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This site was built on support from Tool fans, without whose contributions (tabs, articles, graphics) this site would be far less complete. You can add to this site by following the instructions below or by following the blue icon whenever you see it.
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faq info
tour info

Send any info to, and include some brief description in the Subject heading.
discography info

Send all discography concerns / updates to Shane Brouse at

midi files

Just mail these as attachments to Include your name and any URL you want linked.

other audio
Let me know if you have some such item to share. When you do submit it, please do not include the word 'tool' in the filename, something more specific will make posting it easier. Also, please keep all filenames in lowercase letters, and filesizes under 120K.

Images are only accepted as GIFs or JPGs.

Homemade Tool-art is not posted to t.d.n.

Audio: MP3's and RealAudio files are the only formats accepted. No sound files from official releases will be posted; rare / bootleg audio is the goal here.

tour reviews

All of these can be posted to t.d.n automatically via the "Contribute" option in the respective sections.

money / gifts

And if you're feeling really philanthropic, contact me.

- take -

If you have ever contributed anything to t.d.n, be it a 3meg video or the smallest piece of info ("Kabir, you misspelled something"), your part of this project is appreciated. So, if you have a web page of your own, feel free to download and post a copy of this image:

t.d.n contributor

You can make it a link to this site, or you can post it in some dark corner of your page. (I'm not going to insult you by posting a 'copy this line of HTML to display proudly on your site!' type message). It's here if you want it.


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