Tool at OzzFest 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: 0726

Review written by: TzMePlzMe ( Review posted on: 08/19/98 02:05:58 I just want to say TOOL is just beautiful, they totally kicked some major ass at Ozzfest here in KC. Ever since, I cant stop thinking about them and talking about them...Maynard....God...he is just the most talented soul I know...and Adam....same for him...and he is hot as hell too. But TOOL did put on one hell of a show. I was lucky enough to snag front row w/ my friend...and Maynard actualy threw his water bottle in my direction after stripping...but unfortunatly I didnt catch it and security picked it up and gave it to my friend, BUT I DID GET THE STICKER OFF OF IT, but thats my story about TOOL..

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/13/98 21:12:43 I LOVE TOOL! they're the coolest band in the world. i saw them for the second time at OZZFEST, and i loved it. maynard knows how to get the crowd's attention....and keep it!! The music sounded great. i thought it was very tight. i wish they could have played longer though. but i got to see them again so i'm not going to complain. the day seemed to take forever but once TOOL started playing it was all worth it!!!!

Review written by: I LOVE TOOL!!!! ( Review posted on: 08/12/98 01:30:57 I know this review is way late but I just found the page. THis was my first time seeing TOOL and personally I thought they were AWESOME! On a scale of 1-10 I would have to give them a 10! They were all I expected them to be and more. Some of the other bands were good. But TOOL and Ozzy stole the show. I had many misfortunes on the 2 hr drive home, for ex: my ride rode home with her boyfriend and left us her car and left her lights on the whole concert. We got a jump, made it to a town 30 min away from home and it died again. (3 times in that town!) so at 3 in the morning we had to call and have someone come get us. But even though all this was happening we all still stayed in good humor because we were still overwhelmed by the show we just saw. Tool was one of the main highlights of the whole show and I would recommed buying a ticket to one of their shows no matter what the price. It's WAY WORTH IT!!!!!!! P.S. To whom it may concern: Do NOT blame the mud throwing on EVERYONE in the lawn. I happen to be one of those people up there who was fighting the mud and just as pissed off as everyone in the reserved seats. And to the guys in the middle section of the lawn that attacked the mud throwers in front of us. THANK YOU!!!!

Review written by: David R. Burd ( Review posted on: 08/08/98 00:54:45 Yah, Yah, I'm a little late in posting, but I felt it was necessary after reading the other reviews. I felt that I should add just a bit. Some of Maynard's movements on stage were the perenial favorites that have been perfected as only Maynard could. Most, though, were slightly different, and, I felt, for obvious reasons. His pompous movements, which most viewers have dubbed sexual, were actually manifestations of the pompous attitudes and actions of the very people he was portraying. His stripping during the final song was accompanied by the classic evolving ape to man scene. It was, however, in reverse. De-evolution. Through his motions and actions, Maynard displayed what is behind these fallacious proponents of healing -- how they came to be. Ah....the many levels that are TOOL....

Review written by: keira ( Review posted on: 08/05/98 01:46:00 i don't really have that much more to say sence everyone already wrote it. frist of all i'd like to say that there were some good bands on the second stage like snot,life of agony, and ultraspank but ofcourse TOOL blew them all away. words could never decribe the experiance. reverand maynard all of tool are the apitamy of talent anyways enough said. and i thought the fundimentalist crap was wonderful. when i was around thirteen i was privilagded enough to attend one of thoughs kinds of church services, and you wouldn't beleave how right on the mark he is. i was laughing then and i laugh now. i personnally thought it was great. by the way the first aliment was a goyder (forgive my spelling)

Review written by: keira ( Review posted on: 08/05/98 01:38:18 by the way this really isn't that important but i'm the one that took my shirt off. i didn't do it to flash the band, i did it because i felt so good, and altamatlly free. i senced that i was doing nothing wrong.i was that way through eulugy when a gaurd came over and made me put my shirt back on. it kindof broke the moment for i felt i was doing nothing wrong. just purely enjoying everything

Review written by: keira ( Review posted on: 08/05/98 01:32:36 by the way this really isn't that important but i'm the one that took my shirt off. i didn't do it to flash the band, i did it because i felt so good, and altamatlly free. i senced that i was doing nothing wrong.i was that way through eulugy when a gaurd came over and made me put my shirt back on. it kindof broke the moment for i felt i was doing nothing wrong. just purely enjoying everything

Review written by: keira ( Review posted on: 08/05/98 00:59:04 i don't really have that much more to say sence everyone already wrote it. frist of all i'd like to say that there were some good bands on the second stage like snot,life of agony, and ultraspank but ofcourse TOOL blew them all away. words could never decribe the experiance. reverand maynard all of tool are the apitamy of talent anyways enough said. and i thought the fundimentalist crap was wonderful. when i was around thirteen i was privilagded enough to attend one of thoughs kinds of church services, and you wouldn't beleave how right on the mark he is. i was laughing then and i laugh now. i personnally thought it was great. by the way the first aliment was a goyder (forgive my spelling)

Review written by: loyal servant (ehill@fiveway) Review posted on: 08/02/98 17:54:03 As expected Maynard and company stole the show.I was left feeling a little empty though,because of the 45 min.time slot.After they played STRANGLEHOLD it was like Ted Nuggent never even existed.I have no more time,for I am going to RED ROCKS for a full set.

