Tool at OzzFest 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: 0722

Review written by: Robert J. Eye ( Review posted on: 08/29/98 14:29:03 I think this particular TOOL show was beyond the greatest show i have ever personaly witnessed. i had seen TOOL perform last year at lolapoalooza and they obviously blew everyone else off stage..but this year they had to top the melvins, and quite frankly they did it like it was their J O B! seriously i loved the melow version of pushit and i really enjoyed the exrtended version of Third Eye i loved the song b4 but now i think it very well could be one of their best songs. i would like to voice one thing That day Maynard and the boys came out to Rock The living shit out of TOOLedo and that is just what they did . one other thing they did that is as close to god you can reach on the face of this Hopeless planet was they way the exemplified the Loudness and intensity of Eulogy and the different placement of the little song i commonly refer to as " The Super Battle Tank Music From Super Nintendo" in the middle of Stinkfist it was pretty damned cool. Thanks for the great show guys. And your welcome to visit The All America City of Toledo anytime, i know i'll be there .

Review written by: tool man ( Review posted on: 08/12/98 20:56:10 SAW tool for the sixth and must say without a doubt tool is the band.maynard kicks ass so in short tool rocks everytime you see them.go see them whenever you can because this band is the real deal.

Review written by: Stav ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 13:31:25 The drummer for the Melvins is amazing, though he's no Danny Carey. MJK seemed like he was a bit short on octane, but he didnt skimp on the important screams which he held well. This was my third Tool show, the second being last week at OzzFest. The pit was fabulous which i would like to compare to the Ozz show. Im no stranger to moshing, but the Pits at Ozz had people that were not even listening to the damn music; they were just elbowing people in the friggin head! But the Tool Pits were just as they should be, people diggin the music. Nobody got personal with me... cause for me its all about not being able to stand still while "imbibing the vibe." The thing worth metioning is the temperature at Galactic Pit Central. Sweating is groovy but it was sooo hot that im sure some people probably suffered heat stroke or at least dehyration, cause the securiy dudes lifted a few girls out even before the show. I actually had to take a beer break during Sober (huh... ironic).

Review written by: Paul Kingston ( Review posted on: 07/24/98 17:49:47 Hotter than hell, eh? I've been to well over 50 concerts with mainfloor action, and have never had the experience of wringing out my leather belt after the show until now. I've seen the Melvins three times, and am thouroughly unimpressed everytime. They need to think of something... stagnant as hell. While we're on the religious tip... if anyone has any idea what Maynard read to us, please email me. It was a great show and crowd... can't find anything to complain about, not even stereotyping Toledoans (?)... (though their cops are real assholes... but, we survived.) The best songs had to be either Opiate or Sweat, but I was so happy to hear the old stuff, that perhaps I was biased. See ya at the next one!

Review written by: Dwayne ( Review posted on: 07/24/98 16:42:04 This show kicked ass. James (JMK) came out in a 70's suit and a wig with this puffy blond hair. The set list opened with sweat and then in no particular order they played sober, flood, a melow version of pushit, fortysix and two, opiate, eulogy stinkfist and third eye. The Melvins lead man came out to play what I think is a brand new Tool song. That song was "mint". James did the last half of the show in his boxers (It was hot).He also reminded the audience to think for themselves, Question authority,and " turn the T.V. off, Read a book..." which is great advise to a young crowd. I hope they tour again soon because I would defenently go back.

Review written by: Chris Futant ( Review posted on: 07/24/98 14:47:47 After a six hour drive from Lafayette, IN , I was ready to see TOOL for a third time. When we arrived the Melvins had just began to play. We worked our way to the front row and remained there for the remainder of the evening. Personally, I like the Melvins so I think they were great. They didn't play "The Bit" from the Stag album, so that was kind of a let down for me. After the Melvin's set they received the biggest cheer I have ever heard them receive. Maybe people are opening up to the Melvins, probably not. After the pre-TOOl wait, the guys finally came out. Maynard's first words were, "Hi-diddle-de-dow Toledo!". Then they went into Sweat(new part added). I was hoping to hear a lot from Opiate, so this kicked ass. Plus, I was right in front of Adam which also kicked ass. After Sweat Maynard introduced everyone, Rev. Danny "The Lion Fucker" Carey, Rev. Maynard "The Evil ???? slayer", Justin "The unfortunate Jew" Chancellor, and Adam " The Orignal Sinner, along with Eve" Jones. I think the next song was Stinkfist(extended).Then the Rev. Buzz Lightyear "Tele-evangelist extrodinar" Melvin came out and did, (I believe) "46&2", and the Peach song "You Lied". I'm pretty sure it was the Peach song because Justin sang backup. I'm now just going to list everything else they played in no particular order, Sober(10 minute intro w/ I think a Tim leary segment at the beginning),Pushit(slowversion),Eulogy(extended ending),Flood(shorter) , Third Eye, and Opiate. The crowd really only got crazy during Stinkfist, Sober ard 46&2. At times the bass would get really loud and Maynard's voice would become hard to hear. I don't know if it was technical or the fact that my ears were about 3 feet from the speakers. TOOl seemed to be in good spirits, Maynard was talkative, and stared really creeping in my direction for about 10 minutes!. Adam acually showed signs of life, he put his hand up to his ear at one piont, encouraging everyone to sing along. Once Adam looked in our direction and and mouthed the words to Sober, definately a big step for Adam. Justin looked in our direction, looked down and smiled really bashfully. And Danny ,well, he played the drums. I knew Danny was tall but I didn't know he was a giant. After the show they all waved goodbye, threw water, picks and drums sticks at us and left. It was a great show and the closest I've ever been to the stage(I usually set in the seats). Maynard quotes, "If you all stand still and stop breathing, it will get a lot cooler in here." "Remember to turn off your TV and read." "We're going to looking at one of our songs from a different angle, a new perspective. Find that comfortable yet vulnertable place."(Followed by the beautiful Pushit) "Can you feel it."(in a evangielist like voice, btw he was dressed like one) "You people have made us feel very welcome tonight." Once he read out of what I think was the bible, and read in a low creeping voice while the rest of the band just kinda messed around.I couldn't make out anything he said. I forgot to mention, during the big Sober intro Adam broke out the Epilady. SORRY IT'S SOO LONG I DIDN'T WANT TO MISS ANYTHING.

