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Review written by: Seven D. (
Review posted on: 08/28/02 00:38:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

the show that didnt happen.... The sick thing is I was one of the people who had tickets to the cancelled show in Corpus Christi, TX so many years ago I hope Tool isnt going to make this a habit.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 00:48:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Yeah apparently Maynard sucked too much dick at the past few shows, so his throat is pretty sore.

Review written by: disgustipated ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 00:52:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

If TOOL had decided to play this show, I'm sure this would be a great review, but due to the power of the almighty dollar, this will not be the case. I am one of the many disappointed die-hard fans who had tickets for this show. If the show was truly cancelled due to ill health, why are they playing the Detroit, MI show tonight? I found out from the arena that tickets sales were low, so why bother playing to the 5,000-6,000 fans who DID buy tickets? They just wouldn't have made enough money that way. I guess that is what it is truly all about. By skipping the Normal, IL show, they get a 2 day break in between Detroit & Chicago - towns they would surely have more fun in. The bottom line is - if you are going to book a show, you owe it to your fans to keep it. The bullshit excuse is lame. TOOL fans are smarter than that. When Maynard sings "I sold out long before you ever even heard my name", I guess he wasn't being sarcastic. I lost some respect for TOOL today...

Review written by: matt ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 01:30:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

great show, as of course all envisioned in my mind. the real deal in moline next weekend, so all is good. besides, getting money back is the positive aspect drawn from the show tonight! get well Maynard & thank you DC for writing me back!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 03:53:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 9090 Tool show

It's ok guys...even though we didn't get to see the show..we can always just pretend we did. Here's the setlist. It's always the same anyways... Sober The Grudge Stinkfist Schism Parabol Parabola The Patient -intermission- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus WOW! what a great a dick!

Review written by: Adam ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 06:14:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. HAHAHA! You guys are missing out....I saw the Hamilton show and it was the best thing I've ever seen in my life!!! I was shaking afterwards....I didn't see any purpose in going back to the mundane world we live in. The over 10 minute version of Triad with Danny tearing up the drums.... If you knew what you missed....I would probably recomend you shoot yourself. HAHAHA!

Review written by: Stevan ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 06:16:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well, whatever their reason I respect it. These guys did how many shows? I'd probably take a week off in between each show. Fuck you for thinking otherwise. I suppose the only reason why I'm writing a response under "Normal" is because Detroit isn't working. I'm patiently waiting for "our pal" Kabir to fix the glitch so I can post my review. By the way, The Patient wasn't played in Hamilton and Detroit (maybe a couple other shows too).

Review written by: Brian ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 09:23:49 ET

I don't understand how they can cancel the show in Normal due to an illness, but play Detroit the night after they cancel it. At least if they are going to cancel they could reschedule it fairly easily. They could play the next night which they had off, or they could have came to Normal after their last show in Moline. Moline is only an hr and half away from Normal. I believe that they may have cancelled it due to lack of attendance like the other post sayed. I'm very dissapointed. I was looking forward to this show for a long time, along with many other people I'm sure. On top of that I had very good tickets, and they want me to exchange floor tickets for rafter seats in Chicago. Plus I'd have to pay like 40 bucks more for gas and parking going to Chicago. Let's just hope they come back on their next tour, but it's doubtful.

Review written by: mike ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 09:27:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

I found it a bit odd that toolband wasn't clear on exactly who is suffering from 'ill health'. The ambiguous illness combined with knowledge of poor ticket sales for the show makes things seem a little suspicous. However, if taking the night off means that the band can complete the last week and a half of the tour with a strong finish, then I don't have any complaints. If the show had gone on with someone feeling ill, we'd have to read countless posts about how '_____ sucked tonight. Tool is bad.' I'm disappointed that the show was cancelled too, but it isn't a justifiable response to begin questioning the ideology of the band. Exchange your tickets and head to Chicago.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 10:49:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Stop bitching...if you lived somewhere close to the rest of civilization, you would be able to see Tool. It's not anybody else's fault but your own that you have to live where you do. Nobody cares about Normal...get over it.

