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- old news: february 1998 -

[2/26/98] - The big news, of course, is that though Janet Jackson beat out "Stinkfist" for Best Short Form Video, Tool won their first Grammy for Best Metal Performance with "Ænema"! This was almost forecast; many music sites (such as CDNow, who coincidentally was running commercials tonight ... whoa) had them picked to win. Congrats to the band! In other televised news, Comedy Central's The Daily Show just ran a bit on Tool. The weekly feature "Michael Bleiden's Video Review" gabbed up "Stinkfist" before the Grammy's. Melissa Fehr ( shares with us what he said: [quote printed on 3/1/98, above].

[2/18/98] - A third show has been added, check Tour for more info. The first two, by the way, are now sold out. Thanks to all for mailing me with info on the MP3's. It appears that a large number of you are getting them to work. If not, you may want to check out a program called Uncook available for PCs only (damn). Though I'm told they work now for both Internet Explorer and Netscape.

[2/15/98] - Isn't it fun trying to fix the MP3's? Complicating things, this weekend the machine hosting (containing the whole archive) crashed, but it is up and running again. If you have gotten them to work correctly, please mail me and tell me as much as you can about your system + browser configuration, so we can fix this problem sooner. Thanks. A contest is up and running at ConcertDirect's site, go try to win tickets to these upcoming shows.

[2/13/98] - USA Today is running a Grammy poll, and apparently "Stinkfist" is losing badly in the "Short Form Music Video" category. You can go remedy the situation at their site. Thanks to Matt Wetzler ( for making me post this. I get a lot of mail from folks saying the MP3's are working, which is why I have to think that it is set up right (else how could it work?). Folks who are getting them as just lines of text, must shift-click or right-click or somehow bring up a "save as" box. Be clever; configuring your browser is only marginally tricky. To be honest, since I'm still running at 14.4, I haven't heard a single one yet myself. Word is that both LA shows promise to be different, though exactly how must remain a mystery. But I'd recommend going to both if possible.

[2/10/98] - Finally, something happens. Thanks to Shane for ever-so-kindly pointing out that "Tori Amos - Live in NY" was released today in Canada. Included in this concert recording from a year ago is the Maynard-Tori duet of "Muhammad My Friend." Maybe it will come out stateside someday. Funny thing about the MP3's. I'm told by half of you that they are now up to speed, and by half of you that they just display as garbled characters. Since they do work for many of you, please make sure your browser is configured correctly to handle them. Ask your sysadmin for more info. Rumors circulate about a San Diego show to follow the two already listed. Stay tuned for concrete info if any surfaces. As for the other shows, Dik ( has this concert update for us: "26th is sold out. Low availability for the 27th."

[2/2/98] - Again the bearer of good info, Dik ( has just found out that the Thursday March 26th show is not yet sold out, and that the Friday March 27th show goes on sale this Thursday morning. And some of you thought I was making it up. Guitar tabs for "Third Eye" are currently unavailable, thanks to a wonderful script error. Tabs have actually been down for roughly a week ... and nobody said anything.

[2/1/98] - Happy February! Lawrence Kwong ( and Jennifer Gaugler ( were the first to point out that yesterday, Arsenio Santos' Tool Mondegreens site appeared on MTV's "Lyrically Incorrect." Apparently host Matt Pinfield showed the audience this page of misheard Tool lyrics. Congratulate Arsenio, go check his page out. The MP3 problem is no longer one of speed, I hear, now it's just a fileserving error. Closer and closer, thanks for being patient.


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