Tool at OzzFest 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: 0801

Review written by: !?#@$%* ( Review posted on: 08/26/98 10:33:22 To all who are downing Megadeth and Motorhead, remember who paved the way for bands like Soulfly and Sevendust, who rocked also by the way. The only thing that Motorhead had going against them was a really bad sound tech. Sevendust kicked. Hell everyone was awesome. Even Coal Chamber was good. Regardless of what many not so musically inclined people said Megadeth was one of the highlights of the show. Ozzy? Like you didn't know he was going to kick. But if Ozzy was not there that the tour could have definitely been named Toolfest. Again, like you had to ask. Toll rules in the studio and in stage. It was very refreshing to hear Sweat, which I haven't heard live since Lollapalooza back in '93. Stinkfist was awesome as well, especially with the awesome bridge in the middle. Rev. Melvin was also a welcome sight to add to the confused redneck faces of Raleigh. I don't think they know what hit them. The extended version of Pushit gave me more chills than I ever thought possible. I felt like a girl at a New Kids concert ready to ball my eyes out and scream, MAYNARD!!!!!!!!!!!, at the top of my lungs. If you've never seen Tool live you haven't lived. I urge you to go to a Tool show and see for yourself what everyone on this page has been telling you for years.

Review written by: Richard Pryor ( Review posted on: 08/23/98 19:53:08 We will make this short and sweet! We, along with 90% of the other people sat in the parking lot and drank beer wondering what the horrible screeching sound was coming from the stadium. We later found out that it was none other than those old fogies Motorhead. By the way....what the hell is that thing on his face..damn he's ugly. Other than that, we basically thought everybody played well except for "korn" chamber. We also thought that Megadeth was really good. You don't have to jump all over the stage while screaming and breaking things to put on a good show. I guess some posers today just can't appreciate that. The hightlight of the day was when Tool played "stinkfist" with King Buzz from the Melvins on lead guitar. That guy's a freaking God. We're sure Ozzy put on a great show but we were tired and extremely intoxicated and decided to beat all the 'necks' out of the place. C-ya next time.

Review written by: Fungus ( Review posted on: 08/06/98 17:02:14 Awesome. The first time I've been able to see Tool in concert, and I was NOT disappointed. The sound quality was great, the light/visual show was better, and the band was flawless. I found the "Jerry Fah-well" act highly amusing.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (AOL.COM) Review posted on: 08/05/98 13:04:41 Other reviews have pretty much described the experience. Tool played great. Ozzy was cool. Really put a lot of energy in his show. Some people have said the bands all sound the same. Well they actually did but it was that type of festival and everyone should have expected that. Otherwise, all the bands sounded good. Tool didn't play as well as they have in the past but they still can play a better set on a bad night than others can at their best. I guess they set the bar so high that it is hard for them to live up to their own standards.

Review written by: Brandon Myers ( Review posted on: 08/05/98 11:34:16 Everything that can been said about Tool has already been said, so I'll just talk about the other bands. I was happy to see that Motorhead was on the main stage for this concert; they rocked, but the sound was terrible and they didn't play a single song from their latest album. Next was Sevendust, who I wasn't sure about, but they really surprised me by kicking ass. I skipped Coal Chamber, because if I wanted to hear the worst parts of Marylyn Manson, Korn, and White Zombie all thrown together and all the good parts removed, I would listen to the worst songs by the three of these bands. Soulfly and Limp Biskit blew goats. I was expecting some good music from these two, but all their songs sounded the same. Like crap. I was so sick of Soulfly shouting their name in every single song they played. Megadeth rocked. They did not play for 90 minutes; they played for 1 hour just like Tool. People like to remember things how they want to, not how it happened. Blazing solos, rocking riffs, anything you could want. I admit that Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman, and even Ozzy Osbourne are spotlight hogging, ego boosting pricks, but they put on a great show. The crowd loved Megadeth. Tool was great, but that has already been said. "Like some little piece of cloth really made a difference" Ozzy rocked. Those of you who left early missed out, not just on some great music, but bare breasts too. The videos were funny, but Ozzy did not play a single song off his latest album, much like Motorhead. Odd.

