Tool at OzzFest 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: July 9

Review written by: Kevbo ( Review posted on: 07/29/98 09:03:07 TOOL's showing at Great Woods was nothing less than magnificent. As the reviews before stated Maynard was his usual abnormal self. I took one of my friends (who is referred to as The Killar) to his first concert. He loved and thought TOOL was great. Some of the early reviews sum up the show well, except where i was standing (the front of the lawn, center section) everyone knew the lyrics. Not just to TOOL. To Soulfly, Sevendust, Coal Chamber, Limp Bizkit, and Ozzy. I couldn't believe it. The highlight of the night was definatley the slower, more acoustical version of Pushit. I only wish Ozzy did not need so much time to get ready, so TOOL could've played Swamp Song.

Review written by: S-DawG ( Review posted on: 07/24/98 15:01:56 Well I woke up quite early w/ alot of time to kill, so I cranked sum Tool, and Soulfly. When we got there I ran into System of a Down on the second stage. Just like Tool I've discovered another kick ass band. I got their Cd. Then I watched the Melvins, an d I have to admit I was quite impressed. I saw Maynard on the side of the stage while they were on. This was definetely the best concert I've ever been to. Every band that played I had an interest in seeing, especelly Tool. I've been wanting to see them f or two years and my chance finally came. Anyways When it was time for Tool the pavilion/lawn was packed we were 4 feet away from the stage. When they came out MAynard was dressed like an evangelist. He said "ARE WE ALL HERE IN THE NAME OF THE LORD?" Ev eryone went nuts and then he said "WELL, YOUVE COME TO THE WRONG PLACE." They started off w/ Hooker w/ a penis and rocked from there on. In between songs Maynard would entertain the crowd by dancing. Kinda reminded me of Les Claypool, the way he moved and danced around in that suit. Defintely the best concert I've ever been to. Pissed that I missed Motorhead, got to see Lee from Snot get his dick suked durin Limps set. Sorry ya couldn't come Brood.

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 07/12/98 02:24:40 Let me just say that it took me two days to recover from what happened at OzzFest to sit down and write this. No, I was not wasted, actually, I was spiritually touched by Maynard James Keenan and the rest of the band's gripping performance. I got up to the front rail in the center of the lawn section, and just couldn't wait for the fun to begin. As soon as the band walked out, a feeling came over me, that I can't quite place. Maynard came out dressed as an Evangelist, complete with white hair helmet, grey suit, and brown zipper boots. They started off with Hooker with a Penis, and just rocked from there. As soon as he belted out that first line, Maynard lifted my soul up, above all the frat boys, metalheads, and Gap shoppers who figured being at the show was the in thing to do. The set they played was killer, covering all the dimensions of the band. The version of Pushit had me in tears at one point. The begining lead in with the "Quetion Authority" line was cool, and Maynards movements throughout were awesome. After that slow version, it sped up, and just brought me to my knees. I liked the little Bible quote about getting naked, and "What part of naked don't you understand?" The new song, "Disco Lemonade"(Sober) was good, and it was the only song all those posers knew by Tool. The videos they played on the screens throughout were just trippy. They had an eye, held open by hooks, being dialated. Two naked girls standing in a corner trying to avoid a probe, a smoke box, and some other lines and designs. My favorite song was Opiate into Flood because I like how that flows, although the whole set just kicked my ass. Maynards girations and riveting performance had me in tears, lifted me up, and had me in awe for at least thirty minutes after. Never before have i wept for a performance, but I know now that I will name my first born after that man... PS~Anyone wanna talk about the show, please, e-mail me because I was wondering if anyone else got the same feeling I did after hte performance.

Review written by: Boomer ( Review posted on: 07/11/98 23:14:30 Well to begin with this was my third time seeing tool. Tool is so much better live. The highlight of the night though would have to be the guy who got absolutely knocked out in the pit. Someone just clocked him and he was out for the count. The second highlight of the night was obviously tool. They played Hooker with a Penis kinda mellow unlike how they play it on the c.d. I was happy that they played that song and i was also pleased that they played pushit and prison sex. The third highlight of the night was all of the TITS. Girls were just whipping them out. A huge group of guys would just sit on the bleacher seats and yell to any girl who passed "show your tits", they would crowd around her until she showed her tits. The security gaurds eventually gave up and let the guys do it. I also loved the girls that would sit on the guys shoulders and whip them out. One girl started playing with them which was very nice. She was wearing a black visor. Maynard kept asking everyone to get naked. I wasn't about to get naked. It was a great show, not as good as the first one at Great woods but it was good.

