Tool at OzzFest 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: 0712

Review written by: Zachary (none) Review posted on: 08/06/98 16:04:10 "Ozzy will be out in a minute you fucking freaks!" Jimmy Keenan July 12, 1998

Review written by: Satan ( Review posted on: 07/22/98 00:47:50 Amidst a crowd of drunken morons I stood ready to witness the greatest band to ever walk the face of the earth. Seeing as it was Sunday, I decided to wear my church clothes. The four hour drive had taken its toll on my nerves, but the trip was definitely worth it. The Holy Reverend Maynard arrived on stage wearing a tan suit, black wig, and a matching hat. The Reverend answered all of my prayers when the band broke into "Cold and Ugly", probably one of the most underappreciated of all of Tool's songs. I can't really describe the entire experience because there really aren't any words suitable for describing what it is to witness complete perfection. I'm not exactly sure of how the order went, but after the first song they played Stinkfist, 46+2, a cover of the Peach song "You Lied", Sober (with a short intro that seemed to confuse most of the fans into thinking that they were going to play "Third Eye"), Eulogy (during the song he looked me directly in the eyes and let me feel what it is to be divine), Opiate (YES WE SEE), and finally closed with Flood. I still maintain that Tool is the most amazing band ever and if you want A true religious experience, go and see them. I don't want it, I just need it, to breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive.

Review written by: XsanosBathory (aka Christ Powers) ( Review posted on: 07/21/98 00:06:18 This was my 2nd time seeing the gods incarnate named Tool. I was further away this time but I still caught a good bit of the action. Maynard came on stage in a brown suit, which I suppose was mocking televangelists. He had a bible in his right hand and a dark brown wig on. When the crown dies down Maynard proclaimed "Happy Sunday everyone! Im glad to see you all could make it here today". They started off with Cold and ugly...which completely blew me away, considering that it was the LAST song that I had expected them to play first. 46 and 2 was next...which was excellent, except Maynard hit a sour note near the end...but not that it mattered. One thing I noticed about this...coincidence or not...was the lighting during this song. When he looked directly into the audience, his right side was being hit by a blue light and his left was being hit by a white light. It was reminisant of the whole "shadow" philosophy. My memory gets a little fuzzy here. Im not sure what they played next, I think it was Stinkfist...which they extended between the "Shuka Pica..." part and the "Ill...Keep...Digging" part. Then Maynard said something to this extennt: "Ok now, everyone get their bibles out...Its sunday. C'mon you brought your bibles right? Its sunday. Now everyone open with me if you will to page ___ verse____ and read along. `The lion had conquered his prey. And when he did, he took his prey's flesh back to his den' You see, What our Lord Jesus Christ is trying to say here is....take your clothes off...Eveybody...Strip." then they played a cover of Peach's You Lied, which was such a powerful song...I almost pissed myself. I had never heard the song before and I thought it was a Tori Amos song because of the way the vocals were presented. After that, maynard looked out into the audience and said "Jesus Christ.....This suit is fucking hot" and then played Eulogy. At the begining, he had the little voice modulator that produced the filtered sound effect thing at thestart of the song. I thought the funniest thing he diid the whole time was when he had the modulator in his left hand and was mocking the fans who were giving the sign of the beast, which he did by moving his pinky and index finger along with the beat of the music. Then maynard took his clothes off starting with his suit coat, shoes, then his pants, his socks and finally his dress shirt. Next they started playing 3rd eye...I am positive of this...but it looked like Adam was having trouble with his monitor or something. Meanwhile, Danny was hitting his programmable drum pads and producing a lot of...well, noise, which faded into the swirly noise at the beginning of 3rd eye. During this, Maynard was crouched in a fetal position in his undies while Justin was sitting down, leaning against his amp. Suddenly...and unfortunately, the swirly noise faded away and Justin hit the opening chords to Sober...this is when you could tell the true tool fans from the ones that saw the video a few times. they played that and then Rev. Keenan said "On the count of three, I want everyone to say `YES` as loud as you can. 1, 2, 3, let's do it in French which is Oui. 1 ,2 ,3, in Spanish 1 ,2 ,3. This is a song about making your own choices" which cued the bass harmonics opening of Opiate which was utterly phenomenal. After that...Maynard said "Ozzy would be out here now...But its still daylight if you know what I mean." and they ended with Flood...but the intro was cut by about a minute.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/20/98 01:54:46 I apoligize this is not Tool related even though they were by far the coolest act on the whole damn tour. Seen em 4 times and you guys are right they just keep gettin better and better. Anyhow. I hear Fred (singer of Limp Bizkit) got into a scuffle with a guy in the pit for taking his hat. Can anyone who was at the show email me anything you know about this? any info would be great thanx. If ya havnt seen Ozzfest do yourself a favor and check it out.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/17/98 17:13:56 I went to the show to really see only Tool so that's all I'm goning to talk about. They weren't bad (they are never bad) they could of played a lot more than they did. But you can't have everything! This is the 2nd time I have seen them and the only thing that pissed me off is that they never played Prison Sex (I love that song). Maynard came out in his business suit and while playing and after a few inspiring words stripped down to his boxers. The show was even better to me though because I was only 10 rows away from the stage dead center. It seemed to me though that I was the only one around me that was up on my chair screaming their music at the top of my lungs and dancing to their true and meaningful lyrics. It disappointed me that such a little amount of people seemed familiar with their music and their beliefs. But they can only go in time because something that good should never go away. All my love too Maynard, Adam, Justin and Danny.