Review written by: jason ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 11:40:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

the tool show in detroit was awesome. too bad the "fans" almost ruined it. i have come to realize that all these new "fans" are the same people who go see pantera and rob zombie. this is sad. moshing is homosexual behavior. i feel bad for tool, they have the most ignorant, useless idiots for a fan base. so don't be surprised when they cancel your show, i wouldn't want to play for you retards either. whoever that guy was who headbutted that kid needs his legs broken with a bat. also, pantera and rob zombie suck big time.

Review written by: cobo ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 12:38:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

this is for the detroit show at cobo... awesome...maynard swayed around way more than ever, danced, rotated, sounded great...last september they played their hearts out for us at the palace with way more songs than this year, but thats ok...we didnt get aenima, 46 and 2, or the patient, but last year we did. i dig patton and co., so i like whatever he does, and tomahawk sounded great, i love their cd, and kudos to them for pulling it off live with all the effects, etc..i think mike used a foot pedal along with keyboards, etc. they played 3 i have never heard before, one or two covers i think... setlist intro sober grudge - ion stinkfist h think 4 yourself/opiate parabol parabola long break w/ skulls eon blue trilogy with mike and tom lateralus last year was all these plus 46and2, prison sex, undertow, flood,and i wont waste any more space but maynard said the same things about poems, sex, the speech, sorry to hear they cancelled the normal il show, they sounded great, and it was good to see maynard moving around getting into it, last year we just saw his shadow with no movement whatsoever, but it was very bright at times so you could make out what they were doing....awesome show regardless!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 12:53:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

i forgot, additional comments..i think since last year they were getting used to the tour, now they are more comfortable so hes able to get into it more...also aenima and eulogy was played last year, this year it seems less songs, more effects(which were amazing!)

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 14:15:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Yeah, this would've been my 4th if Tool would've actually fucking played. I was so pissed but I'm willing to bet they'll make it up on the fall tour.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 15:43:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

this was going to be my very first tool concert. my friend and i drove from indiana. it wasn't too bad of a drive until we walked up and read that the show had been cancelled due to maynard not being able to sing. we were both really disappointed, but i think tool wouldn't cancel the show unless they HAD to. i just hope maynard is ready to go for the moline show! i wouldn't want to miss them twice.

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 21:26:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

They better be ready for Ames & Moline or there will be hell to pay! HELL!

Review written by: fudge (phukovf .com) Review posted on: 08/28/02 21:51:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 7 Tool show

tool in detroit. WOW. first of all, amazing band. Probably best in the world right now. I would say of all time, but there is a little thing called led zepplin, that won't allow me to say that. Second, what an amazing visual display. Every time I see them live, they blow me away. Good set list, but predictable. What I mean is they don't mix it up to much, but after yelling "THIRD EYE" Maynard teased us with the opening verse. Then cranked out Opiate. Nice treat. Crowd was great. Detroit, Cobo, THE HOME OF ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/28/02 21:59:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Can someone post the set list for the Detroit concert.....please

Review written by: atom ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 00:19:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

setlist sober the grudge stinkfist h schism parabol parabola opiate intermission disposition reflection triad lateralus fudge, tool is better than led zeppelin

Review written by: hookerwithapenis ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 00:40:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

deftones canceled only one show on their tour last year due to an illness and it was the show i missed, it sucks but life goes on, and for everyone who claims they 'lost respect for tool' now, they can go fuck themselves, shit happens, deal with it, instead of bitching, why not take the time to think about how the band member who was sick felt, having to cancel the show and let down a hell of a lot of fans, only to feel better the very next day, i thought about that before i came on a message board talking about how 'deftones sold out' you bunch of fucking whiners, and as for the people who dont hold anything against tool for this, sorry you guys missed the show, but im sure theyll make up for it sooner rather than later

