to a friend on how you could just visualize gunfighters in the old west with that music, out strolled Tomahawk - a classic entrance and very effective. After "Hello Hamilton, are you ready to get fucked?!", they launched right into their first song. Half way through I commented to the friend that was with me that the style was very much like Mr. Bungle - What hacks, copying the style of another band. Early into the second song I started entertaining the idea that it was actually Mike Patton (singer, Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Fantomas, etc) on-stage. The vocal stylings of the singer was near-identical to Mike's. After a few tempo changes in the song I was fairly certain that it was indeed Mr. Patton. Wow. What an added bonus. I flew up the aisle to the souvenir table and checked the CD. Ipecac records, Mike Patton in the band. Needless to say I snatched a copy and rushed back to my seat. He made a few Canadian cracks and got a few "fuck you's" for the rest of the set, but by the time they finished (to a cover of Sting's "Excuse me While I disappear" from Leaving Las Vegas) the crowd was pumped. Excellent opening act and a beautiful added bonus. After a fifteen minute break, the lights went out and the two prominent screens on each side of the stage lit up with the circular eye pattern and some droning tribal-esque rhythms. After a few minutes the vertical flame-lick with the eye formed in the centre of the circular eye pattern. Immediately after that, SOBER started kicking. Heaven. Pure heaven. To tell you the truth, I'm not one for song titles and really just listen to the full CD's without paying attention to the cases, but I know that Sober, Parabol, Schism, Disposition, Arizona Bay, and a few others were played. I haven't read any other reviews for this tour so I don't know if this is normal behaviour for him this tour, but Maynard himself was at the back of the stage right of the drum kit, back to the audience for the entire show. At the end of the show they came to the front of the stage and embraced, providing the only limited glimpse of Maynard. He was wearing all black, had a black mohawk and a black stripe down the front of his face in the same width as the mohawk. As far as the stage itself, it had two huge screens as mentioned earlier, to each side of it. Other screens unfurled during Parabol at the end of the show containing the slides of the Lateralus Booklet. The videos showing on the screens were hypnotising, particularly one 10 minute segment of a soothing, droning sound playing with a visual of a face, stretching out and compressing into the skull to the sound. That was followed by a skull in a head, which landed inside of the head as the skin peeled back onto it, forming a face, The skull would then pop back up as the skin peeled back opening it up again. I apologize if I'm not describing it well but you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it. Amazing show, unfortunately no encores, but excellent show. Opening with Sober to knock everyone on their ass was genius. Go see it!

Review written by: Shannon McLean ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 09:03:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd! Tool show

I woke up this morning wondering if our adventure in Hamilton was a dream... My husband and I decided to visit Canada yesterday afternoon, and while there, made the sudden decision to go to Hamilton and see Tool again. We didn't have tickets and didn't know if the show was sold out or not. We got there, found some guys looking to sell their extra tickets, and got some seats. We wandered around downton Hamilton for a few hours before the show, then finally the doors opened. The seats were in the 200-level, which kind of sucks, but we got to experience Tool in a whole other way. Tomahawk was once again ok. The setlist for Tool was the same here as it was in Buffalo. But once again they were very excellent. Parabola was once again my favorite song, and it really got the mosh pits going down on the floor. Triad was even better the second time, and it just seemed like the whole band put everything they got into that song. All-in-all, it was once again a great show, worth all the time it took to get there, walk around finding tickets, walk around to Hamilton killing time until the doors open, and even the 200-level seats. Next time, I pay extra for the floor though!

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 09:13:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

W O W I mean, why even bother trying to write a review when words can't describe the experience. Tool is holy, thats all there is to it; thank you Maynard, thank you Adam, thank you Justin, and most of all, thank you Danny Carrey, you truly are a master of your guise. Thank you all for a breathtaking experience and thank you audience for being so very polite and unlike the yankee bastard crowds Tool is used to. Come back soon!!!!!!!

Review written by: g ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 09:14:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

just great. better than the ACC show last year in toronto. Maynard wants to live in canada!

Review written by: Eric ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 09:42:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well, this was certainly worth the drive and price of admission. Tool is still one of the most compelling and talented bands out there. Finally getting to see them on their own bill instead of a festival was a treat indeed. The visuals were stunning, the lighting was amazing, and my seats couldn't have been better. We had row 13, but since the removeable seating had been taken away on our side, there was a railing, and nothing in front of us! We were off to the left of the stage, and had a perfect view of the stage and the screens. We got there about 8pm, and Tomahawk were just leaving the stage. 9 rolls around, and the lights go dark, the screens fire up, and after some intro riffs by Adam, Justin hits the opening bass line to Sober, and the place EXPLODES. The crowd was into the show the entire night, and conversely, Maynard stayed in the back by Danny's drumkit the entire night, his back to the crowd. His voice was as strong as ever, he hit the extended scream during The Grudge, and me and my friend Sara just looked at each other shaking our heads, as in, "how does he do it?!?!" They played for an hour and 45 minutes, and the audience was captivated the entire time. I was transfixed on Danny Carey's drumming during Triad and Lateralus, and I now understand why everyone holds him in such high regard. The guy was just all over the place and never missed a beat. And they played H.!!!! Maynard mentioned that he was apologizing for "our country" (meaning the US) and asked if they could move to Canada... hehe. He didn't say a whole lot the entire night, and the only time he looked at the crowd was to toss some water bottles at the end of the show. But no matter. A very satisfying show, and I'm glad I waited and went to Hamilton as opposed to Buffalo, because Copps Coliseum is a smaller place, and Canadian fans always seem to be better.

Review written by: cam ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 09:59:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

2 words come to mind: beautiful, perfect. I can't remember the setlist exactly, but I'm sure someone will post it. Excellent mix of old & new songs. What really blew me away was the 2 large video screens and the backdrops. I mean, I'd heard about it, but you really have to experience it to appreciate it. I was surprised and pleased that the great majority of fans were gracious to each other. It's like they couldn't mosh because they were mesmorized, I know I was. The next time they tour Canada, I'll try to make more than 1 show. Thank you TOOL for by far the best show I've ever experienced! Cam

Review written by: BadCopNoDoughnut ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 10:42:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 3 Tool show

Fuck. Holy Fuck.

Review written by: cyrius ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 11:11:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

AMAZING. absolutely amazing..... Tool are sucha gift! We are all so lucky, to think something so beautiful can come from such a brutal reality. I;ve missed thier shows every time, but now i see why, i wasn't ready for the full awesome power of Tool.... like Maynard said BE WARNED. and we all accepted his apology for his country. if you can create such majesty from tyranny, you have helped us all immensely. Thank you for enlightening me every time Tool, hopefully none of us will ever be the same again.

Review written by: sug ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 11:16:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 10? Tool show

Tool was once again amazing! I had a unique perspective this time – I was sitting to the right side of the stage and could see each of the band members perfectly. From where I sat, the band formed a diamond shape and I was close enough that I could intently study each of them as the night progressed. I also had a great view of the insanity that was called “general admission”. I’ve been to many of Tool’s shows where I was mezmerized by the visuals on the video screens or I just tripped off their raw sound with my eyes closed, but last night was my favourite so far. (Except, perhaps, for the one at The Warehouse in Toronto a few years ago – but that was an entirely different experience…) Watching Tool perform and the affect they had on the Hamilton crowd was very enlightening. It made me feel a calm I can’t say I’ve ever felt anywhere else. Kudos to the Copps Coliseum designers and the staff that worked last night’s show. This venue is one of the best I’ve been to. It’s big but very intimate. I didn’t have to wait in line to get in, grab a beer or take a leak. The ushers were very friendly and, from what I could see, the bouncers did a great job of pulling the moshers out of the pit without feeling the need to beat the crap out of them afterwards. The parking in the area and the arena’s proximity to the highway made the experience that much better, as well. If you were there last night, I hoped you experienced what I did. If you weren’t, I hope you get a chance to see them the next time they’re in your town... Tool definitely puts on the best show you’ll ever see! P.S. I missed Tomahawk (sorry, guys!) because I found a donut shop in downtown Hamilton that sells cheap beer. If that ain’t Canadian, nothing is, eh!

Review written by: Amit Sandhu ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 11:17:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The setlist: Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Aenima (THANK YOU!) -INTERMISSION- Disposition Reflection Triad (INCREDIBLE!) Lateralus "Thanks for... coming" he said on what was one of the most inspiring and emotionally touching performances I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Seeing Tool is always a good thing, but what did it for me was the monstrous production that was Triad. It just did my head in. Danny is a superb drumicator. Most people who go to see Tool or A Perfect Circle have a tendency to yell out "Maynard is God" and so on, but I have to say that Danny Carey makes them what they are. Triad must have gone on for 15 minutes... it was just great to see all that energy, focused into creating something so beautiful. I couldn't hear what Maynard said, but I think they were joined by two members of Tomahawk. Something that you can't help but notice is the fact that Tool is very pretentious, but in a good way. It's a massive production designed to just mess you up and make you cry for more. Once again Maynard performed with his back to the audience which is just further evidence of their pretentiousness... There was little banter between songs. Althought Maynard did say "I apologize for our country" (sorry to all you American Tool fans) which brought out a huge roar from the the crowd. He later told us that he hoped that we leave inspired and horny. He suggest sex by the fire, either by yourself or with someone else... silly Maynard, don't you know that Trix are for kids? Mike from Tomahawk whipped IT out in response to some punks who were annoying him. I guess I got my money's worth. Let's hope I can see them again. It wasn't your average concert. It was more like an audio visual experience. Thanks to Adam, Danny, Justin, and Maynard. Please keep doing it!

Review written by: Ed ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 11:28:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

hey this was my first Tool show of many i have always liked Tool and they were the best on concert i want to go see them as many time as i can before i die, my faveret part of the show is when the lead singer of Tool (manered) appolgised for his country (U.S) i thought that was rather funny seeinmg as how i am and american and just recently moved to Canada. and personaly i thought the opening act sucked.or i was just ready for Tool to come on....well thats all i got to say....

Review written by: Matt Blakely ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 11:40:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow, what an amazing show. This was my second concert and I think that this may have been better than the first. The sets and video screens were the most amazing thing I have ever seen. By far the best set any band has ever had for a show! I will let someone else post the setlist, but I would like to comment on a few tracks. The version of Triad that they played with members of Tomahawk was simply amazing. Danny Carrey is truly the greatest drummer making music today. Extended stinkfist was amazing as well. Manard talked to the crowd quite a bit, by his standards at least. At one point he said he would like to apologize for his country and asked if the band could move here! This of course, met with great applause. I wish he was serious about it :) Manard participated in the group hug at the end of the show. Thanks for another life changing experience Tool.

Review written by: Robin Armstrong ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 12:01:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I came a long way and spent quite a bit of money to see tool in hamilton. I live like 5000 miles from hamilton but never the less I got to hamilton and saw the best show ever by the best band ever. The crowd was awesome and the band rocked the whole time. Maynard apologized for his country and asked if he could move here to canada. I'm not sure if anyone else has put up a setlist but here it is: Sober the grudge stinkfist (extended) h. (awesome) schism parabol parabola aenema (really awesome) *break* disposition reflection (too good) triaad lateralus

Review written by: Jake the Ripper ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 12:09:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Holy mother of god! I saw them last year at the Air Canada center in toronto, and i thought that was good. Tool put on the most beautiful and entertaining show i have ever seen. Hearing H was a treat as was a fifteen minute version of triad. It was absolutly increadable to hear Maynard say "Fuck L. Ron Hubbard, and fuck all his clones" live again. That just totally made the evening for me, but not as much as when he said: "I'd like to take this opertunity to appologize for my counrty. Can i move up hear, is that okay?" The visuals were increadable, so much so that i don't want to give them away for anyone who is going to see them in an upcoming show. Byfar, the best show I've ever been to.

