Tool at OzzFest 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: 0723

Review written by: Cryptorchid ( Review posted on: 08/06/98 01:50:50 I went to Ozzfest, and that was my first concert. By the time Tool came on, I was in awe. When Tool came on stage, Maynard was a t.v. avangalist. He was wearing a suit and a wig. Than he went off stage, and came back in his boxers. I about died. Tool always has been one of the best bands around, and seeing them live makes me have more of an appretation for them. I could go on forever about the show, but I won't. I know that won't be my last Tool show, and I hope that they will keep coming out with good music, and I hope that the remake of "No Quarter" comes out soon. Excellent show.

Review written by: tterB ( Review posted on: 08/03/98 12:25:46 MAYNARD!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes, yet another Tool show, and yet another "BEST CONCERT I'VE EVER SEEN"! They never stop impressing me! Danny Carry Rocks! MAYNARD!!!!!!!!!!!! They sounded absolutly incredible and there is not much more you can say about them, by far the BEST EVER live band!!!!!!!! Set List: PART OF ME STINKFIST (w/ Buzz of Melvins) ????????? (w/ Buzz of Melvins) SOBER THIRD EYE (which is one of the best song EVER to hear live!) AENIMA JERK OFF (my favorite, they closed the show in Detroit, Feb. '94 with this song so this also was a nice treat!) ------- tterB -------

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 07/28/98 16:05:22 i went to both the july 15 concert at kalamazoo and the ozzfest at pine knob. sadly, they were practically identical. they played almost all of the same songs at ozzfest that they did in kalamazoo. In both, they brought buzz from the melvins to play stinkfist with them. also, maynard wore similar suits at the begining of both shows. i would have to say the ozzfest concert was better even they played fewer songs because the sound sucks in wings stadium. at ozzfest, a beachball flew onto the stage and maynard picked it up and held on to it for the rest of the show, squeezing it under his arm, like a kid clinging to his blanket. don't get me wrong, both shows were worth every penny and more.

Review written by: Kevin Gardiner ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 19:01:18 4 Days late, but oh well... The July 23rd show rocked. Pine Knob is my favorite place to see a concert, and Ozzfest didn't disappoint me. The early bands I reaaly don't know much about, but they all were pretty intense. System of a Down was GREAT on the second stage. I recommend everyone check them out if possible. Megadeth was okay...they used to be one of my favorite bands but they seem to have lost something...Tool kicked ass. Third Eye was the highlight of their set (which nobody around me seemed to know the words to). My only complaint (once again) is that the set was way too short! There was time for at least one, if not two more songs. Oh well..The band was tight. Couldn't have been better in terms of quality, just perhaps a little longer. Ozzy rocked too...he just keeps going and going...gotta go...keep posting reviews... Kevin

Review written by: Jason Saidoo ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 16:49:30 By far the best concert I have been to. Everyone rocked, from Coal Chamber, all the way to ears are still ringing!! Tool was by far the best!! Maynard came out dressed as an evangelist, which lasted for 1 1/2 songs. Reverend Buzz Lightyear from the Melvins played a couple of songs with the band, including Stinkfist (which Maynard called "LOW fiber diet". Other songs he titled "low FIBER diet" and "low fiber DIET". Best show yet!!

Review written by: Zach McCurdy ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 11:45:30 Well, i was impressed with a lot of things. I got there halfway threw Coal Chamber, and i really liked there set. Though the drummer trashed his kit afterwords, i was upset cause i hate drummers that do that. But I didnt like Sevendust. Soulfly fucken roc ked, i liked them a lot. Then i walked around. I saw a booth where 2 girls where would do sexual postions and then take pictures. Very interesting i might add. I then saw Life of Agony.Very cool, Very cool. And then Limp Bizkit, part of the reason i went. Right before they got on stage the people of pine KNob said not to throw grass. Well, the lead singer of Limp Bizkit says "Throw all the grass you want!" i have never seen that much grass thrown in life. Then he said "Ok, no more grass, throw garbage!" O UCH!! Tool was the reason i went. They opened up with Part of Me. Danny Carry is a drum good so i was really glad i saw him. They played Sober, Third Eye, AEnima and more, plus a song i have never heard before. Sober had an awesome intro. Though the drunk ass h ippies there pissed me off, because all during Tool, all they said was OZZY, OZZY!! I also got hit with a huge peice of sod in the back of the head during AEnima, in which i saved the sod. But all in all a great show

Review written by: Josh Rice ( Review posted on: 07/24/98 13:58:19 A kick-ass show. Even better than last night at Toledo. Maynard once again came out as a televangalist, at one time getting to crowd to yell "Amen", "Halleghelua", and "Jesus Fucking Christ"!! He once again dissappeared during Cesario Summability, onl y to reappear in his boxers and sit on the stage for a good 10 min. during the rest of the song...Then came Sober! They played Aenima, Part of Me, and Jerk-off, three awesome songs not played the night before. It's by far the best show I've ever seen.