Review written by: Willy-Wonka from Topeka, Kansas ( Review posted on: 08/02/98 03:10:14 Well, here it goes the review I wish I didn't have to make. TOOL was not all that I had hoped. I have seen them live before, this was not TOOL. This was a band centered on Crowed pleasing tactics and ACCEPTANCE. The Rev. Maynard skit was humorous,if you didn't know what Maynard was all about,(witch included over half of the crowd). To those of us who admire Maynard for the lack of need for acceptance and lack of care for what other people think of any aspect of his life, I'm sure were not impressed. Don't get me wrong, the music was good, as always. I had never heard Buzz before and he did play well. I could have gone without seening the REV. degrade himself by attempting to please all that attended, instead of the true TOOL fans, who don't expect them to primarily entertain, but to add a picture to a state of mind. In all actuallity I would rathter see them do a show completly void of humor and just fucking play, do there thing. Get down to the boxers and jive. That is what Maynard did towards the end of the show, and that eased my tention somewhat. Overall I would give the performance a 5 on a scale of 10. Last years LOLLA show was much better. As for the other bands, "System Of A Down" kicked ass, I had never heard of them before, but just a few days after the show I got their CD it is quite good. LIMPBIZKIT ROCKED!!!!!! they got the crowed way pumped. I thought it was crazy when the Lawn rushed the stage. looking up at several hundred people charging at you is quite intimidating. Megadeth sucked, Sevendust sucked, Soulfly sucked, Melvins were so/so, and so was Coal Chamber. Ozzy, TOOL, and Limpbizkit were the three best shows/bands of the tour. thanks you and good night.

Review written by: Christopher Aenigma ( Review posted on: 07/30/98 07:29:25 Nice reviews all you phans. I do believe that once Maynard said something about his words and song have no meaning, you just take what you can from it. Not only does this band entrance most of its phans but there is a very deep surrealism to their music. It engulfs you and eventually you begin to understand what it is all about. When TOOL walks onto any stage or is put in any cd player or cassette player(yes some still have those things) or a vinyl, the person listening is about to embark on a journey. A sheer journey of raw pure energy. Undiscovered almost. As for my review of the concert.. They of course entranced me. Mudslingers. I couldn't beat em. so i joined em. least till Megadeth was done. I was trying to tag Dave but he kept dancin around like a redheaded stepchild. Other than that. oh and the phucking pretzels were too expensive for my altered state of munchiness. Im goin to see them Next weekend in San Antonio at the Sunken Gardens. Anyone goin? i'll be the one in a trance.... -cHRISTOPHER aENIGMA-


Review written by: Hillary K. ( Review posted on: 07/29/98 00:34:40 TOOL was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! This was my first time seeing TOOL...... I liked their music for sometime...but seeing it was IT! I was just thankful that my friends and I got down to the seated "clean" area by the time TOOL started! Nothing like being at a show for hours already and spending 3/4th of your time dodging "mud pies"!!!!!! To all the "mud children" out there "GROW UP!!! and have some RESPECT"....that's all I have to say about that! Well anyway.... INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! Maynard came out dressed like an evangelist..(liesure suit and all!!!!!). He had the crowd saying the single quoted.."Have you been saved by 'Jesus Fucking Christ?' ". His on-screen visuals were the perfect wine with the main-course. He danced around like a pervert and ended up with just his underoos on..... A MUST SEE for any TOOL listener! By the way.. I was very impressed with his effort to enterain the "bible belt" of America.

Review written by: Aaron K. ( Review posted on: 07/28/98 22:38:30 First off, Tool is the coolest fucking band to ever walk on a stage. I am only sorry that I didn't find this out until November of '97. Ozzfest was damn smooth. I would however like to send out a big FUCK YOU to all the assholes throwing mud, and a double FUCK YOU to all the dumb asses in the seats throwing the shit back. There's nothing like a bunch of retarded ass bastards throwing mud to ruin a good concert. The entire line up at Ozzfest was rather worthless, except Tool. Don't get me wrong, Limp Bizkit is cool, but I have seen them play a better show (I think it was the whole mud thing that ruined that one). I am not a huge Megadeath fan either, but they were okay. Ozzy is too damn old and he just needs to stop. It's just not that cool to see a fifty year old, with black eyeliner, singing and dancing. Enough of the ranting, Tool brought down the house, as usual. They give off so much energy, it's truely amazing. It is the third time I have seen them in as many years. I would agree with a lot of people who say that Tool is much cooler indoors. The show was not long enough, but hey, if they played every song they had, it wouldn't be enough. I was suprised to see them play Stranglehold, but it was a very cool version of the song. I only wish that they would play more off of Opiate. Maynard is THE God and I would love to meet him, but it might scare me. He is a damn good dancer though. I would have to say that the show rocked, even after sitting through a bunch of crappy bands being pelted with mud clods, Thanks folks. Reverend Maynard touched and healed us all.

