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Review written by: TALON (TALON48@YAHOO.COM)
Review posted on: 09/08/02 01:26:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 4TH Tool show


Review written by: Suphlatus ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 01:53:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Okay. First of all the last reviewer is full of shit. They did NOT play the patient, and they DID do the extended pushit. This show was rather short, but I wouldn't hold it against the guys. After two months of this shit they're probably exhausted. Maynard rocked the baptist preacher outfit for the first time in ages during Tomahawk's set, which, by the way, was the ONLY good part about their set. Here's the real setlist from the Tool portion of the evening.... 1.Weird cover song that I didn't rocognize. If you know what it was, please tell me. 2.Sober 3.The Grudge 4.Stinkfist 5.Schism 6.Parabol/Parabola 7.Aenema 8.Triad(2 guest percussionists. The guy from Tomahawk and one crazy guy that I didn't recognize) 9.Lateralus Like I said. Short and sweet(Hope I didn't leave anything out). I wish the guys the best on their break. Bedtime.

Review written by: Suphlatus ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 01:56:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Doh!!! Major typo! I meant that they did the extended STINKFIST....ugh....need.....sleep.

Review written by: mulud ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 02:00:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 3st? Tool show

The above stuff is very imaginative but never happened. Much to my delight I enjoyed Tomahawk a LOT. They were way way better than most of the chuffs who post here seem to think. The were musically strong, vocally strong and uniquely strong. They were probably the highlight of the show for me. The mood their music emitted meshed well with Tool's lights. They were very good I will have to look into them a bit more. Tool Commando Sober The Grudge some random jamming here i think Stinkfist (exteded) Parabol Parabola Tomahawk (Mike Patton sings his ass off to the tune of a slow sexy jazz tune, could have been a cover but I don't know what it was, very funny and quite good!) Schism (way extendo very cool) Aenima Triad all band members from Tomahawk and Tool for a sweet jam OUTSTANDING Lateralus short show Maynard rest your voice man my hats off to you to sing what you do for so many days in a row. Adam your tone is delicious and sweet (played a song with Tomahawk while they were being rained down on by random shit thrown by cro-magnon's in the audience) to those throwing things at the bands may you someday perform in front of an audience baring your soul -- and then get hit in the face by a shoe-- Saturn comes around Justin your tone and hair are both shaggy drippy and spot on gorgeous. I love your bass playing and your gyrations. You are a legend on the low end in my op. Maynard, preacher outfit from Aenima tour during Tomahawk song, played a bit of guitar 3 weeks of masturbation to Cinemax eh. Don't forget to change hands man and rest those vocords. Danny you are undoubtedly the finest drummer I have witnessed. I really can't say enough to compliment your excellence.. The random jamming during songs was very nice. The backdrops were out of this world especially with the masterful lighting accenting every detail. Kudos tool thanks for 3 great shows the last year. Peace

Review written by: Josh Smith ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 02:27:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

I, luckily, walked in just as Tomahawk finished. Tool was better lastnight in Ames and played more songs. I was upset with this setlist. All in all, worth $40, but they could've played longer.

Review written by: APC4TOOL ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 02:30:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

well I just got back form tool and I have several things to say fuck smiley glad hands with hidden agendas and it was fucking amazing I also have something 2 bitch about they only had medium shirts by the time the concert was over so I have 2 squeeze my fat as into 2 of them also some psycho cunt on the floor bit my arm witch sucked also some funny things I was taking pictures as I planned and like the second picture I took the security guards saw me and try 2 point at me and tell me 2 go 2 them so they would steal my camera so as I was walking backwards form the second row I gave them the finger and continued taking pictures ha ha wankers I almost lots my shoes 2 times and I fell down like 4 times also I hate meat heads the people that push there way around u because they are bigger I know that is the object of the floor 2 get the best view possible but I mean come on I also hate when they sing the lyrics in ur ear and they don't even know the words and the amount of people that prolly only went cuz they have heard just schism I also have noted that potheads are worthless I have no idea how many times I heard dude light up that joint dude come dude if u got a joint smoke it dude potheads are dumb an I am now going 2 quit smoking pot also if any1 would like pictures of tool after I get them developed if they turn on decent I will make a web site or you can e-mail me and if u have somethin a small somethin i return i will send them 2 u and have the pics on there i missed tomahawk and the reverend so im not sure whta he said at all or if tomhawk was any good also fuck all u junkies and fuck ur short memories set list as well as i can remember it may not have all songs or be in the right order ramones cover sober the grudge stinkfist aenema triad with tomahawk lateralus i know im missing alot so if u know the real setlist e-mail that guy b4 me had no clue what he was talkin about and his story doesnt add up

Review written by: Shakes (Idshakes@aol) Review posted on: 09/08/02 02:40:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

What a rip off. All you new Tool fools don't know what you missed when this band had some balls. The production was great; cool lights, back drops etc... All that's pointless if MJK can't step up cuz his voice is cashed. If you can't bring it to every show, don't play that many shows. Mike sang circles around the Rev tonight. Thank Satan Tomahawk saved the night. I'm sure some dope is going to say how this show changed their lives and that I'm just a jaded pig fucker...but that says more about you than me. That short show fucking sucked. Don't be distracted by hype and just take what they give you. Worst Tool show ever. Danny, you fucking rock.

Review written by: nicole ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 02:56:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

hey kids! the concert was so awesome, this was my first show! they sounded fabulous! openning the with the ramones cover was great. maynard was out of control with his bible in hand preaching during tomahawk. tomahawk wasn't as bad as i was expecting but still not my cup of tea. The lead singer did sound great during his little jazz performance! the best time of my life by far...i hope maynard has fun whackin it for three weeks! because i can't wait to see them in october!

Review written by: Larry ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 03:02:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Well, as a few others have said, somewhat of a letdown show, I saw them in Chicago and Milwuakee, this was clearly the worst show. Maynard clearly didn't have it. During the grudge he didn't even attempt a growl at the end, no h., he left parts out of schism and parabola. Playing for the 4th night in a row was probabally too much for his voice. They were definetely trying to cover his voice up too, the other instruments volume was way up over the other shows. He wasn't very animated, he seemed to want to finish the show and go rest, who can blame him. A good show, but definetely the worst show i've seen them have. When they come around next time, i'm sure it will be better.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 03:11:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 0001 Tool show

Hey APCTool, learn some fucking punctuation. There is not one period or comma in your entire review. You're giving us Tool fans a bad name. This is the reason I am embarrassed to be a Tool fan sometimes. The illiteracy, which you have so graciously exhibited is prominent among Tool fans, coupled with the constant prevalent drinking/moshing/rolling at shows. Get a clue.

Review written by: that guy there ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 03:15:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

couple notes, that guy in dress clothes and blue skin was freakin' me out, anyways, it wasn't really the crowd throwing stuff at Tomahawk, i think backstage people started it, it kept coming from the areas with no seating. Did anyone else notice the hand actually move between tomahawk and tool? I could've sworn it flicked me off. If this was their worst show, truly no band in the world holds a candle. It was a version of mantra before schism, and danny is amazing

Review written by: LRRH ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 03:15:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show was a drive to see them from Chicago. I was NOT able to see them last week when they were here. They opened with the cover tune which is apparently, The Ramones. Then Sober....nice n clean not lots of screaming. The grudge was really nice, it sounded very good and MJK's voice was doing OK. Stinkfyst was did have the extended outro but no extra lyrics(was hoping for the 3rd show in a row that there would be....). Schism had a kewl introduction, but Maynard had to skip a few lines. Parabol/Parabola...very GOOD...MJK sounded pretty good one this one. He even screamed out "ALIIIIIIIIIIIVE" pretty well(but still shorter than it could have been. They went into Aenima and i was pretty dissapointed because I've never seen "H" live before and they had been playing it alot recently. Oh well. INTERMISSION. Triad w/ Tomohawk....rocked. Very good! They skipped Disposition/Reflection and closed with Lateralus. Another sad moment. Hoped for a second they would close with something crazy for the tour.....but not today. Long drive home....but still a very good show. Maynard sang very well considering all things. Can any of you sing that well??? Hmm.. As always....hats off to Danny....who amazes me every time I see him play. Adam also played very well tonight. Really liked him jamming on Triad. Justin drove as usual. I saw a funny sign in back of the said "You go home now". enjoy your rest Tool. Sick and still rockin.

Review written by: Mostresticator ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 03:25:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Ok, I'll admit...I walked out of the Mark dissapointed tonight. But as I got to's not MJK's fault that his voice wasn't up to par...that man was singing SMART tonight. And by doing that we got a rare chance see what makes our favorite band so's not all MJK, sorry Ladies and Gents but there are FOUR members to this band, and with out the other three, MJK would be singing solo and then everyone would be bitching about that! Realize that Tool is a four-person UNIT! MJK's voice is merely another instrument contributing to the sound and moment that makes their music. I find some of the more moving parts of their songs to be the parts where he is not singing. So give it a rest and realize that just because we all like to think that the greatest band ever is perfect, but they really arent. So give him a break, what they did was smart, professional, and tasteful. If you dissagree with this, but yet still wonder, "Gee, how do they come up with such great hard songs like Hooker with a Penis or Ticks and Leeches..." Take a damn look in the mirror...(Shakes) Also, I'd like to add that while Tomahawk was not my cup of tea either, I still respected what they have done and thought that they were very good in getting the crowd ready for the show. Which takes me to another point...'Meat Heads' as a fellow reviewer put it...are incredibly stupid and need to go to a Slipknot concert to do their moshing and shit....

Review written by: derek ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 03:36:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Mike Patton rules. Crowd couldn't handle their homophobia being challenged. They needed the mic turned up, though. Maynard seemed kind of lazy on this last night, but hey, saw them twice before already, so no biggie. Some retard actually thought dope would be a good opener. uggh. Danny's drumming was better than ever. The visual stimuli was also more present compared to my last two shows. I'm trying to figure out the molecules, considering I couldn't see strings and they were turning end over end. I saw some moron wearing a strokes t-shirt. outta here. p.s. Tool's 100% great, but 90% of the fans are imbeciles. just in case you're a member of the 90% that needs to be clued in.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 04:22:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 10 Tool show


Review written by: psygnostic ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 04:49:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

3 weeks of masturbating to Cinemax. Three weeks not worrying about YOUR needs. 3 weeks of eating whenever we want. Great show, totally different than last Oct. in Cedar Rapids, IA. Sound a little muddier, but everyone sounds better in CR. Even with muddy sound, Tomahawk was amazing. I've seen Patton with most of his outfits (FNM, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk) and he still has it. If you're not into that, then whatever, I thought it was great (and certainly ran circles around DJ Tricky in Oct.) Solid Tool show....not the best, but better than anyone else out there today in this genre.

