Summer 1998 Tour Reviews

Date: 0816

Review written by: Derrick McManus ( Review posted on: 08/25/98 05:19:47 I happen to live in Idaho, about 1.5 hours from where the concert was. I got there early caught the sound check and was set. I was so buzzed about the concert. I got in went right in front of the microphone and stayed there all night. The crowd was phuct, I was not impressed and I know a lot of people there who were also unimpressed. I DID like the show as always Tool was unforgetable. It just sux that they had to see that.

Review written by: Aaron Freier ( Review posted on: 08/23/98 19:09:43 I just would like to thank all the dipshits for maintaining the status quo "Idaho is a state of beligerent rednecks who drink animal beer and beat up on people". I ( a true Tool fan) was so stoked that Manard and co. would be putting on a show that only Tool could pull off. My elation quickly turned to embarrassment and shame as I saw that about 1/4 of the crowd chose to walk around with their bare chests puffing up as if some one laced their Hamm's with testosterone. Save your wanna-be bad-ass antics for Slayer and GWAR 'cause your still not gonna score tonight no matter how hard you clocked that 16 year old. Fucking anti-intellectual pussys. Thanks to you, I broke my thumb. Don't plan on Tool ever coming back... P.S. I would like to officialy apologize to Tool as what you seen that Aug. 16th night has no excuse and is not indicative of genuine Tool fans...... Aaron

Review written by: Aaron Freier ( Review posted on: 08/23/98 16:29:44 I just would like to thank all the dipshits for maintaining the status quo "Idaho is a state of beligerent rednecks who drink animal beer and beat up on people". I ( a true Tool fan) was so stoked that Manard and co. would be putting on a show that only Tool could pull off. My elation quickly turned to embarrassment and shame as I saw that about 1/4 of the crowd chose to walk around with their bare chests puffing up as if some one laced their Hamm's with testosterone. Save your wanna-be bad-ass antics for Slayer and GWAR 'cause your still not gonna score tonight no matter how hard you clocked that 16 year old. Fucking anti-intellectual pussys. Thanks to you, I broke my thumb. Don't plan on Tool ever coming back... P.S. I would like to officialy apologize to Tool as what you seen that Aug. 16th night has no excuse and is not indicative of genuine Tool fans...... Aaron

Review written by: greg ( Review posted on: 08/20/98 23:39:53 Since the story is out on what went on in Boise, I'll try and stick to the basics... sweat 46 & 2 stinkfist- you lied eulogy 3rd eye (w/leary video) H. sober (short intro) aenema after the show i managed to score a setlist from a roadie, apparently tool had planned to play Opiate and Flood as their encores, but we all missed out on that due to the asshole antics in the crowd. it is worth mentioning that if you can get to a show early enough to catch a sound check, then do it. the band was fooling around with some new stuff (it didn't sound familiar) before they warmed up with "stinkfist". pre-show maynardisms: "if you want to listen to the soundcheck you'll have to pay extra. five dollars, please. five canadian dollars, that is." "piss off!" (after the crowd applauded the stinkfist warm-up) since this show has had enough bad press, i would like to say thanks to the people who were helping out others in that violent hell hole. there were plenty of people there who came to have a good time and enjoy tool without beating the shit out of each other.

Review written by: Master Reviewer: Wappi ( Review posted on: 08/20/98 15:19:07 I just have a few comments on the concert at Boise ID on Aug. 16. I am a big fan of Tool. I really appreciate the lyrics and I have have always loved loud hard music. In my oppinion Tool was awesome. However, the crowd sucked! 20% of the people there were assholes that were there to kick someones ass. They weren't there to see Tool, they weren't there to feel the music. And I know that they didn't even know what Tool is really about. In the middle of the first song Maynard yelled at some people in the mosh pit because this and after the second song he gave a speech about that pretty much said "We (as in tool and the true fans) are about anger, not hate. Anger is constructive, hate is not. We are about compassion, not fear. And we are all here to feel the music and to find out who we are inside and help eachother find ourselves not to kick eachothers ass! So stop beating eachother up or we'll leave!" For a while everyone was okay but it didn't last long and they continued to beat eachother up and piss off Maynard. I went to the concert to listen and see Tool on stage. Not to worry about getting my ass kicked. A fight broke out right next to me, those two idiots don't even know what Tool is even about. I really enjoyed Tool and the music but the crowd kinda ruined it for me because Tool shut down early at ten 'clock and didn't play an encore. Tool was not impressed with Idaho. I don't blame Tool because I might have done it too but I'm still kinda mad that I didn't get to hear an encore because 20% of the crowd were dipshits.

