Summer 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: 0809

Review written by: Captain Insane-O ( Review posted on: 08/30/98 23:24:43 Hello, Let me start off by saying that I had been waiting for this tour for two years, ever since I started listening to Tool, and I wasn't disappointed. There are a coupla things I want to talk about that pissed me off, even though the show kicked ass: 1. All the preppy type people that infested the concert pissed me off and I quote, "Hey . . ." says the Prep, "Tool's that band that plays Sober right?" I wish I had a fuckin' gun. 2. Dr. Steroid who decided to crowd surf pissed me off, although I almost died laughing when people repeatedly dropped him on his head. But now for the concert . . . The concert kicked ass. I am writing this a few weeks afterward though, so you'll have to forgive the fucked-up set list (they aren't in order and I'm probably missing a few - I think I damaged my brain during aenema from headbanging so much): - Part of me - undertow - sober - aenema - 46&2 - eulogy (real fuckin happy they played this song) - a new song, not on the albums, sounded pretty good though - slow version of pushit dedicated to someone, don't remember the name - stinkfist - intolerance (i think . . . remember this is weeks later) - anhhh, I'm not even going to try and remember. Concert: Missed the Melvins, got there just in time. Traffic into New Orleans sucked ass. Maynard comes out dressed in a crazy preacher outfit with a bible and painted in whiteface (looked sorta like a demonic mime). Said something to the effect of, "Have ye come to hear the words of the Lordddd?! The lord Jesus Christ?! Jesus 'motherfuckin' Christ! Jesus the Fucking Christ?!" (Maynard has unbelievable fuckin' crowd control - they (we) were basically in the palm of his hand hanging off of his every word) "Well, if you come to hear the word of Jesus, I fear you have come to the wrong fuckin' house!" - went into Part of me. I am almost positive the next two songs were Eulogy and 46&2 at which point Maynard takes off the preacher outfit and is wearing boxers and a bra which he proceeded to keep on for the rest of the show. After this he reads a passage from the Bible and says something about how everyone should be fucking in the crowd - from my vantage point in the balcony, I think some people obliged him. Went on to play all the crazy songs, stopped made a crazy commentary about "going out and reading, staying in school and jerking off into high-powered fans" which I thought was pretty damn funny. After they left the stage, the came back for a two song encore - one leading directly into the other w/o any break. (Yes, it is sad that I don't remember the ones they were, but I love every Tool song so much it really wouldn't have mattered which song the band played - no specific one stands out as better than the rest) They did have a really hilarious movie at the end which was Tool's "special gift to us for being such a great crowd" - Hooker with a Penis over the PA with a jazz singer singing it. The video had a girl with her legs spread as her pussy sang the song (Same effect as President Clinton on Conan O'Brien) They also had some crazy lookin' dildos flying around dressed up like cowboys (really couldn't tell . . . I had really bad seats since I got there late) Oh yeahh, and finally . . . they played an insane sounding children's song as UNO Arena cleared: "Welcome to my world, welcome to my world of toys." Whew hew! Well, that's my take on it. It was like a religious experience for me - pretty much any concert I go to will pale in comparison from now on. I almost felt like crying I was so fucking happy. Really strange, but, hey, that's life. Adios. Cap'n Insane-O

Review written by: Big G ( Review posted on: 08/25/98 19:39:39 Keeping it short....TOOL RULES, RULED, will RULE. It doesn't get any better than this, it just can't. Push it....fucking right. The preacher outfit was not Rev. Maynard, I think it was suppose to be Jimmy Swaggert b/c that was showing on the screen about Swaggert's interview from jail. I wish they would play here at least once a week. Very moving.