Review written by: Hogan Shrum ( Review posted on: 07/28/98 18:08:19 At about 5 minutes after 8:00 pm Sunday night, Maynard, Adam Danny and Justin stepped onto the stage at Sandstone to show up every other band at the festival. That they did. However they also played the shortest set of the day, finishing up in a mere 35 min. I believe all of us TOOL fans have Mr. Dave Mustaine and the rest of Megadeth to thank for that. Their set ran an overwhelmingly too long 1 hour and 15 min (which is makes it obvious why Tool was cut short). After suffering through them, I had hoped for something a little longer than half an hour of my favorite band EVER. The good news is...the length is my only complaint. I have seen TOOL 3 times now. The first was the Aenima tour here in K.C., the second at Lollapalooza in K.C. as well. I think that this show ranked number 3 compaired to the others, but once again...only because of the length. Maynard never ceases to amaze me with his on stage presence and look. Once again a creative little get-up mocking a TV evangelist was worn by the man...and he played the part well. I won't go into all the onstage antics since all the other reviews dwell so much on them, but like they all said...the antics were great and quite humorous. I must say it would have been interesting to see people take Maynard's advice and start fucking for positive energy. I guess it was too muddy. I do disagree with the other reviews in that I noticed that all the mud fighting ceased when TOOL came on. It seemed most of the people were there to see TOOL and OZZY because of the sudden lack of mud flying during both of their sets. I was kinda worried that because of all the flying mud I wouldn't be able to get closer for TOOL, but since it stopped I was. Thank god, or should I say..."Jesus Fucking Christ". I was happy to hear all the songs they chose to play, how- ever I was disappointed that because of the time restraints of this particular show they couldn't play some of the songs they played at previous dates in this tour. Songs like the slower version of "Pushit" and especially "Aenima" were very missed, as well as "Swamp Song" and "Jerk Off" which I've still never heard live, but were played at other shows. The setlist was as follows: 1. Part of Me 2. 46 & 2 3. Eulogy 4. Stinkfist 5. Stranglehold (a Ted Nugent cover) 6. Sober 7. Opiate 8. Flood I'd have to say that Stranglehold was the most impressive, probably because it's the first time I have heard anything but album tracks live (not that hearing those is by any means bad, but you all know it is cool to hear something new from TOOL). Plus they did it better than the original version by Ted. Way to go guys. Stinkfist sounded as good as I had heard them play it. I think because the volume of the speakers was turned up and Justin's bass was hitting real damn hard during that one. Those were the highlights of the show in my opinion. Overall I think this show was Great...I would have loved to have it be longer. But it was well worth the money. Tool remains the greatest live experience EVER!!!

Review written by: TOOLboy ( Review posted on: 07/28/98 17:47:13 This was the third time that I have seen TOOL and all I can say is that they were un-fucking-believable. I arrived as Megadeth was finishing their last song because we were all so fucked up that we got lost about five times. I didn't care because there wasn't any other bands that I really wanted to see anyway. All the people that I rode with had seat tickets but I had lawn. I tried to sneak in but I got caught. Then about 10 minutes before TOOL came on I jumped the rail and finally got to the seats. I was by myself so it was a little weird considering how fucked up I was. When TOOL came out I went fucking crazy and jammed until they left the stage. At this concert I thought that Maynard was a lot more into it than the other times that I've seen them. He talked to the crowd a lot more and danced and jumped around a lot more also. TOOL is my favorite band and always will be. I just wish that I could only meet them and have a nice long talk. Maynard is the baddest singer that I've ever heard and the greatest performer also. P.S. If anyone is going to the Oklahoma City show e-mail me.