Review written by: . ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 04:53:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I dont know where to start with this review. First of all you've seen the setlist. Admitting to my self that this show was bad was just a terrible thing that needed to be done. I had seen them last night in Ames and that completely topped tonite. Maynard did his thing last night, so I don't know wheather he was just pissed at the audiance tonite or just still having throat problems. They REALLY shorted this show song wise which is dissapointing. I seen some things these last two nights that really disturbed me too. After the ames show I awaited for the presence of a band member with maybe only 30 other people. As we all stood there we could watch young girls walk in and out of the bus non stop. We happened to see a girl get asked if she wants to meet maynard and she replied "whose maynard?" Then she is told who he is and she gets to meet him. Im sure this turned the stomaches of everyone else last night standing out side too. Its sad to see A member not giving a shit about the true fans at all. After losing all hope the man him self (Danny) comes out and is thanking the fans for coming to the show. Probly the nicest famous musician i've ever met. Danny Rules. Justin happened to come out tonite and sign autographs which rulled. Also as we where starring into a bus waiting for one of them to come out the curtain flew open and we could see maynard sitting with a glass of wine. After he looks out at the fans he seems to stand up and yank the curtain closed in disguist. end

Review written by: mike mullins ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 05:13:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

DAY THREE: Down Goes the Deer Arrived in Moline around 5:30, not a bad looking town (lots better than what I expected). Way to go Quad Cities! Rah, rah... Anyway, I ended up with an extra ticket, managed to get that sold right away. Security was nuts...first they made us go back outside, then they did reeeeal thorough patdowns...they made me show them my CHANGE, for pete's sake. Is there a ban on Canadian currency at The Mark or something? The slow line kept me from getting a rail spot, but considering the crowd this evening, being one row back was just fine. As I had been hoping, this show was full of all kinds of "last night of the tour" hijinx and shenanigans. Tomahawk kicked it off at around 7:30. After two songs, two "rednecks" (I think it was Danny C. and someone else in cognito) ran out onto the back of the stage and beat the holy shit out of the foam deer with micstands or something similar. (If you didn't go to a show on this tour, T-hawk puts a foam deer - the kind you'd use for hunting practice - up on the platform where MJK stands later in the evening. The deer has its own mic, but I'm not sure if it had ever chosen to contribute vocally...). The deer was demolished, which I thought was absolutely hilarious. I think it was more funny for the folks (like myself) who had been to other shows and seen the deer in its full glory - to the folks that only went to the Moline show, no, this doesn't happen every night. So consider yourselves honored, or something. More treats for the fans: after the demise of the once-mighty buck, Danny AND Adam joined T-hawk onstage for a little jamming. It was cool. Somewhere along the line, hot dog buns started raining down on the stage. At first I couldn't figure out what the fuck was going on, figured people were throwing shit from the crowd like in Omaha. But people weren't really booing or anything, so I was a little confused. Then I saw Danny over behind some speakers on stage right (there's a sound board there I think) shooting some hot dog bun hoops at the drummer. I don't think D.C. was the only one to blame, however. Apparently everyone was feeling a little mischievous tonight...oh goody. Next up were the dancing roadies. I guess the band bought all the stage hands some black shorts with: TOOL HAD ME 2001-2002 printed in white letters on the ass for their last night. T-hawk had two of these fellows -- one extremely skinny, one with a little belly -- come out on stage and stand on the speaker stacks on either side of the stage. At first they just kind of stood there, but later on they started a little sexy dance action (thanks, fellows). Both guys got pantsed by other stage members at some point during the routine (thanks again). Again, just a little bizarre, but pretty funny. And again, not an every-night occurance. The biggest pre-tool treat was an appearance by the Reverend himself. Fully decked out in a light grey suit, a white wig, and a fresh copy of "our" holy bible, the Rev. gave a reading from the good book (Revelations 22 I think he said, but he might have just been that), then led us in chants of "amen", "hallelujah", and "jesus fucking christ!". Really quite funny, and I think he had a lot of people fooled as to who he really was (at first at least). I think that was about it for T-hawk debauchery. M.P. had "TOOL" written on his belly, and tried to convince everyone that, since he likes tool and tool likes Moline, then Moline must like Tomahawk! Right? Right? Tool came on and opened, NOT with Sober as the dumbass in the first review wrote, but with that Ramones cover (Commando, right?). Moline, feel very fortunate: unless I'm mistaken, tool has only played that one other time, at Radio City Music Hall. Congrats. The rest of the show was just alright, definitely not as wonderful as the two previous gigs I saw. I agree with the other (real) reviewers: I'm sure they were just kind of worn out, ready to take a break and party party. MJK mentioned that, after tonite, they were going to all "masturbate for two weeks while watching Cinemax" (been there myself, buddy). During the usual intermission pause, Tomahawk came/snuck back out on stage with tool's instruments (take it easy on that '79 Silverburst) and sang a cozy little ditty. It's the same song they closed their set in Omaha with, I think (except this time they weren't getting pelted by coins and bottles). It was a little weird, but whatever. Then tool came out and started right in on Triad. The Tomahawk crew (well, three of them) came back out to jam along, but in a just a matter of minutes two of them had managed to change from street clothes into very Maynard-esqe bras and panties (Patton's panties were stuffed with very large tube socks). Again, more last-night horsing around, very very entertaining, the men of tool seemed to get a kick out of it. After that, there was (surprisingly) no disposition/reflection, which was really too bad. I think triad really feeds off of those two (I think I remember reading somewhere that they may have originally intended the three as one big megasong...). Kinda like Parabola with no Parabol. Oh well, I got two good nights' worth, so I won't bitch too much. They closed with Lateralus, which was nice as usual, and that was it. A really short setlist, about a half hour shorter than the two previous nights. But with all the other stuff going on, still very much worth my while. About the crowd: Moline beware, there are a number of morons in your midst. There were some nice folks in the crowd, but the numbnuts-to- niceguys quotient was much higher here than at past shows I've been to. A couple of examples: *Sir Thrash-a-Lot: during T-hawk, there was this one guy who opened up his own personal moshpit right behind me. I've got no problem if a guy wants to dance around a bit, but the continous punches and elbows to the back got old real fast...especially when he was the only one doing it. Hey dude, look up the definitions of "personal space" and "appropriate times to mosh" in the...oh nevermind, you can't read, much less figure out how to use a dictionary. I'm sure you'll get past "A B C Duhhh" one of these days, keep trying. Until then, take fewer drugs. *King Hippo: Right when Triad started, this 300 lb tub-o'-lard starts sharing waaaaay too much of his lard with me. Sure, the crowd is tight, but this fucknut is waving his big fat arms all around, getting his armpit slop all over my face and elbowing me in the head, again and again. Then, he starts passing out on top of me, repeatedly losing and regaining consciousness. THEN, he ripped up my "Etsel and Mo Say Hi" sign. You fat piece of retarded inbred dogshit. Doctor's orders: get the fuck off the floor, boy. The last thing I need is a big fat hot sweaty dead guy pinning me to the floor (think about the photos in the Undertow liner notes, at least that was art). I guess it was appropriate that the sign he destroyed was dealing with pigs, though...go have another cheeseburger, tubs. *Queen Bodyblow: Well, this one wasn't too bad in and of itself...she just kept jabbing me in the gut with her elbows. Usually that would be no problem -- I know what I'm in for when I stand that close to the stage -- but with all the other shit that was going on I just kind of snapped...I turned to her and screamed "FUCK OFF!" right in her ear. I felt like a real ass right after it happened and apologized, but I think it was a little late at that point, so I felt a little stupid the rest of the show. Next time I'll ask if the person could maybe shift that arm a bit. If you're reading this, again I'm sorry, but maybe remember what Molly Moshpit says "Elbows Down, Lest I Frown". Ok, well that's about it for the crowd, except for one nice person who stands at the center of this short little parable: Karma in Action: At the beginning of the evening, I found myself standing behind a nice (and cute!) girl who had somehow managed to score a backstage pass. I heard her mention something about it, and saw the thing just kind of flopping out of her back pocket. Now, while being crushed up against her during the show, the thought briefly flashed through my head that I could probably slip that thing right out of there without her noticing, then vanish back into the crowd. I mean, it would be a dream come true, backstage with the fellows, especially on the last night of the tour...but it would have been a sour victory -- as cool as it would have been to gone backstage, I would probably have been sentencing myself to an eternity of 2x4 ass-reamings in hell, and it would have totally ruined her night too. So good mike won that fight. Here's where the karma kicks in, so I figure. No, Buddha did not descend from on high and reward my resistance of temptation with my very own lifetime backstage pass, but I DID manage to catch a waterbottle thrown out by one particular bald-headed, face-painted lead singer at the end of the show! Maybe Buddha just put that pass of mine in the mail... Speaking of backstage passes, I found out a really good way to get one tonight: show everyone your thingies. A lot. One woman behind me in the crowd did just that; I think she got the idea in between sets from a crew member that had: "SHOW YOUR TITS" written on his shirt. After she did this, a guy came out from backstage and gave her a pass! Fuck! I tried showing my thingies, but noone gave me shit (except a few disgusted looks). Bastards. Maybe it's because I really only have teets, not tits, or maybe I didn't jiggle them just so...anyway, if you have no self-respect and enjoy activities like sucking cock for money, then yes you too might be able to get backstage! For the record, the girl I was talking about in the earlier story (the one I thought about swiping her pass from) received her pass through a legitimate, non-self-demeaning avenue. So I guess maybe you don't HAVE to suck cock for money... That's the end of my story (review?!?). It's 4:30 am, and man am I fucking tired. Three days of tool, well worth every cent spent on gas, tickets, spandex* (wait, that was free), etc. For my efforts, I have three ticket stubs, two wrist bracelets, one half empty water bottle, and zero backstage passes. Time to build an altar! So long, thanks for reading all this crap, see you again soon. mike (now officially a "fool for tool") *did that reference lose you? read my review from Ames for enlightenment about the wonders of skin-tight clothing...

