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Review written by: CJ (...)
Review posted on: 09/03/02 00:22:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Great Concert as always. Tomahawk was even funnier tonight then last nights Milwaukee show. Sounded great in the new Resch Center. Favorite part of Tomahawks set was probally Mike singing with the Gas Mask on. Tool was stellar as usual. Can't wait for the next time they come around. Lastly, why are people such f***ing idiots throwing shit at the stage during Tomahawk's and Tool's sets. And to the idiots behind us that decided it was cool to start a fight f*** off and to the lady who said this was the worse concert she has been too, why where you there in the first place, oh well Peace Out everybody:-) CJ

Review written by: Adam Becker ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 01:10:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

man, tomahawk was good, but four words for tool, fucking kick ass, i am writing this right after the concert so it's fresh in my mind...should have played opiate, i need some sleep

Review written by: Caydi ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 01:27:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

omfg. just want to say that was *amazing.* i thought i was all prepared for the best show of my life and then i was still blown away. i thought tomahawk was pretty good. nothing i'd sit at home and listen to, but entertaining. i liked the weird feedback/distortion/whatever stuff he was doing. tool played 46+2! it was slightly changed but i cant remember how, just that the lyrics were a little different.

Review written by: Blair ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 01:41:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Great show as always. Although their visuals on the screens are top notch I like that Tool has gone to kind of less emphasis on that and gone to a more traditional backdrop. Kind of disappointed with the crowd turnout. Much of back half of arena was empty with lots of empty seats. The Milwaukee show had alot to do with that I spose. Love their setlists no matter what they play but I've seen them 3 times since Lateralus came out now and I always seem to get the same songs played. No T&L, no Patient, no H!!!! Cmon guys vary it up abit, I know that has been mostly the only bitch from people about Tool but I'm really getting tired of hearing 46&2 and Schism when they could be mixing in some of the above stated songs more consistently. Anyways tonights predictable setlist: Sober The Grudge Ions/Stinkfist 46&2 Schism Parabol Parabola Aenima -Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus About 1 hr 50 minute set. Awesome show though.

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 01:41:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

well to start off.......TOOL was great!.....of course tomahawk wasnt bad either.....and i was suprised the green bay fans didnt boo patton and the gang at all....... i think Tomahawk would be better if patton would sing a little more and scream a little less setlist: sober the grudge - ions stinkfist Forty Six & 2 schism parabol parabola aenima ----intermission---- diposition reflection triad lateralus tool was perfect! i just couldnt get enough......... i didnt want the show to end......... forty six & 2 was a suprise but a crowd favorite, but i would have to say the highlight of the show for me was aenima...... a beautiful masterpiece! maynard did strip down to his speedo and show off some great dance moves!yes maynard the pack is back! and tool is easily the best live band i have ever seen! thank you maynard, adam, justin, and danny (you are one great drummer!)

Review written by: Holy Shit ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 01:41:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow. In my opinion tomahawk wasn't the greatest. It was kind of entertaining at times, but just didn't do much for me. Tool on the other hand, holy shit, there aren't even words that can describe how fucking good they were. I was expecting a lot and they sure as hell delivered. Loved the artwork from Alex Grey. Visually and Audibly Orgasmic. If you haven't seen a show you definatly need to.