Review written by: Pimp Daddy from st Louis ( Review posted on: 07/28/98 17:45:04 First of all, i drove from st louis sunday morning to see this show. Although Sandstone is owned by the same company as Riverport in St louis, it has a much better layout and i would recommend anyone to go see a show there. Anyway, everyone else's reviews are pretty much on the mark. I just wanted to say how cool and pissed off i got at everyone staring at me as i danced during tool, down in the mud pit close to the front of the lawn. I was the one wearing the white tool shirt and dancing all by myself. Having seen these guys for the 4th time, i knew how maynard acted on stage. I twisted and jerked, much like he does. Some of the cool concert-goers, cheered me on, yelling shit like "Fuck yeah" or just smiling, while some dickheads kept on throwing mud at me. Everyone, just relax and get into the music, and dont get in anyones face just cuz they like a particular band. Oh yeah, if anyone has never seen them in a small indoor venue, i totally recommend it-they are much better then outdoor festivals becuz you can see the band up closer, observe a better light/shadow/video show, and the music quality is so much better. I just wanted all of you there to know a little about that crazy bastard dancin on the lawn. And no, i wasnt stoned. Peace Pimpdaddy

Review written by: Clint J. Sewell ( Review posted on: 07/28/98 01:43:47 Okay, I've seen TOOL play three times know, and the Ozzfest show was by far and away the worst of the three. When they played at lollapalooza they were fair, this show i hated, but when I saw them headline, they were un-fucking-believable. Here is why i was disapointed: 1. Too many pecker heads throwing mud clods. 2. Waited around through suck bands to hear tool 3. And then they only played for twenty minutes. Yeah I know Ozzfest has been a long tour and I'm sure all the bands on the tour are ready for it to be over, but from a fans point of view, a Tool fan that is, I was disappointed. What little time Tool played, THEY DID KICK ASS!

Review written by: Wes Pinkley ( Review posted on: 07/28/98 00:50:27 What can i say. it kicked ass. When i first got there i was pissed because one guy from Rogers AR came with his fucking Mom. but after i got in i was happy and i went to the "crap-stage" I only saw two bands over there Snot and Life of Agony (who's new lead singer kicks ass.) Snot kicked up shit. And the life of agony guy almost broke his leg by jumping off the top speaker. the n we migrated to the other stages to watch System of a down they sucked All i did during their show was get high and throw mud And for the Event Staff FUCK YOU especially the redshirted one with the Cheifs hat. but 7dust kicked ass but what i was waiting for was the BUMRUSH (if you were there you know what i was talking about) During LIMp BIZCIT About 150 people including me rushed the lower pavillionon LB's orders And was the 2nd best show they played : Pollution, Counter feit, Stuck(my fav.), Nobody Lo ves me, Jump Around, Faith, Leech, and the bastards teased us with 30 sec of Korn. After that was Megadeth they need to be thrown off of Ozzfest. They were horrible and they were against the mud they were awful. AFTER THAT WAS TOOL it KICKED SO MUCH ASS I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN!!!!!! And I fell asleep during OZZY but what i did see were the intro and No more Tears which were cool but not the rest. BOTTOM LINE IS THAT REV. MAYNARD JAMES KENNAN IS gOd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Review written by: Casey M. ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 23:25:55 Hello everybody! Tool was the best by far throughout Ozzfest in Kansas City. Since nobody posted the correct order with all the songs, here is the real setlist: 1) Part of me 2) 46 & 2 3) Stinkfist (extended jam with Melvins) 4) Stranglehold 5) Sober 6) Eulogy (extra long ending) 7) Opiate 8) Flood Rev. Maynard came out in a suit and wig, and later would strip to just his usual boxers. This is the second time I've seen tool, and the crowd seemed to be more into it this time than at llplza last year. Thanx to everyone who sang along with me and didn't just throw mud. Besides a huge mudfight the rest of the fest included great performances by Coal Chamber and Limp Bizkit. My favorite new band was Monster Voodoo Machine, Check em out. Tool fans email me to chat or stop by the Tool room on aol. §§ÊTOOLʐ§§ Rock on and come back to sandstone soon!!!

Review written by: biggest F#cKiN fan (primus pork) Review posted on: 07/27/98 22:57:53 Sunday july 26 OzzFest 1998 I sat amazed at the best show i have ever seen!!!! no im not talking about Ozzy although he is a leagend i am talking about the one and only tool.the first song they played was part of me and MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN is the cra ziest man alive,this year he came out in a suit and a gray wig. HE came out with the most incredible stag preasence I have ever felt. Revrend Maynard clutched his bible and preached about the '' (bull-shit) Jesus F-cking christ" dont miss the show it is p henominal amazing shit i have ever seen. as the mesmerizing show rold on MAYNARD striped his clothing until he was in his boxers. The lead guitarist for melvins (good side stage band) / played an Ozzy song with tool after MAYNARD called the rest of the melvens band out and beat there ass on stage because they were sinners. adam jones (lead) added a solo in the middle of 46 & 2 and they played opiate second to last and rolled the end into flood for the final song. The hole band is truelly so amazing im still in awe today" im telling you tool even kicked Ozzies AAASSSSSSS !!!!!!! other songs they played were eulogy ,stink fist and , sober , TOOL IS ABOLUTLY THE MOST AWESOME THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: stephen ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 19:42:18 you want pictures?? I took 72 pictures at Ozzfest while it was at St. Louis. To view them go to my webpage. while you're there vote and sign my guestbook. Please also tell me if you're gonna steal my pictures and put them on your site.

