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Review written by: billybadass (
Review posted on: 09/05/02 22:36:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

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Review written by: Pat Kinney ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 00:19:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

My brothers and sisters, tonight I witnessed the cathartic spell that is live Tool. The band was tight and in tune. I don't know the setlist because I didn't want to look like a square writing it down. In a nutshell: Tomahawk was not a hit and were generally dispised by the crowd. THe leader singer cleverly pointed out that "cornhusker rhymes with cornhole fucker." After Tomahawk was booed off, the crowd had some time to kill. This apparently brought out the harlot in a number of women who began flashing the arena. This led to Maynard's quote of the evening (not exact) "We have heard that some of you brought your breasts with you this evening. Be warned that if you continue to reveal yourselves, we will have to confiscate your breasts for further inspection." The whole show blew everyone's little minds. The lights, the backdrops, the video clips, the ten-plus minute instrumental that included two Nebraskan percussionists, and most importantly the music and the spirit that embodied it shall remain in my mind forever. I'll end with something Maynard said to the crowd, "Think for yourself and above all question authority."

Review written by: unca dan ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 00:32:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

tool was awesome tonite as usual..great to see them play aenema. and during the 20 min version of triad, the fellas that played with them were not from nebraska, they were from tomahawk..just an fyi.

Review written by: dawn bertch ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 02:16:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

this was the first time i left a show feeling speechless...nin couldnt even do that to me...this was the greatest thing i think i've experienced, visually, mentally, sonically, everything, i was on the right side of the stage, right infront of one of the 2 screens that were on either side of the stage...i cannot tell you what i felt like seeing what they had chose to go with the music...there were images of people in water that reminded me from the screens durring aatchb, or should i say aatchb reminded me of tool's images of people in water? they've been doing it longer , there was the guy from salival projected moving, scenes from stinkfist when they played it, clips from parabola, lots of nice shots of tricky, and other shit that i can only remember seeing, theres no way to put it to give what they put together justice with words, this is something you have to see and hear to understand it, images of a snake eating itself over and over durring a whole song, spirals, durring the intermission there was a face that was stretched in and out and eventually the skin peeled back and all you saw was skull and moving skin, then the skull was just moving, strange shit, i think that was the one time i just stood staring at the screen, not moving, not blinking, close to not breathing...the extended intros and outros to some of the songs like with disposition...what they did durring triad fucking blew my mind away...2 other people came out on stage, i have no clue who they were, one person had another drum, and the other had a tabla...and when you glanced across the stage you see each person moving the same way, hitting each drum-note the same way, but you can hear all 3 layers of what was going on...thats another part that you just have to experiance to understand, its fucking any of the other shows, like to jay or dazey, did they tape it? i saw people bring out 2 videocameras on tripods....they were kept on the stage the whole time..the only bad thing about the show, and it wasnt even durring tool or tomahawk, was the ammount of female nipples i saw...3 girls actually got pulled out of their seats by two sherrifs after being yelled at by someone in security lol, but they were let back in, women like that irk the fuck out of me, why go to something and just show yourself, you look like a whore. actually durring the 2nd song maynard said something along the lines of 'We are aware that some of you brought your breasteses (wtf? ROTFL) with you this evening. Be warned that if you continue to reveal yourselves, we will have to confiscate your breasts for further inspection' that had everyone laughing...also maynard was down to his black shorts and a wide black stripe down his face, he played guitar or bass (i couldnt tell which from where i was at) durring quite a few songs, he turned to the crowd more often that what i was expecting, danny's playing was just unbelievable, he even came out durring tomahawk and was doing shit lol, tomahawk...that was another story...i enjoyed them a great deal, the only song of theirs that i could not stand ws the second one they played where the lead singer was singing with some type of filter over his voice and you couldnt make out what he was saying...not too many others seemed to like them, they boo-ed, threw waterbottles, cups, whatever the fuck at the band when they were singing the last 2 songs, and durring the whole set he made comments which i can understand...he stated 'cornhusker (the name of our lovely football team) rhymes with cornhole fucker' LOL, then he said something about probing the *guys* or some shit, and dazey, they were dressed in the cop uniforms... as far as i remember (i think i'm forgetting a song or two) the setlist for tool was sober, the grudge, stinkfist, schism, parabol/a, ænema, disposition, relfection, and lateralus, then they all came out and hugged, threw waterbottles and drumsticks, and danny also threw a snare drumhead into the crowd...and there was a long assed intermission with the skull imagry, and also on the screens they had a 7 sided star that kept changing and eventually turned into the flower of life, and ended at the tree of life (tarot related)...and the alex grey backdrops...just amazing...i could go on, but, god, i probably wouldnt know when to stop...