Review written by: TREE ( Review posted on: 07/11/98 19:04:46 Okay, the tool performance: I have never seen tool before, and I adore the music, so I loved the whole show, and appreciated the slowed down versions of the songs they played, but from talking to people before and after, the general consensus was that they started strong and just ki nd of petered out... almost nobody else I talked to liked their set... ...and they didn't play what my friends and I thought were their two best songs off of Aenima, Eulogy and Aenema... Plus, everyone who saw them on Tuesday said they were the highlight of the whole day. (I feel kind of let-down about the whole thing... guess I'll have to see them again and compare. ;) ) I managed to get close to the 'rail' at the far left of the lawn, so I managed to actually see Maynard and his antics, but with no video feed, I fear most of the lawn folks never saw any of it. On Maynards style: I've seen his singing style before... in a friend of mine's garage band... the hunched rocking (he didn't even switch his feet the whole show) was pretty boring, and not very original... Overall, a good day.

Review written by: JC ( Review posted on: 07/11/98 17:24:21 What an experiance. After a long hard day of recovering, I finally remember what the hell happened on Thursday......Ozzfest. After arriving at just after noon, we made our way to the lawn.......err wait, It was more like a beach, with little patches of grass here and there. We got right up front up on the railing, thinking that if we sat there all day, we would have a great vie w of the bands playing. Unfortunetly, for most of the day, all that I could view was the railing being smashed against my face due to the insane moshing behind me. The Melvins opened...they were interesting, I think I'll leave it at that. Maynard likes them, good enough for me. After The Melvins came Coal Chamber, the first of many Korn spin-offs who were there to entertain, most of whom were on the second stage. Overall, they weren't bad, but I wasn't amazed. Sevendust impressed me alot, definetly one of the highlights of the day. They actually sounded different, I liked it. During their set however, The middle mosh pit in the lawn just collapsed, and hundreds of people were send hurling toward the front o f the lawn. Me being right up against the railing was not a fun experience, some girl snapped like a twig in back of me. I tried to listen to Soulfly with an open mind, big mistake. Opening my mind just gave me a bigger headache. This band is a Noise Machine, some people like that, I don't. Here is when the day got interesting, Limp Bizkit. After hearing what a big Tool fan Fred Durst was, I was expecting some creative stuff from them, what I got was a big toilet filled with Hanson and Scary Spice? Although I do enjoy their music, I was very unimpressed with their antics, especially Lynn from Snot emerging from the toilet naked, which he eventually got arrested for. What I did like was the way Fred came out in the audience during and after their set. I like the way he intermingles with h is fans, it shows a certain level of respect for those who make you your money. Now for the ugly stuff, I loath Megadeth, and Dave Mustane. In the same respect as Fred from Limp Bizkit gives his fans, Mustane expects his fans to adore him, as if their music is the epicenter of heavy metal. As a proof of his arrogance he said durin g an MTV interview, " Other than Ozzy and Motorhead, the rest of these bands are just up and coming."Go to this weeks MTV news feature to see for yourself. Hmmmmm, I would say that Tool is a little more than just up and coming Mr. Mustane, In fact I think I saw about 20 times more Tool shirts being worn than Megadeth shirts. I would appreciate their music much more if he wasn't such an asshole. After sitting through an hour of Megacrap, We were so gratefully rewarded with yet another fabulous preformance from Tool. The setlist has been posted so I won't take up space, I've taken up enough already. The highlight of the evening for me, was Bott om, Simply because I have never seen it live before. Maynard actually sung the spoken word part, and screaming Dead Inside is perhaps one of his greatest lines. The crowd was really into sober, go figure, its the only one they know. The slow Pushit was ma rvolous, Maynard convulsed for about 10 minutes straight. I was surprised that they played 4 songs off Undertow and only 3 off Aenema, but I was pleased anyway. Seeing Tool live is like having Sex with a supermodel, so if your still a virgin, go get ticke ts damnit!!!

Review written by: eh? ( Review posted on: 07/10/98 23:26:51 i was greatly humored by the poor sap who was passed out in the sand... people were poking at him like roadkill and pouring water on his face and i kinda thought he was dead... but then he just kinda got up and walked away, so everybody cheered... hah... anyways, tool kicks mucho ass... i couldnt see the damned stage for any of the main performers which sucked!!!