Review written by: joey "java joe" Roberts (FUNKNUCKL @ AOL.COM) Review posted on: 08/16/98 14:45:51 What a show! Tool are certainly primed musicians who blew my mind with this show, more than the other 4 shows I've seen on both the aenima and undertow tours! It blended evil, humor, sweat, and emotions! Now I've seen the Grateful Dead 7 times, Pink Floyd twice(2), and Phish and the Black Crowes 4 times apiece, but this New Orleans Tool show was by far the most psychedelic show that I've had the luxury to see! Great video show that is definitely" Not for the Kiddies!!! The lights and sound were so well ch oreographed and Blended, plus they had a crystal clear sound system! Maynard, who usually will come out all lanky and wearing a pair of boxer shorts, or umbro shorts. This time though he was unrecognizable; wearing a three piece polyesther suit dressed li ke a preacher, with a white PTL wig (or like a 70's democrat) that had a part on the side and a big cowlick! He came out and started preaching his interpretitions of the bible he was holding, which seemed quite eerie and evil all at once! They opened with "part of me" which is from the album "OPIATE". Twisting in his usual reptilian way, it was just great showmanship in my opinion! They treated us to a 10-15 minute PSYCHEDELIC space jam, similar to The Grateful Dead, except TOOL style, wit h all of the CRUNCH you can stand from one very talented guitar player! Very HEAVY Show!!! So for 2 hours plus they bombarded our senses with Light, Sound, Smell, and definitely Vibrations! Great Visuals Guys! I'll leave all of the intimate details out so you can experience them on your own at a theater near you!!!!DON'T MISS THIS ONE! JAVA JOE Biloxi,MS.

Review written by: Maggie Robert (don't know, this is my sister's computer) Review posted on: 08/14/98 21:11:41 it rocked!!!!!! it was the first TooL show i have ever been to and I now know never to miss them when they come here. i was actually quite suprised at the sound of the show. usually bands sound pretty sucky in concert, but TooL awsome. MaynarD is a great singer and the lyrics to the songs really rock. it was also the loudest concert i have ever been to (by far), and i sat in the balcony. flood and opiate were by far the best songs in the set. only bad points were the fact that my best bud and i had pit tix, but his girl friend wouldn't let him go down there (i wasn't about to go there by myself). but overall it kicked ass and i can't wait till the next concert. they need to stop in NeW OrleanS more often or BatoN RougE for that matter (driving home at 1:00 in the morning isn't easy) TooL is CooL ;) (oh yeah, and if anyone from 106.7 THE END is reading, YOU NEED TO STRENGTHEN YOUR RADIO WAVES!!!!!!)

Review written by: Rachael ( Review posted on: 08/13/98 20:35:21 The Tool concert was definately the coolest concert i have been to yet, i just had one small problem...why was maynard wearing a bra? what the hell does that prove??? anyway, kick ass show, the music was SUPERB! but next time, play die eier von satan!! oh, great little film at the end of the concert...the hooker with a penis cartoon was hillarious!

Review written by: L.S. Lewis ( Review posted on: 08/11/98 17:55:46 Relaxed and unexpecting, it was a great show. The crowd in N.O. definitely left much to be desired, as most swilled beer and pulled off being moronic hick drunkards quite well, almost as if it were a practiced thing... Anyhow, the soul is still pulsing, and loudly, for all those who choose to hear it. Flood was terrific and coincidentally missed at the supposed end of the set. What was that about a wedding?? Ah, years ahead, the next show is anticipated. After a twenty-three hour trek home, it's time for a nap. ~L

Review written by: Jesse Patrick ( Review posted on: 08/11/98 12:47:01 Tool, Tool, Tool. What can I say other than they are by far the best band to play in my lifetime. I have seen Tool five times now and unfortunately, I have seen very similar Tool sets and very similar concerts. Being a huge Tool fan I loved the New Orleans show because I love their technical style and great ability to manipulate their music however, if I was one of those muscle bound jerk-offs that learned how to dance from a Pantera show than I probably would not have liked the show. The slower version of Push it was unbelievable and the use of Mr. Melvin in a couple of songs was cool too. Once again, I wish that Tool would Fucken play a show that lasted longer than me taking a piss. I would love to be watching Tool for once and be like, how many songs are they going to fucken play. But no, we get no Undertow, no Cold and Ugly, no intolerance no no no. Nine songs, man Nine! But of course I would'nt bitch if I did not care! TOOL RULES.