Review written by: stattica ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 12:44:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

awsome show, i really liked it when sober started and everybody just stood up, there were so many good parts to the show, well worth waiting for the 7 weeks o have had tickets for it, and the years i have been waiting to see them, i cant wait to the next time i see them

Review written by: Esoteric Lord, Kingdom of Labrynth ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 13:01:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

. .,'.:.{{:: {:Translucid Shadow Moon Dagger 43:} ::}}.:.',. . . I had been looking forward and upward for this day to come. After seeing tool perform last year at Edgefest (july 1) my mind twisted. When they returned 2 months later to Toronto- ACC on September 18 I was inspired. After almost a year of expeditions, experiences and emotions within the tool environment of sound, the time came to meditate on the feelings of a coming gathering. On a Sunny Sunday August 25th the day turned to dusk and it was time to down a few beers. Finding a lounge in Hamiltion, Ancient art covered the walls, the atmosphere was painted to place you in exotic comfort and the brtender, in his hut bar, not dressed like an indian brought forth the "not so blue" Blue. Walking in a festive mood to the line, my frieeds and I created smoke signals in the air. After dashing to find a vulnerable space to piss at, I came to find my friends have moved quite progressively to the front entrance. Quickly joining them, they were re-directed to the next entrance, for they have measily one-dimensional seats. The security guard was cool and I made my way to the grounds. Finding a grabd passage being made by the big mother fuckers, I followed to almost front and center. Ahh, yes..being informed I missed Tomahawk. It seemed as if Danny Carreys drum set had a restless energy beaming with white and yellow rays out from within. ahh, generous giant tool fans offer a toke, thank you. The lights DIE and a new set of lights, purple and blue in colour rapidly shot through the Colesium as smoke emerged from the set. The band memebers entered and my body turned to muck. An awefully great amount of energy came out of the crowd. .:. .:..:. .:..:. .:..:..:. .:..:. .:. setlist.:..:. .:..:. .:..:. .:..:. .:. from my memory: progressive, melodic sounds crept sober the grudge stinkfist (retro extended) H (crowd surfed) jimmy progressive melodic shism aenima parabol parabola not sure, i think: aeon blue-the patient ~break. (bouncing skull-to-head video amusement) making and exchanging smoke signals in the crowd Disposition Reflection Motha Fucka Triad- extended/prog art/melodic cryptic sound version .:!:. Lateralus (crowd surfed, riding the spiral to front stage) Mayanard: sported a completely black outfit, except for one yellow line going down the side of each leg. He was bald with a thick black stripe starting from the back of his head down to his chin, looking as if he;s censoring his face :) Looked like a mowhawk for a bit, because he had his back turned for almost the entire concert. He accompanied basslines and maybe electric for many of the songs, *~Scism and Triad~* From what i can recall him it's something along the lines of "I apologize for our country..","Take these feelings home with you and do positive things with them. Hopefully this experience will inspire you in some way, hopefully..."."Go home and sit infront of a fireplace, puke your guts out and write some poetry..and be horny! Make love all the time, to others yourself"."I wanna and so". Jones: dressed in jeans and a nice shirt, there was a horizontal design on his shirt, his eyes hidden behind the shadows of his hanging hair. At one moment, when there was the progressive stage in I think Schism, I just went mental when he kept looking dowards my fleeing arms and upper body, the music had a hold of my nerves. there was contact behind the shadows. He was very calm and made it seems to gentle and simple to play the twisted sounds of the guitar strings. Chancellor: had a was chillin, heavy into hid riffs. Looked like he was banging his bass guitar like a it was a chick at one point. He wore all black, black jans, black shirt. His face was hidden mostly under his thick hair. Carrey: was the shit. The dude plays deep into his drums. Impressive set-up. The art and video was great. Adam and Alex Grey designed it all. The images on the screen were very cryptic and surreal, colourful and imaginary. The 50-60 paintings on the back of the stage was great, also the golden shower, the star, and the teaming for Triad, what a fucking song. In the end, i could hardely see, I was far in the back coming back from a crowd surf. I think a group hug. Danny threw his sticks to the crowds. LIGHTS burn my eyes. Body hurts from moshes, can' of it all that night under the celestial sky. The best performance by far.

Review written by: Andrew ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 13:27:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Amazing. the band was awesome, the visuals were awesome, everything was awesome. Triad was mind- blowing. so happy they played that. they also played h. wow. can't wait to see them again. cheers, Andrew

Review written by: Arc|Angel ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 13:33:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Went to my first Tool show last night at copps in Hamilton. Overal it was a fantastic experience. I'll go through it in detail. As Tomahawk opened up the arena was not very crowed and initially worried me about the turn out. People slowly filtered in during the opening act. Tomahawk was not very memorable. They have a few things going against them. They basically have to deal with the overall set up that Tool uses for gear and sound. Perhaps this may be to their disadvantage. Particularly where Maynard is a singer and Tomahawk's lead singer is primarily a screamer (Tho I'd argue that Maynard's a better screamer too). There were a few songs where Tomahawk did a fairly good show. Primarily the ones where they sang rather then scream. A second thing to Tomahawk's disadvantage is that they are opening for tool who is a tour workhorse and has really mastered their craft. Its hard for anyone to leave a lasting memory after you go through the entire package that tool provides. The overall fealing I was left with was that when you take members of great bands and put them together in another group you don't necessarily get a great band as a result. Tomahawk's members have great credentials under their belts. But I'm not sure it actually works together as well as it should. The excitement and anxiety that arises (along with a arising pot mushroom cloud from the floor) when Tool's initial barage of sound was amazing and really shaped what the entire show was going to be like. Opening with SOBER was unexpected but a pleasent suprise. It really helped set the mood. Maynard was completely in the dark during SOBER and I was worried that he was going to be in the dark in his little mini stage in the back of the main stage for the entire night. But it was primarily a tease. For he was illuminated for the rest of the night. Whether it is an example of musical savantness or musical insanity, Maynard's (bald may i add) thrashing on his little stage while facing away from the crowd the entire night was intriguing. He certainly preforms. But whether he is preforming to us or if it is a manifestation of what is going on in his head is the big question. As you observe the absolutely fantastic visual show that is put on (via both amazing lighting shows, two mirror image visual presentations, and several backdrop variations, and appropriate prop usage) one wonders if this presentation is something created to go with the music or if its a chance for us to see inside the musical madness that is and inspires Tool. There was no unusual improvizations (i.e. the 15 minute renditions of 3 minute songs that we've seen from tool in past tours) this presentation was perfectly matched to the visual stimuli that we are presented with. Providing an entirely different type of show then those which we may see at concert festivals etc. One of the most memorable moments was Aenima. From the first lyric until the end the entire song was sung by the crowd along with maynards lead. It had the feeling of a religious movement where thousands upon thousands were mentally in the exact same framework as eachother. Fantastic. There was also a very extensive instrumental track (can't remember the name i don't have my tracks handy right now) that two members of Tomahawk joined in on that was absolutely deadly. Which is just further example that taking talented guys from good bands and makign a new band does not always work. Because the Tomahawk alumni shined their greatest at this moment. Memorable quotes from the show. "I'd like to take this moment to apologize for my country ... if you don't mind I'd like to move here" A very common quote for american industrial/alternative artists to say to canadian crowds for some reason. He also gave a little bit about "I hope you all leave inspired hear tonight .. go home .. sit by a fire.. write some poetry .. and have sex .. either with yourself or someone else .." Overall it was a fantastic and very lively show. Anyone happen to have a set list?

Review written by: I have arrived ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 13:40:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wonderfully done guys, this show was like no other. Thank you for the setlist Adam. Crowd was shocked if you ask me, i felt i was reading the minds of others and entered the minds of TOOL. Awesome visuals and acoustics. Please move to Canada if you wish, excellent speech just before lateralus, Maynard. Thank you for sharing the moment. setlist as follows: MJK video ----reveal backdrop----- GRUDGE STINKFIST H. ----pull nard-pet------ SCHISM long..PARABOLA..cluster AENEMA ----black out/big smoke/change drop---- DISPOSITION....confetti TRAID LATERALUS..spinard Hope to see you guys all again someday.

Review written by: Brad ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 13:51:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Wow...Tight, you won't find a tighter band around. The combination of messed up images, powerful vocals, kick ass drums and amazing guiatars made for a great show. I know Maynard is secretive but he could have turn around. His back isn't all that interesting. The show seemed a little short. No encore. Disappointed that Tomahawk was a no show. Like to know what happend? Tool could have done the audience a favor and by letting us know why. All in all... a concert like no other!

Review written by: Phil ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 13:57:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow, this is the first time i've seen tool, and i was blown away. If i remember correctly the setlist was: Intro Sober (-)Ions Stinkfist (extended) Some more amazing noise Schism H. Parabol Parabola Ćnima -Intermission noise- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus thats what i remember... I can't say too much about the visuals of the show...because, i had section 123 and i was almost directly facing the side of the stage... I did catch a few glimpses of the screens and stuff, and when people said Alex Gray made the art and backdrops and such, I didnt think it was like that! WOW those are huge... Tomahawk was amzing I loved them, didnt get me pumped for tool tho... and Mike Patton could have done without whipping his cock out to the 6 foot hockey puck. Maynard had his back facing the crowd almost the whole time...apparently he strips at the shows? not this one.Members of Tomahawk came out and played during triad and maynard sported a bass. During a Tomahawk song danny came out and played the synth! very nice... this was a great show i must say, i want to see them again....oh, there were way too many frat boy poser/loser people near me, they wanted to talk the whole time, and one guy kept screaming "play fu*kin 46&2" and, "maynard you fucking rule" x20. so we sceamed the rest of the bands names and the crew, to not let some people out. anyways...great show...

Review written by: JB ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 14:29:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The Hamilton show was everything that i had hyped it up to be and more! The entire set was so solid and the visuals were like nothing i have ever seen at any concert before! So amazing. Maynardwas his usual dynamic self, 1st apologizing for his country and then asking us if he could live here. The later in the show he said we all looked horny and tried to convince us to (after the show) go home, curl up in front of a warm fire, play some soft music while writing poetry and having sex...with yourself, or someone else! They played all their hits and were dead on EVERY single time. Watching Danny was something i have never seen the likes of before as he stole the show in my opinion. Fuckin killer, his arms were a constant blur - in fact, for Triad he brought out the drummer from Tomahawk and they wailed away together for about 10 minutes straight- probably the best song of the night. All in all the show was like a religious expereicne and i cant say enough, i was and am still pumped & cant wait till they tour anywhere close to here again!!! Thank you SO much to TOOL, the greatest fucking band in history.