Review written by: Shadow of Decay ( Review posted on: 07/10/98 21:58:57 this was my second time seening tool. i saw them last year at lollopolloza. it was so fucking beautiful, i know no other word to describe the way they make me feel other then ecstacy... they came on and with the first note maynard sang i began to cry. twenty minutes into their hour long set i was bawling, shaking and yet i felt i was flying. i cried through their entire set and for a good thirty minutes afterward. just to let it be known i was completely sober... tool is my drug, every note hits a place w/in my soul that can be touched by nothing else... they strip me down and i feel so free and yet so violated at the same time, i love nothing else as much as i love that feeling. if it were possible i could watch them perform every minute of the rest of my life... Eat, Breathe, Sleep, FUCKIN LIVE TOOL!!!!!

Review written by: Scotto ( Review posted on: 07/10/98 15:40:02 I've seen a few posts for people asking how the entire show was at Ozzfest, so I am going to just give my first hand run down on the show. Well, I woke up at a bright and early 7am. I could feel Ozzy in the air that morning. I sat around for a while and awaited for my friends to arrive at my house, then when they did, we began our 2 hour drive to the Ozzfest. We got there, it smelled like beer. After entering the Greatwoods Ampitheater, we moved over to own lawn seats (fun). Luckily enough, we were about 5 feet from the rail that divides the seats from the lawn, and the view really wasn't too bad. My friends and I placed our butts down on some blankets we brought, and sat down and waited for a couple hours for the first band to get on stage. MELVINS: The melvins were the first band on. They started off promosing, playing a rather cool song. But, after that it was basically one long jam session. Buzz told everyone that they were drunk (they always say they're drunk before playing, maybe it's so we understand why they suck so much), and you could sort of tell. About 20 minutes into the first and only song (it was a jam, remember), the drummer started screaming something into the microphone, I really couldn't understand what he was saying. Finally the Melvins ended, thank the lord. It's amazing how a band that's inspired bands like Nirvana can really suck. The album stuff isn't too bad, but they aren't the best live, in fact, they're terrible live (IMO). Grade : D COAL CHAMBER: Well, they were awesome. The stage looked like something from the Nutcracker play. It was really strange. They played a new song, it was pretty good. The band was really crazy, and their drummer was insane, that's all I can say. They did a really good job, and they sounded great. The best was when they played "Loco". There didn't do too much for stage antics other then jump around like madmen :) Grade: B+ SEVENDUST: Intimidating singer, insane drummer, hyper guitarists, enough said. They did an excellent job as well, their singer has a really good voice. Like Coal Chamber, there wasn't too much for stage antics other then headbang and stuff, but they did a great job performing. Grade: B SOULFLY: They were cool to begin with, but they got a bit old after a while. The singer pulled out some long wooden thing and was hitting it with a stick, and singing really weird into a microphone for one of the songs, I thought it was pretty cool. Not too much for stage antics other then jump around. Grade: C LIMP BIZKIT: I had been waiting to see these guys all night, mainly because I hadn't really heard them much before. During the stage set up, I noticed that the roadies were creating a giant toilet. Yeah, a large toilet that was about 10 feet (it seemed) tall [that was just the part you sit on], and the whole thing was about 20 feet or so tall, it was really disgusting. It looked like some toilet you would find in a really slummy apartment, only it was really big. Well, the band ended up coming out of the toilet, one by one. It was really hillarious. They started off with a really cool song (don't know the name of it, just bought the CD today), and I knew these guys were going to be good. About halfway into the set or so, the singer said he had to take a huge shit. So he climbed the toilet and the DJ made some crapping sounds on his turntables. Then he said "let's see what I shitted out". Up from the toilet he pulled a life size cardboard statue of the littlest Hanson kid. He said something along the lines of "I'm going to flush this little shit down the toilet". SO he flushed the hanson kid, then took another shit. This time he pulled out one of the Spice Girls. He said 'you know what, the spice girls are all whores and I fucked them all last night. This next song is about a dirty whore'. Then a woman came out of the toilet in full leather, and behind her was a butt naked guy. She then went down on him and started giving him a blowjob on stage, it was really disturbing :) I thought they had the second best stage performance of the night. They did a great job. GRADE: A MEGADETH: I declare them the band with the most hair. Enough said. Didn't like them too much, they got old quickly. GRADE: C- TOOL: What can I say? THey were amazing, yet again, this was my 3rd time seeing them. There were sound problems when they were first getting set up, so there was a long wait to finally see them. Finally they came out, Maynard was in a white suit with a white wig on. He started preaching about god and stuff, it was funny. They played Hooker with a Penis first, it was great. The microphone for Maynard died about 3/4 into the song, but was fixed soon after. The volume was rather low for them to begin with, and finally picked up in the end. They went from there to play Stinkfist, with the lengthened bridge. Loved it. Maynard read some crap from a bible, then later told everyone to take their clothes off. No one did, a couple girls in the lawn took their shirts off and flashed the stage, and everyone around them. Maynard got more and more naked until he was down to just his boxers, blech. SETLIST (in almost order) Hooker With A Penis Stinkfist (extended Bridge) Prison Sex (added verse) Bottom (Rollins part redone by Maynard) Sober Pushit (Quiet version, mp3 available at Opiate Flood Excellent stuff. There was a long message before one of the songs (can't remember) that was played over the PA. It was talking about "thinking for yourself and questioning authority). People held up their lighters for Pushit, and everyone was giving the satan sign with their hands all through the show, oh dear. GRADE: A+ (duh). OZZY: Ozzy's old, but he can still rock. Before he came on, there was a video. It was a bunch of clips from movies, music videos, tv shows, and so on. The opening one was him getting his picture drawn, while nude, by Leonardo DeCaprio during Titanic. Leo drew a picture of his cock, it was pretty gross, and short ;) He also jammed with the Spice Girls and Hanson, and told Fiona Apple to "shut the fuck up and eat something". It was classic. GRADE: A HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NIGHT: There were 3 or 4 fights that I saw, including one guy getting his face totally smashed in. People were taking moshing too seriously, there were lots of tits being showed off, and so on. It was definitly worth the money, it was a very good show. Scotto if you are still reading this, I congradulate you :)