Review written by: ryn ( Review posted on: 08/20/98 14:20:13 Check out Go to the news section. There's a nice little paragraph about the Boise, ID show and all the ignorant fans that attended. (this excludes all the actual Tool fans that were there and tried to enjoy the show.)

Review written by: Latnlou ( Review posted on: 08/19/98 19:16:58 First off I would like to say FUCK YOU to the people who live on the West Coast, Just Kidding, Now that I got that off my chest I will like to address a those stupid juggernaut looking mother fuckers who pretty much think that going to a TOOL show mean "Hey lets beat the shit out each other till we are either bloody or dead..!!!" You know something I loved TOOL ever since I heard sober and I knew that this bad had something special. To tell you the truth I was a big Metallica fan till I heard TOOL. These guys are one of the most talented group of musicians every assembled. I've only seen them twice (Lola. 97 and Ozzfest 98). But that's besides the point the point to those knuckleheads who really don't give a fuck about the people around, I am not saying to banish moshing BUT FUCK CALM THE FUCK DOWN. You know I really don't blame them for leaving early. The music that this band portrays is about self-awareness and higher thinking. Not killing each other. Yeah I know that there music is emotionally strong but there are other way of expressing that emotion. I mean it really does ruin the experience to the TRUE TOOL fans that come to the show to have fun and expand their minds for 2 hours. To you fuck heads out there why don't actually listen to the music first instead of just trying to direct your rage on to some poor guy/girl. Really I am happy that Maynard said something MOSHING is really, really, really getting tired I fuck where not in the 80's anymore guys, grow the fuck up or stay out and go see some death metal concert of some sort. Really,

Review written by: Dumbfounded (Dipshit) Review posted on: 08/19/98 01:10:36 You are all a concentrated collection of dumb fucks. Listen to the music, enjoy it, hate it, whatever. But don't get on the bandwagon that analyzes the musicians behind it. Pearl Jam fans that do that are worth dog dick to me. And a band like Tool doesn't need that sort of obsession following them either...

Review written by: Craig Lugar ( Review posted on: 08/18/98 21:03:04 It was the first time I had ever been to see Tool. a fellow drummer had turned me on to their music. I had found Tool to be the most inovative rock band since RUSH. No comparison,, but my friend told me that Danny would be putting on a clinic. He did. With driving force Maynard came on stage and Presented himself to the crowd. They responded by surging forward en masse like thundering beasts. As the energy raised, reaction insued. Reaction in the from of fight. Standing in the front row I could see Maynard point out a trouble spot and shout,, "Stop that shit right now!!" The reviews prior to this quote him as saying "Maybe we should reset this show" not correct. He said "Maybe we should have prefaced the show". Even I, the newcomer to the show could tell that Maynard was very unimpressed by the crowd. I concurred with the sentiment that permiated the preformance. The music was awesome.. Danny Carey is a GOD!I know from drummers, and I would rate Danny #1 Or #2. For those who may not know it, to view Danny live is to see maybe the best drummer currently on tour,, Maybe ever! It seems to me that when attending a show of this caliber, you would want to sit, And watch, Carefully!! This band has has a depth that is swept away with mosh. This was not a concert!! It was a preformance! There are very few bands that can deliver the depth that Tool has. It seems ironic that a band with this kind of depth has kids and fools for fans. How futile to deliver such powerful music to a group of neianderthals. When time looks back on these years, Tool will stand out as THE band. These musicians are in a class by themselves. Do yourselves a favor , And WATCH. Listen, Dont waste the show killing eachother, and dont waste the bands time either. Do them the favor by respecting them enough to give of yourself and pay attention.

