Summer 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: 0811

Review written by: TOOLboy ( Review posted on: 08/17/98 17:51:23 This was my fourth time to see TOOL and they were fucking amazing. I thought this was the best that I have seen them yet. It seems to me that they have changed their live performances to be more trippy. I'm not trying to preach drug use, but I think you can get more out of their concerts if you eat some acid. The last two times I've seen them I have eaten acid and those two times were the best trips that I have had. Their music just sends me into a conscienceness that I have never experienced before. I really can't explain the way that they made me feel, but those of you who have tripped and are a true fan then you probably know what I'm talking about. Anyways I thought that their setlist was great they played a lot of songs that I haven't heard live yet and that pleased me. The song that surprised me was Swamp Song, but it was appropriate for about half the dumfounded dipshits that were there. The song that stuck with me most was pushit. This version was the most beautiful song that I have ever heard. I wish that they would record this version on their next cd or atleast on a single. The way that they performed it nearly brought me to tears. The only complaints that I have of this show is that they didn't play long enough and the crowd sucked ass. I was in the seats so I could enjoy the concert without getting knocked around by all of dumbfucks and all the people around me were just sitting there and it looked like they weren't enjoying the show. If you're going to pay money to see a band then you should enjoy every second of the show. There were people leaving in the middle of songs to go get fucking nachos for christ's sake. What the hell are these people thinking. Then there were the dipshit moshers. Don't these people ever learn that you don't mosh to TOOL. TOOL is a band that you listen to and learn from. These four guys are trying to give us a message and these idiots are running around hitting and pushing people. I just wish these people would grow up or stop coming to the concerts. If anyone remembers me(I was the one with my eyes painted black and brown pants)then please e-mail me at See you down at Arizona Bay, TOOLboy

Review written by: J.R. ( Review posted on: 08/16/98 20:20:28 This was my third time to see TOOL and it was by far the best. It was the first time that I have heard theem play sweat, which by the way was better than the version on Opiate. Maynard can dance like no other. My girlfriend, who before the show hated TOOL, fell in love with Maynard. Now she understands why I love TOOL so much. I went with some friends from school and we got to the State Fair Arena extra early. As we waited we heard some rumbling and then we Maynard screaming the lyrics to AEnima. The show was very intense. Maynard came out wearing a short black dress and a black wig, he had the tits and all. The line up went something like this: SWEAT, EULOGY, SWAMP SONG, STINKFIST, A NEW SONG??, SOBER, PUSHIT, AENIMA, OPIATE/FLOOD COMBO. This was a wonderful show. Great job guys. If anyone was at the Tulsa show, Lollapaloza in K.C., or in OKC please E-mail me. Thanks.

Review written by: Shelley ( Review posted on: 08/14/98 10:21:35 This was my 10th Tool show this year and I'd have to say that this one was my second favorite only to Lewiston! Maynard looked and sounded great! Totally Awesome!!! Tool is incredible! The only song I haven't heard yet that they've played this year is No Quarter and I'm hoping they do it in either Las Vegas or Reno!! I totally love the slow version of Pushit! It couldn't be more beautiful! This was my first and perhaps last visit to Oklahoma City, but Tool made it great! Thanks Maynard, Adam, Danny and Justin for a great summer of music!!!

Review written by: Not Important (Not Important Either) Review posted on: 08/14/98 06:08:51 I must say that i have never been witness to so much white trash contained in one building. I am one who tries not to let the attitude of the crowd at a show deter my enjoyment of the band's performance, but such a task was near impossible at this show. The area around me was composed of some of the worst fucking inbred redneck attitudes I've seen in quite some time everywhere I went while inside the State Fair Arena. I mean, someone even tried to start a fight with me for no reason (which was a first for me). No, I'm not lying, NO REASON. No reason other than just wanting to fight. And not only that, I watched and listened as numerous other disputes and brawls broke out around me. I felt like I was at a convention for past Jerry Springer guests. Now not all people at the show displayed bad attitudes, but Christ, so much of the crowd was made up of this type of existence that simply justs.....exists. To all you people who acted in these rowdy, backwoods ways, please....use the condoms that Tool is selling in those key chains at their shows....stop multiplying, get castrated, SOMETHING!!! Either that or just grow the fuck up and learn something. Hell, after learning something, why don't you make the bigger fucking leap and try to contribute something useful to the world you live in. And if you're going to continue to go to Tool shows, just make sure you do one thing before you head out that door on your way to the concert....valium. Anyway, Tool was phenomenal as always....their live visuals keep getting better and better each time I see them. You've probably already seen the set list so I won't even bother....sorry to rant about the hicks so much, but this problem occurs to be a recurring factor at Tool shows and I think more people need to be aware of the primitive behavior being displayed at Tool shows.