Review written by: julie ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 10:08:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

tomahawk was excellent, despite the auditorium's horrible sound, they really are an exciting band to see. i heard complainers in front and behind about the band, but you would have to first blame the bad sound travel in that place. the music is really fresh, creative, full of this crazy, hyperactive energy that is always good for the crowd. and mike patton, amazing singer!! tool? what else can i say that anyone else hasnt? brilliant! i didnt care about maynard not facing the crowd the whole time. some people found that to be "rude", but i saw it as maynard singing to the art of the show. i didnt go to worship the band and look at their stage presence, i went for the music and visuals. i hardly even looked at the stage the whole time! i think it is exactly what tool had in mind, less looking at stage, more at the screen. how can anyone enjoy "stage presence" when you in an auditorium anyway? it's so funny that like half of the crowd that went to this show are the same dipshits that tool is making fun of in their songs! and you would never know it until you look at yourselves:) i hope that tool's next album is quiet so the metal heads out there can find some other concerts to go to.

Review written by: unexperienced golfer ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 10:52:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 3 Tool show

Ah, what a show. ive seen all sides of the TOOL tour spectrum: beginning show, middle show and end show so ive seen the best of TOOL and shows when you know that TOOL is tired and wants to go home. Can't say that it was the best of TOOL ive ever seen but a great show none the less. im sure someone else posted the setlist but if not, TOOL dropped disposition and reflection for tonite. that kinda sucked but i can understand, im sure they are just sick of touring and wanted to get the hell home so they could masturbate to cinimax, eat, and not worry about our needs for the next 3 weeks. we did get commando though! and we also got the reverend. thats right, reverend maynard came out durring tommahawk to give us our saturday sermon. we also saw danny the drum tech rush out on stage after mike knocked over one of the drum mics. tommahawk also took a break in one of their songs to pay tribute to TOOL by playing a bit of SOBER. we yet again saw them at half time of the concert, they came out and played what sounded like a show tune but dont quote me cause i have no idea what the song was. a lot of jamming tonite by TOOL, a lot of it soudned the same but it was cool with maynard whispering in the back ground. Triad, kicked all forms of ass, and aenima, awesome. three weeks off then well see if TOOL comes back around these areas.

Review written by: Andria ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 11:37:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well... this was the worst, most disgusting, appalling concert I have ever been to, and it had nothing to do with the band, but everything with the people. I'm from St. Louis, and went to the Oct. 19th show last year, which was awesome, so I could not believe some of the things that went on tonight. First of all there were probably about 1500 people or more on the floor that shouldn't have been there... I can't believe security wasn't more tight like it was at the St. Louis show. Moline is a scary scary town and apparently the kids here never have anything to do, so whenever something like this happens they go fucking CRAZY. I should have known I was in for it whenever being in the second row, between Tomahawk and Tool while the roadies were changing equipment some fool started moshing. One of their flailing hands punched me right in the face. Then the whole "SHOW YOUR TITS" thing, which I thought was so ridiculous. There were these two kids in front of me, who I was really pissed that they got in the front row, much because they probably got there at about 4:30pm when I had been waiting since 11am (fucking ticket takers at the Mark made us go back outside to pat us down so we all lost our spots, which would never have happened in St. Louis) So anyway, these two kids looked about 14, and kept saying "Hey, show us your titties! Over here! Suck on each other's titties!" I just got so mad and said "Grow the fuck up.. why don't you rent a fucking porno, assholes." I couldn't believe those whores that actually did show their breasts, ESPECIALLY the one who got a backstage pass, (which really made me lose a lot of respect for the crew and other people associated with Tool). I heard a girl behind me say "Too bad I have too much fucking self RESPECT than to do that..." and I thought "No kidding." I will give that whore one thing though... when the guys that looked about 14 in front of me yell to her "Hey, over here! Show us!" she shook her head and goes "You look like you're about 12 years old!!" and that gave me a good laugh. Once Tool started, the pit got so violent, I could not believe what the hell was happening. There were way too many people on the floor, and most of them were totally fucked up and just pushing people as hard as they could... During about the second song I was getting so crushed that I couldn't even concentrate on the music because I was seriously concerned about falling and getting trampled because I wasn't even standing on the floor, people had pushed my legs so much, and I was pushed so hard against everybody in all directions, my lungs felt like they didn't even have any room to expand... I couldn't breathe and I thought "you know, this is fucking ridiculous. I came to this concert to hear my favorite band, not to worry about my safety with a bunch of fucking crazy lunatics" so I waved to a security guard and got pulled out, I walked over to the side, and it was so much better over there.. I could see everything, and since Maynard wasn't even facing us most of the time I really didn't miss out of facial expressions or anything.. and there was so much space. I could actually enjoy the show instead of just worrying about being able to BREATHE. I was in the front row of the St. louis show in Oct last year, and this show's pit was 100 times worse and more violent, these people are fucking crazy. Even after being on the side, some fucking idiots from the pit threw an almost full cup of beer near where I was standing, with enough force that when it hit my hand, it broke the skin. Stupid bastards. I was pretty disappointed with the shortened setlist... the reason I went to see Tool again so soon after the last concert was because H. is my favorite Tool song ever and I saw it on some early setlists... I was so disappointed that they didn't play it, especially because of everything that had happened previously that night. I will definitely never return to Moline or the Mark ever again, people there are fucking crazy and almost ruined a night I paid $45 for with my favorite band, and for poor college students, $45 lasts you a long time. All I have to show for it is a cut hand, sore ribs, a bruise on my face and a lot of disgust and disappointment for what went on.

Review written by: Chris Stamer ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 13:34:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Great show, horrible crowd. I'm from St. Louis, and I'll never go to Moline again. The day started good enough. We got to Moline early, and while walking around, I saw Justin riding his bike behind the Mark. I think his laminate said "Feed Me". When he passed me, I said "Justin?", but he didn't look up. I can't say I blame him. I get inside, and I have to say, I miss the old days, when they played places like The American Theater in St. Louis, and the shirts were a LOT cheaper. I really miss the smaller venues. Tomohawk was okay. The worst Tool opener ever was The Cows, on the first Aenima tour. I was a little dissapointed that they didn't play anything off of Opiate, and only Sober off of Undertow. I was also looking forward to hearing H. But it being their 4th show in 4 nights, I can't be upset. Sorry Moline, I'm sure not all of you are bad, but the majority sucked. I've never heard so much bitching about intros, and people saying, "Get on with it!". And every one was sitting on their ass! And please, don't scream the only parts you know off of Sober, Stinkfist, and Aenema. I did enjoy Tomohawk coming out during the middle of Tools set. But I think everyone thought it was still Tool. Whenever Mike sang, the crowd erupted in cheer. Still worth the drive, but next time if we get shafted in St. Louis, I'm going to Chicago.

Review written by: stevil ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 14:00:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

What the f#$K was that ?! That had to be the worst tool show ever, Im a huge tool fan and have seen 5 shows this tour and I have to say that that sucked. MJK sounded like his voice was going out, The show was like an hour and twenty min., they only played 8 songs. I do have to say that the ramones cover was great and I thought it would be a good start to a great night , but I was very dissapointed. Those boys have blown me away before and Im sure they will again, but next time maybe they should take some more time off between tours. And by the way if you were in sec. 110 you all sucked, who sits down at a TOOL show?

Review written by: Master RJosh Hoffmaneviewer ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 14:31:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Let me start out by saying this was the most amazing experience of my life, and I don't think any concrt could ever come close to being this life-changing ever again. Now let me tell you about this show. Tomahawk opened up, and they were fuckin great. When I heard they were touring with Tool, and Iheard Mike Patton was the frontman, Iwent out and bought the CD. It seemed like it waxs just me and one other guy that were diggin' it though, and the whole tim I was lookin' Mike Patton in the eye, singin' all the lyrics, it was great. Halfway through God Hates a Coward Mike started singing Sober, and that got the crowd kind of worked up. Then mike ripped off his cop-top and under that he had a pink beater on and a Tool logo tatooed on his stomach and he said something along the lines of "maybe tool will love me now!" Then, I couldn't believe this, he said "Who's ready to get pregnanat!" and Adam Jones came on stage and played guitar with them on one of their songs, it was great.. By then people were throwing shit at Tomahawk, and I was getting real pissed off. After that the most amazing thing happened. Mike called "reverend Maynard" out on stage, and here maynard comes, dressed in a white suit with a white hair wig on, carrying a bible, and he starts chanting verses from the bible out into the crowd. He chants for a while and gets the crowd to say along with him "Jesus Fucking Christ", and then hethrew the Bible. I touched it but I didn't get it. The rest of the Tomahawk showwas fine, but I was getting anxious for Tool to start. Tomahawk eneded and that's when the pushing started. That really pissed me off cuz the fuckin music hasn't even started yet people. chill out. Of course women started showing themselves fr meaning less attention...TAnd then it was finally time for Tool. They came out on stage, Maynard's face white with a blackstripe down the middle. This is when the crowd got real bad and I lost both my shoes. I didn't give a fuck though, I stayted. They opened with Sober, which was pretty damn amazing. The crowd chilled out finally. The Grudge was next and this was definitley a high point of the show, they played it so tight and all the back drops and lighting effects just made chills run up my spine and into my head. Maynard of course never faced the crowd, although that was no big deal. After the Grudge they played Stinkfist with an extra extended section that was fuckin amazing. Schism came next and was played very well except for the fact that I had heard the song 1000 fuckin times and was pretty bored with it. after that there was a little soft interlude and then they started playing Parabol. They brought down these2 fuckin huge bubbles from the video and they floated above their heads during the songs. It was awesome.I was sooo ready for this song to start, It was my favorite Tool song on Lateralus. When Parabol was just about over a guy next to me said, "ready?" and I said, fuck yes. Parabola started and the crowd went nuts. everyone was jumping up and down and I was freakin out. They played it as tight as can be and it amazed me, especially Maynards scream. After that came Aenema...and oh my god, that fucking blew me away. I didn't think they were gonna play it but they did, and the crowd responded wonderfully. Everyone knew the lyrics and was singingAenmema there was an interlude where Mike patton came out and, played a jazzy number that was pretty sweet. After that , Tool came back out and played the rest of their set, where the along , especially at the fuck everything part. After that there was an interlude where mike patton came out and played a jazzy number, which was pretty sweet.. Tool came back out and played the rest of their set. They brought down the human body pictures and a big pentagram. I was throughly amazed. They brought Tomahawk out for one of their songs (sorry i always forget the names of all those songs at the end of lateralus)and they played it amazingly with tons of extra percussion and such. They let Tomahawk leave and then finally Maynard spoke. He said, "As you all know, this is our last stop on this leg of the tour. We have 3 weeks to masturbate to Cinemax porn after tonight. Thank you all so much for cming out, it's always a pleasure, never a chore." then they thanked Tomahawk and played Lateralus, which was God damn amazing. I was sooo pumped by that song I just closed my eyes and couldnt't believe I was seeing them. They playted it as tight as can be, then they finished. They hugged each other in a circle , then started throwin shit out into the crowd, Danny actually threw his drum head. If you get the chance to see Tool, fucking go see them, even if you only know one song. You will not be dissapointed I guarnatee you, they put on the most amazing live show you will ever see. My life is changed because I have seen them.