Review written by: giggles ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 02:11:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I really don't know what to say but wow...but I'll elaborate on that later. I've been an obsessive tool fan for years and though i really wanted to see them up close and meet them (i devised several plans...none worked lol) the show was mindblowing. Personally, I didn't like Tomahawk...i think they're one of those bands you either hate or love...most in gb seemed to hate lol. They got booed alot and had all this shit thrown at them. I sorta liked their first song (maybe it was out of anticipation tho), but it went downhill from there. Mike made some comment addressing peoples apparent dislike for the band. He later sang what sounded like weird opera. Yes, i know im confused as well. When tool started playing everyone went nuts...tons of moshing. I must say these were some of the most violent pits that I have been in. Some boys were nice and dragged me out of there after i was nearly in tears from being beaten up so much. to me, it seemed like a lot of guys were really inconsiderate and didnt care i was a fragile little girl and threw a few punches (yes i have the bruises to prove it). i mean the peoples behavior isnt tools fault, but it had a definate effect on the show.after a few songs maynard said something like "go pack"...and something else about gb. maynard was up to his normal business and turned his back on us again for the majority of the show. if i remember correctly, he was dressed in all black at first, but after a while, he was only in this pair of little black underwear, and i dont mind at all looking at his ass for so long, not at all lol. the visuals were awesome, the lights for teh first song were beautiful (setlist to come). from where i was i could only see the tv part of the time, i feel like i missed out on a lot of those great visuals. but the background was great, and the lights on it were cool too. i felt like i had to spend so much time being aware of my surroundings, i couldnt fully enjoy the show...but yes i did think it was magnificent. the confetti was cool too, i can add that to my collection...i also enjoyed the parabola atom ball things. Out of everything, the music reigned supreme. danny was incredible (well then again, everyone was lol). im not totally sure about the setlist, i mean theres little short nonlyrical songs here and there, but im hitting the main ones sober the grudge stinkfist 46&2 schism parabol/parabola aenima intermission disposition reflection triad (w/ some of the guys from tomahawk) lateralus i thoroughly enjoyed the whole show, i just wish i coulda seen maynard more :( disposition and reflection made me like so spiritual it was so gratifying and amazing. some crazies where moshing and crowdsurfting during reflection, which partially ruined the oh so beautiful song. triad was awesome! i didnt expect maynard would play guitar...but he did (still facing away) the complexity of the instrumentals was mindblowing. during triad, some sound guy or something was on stage and the cell rang, so adam (during the song) put it up to his ear for a few secs. i loved lateralus as well. maynard said soemthing to the effect of "thanks for sharing these moments with us. i hope we've left you excited and horny" "go home curl up in front of the fireplace, and have sex....try to have sex with another person" at the end, big group hug as always, and the best show of my life went bye bye :( how sad, i hope they come around to this area again soon. i definately recommend going to the show if you have the opportunity

Review written by: some guy ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 02:19:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

tomahawk.....such a disgrace...they should have thrown bowling balls instead of golf balls.....their lead singer sounded like a dying pig....and i heard at least two trainwrecks......such a's like day and night with tool and's a good thing.....maynard got rid of my headache that tomahawk gave me....thank you maynard....i've enjoyed my first tool show i have a more solemn appreciation for you because of the sheep in this world both of us have to put up with

Review written by: Will B ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 02:41:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

Well... what can i say? TOOL IS GOD as always... there preformance was simply awesome and incredible MJK and the rest always put on a great show i saw them last yr in Madison(the show that sold out in 3 days) and it was pretty much the same....(but the same is so great,,,,)that show kicked ass as well as this one....only 3 complaints. 1.) Tommahawk 1 word.....WORTHLESS i sat there with my ears covered in an attempt to block out the horrid noise,,the flow of absolute shit to my brain....but you know what? it didnt help....i feel sorry for myself for putting my sanity through that experience 2) Tommahawk was only having golf balls thrown at them I was waiting for someone to go up to the stage bull rush past the staff and kill the lead singer. 3.)People bitching about the booing THey diserved it every lasty hissing jeering boo, i was next to a 12 yr old kid for their part of the show....u know what he screamed? u guys suck in as lud as his little voice would allow.....shows you what the youth think of this and they have the right idea....i will never go to a show at openening again if tommahwk is the openeing band i will risk missing some of the show rather than put my sanity to the test like that again

Review written by: The Spire ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 04:11:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

Tool are the best... so don't go mocking again like: " they didn't play prison sex".... just stay in your self-indulgent pitifull hole, before you pine away..... And they don't play the patient to often nowadays, because they're probably out of red confetti.....

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 08:28:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first experience with Tool live and was by far the best concert I've ever attended. The visual and audio driven masterpiece of a show had me tired out by the end of the night and I wasn't even in the pit it was just so engrossing, so much passion, so much pure love and enery for what they do. It was beautiful. Tomahawk started off the show with Mike Patton's insanely bizarre vocal stylings that I don't think the denizens of Green Bay took to well to, I doubt half the crowd even knew who Mike Patton was. They weren't my style of music, but it sure was unique and original. Tool's set was beyond all of my expectations, I realize they tend to play the same set city to city on tours, but even knowing that going in, it didn't matter. A 2 hour long sonic assault that pulled me in and wouldn't let go, Some of the crowd seemed a bit weird moshing to stuff that you wouldn't normally mosh to(Parabol? Why?) at times but the security although unusually tighter than I'd have thought it would be apparently got some people out of there, even if they did point flasshlights at everyone every 5 minutes for no reason. All in al, way beyond what I expected, flawless, a mellifluous stream of raw emotion and passion that I won't soon forget.

