Tool at OzzFest 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: 0715

Review written by: Darren Milbrandt ( Review posted on: 07/31/98 21:00:34 July 15th fucking sucked. However, Tool (the God's of metal) had nothing to do with it. I saw them last year at Wing's stadium and they were sensational. Anyway, my fucking car died in Battle Creek 20 miles down the road. I just wanted to hop a ride and worry about getting back to the car after the show, but 2 of my friends wanted to try and fix the car. So, I drove all that way and didn't get to see Tool. Found out the next day the engine was shot. However, I have a nice shiny $30 ticketmaster ticket to show for it. I'm sure Tool would have blown me away like last year, and the Melvin's would have sucked like the 2 other times I had to see them.

Review written by: Marcus Nelson ( Review posted on: 07/28/98 14:00:16 This concert was dope. Tool is one of the best bands ever next to Korn and Led Zeppelin. It was hotter than a motherfucker in Wings Stadium. I don't like Wings that much, but they had to play there because of all the people who wanted to go. They would have sounded a lot better in the State Theatre in Kalamazoo, but hey, the show still kicked ass. I wish they would have played a little longer, but I was happy to get outside and get some fresh air. I can't wait to see Korn on the Family Values Tour.....

Review written by: Phill & Katie ( Review posted on: 07/24/98 21:41:21 Well we'll keep this short. A the Melvins sucked ass B there were a lot of boobs C Tool kicked ass D the sound was exelent E it was hot as hell F the pit was ruff it was definatly worth the hour and an half drive and the money

Review written by: Nathan Howard ( Review posted on: 07/22/98 01:18:51 It was very hot and crowded but I pushed my way up to the very front . I was about five feet away from Maynard. The first songs they played was Flood and Hush. They both rocked. I was getting smashed into the rails so I had the Security gaurd pull me out. So I guess I took a puss but at least I was up there. Highlights of the night were Push it and enima. They also played Strangle hold which was really cool.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (hunerbec@net/ Review posted on: 07/21/98 16:07:37 First of all I have seen Tool six times over the last five years, and every concert is a little different. July 14th I received a phone call from wings stadium. They needed someone local to be a runner for the band. My job was to run around town all day getting things for the band and their caterer. Howerver most of the time I just sat around back stage watching the behind the scenes unfold. I found Tool to be the most professional band I have ever come into contact with. Adam was extremly nice and easy going. He spent most of the day at a lap top in the "Tool production room". Maynard worked out an a portable gym pretty much all day. When It was time for the show to start I was able to stop working and catch most of the show. Aside from the heat it was a great show. The guy who complained about the ted nuggent song is clueless. No shit they didn't play the "way cool" solo. Like I said I have seen Tool six times and I think they have ripped on that hick fuck every time. All in all it was great time and a learning experience for me.

Review written by: Kevin Gardiner ( Review posted on: 07/21/98 02:07:11 The July 15th show had it's ups and downs. but it was still very enjoyable. A few comments... Wings Stadium was an absolutely horrible venue in my opinion (not the bands fault). While the atmosphere and energy were incredible, the sound was terrible. Aside from that, the band played pretty well. LOVED the lighter version of pushit. Aenima was cool as well. I must admit, with this being a non- Ozzfest show, I expected Tool to play a little longer than 1 hr 35 min, but with the heat in that place, it wasn't suprising they quit when they did. I saw Tool at Lolla twice last year, and I thought they were better then, but no one's perfect every night (close, though...) I've read all of the reviews so far, and to those who complain about getting roughed up...what do you possibly expect being towards the front of main floor?!? The people on the floor are going to mosh and squish - that's just the way it is. I don't wish to be knocked unconsious either, so I stay away from all of that activity. This doesn't detract from my appreciation of the show - It's about the music, not about how close you can get to the stage. Looking forward to Ozzfest on Thursday...keep posting reviews... Seeya...

