- unofficial t-shirts -

Back in the day, t.d.n had unofficial shirts available for purchase. Neither was 'official,' but they're both rather well done. Shirts 1 and 2 were offered by two entrepreneurs; shirt #3 was a t.d.n shirt which may become available again in the future.

Shirt #2: The Bunny Shirt

As of January 13, 2000, this shirt is no longer available. It was designed by Chris Wanko (christopher@wanko.org), and was available for over 4 years! Here's what Chris had to say when it was all over:

I'm done taking orders, after having been ripped off too many times by
closed checking accounts and eating botched shipping costs.  It was a good
run, nearly 600 shirts, but it's gotten to the point where, after years of
never getting a bounced check, I've gotten five in the last six months.

Since I made about two bucks, more or less (50 cents if it was an XXXL),
on each shirt, I'd have to sell 21 shirts just to make it up in the event
someone didn't pay.  This happened five times, and only three people paid

Furthermore, now I'm getting threatening email from people who seem to
think I ripped them off.  For me to rip off someone, I'd have to receive
their letter and cash the check or money order... which no one ever says I

So, enough lunacy.  I've been pretty happy with the success of it all, and
I regret not getting the new design to you, but with Tool coming out
against bootleg shirts (even if they dig 'em), I figured I'd just sit on
it.  Maybe make a batch for chihuahuas or something.

I have to admit, some people were extremely cool.  I had more fun sending
the design to folks in exchange for interesting stickers or posters, than
I ever did selling shirts for (very) modest profit.  I got some great
letters, some really outrageous nations (Iceland, I'm big in Iceland,
folks), some kick-ass check designs, envelope designs, and some graphic
artist lettering lessons.

Overall, the people were great.  Glad to have made some people happy.

So, any envelopes I have are being returned unopened.  I'm not processing
orders as of this moment.  I had fun, too bad it ended like this. Anyone
can still contact me at christopher@wanko.org, for any reason.

And hey, if you bought a shirt, the promise still holds: if I ever do put
a new design out, you'll be the first ones I tell.

Shirt #1

As of December 31, 1996, Shirt #1 is no longer available. It was designed by LosRats@aol.com, and sold rather well (I have one). The order form and graphics are now offlined. This shirt was the first piece of merchandise available directly from this site, and opened up some doors for The Tool Page. Here's Los's final breakdown of the information:
i just wanted to say a quick thank you to those who helped me get you those tool shirts. it sucked at times but i am glad it all worked out. some of you guys may be long gone, regardless, thank you. and thanks again to kabir for the web space. now for the tallies.

overall total sold = 143 (+/- 10)
most popular style = xl black 70
least popular style = l navy 12
countries shipped to = us, canada, NZ, au, holland

those who care to keep in touch can still reach me at losrats@aol.com

Thanks, Chris and LosRats, and best of luck.


"Your pal" Kabir Akhtar (kabir@down.net)