Review written by: Orkado ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 02:34:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Set list was as follows... Sober The Grudge Stinkfist (extended) H. Schism (extended) Parabol Parabola Aenema Reflection Disposition Triad Lateralus (I think that was all of them...) I was a bit irritated that they toyed with the idea that they might play Third Eye... Maynard was repeating "Think for your self, question authority." but then pulled a curve ball and started inwith "Hey, hey, hey, hey..." ugh, so close. ;) Great show, overall. Omaha has been dying for a Tool concert since Lateralus was released, and it showed. The Civic was packed, and the crowd was as into it as possible. Tomahawk was hated passionately (which seems to be their goal), I found them to be rather ammusing and the band seemed to work well together.

Review written by: mike mullins ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 03:28:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

THREE DAYS OF TOOL (I will be following the band for the last three days of this leg of the tour and decided to share my experiences with you here. Read, enjoy, send hate mail, whatever). DAY 1: Nebraska, eh? Went ahead and made the trek from Ames to Omaha, first time to Nebraska and, well...not all that bad a place, from what I saw. No worse than Iowa at least (ack). Pulled into town just after 6, found a (free) parking spot right next to the Omaha Civic Center, and walked over to get in line. Maybe a hundred people out front, not too busy. They opened the gates not long after I got there, so I just mozied right on in and took my seat on the floor, about 5 rows of people back. Grabbed a bunch of the confetti off the floor too (I knew what it was for, other people thought the circus was in town yesterday). Tomahawk started sometime after 7. After reading previous reviews I was expecting something horrible, but I really didn't think they were all too bad. I thought his comment "Hey, did you know that 'Cornhusker' rhymes a lot with 'Buttfucker'" (not verbatim) was quite amusing, but it angered some in the "N is for Knowledge" crowd. Take it easy folks, he's just fucking with you (probably). The three minute interlude of loud piercing squeals brought many boos from the crowd as well, but I kind of enjoyed the pain. Furthermore, not many people seemed to recognize that Danny C. had joined them on stage to contribute to the madness. Whatever you think of Tomahawk, remember that Mike Patton played a role in getting tool started. Adam and MJK contributed to the Green Jello/y project, and some of tool's first shows were played at Patton's club. People were respectful to King Crimson as a group that influenced tool, I think it would be nice if people did the same to Mike Patton and Co. as well. Stop throwing coins at least. Enough with that. I thought tool was spot-on tonight. Really a fantastic show, yet again. MJK was awfully talkative, which brings me to my favorite quote of the night. During the intermission, a great many women chose to expose themselves (repeatedly) to the delight of many. After "Sober" MJK said something like: "It has come to our attention that many of you have been exposing your breasts this evening. We regret to inform you that, if this continues, we will be forced to confiscate your breasts for further examination........and our hands are cold." If anyone else remembers it more precisely, please email me or post it here. It was awfully funny though. By the way, to the woman in the red shirt in Section 20: now everyone in Nebraska has seen your breasts. Congratulations. Back to the show though. I managed to worm my way up into the second row directly in front of Mr. Jones, where I was delighted with a tremendous view of everyone from about ten feet away. Thanks to all the people of Nebraska for being so short. I am not that tall, and I had my best view of a tool show yet. Since I play a little guitar, I spent a lot of time watching Adam play. Damn is he good. He threw a lot of extra stuff into the show tonight, including a neat little new solo during Triad. On a technical note: if anyone knows what the gray footboard is on the right side of his floor effects, please email me. I think it might be some kind of multi-effects controller, or maybe a foot controller for the Virus keyboard that he uses occasionally. Looks like he did a lot of tapping on it between songs (switching effects setups?), then toed some kind of pedal on the left part of the box during songs (effects modulator?). And no, I don't mean the wah pedal either. It was a big (1 ft. wide maybe?) box, separate from all the other effects pedals. Thanks. Without a doubt, my favorite part of the show (boobies aside) was Triad. Mike Patton, the drummer, and the bassist of Tomahawk joined tool on stage for ten minutes of what I can only describe as pure joy. Mike took over the aforementioned Virus keyboard, the other two pitched in with additional percussion. Seven guys on stage, just rockin'. I really wish you all could have been there to see the giant smiles on Justin and Danny C's faces while they played. Danny was just grinning ear to was really wonderful to see that, after so many shows on the current tour, the guys were still having a fun time playing. So many bands seem to get burned out on the road, tool must have it all figured out. If I only get to remember one thing from the night, this would be it. I'm sure someone else has posted a setlist, so I will just mention that H. and Aenima were played tonight, 46&2 and Opiate were not. Maynard started repeating "think for yourself, question authority" and I almost crapped because I thought they might whip out Pushit, but no dice. Maybe tomorrow... Ok, well I think I've rambled enough for one evening. Some final thoughts: To the guy that puked all over the floor next to me during Tomahawk: c'mon, they weren't THAT bad, were they? Next time, bring a bag dammit. Jeez. To the big baldheaded muscle-guy that gave me lots of free beer: Thanks! If I get a cold sore, I'll know who to call. To the cute girl with the straight brown hair and blue shirt that I talked to about which shows we were going to: I thought you were cute (made obvious above). Sorry you got too squished, email me if you read this. That's it. It's 2:15 am, I'm off to bed. See you in Ames tonight (I'll be the guy in the spandex suit).