Review written by: Travis Hecox ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 17:51:18 Ozzfest was quite an experience for me... I had been waiting 1.3 years to see tool again. Well I wake up tired as hell, and its raining outside so i am low spirited at first, but once i get there, stand in line in the rain for like 30 minutes, the rain has let up to more of a light mist. I figured, if it remains cloudy, i can see tool's video's on the big screen better... then again the crowd will be less likely to "get naked" if maynard would so request. Oh well. Well i was bored and sat in my seat (which was in the very middle of the last row) until coal chamber came on. I like coal chamber because they don't pretend to have much of a big "message" or anything, like most bands like "system of a down" are like fuck the government or whatever... but coal chamber is just about having fun. They go wild, as do I, and they drummer plays so fast and hard that be breaks several drum sticks!! wow! The next band I was anticipating was the Melvins, who have toured with tool for like the past 2 years. Buzz came out, and they had a new bassist... it wasnt mark... anyway and they only played like 4 songs because the assholes at ozzfest only gave them 30 damn minutes. And the melvins had to set up their own equipment they had so few roadies. sad. I head back to the main stage, and on the way some dick asks me "wanna buy some dophesss" im like "what the hell is dophesss" and he means dope but he is to high to talk right... what a fuck. Well now all the mud throwing was hell... they had been doing it for like 4 hours straight. big fucking clumps of mud would nail you in the head because these lawn dicks who were too poor or cheap or stoned to get seats were pissed because we weren't muddy enough like they were. Anyway on to tool. Tool is the definition of musical and harmonical perfection to me. Ive never heard anything that can move you so much as their music. especially the song Pushit. so climactic. Danny, Justin, and Adam (with a shorter haircut) come out, then out comes Reverend Maynard (im sure youve heard) with white hair, semi- platform shoes, and brown pants and overcoat. Heres some of the stuff maynard did and said between songs: "Holy Kansas!! We are gathered here today in the church of God...zilla. Can I get an amen? Can i get a hallelujia? Can I get a Jesus Fucking Christ!!" "Some people need to be healed. How many of you need a good healing!? I have here some friends that need healing today. (out comes Kevin the midget who played with the melvins, Dale Crover, A gay looking guy in a speedo, and Buzz Osbourne). "What ails you son" i have diarhea. "Is this holy diarhea or is it diarhea of Satan?" Unholy diahrea. "Do you believe in the power of Jesus Fucking Christ?" Yes. WHACK (punches them in the face) "BE HEALED!!" Midget walks up "What the FUCK is wrong with you??!!" I have a paper cut. "is it full of sin and darkness or holy light" its full of satan. knees the midget in the face "be healed!!" "We need to get some positive feelings going. So now I'd like everyone to start fucking!! Find a Hole, Find a Pole, or maybe a hole in the holy pole, whack it, smack it... whatever!!" "I see many of you ignored my request to start fucking!! Comon! Go for it! We'll be your background porno music. We aren't even here!!" "Nice tits" after seeing some girl flash him i suppose. before Stranglehold was played "this song is for those who remember motor city madness..." cheers from the crown, 10 second pause. Matter of factly stated "I, for one, do not." cracked me up. setlist: 1.Part of me (slow version) 2.46 & 2 (bass intro had a different distortion sound) 3.Eulogy 4.Sober 5.Stinkfist (with buzz on guitar... added some cool stuff) 6.Stranglehold cover (totally awesome!) 7.opiate/flood combo (danny extra's added) the movies played included some stinkfist clips, to naked girls holding up squares to hide their breasts while mesmerizing things were shown in the squares, up close eye surgery (wow), from ape to man walking, etc. This show was great except for 2 things: 1)The dumbfucks who could not enjoy the show without throwing tons of mud constantly... getting hit every 30 seconds by a clump is not fun. 2)the guy next to me (and everyone else) who can't listen to music and enjoy it without constantly smoking marijuana and making comments like "its doctor evil haha" and "whoa trippy yeah " and screaming "why can we not do drugs haha" and shit during tools set. what a dumb shit. visit my tool and melvins pages at:

Review written by: Jennifer ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 16:59:48 Keep my comments about other bands breif? Were there other bands there? I thought Ozzfest was all about Tool anyway. They were outstanding as usual! My fince' said Maynard has incredible stage presence. Tool is the most intertaining, dynamic band I have ever heard. Maynard is a chameleon, changing his persona every time I see him. Amazing!! I only wish there was enough time for Tool to play every song from every album live! There was huge mud fights all day long during every other band but when Tool took the stage all that shit stopped and everyone was spellbound. They kicked everyone's ass!!! I have no words to express how talented I think this band is. I am an actress and my fince' hopes to be a director, we want to make a movie with Maynard. He is one of the finest performers I have seen. Loved the show!!! Jennifer