Review written by: Harry Manback (?) Review posted on: 09/03/02 14:21:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

The Tool show last night was phenomenal. I can hardly put the feeling they emitted in words. Tomahawk was humourous, but rather annoying. The whole experience was memorable, except for the Morons just pushing people around instead of doing a real mosh pit. The crowd did not say too much for Wisconsinites intelligence.

Review written by: Aj (RATM2342@hotmail) Review posted on: 09/03/02 16:11:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

It was a very good concert. The first concert I went to was Alice Cooper , and this was just as good. Except for the pushing I guess I should of stayed far away for the stage. After a while it mostly ended. Lateralus the ending song was worth the concert alone. I have one thing to had for this awesome aggressive concert why wouldn't Maynard face the crowd except for the end mostly.

Review written by: Fuck Face (shit idontknow ) Review posted on: 09/03/02 20:26:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: Stuf ( Review posted on: 09/03/02 20:27:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hav they played Flood over there for u guys yet??? No??? Wel fuckn ahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahah Tool hates Americans!!!

Review written by: Ryan your love master ( Review posted on: 09/04/02 00:10:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This was my 3rd TOOL show, it had to be the best by far. They seemed to play with more heart than ever and Maynard seems to talk more and more little by little , Tomahawk sucked except the dude from Mr. Bungle or whatever made me giggle , other than that it was a good show but i missed it when the 2 chicks on their shoulders flashed their tits ....damn. But Mayanrd told everyone to go home curl up around a fire, read some poetry and have sex. Too bad i dont have a fire place.

Review written by: Josh Marenger ( Review posted on: 09/04/02 00:10:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Like everyone else said it was a fabulous show, by far the best concert I've ever been to. First off, when we were sitting on the floor waiting for Tomahawk to come out, there was this really lousy drum'n'bass song playing over the speakers for literally half an hour. ANNOYING! Tomahawk sucked pretty badly...they seemed to have about 5 fans and everyone else was booing. It looked to me like people were throwing chunks of ice at them, not golf balls. Tool then came out and of course played a magnificent set. Overall the pits were pretty weak but that was ok with me because I wanted to see the show. It was pretty cool during a few songs though, everybody was so tightly packed together that we all just kind of moved around in a wave. I was a little surprised at the lack of turnout, but there were still enough people to make plenty of noise. Hopefully Tool comes back to GB soon, I'd definitely love to go again!

Review written by: silly shit, stupid shit ( Review posted on: 09/04/02 01:35:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 11/2 Tool show

why don't people who constantly ask these questions...: - why did they not play _______ (insert song here) - why can't you see more of the band? do a little research on the band before they bother bitching and complaining on here about it. IF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS ONLY KNEW THE REASONS FOR YOUR STUPID QUESTIONS, YOU WOULD HAVE A LITTLE MORE APPRECIATION FOR SUCH ART. THIS IS NOT A GOD DAMN KORN CONCERT, and never WILL BE. and lastly... IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE CONCERT KNOWING WHATS GOING TO BE PLAYED, DON'T FUCKING COME HERE AND LOOK AT REVIEWS... you come here and look at the set list, go the concert expecting something brand new... turns out its what you read, so you bitch and complain... ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID???????? the show was excellent i'm glad a few of us out there enjoyed it w/out being critics. "moms gonna fix it all soon... moms comin' round to put it back the way it oughta be"