Review written by: aris ladopoulos ( Review posted on: 07/10/98 13:46:21 four little words that explain it all......t....o....o....l ;)

Review written by: jen with the screws ( Review posted on: 07/10/98 12:07:06 well... im going to start off by saying that the whole damned ozzfest was an incredible show, id say the best was tool (by far), but limp bizkit and soulfly were cool also. unfortunately since i was trying to avoid getting my ass beat in the pit i couldnt see much of the stage, if any... although the swirly stuff on the screens were pretty cool, if not disturbing... a few things that stick in my mind is that maynard introduced 'sober' by saying it was a new song called 'disco lemonade' and also he was encouraging everybody to get naked... after seeing that nobody was obliging he then said 'what part of naked dont you get?' but they played excellent... as was expected! oh yeah one more random note... the spice girls took quite a verbal beating.... HAHAHAHA!!!

Review written by: Courtney Pecola ( Review posted on: 07/10/98 11:41:23 Ozz fest fucking rooooooooocked...I got there at 12:30...saw the melvins, coal chamber, sevendust and soulfly which weren't too terribly enjoyable...I went to the second stage to see Snot for a little while...unfortunetly i missed seeing him get arrested for performing sex acts on stage or whatever....too bad....umm..then i went back for limp bizkit, pushed my way to the front of the lawn...they were very good...Then I had the two people behind me save me my spot for tool and i went off to meet Mandy...I got back in the middle of megadeth and sat down with the two people..Erin and Chris...then Fred from Limp Bizkit came around signing things..He signed my shirt, ticket and he drew a cartoon on my arm...Then he wrote "Fred is a dork" on Chris's arm... Then Tool came on..finally... it was veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery good. i was at the very front of the lawn against the railing so i had a fairly good view. Maynard was dressed in a suit but then he stripped down to boxers and started complaining about how he was as naked as he could get on stage and that we should all join him.. the set was interspersed with weird videos of disecting eyes and water- ish things...and magic eye-ish was interesting..there was also a little story about questioning the government and being yourself....... they played 'hooker with a penis' first and the mic went out like 3/4 through it...but they fixed it a few seconds later...Then i think they played the extended version of stinkfist...Then prison sex with the extra verse..Then 'bottom'...right in the middle of this song the jackass kids in the reserve seats decided to stand on their chairs to watch the bloody guy that fell from over the railing...then they played a WEEEEIRD fucking version of pushit.....Theeeen they played Sober and people were singing along and being all crazy an' shit..Opiate was next..I screamed really loud and long during this song and the people around me got kind of mad. Then they played Flood stemming from Opiate...Overall it was really good..I wish they had had a longer set though...But asshole Ozzy needed an hour to get the stage ready for his set..Ohhhh welll...I got to see Tool...That's all that matters..Have a nice day...