Review written by: jesse ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 04:06:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

The guy who posted the setlist had it right, from what i can rember. Overall the show was good. Tomahawk had a mixed response. more booing then clapping, but some people were clapping. I thought thery were good. But the same thing happend to another one of my favorite band in Omaha, a few years ago when the Melvins opened for Tool. Me and maybe 5 other people knew who the Melvins were and were very happy to see 2 very good bands playing together. But the Melvins got harrased by the croud that night too. As far as the girls flashing themselves(particularly the girl in the red who was obvioulsy intoxicated) that type of behavior is expected and a Prince show maybe but not Tool, get some self respect please. Tool was on tonight. I also was 2 row right in front of Adam and he had a lot of effects that I am also curious about. Anyways he looked a little displeased a couple of times during the show. I dont know it sounded good to me but the look on his face sometimes was grim. Not that he smiles all the time but he looked a little unhappy. Danny and Justin were dead on. Danny especially was on fire and he had a grin on his face the entire show. Maynard's voice was in top form, and he played a lot of guitar, I thinik on 3 or 4 songs. Maynard mostly keep his back to the crowd. He was wearing a black speedo witha black stripe painted on his face. Well thats about it. great show by a great band. I really thought they were going to play third eye because Maynard kept repeating think for yourself, and anybody who had seen them do that song live knows it power and beauty. Well its 3am and I got class in morining. Great show by both bands in my opinion.

Review written by: evlbob ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 09:48:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I have to say that I am a little dissappointed with NE fans who were throwing things at Tomahawk during the last few minutes of their set. Patton took it well, but that's probably because he's been booed all over the midwest. Sure he said some things that might upset your mom, but this is the prelude to a Tool show, and you prove the point that some midwesterners are small minded bumwads who don't appreciate anything new. I'll leave it at this..... Grow up or stay home. and learn to take a joke.. jeez! Tool was amazing. Triad rolled on for what seemed an eternity, only to be outdone by Lateralus. Would liked to have seen more of MJK, but I'll give his this; he's consistant. Oh Yeah, boobies. everyone loves boobies. see you all in Sioux Falls on Oct. 15th. "Illegitimus non Carborundum" --(Don't the the Bastards grind you down!)