Review written by: Stevan ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 00:46:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I suppose I'll have to post under "Normal", since DT is fucked. Here goes: There are few things that I remember about my mother. One of my memories is of the summer where I first started to get into music (around the Undertow-Aenema days). I can recall turning on 89X and listening “Sober” being played and then, a few weeks later, “Stinkfist” was played. The radio station was attempting to “push” this new arrival for marketing purposes. Tool was sandwiched steadily in between STP and Soundgarden as the “regular rotation” on the station. I didn’t understand what they were saying or what they were about, but something drew me close to them. I can’t explain what it was other than “something”. I tried to learn what Maynard (unknown to me at the time) was saying, but in vain and didn’t (up until quite recently, that is). Suddenly, my world was turned upside down with the utterance of “cancer”. My mother, after a few years worth of battling, died of pancreatic cancer. Throughout her sickness and a bit after her death, I didn’t listen to the radio. I forgot about music, forgot about art, forgot about the rest of the revolving world and grew jagged and jaded. I hated everything about this world. I found no other solstice but to write poems. I began, slowly and, well, crappy but soon it evolved. I turned on the radio again and went through different genres and different bands/artists and began to love life again. Then, I rediscovered Tool! I read articles that had them in it, I watched shows that presented them and their videos, I went to websites (thus I found both toolshed and toolband) and read-up on the meanings behind some of their songs (ie. “Saturn ascends/the one, the ten”, etc.) and both my knowledge and willingness to learn more increased, along with I as a person and an “individual”. They showed me something that I hadn’t seen in a longtime: life. I grew to love life as I used to, once more. I built-up some confidence and got myself a girlfriend (now of 2 years). Tool helped me get back into this world and see the beauty for what it truly is. Everyday I wake-up and see Amanda’s face, I am reminded once more of that beauty. As humans and animals evolve, so must this story… Amanda’s dad heard a song that he like on the radio and wanted me to make a CD of different songs. I didn’t really know what to put on the CD except, of course, that one song and bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin (as those are amongst his favourites). I asked Amanda if he would like Tool and told me to put on “Parabol/Parabola”. I did. He liked it. He called me up and asked if they were coming to town soon. I said yes, in fact to Detroit (I live on the other side of the river in a country. Maybe you’ve heard of it…it’s called “Canada”), Cobo Hall. He told me that he’d get the tickets the following morning and I could pay him back once I get the money to do so. I paid him back in due time. ********** This morning I was lying awake at about 3. I was thinking that Tool was probably on their way down the 401 (highway that connects Windsor, my town, to Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal) and were probably somewhere around Windsor. I feel asleep to my heart beating alongside “Triad”. I awoke early the next (well, same day) with excitement in mind and stillness exerted outwards (as is usually the case). But today was different. Today something was different. That’s right! Tool! We made plans to pick up my girlfriend’s dad at around 6 o’clock and from there we’d take the tunnel bus across to the “bad” side (ie. America) because parking is a bitch anywhere (I don’t care where you live, it just is!). We scrounge around for our $2.60 CDN (which translates to, roughly, $44120303154154510 American) and board the bus. He, Henry (Amanda’s dad) feels out of place. I suppose the comment from the goddamned boarder bitch didn’t help much (“Sir, aren’t you a bit out of your league?” said the bitch to the nice kind sir). We attempted to make him feel as welcome as possible. I wanted his first experience to be as good as what mine was about to be. We arrived fairly early. We entered the gates and immediately the “whores” were there at their booths attempting to sell-off the merchandise. I being the “john” that I am, bought the “Inside the Outside” sweatshirt-type thing. I paid my $45 US (hey, I’m hardcore dammit! Humour me. Don’t make me fell too bad for spending that much money) and made my way over to my seat. We waited, admired the set-up and the people (what an array!) and talked amongst ourselves. Up on stage was a plastic deer. As we were talking about it and wondering about it’s significance, some dude pipes in and asks what we were all just talking about. I say, “Knowing Mike Patton, he’ll try and fuck the thing.” The dude laughed, I sighed, we moved on. After a not-so-long wait, Tomahawk came on (and we finally realized the significance of the plastic deer). I was surprised at them. They sound better live, although I didn’t understand a fucking word Patton sang. Although, his comments were a bit funny (calling Cobo “Coho” and about them being the best band there tonight and that Tool was simply “sloppy seconds”), after watching Patton go from jumping around like a monkey, to screeching like a dying bird, to his overall stage presence I have to give him credit. He’s not a guy that fronts a band that is too popular and, from what I gather, not too well liked either. But still, he goes out there and gives his all. Anyways, they finish their job for the night and the stagehands come on. They, eventually, unveil Danny’s new drum-set. My God! What a piece of art in itself! I have never seen anything more fucking symmetrical in my life! After a fairly long introduction, Tool come on and open with “Sober”. They perform in majesty! I’m not going to post the list, as I’m sure somebody already will, but I must say that I think that the Grudge would be much better-off at the beginning instead of second (although, that’s why they get paid the money and I’m sitting here typing at 6:36 in the fucking morning). I would have liked to have heard “The Patient”, but, as I’ve already said, it was their decision and that is more than fine by me because whatever Tool does is superb! The highlights, for me, were “The Grudge”, the art and “Triad” (my God!). Tonight I was enlightened, my girlfriend was converted to becoming a “potential hardcore Tool fan” and her father still lingers in the “questioning/virginal” stage in the natural progression towards fulfillment. Words are not even worthy for what I have experienced here tonight in my first Tool show: my emotions and memories (good and bad) were in sync (not *Nsync) with the music which was in line with the art which were all pulling off of the crowd and the band. It was a circle of perfection and consummation that equals none that I have experience before. This was only my 2nd concert ever, but my girlfriend (who has been to countless concerts) agrees that this is THE BEST concert that she has ever been too! Her father, who is an ardent Pink Floyd fan, says that Tool’s show is better. I have nothing more to say. Now I must go to bed, reflect (once again) on tonight and wish that time never had to move. Spiral out, keep going…