Review written by: EMW (( Review posted on: 08/18/98 19:37:23 Does it really matter if you are OGT since '92 or '93? These people went to a show and want to tell others of their experience. Don't you other "OGT's" realize that when you are a band like Tool, constantly evolving and growing in popularity, they are opening up the minds to more and more people through their music? Sure I've been a fan since early '93, but it's so great to see them finally getting a huge fan base. Maybe you so called "Real OGT's" can open your hearts and minds to the music, and stop thinking about 1992, when you supposedly heard "Opiate." Because I'll tell you something, I guarantee that you and the millions of others, first got into Tool when you heard "Sober"....................on MTV!!! Dates and years aren't important. The music and what it does to you is!!! ~Evan

Review written by: . (.) Review posted on: 08/18/98 15:55:06 HEHEHE (see next comment)

Review written by: Mr. Potato Head ( Review posted on: 08/18/98 15:25:24 Wow, I'm really proud to know that you guys saw Tool in '93. You surely are some of those "real" Tool fans I've heard so much about. That's wonderful!! That was way back when they had that drummer named "Dave". I think I remember him. Maybe not?? Then again, I'm just an imaginary Tool fan. I like things that change. You should worry about who's paying YOUR bills, get your own MOHAWKS, and try to consider that lots of people don't think that they should need to take a punch in the head to get a close up of Maynard's beautiful tits.

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 08/18/98 10:39:28 I have posted a previous review. It is not my intention to turn this into a Tool discussion forum. I would like to thank Steve for his review, however. I too was there for the mohawk and plain black shorts. Tool started out violent. I agree with you in that Tool, or Maynard, may be somewhat forgetting his own preachings of "Intolerance". Sure the world is full of ignorant dipshits, but isn't the point of the music to rise above the ignorance and arrogance and think for yourself, "open your mind"? The true Tool fans are who put them where they are today, I consider myself one of them. Any Tool is better than no Tool. It is unfortunate that this wonderful band was cut short due to a bad combination of a volitile Maynard, and an ignorant crowd. They truly are preaching to the flocks, it is just unfortunate some of those sheep are busy banging their heads against a rock. Tool is not omnipotent, however. They are getting paid to do what most of us dream of doing. They are nothing more than rock stars. They are entertainers, trying to present a message, and getting paid miollions to do it. The show they played here in Idaho was truly awesome, sure it was a little rough, but I have seen worse. It is part of todays rock and roll. It was both visually and aurally stimulating. But I feel it was cut way to short due to Maynards own 'intoloerance' towards the crowd. Practice what you Preach.

Review written by: Steve Rush (N/A) Review posted on: 08/18/98 03:51:19 Having read the reviews already posted for the Nampa ID show and other previous shows, I am starting to believe that Maynard is getting a little spoiled and big headed. Now before you start swearing and cursing my mothers name, hear me out. I am avery big TOOL fan. My first exposure to them was at Lollopolooza '93. I vividly remember Rage Against the machine blowing me away, and then later TooL coming on. I was so driven by their music and maynard and the band that I had to approach the stage. I sat there in awe and was hooked. I am a TooL fan and always will be. Picture this, the little fat man introduces TooL, They come out, Maynard decked out in his paint, Adam starts up his awsome ground-pounding guitar, the bass kicks in thundering, working on your tympanic membrane, Dave starts pounding on the drums like a war tribe getting their warriors ready for war, Maynard then begins to sing and sometimes scream his awsome message to his masses, followers and believers. The masses, followers and believers who obey and unconditionally love this band are all sitting in chairs set out in rows around the stage like a Neil Diamond show and are smiling, clapping hands in unison, and smiling----NOT!!!! This is what some would have us do from reading these reviews. This will never happen. Every true fan knows the lyrics, I don't need to go to a concert to sit and listen and learn the lyrics, we know them, they're pounded into our heads from the constant and high decibal listening of all their music. We go to experience the whole event, to be driven by adams guitar and Maynards singing/screaming. The pulsating,waving,moving,screaming,wide-eyed dedicated fans down there with TooL are in fact TooL's reward. We are simply TooL's feedback saying, "TooL, you are the shit, we love what you are doing and don't ever stop!" Music drives people, especially when its live and from an awsome band like TooL. Maynard with his simple black shorts and mohawk had no problem back in '93 with the pit. The fans havn't changed, the awsome lyrics havn't changed, and the thundering- driving music hasn't changed, but look and Maynard(polk-a-dots and dressing in drag)he has changed. Maynard needs to remember who pays the bills and buys his polk-a-dot paint, thats right, us, the dedicated fans right down there with him in the waving crowds and pits. If Maynard doesn't like what he has produced, then maybe he needs to give old Neil Diamond a call to see what he can do to get nice,happy, serene, unison clapping fans. The concert was awsome, TooL's music was awsome, The Melvins were awsome, the pit was awsome but Maynards attitude sucks, I think he needs a wake-up call. So reviewers, please stop with the pit-bashing, it was formed by TooL in the beginning and will be there in the end. So go, enjoy the concert.