Review written by: Oi ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 10:05:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I got to the show a little late. I ended up missing out on one or two of Tomahawk's songs, which according to what my friends tell me is a good thing. I disagree. Screeching aside, I rather enjoyed Tomahawk. Their music is very layered and unique and their "fuck off" attitude is unrivaled, even by punk bands. I enjoyed Mike's comments about "cornhole fuckers" and " Don't worry the pain will be over soon". They took the abuse well and never stopped playing. Most relevant artists, etc. are never really understood in their own time anyway. Great stuff. Tool had their ups and downs Visually the show was very entertaining. Their timing sounded off on some songs, (schsm). Other songs were great, (i.e. Lateralus). The band members, especially Adam and Justin seemed uninterested and tired. I know that they are nearing the end of the tour and that could be the reason for the lack of passion. Tomahawk seemed to have more energy, albeit negative. Parts of the show seemed scripted and were really disappointing. The extended jams made me wish I was at home sleeping. The Triad jam with Tomahawk was unnecessary and wasn't as amazing as others have described.. The group hug was stupid as was the comment about the breast-baring women. Please don't give them a reason to continue that kind of behavior. The crowd was amusing. The drunken redneck idiots are always fun to watch, whether they are fighting, picking their lice, or ashing in their beers. Haven't seen that many barbed-wire tattoos and bad do-it-yourself haircuts in a long time. Overall the show was ok. I wouldn't pay to see them again on this tour. Oh yeah, this narrative might have some spelling errors due to the fact that the tiny red script is very hard to read. If you point them out to me, your an idiot.

Review written by: SunKing ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 11:31:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

If I could, I would travel the world....and see every TOOL show possible. Alas, ReaLife rears it's ugly head... I was fortunate enough to catch them twice on this round. I've posted a few pics here: Enjoy!!

Review written by: Gordon Shumway ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 12:16:44 ET

This was this reviewer's -8th Tool show

Howdy fellow TOOL fans, First off, let me ask this . . Was that Danny playing drums . .or Max Weinberg? It was as if he had constant pressure applied to his prostate the entire show. If that is the case . . switch me chairs. Also, if you're an adolescent . no, scratch that. . if you're a human being . .what's the big fucking deal with breasts? They're only fatty protubrances that a majority of the female gender have. If you've seen Brittney Spears' than you've seen them all (she's the new Whitney Houston aka BB's punching bag/fluff girl). Anyway, stop complaining about breasts . . it may be the last time you see them . . I know that's the case with me . .and the last TOOL show I was at was a year ago. Also, everyone, for the sake of comedy . . find out which muther fucking film production comedy is withholding Run, Ronnie, Run from the public. THat is, if you don't know, a movie by the talented people of Mr. Show. One person from the cast that you might recognize is the fat cop at the end of Eight Legged Freaks. Check it out. Get their first and second season . . its funny as hell. ANd hey, TOOL is in it. Think about it.

Review written by: hippie67 ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 12:24:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool show, and while I did know the lyrics and a lot of their songs before I went and saw them I wasn't what I would call a huge fan. After last night, though, I almost don't want to go see any other concerts because nothing could compare to that. It was like a 2 hour orgasm. Beyond amazing. Beyond words. Tomahawk sucked pretty bad though, except for when they were jamming with tool. that was the shit.

Review written by: Tommy ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 14:15:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Yet another incredible show put on despite a horrible crowd. My friends and I got to the Civic a little later than we would've liked, having to hurry and find seats just before Tomahawk came on. This crowd was far worse than the one at the last show I saw in Wichita, KS. Tomahawk were awesome (again) and Mike Patton's comments were hilarious. I find it really funny the way he pokes at all of the meatheads' homophobia, pissing them off to the extreme, then when Maynard comes out with a bra or a speedo they all cheer and rub up against each other in the moshpit. The sound in the venue could've been better but it was still incredible music. My favorite part of the Tomahawk performance was probably when Danny came on stage and did some really awesome synth stuff (meanwhile all of the clueless Tool fans are screaming "TOOL !! WHERE'S TOOL ?!?!?!". The whole flashing thing was pretty stupid I thought. I don't get why so many people get drunk and act like obnoxious degenerates at a concert that is so psychedelic/spiritual/introspective. It seems like those people show up with more interest in trying to get themselves some attention instead of seeing the bands perform. Some idiot got on stage during the Grudge and Maynard seemed really pissed and immediately motioned for someone to get rid of him. Nobody wants to hear you fucking scream or whistle during the quiet parts of Tool songs. Do you people think that Maynard is going to acknowledge your screams with a smile and a thumbs up and a "yeah !! you're my number one fan !! I'm so lucky to have fans like YOU !!"? Maynard said in a very sarcastic sounding way "Thanks for your support". If you really want to support the band...let them play their music and show your auditory appreciation BETWEEN the songs. The setlist was the same as the last show I saw minus 4 degrees and The Patient, kind of making it a little less incredible but still incredible nonetheless. Some of the highlights for me were the extension to Stinkfist, H. (I was hoping for 46&2 since I heard H. last time but I still really loved it), and especially that incredible jam on Triad. It seems like every time I hear Triad live it really gets better and better, and I can't help but sit there and drum along in the air. In conclusion, great show, bad crowd, probably will go to the show in Kansas City UNLESS they don't change SOMETHING on the setlist. Not that it was bad but it would be nice to have some more variety in there.