Review written by: Messiah ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 14:33:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

danny carey...there is no other. his new kit is amazing. completely brass. this was the most amazing show to ever be played. not only was the band flawless, the visuals were breath taking. all of the alex grey backdrops, and the video screens...perfect. words cannont describe the feelings at the show. Setlist: Intro(same as last years...whistling, lateralus eyes on video screen) Sober Grudge(first backdrop unveiled) Stinkfist(extended) H.(extended intro) Schism(Maynard on bass, extended breakdown) Parabol Parabola Aenema Intermission(Sound effects - video screen was a bobbing head) Disposition Reflection Triad(With mike patton playing some sound effect machine, and drummer from tomohawk on rodos) Lateralus

Review written by: Speedy T ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 15:06:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Admittedly, I was in attendance to see Mike Patton and Tomahawk. But I'm a casual Tool fan and I must say they put on a spectacular show. Patton's primal scream was in top form, relenting only for the set-closing crooning of "Angel Eyes." When pressed by some macho jarheads in the pit, Patton whipped out his "tool" and offered it to one of them, apologizing that it wasn't very "big." Typical Patton. I wouldn't expect Tool fans to enjoy Tomahawk and Patton's brand of ambient noise, but that's okay. The reception for Tomahawk was muted but polite. Tool's live show is interesting because of the ways in which tries to alienate the audience, and the audience, not knowing what to do with a lead singer that turns his back for most of the performance, tries to occupy the void left by the band's lack of stage presence. I think it's great that Tool does this: The alienation one feels from the stationary and symmetrical composition of band members on stage -- rarely moving from their desginated places, and seldomly acknowledging the audience -- forces one to embrace the "tribal" quality of their performance and visuals, effacing the band's rock star status in favour of a more communal vibe. In other words, the show focuses our attention on our shared humanity, through the lack of a "centre stage" presence and the video screens depicting various anatomical diagrams and humans in states of decay. There are no individuals here. Tool's alienating effects -- such as the interludes with blue lights focused on the audience, and a droning sound that, rather than building anticipation, seems to make one feel uncomfortable -- are effective at making one focus on the music and its message, but one can't help but feel a bit lost, a bit out of sorts when the "concert" doesn't provide certain conventions for communal celebration. The show was technically perfect, including an excellent jam session with two members from Tomahawk near the end, but at some point one has to wonder whether the alienation is an intended effect, or whether the band just doesn't care to pander to the audience? Maynard spoke a few times, saying very little. After the second or third song, he did address the crowd saying, "We want to take this opportunity to apologize for our country." Was that a sincere gesture from a politically astute man, or just pandering to a foreign crowd? I guess only Tool knows if they're laughing at us or with us. Tomahawk, I'm quite certain, is laughing at us. That's fine. I'll put on my mask and dance for daddy.

Review written by: Lauren ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 15:13:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i know that every review says this, but it is true, tool is breath-taking in concert. the show was THE best show i have ever seen. it was amazing, even if you don't like tool that much, go see them in concert ,it's an experience that u won't forget. if you're reading this in preperation for going to your own tool show, feel lucky. the best thing is that they have like (music) video for every song that they play in the style of their ususal videos. watching them in seats is definately not a downside. Maynard plays with his back to the audience and is set up beside the drummer. i like that idea, the singer shouldn't always be in front like the "leader of the band". it was a Very Original performance and outlook on the performing process. so what are you waiting for? GO SEE TOOL!!!!

Review written by: Lauren ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 15:14:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i know that every review says this, but it is true, tool is breath-taking in concert. the show was THE best show i have ever seen. it was amazing, even if you don't like tool that much, go see them in concert ,it's an experience that u won't forget. if you're reading this in preperation for going to your own tool show, feel lucky. the best thing is that they have like (music) video for every song that they play in the style of their ususal videos. watching them in seats is definately not a downside. Maynard plays with his back to the audience and is set up beside the drummer. i like that idea, the singer shouldn't always be in front like the "leader of the band". it was a Very Original performance and outlook on the performing process. so what are you waiting for? GO SEE TOOL!!!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 15:29:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

sober the grudge (-) ions stinkfist (extended) H. schism parabol parabola Eon Blue Apocolypse aenima ------------- disposition reflection triad lateralis i think that's the set list. Great show. MJK didn't get down to his tighties. The crowd was dead, well around me anyway. Awesome visuals, as usual, and DC was amazing on drums like always. Triad blew my fucking mind. So did H. I was kind of disappointed that they didn't play The Patient, but they DID play aenima, and it fucking ROCKED. Lateralis was awesome, it was so good. I can't even begin to describe how good it was. Maynard didn't speak to the crowd that often. Maybe all of 2 times, but we did get the "go home and have sex" speach.

Review written by: joHn ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 15:35:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Best show i've ever seen, hands down. Tomahawk opened for the sole purpose of making Tool look that much better. I hated them, just alot of screaming and noise. You knew tool was coming. The house lights went down, and the circular eye picture was slowly rotating on two giant screens on either side of the stage. This slowly built up with a deep droning sound and finally the flaming eye appeared in the center of the circle. With a huge uproar from the crowd, lights lit up the stage just in time to hear the opening to Sober. Fuckin brilliant. They played the best songs, with visuals to match. The screens showed all kinds of incredible imagery. Some from the videos, some original. Stinkfist was incredible, as expected. A bit of a musical departure in the middle, but it made the song that much better. The entire concert was a total sensory experience. Comepletely blown away. What really got to me was when they played Disposition, Reflection and Triad as one. Reflection is one of my favorite Tool songs (Eulogy is the other) It was absolutely incredible. I was mezmerized. Disposition was a wonderful immersion of sight and sound. Then we got into Reflection and the drumwork was great. It was such an experience to be totally surrounded by it. What really impressed me was Triad. Instead of the quiet guitar riff from the CD that slowly gets louder, it was nothing but a long drum solo. Absolutely amazing! It was really fitting for an instrumental song like that. They did an excellent performance. That song alone was worth the money. They finished with Lateralus. Excellent performance. Thing is, i wasn't into it as much as i would have been. I thought they'd finish with Forty Six and Two. They didnt play it at all which disappointed me. Cuz think about it, it has a such a powerful ending. Lateralus was still great. The lighting in particular was amazing, catching the backdrop which was the flaming eye again and again in a spiral. The show blew me away. Maynard said he hoped we'd all leave somewhat inspired. I sure as hell am.

Review written by: Justin Collier ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 16:52:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The show was unbelievably amazing. Yes maynard, it is most definatly cool for you guys to move here... and don't worry about america. One hell of a show excellent visuals- eye candy. The sound at the colesium wasn't too bad.. i painted myself blue too show my support for the band. Take care guys, keep it up.

Review written by: TJ Neal ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 17:00:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I first saw Tool at last years Edgefest, and while I can't call that a true Tool show the one I witnessed last night was just sumply amazing. I missed last year's show in Toronto as I had to be in school...If this show was about 5 days later than it was, I would be sitting in Thunder Bay again, missing yet another Tool show. I will post the setlist as I remember it.. Sober (-) Ions..While Maynard apologized for his country and asked if he could live here. The Grudge Stinkfist (extended) and they sampled lyrics from another song...I just don't really remember what... H Schism a couple others...No Opiate, Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad with Tomahawk I never did see Tomahawk play...It said on the ticket doors open at 8 and I never saw them play when I was sitting in my seat at 7:50...So anyways...It was the most amazing stage show I have ever seen!

Review written by: Christine* ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 17:33:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Okay, it's inarticulate but how much can I say besides: AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! okay, that and: they opened with SOBER! they played H! and Aenima! And after apologizing for his country, Maynard asked "can we move here?" to which the crowd cheered in acceptance! hell they can move in with ME! hehehehehe. I can't remember the whole set list but the entire show was spectacular and Danny......WOW! How good can one man be. If I wasn't so close I'd swear he has a 3rd arm! Thanks to the guys for an unforgetable experience! ROCK ON! --o and as a side note i just wanted to say the fans also made the night a good one. everyone around me was really nice and friendly.... maybe it's a CANADIAN thing!---

Review written by: dreaming of mercy ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 17:44:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

amazing show. set list to start: sober the grudge stinkfist (excellent extended version) h. (i did indeed ejaculate) schism parbol parabola aenima intermission disposisition reflection triad lateralus this show was ridiculous. i was closer than i had ever been at a tool concert before. all these people who say you don't remember the shows if you're high are full of it. i was ripped off my git and belive me, i'll be ranting about this show for a while. okay, the sound, was soooo loud. my hearing is worse as a result. but the music, oh man. mike patton is a genius. the elasticity of his voice is remarkable. and to top it off, he pulled out his love member and stretched it out in front of the entire crowd to shut up some shit eater who was giving them a hard time. tomahawk was the shit. behind the drum kit there was a plastic deer with a mic set up, it was hilarious. tool was ridiculous. h was great, because i'd never seen it, but 'praying for rain' almost brought me to tears. triad was just ridiculous. mike patton played key boards, and the drummer played 4 roto toms. they ripped. maynard played a guitar, but i was convinced later on, that he was playing a bass. and all you hardcore fans know he used to play bass. i'm still not sure, i was pretty high at the time, which, yes, contradicts my previous statement, but does not change the fact that last night was one of the most incredible displays of talent and beauty that i've seen in a while. quote of the night: 'sorry about our country' mjk. peace.

Review written by: Alex McAlleycat ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 17:46:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Last night tool rocked copps coliseum. it was freaking amazing. the guys played awesome and danny's new drum set was really good. maynard seemed a little tired because he didn't do much fancy vocal work but he still pulled off all the songs really well. the light show was awesome to watch. for example, around the middle of the show all the houselights were off for about 10mins with random noises goign through the whole placee and these crazy multi- colored lights goign all over the crowd, revvign up the pit even more. the visuals were reallly kicking too. they had 2 screens set up on either side of the stage, and different visuals for every song. during parabola (which was preceded by the full intro of parabol , of course) they showed the video and everyone in the place was moving to the music (even in the seats where i was stuck) and floating above the stage they had two of those grape-like ball-things they show in the video. i'm sure they have some technical name i'm unaware of.... . they played all the good songs, including dispostion and triad but excluding prison sex and opiate (sad face). all in all i had an amazing time and can't wait til they come back to southern ontario (or surrounding area)

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 18:59:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Setlist: sober the grudge stinkfist h. schism parabol/parabola aenima disposition reflection triad lateralus this was my virgin tool/live experience... tool is a band i've been waiting to see live for many years now and i must say that it was well worth the wait. lateralus is in my opinion their finest record to date, so i am very happy to have gotten the chance to see them play these songs live. opening with sober was a bit of a suprise, and it's funny, going into the evening, that was the one song i really didn't care if they played or not, but when it started and the energy grabbed hold of me i realized that it was the perfect way to start their set. when sober finished i leaned over to one of my mates and said, give me the grudge. sure enough that was the next song played, i was in my glory. the hypnotic drumming put me into a trance. the visuals for the show were amazing, which is really no suprise considering the fact that tool have always had brilliant visual representations of their music. other suprises during the night were the playing of h. something i never expected to hear at all, and it was simply perfect. also mike patton joining tool onstage for triad. i am a huge fan of mike patton and all of his pet projects (fait no more, mr bungle, fantomas, tomohawk (who were also brilliant at this gig), lovage and so on (damn he keeps busy:)... so overall i would rate this show very highly, and i'm certain i'll never miss tool on tour again. as far as i'm concerned maynard can go off and do his perfect circle project, so long as tool is never compromised, this band is one of the few shinning lights in stadium rock. i think all of these "new metal" bands should go see the kings and try to learn something from them. energy + spirit + well crafted songs + an amazing tool set...