Review written by: Zach ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 02:28:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

I would have thought that the boys of TOOL would have learned something from our shared experience during this years European Ozzfest tour. I played with my band and with Ozzy during the tour and I simply burned out near the end of the tour so we cancelled some dates. Well, the truth be told is that Mike Patten and John from Tomahawk were too tired to continue in Normal. Therefore, due to the exhaustion of Mike and John TOOL decided as a group to skip the show instead of skipping Triad. Reason 451 to buy tickets to the three closest TOOL shows everytime they tour!

Review written by: ZeroH ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 02:38:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Ok, what is this HORSESHIT??! I planned this day to be so perfect. Everything turned out except the main point. I did go to ISU and hung out with some friends and stuff, but the fact that TOOL cancelled enraged me. I AM going to the Chicago show tonite and the Milwaukee show on Sunday. But I'm still kinda pissed off about it. I also find it hard to believe that this Detroit shit was played after it was announced that Maynard was "sick"...

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 04:08:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

anyone know where to get Tool dvd or vhs of this tour or past. email me!!!!!!

Review written by: hey ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 11:46:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Guys, give 'em a break. Look how many friggin shows the play, I think they deserve some time off, like a couple of days. I guess till you are doing what they do exactly as well as they do it as much as they have, you can't bitch. It isn't like they don't have to put any effort it to it, they work hard. Piss off~ Tool kicks ass

Review written by: FU TOOL 4 EVER (blank@aol) Review posted on: 08/29/02 12:05:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Well lets see 2 tickets to tool 80 Bucks, 2 tanks of gas 40 bucks, half of bud 80 Bucks, hotel 40 bucks, beer 40 bucks, BEING SCREWED BY TOOL PRICELESS OR $280 SCREW TOOL THEY DON'T NEED A DAMN BREAK FROM WORK IN NORMAL THATS WHAT THE FUCK I WAS THERE FOR AND THEY FUCKED ME SO FUCK THEM!

Review written by: thesnakebehindmewhispers ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 13:54:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 57th Tool show

only 80 bucks for a half? i bet most of that was seeds and trees, sorry man, sorry.

Review written by: maynardownz ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 14:32:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 6 Tool show

Fuck all you bitches that complain they gave you a refund....Maynards voice has been fucked up ....... Maynard is a perfectionist...... he has been just leaving during songs lately etc etc.....Went to a doctor on the time people are stupid TOOL is the greatest band of all time quit fucking crying go see them somewhere else you have 100 chances a year .....