Review written by: thatoneguy ( Review posted on: 07/24/98 14:28:03 tool was in the best mood ive seen them, probably because the other ozzfest bands werent with them this time, and everyone loved the melvins instead of booing them off the stage like normal, the arena was tiny and was the most generic looking of any arena ive seen, on the front in big cheezy looking letters were merely "sports arena" and it was in a very trashy part of town, on the way back we got lost in crackhouse district. anyway, the place was not heated and was like a greenhouse. me, being the stupid person i am wore a longsleeve shirt there, almost everyone in the crowd was a manson imitator, its nice how people in toledo know how to think for themselves (sarcasm). the setlist was posted already, which is a good thing because theres no way i could remember it all, you lied is an excellent song, but i would like to hear some actual new songs from tool, not complaining or anything, they still played my song, third eye. anyway, a good show had by all, i left happy unlike yesterdays ozzfest where i was much more dissapointed.

Review written by: Stew ( Review posted on: 07/24/98 14:15:20 After a 5 hour drive from St. Catharines(canada) we finally got to toledo. After seeing the ozzfest show in pittsburg we were stoked to see how small the arena was. 3rd time seeing the melvins. They ain't too bad but the same old shit every time. Then Tool comes out. Maynard in the rev. outfit, the rest of the band looking like they normally do, although justin had some glow in the dark paint scattered on his face. Set List Sweat (with the extended middle part) 46&2 (kicked ass) Stinkfist (w/Buzz, the extended jam in the middle was a little different than normal) You lied (The scream in this song was intense) Eulogy Pushit (slow) Sober (with intro so maynard could strip) 3rd eye Opiate Flood Other stuff from the show: Maynard introduced the band as: rev. Daniel "the lion fucker" Carrey, rev. Adam "the orginal sinner" Jones, Rev. buzz lightyear, and justin was a jew. Before pushit, maynard taked about looking at things from a different angle One thing about tool became apparent to me at the show, I've seen them 8 times and every time i see them its like im going to see them for the first time again. I'm useless at writing reviews so i'll end it here Later

Review written by: Josh Rice ( Review posted on: 07/24/98 13:51:08 What a great show! It was hotter than hell, but no one seemed to really care. Maynard introduced the band as "the church" and all the members as Revrends (i.e. Rev. Adam Jones) except Paul..."well, he's a Jew!" They opened with Sweat and closed with O piate, probably the best songs of the show.

Review written by: pauligetar ( Review posted on: 07/23/98 08:43:06 Hotter than a living hell but it was a great show! This is the first time I have ever seen tool but it was one or the best concerts i've ever seen. Maynard came out with hair and i was for sure it was his until he ripped it off showing his normal bald head. He introduced the band mates as if they were reverends. (Rev. Adam Jones) The first song was SWEAT and it was by far the best song of the night. the new slow version of pushit was also very interesting If anyone knows the name of the unkown song email me

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/23/98 01:47:20 After having already seen a non-Ozz show this summer in Kalamazoo, I knew that the concert was going to rock. I was right. As usual, Tool blew the house down in overheated-fashion. The air inside the arena, I mean. Once again, Maynard came out dressed as a televangelist, though he chose to go backstage to strip down to his boxers this time. He seemed a little short on energy, as did the rest of the band. It was barely noticeable. The Arena management came up with the brilliant idea of spraying the floor level folks, at least the heavy hitting ones near the stage, with water. It was really nice, and it made for more entertainment. They didn't play a couple songs I wanted to hear (notably Jerk-Off and AEnema), but what they played was still excellent. Once again, the slow Pushit was splendid, and the closer Flood blew us off the floor.

Review written by: mothsmear ( Review posted on: 07/23/98 01:41:31 This was my first time seeing Tool in concert, and it was by far the best concert I've ever been to. It's amazing how well they sound live. If it wasn't for the crowd noise, it would sound exactly like the cd. Here's the setlist as far as I can remember. 1. sweat 2. forty six & 2 3. stinkfist (with buzz) 4. unknown song (with buzz) 5. sober (extended) 6. eulogy 7. pushit (slow version) 8. third eye 9. opiate 10. flood

Review written by: John Waltzer ( Review posted on: 07/23/98 01:32:51 I thought the band sounded excellent overall. It was the best of my ten or so concerts i've ever seen. The only downfall at all was that the vocals were a liitle too low on a few songs, and they didn't play a couple of their hits that I was looking forward to hearing live. On a scale of one to ten this concert definately deserves a 9.5 if not more.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/23/98 00:13:47 GREAT SHOW~~~~!!!!