Review written by: loser ( Review posted on: 08/04/98 02:17:41 the show in raleigh was damn good...the main reason i went was to see TOOL. It was the third time i saw them and i still think that they are the best band ever. the only problem was that they didn't play long enough, megdeth went on before them and played a lot longer..and they weren't very good. I was pissed...but at least that meant that it was darker outside when TOOL played so they could turn on the giant screens and you could see all the strange images that they always show at their concerts. they played a slower version of "pushit" that was really good. one of the main things that i wanted to see was what maynard would be wearing. i liked the outfit, but it wasn't as cool as the white makeup at last years lollapalooza, that image still haunts me. i wasn't on the lawn but i was still far back so i didn't realize that it was maynard comming on stage b/c of the blonde wig...thankfully the rednecks that were sitting in front of me were gone the whole time tool was on so i didn't have to put up with thier bullshit. over all it was a good show, limp bizkit was really entertaining and it was pretty cool to see ozzy.

Review written by: chuk ( Review posted on: 08/03/98 16:12:06 the ozzfest 98, or toolfest as i heard it being called as i bailed after tool played to beat the traffic and sunburnt, bleeding, moshing rednecks, fucking rocked, despite the aweful soundman. tool was the pennical of rocking grace fo the day for me and my gilfriend. i hope to see tool in our brand new arena in greenville s.c. if you build it they will come. i wish tool had played longer

Review written by: The_UltraSpank ( Review posted on: 08/03/98 15:33:52 The Three best Performances at this Ozzfest are in this Order 1.TOOL : Show kicked ass , The music kicked ass, The video footage kicked ass, What more can I say? It was TOOL.I wished they could have played longer. 2.OZZY: It was great,But I expected More, Plus Ozzy didnt play long enough either. 3.UltraSpank:My personal fav. , Great show, lots of energy,got to meet the band,Awesome show. note: Concerning the young lady who was crowd surfing and was violently getting her clothes ripped off,Im Glad me and my Friend kicked your asses and I said It once to all of you and Im gonna say it again,YOU ARE ALL FUCKING PIGS!(You Know who you are)