Review written by: Corey ( Review posted on: 07/10/98 10:34:03 First of all heres the set list: Hooker With A Penis Stinkfist Prison Sex Bottom Sober Pushit Opiate Flood MJK was dressed in a suit for the first couple of songs. Then he took it off, and insisted everyone to take off their clothes, but no one did. Bottom had an extra something. Pushit was the best song of the night. They play it slower now in the beginning, its amazing. The show was great. Corey

Review written by: Evan Michael West ( Review posted on: 07/10/98 01:27:57 Well kids, "Toolfest'98" is over for me and I'm sad to see it go. First off, I must tell you that I left the show early, right after Tool to be exact. I've seen Ozzy four times now, and what always happens.... he plays the same songs, again and again, year after year. With exception of "Believer," which he opens with, it's one of the biggest broken records I've ever witnessed ( to Pantera who hasn't changed their setlist since the "Vulgar Display of Power" days). But enough of that, this isn't an Ozzy review. The setlist: 1. Hooker with a Penis 2. Stinkfist (with middle jam) 3. Prison Sex (extra verse) 4. Bottom 5. Sober 6. Pushit (Slow Version) 7. Opiate 8. Flood Tool took the stage a little after 8:00 and played for almost exactly an hour. Maynard never disappoints. He came out as the Evangelist, a grey suit, white shirt and tie, a white wig, Bible in hand, and the best part, brown zip up boots with big ass heels. He looks at the crowd and asks, "Can you feel it?" If they couldn't, they were about to. Highlights(again, besides everything)included: 1. Maynard James Keenan - If it wasn't for his consistent sense of humor, his movements on stage, the convulsing and whatnot, Tool would be a very boring band to look at. Adam Jones looks like he'd rather be getting a fleet enema (or should I say AEnema!). I mean at least Justin Chancellor does some moving, but they are both constantly looking at Danny Carey to see if they are on the right tempo and time signatures. It really never looks like they're having a good time. Pure and fuckin' simple, Maynard's the shit!!! 2. Bottom - A constant ass whooping for about 10 minutes, the band never let up. Bonus, the Henry Rollins middle part, which Maynard usually sings some of the original lyrics intended to be on the album live, had sort of a new little chant. I couldn't make out the lyrics because the mic was to low in the mix, but it still ripped. Trust me. 3. Pushit - Read my review from last nights show in Lewiston to get the full effect. Also, when you do figure out that it is finally "Pushit," I hope you not feeling to emotional, because this version will bring you to tears. If it doesn't, you're a heartless wench, and you don't deserve to breathe the same air as "we" do. 4. Flood - A real gem. Plus, Maynard sings his spinal column tattoo off. *Bonuses - Maynard's voice, Danny Carey's metronome sense of time and his chops, the Carousel video screen and the videos shown on it, some of which are very disturbing to look at (the eye!). All in all, the greatest three Tool infested days of my life. Others can only dream. Ozzfest '98, a big disappointment? Could be. The band selection sucks. The Melvins are awful. It was bad enough I had to sit through their one song, 35 minute set two days in a row. Oh, they played a bunch of songs? You could've fuckin' fooled me! It was a non stop flush fest. It's too bad Limp Bizkit's gigantic toilet wasn't on stage for The Melvins set. They could've went the way of the Spice Girl and one of the Hanson brothers. You'll get that after you see Limp Bizkit's set. I think the five members of Korn gave birth last year sometime. They named it Coal Chamber. But they do have a good looking bass player (it's a girl, you shitstains! I'm not gay!) At one point I saw a bunch of people with their ears bleeding, so I said to myself that they must have some kind of torture booth outside, but I quickly realized it was from Sevendust's set. Sevendust gives a real high energy performance, but I think their soundman is deaf. It must be from the millions of watts of treble and high end that he puts on their equipment. Good going! Myself, being a big Sepultura fan, looked forward to Soulfly's set, but Max Cavelera's new stuff just can't compete with Sepultura's. I think the tribal thing is cool and it's original, but it's old hat after a while. Thank God they do "Refuse/Resist." Limp Bizkit's set was shit the first show, but the second show rocked hardcore. If there are any feminists that plan on watching Limp's set or Ozzfest is going to be a family outing with Ma and Pa, I'd highly recommend that you not watch. Fair Warning (which happens to be the best Van Halen album!) was given out to you. Megadeth, who I've seen now 4 times, is good but they are definitly using previously recorded backup vocal tapes. All of Marty Friendman's vocal lines that he sings are so lip-synched that somebody should give him an Academy Award. He's the tiny midget guitarist with the skin tight heavy metal dude jeans and the awful "I just mopped the tour bus floor with my hair." He would've fit in perfect in Lewiston, Me. the other night. (In a Dan Grelle voice with the "left hand" up to the mouth, "Worst fuckin' town EVER!") The must see bands at "Toolfest'98" are Tool (gee, big shocker there!), Limp Bizkit, and System of a Down, who are on the second stage. These guys no what's up. They're heavy, original, very wierd, and extremely cool! The singer is sort of a Zack de la Rocha because he rants in between songs. The intro speech scared the snot out of me. Life of Agony is pretty cool too. And in case you didn't know, Whitfield Crane is the singer now, who used to front Ugly Kid Joe of "I Hate Everything About You" and "Cats in the Cradle" fame. I wonder what ever happened to Klaus Eichstadt? Anyway, enjoy the shows kids. Tool will make you smile and cry with joy. Talk to you soon.... Vote for Candy, Ev P.s.- Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about my reviews. I really appreciate it and I send you a fat thumbs up. Also, I send a big, fat FUCK YOU to Mike Gauthier for his review of the July 7th "Toolfest'98." Just because Tool didn't play the songs you wanted to hear, don't shit on them. Mike, you're my friend and all, but your review was ass. And by the way, Slayer fuckin' sucks Tool's tool.