Review written by: Dave ( Review posted on: 07/17/98 11:17:46 Ryan and I arrived at The Starlake Ampitheater around 11am on the scorching sunday. As soon as we parked in the back lot we started drinking those ice cold coors lights. In a matter of 2 hours I had consumed 18 beers. Feeling the effects of my actions we staggered to the gates. I hid a sandwich in my shorts hoping to get in, but I was defeated. The security told me to pull out what was in my shorts. I told them repeatedly that if I were to do this I would probably make them really jealous and have a bunch of chicks all over me. So finally I took the sandwich out and gave it to the guard, and told him to shove it. Well from that point on I really don't remember any of the acts in detail, but not to worry I was SOBER for TOOL. An entire day of just waiting for TOOL is excruciating. Once I saw the band on stage I felt their shear power before us. Maynard entered wearing a tan 70's leisure suit and a black wig. They played Cold and Ugly from the EP OPIATE. After this song Maynard screamed....Jes us Christ....It is hot in this suit....So knowing Maynard, he brought out his bible on this hot summer sunday evening. He was preaching about God wanting us to be one with nature, and so he proclaimed for the crowd to shed their clothing. No one actuall y did this, but maynard sure did. Maynard was just wearing boxers for the rest of the show. The screens were displaying maynard dancing naked. The rest of the show consisted of: Eulogy Stinkfist You Lied--A cover tune from Peach 46 & 2 Sober Opiate N Flood My favorite part of the show was Opiate. At the end of the song where Maynard sings.....We both want to Rape You!!!!!.....Maynard held the note extremely long. During his holding of this note, the band transistioned into Flood off of undertow. Thi s sounded incredible. They went right into Flood and washed away the minds of every person in the audience. Even the older Ozzy fans that are like 35 were soon engulfed and saturated into the undertow of energy and meaning of TOOL. My friend and I left directly after TOOL. I felt that burning out of this concert is better than just fading through the rest of the show. i left after what I was there for. I was fullfilled and I was glad I came to just see TOOL. It was indeed w orth the average all day concert price. Everyone must experience TOOL. -------Dave

Review written by: kev smith ( Review posted on: 07/16/98 14:44:43 This was my fourth time seeing Tool, and they were phenomenal as always. They just keep getting better and better. If you've read some of the other reviews, you know the main deal. What everyone forgot to mention was what Maynard asked us to yell before they played Opiate. He asked us to yell "YES." Then he asked us to yell yes in French, pronounced "we." Then he told us to yell yes in Spanish, pronounced "see," for the cumulative effect of "YES, WE SEE." They blasted into an awsome rendition of Opiate.

Review written by: mike (the cat) ( Review posted on: 07/15/98 02:49:08 when danny began playing on the kit my jaws dropped until the show ended...............

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 07/15/98 01:06:20 First of all I'd just like to say that I thought the July 12th show was amazing. This was the first time that I was able to see Tool live in the five years that I've been a fan, and the only thing I didn't like about the show was the fact that they only had a one-hour set. I was a little confused about the "mystery song" that they did, but after reading the other reviews, I see that it was a cover tune called "You Lied". Ok, so here's my next stupid question: Who originally recorded You Lied? I would appriciate any enlightenment into this matter. My E-mail address is

Review written by: Chudrick Anastasopolous ( Review posted on: 07/14/98 21:57:47 Best Tool show ive seen so far, of course this is the same thing Ive said after the first six times. Maynard was amazing, letting king buzz play was an added bonus. If anyone out there knows what that cover song was, email me.