Review written by: hektik ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 14:37:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I thought pretty highly of Tool fans after we saw Tool at Red Rocks with King Crimson opening, who received a good amount of respect from the crowd. Tomahawk did not. Some people were cheering, mainly my friends and I, but the rest of the Tool fans showed their vast immaturity by throwing things at the stage and not giving a band a chance that Tool picked themselves to open up. I guess you can't expect trend hoppers like most Tool fans to appreciate good music that isn't on MTV.

Review written by: todd ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 14:44:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

the setlist has already been posted. this was my TOOL de- virginizing, and i came out a little disappointed. i had been counting down the days ever since i camped out in line all night for tickets. i didn't like tomahawk, but the bread being heaved at them was hilarious. i was a little upset that i didn't get to hear anything from opiate (once i got in the car, i popped that cd in) and a little more upset that i didn't get to hear flood, H., or anything else that they had been playing. i will definately see them again (i'm debating on a 6 hour drive to kalamazoo or indianapolis) but i felt a little disappointed that they didn't do anything spectacular. i'm glad i got to see the Reverend, as i knew it was MJK when i first saw him (apparently i was one of the few that knew that). i envy the devil that got the bible. not a bad show, but i was expecting more. i just can't wait until the next time i see them and they're fresh.

Review written by: maynardjamesDEVRIES ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 15:20:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First off I'd like to thank the good Reverand Maynard for making an appearance despite his busy schedule. Tomahawk, although not my style, performed wonderfully and provided a perfect transition for TOOL, which is what I think an opening band is for. Commando as an opener was a terrific surprise, as was aenima, a song i wasn't priveleged to hear last year. Mike Patton during the intermission was nice, was that Frank Sinatra? Someone let me know. Triad was definately the highlight of the show. Lateralus was as always amazing, too. Thanks

Review written by: APerfectTool77 ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 15:44:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Since Tool canceled their Normal IL show, this one was to be my first. I've been a fan for many years but this was the first time they have come close enough for me to make it. My expectations for both Tomahawk and Tool were high and yet they still managed to surpass my wildest thoughts. My friends and I had floor and managed to get all the way up front for the start of the show. Tomahawk was good but not great. They came dressed as police but soon Patton stripped down to a pink little girl's shirt. He riled up the crowd by calling everyone rednecks. He even went as far to insult a guy in the front row, telling him that it was ok to love another man. They changed the second verse of "God Hates A Coward" to Sober. Jones and Danny came out and did a song with them as well. We even got a visit from Reverend Maynard. He told us God abandoned us and that we should do the same. Then between bands they had a tech come out. He was wearing a Tool shirt that had written "Show Your Tits" on it. A girl behind me responded by doing so, and he came down and geve her a backstage pass! The crowd was pushing hard to get up front so it was incredibly packed where we were. Finally Tool came out and the place went apeshit. They opened with what I guess was the Ramones cover(?). They played for a solid two hours, including the extended Stinkfist and Schism versions. Danny's drumming was simply amazing. Seeing him play The Grudge was mindblowing. Maynard told us that if we come away learning only one thing from this experience, that it is that we shouldn't wear a condom on the first date. He told us since this was the last show of this leg, they were all headed home to masturbate to Cinemax for two weeks and eat foods they shouldn't. I do have a few gripes. Not about the band but the fans. I understand enjoying yourself at a show but a few people took it a bit too far. Is it really necessary to start a mosh for Parabol? I heard the same guy that started it complaining that Maynard was standing in back the whole time. It just seemed like some where there more for the title of being at a Tool show more than they were there for the music... Anyway, music was great. Visuals were great. It wasn't a concert as much as it was an experience. I will most definately be seeing them again.

Review written by: DickDown ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 16:20:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Hello Toolband, Long time reader, first time offender. Well to start it off, I think the band may have been too ambitious with this second-tier city tour. Maynard is tired, his voice was wavering during certain high moments of the songs, sometimes they skipped the powerful moments all together ie the scream in the Grudge, and the ballsy rock vocal in Schism. But Maynard isn't a jukebox, nor the rest of the group and if you tour as much as they have you are going to get a bad night. Well shit...I've seen a lot of shows, and I think we got one. They cut out several songs from their set, though they did do the Ramone's cover and noodled for longer periods at the beginning of the songs, which was mind blowing. Oh ya, they played Aenima as well. The shame is that the Moline crowd really wanted this show and were feeling the spirit, but the guys were maybe thinking about going home and humping their women betwixt silk sheets. Mike Patton came out mid-set and sang a showtune or something that was gourgeous. So that was something. Oh well. We will see them shine again soon. They truly are the best band going and it is fortunate for younger fans to get to see that it is possble to put art and integrity into rock, and not be a neo- rap metal band of today's clime. Okay. Viva Tool. Considerate Hooker

Review written by: EYEagainstEYE ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 17:44:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

last night was characterized by two aspects: tool playing an amazing, artistic show, and the assholes in the crowd. i thought the visuals were incredible and the band played tight. a shortened set seemed inevitable as the band must have been exausted. they played the best they could, and i feel like i still "felt" them. the dude-bros in the crowd were dicks. im all for moving to the music, and spirit electricity, and whatnot, but when youre throwing forearms like they aint no thang, its a prob. the whole "show your tits" thing was fucked up. ladies should know that since they live in a world of hedonistic baboons, they shouldnt provoke some dude to feel em up. i thought tomahawk did a great job, patton's got a great voice. i especially enjoyed the integration between the two bands (coming on to perform during the other bands songs). other than danny, fans (and i use the term loosely) were pretty disrespectful. but fuck that static. i enjoyed the Rev's sermon, and triad was rocking. anyway, ill hopefully catch a more refreshed tool on the next leg. oh yea, all you faggots (i can say what i want to even if im not serious) out there: TOOL DOESN'T OWE YOU ANYTHING, YOU OWE TOOL SOMETHING. remember that. i want to have david cross' baby. peace out

Review written by: the dude in the grey shirt ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 17:49:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The setlist im not even sure about-it was such a daze Commando Sober The Grudge some random jamming here i think Stinkfist (exteded) Parabol Parabola Tomahawk (Mike Patton sings his ass off to the tune of a slow sexy jazz tune, could have been a cover but I don't know what it was, very funny and quite good!) Schism (way extendo very cool) Aenima Triad all band members from Tomahawk and Tool for a sweet jam OUTSTANDING Lateralus That might be it right there but again im not sure. The opener sucked. tool blew them off the stage. 99.9% of the crowd loved the show, and if that was not a good tool show then i dont know what is. it was my first concert and it was amazing to. The drugs and moshing were great and i was in the front most of the tool part-even tho my ticket had me in the upper bowl ;) who else hopped the little rail thing? dint belive any one who said the first band was the highlight, they didnt see the show. they sounded like crap, un audable vocals, trying to bible bash and shit to make the fans like them. the shit that was hitting the stage i think was part of there lame act, and other people did thro shit at them. No pit exept for like 5 people attemting to mosh. They were crap. if you liked them good for you but, your a moron. maynard didnt look at us no. hes an asshole every one knows that. Some dude had a cezure after the show. thanks to the dude named josh for selling me a ticket for 20 bucks, saved 15$ The two dudes in the slayer shirts were cool. And that one dude in the grey shirt from...shit i forget you all were cool email me if you read this. i was the skinny dude in the pit. with the grey shirt. It was my first concert and i was in no way let down, well exept by that shitty opener. and some dude gave me a cd for some shitty numetal band. im rambling and misspelled every thing, sue me:) im off to masterbate to cinimax now........

Review written by: **** ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 17:52:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

I always enjoy Tool and never thought it would be possible to leave a show feeling let down. Don't get me wrong...i enjoyed them last night but they could/should have played more. I understand they've played their asses off this tour but come on..8 songs?? If they would have played just a few more songs i would have left 100% satisfied...but i think i left feeling 70% satisfied. I was soooo eager to hear H. even if that was the only other song they played i woud have been happy. But i still had fun. I was completely entertained w/ MJK's Reverand skit during Tomahawk. That was great. Triad rocked too. I have to say of all the shows i've seen that was the best version of that song. Maybe after they masturbate for 3weeks to cinemax they'll come back and give a performance that will blow me away. I'm happy i live tool song is better than none so i guess we can't complain.

Review written by: Tangerine ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 18:24:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 0th Tool show

My ass itches.

Review written by: genius ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 19:53:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 99th Tool show

Tool should quit. The fanbase is full of idiot numetal wannabes. Nobody's having fun anymore. at least the way it looks. SIDE PROJECT TIME! the molecules were the only really cool part.

Review written by: Adam (cooper9934@hotmail) Review posted on: 09/08/02 19:55:27 ET

This was this reviewer's ??? Tool show


Review written by: Kris ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 20:13:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Very disapointed. I drove from Chicago and I feel ripped off. Like one fan said before, if Maynard wasn't feeling up to singing then he should have stayed home. You guys that thought this was a good show haven't seen a good TooL show. Look at the previous set lists, we got screwed out of atleast 3 songs. The Ramones cover doesn't count as a song. Last year's shows were a lot better than this. Hopefully within the next three weeks they will come up with a new set list that will include a little from Lateralus, Aenema, Undertow, and Opiate. Have a good break guys and good luck trying to please fans on the next leg of your summer/fall tour.