Review written by: Ben (none) Review posted on: 08/29/02 14:42:41 ET

I think there is something everyone needs to understand. The only reason anyone ever gets upset ever is because they didn't get what they wanted. Thats it. Thats the only possible reason. So you have a choice. Let go...and and grow up. Or don't...and choke.

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 15:18:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This is for the Detroit show, since the Detroit date won't let us post reviews... I had 4 tickets to go to the show and 2 of my friends cancelled due to illness. I had 2 tickets that I needed to get rid of so I called my aunt and she said she loved concerts no matter if she knows who the band is or not. So then I only had one ticket to get rid of. A friend of a friend went. Both my aunt and this friend were not familiar with Tool, other than their mainstream hits (ie., Sober, Schism, Stinkfist.) So, with that, we headed off to the show. We were confused by Tomahawk. We couldn't understand what the hell Patton was saying. But the very last song was hilarious. He really played with the crowd and got us all a bit frustrated. Lots of boos. After that, Tool came on and played MUCH better than they did at the Palace last year. This show was flawless. Last year we were waiting for Maynard to wiggle around and take off his clothes, but he never did. This year he definitely did not disappoint. He writhed and moved to the music. The band seemed to be way more into the songs than last year, so that was a huge plus. When they did their intermission, my aunt looked at me and asked if she could borrow my cd's. That was a great feeling. She and the other "friend" both got a free ticket to Tool and saw the most amazing performance they had ever seen. I paid 180 dollars for the 4 tickets, and had to eat all of that money. But it was TOTALLY worth it. Especially to have created 2 new fans. It's too bad that everyone hasn't fallen in love with this band. They are just too perfect...

Review written by: GOD ( Review posted on: 08/29/02 22:51:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I didnt go to this show...but can i tell whoever said they lost respect for tool to DIE...thats so fucking lame...i went to the show on the was amazing...the night before that show MAYNARD THREW HIS VOICE OUT PLAYING TICKS AND was the most amazing show of my life and it was on a BAD DAY OF MAYNARDS...are you DUMB!...jesus...he played THE NEXT DAY...and now you say because he has throat problems he canceled the show for shoot yourself in the head...

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/30/02 06:17:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 18 Tool show

I don't know what show GOD is talking about before the syracuse show on the 21st, but I was at the New Haven show on the 20th and Maynard didn't throw his voice out playing Ticks & Leeches for the simple reason they DIDN'T play Ticks & Leeches. He did however walk off during Parabola in Providence on the 17th. I went to 15 shows in the last year and not once did they play Ticks and Leeches.

Review written by: bucky wunderlick ( Review posted on: 08/30/02 14:30:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Since the local fm radio stations in chicago suck ass(i.e., q- 101 and 94.7), i did not hear that the tool show in normal was cancelled. i also drove 2.5 hours to isu, only to find out what you already know. i picked upa copy of The Daily Vidette, the very same newspaper that we used to make fun of when i attented isu, only to see the earth shattering headline...TOOL SHOW CANCELLED. Dissapointed? yes. Mad? no. The two hour drive home wasnt as bad since rush hour was over.....still a tool fan, but from now on, will phone first before driving to milwaukee and the quad cities shows

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/30/02 18:30:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i'm not really fan of tool..the band persay..more of this website! yep, been comin back since September of 1996 p.o. box days when "arsenio hall" was runnin' the show and those carrot mailing list shirts were still in style! the only way to keep in touch with news of the band was to check out that daily brief paragraph on the opening news page. it literally was the outsider's direct connection to find out if anything was happening. For as little as five minutes a day, Kabir had me and many others around the world at the center of attention. Nothing in that brief amount of time mattered other than, TOOL and this website. Paying off the overdue credit cards, utility bills, late car and health insurance payments all went down the crapper for these few seconds. I remember my first news item being the Dave Rave Ogilvie remix of Stinkfist that someone heard in a radio station in Arizona. Apparently Skinny Puppy lead singer Nivek Ogre played it during a morning radio station appearance for a brief period of time. The buzz surrounding this little gem became a sort of holy grail for myself and many other freaks that often wondered whether this recording truly existed. Its hard to believe that no one had managed to actual tape the broadcast and post it here on toolshed until 1999, when it showed on Litany a Skinny Puppy fan site by Scott Graham, which can be seen as a sister site of TOOLSHED in the sense that it is personally endorsed as an official unofficial source of news by both bands. also back in the day, a personal favorite site was on the server featuring the adventures of "punchy" during the band's brief 95 western trek in California when the Aenima songs still were early versions, now appearing as "pre-release" versions on various home-made CDR bootlegs by various computer nerds that listen to Dream Theater and Pink Floyd. but i digress...