Review written by: Steve in N.C. ( Review posted on: 08/03/98 10:35:48 An OzzFest Revue: Upon arriving to the Walnut Creek Amphitheater (Raleigh, NC) at 12:05pm, we (myself along with my fellow best friend/music critic) were able to ëtake iní most of the musical events that were showcased on this particular day. The weather was perfect, as for weeks before we had been experiencing torrid heat and humidity conditions. But today, mid-80ís and low humidity with a nice breeze. The gods were considerate. Below is a summary of the bands I was able to seeÖ A System of a Down: They were entertaining. Lead guitarist looked like a freak. The drummer was sporting a button-down shirt complete with a tie. Vocalist would state some non-conformist typical slew of words he (subconsciously) stole from many other more prominent bands between songs. Incubus: I purchased this CD awhile ago to get familiar with some of the other bands that were going to attend the festival. The CD was a pleasant surprise as was the group live at the concert. The whole tone of their show was a positive note as the singer was gracious and very optimistic. I thoroughly enjoyed their show. Hard with a jazzy side. Snot: Typical angry rock with typical rhythms and themes. Boring. Sevendust: This is another CD I had purchased, and was quite surprised by their show. The CD is a bit flat in terms of energy, but this band rocks! Their drummer is bad ass. Lead singer is really entertaining, but with his dark complexion and dark clothing, I would eventually lose him with my hypnotic stare at the stage. Limp Bizkit: These guys surprised me. I didnít know much about them, but I will now investigate. The Melvins: What a disappointment these guys were. First, they were on the second stage and they were early. I have a couple of their CDís and their concert did not reflect as to the intensity of their music. They must be in the middle of experiencing some sort of transformation that entails using a lot of reverb and feedback to express their music. I will now demonstrate my ësoundsíÖ. BooÖ. HissÖ. Motorhead: They suck so badly, I wonít even go into it. Megadeth: Ditto. See above. Suckage noted. Tool: Rev. Maynard came out sporting his white suit and whitish wig preaching to us (as he has been doing all summer). Their setup was a bit different, as Danny was on the left side of the stage and both Adam and Justin were on the right stage. This was fine for awhile, especially considering I could watch everything Danny did on his kit (Note: I have been drumming since the age of 11 , now 32). But, there was this fucking blue light that pelted us continuously right next to Adam. So, I could not bear looking in his vicinity almost the entire show. I wonít go into the order of the music (as I doubt I can recall), but I thought Tool was lacking their usual energy. This was the third time I have seen them (first in New Orleans , second Raleigh ) so I set a standard for them to be judged. Like I said before, maybe it was because the sound guy(s) sucked, but I think that was just part of the dilemma. They were NOT as tight as they usually are. Could be from touring all summer and this was the next to last show? I donít know. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed, as Tool was the main reason I forked out all this money ($38 ticket, $7 parking, $5 lemonade, $4 soft drinks, $5 (x2) beer, $2 (x3) water, etcÖ) and I wanted a top notch performance. Danny made a couple mistakes as well, like mis-hitting his dome (cymbal) on specific portions or just getting confined. Not that big of deal, I know, but once I start getting critical, I proceeded to pick everything apart. Anyway, I think they played for the mandatory 1-hour (Megadeth played for 90 minutes!), they quit. No encore. So, good show. I was pleased. But, not the level of performance that I have been to expect from these guys. Could have been a negative mood thing from my point of view, but my buddy said the same thing, and he too is a huge Tool fan. Letís all hope they come out with a new album some time in the near future and it doesnít get off track from their stainless music. If I had to make a prediction, I would say that they are going to lose a lot of us original Tool fans (from Opiateís release) with their next recording. Hopefully not. Ozzy: The metal man! I was an Oz fan in the mid-80ís, so I wanted to see him one last time. He has an appetizer of sorts for us with a video collage that depicted him as the main character in Titanic as he was being sketched by Leonardo ? (Whomever. My wife and I are probably the only humans that have not seen this movie). Ozzyspice was in a Spice Girlís video, a Hanson video, a Fiona Apple video, etc. It was a hoot. He then appeared and they proceeded to play the music that has defined his career for 30 years. Looked like the drummer was the guy from Faith No More (he is awesome!) and the bassist looked just like Suicidal Tendencies/Infectious Grooves (?). I have no idea who was playing guitar, but he could NOT quite hang with some of the riffs that Randy Rhodes and Jake E. Lee have recordedÖ(Not many can) After 30 minutes, we bailed to beat the traffic. In summary, the overall show was good. Not great. This was probably the best combination of percussionists I have experienced in one setting in a long time. The sound on the main stage pretty much sucked. It did progress as the night went on, but that could be related to the moods we set forth onto ourselvesÖ;-) The second stage was definitely the highpoint of the show, even though Tool did not play there. Incubus was the revelation of the show. The low point was the idiot moshers that were obviously there not for the music but to fight. What a bunch of Neanderthals. Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

Review written by: Mangore ( Review posted on: 08/03/98 08:33:27 Allright honestly i think last years performance at lollapalooza was a bit better, but the bands that surounded tool at ozzfest more than made up for it. Coal Chamber and Soulfly kicked major ass and Ozzy was much better than i expected. Tool as always is an emotional experience, I didnt get there in time for MotorHead, oh darn, and Megadeth fucking sucked, those guys need to give up touring and stay in the studio. Once again Tool is on another plane of existance and cant be touched. Oh yeah I agree with the rev. on not getting into bars in raleigh I know the feeling, this place is full of lame mother fuckers