Review written by: Darryl ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 19:04:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

How's it going my fellow Tool fans? If you don't want to read a long (and probably boring review) do not continue reading! The setlist was as follows (100% accurate). Intro - Sober The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist H. Sober Parabol Parabola Aenima --------------- Intermission --------------- Disposiotion Reflection Triad Lateralis The show at Copps Coliseum yesterday was amazing. I had never seen Tool before so I was not sure what to expect. But it was well worth the long wait since I bought my ticket. I went with 4 other friends of mine and we were sitting in the upper bowl of the arena. I'd say there was around 13 or 14,000 people in attendance all together but that's a rough estimate. We got there halfway through Tomahawk's set while people were still coming in. Personally, I did not like Tomahawk. They do have a very original sound and are quite fun to watch, but the music I found was too noisey, loud and very aggressive. I'm not into that kinda thing, but that's me. They left the stage at 8:15pm and most of the crowd seemed to like their performance. Tool came on right at 8:55pm. The Screens showing the Lateralus ring of eyes and the band walks on stage in darkness. Maynard had on his black leather suit and a black stripe painted across his head. He kept his back to the audience for pretty much the whole show. After about 3 minutes of the Intro, they ripped right into Sober. It was the perfect opening song as it allows Maynard to warm up his voice for the heavier songs and also lets Adam, Justin and Danny get their instruments warmed up. After Sober, they did a terriffic performance of The Grudge (one of my favourites from the Lateralus album). It is an amazing song and they did it perfectly. The crowd was nuts. After (-) Ions came Stinkfist. I love this song. I was surprised to hear the new stuff they added towards the middle of the song. There was like 2 minutes of it. I was not expecting that and I thought it was killer. I think it was after this song that Maynard said, "Thank you very much. We'd like to take this oppurtunity to apologize about our country." The crowd cheers. "Can we move here?" The crowd cheers. After that came H. which is one of my favourites from the Aenima album. They also added a minute or 2 to that song in the middle. Another great surprise. They did Schism, Parabol and Parabola next. All are great songs and were performed very well. Then it was time for Aenima. This is another favourite of mine from that album. It was great to hear it live. It made everyone in the mosh pit on the floor go nuts. After this song, the boys went offstage for the Intermission. That lasted for about 5 minutes during which the crowd was treated to a cool video full of crazy Tool art and imagery which I can't really explain. If you've seen the show already, you'll know what I'm talking about. Then Tool came back out. They played Dispostion and Reflection. All 18 minutes of these 2 songs were done perfectly. Reflection had a couple more minutes added on to it. As the song ended, a few roadies came on stage to set up a mini drum set in front of Danny Carey's drum set. I was wondering what it was for but then discovered that it was for the drummer of Tomahawk who came out and joined the band for an exellent performance of Triad. It blew my mind. I think this song was also extended a bit from the album version. When the song was done, the drummer from Tomahawk left the stage and it was time for Maynards's closing remarks. "Thank you very much. We hope this experience tonight has made you feel something inside of you. Weather it be happiness, confusion or anger. But most importantly, we hope it made you feel really horny. We want you to go home tonight, curl up in front of the fireplace, have some cocoa and have sex." Then they did Lateralis. This is one of the best songs on the album in my opinion and it was the perfect closing song for the concert. When it was over, the guys all came to the front of the stage for a group hug which made the crowd cheer. They all waved to the crowd then left the stage. It ended at about 10:50 and was a great show. The Lateralus Tour has been going on since May of 2001 and Tool still puts on a powerful show. They don't seem to be tired of doing it at all. It is a great show and if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. Thanks for reading my review. Darryl

Review written by: aaron heywood ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 19:25:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

TOOL is the one thing that can better perfect, i guess you'd just have to be there to feel their power. most concerts it's a must to take something to expand your mind to enjoy, but if your luck isn't to good on picking up a certain favourite product have no worry's my friend.....Tool will fucking rescue your bad luck. YOU will feel higher than a motherfucker just watching the art while listening to the music without drugs. I came down off mushrooms during about midway through the set, but while i was still feeling the buzz a little I listened to one of maynards comments about having sex, i suddenly took off into a wild day dream imagining everyone in the entire crowd was screwing....the mood and the music would be perfect for that sort of thing i thought to myself in a (what you readers are probably thinking) disturbing way! haha anyways pretty fucking emotional and inspiring stuff!!! reflection,h,stinkfist,the grudge...hell all there music blew my mind...on the way back i was thinking to myself...fuck me that wasn't even a rock concert or a big show no it was much more....the only way to describe it would be one giant huge motherfucking orgasm for the brain....fuck any other band.... you might be golden musisicians or whatever but you can't ever do what tool will do. tool does much much more than entertains. they give you a part of yourself that you have no idea you even ever had....and trust me it feels pretty cool!! go see this.....its like blowing a giant load!!!! piece

Review written by: aeSouL ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 19:35:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey! The Tool show was just absolutely amazing. I was expecting a show like last years where they have people hanging from the stage during "Parabola" but this time it was totally different. It was really interesting to see how much they can change it in a matter of less than a year. The new stage design put me and I'm sure the whole audience in total "AW". Adam Jones is definately a certified genius for designing it. It was reallly great to hear Tool play H. live. I had never heard it live before and it was huge surprise when they started to play it. All in all the show was fanominal. I couldn't have asked for anything more, well other than they playing longer. But what can you do, 2 hours is worth $60. If people have not seen Tool on this tour yet, i'm really suggesting that you go see it. You will love the show.

Review written by: catmall ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 20:08:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. double digit show for me!!!!!!!!!and i still want many more shows to see..........................YEEEEEES.... soooo.... tonights show in hamilton was AMAZING,,,,,,im so happy this made up for the crappy sound in buffalo,,,,i still dont see how tool can let that happen,,,,,but anyway this show was soooooooo awesome,,,,,powerful.....clear......everyone was so into it,,,,,,,,,,,,it was a great performance.....i wont put a set list....its the same as buffalo anyway...........although i heard they played 46 and 2 in ottawa which is kinda nice to see.........anyway one last thing..... maynard apologized for there country.....he said sorry,,,...and then he asked if he could move here(canada that is) everyone went was cool! patiently waiting the next show......maybe they will swing back around one more time in the fall...........hopefully,,,,,, until then i will be reading reviews like crazy,,,,,,,,,keep them coming peoples..........!!!!!! :~)

Review written by: Dave ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 21:30:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well, since im the first to review this show, then I might as well start with the first band of the night which was Tomahawk. Mike Patton is a musical genius! I have had the album since its release date and basically paid the ticket price to see Tomahawk. I looked at Tool just being an added bonus. Mike Patton and the boys didnt dissapoint at all, pounding off song after song of beauty. One romance cover tune for the fag in the front row as Patton said and also a new tune that he referred to as "The new Ricky Martin" but who knows if its really gonna be called that. Mike really got on some goof in the front row that was dicing up Patton, so as all Patton fans know, that turned out to be a big mistake! Mike accused this goof of wanting Kevin the bassist and then all the fun began! Buddy wouldnt stop mouthin off, so Patton pulled out his dick and started fuckin around! Disgusting to say the least, but a humourous moment, knowing it was buddy who was getting the good view. Quotes of Mr. Hockey Puck, and Mr. Mackenzie were all a good laugh. Tomahawk was on stage for 35min and pounded out 9 tunes and sounded very fantastic live. Good job boys, keep it up. And I must say a great reception next to what they were getting in the states. Us Canadians truly know how to treat quality acts, unlike the hicks from the states!! Tool was kind of blah. Maynard refuses to look at the audience as usual on this tour and the rest of the band just stand there. I guess Im just used to seeing bands jumping all over the place, and tools not like that, but I have to say that Tomahawk blew Tool off the stage for sure!!! Tools sound quality was fantastic, dont get me wrong, its just their stage presence that sucks!!!

Review written by: eeeyyyeee ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 22:30:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 4rth Tool show

dont know the setlist for tool's show---- it's the same as the other shows on this tour---they played H instead of 46 n'2 . maynard wore a cop uniform like the members of tomahawk. nice strip down his face (looking like a mohawk on top). did i mention this concert was in outer space? it was. ah.... tomahawk is very very cool the setlist is basically the disc minus cul de sac and honeymoon and narcosis. though they did play another song which was a cover of somebody. mike patton tended to scream and screech his lines instead of singing them like normal people want to hear. i am not normal and i let out woops of joy (actually i didnt 'woop', i just sat quietly wishing i was mike patton). ah the sound was very shitty for them though. mike and john played on triad which was cool. and they wore these sombreros. in this one song----cant remember which one it was now (it was last night) patton was waving his arm like he was at a u2 concert in prague while STARING DOWN THE DEER ON STAGE. it was intense. i wasnt sure what was going to happen. was the deer going to attack? was patton going to pull out a billy-club? ah. tool was go(o)d.

Review written by: Otaku ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 22:31:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

What an amazing show.....heres the RIGHT set list: Sober The Grudge Stinkfist(extended and mind-blowing) H Parabola Aenims *Intermission* Disposition Reflection TRIAD! Lateralus This show exceeded any expectations I had, I cant even think of how to correctly state how truly amazing this concert was, i went to the one in Buffalo too and I think that the sound was much better in Copps. The police and security were so cool eith everything, that i was blowing the smoke from my spliff in the security guys' face and he didnt care. My highlights though (other than the music obviously) would have to be the little kid on his Dads shoulders(cuz if i had a kid I woulld hope that he/she would have such impeccable taste), and when Maynard apologized on behalf of the USA to us Canadians, and asked if he could live here. The set and the screens were so beautiful that it has 'inspired' me to buy some of Alex Grays art. Ummmmm..;..i cant think of anything else to say.......i just wanted to let everyone know how awesome Tool truly is.

Review written by: Pokie ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 22:52:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Last night was so amazing. It really was a beautiful experience. The whole night was perfect, and Maynard's voice was as always, flawless. It was a perfect blend of the best band in the world, with really cool lights and video images...and of course Maynards message to write poetry and have sex....thanks for coming...!!!

Review written by: Andrew ( Review posted on: 08/26/02 23:36:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

i've been reading the reviews leading up to this concert so i thought i should post something as well. but wow, that was amazing. the past times i've seen tool it's been from further back, so i wasn't really interested in the videos. but my friends and i got up close, on the right next to the barrier so we had a great view. i'd also like to say the ppl around us were really cool, and actually excited to be there, unlike the acc show, bunch of sad asses. but anyway, someone's probably posted the setlist already, bu tthe best songs were definetly; the grudge, amazing, always gives me shivers. h, one of favorite songs off aenima, and triad, with mike and john of tomahawk, who apparently opened a auto parts/chinese food take out store in london, ontario, according to maynard. i also like the part when he mentioned that he'd like to apoligize for his country, and asked if they could move here, oh yeah, and the part at the end about writting poetry and having sex with yourself or someone else. but i don't know why everyone complains about tomahawk and mike patton, they were great. i'd gp see them again in a minute, especially the jazz stuff. and really who the hell wants to see messhuga? fuck swedish bands! cept refused.