Review written by: Rappman ( Review posted on: 07/14/98 19:17:32 Maynard is the man, and I'll send more money...but fuck ozzfest, too many stupid, uneducated, ignorant, drunken rednecks from southwest pa., who know nothing about good fucking music if it were pointed up there ass. I arrived at the show just in time for TOOL, which is the only reason I went in the first place. It was my first show seeing TOOL, having been a fan since undertow was released, and as Maynard came on stage, I lit a bowl and began to feel what probably most fans of TOOL feel when hearing them...a dark inner peace. Unfortunately, there were a horde of stupid drunk hicks in front of me who didn't give a rats ass about TOOL as they shouted ozzy and wrestled with their gayselves. It was rude, and I became very angry...thinking of how I could approach these dicks and kick their asses without getting mine whipped. I said to the TOOL chica I was with, "I wish it was legal to kill." I wanted to hear PUSHIT so bad, and I envisioned myself blowing their fucking throats away. Terrible, I know. However, we moved further up the lawn and found peace again. What impressed me the most was that TOOL is for real. By this I mean they sound even better live, which is hard to find in this evil MTV world where studios do everything to make a band. Moreover, Maynard's moves on stage are godly, hitting every beat in sync w/the best drummer out there. Its as if his moves signal the transitions of the music, like James Brown did with his band in the sixties/seventies. TOOL is the best band out there, TO ME, they are true musicians. Can't wait to see them again, and again...there must be no other way.

Review written by: Harold ( Review posted on: 07/14/98 14:34:35 After driving 5 hours and being trapped in Pittsburg for 2 hours.\ I finnaly got there when limp was on stage wasn't real impressed so I left. Missed him decking some guy. Come back for Megadeth. Like there music, not a great live performance.Left halfway threw there set to get the most expensive beer I ever bought. After Megadeth was done I came back to get a good seat for TOOL knowing that was only reason I even came. Music before built up anticipation.I won't waste any more space with the setlist. When they started to play You lied noone knew what it was.I really like the cover but would have like to have seen pushit instead. TOOL by far had the best show,they were flawless,the screen in the back was way awesome.I could see people running and spinning. Then that creepy eye was on there.It would have been better if it was darker. That was my second time seening TOOL. I hope the next time I see them they are not in a fest unless it's called TOOLFEST 99'.

Review written by: Bill S. ( Review posted on: 07/13/98 16:30:07 One more hilarious thing maynard said was : "ozzy's coming out soon, but he cant yet cuz the sun is still out....if u know what i mean" .... i thought this was worth mentioning ... until next time

Review written by: Bill S. ( Review posted on: 07/13/98 16:28:56 When 8:00 finally reached my highlight of the ozzfest day so far had been limp bizkit's set, where the lead singer decked a fan in the pit for stealing his hat. But as soon as Maynard took the stage and said "happy sunday!" to the crowd, i knew it was gonna be kick ass. the setlist was this: cold & ugly 46 & 2 stinkfist (with extra part) you lied sober (with long intro) eulogy opiate flood the setlist was short but amazing. maynard was decked out in his brown suit as the evangelist. after cold and ugly maynard ran out to the crowd and said "can you feel it?!?! what the fuck is it?!?! jesus christ this suit is hot" ... then they started 46 & 2 which was real awesome. after this song maynard told everyone to get out their bibles for those who brought the, and read something from the bible about a lion eating shit, then told us that that meant that god wanted us to take off our clothes. then w e didnt and he was like "that means now." but still no one did it. then buzz from the melvins came out and played stinkfist with them, which was good. then maynard took off the suit and wig and was in his boxers, and buzz stayed on and they did you lied w hich was awesome. buzz left after this song, and then they had the long intro into sober, which was excellent , and he did the screaming "what i want" at the end. then this weird talking was playing over the pa, and towards the end it started to say "thin k for yourself " over and over, and this talking continued as the intro to eulogy started. this song was bad as hell. i loved it. the screen went up here i think but i couldnt see barely anything on it , except naked people and some eyes. opiate was after this, and maynard said the song was about "making your own fucking decisions" . sometime during the set maynard said "i'm seeing alot of cloth, cotton, clothing. it's a rock festival not a church, take your fucking , clothes....OFF" i dont remember when he said it though. anyways, they went into flood right after opiate, but the beginning was shortened. flood was great and this ended the show. towards the end of the set you could see their lights better, and they were awesome. i hope tool comes here some time cuz i want to see them by themselves. oh well it was still fucking great. Go see them if u have the chance. you wont regret it.