Review written by: C. Lewis ( Review posted on: 08/18/98 02:34:57 7:45 the Melvins take stage. M.J.K. took stage with them and announced them to the audience. He finished up and said, "We will see you in about an hour." I had not heard their music prior to the concert, so I did not know what to expect. There first song started off great with a giant gong. The song seemed like it was building and was just going to explode any second, but never did! It was the same riff over and over, with the occasional solo. It was ë80ís Thunder Rockí all over again. I was disappointed, but hey I respect them for being musicians. Towards the end of there set, they had one song that was faster and more up beat, which I liked. I was still disappointed. Disappointed meaning, the sound they were putting out was very dross. It was simple and non-creative, the same four cords repeated, but I must credit Buzz for great solos. The best part of the Melvins, besides Buzzís hair, was their bass player. He was tweaking the whole time. It was very entertaining to watch! The stage crew came on tore down and set up for Tool. A half hour went by. Tool was with in five minutes of taking stage. My adrenaline began to pump quickly. As Tool hit stage, I could tell we were in for a great show! The crowd stormed like Armageddon or some shit! M.J.K. had his full body paint on, as well as Justin. M.J.K. was solid and gray shadow like with various florescent orange spots through out his body. Justin was solid green, very wicked if I might add. The band ripped into the first chord and the place exploded and became very ballistic. No better way to open the show then to open it with SWEAT. How very appropriate for this sweltering summer of heat. The majority of the crowd was out of control, "Pushing and Shoving," every where. I have attended a few concerts and this concert was the most chaotic concert ever! The band went into 46 and 2, and the members seemed to be into it the whole scene very much, until about æ of the way through, when Maynard stopped and said, "Hey knock that fucking shit off right now!" I was impressed and at the same time in shock. This was the extreme turning point of the concert. M.J.K. was pissed. My understanding of the situation was that some bullshit ignorant individuals were beating on each other. People like that waste the air I breath. Any way, M.J.K. said after 46 & 2 that "Perhaps we should reset the show. You know a lot of people get the wrong idea when it comes to the message of our music. Do you know the difference between compassion and fear? Progression and stagnation? Anger and hatred? Quit beating on each other!" The band was completely and utterly changed by this. I could tell Maynard was very annoyed of the situation, from that point on he did not seem into it as much as I have seen him before. Although there was the bullshit and M.J.K. was pissed he still performed a great show. The consensus of the people there were drunk, ignorant, shirt- less idiots, throwing objects on the stage. Maynard had addressed this problem and said between songs, "Weíll leave!" I guess Maynard saw some dip-shit in the audience pulling someoneís hair and he said, "I liked to see you come try that shit with me, it wouldnít last one minute. Try to pull my hair! You young and sweaty men running into each other with your shirts off really get me going let me tell you." Coming from a musician point of view, if I saw this shit and individuals were throwing shit at me or beating each other up while I was singing, I would be very pissed off too! The band was very tight and intense throughout the whole show. They performed a new song that I had not heard prior to that night. M.J.K. did some incredible singing on this song. Crescendo after crescendo of pure singing ability! Tool also had a projection screen in which various things were projected onto it during the show. It varied from; Timothy Leery speaking before 3rd eye, to a naked man and woman dancing, while holding a type of mirror that manipulated there faces. I would like to add that 3rd eye was the best version I have heard! At this point M.J.K. walked over to Adam, Justin & Danny, obviously telling them this was the last song. M.J.K. then said, "You know some people think this is a song about bad real estate, some say water sports. Some people think this is a song about rectal cleansing. Well its not. And I am not going to tell you what itís about, because I don't feel like it!" As he paced in a circle. They then went into NEMA. After the song was over Maynard said "Role Tape!" The band then exited and the projection screen began to play the new video for Hooker With A Penis. Very clever, with the talking ass! It blew my mind away to think that the majority of these people didnít know who the fuck Tool was. In my mind they were there for the icons, the figures, not the appreciation for the band. What I saw and understood was that the majority of the people there were also H.W.A.P.!!! If you donít know what an H.W.A.P. is, think about! "Iíve got some advice for you little buddyÖ..!" When were these fucking people going to get it, that there is more to music then the icon!!!? I was disappointed in Idaho, fuck-umí all! I will not see another concert there!!! Thanks' Tool and everyone else who appreciates music!!!!