Review written by: Nick Huinker ( Review posted on: 08/02/98 18:38:26 I wrote a whole review (i'll post it to the newsgroup) but I dont want to junk up the page so here's the actual Tool excerpt: .... Then we ran up to get a seat (well, standing area) for Tool. Finally they came on. It was really disappointing. Not them, but our position in the crowd. We hadn't gotten actual seats this year, and it turned out that they didn't show Tool on the video screens like at Lolla. But Tool were once again awesome. Here's the setlist as well as I can remember it: Sweat Swamp Song Stinkfist (with Buzz and a different bridge than last year) Eulogy Sober (w/tim leary video and different intro) Pushit (new slow version) Opiate/Flood This year Maynard actually did some talking between songs... he talked about fundamentalist America and told about a few nights ago when they were staying at a hotel and they tried to go to some bars but kept getting refused entry because once their shirts weren't tucked in and another time they didn't have collars on their shirts. It was cool. I was disappointed that they wasted time playing Sweat because it's one of my less favorite Tool songs (actually, Flood isn't one of my favorites either but I liked the way they put them together.) I would have liked to hear Undertow or Part Of Me, but oh well. All the other songs they played last year, but I really like the new slower version of Pushit...if they recorded that and released it as a single, I think it would do very well. Anyway, they were great once again. Oh yeah, and my friend taped the show so I'll let everyone know if it comes out good (he also got Melvins, Bizkit, Soulfly and Incubus I think)

Review written by: ToolMan ( Review posted on: 08/02/98 16:52:37 In so many words........ Tool is the greatest band in the world. First off, i have to shout out a big FUCK YOU to the guys behind me shouting for Ozzy when Tool played the slower version of pushit. These punks wouldn't know a good band because their brains are programmed. Not to dis Ozzy, because he is the rock god, but Tool is without question the best live band anyone can see. To hear them play the variety of songs from "Opiate", "Undertow", and "Aenima" made the whole day worth the wait. I think MJK ripped a hole into the biblebelt of N.C. with some of the most hillarious, yet powerful messages about these religious freaks who only want to control what you hear, control what you do, control what you say. If Tool ever creates a church for me to go to, i'm there every Sunday morning. I'll pay 35 dollars to see Tool anyday. I was also impressed with the other bands, including Megadeath and Soulfly. Great concert, great time. Thanks to all of the chicks who were themselves, and not trying to be someone else. Next year.......TOOLFEST. Because that is what it really is. I want to thank MJK's mother for giving birth to an incredibly talented man. He is God. Period.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/02/98 16:39:05 Everybody covered everything already. Just wanted to say that the new version of Pushit is one of the most powerful climaxing songs I have ever heard! The slowly increasing power of the song just rips right into you. This was a much better show than last years Lollapalooza show. Opiate bridged into Flood was also amazing!

Review written by: sLy ( Review posted on: 08/02/98 14:56:56 Very long review; enjoy.... My friends and I got to OzzFest at Walnut Creek Amplitheatre around 12:30. The wait to get into the show was pretty long, but we finally made it. I was expecting to find a lot of drunk rednecks, who were just there for Ozzy staggering around the place, but I only saw a few, which was nice. To the left when you walk in was a few shops and the restrooms, then over more to the left was the second stage. Straight ahead when you walked in was a huge hill with the main stage being behind that. I got a shee t with the bands and what time they would be coming out, and we went from there. We went to watch the Melvins first. They were great. Next was Sevendust on the main stage. I enjoyed them also. We did that a lot, just going from main stage to second s tage; trying to listen to lots of bands. Around 5:20, Limp Bizkit was supposed to play on the main stage, so we headed over there. Inbetween all the "fuck you"'s and Fred Durst constantly running around the place and in the crowd, I heard some of their songs. I found them amusing, but I am a fan of Limp Bizkit, so I enjoyed the set. Next was Metallica- I mean Megadeth. Very loud. Very boring. Very bad. Then this band called Tool played. What an amazing performance. I was watching the stage to see the band walk out. I didnt even recognize them at first. I saw this big guy walk out in shorts and I believe a sleeveless shirt, next was a little guy in a suit and funny looking hair and a big book in his hand, then Justin came out right behind them and I realized it was the band. Adam came out right behind Justin. Maynard said what he had said in earlier shows when he was an evangelist. They opened with Sweat. MJK is the wackiest guy when he is singing. Also, the lighting was incredible for the sh ow. When Maynard sang "There's no love in fear," during Pushit, these bright red lights just glarred while he held the note; incredile. After Sweat, Maynard got out his bible and read a verse, then saying it means we should all get naked and start fucki ng. In the middle of the show, Maynard got 2 people from off the stage to come to him so they could be healed. After they said what their problem was, Maynard punched them, then said "Your healed!" , and then "See what happens when you fuck with God." Later in the show, Maynard talked about how they tried to go into bars last night, but the people kicked them out because they didnt tuck in their shirts or have a collar. MJK then went on to say that he realized this was a very fundalmentalist, christia n city and that stuff happens here. He said a lot more, but it would take too long to type it up and I dont remember every single word and I dont want to misquote someone. But, just to sum up his story, he said that the first ideas of religion was to lo ve everybody and that's what we need to do, "love everyone unconditionally.....UNconditionally. So no, I will not tuck my shirt in." His last words, as he walked off stage were "turn off the tv, read a book. jack off in a high powered fan, and Love Every one." Then he tossed his water bottle in the crowd. Set List: Sweat Swamp Song Stinkfist / with Buzz from the Melvins- during this song he stripped to his boxers like a Chip 'n Dale dancer. It was very funny. Eulogy Sober Pushit / slow version-amazing!! Opiate Flood