Review written by: not important ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 15:34:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well the show was definately everything I was expecting and more. It was a very positive experience and I left with a knowledge I didnt have before and a whole new outlook on Tool. If it wasnt for the drunks and the inconsider·ate fucks who wanted to be at the show just to jump around and hit people I would have enjoyed it even more. This is a show that needs to be watched and appreciated. You can't tell me your appreciating the beauty of Tool by pushing everyone out of your way and into everyone elses. The screens hanging and the backdrop on the stage was one of the most creative things I have ever seen and will not soon forget. Its one thing to talk about but to see it in real life is another. Unless you have been to a Tool show you will never really understand how amazing they are. I thought Danny Carey was having a lot of fun and had most of my attention centered on him and Maynard when I wasnt watching the screens. This was one of the shows that sends chills up your body and clears your mind to allow it to explore things you have never thought about. About half way through the show I got puked on. Luckily the person was standing behind me but he ran in shame and I was left smelling like shit. The people I was with asked if I wanted to go to the bathroom but I wasnt about to leave and miss anything. Stinkfist was definately my favorite song they played and the extra parts to it are something I wish was on my cd. I had the unpleasureable experience of begining the concert next to a bunch of people getting drunk and wasting there time yelling for people to flash. I would have rather stared at my feet then watch girls show everyone there breasts to get people to cheer for them. The last thing I wanted to see at the show was girls begging for attention. I would talk about Tomahawk but there isnt anything new I could say that hasnt already been covered. Great Fucking show, but I wish more of the fans were appreciative to the art of Tool

Review written by: Mc G ( Review posted on: 09/06/02 18:19:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Finally, a worthwhile show came to Omaha, NE! I got tired of nothing but crap coming to Omaha over this summer, such as Ja Rule and mostly 80's hairmetal shit. Tool blew me away. The setlist posted previously is accurate, so I won't recopy it. The crowd was into most of the show, place was pretty full. Not as into Sober as I thought, mostly because I think the mullet-sportin' dumbfucks who drank too many Milwaukee's Best before the show planned on tons of people kicking each other's asses in the pit and were let down when the crowd wasn't trying to kill each other and instead actually came to appreciate the music. The Grudge was energetic and intense, as well as H when the crowd sang the "I don't mind" part. Aenima was incredible, crowd went nuts. I think most of the crowd was lost during Disposition (many of the teenieboppers around me thought the show was over during the intermission) but picked back up again during Reflection. Some idiot next to me kept yelling "c'mon, play Prison Sex" during Disposition. Danny was on tonight, seemed to be having a lot of fun. Adam looked bored to death, but heard he isn't the livliest of fellas on stage. Maynard was into it at times, black speedo and all. Justin seemed to be having a good time, especially when the guys from Tomahawk came out for the drum jam. Speaking of Tomahawk. Now that is a sorry excuse for a band, and I use the term band in their case loosely. I could give a shit if Mike Patton used to be in a innovative band...just because he "used to" be something doesn't mean we should all kiss his sorry ass and cheer for the utter crap they play. What gets me more than anything are those holier-than-thou people who post that the crowd was all idiots for not respecting Tomahawk and having the nerve to boo such "genius" and "talent." C'mon....just b/c you guys haven't left the basement of your parents house since the last time Mr. Bungle was in town, realize that the guy no longer has any talent and resorts to shock-value and pissing off a crowd to get a reaction instead of getting a reaction from what most other bands do which is write good songs. I could go up on stage, call the crowd a bunch of Cornhole fuckers, sarcastically state that my music is torture (at least he's not lying), and proceed to blow shit out my ass for 25 mins, does that make me a genius? Oh wait, just b/c I used to be worthwhile and Tool was kind enough to take me along on tour makes it genius and just not utter shit. I feel bad for Mike's great that he loves to piss off a crowd, but it's sad that he has to stoop to get somebody to pay attention to his sorry ass now that he can no longer write songs or have any creative talent. Plus, I'm guessing based on the number of ass-fucking comments he made that not just Mike Patton's music sucks dick. Can anyone who had the unfortunate displeasure of seeing them before the Tool tour tell me, did Tomahawk always resort to trying to piss off crowds to get noticed? Or maybe now they too just realize their worthless and talentless so figure well shit no reason to pretend we suck, we might as well illecit the boos that we're bound to get anyways. Anyways, i feel better now. Also, whoever posts shit like "don't wear a godsmack or disturbed shirt to a Tool show," fuck you. Some of us can enjoy other bands besides Tool and don't rely on creating our identities based on Tool. Overall, the show was intense, crowd was pretty good, and hope to see them again sometime soon.