Review written by: CHRIS POLLINA ( Review posted on: 07/10/98 00:11:16 Well it was certainly a great day! I'll take you through it step by step: I get there at 1:00, and go to second stage. THere was some band there I didn't know, but they were actually pretty cool. So me and my friends wandered around for a while and bou ght lunch, which was like 50 fucking million dollars. After a while I went down to the main stage, and watched coal chamber set up and play. They were pretty bad I thought, all their music was just them screaming and it was too loud. I sat through that , and SevenDust followed. SevenDust really surprised me, because they were really great, but after a little more than half their set it got sort of repetetive. I left for the rest of their set, and came back for Soulfly, they were too loud, but i put my earplugs in and they were pretty cool, once all the crap was filtered out. Limp Bizkit was absolutely awesome!!! THey were fun to listen to and were really good! Megadeth was ok, but basically sucked with most of their songs. They really reek of 80's hair bands. After Megadeth, Fred Durst from LB came around and signed my ticket stub, and my arm! he also signed my friend's arm with a little cartoon of himself which was cool. THen Tool came, and they were absolutely incredible. I was basically as close as you could be on the lawn with a great view. Maynard came out wearing a suit, but soon stripped to nothing more than boxers. Here's what they played: Hooker with a Penis (the mic went out in the middle which sucked but came back quickly, this was performed great, with lots of energy) Stinkfist (they played the extended version which was really great!! Nice guitar work Adam, it was really moving!) Prison Sex (this was absolutley incredible, i was so moved by the part coming out of the extended bridge I was crying) Bottom (this was cool, i did not expect them to play this) Pushit (This is such an incredibly moving song, i cried during this one too, Sober (really great! the crowd went nuts!!!!) Opiate (this was a really feel good song, and it got the crowd going. THe ending wasn't very intense i thought though) Flood (this song was played right after opiate, minus the intro, and was a slam bang killer song. Very nice work.) THe whole show was great, NICE WORK FROM ALL THE BANDS THERE, sorry i didn't get to see ozzy, Tool will continue to be my favorite band forever!!!! P.S. Courtney, this is Chris, my e-mail is PUSH1T123@AOL.COM write me soon!

Review written by: MattB ( Review posted on: 07/09/98 23:44:55 All the other bands at ozzfest paled in comparison to Tool tonight. Actually, Tuesdays Tool performance paled in comparison to tonights show. They started with Hooker, which was unbelievable. Then came Stinkfist, which just sounded better than last years lolla performance. They added the extra part in the middle, which was cool. After that came Bottom, which was unbelievable. Instead of the normal spoken word part, he sang a totally different one. It seemed to last forever. I couldn't really tell what he was saying because everyone around me was yelling. After that was Prison Sex. Tht was the first time i heard it with the extra verse, so tht was a plus. Then came Sober, i think. That was great. Then came Pushit. They did the slowed down, mellowed out ve rsion, which was just amazing. AFter that they played Opiate with was just awesome. Then they did the best thing ever. They sequed into my favorite Tool song, Flood. It was incredible. It seemed like they made 8 songs last forever. I'm still in awe of t he show. I"m sure someone else will post what maynard did and said. Thanks for listening. Bye