Review written by: David ( Review posted on: 08/11/98 09:31:46 Well, I had a very unique experience at Tool on Sunday. Two of the girls in our group of eight people that came were selected early on for backstage passes. The security man said "for the party after the show" more on that in a sec ok, the setlists that were posted are correct so on with what has been left out Maynard opened in the evangelist suit and wig by screaming some greetings then asking "Are you ready to do the work of JE-ZUS tonight!!?" Of course everyone screamed. He then said calmly, "Then I think you're in the wrong place." Then he asked everyone, in the tone and persona of the evangelist, to have sex during the first song. After Part of Me, he told us all about "Jesus Fucking Christ, not Jesus, not Christ, but Jesus FUCKING Christ" he mumbled some but eventually said "Grab a pole and fill a hole!" After Eulogy, he grabbed a bible and read some scripture that he said explained how clothing restricts the soul, and asked everyone to get naked and fuck. Before Stinkfist, he said "This song is about deep, passionate love." (The whole time he wore the evangelist costume he danced differently to the music, he stomped his feet and made thrusting motions w/his hips) Before Pushit, he went into a long speech explaining how they were taking the song in a new direction and needed our help to get it to work. Afterwards he thanked us for our patience. Before Aenema, he said, "This is our last song." Then afterwards he and the other members sat onstage under Danny's drumset and drank water while talking to one another. Eventually he stood back up and said, "We're ba-ack." in a jovial tone. During Opiate, he waved good-bye slowly over and over again and really went nuts, he flew all over the place and really got crazy, but during the slow parts he stayed very still. During the line, "He speaks through me" he made a gesture of something coming out his penis. Then, as Opiate was ending Justin went right into the Bass intro in the middle of flood. After Aenema he said, "Stay in school, turn of the T.V., read a book, and jack-off into a high-speed fan." but after flood he said simply, "Good-Bye, here is a present before we leave." Then they left the stage and the screen behind them lit up again with a cartoonish woman bent over with her vagina showing, except it was a mouth singing, Hooker w/a Penis lounge style. During the choruses Penises appeared w/tophats and sang. It was very very funny. Other interesting things on the screen were the Timothy Leary speech and a little movie clip that ended with the line "It's a totally psychadelic experience." they looped that line over and over for about five minutes as Danny played a solo to it. Then Sober began. After the talking pussy ended, the lights came up and a children's song that had been layered over and over again with all sorts of annoying sounds began and drove us nuts. "Welcomt to my world of toys!" Then the six of us sat there as we waited for the two girls in our party to return from backstage. Eventually security made us go into teh parking lot area and wait. After about an hour they returned with this information..... We entered a small, very cold room that had about ten other young girls in it. We sat there and waited until eventually Maynard entered the room wearing a plain orange shirt. Immediately a girl walked up to him and saud, "Hey, do you want to go party somewhere?" She and Maynard left together for about 15 minutes, he then returned without her and said that they should go into another room. My two friends stopped him in the hallway and said the following things. Q: We love your music (etc) A: Thank You Q: I like your bra, what size is it? A: 36-B Q: That's too big for me, can I buy it? A: No Q: I love your duet w/Tori Amos, I wish you would sing M.M.F. A: Well I'm not. Q: My friend is a stripper, she strips to your music. A: Really Then they went into another room, Maynard would not let anyone sit by him, and there were some blue potatoe chips there too. He asked we're they wanted to go to and someone suggested, "The Dungeon" he asked it it was really smoke filled inside, they said yeas and he pointed to his neck and said no. They eventually settled on Pat O' Brian's instead. As they started to go, my friends told him they had to get us and he said that we could not come. Then they asked if he would give us an autograph. He aked if they had a pen and they said no. He went and got one and signed: a ticket, a shirt, a hat and a 5 dollar bill. I got the ticket, after our friends came back outside and we then left for home.... I left out some stuff i remember now about what they said about backstage, but most of it was dull anyway, Maynard didn't talk much, and was easily annoyed by the more childish girls, one didn't even know his name! Well that's enough, later!