Review written by: james ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 21:02:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hmmm, what to say? I left this show with mixed feelings. To be honest the sound really blowed goats, defenitly have heard a lot better, but what the hell it was the last show of this leg of the tour and I'm sure they must have been exhuasted (maybe that's why it was cut so short?). Many things made up for the poor sound quality though; first during Tomahawk Maynard come on stage as Reverend Maynard, which was a great surprise, he had bible in hand and screamed something about Jesus Christ several times (couldn't really understand it, again due to the shitty sound). The next unexpected event was the opener, can't say what it was others say ramones but i'm not sure since i don't listen to the ramones. Stinkfist was different, quite a lot actually. The Grudge was the same, basically, I don't remember hearing the long scream in the begining though, a clue to Maynard's malfunctioning vocal cords. Then what, Schism I believe, this was also different the song and the visuals on the screens. Parabol and Parabola were the same except Mr. Keenan's vocals were again lacking. After intermission Mike Patton came out and sang some lounge music (a sound test if I'm not mistaken). Then Triad, some guy jammed on a bongo, which sounded great, some say he was from Tomahawk but I don't remember a guy with long brown hair in Tomahawk. After Triad Maynard James Keenan told us they were goin home to jerk off to Cinemax for 3 weeks and not think about us (the fans), at which point I hollered very loudly (during an odd silence) because, well because they deserve it. They told us it was always a pleasure, never a chore and never use a condom on the first date. After being told to meet him on the other side Lateralus began, very good performance probably, no idefinitly, the best of the night. Everything was right on (even MJK's handicapped voice). They ended the show with the usual group hug and throwing various items it to the crowd , who were great by the way. Very diverse, which is always nice to see white, black, red, yellow, young and old putting aside our petty differnces for a night of great music. So even with the sound it was still a pretty good show.WE all owe thanks to Adam, Danny Justin and Maynard ( thanks not obsession, remember were all preople, all capable of greatness in some way) for over a year of inspiring music.

Review written by: dictator ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 21:41:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

ok, I finally seized the opportunity to see Tool this year. Would have seen them in Normal, but, poor Maynard had a throat illness. So I was glad to attend the show. I think the third setlist way above is the most accurate, including the "jazz" tidbit by Mr. Patton. First of all, Tomahawk sucks!!! I at least thought they would be okay, boy was I wrong! In my opinion, I actually think it is clever to have such a band like Tomahawk open for Tool-meaning the fact that they suck makes hearing & seeing Tool next a great experience! Really makes Tool for what they are. I very much so agree with others that Tool seemed to not play as many songs and was a short night. After all, it was their last show for the tour and everyone is tired. It would have been nice to hear a little 46&2 or H. They even had me believe that they were starting with Triad, then going to Reflection, and then to Disposition, all reversed for the last show! They only played Triad, which was soooo greatly done with the help from other percussionists-indeed the highlight of my night. I have to say that Parabola was the most intense as well as clear song I heard. I guess where I was standing, to me it seemed that Justin's bass riffs were just overtaking the rest of the band's input. But of course, Danny's magic on the drums was ever so great that it did not matter after a while!!! I like all members of Tool, but man, Danny is the most talented! I won't say much about the lights and effects other than of course they were mind- blowing as always. The funniest moment was when The preacher, Maynard that is, came out and did the skit with Tomahawk- "Jesus Fuckin' Christ, Jesus Fuckin' Christ!" "Amen!" Then chucked the bible to the floor crowd. I laughed hard because of Maynard's arm gestures, very funny shit! Then when the spiraling was all said and done, like in the past, all of them threw the water bottles to the crowd, Danny's drumsticks, Danny's makeshift frisbee drumhead (s)? They all did a group hug, bowed, and waved their way off the stage, from the last summer tour show. I almost forgot. My friend that came with me asked during the middle of the show, "why is Maynard not facing the crowd when singing?" He thinks it is stage frieght! I said it has to be his style. would someone please answer, unless "Kabir" already has in his "updated faqs!" Thank you.

Review written by: Tool Fan ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 22:09:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

First off, Tool is the greatest band in the entire universe. So if they only play for an hour and a half, don't fucking bitch. Who has the fucking balls to say a tool show sucked? These guys have been touring for over a fucking year and a half, if they wanna play less songs, they're gonna, and I'm gonna happy to see them play regardless, you dirty jaded pig fucker. I saw them on wednesday in MN, and I must say it was better, but this show kicked ass just the same, they did aenima, which they didn't do on wednesday, which was fucking amazing, as usual. Next time I hear someone bitching about how a tool show was too short, I'm going to stab them with a rusty fork. But anyways...... Danny was great as always, I watched him more than anything else on the stage, the end of the grudge is the most amazing thing I've ever seen or heard played on the drums. Maynard was holding back tonight, but I can't say I blame him, he still kicked ass. Glad these guys are finally getting a well deserved break, hope they enjoy it and come back on the fall tour fully rested and kicking ass.

Review written by: dude in the grey shirt ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 23:42:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i understand alot of you thought that sucked but no one said that shit last night, remember all of us cheering as we were leaving? i was one of the shirtless assholes by the door screaming ''fucking tool man'' the concert was my first and it was awesome-i got in for 20 bucks some dude gave me these light spectim glasses that made the shit on stage twice as wicked. i got my ass kicked in the pit and kicked ass myself sober was the most intence i thought. the whole concert was badass(exept fucking tomahawk- no one listen to the people who say they were good they sounded like shiiiit) lateralus was my favorate song of the night and it was capped off by that kid who had a sezure man i saw some fag in a crazy town shirt i hope he got his asskicked

Review written by: disneylandsucks ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 23:46:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

wait let me get this right the crew working for tool had shirts saying "show us your tits"? If so that is really sad and the fact someone got a backstage pass for that, even sadder, sorta makes you wonder about the band.

Review written by: Hunter22 ( Review posted on: 09/08/02 23:59:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

We're not supposed to use this forum to "attack" other reviews, but I have to agree with many of the posts already submitted for last night's show. TOOL (unfortunately) has attracted many fans that are preceisely the subjects of their ridiculing songs. There are too many dumbasses posting reviews that CAN'T SPELL or punctuate. Grammar_nazi, you are right on. Mike Mullins, EXCELLENT review, one of the best ever posted. Andria, I'm from St. Louis also and drove up for the show Saturday afternoon with three friends. Sorry about your experience, glad you're okay. This show in no way could compare with last year's St. Louis show October 19th at Savvis Center. But when you have those incredible contortionists from their videos touring with you (like they did then), well, that just adds another dimension to the show that can't be matched without their presence. However, this was still TOOL and the best band your money can buy. It was not a bad show, but even those people like myself who have seen this band many times over the years have to admit that this band is better than ever. Yes, they were tired. Or at least Maynard and his voice were tired. I, too, missed the 30-second scream at the end of The Grudge. I knew as soon as it didn't happen that we were in for a short night. Apparently, Disposition is a tough one for him to sing with aching chords, so I can understand why they didn't do it. But, jeez, an extra five minutes is all it would have taken to play H. However, still trying to not be disappointed. They had played 9 shows in the previous 11 days and that has to be grueling. They deserve this break. But I agree with some other reviews that they should space their shows out a bit more if voice strength is going to be an issue. Moline, you guys kinda suck. The Mark is a well laid out venue, but its sound was not the greatest and you people obviously don't have much to do in your free time. I invite you all to come to St. Louis the next time TOOL is here to show you how a truly respectful crowd behaves. I will not be returning to the Quad Cities to see anything. And the way your streets are structured is the screwiest thing I've ever seen. But overall, TOOL was better last night than any other band we could all pay money to see. There is no comparison. Aenima was awesome and the backdrops were incredible, as well as some of the new stuff on the video screens. It really is an experience to see them, and I can't say it was exactly that way back in 1993 when I attended my first and second TOOL shows. This band has evolved over the years beyond my wildest imagination. I honestly believe that they have surprised themselves as well and there is no telling what the future holds for them, and us as fans, with their music. As a musician myself, it still blows me away to this day that two guitars, vocals, and drums (and some nice effects) can make all of that music. We as TOOL fans are a blessed community and we need to appreciate anything and everything they do, provided they remain true to themselves. Can they do a better show than last night? Hell yes. Many of you saw better shows in Ames and Omaha. But did it beat whatever else you would have been doing that night? i.e. pounding your pud to Cinemax porn. I would surely hope so. What other band can play eight awesome songs and fill up 100 minutes? None other that I know of. There aren't many bands left in the world that even have eight great songs. As an aside, for anyone who doesn't own Justin's old band's CD, Peach-Giving Birth to a Stone, do yourself a favor and go get it. You can easily hear why TOOL had to have this guy over all the other American bass players that would have killed to get the job. Paul D'Amour cannot hold a candle to him. I have never seen Justin as animated as in Aenima last night. He was clearly having fun and that was good to see. Danny, WOW, what can you say? As the first reviewer of the Ames show says, there are no words.... Adam is the most original and creative guitar player going today. And none of it would be what it is if they didn't have a true artist like Maynard blasting out the words. Do you Molineites realize that, besides Justin, this is a Midwestern-bred band???????? Danny's from Kansas, Adam from Libertyville, and Maynard from Michigan. They are probably ashamed of you and that's why all that they were interested in was your tits. Tan, round titties was the best thing I saw in your town. But I am glad they came to your town and gave those natives not willing or able to road-trip a chance to see them. Truly an amazing experience regardless of the length of their show. They are the modern day Pink Floyd, pushing the envelope, watching it bend. Spiral out, keep on going.........

Review written by: NC ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 00:04:23 ET

This was this reviewer's ???? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 00:15:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i just wanted to say that i don't care if maynard doesn't face the crowd,or adam doesn't seem into it,etc...just glad that you guys are still together and that you can rock out...i think i would be really depressed if you broke up.if it happens i hope its not in my lifetime,and i plan on living for a thank you for coming to our city and playing for us.

Review written by: Luke ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 00:51:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The set list below with The Ramones cover listed is pretty much correct, though I seem to remember bits and pieces of (-) Ions and Eon Blue Apocalypse being played. Also, Danny played some sort of jam (right before Schism I believe) that was something of a drum solo, something of a band jam. Anyways, this is the worst show I'd seen by them, but that does not mean in any way that it was a bad show. Maynard's voice was pretty much gone, he didn't sing any of the harsher parts (notably during Stinkfist, Parabola, and Schism)... However, the band sounded VERY sharp and, as always, Danny blew me the hell out of the water. The little intro to Schism was very nice as was the extended intro and hearing them play "Commando" was most excellent. I wish they would've played more songs, but damn, they've been touring forever. Take a break, rest, relax, masturbate at the same time as everyone else (heh), and then I'll see you all in Kansas City.