Review written by: jackdarippa aka Daniel Sternberg ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 16:41:59 Ok, i'm back with another beautiful Tool review, if u remember me from last year's lollapalooza tool review, that is. We all leave when Limp Bizkit ended (got my ticket signed by Fred Durst by the way), so we don't hafta be there for Megadeth. We come b ack and Megadeth is still on but almost over. My friend found a ticket for reserved seats on the ground so we used a little intricate technique (well not that intricate) to get in. Megadeth ruins a perfectly good Sex Pistols song (Anarchy in the U.K.), but enuff of that, you wanna hear about tool. Ok, everybody starts screaming, they all come out. Maynard's dressed like a tv evangelist, wig and all. Keeps talking about Jesus Fucking Christ, hehe. They played a bunch of songs, including Stinkfist (ext ra long version), Sober (a bit longer than usual), 46 & 2 (normal length i'm pretty sure), all really loud (i think they turned the sound up higher than the previous bands). Buzz Lightyear and a few other people came on and played with them for awhile, M aynard did a little evangelist healing stunt, where he kept pretending to punch the people, it was pretty funny. Eventually he got out of the outfit tho'. Quite a show I must say, i won't go TOO far into detail cuz i don't wanna ruin it for anyone. The y showed little clips from videos and little random things (like lollapalooza 97) on a TV, or maybe it was an LED display but it's hard to tell. Well, that's just a quick rundown, have fun.