Review written by: Vance ( Review posted on: 08/17/98 15:49:40 Hi. I took notes again but my pen ran out. Let me just say maynard was mad. I mean real mad. Things started normally with SWEAT. He just said a simple "hello" when they took the stage and started. He was painted black like a shadow with pink dots running down the middle of his body. He didnt say anything between SWEAT and 46&2. After approx. one minute he saw something and yelled "Stop that shit". We all know how Maynard can yell and this was distirbing. this was the turning point of the show and the band was in a profoundly different mood from the previous night in Salt Lake. After 46&2 Maynard addressed the crowd. He was furious and you could hear it in his voice. I mean he was upset and searching for words. "Perhaps we should reset the show. you know alot of people get the wrong idea when it comes to the message of our music. Do you know the difference between compassion and fear? Progression and stagnation? Quit beating on each other". STINKFIST. No Elvis lyrics toinght. Buzz was playing guitar but he was not introduced. during the break Maynard said "We will leave." Shoes were flying and people were drunk. You Lied. (again I think this is the song. Maynard said "Buzz from the Melvins" and he left. He pointed into the crowd and said "I bet you wouldn't try that with us. Try to pull my hair. you young and sweaty men running into each other really get me going let me tell you. Try that with me and you won't last one minute." EULOGY. He was waving during the goodbye part. The Timothy Leary video came on. In this ocean of caos, think for yourself. THIRD EYE. H. Danny played a drum solo, SOBER. The new ending is so good. Some jackass came up behind Maynard and yelled whoooo. Maynard fended him off with the mic stand and the guy jumped into the crowd. At this point Maynard walked over to Adam then to Justin then to Danny undoubtly telling them this was the last song. He said "you know some people think this is a song about water sports. some people think this is a song about rectal cleansing. Well its not. And I am not going to tell you what it is about because I don't feel like it. ENEMA. After the song Maynard said "Roll tape" "here is a treat" and was gone. I feel sorry for the real fans of Tool in Idaho. I mean I got to see them the night before in probably one of their better performances of the tour. I wonder what kind of group idiocy Tool has seen in the crowds of people since this tour started. I wonder what set him off this time. I is too bad that a few dumb and needy people runied a special event for some of you. Tool played just over one hour.

Review written by: matt laramie ( Review posted on: 08/17/98 15:17:30 i was fortunate enough to see tool at the idaho amphitheatre. i must say, this was the most amazing expierence i have ever had. although, of course, there were the idiots there who insisted on beating the hell out of each other and anyone around them. these were the same idiots who chanted "bull shit" when tool left the stage. personally, tool could have left the stage after their opening song and i would have been more than satisfied. tool put on such an amazing display of music and art that i was left completly dumbfounded, still am. i must say, third eye & H. probably had the most impact on me. although there were no weaknesses to this show, it was none stop. i was right in front of adam, smashed against the gate. but i later realized that you dont even need to be in the front, you might even get a better view of the artwork that compliments the music from further back. i urge those who want to feel togls power, to go get tickets. i also want to say to all of you macho-muther fuckers out there who would only go to kick some ass..... dont. dont even go to the show, your completly missing the point. just stay home and drink your beers and beat each other up at your own home. theres no need for you to come out and disrespect such a talented group of musicians.

Review written by: Eric Smith ( Review posted on: 08/17/98 15:17:22 This was my first TOOL concert and I thought it was definately worth the money. The music was a bit loud but clear enough to hear the lyrics. I was impressed with the large turnout at the concert, being Boise and all. The crowd was rather violent at va rious times throughout the concert, I ended up getting someone's blood smear all over my shirt. I was disappointed however in the length of the show. I wish they had played an encore. I thought the Melvins were pretty good, they had a nice melody to the ir songs. If anyone is thinking about attending one of their concerts, I highly recommend it.