Review written by: Darek ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 00:59:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

First off, I have to agree with a previous poster. Use this forum as an ability to write a review about the show, and don't attack people as if they have personally damaged your life. Of the three shows I have seen Tool perform in (Chicago and Milwaukee were the first two), I would have to also agree that they seemed a bit off. I also contribute this the long tour they've been on...we all get tired! The statement one poster had put about Maynard shutting the curtain on the bus was somewhat disappointing, but can you imagine what it's like when you're only privacy is either on a tour bus or hotel room? I can't blame him, but it would have been cool if he just threw up a quick peace sign or just waved. Even though the other two shows I saw were better, I still thought this was worth the money I paid for tickets and the 3 hour drive from Chicago. Their music, along with the energy that flows during their shows, has in fact given me a new motivation and new outlook on things. Maynard, Justin, Danny, guys rock! Go home, enjoy your three weeks of Cinemax, and see you guys in Seattle!

Review written by: Dave ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 01:06:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

we missed tool's first song cuz we showed up late. we were so wasted that we couldn't find our seats for about 20 minutes. it's such a big fucking place. oh my god, though, i'll tell ya what, my girlfriend beat out all you other flashers at the show. she showed her tits off over ten times for you lucky ladies and gents. after we had sex during tool's set in the bathroom, i got lost and scored myself a sweet position on the floor. soon after, parabol came so I started throwing punches and kicking people in the shins. some poor teenage girl had to leave the show but my girlfriend thought it was hilarious. i think i remember hearing schism, because i've heard it on the radio before. but besides for that I don't have a clue what the setlist was. in all, i thought it was a good show, but i wish they would have played "judith" tool kicks ass and so does moline.

Review written by: Magnetic or Mosaic ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 01:53:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

So, I'll keep this short. At the webmaster's request, I won't waste a lot of space talking about the moron's who can't properly identify the songs that were played. Just be aware that it is happening. A very short show... at least 5 songs less than when I saw them in Denver. Once you're over that, however.... very impressive. Even at half strength, you can't bitch much about MJK's performance. BTW: Am I the only one who suspects that it might have been TOOL throwing shit at Tomahawk? Anyway, I would say the following: if this was your first show, go to another; if you have seen 'em before... let's not forget the schedule these guys keep. Thanks to the band. Not the best Tool show ever, but still better than any non-tool show I've ever seen.....

Review written by: Mike King ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 04:29:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

a great show. i could tell it was the last of this leg. the band seemed much more laid back. i'm glad that the show was this way. it made it interesting. i'm not going to say a whole lot, other than I am the lucky bastard who caught the bible that reverend maynard threw.... let the rabbits wear glasses... thanks tomahawk; thanks tool. mike.

Review written by: Master Bator ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 05:05:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 5TNT Tool show

Ok to start off this show was a Bullshit TOOL show. This was my fifth and man was I pissed after. I drove 2 and a half hours to see some bullshit halfass setlist. I mean Ive seen Tool in way better shape. They should have axed this tour long ago if Maynards voice was in such a shitty state. I mean I cant blame the guy for quiting cuz of bad vocals, but come on end the tour beforehand. Before people get pissed. TOmohawk was such shit just random noise and screams. Adam did join them up on stage for some kick ass jam and Maynard did rock the preacher outfit (hell yeah). But this is where the show went downhill after this point. Here is the setlist and what went down for real allready: 1] Commando : Ramones cover. Pretty cool if TOOL was a punk band but seemingly pretty pointless. But Ill give them some credit for being original. 2] Sober : Kick ass to hear it twice in a week. (I was at the chicago show) 3] The Grudge : The same kick ass song as always no complaints here. 4] Stinkfist : Extended version. Cool but did notice something here that there were no Elvis lyrics in the extended parts. Hmn? Something brewing in the throat department?? 5] Schism : GOing good until Maynard started missing some lyrics. What is going on. Damn it his vocals are starting to fuck up at the show I go to ! FUCK! 6] Parabola : The shit hits the fan when Maynard just doesnt sing the high parts high and misses the last line and then completely got off th stage. 7] Ill call this the Maynard isnt here Jam: This is where the rest of the band is like fuck and they just start jamming on random things. Then after about five minutes Maynard reapears and then: 8] Aenima : Great song but all enthusiam was lost when you realize his voice is going apeshit. 9] Intermission : Cool and Tomohawk evem came out and sang some high pitched song to display Mike Pattons Womanly high notes. At least Disposition, Triad, and reflection will be next right! 10] Triad: Wrong the band totally forgets disp and refle and just launches into triad. Which ruled except all enthusiasm was lost again realizing they wernt playing relfection. 11] Lateralus : Maynard makes some comments about mastburbation and you realize the show is over allready. The vocals were off and the guitar solo by Adam was just nasty. ( Ive seen him fuck up never before so that sucked) Over all still better than most bands but just a shitty TOOL show. If you saw the Chi Town show you would feel much better considering they played H and Sober. But overall I dont blame them Maynards throat had to be killing and Im sure the band just wasnt into it, better luck next time. Still thank you for the music as much as it was hard to get into it you guys still rule. ******** AND FUCK YOU TO ALL THE FANS ABOVE WHO SAY THIS WAS THE BEST SHOW AND BLA BLA BLA, YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN TOOL IN THERE FINEST FORM GOODNIGHT ALL ***********************************************

Review written by: revolver ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 09:11:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was great i loved it I think it would be best if i posted the whole thing short and sweet! -Tomahawk great band live, loved them, great small appearances from adam, maynard, and danny. - Intermission long....... -Girls showed breats. -Pathetic retarded homo-erotic moshers moshing to un-moshable music. -TOOL comes on stage opens show with a punk-song cover! loved it! might have been the same Ramones cover they did at the Radio City show -maynard lacks the vocal punch he usually carries with him every show HUGE let down. -drugged up slut showing breasts during parabol...... no wonder maynard didint even look at the people through out most of the show. -AEnema highlight song of the night because thats what mynard and the band felt like doing drowning the audience. -TRIad, Mike Patton and his Drummer come out in bras with some bongo guy and jam the most jamming jam in the history of jamming! -Lateralus finishing song no description needed. Over all i think the show wasnt one of thier better shows judging from what ive seen and heard and the retards didnt make the experience any better, Im still looking foward to seeing them again! OPEN UP AND LET IT ALL IN M

Review written by: Alex Mayonnaise ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 10:55:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I am pissed. I would not have come all the way from Dayton, OH to see this show had I known it would have been so (relatively) disappointing. Maynard's voice was, for lack of a better word, subpar, and the setlist was remarkably short. I agree with a previous reviewer--TOOL shouldn't be doing 5 shows in 5 days if Maynard's voice isn't up to the task. At least I got to see the Bears game in Champaign yesterday. That almost made the trip worth it.

Review written by: third eye open ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 11:48:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I thought this was the best performance I have seen yet! They took me to the otherside--again-- but on a much deeper level. They opened with some song I haven't heard before, but that set a mood that they were here to play for the fans and go out with a bang. mjk didn't seem to face the crowd much and he stopped singing in a few different songs. I thought that this let the other musicans in the band really show how talented they are. It seemed like they were just rocking out and dragging out certain chords for what seemed like forever, but it gave the whole show a different feel. I don't think mjk did this to be rude, but to allow the others to just rip it up! And boy did they, WOW It was also a treat to hear aenema in the set. Also during intermission we were treated to a little lounge gig with what i thought was mike patton from tomahawk. It was definetly an interesting act. In all I'm glad we made the road trip to see these guys perform before their 3 week break. They surely played with thier best spiral out

Review written by: third eye open ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 11:48:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I thought this was the best performance I have seen yet! They took me to the otherside--again-- but on a much deeper level. They opened with some song I haven't heard before, but that set a mood that they were here to play for the fans and go out with a bang. mjk didn't seem to face the crowd much and he stopped singing in a few different songs. I thought that this let the other musicans in the band really show how talented they are. It seemed like they were just rocking out and dragging out certain chords for what seemed like forever, but it gave the whole show a different feel. I don't think mjk did this to be rude, but to allow the others to just rip it up! And boy did they, WOW It was also a treat to hear aenema in the set. Also during intermission we were treated to a little lounge gig with what i thought was mike patton from tomahawk. It was definetly an interesting act. In all I'm glad we made the road trip to see these guys perform before their 3 week break. They surely played with thier best spiral out

Review written by: SUPERNAUT_00 ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 12:01:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

First of all I must agree with the others who have said this was clearly a bad representation of a good Tool concert. Anyone who had chance to see them last night in Ames definetly know what I am talking about. I mean the set was short as hell and from looking at past reviews and setllists I was expecting to hear different songs different nights... but none of this happened. A plus though was that I thought Triad was done a lot better tonight and I believe it lasted longer. All and all I think it was a decent show but once again I think the Mark got fucked again when it comes to good bands doing shitty shows (ex. Pantera 1996) because of overtouring and the Quad Cities getting the short stick of all of it.