Review written by: MLD (OBSULETE6@HOTMAIL.COM) Review posted on: 08/26/02 23:39:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 3 RD Tool show

This post is really about the detroit show . i'm sure mr patrick bateman will post the setlist whereas i was a little too overwhelmed to remember the correct order. In the vein as all my previous tool show experiences this was excellent . There was new video on the screeens most of it centered on Adam's platelet of humanoid looking computer graphics, morphing into different shapes and skulls out of their own skin type stuff. The Alex Grey art work provided excellent ambience for the whole show. Eventhough the show was in a small arena (14,000) all the art work and video screens and excellent crowd made it seem like it was at a much smaller venue. This is my take. If you want good details.refer to Mr Bateman's post. Question Authority Think for Yourself.......Don't Repeat What People Say

Review written by: Daniela ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 00:05:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I don't know how TOOL manages to out-do themselves with every tour, but they do.... This show was amazing! The visuals were brilliant. They were amazing to look at, and i felt mesmerized while i was watching them. The Alex Grey artwork used during the show was stunning! The sound was very powerful. It was a flawless performance, it really was. I was amazed, as i always am after seeing TOOL in concert! As far as i can remember, these were the songs played (in no particular order, and i'm hoping i haven't left any out): Sober, The Grudge, Stinkfist, H, Aenema, Schism, Parabol, Parabola, Disposition, Reflection, Triad (with the guys from Tomahawk), Lateralus....

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 01:07:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1 Tool show

too bad there will be no show in normal!!!!

Review written by: Neurotic Skitz ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 02:54:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th? Tool show

Amazing. ~Spiral out~

Review written by: I SHIT THE BED!!! ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 04:47:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Holy Shit on ME!!!! I shit the bed on my fourth time seeing the greatest band in the world. For months i looked forward to this. I counted down the days and finally.....August 25th arrives. I had about ten beers in the two hours before going down to the concert and some ephedrin. I got another four beers in shitty styrofoam cups which I think are partly to blame for what happened next. They opened with Sober and my buddy lit a Joint. Everyone went crazy as they kicked into the Grudge. Which by the way was the most powerful I've ever heard them play. Our seats were right beside the stage...the closest i've ever seen them. And then it happened...... I was on my ass in my seat....after the second song. Hardly the way I behave at a concert but the sound.....blew me away. I thought I was having a frickin' heart attack or maybe tripping out. My heart was pounding out of my chest and sweat was streaming down my face into my mouth. I couldn't open my eyes for some reason but I could hear everything. I thought I was dying....but I would have died happy. I looked as if I was in some kind of trance, especially when they played Triad, at that point I thought I would breathe my last breath. I would die happy at a tool show. For one frightening moment I opened my eyes to see my buddy lunge for a blowup penis balloon. The terror in that moment made me close my eyes again. I listened in my cocooned state. Fuck me. After the show once everyone had filed out.....i puked on the goddamn floor. THATS FOR THE STYROFOAM CUPS you FUCKERS!!! I need to redeem if maynard reads this....FORGIVE ME!!! LET ME TOUR WITH YOU!!!!! P.S.--i ASKED MY FRIEND ABOUT THE RUBBER PENIS BALLOON THING....HE SAID 'IT NEVER HAPPENED' ....FUCKIN' TWILIGHT ZONE OR WHAT????

Review written by: Nicholas Elie ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 08:30:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

As a long time Tool fan, I've grown very fond of their music, and one thing I was really impressed by were the subtle changes Tool made to a number of their songs. The sign of true musicians. The music is alive and constantly growing. What can I say, Danny Carey first and foremost, is the best in the industry, the most inovative drummer of all time, and simply the nuttiest. Maynard has never sounded better. The whole band has never sounded better. I was in awe. The visuals were nothing but astonishing. The back drop was some of the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen, not to mention huge. The videos have been worked on and improved, the one I noticed the most was The Grudge. My buddy pointed out the two needles spinning around the eye, which has givin me new insight on the song. My favorit songs that show would have to be The Grudge, Parabola (both halves) and Triad. What an insane jam. Tribal beyond beleif. Obviously the whole show kicked my ass and cranium into another dimension. Tool, if you read this, thank you for a great show, and keep doing what you're doing, it's brilliant. Now there's one more thing that no one seemed to mention in any of the other reviews. I could have sworn that for a couple of tunes, including Parabola and Triad, Maynard was playing an instument! It looked like either a guitar or bass. Fucking Amazing! I've never heard of such things. If anyone has confimation on what the hell he was playing, please get back to me, or post it in a review. I'm sure we're all interested in finding out what's going on there. And last but not least. Tool, you're more than welcome in Canada anytime, and of course you can come live here. We'd be honored!

Review written by: Pat ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 09:24:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Sober | Grudge | (-) Ions | Stinkfist | H | Schism | Parabol | Parabola | Ćnema | Disposition | Reflection | Triad | Lateralus The show was good. It's been almost a year since I've seen Tool live. And I don't really know how the two shows compare. The artwork this time around was impressive to say the least. And last year they just had visuals. The setlist was tinkered with a bit but still remained basically the same. I came down from Montreal to see this show at Copps Coliseum... and last year at the Molson Centre in Montreal, I must say the ambiance was better, the crowd was more engaged and the general vibe was stronger. I don't know, maybe it has to do with the remote location of Copps Coliseum; an outlying vortex in the asshole of Ontario that can seriously shackle a crowd. But I guess Hamilton venues are cheaper to rent out and the die hard fans will still make the one hour trek from Toronto. Hell, I did the six hour road trip from the next province. But all in all the band was flawless, again. They seemed happy to be in Hamilton and were pleased with the crowd who were very respectful, I must admit. They were even receptive towards Tomahawk, which was unexpected. And Maynard seemed pleased to be out of the states. He appologized on behalf of the USA and asked if it was okay to move to Canada. I wonder if I'm the only one who found that comment transparent. But it made me grin just the same. I was hoping they'd change the setlist a bit. They played Flood earlier in the tour, now they've stopped. I was hoping for Opiate, nope. The Patient, nah. They didn't play the Patient in Montreal last year so I thought I'd finally get to see it. However they played it in Toronto, but I wasn't there. So I missed out I guess. And of course, I was hoping for Eulogy, and 4 degrees, but that's just asking too much. I should be happy I got to see Tool again. But I guess the selfish, demanding part of me is surfacing and perhaps I'm a greedy bastard. Aside from Sober, H and Triad, the setlist was identical. Minus 46 & 2 from last time and the awe-inspiring Pushit, the Salival version. Anyways, it was a great show. I enjoyed it tremendously, mostly because I had my arm around my significant other whom made the day exponentially better. I got to share this experience with my girlfriend and a friend; both great people and when you're in good company, everything is better. Thus, this Hamilton show far exceeds that of last year's Montreal gig, not because of Tool, but because of the two people I went with. Some things are more important in life, and those who hold their favorite band as life's number one priority are missing the point of being human. I'd like to thank Tool for taking our money at sixty bucks a seat and thinking us worthy of playing for us for two hours. I'm happy I got to see my favorite band again. I'm happy that they were incredible on stage, I'm happy they wrote all those great Tool songs. I'm happy Maynard provided some humour and suggested we all go home and have sex. I'm happy about a lot of things. The show very good, the entire experience was better. Thanks Lisa and John. Pat.

Review written by: Scott ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 09:44:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Another amazing show, another incredible night. Holy shit Tool kicks ass. i saw them the night before in Ottawa...and i'm trying to decide which show i liked better, but i can't. Both shows were spectacular. The setlist was the same except they played h instead of 46&2. that was a nice surprise. everything was virtually the same as the night before, but i still loved it. Triad was fucking stellar yet again...h and lateralis were also amazing. the only bad part about this show was the stupid ass sitting behind us. before the show started he said " If i dont here Sober im going up there and I'm going to spit in Maynards face." He was obviously not a real fan because when h came on he said " Is this a new one?," and after parabola ended he said " That fucking sucked, play aenema!" What a fucking cocksucker. If i wasn't only 16 or he was about 16, i woulda turned around and punched the cock right in the face. Oce the guy beside us told him to shut the fuck up and enjoy the magic, he was quite for the rest of the show which was good. It's sad that a 16 year old appreciates the music a hell of a lot more than a 30 year old. i brought my older brother to this concert and the Ottawa show because he had never seen Tool live. so i just had to show him how amazing it was. He loved the shows so much, the next day he went out and bought lateralus, aenima, undertow, and opiate. Shows what a Tool show can do to people. Thanks Again Tool!!! You Guys Rock!!!

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 10:09:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

I've read through the reviews and many people have said what needed to be said and posted setlists that needed to be posted. All i wanted to add, as someone who first saw Tool back at Lollapalozza in '93 on the second stage (Christ!! Almost 10 years ago!!) is that the boys have gotten bigger and better with every show. If you've never seen them before or have only seen them a couple of times, just keep checking them out. Cause I personally can't wait to see what they evolve into next. From the dirty pit days in '93 with Undertow and Opiate to the assult on my senses last night. Tool just fucking kicks ass! Thanks for another amazing show guys. Good night.

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 10:20:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wow.... Just awesome.... Two days later and I still can't believe what I witnessed... Triad was mindblowing.... NOBODY puts on a show like TOOL... wow...

Review written by: Justin ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 11:48:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey this was actually the detroit show i saw on the 26th but there was no option for it in the pull down menu, and the show in D-town was kick ass. Even better than that of a year ago when they played the palace. I was very happy to hear H. and Opiate since they didn't play them last time and the opening with Sober and the huge red curtain behind them was very intimate to say the least. The visuals were great and the band played incredible. Danny once again amazed the shit outta me and all the people that went with me, especially Triad(god was that amazing). I can think of no show more worth the money to go see then Tool. If i had to be forced to pick one draw back from the concert I would have to say that not playing Aenima would have been the only drawback. Other than that it was a perfect show. Thank you. I love this band. There is no one out there even close.

Review written by: Brandon ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 12:23:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

first of all.... Tomohawk i have almost no respect for... the music was pretty good, but i didn;t like the vocals... that was ok tho but then they had to try and pick fights with people in the crowd.... grow up, you are an opening band, play your music try to get a fan base going... you don't tell the audience they are a bunch of little shitheads... but tool was awesome... H was a probably a highlight, patient would've been nice thought... but triad rocked too... did anyone notice that at the beginning of the grudge some thigns sounded off? i thought i heard adam fall behind the beat a few times... maybe i was just getting use to the sound... but a very good show, the setlist was tied for last time at the ACC, but i think the band was better this time Brandon

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 12:52:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

WOW! All that has needed to be said has been said...but I have been coming to this site forever waiting to put a review up. I was priviledged enough to get to see the boys play at Edgefest last year...but unfortunatly due to the people at Edge 102 screwing up the scheduling Tool were cut short. Amazing show, but did not compare to the Hamilton show. The show they put on inside of an arena is absolutly mind- blowing. I had tickets to see them in Toronto last year but never got a chance to go. The set up of their stage was one of the most amazing set-ups I had ever seen, there is so much to take in and see that you almost have to see them 3-4 times in a row just so that you can take it all in and be able to watch everything they have. There are far to many people slamming Tomahawk, the Hamilton crowd accepted them and greeted them greatly. Everyone around me was annoyed by Mike Patton...but he went out on stage trying to piss people off. While I think his personally titled song 'The New Ricky Martin' in which Danny came out and they just played about 5 straight minutes of crazy music was great, it pissed many people off cause it was just 'noise'. What ever happened to people being open minded? I know if Tomahawk came back through this part of the country I'd go see them. I would have liked to hear Opiate played...but then again I would have liked to see Pushit, Third Eye, Undertow, among many others played as well. You just dont always get what you want. The highlights for me were definetly H. and the 'triad' of Disposition/Reflection/Triad. Watching these boys perform on stage is an unexplainable thing...I swear to god Danny Carey is a one should be able to play a set of drums like that and make it look so easy and flawless. Watching Maynard on stage is something all in itself, I dont know why, but I just absolutly love the way the guy moves to his music. He truly is a god, and so are the other 3 men...gods of our time. If Maynard wants to move to Canada like he asked then he is welcome anytime...