Review written by: Larry Carson ( Review posted on: 08/17/98 13:29:47 WOW! First of all, I have been a Tool fan for a few years now and I was really looking forward to this. Maynard was covered in gray body paint from head to toe. They really played well. As a drummer I must say that Danny was on tonight. He has always been an inspiration to me. The second song they played was Forty-six and 2, and shortly after the song, Maynard made a point to clarify that there is a difference between anger and hate. It really pisses me off to see a bunch of dumbass punks walking around with there shirts off, causing fights trying to prove how tough they are... Obviously not there for the music. Maynard threatened to leave if the fighting didn't stop, I was THOUROUGHLY impressed by this. I wasn't sure what Tool's message was supposed to be before I saw this concert, but it was clear to me then that they don't tolerate bullsh*t. It's too bad that we have to suffer the consequences of those who are weak. After Maynard got upset, the crowd settled down and the fighting seemed to stop, that is until near the end of the show. Aenema was the last song (my fav) and how ironic that some of these losers were singing along. The fighting seemed to start up again and then Maynard said "Here's a little treat for ya... SEE YA!" and then they just left. I don't anticipate Tool returning to Idaho because it was very clear that the majority of the crowd belonged to a bullsh*t 3 ring, you get the point. People were shocked that Tool just got up and left, most just hung out and waited for an encore, then started chanting "bullsh*t" over and over. Yeah guys, that's a good way to get Tool to come back to Idaho. Damn, guess I'll be travelling out of state to see them next year. As far as a review of their performance, go see them if you haven't had a chance. Tool lives their music, they're not up on stage just making a bunch of noise to make money. There music is powerful because it is REAL! Maynard is one hell of a personality. I have never seen any singer so involved in the music. It all came together very well. I can't even accurately describe the power their music has, so the best review is the one you write yourself, so GO SEE TOOL!

Review written by: Tom Havey ( Review posted on: 08/17/98 13:24:17 ...and the innocent young boy in a clean plaid shirt was left standing, dumbfounded, wondering why Tool did not play an encore. Or perhaps he was awe-struck at human display of ignorance and intolerance in 'the pit'? Despite the look of disbelief on his baby-soft face, despite the freakin idiots bashing each others' faces bloody... ...TOOL WAS COOL! An absolutely professional display of music as art. Tool has no equal. Unfortunately, a third of the crowd missed the point because their heads were up their asses (moshers). Maynard declared amidst poetic analogies,"...quit fuckin' hurting each other, or we'll fuckin' leave!" That was why there was NO encore. Idaho did not deserve one. Such a human display can only further our state's increasingly disgusting reputation for intolerance. I hope the plaid-shirted boy learned from the music of TOOL, rather than from those who paid no attention to the music.

Review written by: James Cooper ( Review posted on: 08/17/98 12:34:09 It was my pleasure to see Tool. The show was, to say the least, a bitter-sweet experience. Sweet, because it was Tool and they came to Boise and their performance was enlightening and everything I would expect Tool to be. Bitter, because of the people around me. I spent most of my time at about the 2nd row, where I chose to be pressed against the people in front of me and take on a kick in the head from a frequent crowd surfer rather than getting beaten to death by one of the too-many assholes in the mosh pits behind me. Sadly, I had a hard time enjoying the show because of the people around me, and I sensed that Tool felt the same way. None the less, Maynard had me enthralled--the way he moved and spoke and sang was fascinating. The video screen with it's glimpses of Timothy Leary and video-like animitography was excellent. I was just glad to be there and witness the band and the show, and I wish that others felt the same. I felt it was quite ironic watching Tool perform Aenema in the presence of the crowd around me and, needless to say, I left feeling pretty cynical. I hope to see Tool again and I'm looking forward to their material yet to be released (they played a new song--and if I remember right it was with the lead singer of the Melvins). I thank Tool for coming to Boise, in spite of the crowd (it was well worth it). sweat,sober,stinkfist,h.,46&2,new song,third eye,aenema, hooker w/ a penis (at the very end), not in that order and others I can't remember.