Review written by: Kevin RB ( Review posted on: 08/13/98 22:29:02 Well, it was the second time I had seen them, and it paled in comparison to the Tulsa show in Dec. '96. Although there were many highlights, the crowd were indeed rowdy, sweatty drunk ass jock trendy fucks. To each his own but it was obvious they just wanted an excuse to go out and try to prove how tough they were. I tried to concentrate on the music, it was extremely loud, way louder than any concert I've ever been to. The Danny drum excursion was beautiful, one of the absolute highlights. I should have sat in the seats, but I was engulfed by the idiotic moshers, so the experience was diminished a little, at any rate, it was great I wouldn't expect anything less. Some don't get the message, they just are not even close.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/13/98 11:35:20 I've been to a few concerts and I have to say this concert was if not the best, pretty damn close. TOOL played almost every one of my favorite songs from all three albums. I only wish it was longer. It seemed as if they played for 90 minutes. Though s hort, it was a great concert. Everybody in the arena has to admit the same. The best song they played I think was Stinkfist. It sound a whole lot better live.

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 08/12/98 16:30:35 This was one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life. I've seen TOOL once before last year at Lollapalooza in Dallas. But I thought this was much better. Although, Danny looked cooler last year with his sparkling purple paint on. A couple other people already told the song line up so I dont need to. All I have to say is that Sweat was the perfect opener. It got the crowd into it from the beginning. I had never heard the song "You Lied" before until last night. I must say that it kicked much ass. And the new version of "Pushit" was the shit too. Maynard has an amazing voice and can sing slower songs like that because he rules. I love the phrases that he throws in between songs, otherwise known as Maynardisms. Like at the very beginning, even before the Melvins played. He was Like "How many open minded people do we have in here?" and the crowd started yelling. Then he asked "Well, how many close-minded, redneck, fuckheads do we have in here tonight?" A few people yelled. And he said "Well, we dont want u in here, so while you're leaving the building we're gonna enjoy the Melvins." And then the Melvins kicked into a non-stop jam. They played ten songs and sat down. Then the crowd started chanting TOOL, TOOL, TOOL. I'm sure they had planned on playing more, but it's just one of those things they do. Then he played Opiate, which he dedicated to everyone that thought his tits werent real. And then they faded Opiate into Flood. And that was the end. I enjoyed the video they played during and after the show. It was a chick with a mouth on her twat. And it was singing Hooker with a Penis. It was great. If u ever get a chance go see TOOL. I dont care how far u have to drive. Thank you, goodnight.

Review written by: Homunculus ( Review posted on: 08/12/98 16:18:29 If anything can be true about Tool, it is this: The wrong kind of people make up their fan base. I am from Phoenix, and amidst a trip to Norman, OK where a wedding is to take place, I got to see Tool! The groom accompanied my brothers and I. Concert etiquette here in Oklahoma is much worse than in Arizona. 95 percent of the people in the hockey rink were belligerent fuckers, as SWAMP SONG denotes. I am a firm believer that that song describes all of the distortion-happy fools who come to concerts to push and hurt. When Tool played SWAMP SONG, I faced a mosh pit and yelled every lyric at the participants. "I hope it sucks you down. WHy don't you get out while you can?" Honestly, the people in there were retarded. I walked up to the front of the stage, until there was no more room to move, before Tool came on. I witnessed four fights BEFORE they even turned the lights out. People started moshing to the trippy rhythmics that Tool was playing before they came out. Every trendy tee-shirt wearing jerk was yelling at each other, burping beer (as many were drunk), or telling girls to shake their thingees. Lots of bastards. Maynard came out in some kind of short dress, topped by a short, dark-haired wig, which made him look like a librarian or an elementary school teacher. At one point, Maynard stated, "No,I am not Winona Ryder." Maynard's eyes had glowing red contacts, which was so freaky, because I thought I was seeing things. Sweat is one of the songs I have wanted to hear and they opened with it. However, the uncontrollable waves of people pushing me was almost unbearable. I made it through that song, and then had to move back a bit to hear Eulogy (as it is one of my favs). By the time Stinkfist was over, I decided to return to my brothers and uncle sitting up in the seats. It was much more enjoyable up there. I can't say the sound was any better. This was the loudest show I have EVER experienced, and that sucks. I actually wore earplugs for a good portion of the performance, something I never do. The sound system was just terrible, WAY too basey. The fans, of course, were morons. Maynard said, "We've done something a little new on this tour. It's worked in some places. Some places, it hasn't worked. We want you to close your eyes for the next twelve minutes and find that special place inside you. Be at peace with us for the next twelve minutes." Then PUSHIT started. A sea of lighters ignited, which reminded me of a field of fireflies. It was actually quite beautiful. THe blue lights eminating from the stage made the whole scene very magical. But once a little bit of distortion from Adam occurred, people started crowd surfing again. Can't you just sit still? Ugh. Apparently, it didn't work here. Tool, the band, was incredible. Their best performances were Pushit, SOber, 46+2, and certainly the Opiate/Flood closer. I have never heard a better version of Flood, and for me, it is my favorite song, making it all the more exhillarating. Sober was played with a ten minute-long drum/noise intro. It was so intense becuase I couldn't wait for them to get the actual song going! Maynard sang his heart out during Sober. "I want what I want" was so captivating to listen to! He blew me away. Among new things, Maynard sang completely different lyrics during the verses in STINKFIST. There was a great new bridge to SWEAT. I was very pleased with the show. Closing with my favorite song, which i had never heard live before, was just the greatest way to end it. Maynard told the crowd, "Do what you believe. Stay in school. Read a book. Turn off the TV. Um...Hmmm, what else?.........Jack off in front of a large fan." Maynard is so funny, sometimes. Actually, he's funny all the time. THe show was great. Tool was great. The sound was bad. The fans are dumb. What do you expect? Not everyone is TOol. Homunculus