Review written by: MattohPuss (superprivate) Review posted on: 08/27/02 14:03:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: PSYCHEDELIC ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 14:11:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

I drove the 3+ hours from Detroit to stale ass Hamilton Ontario. I frightened many timid Canadian drivers along the way with my aggressive D town driving style. Kilometers per hour?? Luckily the horse back mounties couldn't catch me as I sped through their virgin landscape at warp 9. We arrived a little late and missed Tomahawk completely. From what I hear, that was perhaps a good thing. We had upper bowl seats right above Danny. Watching him jam from an overhead view definitely gave me a chub. They played the same set list as they have been except The Patient was omitted. H. was substituted in place of 46&2 and they also threw in AEnema. Maynard faced the curtain the entire show and never stripped down to the speedo. He didn't say much, just the usual comments. At one point he apologized for being from the U.S. Then when Tomahawk members left the stage after Triad Maynard said that they also owned an "Oriental food restraunt/auto service garage and you will get a discounted muffler service with your ticket stub." I think the audience was pretty lame. There was the usual homos moshing. These mindless dipshits even found it nessecary to slam into each other during reflection. I assume they just couldn't get enough man on man contact- ....those zany Canucks i tell you....

Review written by: MattohPuss ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 14:18:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 9 th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I love most things Tool. I think the best Tool performances have ALWAYS been when Maynard was front and centre on the stage. Hamilton's show consisted of a music/art delight. With the exception of stone-still members Adam and Justin, and Maynard often bathed in dim to poor lighting or singing to the backdrop with his back towards the audience, they put on a stellar performance. Incredible sound and colours.

Review written by: scotty s (ss33gnoming) Review posted on: 08/27/02 14:36:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

setlist Merkaba (ending) Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H Eon Blue Apocalypse Schism Parabol Parabola Opiate Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralis Tool=Unhuman I thought that since the crowd was pretty bad last year at the palace that they wouldbe the same tonight. This was not the case. Maynard striped into his black speedo after Stinkfist showing how comfortable he was with the fans. There is probabl little I can say to capture what hasnt already been said about this phenomenon, so i'll go into my pros and cos for the show. + maynard stripping during stinkfist the alex grey artwork is unbelievably intricate and equally amazing the lighting is synched up perfectly and was timed with danny's bass pedals danny's drum set danny carey i enjoyed maynard's speech before opiate all the stuff that the band threw at us after the show adam smiling an waving at the end of the show and of course the music - not hearing the patient because some other crowds have would have liked eulogy, third eye, or pushit but tool's evolving and this is a lateralis tour not a aenima or undertow tour as many people would want I would drive a long way to see tool if they are unwilling to stop in detroit on the fall tour. I appreciate how the band has been on tour for so long without a rest. Thanks guys.

Review written by: Johnny LaRue ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 14:50:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

well i will say the headlining band of tomahawk was great, tool made a really good closer for them and their crazy antics. tomahawk was simply amazing, luckily i had got there early so i was able to catch them at the 7:30 start time, tickets said 8pm. mike was amazing as usual. they really got cheered and horrified some of the crowd, they weren't too sure what tomahawk was. he used a few neat new toys that i haven't seen him use before, his gas mask/microphone was a new twist on an old toy of his. his new kaos pad and some other mic thing were cool tho. it seems a lot of people did not like them, tho they have no clue about anything sides what's on the radio. a few tool fans were mouthing off to tomahawk, and mike obliged them by taunting them, calling them hosers and a large hockey puck and refering to them as mr mackenzie, for those that don't understand, which was a large percentage he was refering to bob and doug mackenzie. at one point he started to say "kevin's got a boyfriend .... kevin's got a boyfriend .... which one is it?" and when kevin pointed him out, mike then whipped out his cock and said "here i got something for you right here" the songs they played were , kind of in order, flashback, sir yes sir, laredo, pop 1, molocchio, honeymoom, jockstrap, sweet smell of success, point and click, the new ricky martin, danny carey came out during this song. they closed off with a cover of the song angel eyes by chet baker. then tool came out and it was the same show i've seen before, however it was darn good musically, i had seen it at the acc last year, tho they had no contortionists this time around. although this time maynard pulled an eddy vedder and appologized for his country, which i thought was pretty cool. two members of tomahawk, mike and john, came out and did an encore with tool dressed as chinese rice farmers. maynard informed us that these young men might one day make it far in the musical world if they worked hard and encouraged us to visit mike and john's muffler shop and chinese resturant, the only one in ontario. and for those that didn't understand that joke, the members of tomahawk are mike patton on vocals, from faith no more, mr bungle, fantomas, lovage and other projects, kevin rutmanis on bass, from the melvins, duane denison on guitar, from the jesus lizard, and john stanier on drums from helmet. all people whom have gone rather far already in the music industry and are rather well known to people with a clue, which i'll say most of the crowd didn't have. i'm now waiting for tomahawk to return again. maybe i'll go see tool if they come around again. johnny larue

Review written by: thepatientwasnotplayed ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 15:48:49 ET

No the patient was not played.......and that was a little disappointing but i dont really mind that much. First off Tomahawk it seems have been getting a lot of poor reviews but IMHO these guys arent that bad....Mike Patton was hilarious i think he called us Hosers and a few guys in the crowd MacKenzie i found that pretty funny. They got a warm ovation from the crowd and they seemed very appreciative. Tool was very good (despite not playing the Patient like other shows have gotten). I thought the set was incredible. Highlights were Parabol/a, H and Triad.....oh and jimmy was not played either whoever wrote that...... H---> i have waited a long time to hear this song was like a dream come true as it is a very emotional song for me and i was overcome with emotion hearing maynard sing this tune and to the tone deaf fuck behind me i was not out of line for telling you to shut the fuck screwed up the part where he says "i dont mind.....i dont mind....i dont mind" see it was extended this live show.....and if you would have shut up you would have appreciated the subtle change : " i.....i.......i.......i.....i dont mind" Triad---> Mike patton came out with an oriental farmer hat and the drummer from triad was front and centre with this funny hat on that made Danny laugh!!!!!!!!!! This was the highlight of the night as all six of the guys on stage seemed to really be into this one especially Justin and Maynard. Thanks to the guys from tomahawk to allow this song to be played to its potential live. The backdrop was fuckin awesome at this point as well. ANyone with footage i would appreciate a downlowdable copy if possible :-) peace

Review written by: AlcoholicA ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 16:08:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!!! I saw TOOL in September of 01, and after that show I didnt think any show could possibly top it, but I have been proven wrong by them. TOOL are true musicians and will never disappoint. It doesn't matter where your seat is, you will love what you see and hear. It was cool how Maynard hardly faced the crowd at all during the show, its all about the music. I can only hope they come back again soon. Amazing visuals, amazing sound....AMAZING SHOW BY AN UNBELIEVABLE BAND!

Review written by: Tomahawk fan ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 16:46:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

I am quite the big tool fan, but also a big Tomahawk fan. I was dissapointed to miss Tomahawks set (thanks to ticketmaster for changing the times on us!) but Tool still did an amazing job, as usual. For all of you bad mouthing Tomahawk, you should really take another listen. Maybe not to Tomahawk, but any other Mike Patton band. Try FANTOMAS. They opened up for TOOL on last years tour. Their newest album "The director's cut" is pretty heavy. Tomahawk isn't as heavy as most of his other projects. Also, think about it, Tool has had 2 Mike Patton bands open up for them in 1 year. Don't you think they are trying to say something? As in... "hey we realy like this guys work and we want all our fans to hear it." All I'm saying is tool rocks, but don't bad mouth openers. They are there for a reason (and not just to fill time) I'm not posting a set list because most of you have done that. I had great seats, and could see each members expression. When Mike and John from Tomahawk came out for Triad, I was blown away! All I can say is what a great show that was!

Review written by: Afterglow ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 17:06:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Since no one has yet done so, I'll describe the intermission in some detail. I was watching the left screen, so if you watched the right screen, the directions I say are mirrored. A loud droning dark ambient track loops throughout the intermission, which is disturbing and I found made me focus my attention on the video screen. If you enjoyed the sound during the intermission, I suggest you check out Lustmord's Heresy. The screen was blue, I think; it may've been gray but looked blue since the stage lights above were blue (and I wasn't wearing my glasses :). The background of the video contained three fractal/snowflake objects, one in the back right, one more in the foreground on the left and another that scrolled from left to right on the screen between (depth-wise) the two other snowflakes. These snowflakes were dark blue with the background a lighter blue. In the foreground there was a bald head of what looked like a ~30-40 year old man, which was angled ~45° to the right. The skin had a blue/gray tone, like the creatures in Tool's music videos. The face of the head started to vibrate from front to back of the head. Slowly the pace of this vibration sped up and the skin was getting further away from the skull. The interesting part is what the face looked like as it moved. When it was compacted, the face looked like that of a young child with a small nose and when it expanded, it looked more like an old man, with a pointed nose and chin. As the animation kept speeding up, the face would go passed the skull, meaning the vibration of the face would move from in front of the head to behind it with the spine acting as the axis. Soon the face would be moving so far from the spine that the bare skull would appear then be covered again when the skin moved back to the other side of the head. The skin was a white/brown colour. The vibration started to slow down but with the skull sometimes still appearing. Soon the skin would just peel back on the sides to reveal the skull. The skin appeared like wings flapping with the front of the skull in full view. The wings would momentarily close up the skull then open again, still flapping. Then the head disappeared and a new image appeared, this time a skull sitting inside what looked to be a "holder" of skin. This holder had had a bottom, sides, and back which the skull fit perfectly into. The skull started bouncing, with the motion looking like the skull's running on the spot, so it was similar to how a foot moves when you step. Sometimes the skull would stop and the skin around it would cover up the skull, then open back up like petals of a flower. This image would pan on the video screen, left to right and back, stopping at 45° at each side. The animation would speed up and as the intermission concluded, the skull was bouncing at an insane rate, with you just seeing the blur of its motion. The music at this point seemed to get a bit noisier/distorted, but maybe it was my brain playing a trick because the image was becoming more distorted. Then what sounded like a high-pitched guitar riff started to kick in and soon enough the screen had turned to black and Disposition had begun. I'll only describe that video since the intermission was the only time I was able to concentrate on just one or two aspects of the experience and fully remember it. That video can be interpreted in context of the show (with Ćnema played before and Disposition after), in context of your life, in context of the artist's experiences, etc. Then add that to the fact there's different videos and visuals for each song, the lyrical content and the skill of the group as musicans, and THAT is was makes Tool's art so astonishing. You can take the music at face value and just rock out or discover the art behind their presentation and appreciate the creative energy Tool spreads. Tool goes above and beyond and for that, thank you.