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 08/17/98 12:26:49 It has been nearly 6 years since I was fist fortunate to experience Tool on the second stage at Lollapalooza with a crowd of about 200. Unfortunately, this is the show that had to end the drought. I have been a dedicated Tool fan through Opiate, Underto w, and Aenima. I have watcheded them grow and evolve, and they have helped me grow and evolve. I feel as though Tool, their message, and their music has been "a part of me", and who I am today. People may read this and assume that I am another one of the hip gangster wanna be's. I am not. I am a true Tool fan, and I am sincere in what I have to say. It is for this reason that I took last nights performance so personally. Never have I left a concert so dissapointed and unfulfilled. The time Tool w as on stage was excellent. They were everything I had hoped them to be. I was mostly oblivious to the churning mass of bodies, and was enthralled with the performance. Tool was performing for me, MJK was singing for me. I was getting the message, or " the gift". Unfortunatley, I think the majority of the narrow minded slayer-heads were missing the point. The show ended all too abruptly, I was in shock and disbelief. They played for a little over an hour, and I took it personally. While they played m any wonderful songs, they still had a lot more in them, and I needed it, I had earned it. I was originally irritated with the band, as I waited a long time for this and have been truly dedicated. A part of me wonders if they have gotten "too rock-star" to appreciate the fans who have put them where they are. Another part of me wonders if it was the unappreciative ignorant rednecks that drove them away so abruptley. I am frustrated with the fame and popularity Tool has aquired. I am frustrated with th e truly ignorant masses of people. Tool is about a message, and if you don't hear and appreciate that messge, I think they take it personally. To any members of the band, I apologize for the ignorant and unappreciative behavior of the crowd. However, p lease keep the true Tool fans in mind, we truly appreciate what you have to say, and how you say it.

Review written by: Andy Dopieralski ( Review posted on: 08/17/98 07:21:52 I would like to extend a heart felt appology to the Tool band members for this show. Idaho's image was in no way boosted by the behavior of the crowd during this otherwise excellent concert. I'd have to say that the experience of any Tool fan with half a brain was sullied by the intelligence debt that engulfed the remainder of the audience. I know that MY experience was. After being covered in beer by a toothless dipshit in a Slayer shirt, I was tossed around in a massive flesh ocean while people all around me were beating the crap out of each other. I imagine this is what professional wrestling events are like...a mass of the mentally challenged grunting and writhing in an attempt to gain the attention of those in the spotlight. A word to Boise...just sit back and listen do the damn music! Again, my appologies to the band. Andy

Review written by: Kevin Gibb ( Review posted on: 08/17/98 01:45:55 The show is now an hour dead. And I still can't believe how many idiots go to a TOOL show and have no clue what they are there for beyond fighting, cussing, and mollesting crowd surfers. I am truly sorry for all of Idaho. I can't believe that THE band put up with the bullshit hookers with penises as long as they did. So many idiots so little time. If any of the members of TOOL reads this, I am not going single any member out, understand that there are those of us here who appreciate what you did here and have done your entire carreer. Carry on men. Visually the show was amazing. Audibally it was equally as amazing. Art comes from the truth, which brings about that evolution that we all, at least in Idaho--but I'm sure it's everywhere--deny because it is easier that way. I would like to give more specifics about the show and easily could, but I'm not going to single out any band member or element of the show because it was perfectly balanced. The music, message, art, truth that rose far above the clouds of dust and sweaty, bloody, shirtless boys is what helps those humans of us conscious enough to realize it know that there are other like minds out there. Our web-world-universe has much to gain from the passionate vibrations sent from this band. They are us. That is why I feel so badly for the way this truly rare and awsome show ended. We in Boise did recieve our "gift," as Maynard said a split second b efore ending the non-encore show. And that gift was TOOL. I know and respect that. Thank you for coming at all. It was still the best show I've seen even of the other four times I saw TOOL. They carry the same consistent energy and power with them ev erywhere they go. They mature as does their energy and message. Please come back or at least come near. I promise to help keep the ignorance down and maybe some of the shit from flying at the stage. Thanks, Kevin Gibb Please, anyone with something intelligent to say, e-mail me at (That ABL name comes from Naked Lunch in case anybody out there reads books). I am always eager to converse.