Review written by: Nipsy (Playmaiker) Review posted on: 07/13/98 15:58:51 Well this was my third time seeing TOOL and I have to admit this time was just as good as the others. Maynard just came out of nowhere and everyone started screaming. He was dressed like a preacher with a brown suit on and a red undershirt. He was wearing a wig and had boots on. They started out with Cold and Ugly, which was really weird because I figured they would start with something off the Aenima album. It was really cool though and most people didn't know what the hell they were playing. Danny Carey had a white shirt on with red marks all over it, while Adam Jones was dressed up in a nice white shirt and had a short haircut. Justin Chancellor had no shirt on and was just himself. After Cold and Ugly Maynard got out his bible and started preaching. Then he said it was fucking hot in this suit. They started to play 46 and 2, which was just great. The lead singer from the Melvins played this song and 2 other songs with them. After this Maynard said how God wants you to be naked with the lion or something and that how everyone should take off their clothes. Then they played Stinkfist which really kicked ass and Maynard stripped down to just his boxers like usual. After this they played a song i have never heard before I think it was either a new song, or a cover song. After this the lead singer for the Melvins left the stage and Maynard said too many people still have their fucking clothes on take them off. Then he said everyone say yes, of course everyone did. Then he said, now it french which is we. Now in Spanish. Then they started to play the weird beginning to Sober like always with everyone crouched down and Maynard in a fetal position. I told my friend that it was Sober because they always did that at the last 2 concerts Eulogy then came next which was great, and then Opiate. Opiate was just unbelievable. Last came Flood, which was really weird because I thought they would play Aenema last. Oh well and the only complaint I have is that they didn't play long enough, but everything else was just great.

Review written by: Jody Hazy ( Review posted on: 07/13/98 14:54:41 well this was my second time seeing the foursome, and it was better than their show at lolla. setlist: 1. cold & ugly 2. 46&2 3. stinkfist (with extra part) 4. covertune (it was the one where justin sings a little bit) 5. sober (with intro and maynard screamed "i want what i want" instead of the usual) 6. eulogy (with a longer part at the end, different drumming at the end than usual) 7. opiate 8. flood set list was great expecially the covertune however some of the people who didnt like tool where yelling out stuff like get off the stage you fag and shit like that but hey i loved it anyway. so go see tool everyone, you wont be dissapointed my only dissapointment was the fact that they didnt play long enough.

Review written by: Adam ( Review posted on: 07/13/98 14:33:24 Alright, since no one seems to have put up the actual setlist type deal, I figure that I will do it. Maynard comes out in the aforementioned suit and tie, black wig, boots. Bible in his right hand. They played Cold and Ugly first (how come no one else mentioned that?) I thought it was flippin' awesome, I was NOT expecting them to start with this particular song by any stretch of the imagination. And it was real cool, but I don't think there was a large amount of people in the audience that had a clue what song they were playing. Ah well. Anyhow, after that Maynard did his "Jesus's fucking hot in this suit" bit, took off his jacket, and then they played Stinkfist, which was amazing. Danny Carey truly was the best drummer by far there. Coal Chamber's drummer was also very good, btw. Anyway, like I said Stinkfist was awesome. During this song Maynard stripped all of the rest of his clothing off, including his wig, and I can tell you that he was wearing Joe Boxers, cause I notice that kind of thing (and I was incredibly close, like down by the front pit close. The next song they played I didn't know, and since I know all three albums back and forth, it was either a new song or a cover. It wasn't No Quarter. The other songs they played I can't quite remember the order, but they were: Forty Six & 2 (real cool) Sober (everyone knew this one...before they played it, the band was all real low to the stage and Maynard was in some kind of a lotus type position and he sang a verse and chorus of the song real quiet, and the band playedthe verse too, but too low to tell unless you were really really straining. The song was real good live) Opiate (which was just amazing, but I think it confused some people and not many people there knew the song) (damn the system I just submitted this accidentally...shite) Eulogy (my GOD this song was way too great...I loved every second of it and I'm afraid me and my friends really annoyed everyone around us...cause we got a bit too loud during it...) They ended with Flood, which was a pleasant surprise and quite a happy moment. I may have missed something, but that is my review, and damnit I'm sorry it's posted twice cause I hit the wrong button or something...ah, you know how it is sometimes... Laters, Adam (first time tour poster, but not first time Tool concert goer)