Review written by: Mysticmartyr ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 17:49:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This show was amazing. tomahawk came on at 7:30 and played for a half hour. There was also a resident moose doing background vocals which i thought was amusing. 20 minutes and then mike patton started chanting "??? (bassist of the band) has a boyfriend" then "which one do you like?" the bassist pointed at someone and and mike replied with "that hockey puck over there" and i guess the guy was a Mr. Mackenzie because mike started talking to him by that name.Mike started pointing to his dick asking if he wanted it. Eventually he pulled it out for us all to see (i was far enough back though so i didn't have to suffer the shock of seeing it). After that they played a few more songs, one of them being, i think, comfortably numb. After that we had to wait a fucking hour for the sound check to happen. which pissed me off and slightly disheartened the show for me. They came on and what can i say, everything i was hoping for. except that, they didnt play the patient, which was probably due to the extra long sound check and i think maynard wasn't feeling well because he wasnt hitting the high notes in reflection as well as did not strip down like he did in previous shows (although i can't say i was wanting it to happen). Hope you get better. the intermission was very neat and unexpected and disposition, reflection and triad were pulled off without a hitch, exept for what was mentioned before. if you didnt buy a ticket to get to these string of shows then you're missing out on quite the experience.

Review written by: J Miller ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 19:08:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Tomahawk started off the show playing extremely early. tickets said doors open at 8, but tomahawk began close to 7:30. The thing people need to realize is that TOOL don't get 'stuck' with opening acts. they PICK them because they a) like to enlighten their fans to something new and worthwile and b) like to be entertained themselves (it is THEIR tour) that being said, do your homework. Tomahawk did not 'suck' in any sense of the word. look at Mike Pattons Catalogue (take this out if websites aren't allowed to be posted). surely maynard paints a nice corner perfectly but mike patton is a VOCALIST and he paints the rest of the room way the hell more interestingly and he'll get some on the floor too! if you studied music, you would get alot more from patton than you would from maynard. i thought tomahawk played to the crowd brilliantly to the point of patton whipping his dick out on stage at some homophobe. having tomahawk open for tool was as brilliant as andy kaufman having tony clifton (surely they are not the same people). they built the antagonists (and played the role beautifully) so you would appreciate the heroes. that being said, tool themselves were great. danny carey had a huge smile on his face the whole time and i don't think i have seen a happier man then him behind the kit during the drum jam (he was also amusing himself during tomahawks set on a sampler. i miss the screen behind the stage/maynard. its absence pushes you away from the stage. i suppose it makes a point of keeping your eyes off the players and more on the set - which is well worth while. enjoy

Review written by: Speedy T ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 19:20:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I'd like to clarify the connection between Tomahawk and Tool, since some reviewers here seem puzzled by the fact that Fantomas and Tomahawk, both bands fronted by Mike Patton, have opened for Tool in the past year or so. Tool used to open for Faith No More, a band that Mike Patton fronted in the nineties, before Tool was known to anyone. Patton and Tool seem to go back a long time. Members of FNM and Tool also collaborated on a song for a KISS tribute album, something I'm sure they're not exceedingly proud of, but something they did nonetheless. Just thought it was worth mentioning, cuz I don't think many of the Tool fans understand where Tomahawk comes from. The members of Tomahawk are, collectively (especially when you consider Patton's accomplishments), more accomplished than Tool. It's more a factor of the marketplace and radio that has Tomahawk as an opening act. I hope Tool fans get a chance to investigate old Faith No More albums, especially Angel Dust (1992) and King for a Day (1995), and some of Patton's other work. Patton's passion for noise and using vocals as instruments (it's not about understanding what he's saying -- it's about making a vocal "effect") are a departure from Tool's musical stylings, but he can be equally rewarding to listen to.

Review written by: this guy ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 19:33:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

on behalf of canada we accept maynard's apology. the band is more than welcome to reside in canada and become canadian citizens under the condition that they provide their new nation with an abundance of mind expanding, thought provoking concerts. If the band agrees to these terms, please sign the dotted line and return to sender. -------------------- thanks

Review written by: tool queen ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 19:34:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1 Tool show

Tool, an awsome band, an awsome performance.The visuals were amazing, The music was great. Im not going to post a setlist, but i am going to say Stinkfist and The grudge were amazing in the general admission area where i was, everybody felt the music and the energy.I think the high point was when maynard apologized for his country and asked is he could move to canada(of course he can!)...the most disapointing thing about this concert was Tomahawk. Calling everyone in the arena poutine eating canucks in a matter of words.Oh and when the lead singer pulled out his d*ck at someone he was calling 'Mckenzie'...Oh yes...everyones name in canada is mckenzie i forgot.FUCK YOU tomahawk, No wonder everyone yelled you suck.

Review written by: JP ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 20:00:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Most of the setlists look right, so I won't bother...Great show, tremendous visuals, Alex Gray is a very talented man. As I was thinking of my highlights of the show, I thought to myself, "sober, aenema, triad..." then pretty much thought of every song played. The exclusion of Eon Blue Apocolypse/The Patient was odd, but the set didn't really suffer from this outtake. Just a note to some of you guys in the middle of the floor about 15-20 rows deep...Get a life. Just experience the music for what it is, don't mosh like you're at a goddamn Limp Bizkit concert. If you see no room, don't try to force yourself into a space. I moved to basically avoid the temptation of beating the crap out of these kids who obviously spent $60 to smoke and mosh for two hours than to appreciate Tool. I left this show feeling quite good, the set/music/band/art was amazing, can't wait til my next Tool show. Oh, and as for Tomahawk...interesting to say the least...

Review written by: Master Reviewer (ROBERTG@YAHOO.COM) Review posted on: 08/27/02 20:13:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: Karima ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 22:23:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Where do I begin? Everyone's already said pretty much everything about the show, but a few things i'd still like to add. Firstly, though I'd give this show 9.5 out of 10, i'd give their last show at the ACC a perfect 10. There was just a teeny tiny thing missing from this show (maybe it was my sucky view). Maybe it's because i keep comparing it to their last show, in which they played pushit (the salival version) and had that crazy contortionist act during parabol/a which was like their videos in real life... The highlight of the hamilton show, where i thought it totally gained momentum and emotion, was just after the intermission when it rained golden, and the words being sung were "watch the weather change". i had tears in my eyes (i had tears in my eyes twice though during the ACC show). oh yeah, and they played H which was a huge surprise! and during it there was a snake on the screens, the lyrics talking about that ol' snake. and during lateralus black and white were all i could see, and red and yellow then came to be, and when it goes "spiral out" the lights actually spiralled out. The music itself, absolutely flawless and i like it when people from the states apologize for their country. Apology accepted.

Review written by: Dave ( Review posted on: 08/27/02 22:33:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I became a tool fan in between Aenima and Lateralus, they have since become my inspiration to get up every morning and make use of the time I have. Sunday night, words can't describe how great it was to see them again. The setlist which I witnesed are the songs that they feel are relevant to where they are in their own lives right now and where they have come from. Yet I coudn't help feel like I missed out on the days where tool would suprise the hell out of people with there choice of setlists. I will see Tool again (unless the world does end) and maybe someday Maynard will grace the crowd with some songs from years past. p.s. new stage setup was amazing it felt like I was entering a new world setlist: sober the grudge ions stinkfist (great energy from the band) H (the most beautiful song I've ever heard played live) mantra schism parabol parabola Aenima (all I remember is going insane) _Intermission_ Disposition Reflection Triad (the trilogy was very impressive they have come a long way musically) Lateralus The crowd was great, except to many ppl were sitting down.

Review written by: P Bonk ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 01:44:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. OH MY GOD! A few days have passed and I still can't get over how fucking amazing Tool is! Maynard and Danny are gods!!! The day after the concert I was in withdrawal because I wanted to see these guys again. I waited a year for this concert (since the last time I saw them at ACC) They keep getting better and better. Sober was incredible! It wasn't the greatest opener (the grudge is) but it is my fav song. It is my fav song because my band and I covered it in front of my school (IONA!) at the end of the year. It meant alot to see the real guys perform it! The bass riff is legendary!!! I won't go on about what everyone else has already said. My highlights were definitly (Sober, Stinkfist extended, the scream from The Grudge, Parabol(a), Reflection and Triad) I still can't get over how amazing Danny was! He is in a league of his own! Maynard hit levels that nobody (in rock or metal) could ever hit! Justin is the most unique bassist and Adam is outright badass on guitar! Tool has the most outrageous time signatures in their songs! Amazing! Thanks Tool! You guys put on THE SHOW that is the most memorable 2 hours of my life! Email me to talk Tool! Peace Out!

Review written by: Jina ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 09:17:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

well. the tool show i am reviewing was in Detroit, just last night. August 26. I have attempted to see tool two other times, but failed miserably.... Last night finally after months of torment, anguish, and a heart full of pain, i saw TooL i dont think i can describe the emotions that i am still feeling from such an experience, all i can sau is that i left feeling "INSPIRED", "HEALED", and extremly "HORNEY"!!!! and all thanks to a group of wonderful souls. i owe all of my strength to them, and all of my open mindedness, they are the reason that i am still here, "giving blood, and keeping faith". thank you all for this oportunity to share my feelings, i only wish i had the exact words to describe them. iLL BE AT THE CHICAGO SHOW TOMORROW!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME EVERYONE WHOS GOING

Review written by: toaster ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 11:07:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Well this was my 8th tool show, 7th show since lateralus came out. 3rd show this year/week. For being a band that tours extensively like Tool they should really change up the setlist a little more considering how close some of these shows are to each other. I know they understand people see them more than ONCE on a tour. I saw them at the syracuse, buffalo and hamilton shows (21st/23rd/25th). Buffalo and Hamilton were identical setlists, and Syracuse just switched "H." for "46 & 2". Even their opening band TOMAHAWK realizes this. Even though they only have one album of material to play from they write a new setlist every night (its at least rearranged). Also, although i dont know what his name is i believe he is Tool head of security. He was at both the buffalo and hamilton shows in the front security area. I had front row right in front of the left speaker for both of these shows. He was wearing a laminate (thats why im assuming hes with the band), and he had real short hair (light brown) and hes about 5' 8"- 5' 10". He was snatching peoples still cameras from the crowd and exposing the film, then giving the camera back to him. Luckily his extremely blind ass didnt see me with my DAT recorder right in front of him so i made out with front row tapes TWICE. Activity by someone from the band like this makes people who do legitimate concert recording like myself want to sell their bootlegs for profit. Nothing would make me happier than to show this guy that his feeble efforts were in vain because i probably made out with the best tape in the house. ---- Pat

Review written by: Pauline ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 11:20:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show


Review written by: Kid Canada ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 17:17:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

Show was good - Last nite in Ottawa was better. Meynard pulled his usual shit of not looking at the crowd once. Danny was off the hook- he is the main event. Adam should be subbed for a pylon he is about exciting as a chapped ass. Also Danny had a camera filming his entire set? Anybody know what that was about. Either way Meynard needs to address the crowd and not live in his little self-centred universe. I call BS on those clowns who say this tour is about the visuals, the visuals are for people to trip out who are on acid. Good band too many shows. See you in Edmonton and Calgary. Last thing when Meynard was playing his space guitar he had a fist on the end that extended a middle finger. Weird. Kid Canada