Review written by: JOHN* ( Review posted on: 09/04/02 06:14:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Come the hell on ppl....Im tired of reading theses dam reviews and seeing ppl talk shit about Tomahawk....I realize it may not be many ppls thing but why trash them?....As Tool fan, Im am suprised ppl are as closed minded as they are..How the hell does TOOL appeal to you guys being as closed minded as most of you are.. Im not sure if you guys knew this or not...but honestly TOOL hates most american fans.... They always talk about how good and cool the Australian crowds are and the New Zealanders are!!!.. They say they tend to like them better because "they can count"(from australian interview). I mean, its seems to me that the majority of you guys still think sobers about alcoholism...(its a cryout to god, wondering why we must have drugs to give us that push to spirituality, and why we cant w/o them).. Please, I do realize that some of you do FEEL and actually KNOW what TOOLS all about...but for ppl who do not.....dig deeper...They will open doors for you... TOOL IS UNLIKE ANY BAND OUT, they have tapped something that is hidden to most....They are fucking trying to get it out there for us...Thats why the hell they have been on the road for a year or so...You are supposed to feel and experiance Tool music... After all I have typed and after all TOOL has been touring most of you will never see...which is a very very sad thing....... YOU DONT FUCKING MOSH AT A TOOL CONCERT EITHER....GROW UP u still pull your women around by her hair?...Moshing is a realease and I know that...but not at a TOOL attention "embrace the moment".....Moshing is just a dam excuse for men oh oh.....''PSEUDO" men to show off how dam tough they make them feel more manly...ridicolous..... If you havent noticed TOOL been a bit upset this tour.......its because most...american TOOL fans suck.....that is my opinion and TOOL as well......THey spend so much time over here b/c they are trying to help YOU....... " DIG DEEPER" "CRUCIFY THE EGO BEFORE ITS FAR TO LATE" "WE ARE ETERNAL ALL THIS PAIN IS AN ILLUSION" and for u moshers: "RELAXE TURN AROUND AND TAKE MY HAND" * I am an American as well........and I have been to 6 shows and every dam show....THE CROWD SUCKS..

Review written by: shitty-in-bed ( Review posted on: 09/04/02 12:23:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I've heard rumors of Maynard possibly splitting with the band after this tour. Please, someone tell me if they've heard anything on this, or atleast confirm what I believe in that those that told me this info are full of shit.

Review written by: Loot Tool ( Review posted on: 09/04/02 15:29:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Tool is the best band in existance...quite obviously. I have one quam with the crowds. Don't be dissing Mike Patton. He's amazing. Faith No More is a phenomenal band and he at least deserves credit for that and Bungle. So let the man play his sets and cheer for him.. As for Tool . WOW. never seen a show so amazing. Maynard and Danny,...well I don't have to say anything else. Their unreal..untouchable by any artist in my opinion. Maynard has a stage presence of a mystro. Guys keep on rockin the gigs. U got it under raps.. on a personal note...I think push-it and opiate should be mandatory at every show..EVERY SINGLE SHOW. K?

Review written by: Cantak ( Review posted on: 09/04/02 18:11:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Truly a great show, although I didn't appreciate people throwing shit and booing at Tomahawk...very uncalled for. The opening band IS part of the whole experience of going to see Tool (plus, its part of the price we all paid for the ticket - get your moneys worth out of it). Also, the opening band lets you hear something new, if not different, before Tool takes the stage. I was very impressed with the Tomahawk performace although I'll probably never get their album, it just didn't click with me. See above for the setlist, it's been posted many times..I don't want to be redundant What the hell was up with moshing during Parabol? Overall...very awesome show! Tool never ceases to amaze. I learn something new every time I see 'em. I was sucked in from the moment Tomahawk started playing to when Adam/Maynard/Justin/Danny did their group hug at the end. The only thing I would have asked for is for people to STOP MOSHING, GODDAMNIT! This is not some death metal show at The Rave in Milw. This is an art, this is an experience. By all means enjoy the music and get into it...but don't get violent with it.

Review written by: Rachel ( Review posted on: 09/04/02 22:48:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2st? Tool show

I went in thinking the show would be amazing, and i as completly in a daze.. and astonished by the time i left. i thought that Tomohawk was a great choice for an opening band.. Mike patton is really an amazing guy. it was great how he was all over the stage the whole time. For those of you who were there, i thought the remark he made about popping the resch centers cherry was funny. The uniforms were cool. I thought it was extremly rude how people kept throwing stuff.. i wanted to slap them. Just one question though, Why the deer? And then Tool came on.. it was completly amazing. Tool is one of the best, unique bands out there. There are no words that could ever describe their performance to the fullest. The visuals were great. IT was cool how at the end they had the star of david, And Maynard wearing a speedo. Only he could do that and get away with it. If you have never seen Tool before and you are a fan, you have to before you die, or you wont ever know what you are missing.