Review written by: metatron ( Review posted on: 09/07/02 00:10:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 8 Tool show


Review written by: WatchTheWeather ( Review posted on: 09/07/02 17:11:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool show, and words cannot discribe the feeling that it gave me. I would like to appoligize on behalf of all of us Nebraskan Girls....we are not all sluts. Other than the fact that Tool didn't play Pushit or Patient, the show was amazing. And I can't wait to see them again. I was begining to wonder if I was the only Tool Fan in nebraska, so it was definatly was a good feeling to know that there are other Tool fans in Nebraska other than I.

Review written by: John Kieran ( Review posted on: 09/07/02 21:11:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well sir, I've only one other show to compare to, but this was at least three times better. I decided to take this one in from the stands after nearly getting trampled last time. The setlist posted earlier is correct. I guess they've had some extra cash to expand their stage props. This time around, they had a holographic type screen behind the band which would sometimes rotate depending on the current song. I also really dug the electro- luminescent strands of lighting that was used for the little bit of (-) Ions that got played. Tonight, they played a very extended version of Stinkfist that had a breakdown towards the end very similar to the extended version of Jerk-off. Awesome addition, I'd say. Playing H. was fantastic, as I've always loved that one. The extended version of Schism that was played sounded a little too mechanical, as if they've mastered it by now and are just playing it by routine. And I was 100% certain Third Eye was going to be played, but they quickly changed gears to Ænima. As the night progressed, I could tell that most of the people in the balcony weren't Tool fans as they decided to sit during the long opening of Disposition. And they also didn't appreciate the transition of Reflection to Triad. Danny's drum solo, which also was the into tro Triad, was not human. The skills that man displayed left me nearly breathless because I've never heard anything so incredible before. I doubt anything will ever come close to that sound. All in all, much better than the first show. I will always tell others to see them live and I hope you reading this will go too, if you haven't already.

Review written by: matt ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 02:34:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

WOW!! This was my first experience with TOOL live. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever witnessed. The show was brilliantly done. The stageset was mindboggling, and the sheer power that was exerted by the whole band blew every other concert I have been to out of the water. The setlist has already been posted, but when Mayanrd started with "Think for yourself, question authority" I so hoped that they were going into Third Eye, but then he started chanting, "Hey, hey, hey, hey..." It was the most wonderful thing I could hear. I love aenima so much as I do with all other TOOL songs, but it actually moved me to almost the verge of tears. And the beuty in Alex Grey's artwork enhanced the show's visual quality 10 fold. As with the videos playing on the two screens on either side of the stage. I didn't know what I wanted to watch more, the band or the videos. I would pay any amount to live through the experience again. Thanks TOOL!! Oh yah, and Tomahawk, they were tolerable. I did feel bad that there were some assholes in the crowd that threw waterbottles at Mike Patton. That really doesn't say much for the state, but hey, whatever. All I have to say is keep an open mind, you never know what may be the next biggest thing.

Review written by: Shawna ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 01:39:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Omaha, Omaha, Omaha.....SHAME ON YOU! Yes, this review comes a little late (3 days to be exact). MOST of you who attended this show should be ashamed of yourselves. Tomohawk is a very talented band, and if you people would have opened your minds and listened, you would have known that. How many of you guys even own the album?? Anyway, since my review is a little late, I will let all of you suckers know that the show in Ames was about 10 times better because the crowd there actually LISTENED. Yes, I know a new concept for most of you. But I didnt attend the show to see Tomohawk either. I'm a huge, very commited Tool fan. All of you should know that Tool hates Omaha in the first place. (Gee, I wonder why) Hmm, millions of dumbfounded dipshits. Anyway, overall a great show of course, just a shitty crowd. And yes, Omaha IS full of a bunch of sluts. The only Tool song most of them know is Schism. It's just so sad......Anyway, to the couple that was behind us..(the ones who just got engaged, he gave you his grandmothers ring) Please e-mail me, you guys were really cool. Thanks.