Review written by: SOT ( Review posted on: 07/19/98 17:09:27 the second best concert i've ever seen, the first being TOOL at lollapolooza 97'. the melvins were a very poor opening act. they lacked everything needed for a good live show. there was no audience interaction, and the music was mediocre. TOOL had to save the day. Maynard wearing a suit was a highlight of the show. he asked if everyone was "ready to do the lords work" tonight. when everyone responded yes, he said "well your in the wrong fucking place!" not far into the show he said "jesus christ this suit is fucking hot" and ripped it off. he finished the show in his boxer shorts. when TOOL brought out the melvins singer buzz, i was pissed. then they played ted nugents stranglehold. the song would have been better if someone could've play the hellacious guitar solo, but noone could. they had to skip a verse because buzz's mic fucked up. i hate the melvins. after Aenima everyone wanted an encore. maynard held a lighter high in the air. everyone copied his action and they began to play jerk-off. damn that encore rocked. overall a decent show, but i can't wait to see KORN tear up the stage with Limp Bizkit, Orgy, Ice Cube, and Rob Zombie.

Review written by: Mike Teager ( Review posted on: 07/19/98 14:33:58 Those of you that said the Tool concert sucked need to get some real taste in music. It was by far the best concert I've seen, let alone a Tool concert. Rev. Maynard, Rev. Adam, Rev. Danny, and Justin the Jew rule over all other musical acts. I t makes me sick to hear people say how Maynard & co. suck. The concert rocked. Maynard came out in a white wide-collared suit, bergande shirt, black tie with yellow smiley faces, and an awesome white wig. He was the best looking preacher I have ever se en. I have no favorite song from the concert because they all kicked so much. The new coda in "Stinkfist" was totally cool and totally unexpected. "Pushit" sounded awesome with the new tempo. When the lawsuit with their record company is they should make an album dedicated to this last tour with all of their best performances. Maynard's best quote was,"Jesus Christ this suit is HOT!!!!!!!". There is so much to tell but so little space on this web site. I just hope to see them when they drop by nex t year.

Review written by: Jay ( Review posted on: 07/18/98 13:58:17 Oh ho ho.....I just had to come back and say...Hey Aenima is a pretty cool albumn....and thats why I went to see the concert...I didnt care for much of thier old stuff..My buddy wanted me to go so I went in hopes of liking Tool more but, ended up being really disgruntled because they put on a very very very shitty show. Maybe it's because I have seen shit loads of concerts like Metallica, Kiss, Alice In Chains, Aerosmith, Smashing Pumpkins, Pantera, Megadeath, and shit loads more but, I didn't care for this concert. So...I really really really feal like I got jipped out of a 30 dollar ticket because both bands blew. Sorry....And don't message me anymore! It's a fucking opinion! You all message me and say be more open minded....Why dont you morons be more open minded and let an honest review be as it is...Geesh....I'm sorry to say but, I think most "Tool fans" are big posers. Oh and whoever said I don't know what real musicians are...I just got done playing Aenima on drums and I played it to the T so eat me..Plus I can play just about anything....So don't tell me I don't know real musicians ya pansy ass...Good bye and good night! [Uh, you know, this isn't a friggin' usenet group. If you're all going to just mail folks to say their opinion sucks, that's just stupid. Come on now. I didn't like his opinion, but it IS just that. -- Kabir]

Review written by: andrea burzynski ( Review posted on: 07/17/98 22:38:32 Excellent show, and the band is very talented performers. However, it seems that the only reason the Melvins open up is to make TOOL look like musical gods (not that they are not already)

Review written by: butt gutts ( Review posted on: 07/17/98 20:03:37 hush... jerk off... ahhhh.... [You could take this the wrong way if you weren't careful -- K]