Review written by: Jon Coffee ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 23:58:44 "÷And who are we here to see again?" I asked with uncertainty as I watched a cigarette butt flung from high in the balcony area land on the leg of the unsuspecting victim just rows ahead of me. "Tool" my wife Christine answered. "And the band that plays before them is The Melvins. They rock." "Oh, o.k." It was 7:45 pm, fifteen minutes till showtime. Still trying to get over being searched for weapons at the entrance to the arena (and after I successfully hid my wallet chain in Christine's purse) I watched in amazement as the people in "the pit" began to lift each other out of the crowd and pass them over their heads as if they were weightless. They would get passed to the front of the "pit" where security guard would guide them back into the crowd, and then there they were on top again. A super buff guy who shaves his armpits and probably the rest of the hair on his body is on top now, shirtless and wearing boxers. 8:00 pm, The Melvins take the stage. A very awe-inspiring band, and the fact that they played only one song that lasted for forty-five complete minutes leads me to view them with the utmost respect. However, when they left the stage, everyone cheered. But it was not a "I love you" cheer, but an "I love the fact that you are off of the stage" cheer. Hmmm÷ It seems respectable amongst ones peers to make fun of The Melvins and say out loud how much they suck. Everyone here is a complete and total idiot. 9:15 pm, Tool takes the stage. The singer, or "Maynard" as everyone refers to him, is dressed as an evangelist. "Are you ready to hear the good lord's words?" he asks the crowd. "You've come to the wrong place." The band begins with a song obviously about masturbation, 'Part of me.' The crowd goes wild. After reading a few bible quotes, he tells everyone to get naked and F*!K, so we do. The rest of the set included: 'Eulogy;' '46+2,' which I must say had the best ending to any song I've ever heard; 'Stinkfist,' in which Tool was joined by the Rev. Buzz Melvin on guitar; 'You lied;' 'Third eye,' a fifteen minute opus meant for each and every idiot in that place; 'Sober;' 'Pushit,' which the singer dedicated to my wife; 'Aenima;' and as an encore a combination of two songs, 'Opiate and Flood.' 11:00 pm, Tool leaves us with a special surprise: a singing vagina with backup singing penises. Beautiful. Notes to self: I managed to see very well despite the haze from 25,000 young children chain smoking for three consecutive hours. My wife commented about one female picking at her butt in front of the mirror in the ladies room for ten minutes. I can't believe people still wear shirts bearing the image of Kurt Cobain. Chris Lowder should be proud. I'd like to take every AdidasŰ stripe in this arena and join them together to circle the world in one humoungous Adidas stripe of love. "How did get him to dedicate that song to me?" Christine asked. "Well, you know me, always the wild one." And with that we traveled back to our humble home to make waffles and get a good night's sleep. In the morning I will produce some art in my gallery by masturbating into a high powered fan aimed at a canvas covered with leather pants, basketball jerseys, and three Tool t-shirts I purchased at the show in honor of a most memorble night of music. If you see Kay, oh, if÷if÷

Review written by: Bassfiend ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 18:54:07 Well, everything important has been said already. This was my first time seeing tool and they were fucking amazing. The melvins were pretty damn good too, and I HATE it when opening bands get bood. Sure, they're not tool, but I love how there are no breaks between songs. The crowd was extremely cool as it was violent but not insanely violent. I recommend seeing Tool to anybody. This is the best concert i've ever experienced. I brought three other people and they all felt the same .The two girls that came with us, Colleen and Ashley, were the only two girls I say that were constantly moshing. Ashley flirted with a 50 year old guy for some of the concert. SETLIST: (order might be a little off) 1.Part of Me 2.Eulogy 3.Forty Six and Two 4.Stinkfist (with King Buzzo) 5.Some song i didnt recognize, someone told me it was "You Lied" (with King Buzzo) 6.Third Eye 7.Sober 8.New version of Pushit (simply beautiful) 9. (-) Ions 10.Aenema (amazing....entire crowd sang song of night) ENCORE......(kind of an encore, they just sat around the stage and talked) 11.Opiate(i'm kinda surprised that the whole crowd seemed to know this song, too...... awesome) 12.Flood Hell of a show.