Review written by: kenan ( Review posted on: 08/02/98 12:29:38 Tool kicked ass once again. MJK walked out wearing a television evangelist suit. Being that this is NC, there were quite a few rednecks, marines, and fratboys that seemed to only have one goal: to start a mosh pit anywhere and everywhere they could. I couldn't see half the show because of these dumb fucks. Anyway, the set list went something like this: 1. Sweat 2. Swamp Song 3. Stinkfist 4. Eulogy 5. Sober 6. Pushit (slow version) 7. Opiate 8. Flood I'm VERY glad they played "Flood"...that song kicked so much ass. At the end of the concert, MJK said something like "See you next time." Hopefully they will be coming back.

Review written by: KurtDogg ( Review posted on: 08/02/98 12:29:32 Another great performance. The setlist and all that has already been covered. Reverend Maynard healed 2 young men on stage. One had crabs and the other had a sore. Amazing what the power of Jesus can do. Amen.

Review written by: Brad Reichenbach ( Review posted on: 08/02/98 11:34:28 What else can I say but TOOL just rocked. By far the best act there. This was the first time I had ever seen TOOL live, after following there music for the past five years. I'm definitely going to see them again. The slow version of pushit was awesome, and the crowd reaction to Stinkfist was tremendous. A cat fight even broke out where I was standing. Intense. Too bad their new album won't be out for a while. Setlist: Sweat Stinkfist Eulogy Sober Pushit Swamp Song Flood (not necessarily in that order)

Review written by: James Simpson ( Review posted on: 08/02/98 11:02:49 What else can I say? TOOL fucking kicked ass! Anyway, onto the setlist: Sweat Swamp Song Stinkfist (w/Buzz from Melvins and extended) Eulogy Sober (intro by Dr. Timothy Leary and extended) Pushit (new slow version kicks ass!) Opiate Flood Maynard came out onstage with the evangelist suit on as in previous shows. It probably fits this show more than previous cities on tour. Maynard even made a point about it, while he discussed what had happened when the band tried to enter a few of the bars around Raleigh. The first bar, Maynard stated that they had to tuck their shirts in before entering. The second bar, Maynard was told that they had to have a shirt on with a collar. "How strange it is that a little piece of extra fabric on a shirt can decide things in life." Well, thats the Fucking bible belt for ya! Anyway, one of the better shows I have seen, even though Danny fucked up a couple of times!

Review written by: BGK ( Review posted on: 08/02/98 10:59:27 reverend maynard and crew walked on stage and the rev. spoke a few words and they busted into it i must say this being my 5th time seeing tool this ranks as one of the best performances i have seen im looking forward to seeing them in knoxvile on monday