Review written by: Maynards Dad ( Review posted on: 08/31/02 03:54:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Man did Tool fuck up...Everyone I knew wanted to see this fucking show and they pissed on us. I know the show wasn't nearly sold out, but come on I thought Tool was one of the last bands that really didn't give a shit. They pretty much blew their whole fucking gimmick by pullin this shit! Tool was pretty much may favorite fucking band ever, I mean really touched my soul, but now I feel a fool, for having so much faith in what I tought were REAL people. PEACE! Spiral In, Keep Flowing Seaners

Review written by: kinghook ( Review posted on: 08/31/02 12:56:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Man what a show!!!!!!!!! I'm talking about the Detriot show at Cobo...(since i can't post it there, and the cancelled Norml..sorry)Maynard was 3/4 naked by the second song..damn hot in there..i can't even describe the show to anyone, unless youve seen them before you know what they are like.. Great video displays, and dropping the pictures of the seperated human from their album, they played all the best songs from latrealus except The Patient..but when the played Triad everybody went nuts..with whoever on the congos man the drumming was amazing and MAYNARD playing guitar WOW, all i can say is that my dreams of seeing TOOL have been complete, i can't wait to see them again................KINGHOOK-WINDSOR,ONT

Review written by: Kirk (dosent matter) Review posted on: 09/01/02 21:28:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

All you who werent up on stage almost every night for the past 3 months bitching about how much "respect" you lost for the band need to shut the fuck up. first off I know most wont read this because im next to last but what the hell I have to get this out. Second at the show I went to in Houston Maynard WAS sick and DID cut the show short. But did you see anyone claiming to have lost "respect" of the band. NO. Most were worried that something was very wrong with maynard. Next If your not 100% sure about something dont make shit up.. It isnt cool... You got your money back and live with it. Besides if you live anywhere close to a building of some sort Tool will reach you again. So quit your bitching thoes who have NO CLUE what it is like to make a show happen. Thanks to all and goodnight. -Kirk-

Review written by: Chunk (The Aenima Review posted on: 09/02/02 14:01:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Shit man... That sucks dick that Maynard couldnt play because I saw Tool at the Forum in Los Angeles this year and out of the 26 concerts I have been to in the last 3 years, it was the greatest. A night to never forget. Dissapointed in no eulogy or hooker with a penis, but all in all an amazing night. Im posting here cuz there was no more room for the forum show. Tomahawk were awesome mike is fucking amazing! and maynard could not have been more incredable. He is a god. if you want to see some funny shit read brents review on the conneticut show. hes a total moron!!!!! i live in an institution and tool is what keeps me going. so keep listening to tool and trust in maynard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -CHUNK FROM OGI- shout out to face, montana, and susu and jon

Review written by: HAHA (HAHA@HAHA.HAHA) Review posted on: 09/03/02 10:11:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 17th Tool show

Hey, to the guy who bought a half for 80, you're a fucking moron. Go smoke your own shit, you'll probably feel better.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 14:37:06 ET

From: (Bradley Rugh) Subject: Definition of an asshole I found your definition and description of an asshole different than I expected.I personally don't have a problem with those "assholes", although I dont think of those "assholes" as asssholes. My definition of an asshole is a person or persons who's main goal through life is self preservation;close-minded,self centered and self serving;seeing no one's point of view but there own;finding fault with every one else,etc... What catagory would an individual that I described fall into? thanks for letting me ramble (blah blah blah)