Review written by: DegenerateSodomiteBastard ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 13:17:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

Ok all you pissants, listen up and listen close. I don't have the time or energy to personally email each of you to ream out your narrow-minded assholes for what you have said. On that note I will tell all of you that you suck, if it were up to me I would rip out your eyes and shit in the sockets, maybe then you would realize what you are saying. This band is harder working than any in the business today. Just because they skipped a couple of songs doesn't make them shitty or not worth listening to. You are LUCKY that they ever decided to play in a shithole like Moline in the first place, so just for that fact you should be grateful. Furthermore, Maynard is MORTAL, he is not some sort of god like most of you worship him as. He is flesh and bone like all of us, and I would go out on a limb and guess that most of you can't even sing half the shit he does. It is not like he sat on stage and spoke the lyrics, he skipped two parts of two songs, that is it. To think that you dissidents left thinking they let you down, you let them down. I haven't seen that much inbreeding since I was in West Virginia. The crowd sucked, especially the floor, go home and take off your goth clothes and try to be yourself for once, instead of jumping on another bandwagon. Moshing was cool in Seattle back in 92, but not now. Most of you haven't even seen tool more than twice, so what gives you the right to talk shit. "All you know about me is what I sold you, dumbfuck I sold out long before you ever even knew my name........" You will still buy anything they release, and I would guess that you will still go see them again. So stop living your own paradox and think for yourselves. Fuckers. By the way, the show was great, not the best of the 12 I have seen, but in no way the worst. Thanks guys, you rock. Feeling the release, DSB

Review written by: nuttree ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 14:09:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

i think i saw about 500 people running onto the floor before tool played. the floor looked packed with meatheads so i avoided it. tool transported us elsewhere for about 2 hours. triad was mind blowing. maynard dindt sing alot of the prob more attention for the other members. some people were booing and cussing tomahawk. to you people i say...fuck you. you closed minded worthless fucks, you obviously dont even understand what tool is all about. stay at home and listen to your limpbizkit cds next time. tomahawk was awesome and their spot during tools set was too sweet. i was in section 113 and i think just about every person around me was smoking pot with no repercussions....very nice.....until next time thanks again tool

Review written by: Master Reviewer (.) Review posted on: 09/09/02 14:26:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: Tomasso ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 14:49:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th? Tool show

Personally, after seeing the 29th and 31st shows, this show was very refreshing. Like many others out there, it would have been incredibly cool to here something very unique for the tour, I think we got that in small, conspicuous doses, but some older shit or maybe no quarter would have been splended. I enjoyed this show to a tee. I know its late to be reviewing now, but I have no computer, so suck my balls I was on the floor, one of the taller ones,(above the crowd) with a butt crack on my head of hair, and rather close to the ones I love. The masters of my universe. When I was expecting sober to erupt, lo and behold and punkish grunge song erupts, maynard sings the verses to this cover in a Claypool-esque flavor. I enjoyed it, though desperately trying to take it all in. It certainly was something different for the tooleys. They should have dubbed it cover-night and done no quarter. Curse everyone in the process. Maynard could have gotten his whispering shit-talkin' done there, like he does on the studio version, instead of whispering during the instrumental prelude to Schism, for what seemed like 3-5 minutes. I was trying to catch what he was saying, and I picked up a few little segments. sounded like a lot of "sh" pronounciations, and near the end, he kind of leaned into the make and repeated either "sock it to me" or "suck it tommy...suck it." I grinned a little grin and yelled out "whats my name....bitch." haha. It was a very heated time for me, this prelude of riddles, because I know in my own little world of wonder, that it was meant for me. How? They didn't play disposition. I would have liked reflection....i love the moans in the beginning and all the little additions they put into that song with a passion. And the ending riff I personally could listen to for an hour and in the process get a lot of thinking and reflecting done. It makes my meloncholy shine like the sun. I luv it. during the cinci show I yelled out and asked adam if he would play that riff for 2 hours at my funeral. that would be special. I love this BAND with all of my soul, their credibility as artists is limitless and awe inspiring. by band , I mean Adam, danny, and justin. I would be incredible ecstatic if they released just an instrumental little cd, justn the 3 of 'em, with stuff similar to the jams they did this concert. It would be a great companion for me when im at the drawing board. damn. That patton song after the intermission was quite good. I actually thought he was maynard for a second and a half. It took me back to the FNM days, when I was barely alive. But I had who cares a lot, and it had a sound like that lionel richie cover, which cracks me up. Anyone who disrespects patton or tomahawk disgusts me. girls were showin their tits before the show, which was pretty neat but made me long for a nice romp with any ol' snatchelpuss. Being pathetically single, I didn't expect it though. Yes, the show was shorter, but the vibe seemed darker and more foreboding than the others I had seen, i don't know why. The way tool executed every single song pleased me to the highest degree. I wish my life had a rewind button, or they release a dvd of something from this tour. I don't feel like going into the mundane details, because in order to know you really have to be there for yourself. Words don't do these symphonies justice. My last epic paragraph is dedicated to my mission in coming here, my desire for peace of mind and understanding of why portions of my life are broadcast to the mind of Maynardo. If he ever reads these reviews, and gets to the bottom (which is no doubt where I will be until the end of time) know that this was your only chance. I wonder if he knew I was there, or if he would have done the whispering for 3 minutes if i wasn't. I know the pieces fit myself, they fit too well for me to go on with this big ass question mark imprinted on my head. Maynard, I stayed after the show by the gates where your buddies Danny and justin came out and gave autographs. I remember I was sitting down on the curb when my friend told me you entered the bus and shut the drapes. And i waited till the bus left. I talked to justin, got his autograph (he was all wasted and I was jealous) and shook danny's hand as well, and told him "sometimes my lateralis hurts" he kinda smiled. not my desired effect, but hey. I felt I did my part to close the deal, and you didn't do yours, so that was it. I'll try to keep trudgin' on with this knowledge you have given me of my position, and ignore it as best i can. It was then or never. or, you could read your emails and respond (understanding i grow on a day to day basis) and write me and schedule a meeting in chicaca, a lovely city. yeah, like that'll happen. I heard the entire whispering verse in no quarter, I know the true meaning of 3 libras, thomas, thinking of you (perv) and all that shit. Now I need to know why you care, and where the signal comes from. I think we would get along pretty damn well, that night I just felt like relaxing and maybe gettin some head from a groupie slut or sumthin, but no. I'll have to continue to twirl around with this familiar parable, and spin and weave around each "new" dreamed experience. It's all on you now, cuz you should now I tried, I tried to stand tall and be above, I guess you don't care. fuckall. At cinci, satan wanted to go home and fought my desire to stand by the fleet, and he won, that stubborn beligerant prick. Fuckit. Im a sick sick bastard. Live long and prosper, my musicians of wonder and magick-keep enriching my soul Mot Smada the Automator 11:00 p.s. if any pretty girls out there wanna get together and hang out in the chicaca area, mail me.

Review written by: Lindsay ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 17:58:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Oh shit everyone the TOOL show rocked... that band b4 tool sux and they really shouldnt come back to Moline ever though. I love Maynard's voice and have loved TOOL sience the first time I heard them...thanks to all my friends I was able to finally see them live. Let me just say that was the most beautiful and amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!! Anyone who hasn't seen TOOL live do your self a favor and go see the next show. Maynard, you have the most amazing voice I have ever heard and probably ever will hear. I think the only 2 bad parts of the concert was the band b 4 TOOL and the 2 people next to me that did not know each other were practicly scroggin' (sex) right there... GROSS!! Any way I have to go now. TOOL enjoy your resting time I hope you guys come back to Moline soon..........Peace Out

Review written by: exit ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 21:59:20 ET

This was this reviewer's S Tool show

I wasn't there for the last show. But I was there for the first. One week later Tucson. Here's to TOOL. *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap...*

Review written by: at0m71 ( Review posted on: 09/09/02 22:20:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

alright. no need for the setlist, as it's up here 10 times already. but it was cool to see TOOL open with a ramone's cover... dig it! tomahawk is a great band, i enjoyed them more tonight than on other nights of this particular tour, but that's only because i was just so impatient for TOOL to come out before. mike patton is great. not to mention crazy (in all the right ways). And it's always a treat to get a sermon from the Rev. everything that i wanted to comment on about this show has already been said. i hope the guys in TOOL get some quality R & R in the next weeks. judging from maynard's comments, they will. reflection and disposistion were missed. but i'd want to get the fuck home if i were in the band's shoes as well. the last thing that i want to comment on is that moline fucking sucks. what a shithole. full of assholes and the Mark had the most anal security i've ever encountered... it was like i wandered into a time-warp and emerged at Altimont with a bunch of angry hell's angels wearing red security shirts... and to the dickhead that patted me down, i'd like to extend a "fuck you!" to you. it takes a certain breed to be that type of power-tripping security gaurd (or cop, etc.) and i'd like all the women who have the potential to raise these assholes to have their legs sewn together before they can breed. i'm definatly staying the fuck out of moline in the future. but of course the band made up for the horrible accomidations by doing what they do best. thanks guys! right... i'm done bitching now. wait, no i'm not: fuck you moline! there. now i'm done. really.

Review written by: harrymanback ( Review posted on: 09/10/02 00:31:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. plain and simple, this was the most amazing experience ever, i won't go into to much detail to avoid ruining it for a tool concert virgin. but, let's just say TOOL has once again shown that they are masters at combining visual and audle art. i felt a million feelings and thought a million thoughts. iv'e never seen so many people flood from there seats to the floor and simply stand , stare andlisten. it was amazing. it's also go to see that alex grey has some beautiful new paintings. he's a wonderful artist

Review written by: mike ( Review posted on: 09/10/02 12:19:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

After being let down by the Chicago show, I wasn't really sure what to expect in Moline. My friends and I arrived around 1pm and were lucky enough to be able to wait in front of the box office in the air conditioning all day. We also got some leftover pizza from some nice girls next to us in line. After soundcheck (Stinkfist, Sober w/o vocals, and 2 instrumental jams) and a long day of waiting, we were let into the arena and sat on the floor waiting for Tomahawk. I've been a big fan of Mike Patton for a long time and it was nice to finally see him perform. It was a little rough to make out what he said, but Mike had the crowd boo Maynard at some point. Shortly after that, people from the sides of the stage - either crew or members of tool - began throwing ice, food, and whatever else they could at Tomahawk. Adam and Danny made appearances on stage and shortly after that, Mike Patton said that Tomahawk is a sensitive band and that they've been on tour with tool for 2 months and that he hasn't gotten a single kiss from Maynard. He then said something like, maybe he'll like this outfit. Mike took off his police uniform and was sporting a pink JLo half shirt and had written TOOL on his stomach. Not too long after that, Rev. Maynard made his appearance, Tomahawk finished up, and tool took the stage. The set was a bit shorter than the usual because they left out disposition and reflection. I was thrilled about that. I'm not particularly in to reflection and I could do without hearing it live ever again. I'm not sure why its in the set every night but that really isn't my decision to make. Anyhow, they switched around the order of things in the set a bit and it was nice to have to keep guessing at what was coming. The tricky extended intros really added to the show, I think. It was also nice not to get the same 'think for yourself' speech that is given every night. It seemed a bit contradictory to me that those same words were delivered every night. I'd have to say the best song of the night was Aenema. I was't expecting to hear it since it was played the 3 previous nights, so I freaked. I remember, though, when I saw Tool back in the day that Aenema was one of my least favorites to hear. I like the new stuff but I miss hearing the old stuff live. A change of pace would be nice but every fan and every band has faced this dilemma. This isn't a new problem. This show was great, not the best tool show I've seen and not the worst. I don't think I'm going to catch them on the next leg of touring. If maynard can't sing his best now, I don't think it will be that much better in 3 weeks. I don't imagine that they'll be practicing much at all during the break, let alone practicing songs that they didn't do on this tour. I've had my fill for now.