Review written by: Robert Howe ( Review posted on: 07/17/98 19:37:24 This was my third time seeing TOOL and possibly the best show I've seen yet. For starters the venue was awsome. Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo is probably one of the best places to see a show. The floor was packed with people and things were getting crazy before TOOL even came on. When TOOL came out everyone went nuts (how else should you act when your about to see the best band in the world?). Maynard came out in this funky costume. He was wearing a light blue cheesy looking suit with a poka-dot tie, and a blonde wig that made him look like a Southern Baptist minister. By the end of the concert he ended up in his boxer shorts. The suit looked incredebly hot and Maynard even mentioned it between songs. He said "Jesus, Jesus Christ this suit is hot!" I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and was completly drenched in sweat. They opened up with Flood and followed that with Hush. This was one of the things I liked about this concert. They performed quite a few songs I had never heard in person before. Then Maynard called out to Buzz from the Melvins, who opened for them, and they played 46&2 this was preety sweet. Then Maynard sang "I got you in a strangle hold baby." and I thought that "Crawl Away" was going to be played. Instead they covered Ted Nugent's "Strangle Hold" this was really fucking cool. The first concert that I ever went to was the "Whip Lash Bash" at Wings Stadium, let me just say that I found TOOLS version to be much better. Even though the floor of the stadium was packed everyone seemed to be there to have good time. I didn't see to many assholes going around trying to get rough with people. I had read in a prior review that they were going to perform pushit in a slow version. Maynard asked the crowd to close thier eyes and "find that spot were you are comfortable and yet vulnerable." When they did the song like that it just made it so much better and it made the message a whole lot clearer. I wish that every person who has told me that TOOL sucks and that they play hate music could have been there for this song. Then after their last song they didn't even get off the stage they all just sorta sat down in the middle of the stage rested a bit and then got up and started their oncore. The last song they did was Jerk-Off and it fucking rocked. Instead of singing "I should play God and shoot you myself" Maynard sang "Fuck you myself" I found this variation of the song and other variations in the show made the concert that much more personal. I was extremly immpresed by the sound and quality of the music and am looking forward to Ozzfest were I will once again see the best band in the world.


Review written by: Jeff B ( Review posted on: 07/17/98 05:38:03 Saw Tool Wed. night at Wings stadium and despite a few minor technical problems it was a really great show. I'ts great to see Tool at it's own gig without being sandwiched between a bunch of bands like the Ozzfest, although Megadeth rocks and I hope to see Ozzy someday before he dies. Anyway we got there halfway through the Melvin's set and were just enveloped in the heat, just a dripping drenchfest of an evening but that heat is a great equalizer, everyone feels it and no matter how pretty you did your hair at the beginning of the night by the end it's as if you'd been hit by several buckets of sweat. By the time I was finally appreciating the Melvins they were done which is what a warm up band should be. The lights came back on and everyone kind of looked at each other until a few girls on shoulders flashed the crowd to pass the time, one girl really got the crowd cheering and chanting and I could imagine Tool backstage listening to the roar and thinking it was for them. Well without too much delay Tool took the stage and started with "Flood" the crowd surged forward and went nuts (to you 6 people standing on the rail about halfway back on the right side, FUCK YOU! after being asked politely 3 times to move you didn't, just because you can shout out the lyrics to some Tool songs doesn't mean you have a right to be jerk-offs, but then again maybe that's exactly what it means.) The sound at first was just mud but seemed to improve after the 3rd song. Maynard was dressed in polyester as a cheesy Tv evangelist. He looked kind of like a Beastie Boy from the video for sabatoge with the fake wig. The video throughout was really cool, nice visuals to accompany the songs: Smoke box, eyeball spread open with surgical instruments being sprayed with fluid, a landscape of what looked like Human Larva, static, etc. Nice version of "Hush" followed by an excellent "46&2" then Maynard introduced Buzz as he came out for Stinkfist and Ted Nugent's Stranglehold, which they had guitar and vocal problems to which Maynard said at the end "don't tell Ted how badly we ruined his song" A faithful rendition of "Sober" and then a slowed down "Pushit" which was very effective. Highlight of the show for me was "Eulogy" along with it's introduction, great! really had a good vibe filling the stadium at that point. "Aenima" next and then before the last song they just sat on the drum riser and stage edge and took a break, chatted and drank bottled water. They finished with "Jerk-Off" and away we went. Thanks Tool for coming to Michigan! I've got a tape of this show but unfortunately it's highly distorted and not anything I would trade, I'd give it away though if you sent me a tape, e-mail if interested.