Review written by: SuperBerry ( Review posted on: 09/05/02 07:55:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

The visuals during this show changed from the last Lateralus tour, so at least something did. I saw them at the Riviera and down in Madison, those two were pretty much the same, the setlist was very similar for this show, but the visuals - background, videos, lights, etc, had changed. Not that I can complain about Tool, any time they come to concert near me and I have the opportunity, I am there. It's just such a perfection in musical and lyrical sound, plus you experience a great visual show. As far as Tomahawk and Patton's incredible instrument (his voice) - PATTON SUCKS! Stop screaming, distorting, screaching, and sing like you can. I don't know if I can blame the band, it was Patton's screaming that sucked. The music didn't sound all that good live, but I'll be tit would sound good at moderate level at home. The Tool experience was once again well worth it. To the contrary of other posts, the pit was extremely docile. A 'pit' would be defined as what you experience at a Pantera or Korn show. Tool fans are different, so the pit is. My freakin neck hurts! THEY PLAYED THE LONG VERSION OF STINKFIST!!!!!!! After sitting back and carefully listening to Triad, it seems very close to how Stinkfist is extended. I love that the band plays with Maynard in the back. Yes, Maynard is an extreme lyrical mastermind, but the whole band is the experience - to put Maynard in front would distract from what they are trying to portray. Yes, I am a little tired of the same setilist - when I heard that they rehearsed their new show in LA, I hoped it was a new list. I can't wait to hear stuff off the next album (cuz they'll probably be in hiatus again), no more Disposition/Reflection/Triad, a little more Pushit, Prison Sex, Bottom, and as always STINKFIST!

Review written by: tim ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 11:15:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This was my 5th Tool show in the last 9 years. My first time was Riverside Theater in Milwaukee back in '93. After leaving this show, I thought to myself, "This may be my last time seeing Tool". Don't get me wrong, Tool is one of the greatest bands of all time and their albums keep blowing me away. But every time I see them my expectations revolve around that '93 show in Milwaukee. They played almost every song off of Undertow and three songs off of Opiate. There was only a couple thousand people there so I easily got to the front and watched the entire show without getting kicked in the head or smashed against the gate. On September 3rd in Green Bay, the show seemed to blend together with the last three I have seen from them. A bunch of the same old images on the screen and a set list containing all of Tools "radio hits" and half of the Lateralus album. Tool ended the show with a group hug and a bow to the audience. I have a suggestion for the next tour. Play any song except the songs that made it onto radio. Skip Triad and a few of the other "time killers" and play solid music for an 100 minutes. Forget the video screens and change up the setlist every night with a diverse selection off of each album. I know people are going to start bitching right away as soon as I post this, but if you really think about it, wouldn't you have enjoyed the show more if they would have played 4 degrees or Cold and Ugly, or Pushit rather than Sober, Aenima, and Stinkfist? Like I said before. Tool is great and if you have never seen them live before you have to go because they are unbelievable at what they do. I will continue to support Tool and buy their albums, but until I start reading that the shows have change a little i probably won't be going back.

Review written by: LD ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 21:22:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Tool never disappoints. Being such big fans of Tool, of course we will always wish they played this song, or that song, etc... It's our nature because we LOVE this band and the songs they create. I mean, if we all had it our way, they would play Opiate, Undertow, Ænima, and Lateralus in their entirety. Let's face it...that's never going to happen. Just be happy you got to see and hear the best band flawlessly perform for nearly 2 hours. If you can't be happy with that, then you are not capable of being pleased.

Review written by: scott ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 15:42:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

things are very different now than before. i heard the music and unfolded like a flower in speeded up stop motion. each song seemed as a step up the staircase, and the heat was there with me on each step. the lights turned the ceiling blue and like water, and i looked up, and my neck was warm. next song my forehead, the one after that the top of my head. i knew about everyone around me, and i saw down on all the people from my seat and almost cried. the song was about washing away all of the nonesense in the world, and no one was listening. they were nonesense, and so was i. it was beautiful though, and from then on i understood more of what matters. THE POINT OF LIFE IS TO LIVE. every moment is full of life, and life is full of moments. if there is a sound, listen. a feeling, feel it. i love all of you, no matter how cluttered you are. let go of everything and be naked with me.