Review written by: ajc ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 17:40:51 The UNO arena seemed to have an ideal set up for a concert. Everyone in the arena was fairly close to the stage. If you plan to go to a show on this tour, get your tickets early. This show and Thursday's show in San Antonio were sold out long before the day of the concert. Tool seems to be noticably more popular than they were just a year ago. The band was in the mood to play and the crowd responded by going crazy. Maynard was hilarious while he was in his "Reverend Maynard" mode. Watching someone who looks like a televangist, including suit and tie, groove and dance to Tool is a strange experience. They did not play "H" as someone else wrote. The cover they did was also not "Stranglehold." I think it was "You Lied." The set: Part of Me, Eulogy, Stinkfist, You Lied, Forty-Six and 2, Third Eye, Sober, Pushit, Aenema, Opiate, Flood. The slow version of Pushit sounds unbelievably good. The cover song was also very, very good. Hopefully some day the band will release those and the other cover songs they sometimes do on a live CD. They played for an hour and 45 minutes. The only bad thing about the concert was the incredibly annoying song played on the speakers as the audience left the building (after the strange but funny version of Hooker). Everyone headed to the parking lot real fast, which was probably the reason for it in the first place.

Review written by: Michael Brown ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 15:12:26 Well, at the last minute my friend called me and said he had an extra ticket. I just saw the show in Houston and could miss another show, New Orleans was way better than Houston. They played my 2 favorite songs(pushit and 3rd eye). I was in Heaven. I had to sit in the seats this time, but it was awesome anyway. The show was so good I think my dick grew 3 in. I think they should bottle a tool concert.

Review written by: Polysprayman "Pit Master" ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 14:37:42 Well first if you know there is a show coming to your town and you dont have tix yet your probably screwed. The New Orleans show was sold out 3 weeks before the concert. As for the show: the most Incredible concert I have ever had the pleasure of attending. My whole body aches today, ears still ringing of Double bass drums and Reverend Maynard calling out for Everyone to get naked. The floor area was rolling with mosh and crowd surfing madness. IT FUCKING RULED. Tool took the Stage at about 9:05 and played until 10:45. If you plan on seeing the guys and you have floor passes, cancel any plans you have for the following day, I am still recooperating 15 hours after the show ended. I usually have alot more to say but today I am speechless. They Fucking ROOL, Dont miss seeing this band LIVE. I am 35 years old and have seen alot of concerts in my day, most of them from the floor area. TOOL is by far the ULTIMATE CONCERT EXPERIENCE

Review written by: Phantasm ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 14:04:51 This is the fourth time i see tool in two years and i'd have to say that this was the best. Hearing both "Third Eye" and "Pushit" in the same night was definately a treat. I could comment on the setlist or the usual things, but instead i'll comment on the magnificent stage show. Maynard usually does something interesting to get everyone's attention, and this time was no different. First he came out as a southern baptist preacher (Reverend Maynard?) and later on he took off his preacher suit to reveal the nice breasts that we've come to know and love over Tool's past few visits to New Orleans. This was the first time that i really got to watch Justin play bass from up close. He really is a great player; i don't think that a lot of people give him the credit he deserves. I mean, here's a guy that came into a great band to replace a good bass player, and i think he's handled it perfectly.. he manages to sound like tool yet sound like himself as well. His tone was just killer and when he hit the low D... you could feel it. Danny's drumming has always been excellent... i especially liked watching how he integrated electronics into the show. What i've always thought was cool about tool shows was that everything is very carefully planned out.. and it all fits together great. Adam Jones as usual just kicked ass on the guitar. What more do you need to say about that? Overall, it was just a great environment. There wasn't a lot of random garbage in the pit; everyone knew the songs and where the parts that required pushing and shoving were. There wasn't a lot of excess pushing and shoving or punching or kicking in the face like usual. They had a few naked chicks (at Maynard's request, no less), and my friends in the balcony had a guy and a girl fucking in front of them (also, at Maynard's request) but hey, this is New Orleans. That always happens. ;)