Review written by: Military Insanity ( Review posted on: 07/17/98 00:35:40 Well, everyone learned to swim. Or so it appeared, because the heat (110 degrees, enough humidity to create fog in the arena) caused enough sweat for it. The Melvins opened, which was mainly an earsore. There's a difference between kickass loud music that Tool plays and annoying noise. The Melvins didn't realize it. After a painfully bad 45 minute set, the stage was set up for Tool's hour and a half. And a great hour and a half it was. Maynard began playing the part of the televangelist in a full white suit and blonde wig ("Are you ready to do the Lord's work? You've come to the wrong place." "Jesus Christ! This suit is hot") but stripped down to his boxers more to keep cool than anything else. The patented four man army of musicians tore up the evening, and it was truly amazing to watch them create the same layers and music that they do on the album, live. Buz from the Melvins joined in for two songs that were wrought with technical problems, but it wasn't too bad. It was great to see Tool concentrating on making great music for their fans again.

Review written by: Adam Keith ( Review posted on: 07/16/98 17:33:47 What an absolutely amazing show. The Melvins opened, and I thought they were a great band, and especially fit the mood of the entire night. They really helped set the atmosphere and get many into an energetic state of mind, although many fans were disinterested. When they finished, it seemed like forever as fans made their way to the front of the floor, and when everyone was packed in like sardines in the swealtering heat, the video started with some audio about psychadelics. Then, Tool entered and began by playing Flood, and the crowd erupted. Maynard was dressed in a white suit and blonde whig to look like a televangelist. Then, they broke into the high intensity Hush. The crowd was hooked and they followed it up by Maynard stripping down to his boxer shorts while playing a sequence of that consisted of Forty Six & 2, Stinkfist, and the Ted Nugent song Stranglehold. After that, the mood was calmed as the band played a fantastic extended intro to Sober. That track really moved the crowd, and was accompanied by a video of an eye surgery. Tool backed that with a slower, more melodic version of Pushit before which Maynard asked the crowd to find a place where they were on the border of comfort and vulnerability, to view things from a new perspective. They then re-intesified the arena with Eulogy, and played their "closer" Aenema. They took a water break, and finished with an encore version of Jerk-off. By far the best show I have ever seen. Maynard was intense and interesting front man not only with his singing, but also the dancing and commentary between songs. Danny Carey remained hidden most of the night behind his enormous drum set, although his incredible ability was very visible. Justin Chancellor stood center stage, not adding much visually, only occasionally moving to his music, while Adam Jones remained motionless on the right side of the stage as he jammed out his incredible guitar rifts. The background video only enhanced the whole atmosphere of what would still have been a mesmerizing show.

Review written by: Jay ( Review posted on: 07/16/98 17:07:03 Well first of all, I'm not too big of a Tool fan. I mean, I like Aenima and all but, other than that I havent heard alot other than thier hits. My friend worhships Tool and when I heard they were coming to town we decided to go. So we got some tickets hopped into my friends beat up old car and almost got killed which was actually pretty groovy. What can I say....The Melvins really blew...They are one of those bands I wish would drop off the face of the earth because they have no talent at all. Thier music is completly cheesy! Ten minutes of feed I was so happy...pshh.. In between The Melvins and Tool there was lots of pretty titties being flashed around the audience which was great! 15 year old girls all the way up to in thier 30's I'd say....STOOBpendious. So...Tool finally got on the stage. Maynard dressed up like some homo or something. They started to play some shit and I fell asleep it was pure SHIT! I woke up I guess 15 minutes or so later and what do I see manards ass crack in my face. It really sucked. The music sucked and you couldn't hear a damn thing he said. I think the only one in Tool that actually has a lick of talent in Dana Carvey. Well, you'll never catch me at another Tool show as long as I live I can tell you that! So my 30 dollar ticket was pretty much paying to see the Jiggly Wiggly Titties in the audience. So next time Tool comes around....Look for me in the nearest titty bar. FUCK TOOL!

