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miscellaneous images leftovers, really

The Random

best wedding cake ever
the wrench logo
the pyramid / opiate t-shirt
from a presskit, tour announcement
a kayaker with cool helmet
late 1995 concert ad
front of t-shirt from late 1995 concerts
postcard promo for "Prison Sex"
definition of Cesaro Summability
"Tool surfboard" in an Australian store
1996 concert flyer
setlist from February 19, 1997
USA Today announces Lollapalooza '97
promo ad for "Ænima"
Lollapalooza '97 photo pass
diagram of his drumset !!!
ticket stub signed by Danny (see also 3rd review of July 1 1997 show)
Coachella '99 Setlist!
Guitar World snip on Adam
Tool keychain for sale long ago
award from band to this site, 2000
angry fax from record label to radio station, 2001
Danny + Justin accept Grammy for "Schism"

License Plates

Ohio "TOOL H" from Scott Santos (
California "TOOL" from Brandon

Maynard + Tori duet
January 23, 1997

she introduces him
both grinning
her singing, him watching
both singing
both singing
smiling at each other (!)
in mid-embrace
focused on music

Most stills digitized by Melissa Fehr (
More info on this duet available in the Video section of this site.

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