Review written by: Rob ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 12:11:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First off, yes Tomahawk did suck. I was excited to see Patton but disappointed with the shit he played. I still didn't boo or thrrow shit at him, nor did I flip him off once. That's just not right if you ask me. But hey, the civic was filled with wannabe tool fans anyways, most of them losers IMHO. And to the homophobe who kept calling Patton a faggot, get a fucking life you jackass. Then when Tool finally came the sheep, no, cattle herded in crushing me so I had to move back so I could breath. Show was good all in all. I enjoyed the show in KC last fall much better, but I had seats and that was my first show. Thought the floor would be better, so much for that theory. I felt like the setlist was really short, but I liked the parabol preceeding parabole this time, that was very cool. Suspected to see lots of Toolarmy shirts, hats, etc. but didn't. I'd chalk that up to not being Tools, but I know that's not the case, they just don't know about it. (Toolarmy is an insult if you ask me, that a person can buy their way into being a big tool fan, bullshit.) Anyways, I wasn't all that impressed with the show, it was certainly good, but I didn't feel anything special like this homo looking guy next to me apparently did. Good for him I suppose. I think it's funny that people continued to boo and flip off Tomahawk while Danny played a song with them, and I'm not so sure it sunk if who Danny Carey was when Patton mentioned his name at the end of that song. Stupid cornhole fuckers that they are. I can say that, I've lived in this curnfucked city for 15 years. I'm going out of state to see them next time around.

Review written by: smooth criminal ( Review posted on: 09/14/02 03:52:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Overall a good show, but my story might interest some. I got to the concert a couple hours early, and walked right in the back door. They just happen to have a list of the people working concession stands. I ran into someone and told them i was was working in such and such stand. Then I roamed around for a few hours with many benefits. The first great thing that happened was Tool did their soundcheck... stinkfist and sober.. they wouldnt let anyone watch but it was easy to hear , and you could occasionally get a glimpse at the stage. I then proceeded back to the main concession area to pick up a work shirt and visor so i wouldnt be so obvious. I managed to pick up the shirt with no problems... I guess I am better at bullshitting than I thought. I then headed down to a new area to see if I couold see anything new. I ended back in the food area for the band members. I walked right past Maynard, (dont ask me how).My friend and I decided to head back and try to wish him a good show and tell him the soundcheck sounded great. We stood about a foot and a half behind him while he whipped, what I assume to be a hot groupie on the ass with a wet towel. Then this little prick came up and asked us what we were doing. This guy was a little preppy bitch, I assume a manager of some kind. He got rid of us rather quickly. what really bugged me was that Maynard could hear what was going on, and didnt bother to just say hi. But it was cool to be so close. I probably wouldnt stop whipping a fine girls ass to say hi to a couple of guys if I was in his position.. no hard feelings. Anyways my friend and i were the first two people in general admission... front row, dead center. Managed to live through the whole show, but realized that I'm getting too old for that shit. The cherry on top was that I caught a water bottle from Maynard at the end of the show. I flew all the way from Portland, Oregon to see this show... definately worth the financial strain I am now in after buying tickets there.

Review written by: aenima1453 ( Review posted on: 09/18/02 13:32:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

This being my fourth Tool show or "experience", I should say it's the most musical "Ive" seen making it the best. I think, Maybe some will agree." That they are free spriritually and mentally when they play the songs that show there massively advanced ability to be musicians. Honestly Tool is the one last true bands that really will take you on the other side with spiritually melodic and powerful drive. I think its beutiful. Anyway at this show I could really "Feel," what Maynard feels and the rest of the band feels. As Maynard puts it , Take you to the other side. The new stage set was awsome and was even better than I had ever expected. Maynard talking more at this show than I've ever heard. Can't wait for Sioux Falls I'm ready to tear it up. The only thing about this show I didn't like was Tomahawk they were beyond terrible. I don't know if my voice was gone from yelling for Tool or booooing for Tomahawk. Atleast in future Tool shows I wont halfta be tortured for an hour or so before I see the best band ever.