Review written by: tool fan ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 11:54:06 This concert rocked!!!!!! I have never seen anything like it before in my life. The melvins did suck, but it was no big deal, I had heard that in all the other reviews before this show. No one really even moved during the melvins. When Tool came out though, the whole place shook. After seeing Metallica on 1 1/2 hits of some good acid, I didn't really think that there could be anything more intense. Boy was I wrong. I didn't even trip and this concert blew away Metallica!!! The music seemed to pin you to whatever you were doing and you couldn't concentrate on anything else. For anyone who has not seen Tool yet, GO NOW! Tool Fan

Review written by: Tarron Bach ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 02:37:46 Neil Peart step aside, because Danny Carey is your daddy. Tool now owns Houston and New Orleans (the 2 shows i saw), and we are all under their control. The "mystery" song was a Peach cover called "You Lied", and it fucking RULED!!! And finally, Thank you for playing "Flood". This is their best song and the most overlooked one. When they closed with it, I blew a nut. Sincerely, Tarron

Review written by: seth cockfield ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 01:55:02 just saw tool. this is time number 3 and i have to say it was the best. the setlist: 1. part of me (can ya believe it?) 2. h 3. some song ive never heard that was really good (featuring buz from the melvins, who sucked by the way) 4. stinkfist (featuring buz) 5.46&2 6.third eye 7.sober 8.pushit 9. aenima 10.opiate 11.FLOOOOOD!!!!! maynard came out with the face mask, gray hair wig, blue threee piece suit and 5 inch spice girl type heels. this was his "preacher" uniform. he was preaching to us to shed our clothes and have sex. although i was ready, no one else was. so it didnt happen. maynard wasnt happy so he kept urging us to fuck each other. he soon shed his suit to reveal his bra and hot pants. buz's playing made the songs louder and better, but i wanted to see tool so i was happy to see him go after 2 songs. my life has been changed, so i must go now. anyone who hasnt seen them, see them on this tour. go. now. sweet dreams everyone, seth the tool fan

Review written by: Craven Moorehead ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 01:48:40 What can be said that hasn't been said already. Fantastic show. Rev. Maynard seemed much more jovial than usual. He wore same outfit and his dancing was rather funny-he reminded me of the character in the movie scarface, octavio - the guy with the weird costume that dances to strangers in the nite after richard belzer-anyway, maynard pretty much said the same shit. sound was pretty good. danny's drumming sounded awesome- he really drives the groove of the band. For all the people who dont like the MELVINS- I cannot figure out why. I can see if you dont like them but to say they suck is incredibly ridiculous. They are very talented. The melvins played a good set including the bit, tipping the lion, and the bloat off of stag-awesome. tool set list in order(I may have got ions out of order but it was played-and I dont think it was before third eye like on the cd) -part of me -eulogy -46&2 -Stinkfist "w/rev buzz melvin" and extra verse before 2nd chorus and long ending -strangehold w/buzz -third eye w/timothy leary intro -loooong jam which led into: -sober -pushit slow version-I call it new and improved-it was real slow and melodic with tabla drum sounds until guitar solo then it went back to normal cd version -ions -źnema encore although they never left stage -opiate-and then straight into: -flood and then the funniest thing - the cartoon women whose pussy sang the beginning to hooker with a penis and the dicks that looked like the anteater from the pinkpanther cartoon except the snout was a dick and they sang backup to the chick-funny, awesome show support zeitgeist alternative movie house on magazine street kabir-hurricanes rule

Review written by: Evil Flowers ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 01:38:05 OH MY FUCKING CHRIST!!!!...I just got in from my very first TOOL show and I am NEVER going to miss another show..All I can say is that it was totally ORGASMIC!!!! Thank you TOOL for some kick ass music!!!!!! -Jen

Review written by: Evil Flowers ( Review posted on: 08/10/98 01:37:27 OH MY FUCKING CHRIST!!!!...I just got in from my very first TOOL show and I am NEVER going to miss another show..All I can say is that it was totally ORGASMIC!!!! Thank you TOOL for some kick ass music!!!!!! -Jen