Review written by: 1596 ( Review posted on: 08/12/98 14:24:12 I find it ironic that the interviewer in front me went to thier first show and already feels that 95% of the people there should have the song aenema applied to them. You didn't even get the lyrics right. Grow up. Now that my rant is over, the show was wicked. The set list was pretty much the same as it has been everywhere else except that they played swamp song, which is a kick ass song! I also wonder if they will incorporate more electronic sound into thier next album. I think they could do some great things with it. We'll see.

Review written by: Kip ( Review posted on: 08/12/98 11:20:17 This was my first real concert and I would have to say that it kicked ass. It gave me a new definition of loud. I found it ironic when Maynard sang "fuck all you junkies and your short memories" in Aenema. That described 95% of the people in attendance.

Review written by: Martin J. Duke ( Review posted on: 08/12/98 10:49:30 I lost my virginity to a TOOL last night. And I suspect many of the over 8000 participants did the same. Ticket demand was so high for this show that the concert was moved from the T&T Building on the fair grounds to the State Fair Arena. The Arena has a seating capacity of 9600 for hockey, but the floor was packed, so I suspect that margin might have been breached. The Melvins were the opening act, but I arrived just after they cleared the stage. Although, Buzz made an appearance for two songs with Maynard and the gang. What I am leading to here is the music played between bands. It was the most interesting mix of stereophonics I have ever heard. It was like the THX introductions at a movie being bounced from one side of thwe arena to the other. Finally, the lights came down and Tool hit the stage for an ear shattering rendition of Sweat. Maynard opened the show as a brunette, convulsed around his lyrics and stomped to the drum crashes wearing a knee high dress and a full pear of 38 double "d" bosoms. Later he stripped to a matching pair of red hot pants/shorts, but he never removed his bra. I suspect many of the youth will have a slight ring in their ears this morning, but the crowd showed no pain duiring the show. Body surfing continued and mostly women were pulled from the crush at the stage front. Several slam dancing pits erupted on the floor, but, as far as I could see, no one was taken away by and ambulance. Beyond Maynard's display, the breast factor was nil. Not one bra hit the stage. What a disappointment, although other pleasures were to be had. Less than three bars into Sweat, the man next to sparked up. First he, then his wife/partner, and then it was offered to me. I must be getting old or responsible, for I passed on the opportunity. But, I've never been one to turn down a contact high, so I kept my seat. Although asked, not many closed their eyes for 12 minutes and found that comfortable sensitive spot. Personally, that spot was found after the show, but thats another story. But, during those 12 minutes, you not only heard the music, you felt it. And, it gave the eyes a relief from all the damn cigarette smoke. Others have listed what was played, but I will say that Tool closed with Opiate and Flood. After they cleared the stage the talking twat and singing foxes came on the back video screen. You couldn't help but stare and then laugh, even though you could understand a word. Up came the lights and the cattle drove to the exits. Hopefully, same time next year.

Review written by: C. Cain ( Review posted on: 08/12/98 02:19:52 This was my first Tool show and it was awesome! Maynard is a crazy bastard and thats all I can say. Adam is the single most underrated heavy guitarist in history. Setlist 1. Sweat- great opener. 2. Eulogy 3. Swamp Song-one of their best songs 4. Stinkfist w/Buzz-awesome extended guitar part 5. You Lied-one of the best songs of the show, a total surprise. 6.46&2-too ruthless 7.Sober-second only to the new version of Pushit 8.Pushit-best song I've heard in many years!! New slow version was perfect!! 9.Aenema-Pure Tool Power! 10.Opiate-See Above 11. Great closer

Review written by: Daniel Trippett ( Review posted on: 08/12/98 02:01:12 Fantastic as always. 1. Sweat 2. Eulogy 3. Swamp Song 4. Stinkfist w/Buzz 5. You Lied w/Buzz 6. Timothy Leary Speech 7. 46&2 8. Psychedlic Experince 9. Sober 10. Pushit 11. Aenima 12. Opiate 13. Flood 14. Hooker Lounge Video Number 8 makes me think that Tool might start blending there style with electronics in the future. Who knows?