Review written by: Derek Gathright ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 15:57:07 Warning, This is a pretty long review so if you donít like reading a lot, ignore this. Well I wasnít originally planning on writing a review for the July 26th Ozzfest in Kansas City but it was just so incredible that I figured I had to. The day started when I woke up at 8:30 dead tired to get ready and pick up my friends, when I looked out the window and it was pouring rain, it had been since the night before. Then I picked up my friends and we got to Sandstone Amphitheater at about 10:15 and so we hopped in the line and stood in the freezing rain for about an hour till we finally got in. We walked around for a little while before any of the bands started to play. Then we walked over to the second stage just as the first band got on stage. To my amazement, theyíre name was Snot!!! I figured with a name like that they are defiantly worth checking out. So the singer got on stage and yelled ìAre you mother fuckers ready for some SNOT!î, I couldnít help it, I just started cracking up laughing cause it just sounded so funny. They were pretty cool, I thought of them as like a Limp Bizket with a heavy metal twist to them. So when they were over we started walked over to the Lawn Section and at the bottom was just a total mud pit. So we went about halfway down and sat there waiting for the first band to get on, so then we hear some cool intro music and Iím wondering who this is for then out comes Coal Chamber. They were pretty cool, I have only heard a couple of songs by them before the concert. The band was cool but the best part about then was the crowd by where I was sitting, Maybe some of you remember seeing the ìMud Peopleî at Woodstock 94í, well thatís what I could see starting to happen here. First it started as a mosh pit in the mud then it escalated to people grabbing their friends and throwing them in the mud. And for about 10 min. a nice little no rules 3 on 3 football game started in the mud and all I have to say was that it was fucking nuts! Then along came a drunk guy who decided to play in the mud, then people started throwing mud balls at him, and he didnít fucking care he was laughing his ass off and occasionally he would throw one back. That whole time I was laughing so hard at him I could barely breath. So that calmed down a little in between bands and I didnít feel like going to check out the second stage because I was having too much fun watching the wrestling and fucking with drunk people, but then Sevendust came on and all hell broke loose. Mud flying everywhere, huge pits, Mud People turning the hill into a Slip-in- Slide. It just fucking ruled! The next band to play was System of a Down, Iíve been hearing a lot of kick ass reviews about them so I was really psyched to see them. But it turned out that they werenít really what I expected, so I was kinda disappointed. One of the things that I didnít like about them was they told everybody to sayî. ìFUCK THE GOVERNMENT (or something like that)î like 20 times in a row, I just think thatís going a little too far trying to force people into your beliefs, but thatís just my opinion. While the mud throwing and mud wrestling continued, Soulfly took the stage, damn that rocked. Then next out came LB, hell yeah. The main reason that I went to Ozzfest was to see Tool and Limp Bizkit. Never seen a stage setup like what Limp Bizkit had, one huge dirty ass fuckin toilet, I mean it must have been like 20 ft. tall. During LB the mud throwing expanded into an all- out war, Lower lawn vs. Upper lawn and it was getting real intense. I mean you had a couple hundred people all throwing mud at once. Then some security guards came and tried to stop it but the ended up being covered in mud from people throwing countless mud balls at them, it fuckin ruled. Another cool part of their set was when a shitload of people rushed the gates to get out of the muddy ass lawn and into the seats, didnít see anyone get thrown out because of it surprisingly. And also Limp Bizkit covered House of Painís ìJump Aroundî and George Michealís ìFaithî. Now at this point even if I wanted to go check out some of the second stage bands Iíd be fallin on my ass the whole way up cause it was so damn slippery from all the mud. And the mud pit that I told you about before had expanded to cover about halfway up the lawn. Next up was Megadeath, I used to like them when I was in like 5th grade when Symphony of Destruction came out, but I sold the Youthanasia CD once I bought cause I thought it sucked. So I wasnít to excited about seeing Megadeath, but I figured what the hell, donít have anything else to do. The only songs I recognized was Sweating Bullets and Symphony of Destruction so Iím guessing the rest were new songs. Then the moment came, Tool. Damn I was so eager to see them again. I was interested in seeing what MJK would come out as this time, then there he was as Reverend Maynard. He came out saying some Jesus Christ bullshit and he told everyone ìto get down and have sex and weíll be youíre background porn musicî. Since I said I wasnít expecting to write a review for this show, I didnít bring anything to write the set-list down on, so I had to memorize it. So I might be wrong, but Iím pretty confident that my memory serves me well and that I could remember the order of the songs. So here goes. The first song that they played was ìPart of Meî which was a big surprise to hear cause I never hear them play any Opiate stuff besides Sweat and Opiate, and it had the typical cool visual stuff in the background. When they finished that song Reverend Maynard impersonated a TV Evangelist and brought out the first guy and I donít remember what his sickness was Reverend Maynard cured it by hitting him over the head with the microphone. Then the second guy came out complaining of his diarrhea and Reverend Maynard asked him ìIs this the Evil and Sinful diarrhea or the fundamentalist diarrheaî, his response was the evil and sinful type, then Reverend Maynard asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ as his lord and saviorî the response was ìYesî, and Whap!, another hit on the head with the microphone ìYou are healed!î Then the third man came out complaining of his paper cut, and blah blah blah same as before, only this time he kicked him in the head while the man was kneeling before him ìYou are healed!î Ok enough of that, that next song that was played was the much-expected 46 & 2. Then Stinkfist came with the video playing in the background. Then Reverend Maynard said ìThis song is for all of you who remember (forgot the name of the song, it was something like Motor City Madman I think)î, but it was by Ted Nugent, then he added in ìEven though I donít.î with a laughter from the crowd. And they actually did a cover song, I never thought I would see Tool do a cover song, but they did and it was pretty cool and but it was also pretty long, about 8-9 min. Iím guessing, but I wasnít timing. Then came the ever familiar ìda na, da da da da na,da,da daî of Sober. I was kind of disappointed that they didnít play the actual video in the background cause thatís my favorite video of Toolís. Oh yes, then the one I have been waiting for, Eulogy, 1 word to describe it live ìIncredibleî. Opiate was next, and I have noticed all the times I have seen them live (3) Danny Carey changes the drumming a little bit after the ìwe both want to rape youî part to a slower & easier drum beat which takes away some of the feel of the song for me. Then they did a cool job of blending the end of Opiate with Flood. Maybe someone else will post a set-list for this show cause like I said, I had to do this all by memory and it might not be exactly right. But I must say I was dissapointed because I didnít hear them play the new version of Pushit that I have been hearing rave reviews about, and they also didnít play Third Eye which I expected cause itís like 12 min. long Then Ozzy came on, ìoh yay, whoo-hoooî, so I left cause I hate him. Derek Gathright