Review written by: oscar ( Review posted on: 07/13/98 13:43:07 I made two mistakes that really pissed me off. First my tdn shirt was in the wash. Second was that tool dident put on as good a set as probably everyone was hopeing . King Buzz from the melvins played with them for two songs 46&2 and stinkfist. Since is was sunday maynard had to come dressed out as a preacher, asking everyone to take out there bibles and take off there clothes. He had a black wig on and leasure suit, after awhile he said "Jesus Christ this thing is hot." and took it off to show his little shorts. My friend and I did see maynard walking around, his white bodyguard told us something like "hey dont cause a croud" I guess we were the only ones to realize that was him because no one else noticed him or even reconized the free francis bean shirt he had on as seen on various tours last year. Maynard went up to some midigets that were working one of the booths and told him to put his head gear on. only maynard! all in all it was a pretty good show, i wanted more songs but oh well theres always next year.

Review written by: tom burns ( Review posted on: 07/13/98 11:55:21 The show was great.Maynard came out dressed as a preacher and continued thru out the show to tell people to take their clothing because it was sooo hot.He also had a black wig(which he took of) and took all his cloths except for his boxers.I was right near the pit,so i had a good look at the show. There also had some guy on guitar who they said was from another band(his hair was like carrot-top hair but black instead of red.)Maynard also used speaker which distorted his voice right before a song started. The setlist(not in order,except for the last song) Hooker with a penis sober amenia eulogy H sober opiate stinkfist forty six and 2 part of me

Review written by: val venis ( Review posted on: 07/13/98 09:46:34 ok, tool kicked ass....but it sucked because a) it wasn't loud enough for us poor bastards in the lawn. b) there were assholes all around me jumping around. i wasn't able to watch tool without keeping an eye on these juvinile pricks. and c) it wasn't dark enough. they also seemed like they were not real excited to be there. maynard did alot of the things i've read about in other reviews but all in all i'm gonna have to say that shitapoluzia was a better show last pittsburgh anyway. i really want them to come back with their own tour this summer, but you know what they can want in one hand and shit in the other. see which one gets filled first.

Review written by: Bill Chamberlin ( Review posted on: 07/13/98 07:35:52 Once again, the band tore through a set the most powerful musicin my recent memory. Although being limited to about 65-70 minutes of play time, MJK and the rest made great use of it. In my recollection, last year's Lollapalooza set was longer. Maynard appeared in a lounge/leisure suit with silk shirt, tie and thick, black wig. After the first song, however, he proclaimed to the crowd "Jesus Christ...this f**king HOT!" He then proceeded during the next song to strip down to leopard spotted bikini briefs and nothing else. He performed the rest of the set this way. In the course of the show, Tool was joined onstage by Buzz from the Melvins who played along on the cover tune "You Lied". Had it knot been for `TDN', I would not have recognized this song. My biggest complaint of the show has nothing to do with the band. It was the goddamned sunshine streaming in and making Tool's video screen almost impossible to see (at least from where I was standing). For me, it was worth the price of an OzzFest ticket for the opportunity to see Tool, again. I still hold out hope that someday (hopefully in the NEAR future) the band will return to Pittsburgh and headline their own show.

Review written by: Another Kabir. ( Review posted on: 07/12/98 15:23:49 Not a review, just a question. I wasn't able to make it out there because of a lack of tickets so I'm just wondering if there were any scalpers out there and if so, how much were the asking? Any info will be appreciated, thanks. [I don't think he's really a Kabir -- Kabir]

Review written by: Rabbit ( Review posted on: 07/12/98 13:53:11 I like TOOL as much as the next TOOL fan but to pay a good bit of money to only pay attention to one good band there, I think there is something wrong with that. I've also notice that their Non-TOOL shows are only on the WEST coast hey, what about the fans on the EAST coast ?! WE kinda like to hear a show that is only TOOL and not a packed deal with a few other so-called "bands" that really can't get a huge crowd unlesss they are with one or two major name acts. if anyone has their own two cents to put in about this, write to me at and tell me how you fill.........