Review written by: Sherri Carter ( Review posted on: 07/16/98 14:46:40 This review is for all the chics....Oh man....Maynard was so hot. He had a suit and a wig on at first. Then he stripped down to leopard print boxer briefs. His muscles were hanging out everywhere and the way he was pumping and moving was very exciting! ! The crowd was great and it was so damn hot that every person was a stinking sweating hog. Very Excellent Concert!!!!

Review written by: Rev. Brian Kraegel ( Review posted on: 07/16/98 12:57:45 The first thing I thought when leaving the show, was WOW what a set! Previous reviews have the correct set list and it was great. Nice to hear Opiate stuff. Better than last year's show I thought. Since everyone pretty much covered everything before m e, I'll just add some things Maynard said and some interesting details. Maynard says: -"Are you ready to do the Devils work...?" before Flood -"Jesus Christ is it hot.." before Flood - "Next song is special to MI" then go into Stranglehold - Something to the effect of " Dont tell Ted, we fucked up his song.." after Stranglehold -Introduced Adam, as the "Original Sinner" - Before Pushit tells crowd to "..close your eyes and go to that place inside were you feel comfortable yet still vulnerable.." - Tells crown to say "yes" in English, French, and Spanish "" Ending with the extended version of Jerk-Off was awsome, what show. The whole thing had the "televangelist air" to it, very different from last year. More "fun" I guess you could say. Also Buzz from The Melvins came out for Stinkfist, and Stranglehold . Speaking of which, what is with The Melvins? I just dont get them. Anyway, great show, awsome set.

Review written by: Kevin (AEnima Review posted on: 07/16/98 03:48:32 Tonight TOOL played to a sold out crowd at Wings Stadium. The place was packed, which made it extremely hot. Anyway, the Melvins opened for TOOL as they did last year, and by the time they were done, the crowd was ready for the main event. When the ban d came out on stage, MJK, was dressed in a white suit with, a blonde wig, I believe, I don't know I was kind of far back. Well that all later came off and he was back to his comfortable self in boxers after a few songs. The entire time the band played a large screen behind them flashed various typical "TOOL" graphics. The band opened with: Flood Hush Forty Six and 2 Stinkfist Stranglehold "by Ted Nugent" Sober Pushit Eulogy Aenema Jerk-off All songs, as you would expect rocked, however the band played pushit slower than normal, but it was still ok. Other than that what can you say, it was TOOL, it had to be good.

Review written by: Cory Kohut ( Review posted on: 07/16/98 03:22:56 Sitting through the Melvins was horrible. They were really boring and I was not really interested in hearing anything but Tool. Here is the set list from what I remember Flood Hush Forty Six & Two Stranglehold Stinkfist- the last two songs were performed with Buzz Sober Pushit Eulogy Aenima Jerk-Off The band did not seem to have as much energy as the last two times that I saw them, especially Maynard, but after Sober they seemed to really click better. The new version of Pushit was amazing. It was really slow for a almost the whole song. Maynard said they were going to try something different and look at things from a different angle. Other than that the show was really awesome.

Review written by: jason ( Review posted on: 07/16/98 03:14:58 set list: flood hush 46+2 stranglehold (motor city madman song) stinkfist pushit (slowed cool version) sober (wild drums extended version) Eulogy AEnima jerk-off it was amazing. maynard was dressed as a televangelist. he introduced everyone as a reverend except justin because he is jewish. the funny thing was was that before sober they played this sample about thinking for yourself and the whole nite the fans would just follow and mimic maynard. what a crowd. i drove all the way from chicago to see this. and i wasnt dissapointed.

Review written by: charlie hayes ( Review posted on: 07/08/98 11:21:48 I am going to this concert, and it will be my forth. I gaurantee that that it will be the greatest performance you will ever see. For those that go, and don't agree, please e-mail me and tell me why, oh ywa, and if you are from the lansing area, preferably holt, e-mail me to just chat and keep in touch. thanx, and rock on with the greatest band ever....TOOL!