Review written by: Ducey ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 15:05:54 Arriving at Ozz-fest by around one, I decided to check out Life Of Agony and their new vocalist, Whitfield Crain. I then hurried back to the main stage to catch Coal Chamber. I mostly kept eyes on their bassist. I then wandered the festival, in anticapation of Soulfly. I thouroghtly enjoyed their set and showed much energy and enthusiasim. I once again chose to wander around, rather than sit through Limp Bizkit. I came back near the end of thier set and found it ironic that they use a giant toilet as a prop, seeing as, in my opinion, that's were they belong. Megadeth was up next. I was dissapionted in the most of the crowd's reaction. I on the other hand enjoyed Megadeth very much and I appreciate Dave Mustian's comments to show the next band more respect(In the regards to mudd slinging.) Well, here we go, TOOL. I often found it very odd how people try and fail to discribe Tool in words. Saying such things as "They RocK" Like some average generic, run-of-the-mill, "Alternative" band.(Could some please give me a fucking definition of the term, "alternative music") The truth is, Tool is FAR BEYOND any label that the media or the mindless masses can slap on them. Now, down to busniess. Tool entered the stage in a non-pretensious manner.I hardley recognized Maynard in the evangelsit get-up he had on. They banb then proceded to perform Part Of Me. Excellent. Opiate material. Brother Maynard then began his sermon and welcomed all of us to the church of GOD..............zilla AND his son JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!! Can I get an "AMEN"??? He then encouraged all of us to "create a more positive atmosphere ", by FUCKING!!!! I wouldn't have minded a good fuck, but I could not see anyone nearby that I would want to fuck. 46'n 2 followed in the set list and was well recieved by the audience. Of course they were visuals that accompained the aural magik of Tool, thus givning one a more....... spiritual, mystifying experiance. I could not possibley describe that wich I saw upon the screen, but I can say that the were disturbing and yet enlightening at the same time. I reacted like I was at a church and was throughing my hands to the air. It seemed to me that between songs, Maynard was mocking fundamentilist, christian belief, by "healing" those with inflictions. It was a VERY amusing sight. Tool was then joined my Buzz Osborn of The Melvines, to perform Ted Nuget's "Stanglehold". I did not recognize the song untill it was almost over. Buzz also added his touch to Stinkfist. Maynard remined the people thet they were not fucking. "Just ignore us, we're not here. We are your backround porno music." He then introduced the next song as, "Amazing Grace" or as Tool fans like to call it, Sober. Maynard was now, begging to strip off his evangelist outfit, as Tool rolled into the be-all-to-end-all EPIC hymn, Eulogy. The classic, Opiate followed and by this time, Maynard had stripped down to his underwear, looking more like the Maynard we all know and love. Adam Jones was sporting a new haircut as he provided each song with it's own unique and thought provoking riffs. Justin Chancellor kept the throbbing bass tones on a consistant level and Danny Carey proved once more that his skills behind the kit are unparalleled. Flood was the closing gem to end this musical interlude of power and majesty. I would have loved to see the OZZ-MAN's entire set, but my friend wished to leave due to the traffic after the whole festavile was done and believe me, the traffic is nightmarish. I did get to enjoy an amusing show prologue of Ozzy in some famous places of pop-culture. South Park, Spoce Girls, Hanson, The Shining and I did get to see classics such as Bark At The Moon and No More Tears, but all good things must come to an end, so my friends and I took our leave. SO until the OZZ-MAN cometh once more, I sincerely hope you welcome the love and power of Jesus FUCKING Christ into you anus. Now I must bid you...........Good day.

Review written by: gary ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 14:10:20 After alot of other bands, some good, some bad, Tool took the stage. The playlist (not in order): part of me, eulogy, 46 and 2, sober, -ions (short), a ted nugent cover (played with and sung by a member of the Melvins), stinkfist, flood (short - without the intro), and opiate. If somebody could help me with the sequence, and tell me if I missed anything, it would be appreciated. The atmosphere of the concert was quite wild, and it rained heavily the first half of the day. This combination led to alot of mud throwing from the lawn seating, and by the end of the day the whole lower half of the lawn seats were replaced by a huge mud pit. When Tool came on the 'Rev. Maynard' told the crowd that we needed some positive feelings and told everyone to have sex 'find a hole, find a pole'. Whether intentional or not, this had a calming effect on the crowd, or perhaps they just wanted to see the stage show (the video screens were playing what would make an ultimate screen saver for a pc). Maynard put on quite a show and even healed a group of misfits by shouting 'praise jesus fucking christ' or some such and proceeding to punch or kick the 'evil' out of them. A bit later Maynard expressed his disappointment that his earlier request had seemed to have been ignored, since nobody in the crowd was having sex. I think he just confused most people, whom seemed to be much more receptive to negative emotions. The performance was great, and I think the band should come back to Springfield, MO and do this 'evangelist' act, the reaction would be priceless.

Review written by: Jason Osborn ( Review posted on: 07/27/98 13:21:02 First off, I'd like to say thanx to Dave Mustaine of megadeth for actually being the first band with enough balls to tell people to quit out the mud throwing and show the bands a little respect. It rained all the night before and that morning, so several people decided to tear up the muddy turf and start throwing it at people. well, by the end of the concert 3/4 of the lawn was totally gone, to the point of only mud left. *note to you, if you are one of the fucks throwing mud... Sandstone has already stated (before this concert) that they were thinking of not holding anymore rock concerts at sandstone because of all the damage that has been caused...this may have been the metaphorical "last straw," so I hope you enjoyed your mud throwing bout, because it may have been the last concert at sandstone you will have been able to enjoy yourself at. *steps of podium* Okie, tool was killer, and at least the mud throwing did stop dirung TOOL and Ozzy's set. Tool played.... 1) Part of me 2) 46 & 2 3) Stranglehold 4) Sober 5) Eulogy 6) Opiate 7) Flood MJK came out as a reverend, but he didn't strip (except for the jacket) until the outro part to opiate. anyway, I'll leave the fine details to the other posters. All in all, if you can look past having to dodge mud balls ever 3 seconds, it was a kickass day/show.