Review written by: killerbee ( Review posted on: 09/10/02 16:36:40 ET

I just stopped into the internet cafe in Costa Rica to read the reviews of the final show of tyhe summer tour. I must say that I have seen Tool many times starting as far back as the 1993 Lollapoloza shows, and for all you first and second timers, quit praising the band when the show sucks. Give credit where credit is due, but my god, this is a rock band playing rock concerts. It's not some orgasmic, life altering event. IT'S A FUCKING CONCERT. Don't get me wrong, I love Tool and have seen them a countless number of times, but when the show is bad, say so. Hopefully the band will read some of the postings and learn something from them. If you simply praise them each time they have a bad night, they will feel no need for improvement. I think they should play fewer shows with longer breaks between each one in order to maximize the potential of each show, but what the fuck do I know, I'm just a fan. If it sounds like I'm disgruntled, it's because I am. I'm tired of everyone kissing the bands ass (especially Maynards) when the performance sucks and the setlist has all of 8 songs on it. I think they could go out and play just one song for the night and some of you fucking idiots would still say the show changed your life or some bullshit of the sort. The only lives being altered by these shows are the the ones of Adam, Justin, Danny, and Maynard due to the forty fucking dollars per ticket their charging us to see them. Come on wisen up a little, and keep in mind how much travel time, money, and overall effort goes into making it possible for us to see this band play live. Oh yeah, and what about the same fucking setlist being played night after fucking night with maybe the rotation of Stinkfist and 46 & 2. Whats that shit all about? If you read these reviews for any of the prior shows, then you know exactly what to expect. I think that sucks. I always felt that bands loose something along the way as they get older, more famous, more commercial, and more stuck up! I only hope that this is not happening to Tool. The guys really need to revisit the old days and ask themselves why they do this in the first place. I heard Maynard say at the Austin show "you remind me why we do this" and then I read that he said the exact same thing at anothe show a few days later. Whats with that? Is he as repetative with his comments to the audience as he is in writing the setlist. Wake up people. I know I don't sound like much of a Tool fan right now, but believe me, I am. I want this to be taken as constructive criticism, nothing more. I just want more of what made me like Tool in the first place, thats all. Oh yeah, to the guy who wrote the review earlier, and said he wishes they would have played "Judith"?, IT'S A PERFECT CIRCLE SONG YOU STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLE. ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT GIVE TOOL A BAD NAME. Anyway, I hope the real OGT'S can identify with what i am saying. If yu can't, then fuck you anyway, you have no business at a Tool show in the first place! People, please quit quoting Tool lyrics in your reviews, it's getting really fucking old. For example Spiral out at the end of your posting. Come on, remember Tool promotes people thinking for themselves. Be original, and make your own way!

Review written by: Killerbee ( Review posted on: 09/10/02 16:47:58 ET

I just want to say I am sorry to all you spelling and grammar freaks. I know the above posting has a few mistakes in it. I wrote it with a passion, and in a fuckin' hurry as well. Anyway, take care and to any future objections to my posting, let me just say in advance FUCK OFF! Later.

Review written by: Jesus ( Review posted on: 09/10/02 20:01:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Alright..... The show was magnificent. I loved it and it was something to remember. I don't think I will complain about the shows shortness because... what the fuck? All I have to say is Jesus fucking Christ!

Review written by: Cynthia ( Review posted on: 09/10/02 21:21:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

I saw Tool in Chicago on August 29, and it was an awesome damned show. believe you me!!! And I'm glad I did, because the Moline show was disappointing. The band members were tired--this was their last show of the summer tour--and it showed. Further, Maynard was either not feeling well or had strained his voice to the breaking point. He could barely sing, and in fact, left many of the lyrics to most of the songs completely unsung. I knew something was awry when he didn't do his "Maynard Scream" on "The Grudge," which was the show opener. I was certain Maynard wasn't up to par when he stayed in his warm-up suit for the entire concert; it is highly unusual for Maynard to remain dressed for a concert. The show lasted perhaps 90 minutes, as compared to the two and a half hour show I saw in Chicago. The graphics and the projected art were beautiful as always, but I just couldn't feel any energy in the music. It was as if all the steam had run out of the tour. Tomahawk, whom I do not like, was more energetic than when they were in Chicago. Adam played a song with them and Maynard came out toward the end of the set dressed like a storefront preacher and hollering to the audience while waving a "Bible." I hope the boys recapture their energy and start their fall tour with elan. As Maynard said: "We're all going to go home and masturbate to Cinemax for three weeks." Here's hoping they did!

Review written by: me ( Review posted on: 09/10/02 22:06:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Okay well to whoever said Moline sux fuck you! We dont want your ass here anyway. And about the show....short, but sweet as hell. I got knocked down and dropped alot but hey what could I expect right? Tomahawk sux ass and should be shot.. no I geuss they wern't that bad, not my taste though. Maynard and the rest of the guys: I hope you all come back to Moline soon...if you don't I will just have to travel. I love you all, have a good rest. I would put the setlist but as you all can see I dont need to. HA HA HE HE! FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: MITCH CUMSTEEN ( Review posted on: 09/11/02 23:23:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 11 Tool show

e.e. cummings. One for all you jerkoffs who think that tool doesmt like us. thats soo much bullshit, one for all you who are think that james doesent face the crowd because of the fans, well take some time and use that brain of yours. The reason i believe that he stays in the "shadows" is that he doesnt want you sheep to start putting the spotlight on what he's doing while he singing or what he looks like or what kind of hair he has. he wants you to foucus on the music. There are three other guys on stage who work just as hard or harder than mr james keenan, soo i mean dont get pissed because they have to cancel a show and start thinking that they dont like your town, they put on the best show, day in and day out. so just let it be...........

Review written by: Master Reviewer (kabir@dotnet) Review posted on: 09/12/02 02:05:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

yeah, this is for mitch cumsteen.... I think we all agree that you are the jerk off! you need to focus on spelling focus right, among other errors. have a nice day :)

Review written by: ronnie dobbs ( Review posted on: 09/12/02 05:06:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

this was a good tool show for me. i must set the record straight that tomahawk did not suck. all the visuals and sounds are just overwhelming. the stage backdrop was amazing. triaad was mind blowing. now, i must say that im tired of going to concerts because i cannot fully appreciate them anymore thanks to children who cant stop throwing shit at bands and booing them and acting fools. if you dont want to see an opening band then dont fuckin see the opening band, that simple. some of us dont need to hear your bullshit spews while trying to listen to music we happen to want to hear. after all, we did pay money to see these people which is something you dont seem to understand. and im tired of all the pussies out there who think its cool to get loaded up on drugs they obviously cant handle. i saw some dude so fucked up he couldnt even possibly be enjoying himself, head down the whole time. if you need drugs while listening to tool then you dont need to listen to tool in my opinion. the whole fuckin point is being missed by most people and it will never connect. people need to seriously open their fuckin eyes and try enjoying life and stop fuckin with other peoples good times. im tired of feeling the need to express these feelings of mine but people are idiots and maybe some day it will set in. relax, turn around and think about someone elses point of view for a couple minutes or so for a change. listen to more bill hicks or something. peace.

Review written by: Erika ( Review posted on: 09/14/02 02:22:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I know a lot of people bitched that Maynard just didnt have it in him, but have some compassion for a voice that screams the lyrics of this wonderful art over and over again. My first Tool show, last year in Cedar Rapids Iowa, was the best experience I have ever had, so I know the capabilities of this band. I cannot say this show was a letdown by any means, I was still as into it as always....and where we were sitting, there was no one around us, and since maynard wasnt singing to the crowd, he was singing in our it was like a lil personal concert. I hope the band enjoys their well deserved break, and come back strong this fall tour!!

Review written by: celina wood ( Review posted on: 09/14/02 03:32:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

all right, i wanna say thanks to the two big guys who nearly killed me and my group by deciding that it would be so cool and stimulating to just suddently start throwing their bodies around. yeah, real cute. and what's with the fucks who were booing tomahawk? what kind of reagan wet dream are we living in? as apc stated, if you dont' wanna see the opening band, go outside or something. oh wait, you might lose your spot in the pit where you'll just get high on drugs you don't have nuts or tits to handle or didn't bother checking out who fucking gave you the drugs anyway. or you'll just pay for overpriced beer that you're just going to wind up spilling anyway because people STILL find it entertaining to throw their weight around, screaming like babies, "tool rocks, dude!!!" i don't care if you're 100 pounds or 500 pounds, it can hurt people. maybe maynard didn't face the crowd because some of crowd was quite rude to the opening act. not quite as rude as they were when tricky opened up for them in cedar rapids, but on the floor, the comments and boos i heard were disheartening. maybe maynard didn't want to talk to those in the crowd who put down his friends. as for tool, the show seemed pretty short to me (maybe because of the whole pit ordeal), but it was extremely...sweet. it felt lovely, in a way. plus, the visuals were outstanding. i love the alex grey banners, though i did miss the body contortionists. and as always, i loved the group hug at the end. i'm sure there are plenty of people who would have rather seen them bang each other around because hugging is for pussies, right?

Review written by: Nicole ( Review posted on: 09/14/02 20:34:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

ok, I just want to say that if you are gonna go to a concert, and then bitch about it afterward, then don't go at all!!! take it for what it's worth, and just enjoy what you are having the privilage to see! Tool is soooo awesome in person, and anyone who has the chance to see them should! I can say that the acoustics were much better in Cedar Rapids last year, and you could hear the words better. The Mark is just too big for that kind of sound, the reverberations overpowered the voice. Other then that, the concert was awesome! And to those of you who feel the need to take offense to Maynard not looking at the audience, he never looks at the audience. He is just too involved in the music, to pay attention to the people flailing around on the floor. OK, I'm gonna get off my soap box now....LOL

Review written by: bob ( Review posted on: 09/15/02 02:58:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Hey TALON, the first person who posted--- You're a moron. You said, "Maynard never faced the crowd or said anything, he was disresectful towards you and the crowd". ... Are you being sarcastic or something? You answered your own question in the same sentence. The reason he did not face you or the crowd was becuase YOU were disrespectful towards the opening band. Get it? I bet you moshed during the patient. Fag.