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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: may - july 1998 -

[7/27/98] - Ouch. First a piece of mail came through saying that is down again, they are moving things to a new machinee and aren't finished setting things up. But then THIS machine went down for a few days. Luckily, it is back up now (obviously). Hopefully things are still working. If you encounter any problems, let me know.

[7/18/98] - Agh; looks to be nonfunctional again. Jeff (the guy who runs it) is having some kind of problem, and until it gets fixed, there's nothing to do but be patient and read tour reviews. It does appear that "Eulogy" has gone to radio stations as the fifth single off "Ænima", whether or not a video is forthcoming remains to be seen. This site is mentioned in an article in this week's Village Voice; it would say more but I couldn't contact the author in time.

[7/16/98] - At last, is back online, all the MP3's and images should work now, though it may take a few days for the DNS changes to propagate. Apologies to all (those with good and bad attitudes alike) for the technical problems, though there was really nothing I could do. Tour info has been cleaned up a bit more, as have most of the reviews (can you tell I almost have net access again?).

[7/13/98] - The MP3's and the menu images, all of which live on the machine, should be back with us soon; the server is moving to a new IP address (it will still be called and should be working soon.

[7/11/98] - Tour reviews have been flowing in; be sure to check them out, they are really the most up-to-the-minute Tool info available. I'm still without regular access to email, but any day now this move to LA will be mostly completed (luckily my sublet-roommate Julio works in a computer lab at UCLA). The main problem with not having email access, of course, is that I still can't post Shane's shiny new discography. That's my fault, not his. For once, don't blame the Canadians. It seems that for some reason, the menu images and the MP3's are still not working. Jeff says he's working on them. That server should be back online soon. I hope. Lastly, wish a happy birthday to t.d.n conspirator Jennifer Gaugler (, and thanks as well for keeping an eye on the site while I'm without email.

[7/3/98] - Now that the tour has started, with any luck the Tour reviews will be working by today. Last-minute corrections are still being made to the list of dates, so if you notice an error, kick my ass into shape about it. A new discography really is going to be up soon; Shane finished it weeks ago but I haven't been able to put it up yet. And menu images are still not loading off; he's still working on the net connection.

[7/1/98] - Happy July! It looks like is in fact not currently working (agh), which explains the menu images at left not loading. Jeff (the guy who runs it) has been notified, so it should be back up soon. He was out of the country when his connection went sick. I'm on the road right now to LA, should be arriving early next week. Meantime, start posting reviews for shows and keep your fingers crossed that things don't break around here.

[6/19/98] - So it is official: I am moving to LA. Ugh. Anyhow, this is keeping me very busy, so I'm temporarily disabling Feedback until I get all set up over there. West Coast tour dates got a little inaccurate, we're working on fixing them up. It's almost Tour time again...

[6/9/98] - Yep, working is keeping me way busy. But yes, the Tool Newsletter actually came out again, updating us all with tour dates and a plug for their site and this one. Thanks to Boink ( for the news that 3 Tool songs made the JJJ Top 100 of All Time Countdown ("Forty-Six & 2" was #57 "Sober" was #48, "Stinkfist" was #23). And thanks again to Boink for the info that Danny Carey was voted Best Hard Rock Drummer in the 1998 Modern Drummer Readers Poll. James ( brings this to class: this site was mentioned on the radio on June 2 in Boston. Apparently 104.1 WBCN, 101.7 WFNX, and 107.3 WAAF all mentioned us on the same day. On June 5 CFNY radio in Toronto (102.1) was playing Tori Amos, and the host mentioned the MP3 available here, calling t.d.n "a great resource for Tool fans." Guess that Tori and Maynard MP3 got a lot of publicity. And I meant to post it last year. Told you the site was bugged. And by the way, I was just kidding about the Mormons. I didn't think any Utah folk would get upset by a little Mormon humor.

[6/1/98] - Happy June! Rich ( noticed that had a blurb in Saturday's news about this site. "Tool Time: A resourceful fan has put up an MP3 file of Tori Amos performing Boys for Pele's 'Muhammad My Friend' with Tool singer Maynard James Keenan at a 1997 RAINN benefit. Amos once complimented Keenan on his baking prowess." If only they knew how long it took to put up. But it's still fairly impressive that they posted that news the day it happened. Someone must have this site bugged. You won't believe this, but seven (yes, six and one more) people from Utah mailed me to correct the typo in the name of the venue in Salt Lake City. And we all thought Mormons didn't like Tool.

[5/30/98] - A chunk of new dates have wound up on the Tour page (at last -- being part of the working world is an interesting thing). The Spring 1998 Tour info finally got moved out to its own little page, as well. And would you believe it, after a year of promising, the Tori-Maynard duet is finally linked from the Audio section. Whew.

[5/22/98] - More non-Ozzfest dates are trickling in, check the Tour section for the latest. Thanks to all who mail in info for keeping me on my toes.

[5/17/98] - Away from email for a few days, and look what happens. Hope all of you in St Louis, Maine, and Kansas heard that your tickets went on sale this weekend, moved up somewhat last minute. Sorry if you got caught off-guard. As previously mentioned, there will be a bunch of non-Ozz shows this summer as well; the first to go on sale is in Maine on July 8 (though flyers got passed around saying August 8). That confusion notwithstanding, the Tour section is back up to snuff. And I thought I could take a quick vacation. Danny's birthday was this past Sunday, so wish him a happy birthday in your hearts. Or don't.

[5/10/98] - Sean Chambers ( informs me that the last News item about t.d.n being mentioned as official in Hit Parader was wrong; it was actually in Circus Magazine. I'd say thanks, but he gave me the wrong info in the first place ... Danny Carey is playing at Modern Drummer's annual "Drum Weekend" on Saturday May 16 (the event also runs on the 17th) at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Check out the current issue of Modern Drummer for more info.

[5/5/98] - You might notice some trouble with the menu images (if we're lucky, you won't), since they all just moved over to to ease the load on this machine. Let me know if anything funky happens. In addition to the 18 Ozzfest dates this summer, Tool will be playing 4 shows of their own interspersed, as well as a bunch of shows after leaving Ozzfest. Keep an eye out for info. This month's Hit Parader magazine not only includes a writeup of this site, but it goes so far as to say that The Tool Page is in fact official. Neato.


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