Review written by: Rockhead ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 18:20:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Great venue, reminded me of concert footage of a '73 Zeppelin concert in terms of how fixated the massive floor crowd was on the band. Maynard never faced us which was a bit disappointing, but not as bad as the fact that they skipped the patient and all the stuff that was supposed to happen during it. Otherwise it was unbelievable, great sound and even better visuals, and of course the band was dead on as usual. Somewhere in the middle Maynard apologised for his country and asked if they could move up here. He also talked about a couple of the Tomohawk guys owning a chinese food/car parts place in London Ontario where i go to school so that was kindof cool but dont really know if it was a joke. We were far back but my drummer was right up front and was in a different world after the show. Cant wait till the next one. Heres the setlist (i think) Sober Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol/a Aenima 10 min intermission with visuals and annoying sounds Reflection/Disposition/Triad (w Tomohawk) Lateralus wicked so wicked

Review written by: Typx ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 20:10:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Alright, first off, I was absolutely blown away by how good Tool sounds live. I honestly think they sound better live than studio. Live there is so much more depth and volume to the music. I loved it! Sober was the greatest song they could have opened with, and that, Triad (was it different than the studio version?), AEnima, and Lateralus would have to be the highlights of the show for me. I have saw videos of the way Maynard moves, but it is simply glorious to behold when he is twenty feet in front of you. Another thing about Maynard, he never faced the crowd and left as soon as Lateralus was finished, I don't know if he does this all the time, but I thought it was worth noting. One thing I didn't enjoy was all the jackasses in the crowd, I mean moving to Tool is one thing, but pushing and shoving and that garbage should not be tolerated at a Tool concert. I had a very hard time absorbing the music because of the constant battle to keep my spot and to stay out of the mosh pits. But after intermission it was pretty much good because Tool slowed things down. I guess next year, if they come back, I am going to need to go early to get a place at the railing. Oh and one other thing, I swear Chancellor looked at me! That is probably the overall highlight of the show for me. Thats it, Jones was kind of mellow for the show. TOOL IS THE GREATEST BAND EVER! Not the next Zeppelin, the first TOOL!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 22:16:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

TOOL in DETROIT.....need i say more?

Review written by: Nyarlathotep ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 23:28:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Well, what can I say? My fourth tool show and I have once again had to pick my jaw up off of the floor on my way out. After my first two shows I thought a band could not get any better. I was wrong. This latest leg of the tour is simply amazing. I went to the Ottawa and Hamilton shows spoiler- free avoiding all reviews/set lists dealing with the current tour in hopes of being surprised. Mission accomplished. There have been some major changes since the Toronto show last September. When the black curtains flew open to expose the giant Alex Grey backdrop I almost shit myself. The video they have integrated into their songs is astounding. I marvel at how every song has its own unique visual accompaniment. The eye candy meshes so well with the music. From the oroborus (great serpent) consuming and regenerating itself during H., to the writhing Hollywood starlet at the beginning of Aenema, to the eerie black and white asteroid field during the latter part of Aenema, to the disco ball which changes colours accordingly as Maynard sings of these colours during Lateralus. The attention to detail truly shows how much effort the band puts into creating a spectacle that will not soon be forgotten. Highlights include Maynard's 20 second cathartic roar during The Grudge, the mind-bending computer animation of the morphing face and bouncing skull during the intermission, and of course Triad. I would pay the $60 just to watch Danny during Triad. How anyone can be that good is beyond me. The way this man tears into the drum kit is something you have to see to believe. I had floor tickets for this show and seats in Ottawa. I got the floor tickets for a change of perspective. It was great to see the band up close and to watch Danny attack his drums. I would say floor tickets are the way to go with one huge exception. The beer swilling, lyric screaming, slam dancing, crowd surfing monkeys really get to you after a while. All concertgoers should be made to undergo an IQ test before being allowed into the presence of Tool. I don't have a problem with people moshing but all too often unwilling participants are being pushed, shoved, and trampled on when they are just standing there trying to absorb everything. It becomes difficult to open yourself up to the entire Tool experience when people are booting you in the back of the head or trying to knock you down simply for something to do. Tool is such an intelligent band. Their lyrics are thought provoking, and their music has so many layers. It is a shame that the Neanderthals had to taint what was otherwise an enlightening and euphoric experience. If you haven't seen Tool yet, what are you waiting for? I have been a huge fan for a very long time but I think that even the casual fan with an open mind and the ability to think for himself would leave a Tool concert with the realization that Tool occupies a plateau high above the garbage that passes for music these days. Go see them. Open wide, suck it in, feel it move across your skin. You won't regret it.

Review written by: Darcy ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 02:11:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well, for my first tool experience , i'd have to say. WOW. Absolutely amazing, probably the best concert i have seen in my lifetime, if you haven't seen tool live before, it is a whole different experience. Maynard has the most amazing voice i have ever heard. The visuals were awesome, the sound was great, everything was just perfect. Even the crowd was awesome. I have heard some people bitching about the moshers and whatever, but where i was, on the floor, the people beside me were fucking awesome, thanks to the huge guy with dreads for smoking that joint with me, and thanks to the guy in the nirvana shirt for those joints too! The fans were awesome at this concert. Everybody was cool. Anyway, i took some pictures of the show, if anyone wants to see them i can email them to you. Darcy

Review written by: Roland Santiago ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 13:09:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 5 Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. What can say, after being a fan since the being, there really is not a specific word to describe this band. This concert was just another incredible experience that evoked all my senses.The stage was dressed in Alex Grey... ( it was great to see images from the mirrors collection!!) .. the visuals were different then of those of other concerts I've seen. The band played perfectly. As well, It was also great seeing and hearing a more dramatic and mind blowing version of Triad...To all who were, I hope there was as much happiness felt to see one the best bands still around. My best regards, Roland

Review written by: Tom ( Review posted on: 08/30/02 00:11:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Oh man...TRIAD was awesome. I haven't heard anything like it. Parabol/Parabola was awesome too. Great changes to Stinkfist...especially putting the beginning in middle, that really did it for me. I was quite disappointed with the lack Forty Six & 2, Opiate, Pushit, Ticks and Leeches would have been a nice touch, but most of all I keep wanting to hear Eulogy...but once again, no Eulogy..oh well. Overall, the show was amazing with the visuals and the spiritual energy that flowed thoughout the show. The great quotes from Maynard were a nice touch. Tomahawk - well no words for them, except for QUIT your day job! Bunch of shitty sounds that just hurt my ears. Get off the stage Tomahawk, and don't come back!

Review written by: Collective Subconscious Creative Unconsc ( Review posted on: 08/30/02 14:31:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I will try not repeat other reviewers... I painted myself blue to support the band. Unfortunately, I underestimated how much I'd need. My legs and hands were left exposed. Tool was AMAZING, BREATH-TAKING, INCREDIBLE as always. One mistake I didn't hear anyone mention was Justin's timing during the beginning of H. He hit late on one of the notes, nothing big. Still absolutely incredible. I have so far successfully gone over 1/2 a week without listening to Tool. I refuse to listen to the albums for a week as I want the sounds of the concert to stay in my head for at least that long, to lengthen my Tool experience. One week is better than one night. If you want to email me, feel free to do so. There are certain ppl at the show who I ask to email me. Those ppl are anyone who was standing for most or all of the concert, anyone who sang even when most others were not, those who played an air instrument (e.g. air drumming) for some of the show, those who stood up in their seat to sway to the music or let the music control you some other way, and anyone who did something 'out of the ordinary' and let the music draw them "way outside the lines". I know I am not alone. Feel free to add me to msn messenger as well. Unite. Come together as one. There is one person especially who I'd like to talk to. I was in section 114, row 24. From my view, few ppl were standing. Other than my brother and I, I only saw 2 others ppl in my section who seemed to be feeling the music as much as I was. Those 2 ppl were somewhere between row 5 and 15 I think, and were beside aisle 33. If that was you or your friend dancing, email me. I'm curious to find out who this person was. Tool fans, visit... My STILL incomplete Tool site, which will not be fully functional for a few months. I am only one insignificant Tool fan who can't do everything, but can do something. ************************************************* ****************** *I'd like to close with part of a review I posted somewhere else... ************************************************* ****************** * *...The lights went out and purple lights shone up into the fog, which was filling the stage *area. The speakers were being pushed to the limits, the whole place was rumbling. I *could hear the air venting through the grills on those huge speakers. After a few minutes, *I could see the silhouettes of Danny and Justin as they passed in front the lights to take *their place onstage. Then the first song started... * *dunun_._._._dunun_. ._._. ._._dunun_._._._dunun_. ._._. ._._ * *The whole audience stood up, most of my section at least. I was one of the first people to *stand up, and I stood most of the concert (well, did more than just stand). Most of the people *in my row (definitely including myself) began to sing to the music. It was almost as if *we were in a church, and everyone was standing to sing one of those church songs (name escapes *me) except it was much more interesting. * *"There's a shadow just behind me, shrouding every step I take. *Making every promise empty. Pointing every finger at me..." * *We were all singing religiously to the music, as if the music was controlling us. I don't *think I could've stopped if I wanted to, which didn't matter cuz I didn't want to stop. * *"I am just a worthless liar, I am just an imbesile. *I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well. *I will find a centre in you. I will chew it up and leave. *I will work to elevate you, just enough to bring you down..." * *It sounded as though the sound was beating me down... * *dunun_._._._dunun_. ._._. ._._dunun_._._._dunun_. ._._. ._._ * *... ************************************************* ************

Review written by: Intolerator (the_fragile_nails@hotmail,com) Review posted on: 08/31/02 01:07:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Tool is great. A guy passed out right in front of me during disposition. I had to help him back up. It was cool.

Review written by: LateralShadow ( Review posted on: 09/01/02 12:46:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

august 25th, oh what a glorious occasion it was. I had brought two un-converted souls to this wonderful soiree and they left with a nice bitter taste in their mouth wanting, needing more. As the veils[walls] came down i looked into the eyes, of the interbeing , my fear began to fade, and excitement took over. I grudged onto the rail, feeling almost sober , i raised by stinkfist. the pieces seemed to fit, heaven and hell all came down, right there in that holy moment, it was flushed away. Upon further reflection, my disposition was quite the triad of the true being. Holding on to the random and all that would bewilder me. I'll keep spiraling out...

Review written by: jury nulification advocate ( Review posted on: 09/01/02 21:57:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

The show kicked ass. Maynard appoligized for the u.s. Thirteenthousand people were there and I was easily on the floor as soon as they started. Lots of energy additional drummer and some other dude on some kind of synth machine on a few songs. Crowd surfing, moshing and a few tempers but mostly fun. Maynard had a black stipe from the bottom of his face to the back bottom of his head. He play guitar on a few songs. This was the same as Buffalo a few days earlier. Maynard didn't face the crowd and stayed in the back. He did talk to the crowd more than at Buffalo. 31 dollars Canadian for a ticket thats 21 dollars american that was a great deal. They started with sober then stinkfist, the grudge, H, schism,aenima, and the rest was from Lateralus. There were a lot of extened versions of songs much more then Buffalo. There were double the amount of people, double the intensity, half the price and no parking fee to pay. It was the best show I went to since my first show in 96 at the electric factory in Philly. WOW! Free the plant.